how can you not love him!

i love how namjoon encouraged the members to speak in english after they answered in korean throughout the interview, like he’s helping them avoid forming the habit of depending on him for english interviews. and when they had trouble finding the right expressions, namjoon helped and guided them through. personally, i feel like all the members have a good basis of english, but the biggest thing that prevents them from talking fluently is shyness and nervousness. your mind can easily go blank when you’re in an unfamiliar situation, like when talking to strangers, surrounded by a foreign environment. you will think about all the events that can happen next, you will be scared of what would happen if you can’t speak it well, and you will get disappointed at yourself. not to mention there are other factors that make a person unable to speak as fluently as they want, regardless of how much knowledge they have, such as personality, linguistic talent, etc. you can see that they have quite good pronunciation, even better than me, and i consider myself to be somewhat fluent in english. it’s just that they’re too nervous to speak out what they want to say. i’m sure they do arrange their thoughts in english in their heads beforehand, but can’t let it out in words because of nervousness. this is not something that can be fixed in a short time, especially when you’re living in a non-english speaking country and always too busy to solely focus on studying english. i’m so glad namjoon, as someone who has advanced in english ahead, is encouraging and helping the members speak more confidently and fluently, and so do the other members. the way they reacted to each other’s answers, laughing or clapping, those reactions can be seen as just common stuffs but it actually helps building confidence a lot. you will be much more confident in yourself when you know someone understands what you say and goes along with it. they are all helping each other.

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Can I ask what your warden/hawke/inquisitor look like in game? <3

I sadly didn’t take any picture of my Warden! But she looked nothing like my drawings. I tend to get a little frustrated with game character creators because I rarely can do everything I want with them

I wanted Elaheh to have a flat nose (because I REALLY love elves’ nose in DA2) and her hair is pretty specifc too (the right side of her head is shaved too). I would have needed to create my own mod so it would fit what I had in mind but I don’t know how to do that so…

As for Hawke, no problem! I went for default male Hawke (I totally fell in love with him the moment I saw DA2 trailer where he fights against the Arishok)

The only issue I had with him was his body but you can only change his face in character creator mode

It made me laugh to make him that way because mages are always pretty thin so there were a lot of jokes about him not looking like one. AT ALL. He was always mistook for a warrior or nobody would realize he was Garrett Hawke because they only heard about him and MAGES AREN’T BUILD LIKE BRICK SHITHOUSES?

So yeah my Hawke is default male Hawke + fat + muscle + some more inches (I’m talking about his height here)

As for my Inquisitor, ALLELUJAH! I have a LOT of pictures of her because she was super cute and lovely to look at!

I don’t have much to say about Oshalia since I’m satisfied with the result. Cheers, girl!

finn is so fashionable in that vanity fair shoot….how can you tell me he’s not a skywalker….when luke sees him he’s automatically gonna be like That’s my son. leia is so proud. padme is literally sobbing with happiness. anakin is shook. shmi is looking at her great-grandson and is like wow, so beautiful. so moved. 

You get to play that knowing what he’s going to become eventually. You get to say, “How can I start at the opposite end of that spectrum so that I can take him on this journey?” And the opposite end is really fun. It’s fun to be naïve, it’s fun to be discovering Earth and screwing everything up… Other people watching will be, like, “Who is this guy? When’s he going to leave? When do we get rid of him?” I love that. I hope that people are a little bit annoyed at him at first, otherwise why I am doing this?

Chris Wood:

Thank u haters, Chris loves your response, this is exactly what he expected… He knows where the character’s going and why he sometimes Mon El screw things up… It’s all part of his journey to become the hero from the comics (as the producers told him). 

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This might be a hard gif request but gifs for the bros helping an injured S/O?

Oooh a challenge. I like it. Let’s see what I can do *cracks knuckles*

I hope this works for you, anon friend!


Noctis has suffered a great injury like you in his childhood. He knows you need your rest. He is willing to be your pillow whenever you need him. He will take a nap right along beside you, listening to your breathing to remind himself that you’re alive. Your injury did not take you from him.


Prompto is devastated by your injury and will help you in anyway her can. He isn’t very familiar with caring for such injuries, so he just stays by your side throughout. He will do whatever you ask. He loves you and won’t leave you until you’re back on your feet.


Gladiolus will use his strength to cater to your every need. He knows how much you hate being restricted only to your bed. He will carry you wherever you need to go, being careful not to irritate your injury.


Ignis will always make sure you are keeping a healthy diet when you heal. You will receive all your meals in bed. You won’t need to lift a finger while you are healing from your wounds.

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18. Things they'll never admit, OtaYuri pls 🐻🐯💗💗💗💗💗 ((ily so much thanks))

Salmon, ily2!!! ;_;

This is also for the lovely @madamredwrites because she asked the same!

18. Things they’ll never admit.

Yuri: Many things. How much he admires Yuuri and Victor as skaters. Maybe you can coax it out of him when he’s feeling very vulnerable or when he is drunk but he would rather eat dirt than just say it like that. Also, how much he feels he has found extended family within Victor and Yuuri and how hurt he initially was when Victor, this brother-like figure he had, abandoned him for Yuuri when he flew out to Hasetsu. How badly he feels hurt by his mother and father. How hard it is to be so young and work relentlessly and try to be the best at something. How lonely he felt before he met Otabek. Oh, and that he he might have had a silly, boyish crush on Yuuri when he was 14.

Otabek: How restless he feels in Kazakhstan. This boy has traveled so much, living like a nomad, so when he finally returns home to be the pride of his home country, he plans on it to be a permanent base. Then he meets Yuri again and home doesn’t really feel like home anymore. Not when he can’t have Yuri at his side. But he can’t admit to it, all because he feels he has this duty to fulfill as the ‘Hero of Kazakhstan’. He also won’t admit, not even to himself to an extent, how LONG he has been pining after Yuri. Maybe years, at least on a subconscious level. 

B-b-boonusss: They both don’t want to admit they think JJ is kind of hot. Okay kind of very hot. 

Thank you for asking!! <3

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How Fitzsimmons can heal each other

So if they can get over this hump, it seems like there might be a happy ending in their future. But there’s still a lot in the mix, a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of pain. Whether or not they’re the ones who can help each other is a question we’ll have to answer next year…” Jed Whedon X

So before the finale aired, Jed said that both of Fitzsimmons are in a lot of pain, and we would find out next year if they will be the ones who are able to help each other recover. But then in this post-finale interview with EW, Jed says this about Fitz and Jemma:

If he’s ever going to get over it, she’s the only one who can help him. X

So in other words - yes. Jed has pretty much confirmed here that Fitz and Jemma are the only people who can help each other. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve realised that he’s absolutely right. And it is giving me a lot of hope. Let me explain. Under the cut for length:

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Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write something based on the song 18 by Anarbor, with Sirius please, I don’t know maybe something about reader having parents with a really strict no dates until out of howarts rule but Sirius has been always in love with her but she not as much as him, every time I hear it I can’t stop thinking of how fitting it is! The reader could be a slytherin who parents obviously kind of disapprove Sirius so that why Sirius or reader want to piss them off. Also, your writing is beautiful. X”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: smoking, drinking, implied smut

Originally posted by theunclaimedgeneration

Eighteen, crazy
pulled up in your daddy’s car
Should’ve seen this coming from a mile away
I know what you want from me

“So,” your father started, poking at his dinner, “are you going to meet up with your friends at the station tomorrow?”

You perked up at the mention, nodding, suddenly excited as you realised the break was finally over.

“Is that boy going to be there?” Your mother wiggled her shoulders, a cheesy grin spreading on her face.

“Boy?” Your father’s head popped up from the mashed potato he had been scuffing down. “What boy?”

“Oh honey did you fail to notice? (Y/n) was waiting with a boy when we went to pick her up after school finished.”

“No. Who is he?” Your father directed his severe attention to you now. “Pureblood, I hope.” He narrowed his eyes slightly.

“He is, actually.” You fought the urge to roll your eyes as you viciously stabbed your vegetables.

“Good, good.” He responded, eager to drift away from the conversation topic.

“What’s his name?” Your mother asked with raised brows, impatient to learn all the details.

The corner of your lip twitched as you twirled your fork. “Sirius.” No reaction from your father, who was now reading the headlines on his copy of The Daily Prophet. “Sirius Black.”

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2 of my favorite observations from this chapter: Kaneki LOVES kissing Touka; Touka LOVES wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him in a close embrace. This couple will be the death of me istg

I adore the way she hugs him, so much passion in that, it’s like begging him to stay and never leave, I can’t even imagine how Touka must feel right now, she’s been in love with him for years… this is like her dream come true lmao. And I love that Kaneki likes kissing, he’s like a curious little boy finding a whole new world and it makes me so happy that he can enjoy something so simple like a kiss, i just see Kaneki always doing things for others and giving so much of him to protect others and make everyone happy, you don’t usually see him making some time to enjoy something for himself, you don’t usually see him excited for anything anymore, and seeing him showing interest in this and enjoying the moment and crying for it it’s like… wow, it really gets me 

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How about UF and SF skelebros with a very shy secret admirer that leaves them very sincere love letters and thoughtful and heartfelt gifts. Admirer is very sure they would never return their feelings but is okay with that so long as the skele knows that there is someone out there that cares about them very much. Do they confront Admirer? Does Admirer become S/O?

My fluff loving hear can’t handle the cute ~Mod God


UF Sans: He honestly thinks someone is just messing with him and it starts to piss him off. He’ll confront you accusing you of some prank which might make you cry, Once you tell him that you have a crush on him he’ll freeze and walk off. He doesn’t know how to respond to genuine affection. If you keep giving him gifts and stuff he’ll start hitting on you. The rest is up to you.

UF Papyrus: More then anything he’s rubbing the fact he has a secret admirer in other’s faces. He won’t confront you about it on his own though. Either you have to confront him or someone gets pissed at his bragging and yells at him to talk to you. If you two do talk then it’s only a short while till you two are together. Just keep spoiling him and he’ll be happy.

SF Sans: He instantly knows who keeps giving gifts and will confront you. “I UNDERSTAND YOU HAVE DEEP FEELINGS FOR ME, BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK HARDER THEN THAT TO WIN ME OVER.” If you keep up with what you have been doing he will slowly fall for you. If you work harder he’ll take advantage of you. If you stop he’ll become a jealous baby and try to win you over.

SF Papyrus: He thinks your probably confuse or something. You don’t want him. He’ll confront you saying that your probably confused. No mater what you say he’ll stay trying to tell you your wrong. Start talking to him casually. Befriend him, be nice to him, and he’ll fall for you. Fast.

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Jake.. Buddy, how are you after all this so far...?

Jake: Numb. I don’t know what to do with my hands. I can pace as much as I want but I’ve torn a hole in my jeans from picking at them.
Jake: We haven’t heard anything about him. I should’ve been there for him, I should’ve been there to help him, I should’ve taken him to my house as soon as I saw that scar on his stomach…
Jake: I should’ve loved him when I had the chance.

Chen Father Headcanons
  1. Laughs everyday, dad knows how to keep a family happy
  2. Always making his kids uncomfortable (no harm though)
  3. “Hey hey! Little girl of mine! Isn’t that the boi you likeeeeeeh!?”
  4. Honestly he is a joke but that’s exactly what they need when they are sad
  5. He can be pretty serious too, don’t try to misbehave.
  6. Or he will call uncle Kyungsoo 
  7. “Chen Chen Jr, the pretty girl you told me about is on the phoneeeeeee”
  8. No matter what, he is always there for his family.
  9. Loving, caring. Best dad ever.
  10. Adventures, so many adventures. Honestly everything is an adventure with him
  11. Karaoke competitions at 1am
  12. “Try to keep it down, your mom is sleeping xD”
  13. He will give his children a lot of freedom as long as they are responsible
  14. Spend entirely days alone with his kids, hearing about their lives, problems, school, etc. He’s definitely like a best friend.
  15. He’s actually the one who cooks
  16. If it’s chores time, he will make his kids help somehow by some magic trick
  17. “Isn’t your mom beautiful? I love her so much”
  18. Special songs only for his children
  19. The other members and their kids are always included in everything, they are all a really big family
  20. Would be the dad that is always wohoooing his children in the events and cheering and everything xD

Xo, Ara~

Louis goes to war for his band/fans, we go to war for Louis, and I really love the relationship we have with him. I’m sure all the other boys love us a lot, but you can’t deny that Louis is the most actively engaging and vocal about how much he appreciates us. And like, us + him have created such a nice, supportive, loving little bubble and I love it a lot. We fight for each other hands down, without any question and I think that’s beautiful 

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Headcanon with RFA and an MC who is girly but absolutely loves horror movies and anything scary?


-why do you do this to him

-just… w. H y?

-he loves you. He loves how girly and cute you are but. Gosh,,, when you recommend a scary movie for movie night???? What does this bean do? What can he do?

-he holds you the whole way through he is so scared

-he will scream at every jump scare and you’ll laugh which makes him even more upset

-but not for real. He loves you and likes making you happy but….. just don’t do too many scary movies, okay??

-you’ll kill the small bean



-complete opposite of Yoosung


-you two are always on edge in your own house it’s horrible but amazing at the same time

-you once went to get some snacks after watching a scary movie and bumped into Saeyoung who had some milk and the drink got spilled everywhere because he dropped it from pure terror

-he genuinely thought you were a ghost coming to kill him

-but it’s fun because the two of you get to laugh about it and pretend you totally aren’t scared always

-please hold my hand a little tighter as I cry and laugh at the next jump scare

-but it’s cool I’m not scared or anything


-surprisingly he’s pretty into horror but doesn’t really indulge in movies that often

-so you change it up by having a movie night every week which is more often than not a scary movie

-both of you are unfazed by it, tho mostly jumin. He kinda just watches white you laugh and make comments throughout the film

-he loves it tho he likes seeing you having fun over something so,,, dark

-it’s v amusing and he finds himself looking forward to movie nights!!


-the only scary movie she’s seen was the one Zen acted in and it really wasn’t even that scary but still it was too much for this bean

-can’t we just watch musicals????? Or romcoms????

-no??? Okay….

-she’s really cute tho. She’ll always watch it with you but cover her eyes during the really brutal parts and hold your hand when there’s lots of suspense

-you must cuddle her the whole time and afterwards

-anywhere other than your arms is UNSAFE


-as an actor he’s pretty educated in all genres of film and appreciates them all so he’s chill with horror

-but he secretly wonders why you’re so into it??? It’s not very girly of you…

-but keeps that thought to himself and will gladly indulge in movies with you

-actually becomes more of a fan of horror because of you and wants to act in a scary film

-if he does you insist on coming to each practice and seeing all the props!!!

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how do you get over an ex when you have every reason to (he's with someone else) but can't seem to? he still wants to be friends but idk if I can handle that

bruhhhh i fuckin WISH i was able to give you advice on this because i know how hard that shit is but like honestly you just gotta give it time and eventually the feelings will pass or you’ll get used to his absence or the pain will dull. can’t really do anything except wait it out and unfortunately there’s not really much else to it.

and if you don’t think you can handle being friends, then don’t. you can still have feelings for him, but you gotta love yourself too. do what’s best for you in the long run - it might feel like your heart is pulling you in different directions but if there’s anything to learn from this, it’s that at the end of the day all you’ve got is yourself, so put yourself first.

you’ll be okay anon, eventually. i promise. hugs xx

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(Ok) How would the UT, US and UF skele-bros react to finding out that their S/O was actually dead five years before they even met?



Classic is low key freaked out and wants an explanation this instant. How did you die? Why are you here? How is this happening? But other than that, Sans is kind of okay with it. You’re not hurting anyone and he still loves you so it doesn’t really affect him. Sure you can’t leave the house or eat any of Papyrus’s food, but Sans likes to stay in anyway and if you eat Papaya’s spaghetti, you’ll probably die a second time. His only fear is that when he dies, will he go to the same place as you?


Paps is just so….sad! He bawls his eyes out when he finds out that you’re dead all out of pity. You’ll never get to try his amazing cooking again nor can you go on magnificent dates with him because you’re bound to the house! He does ask you where you’re buried though and pays your body a visit from time to time, but it feels empty to him. While when other people visit the graves of their loved ones, they might feel some sort of connection, but Paps just feels like he’s talking to a piece of stone, probably because he gets to see you so lively every day, it’s easy to forget that you’re dead. Papyrus still wants to meet your family though, if they’re still around so he pays them a visit, telling them that he’s your friend from when you were alive and listens to their stories about you. He becomes a big part of your family. 



Pretty much the same reaction as Papaya’s except after feeling sorry for you, he’s kind of excited. His datemate is a ghost, how many people could say that?! He asks you if you have any cool ghosty powers like flying or walking through walls. He’s curious about how you died though, but if you don’t want to talk about it, Blue won’t press. Overall, he’s quick to accept your deceased status and works his way around it, like instead of going out for dates, he’ll set up a romantic dinner. 


Stretch honestly doesn’t care?? So you’re dead and a ghost. He’s a skeleton with a bad smoking habit. Everyone has their flaws. On the plus side, he can smoke around you without having to worry that you’ll get cancer on something. He is curious about how you died, but like Blue, he won’t push if you don’t want to talk about it. Besides, if you’re really that uncomfortable with being dead and all, as long as you still have your soul, you might be able to become corporeal like Napstabot, all he has to do is ask Undyne. Other than that, he’s completely fine with it. 



Red just shrugs it off, even if he’s a little creeped out by it. He’s still going to date you and stuff, but like….how did you die? He also wants you to know if you’re going to turn into an evil poltergeist or something, just in case he has to prepare. He’s chill with it, but whenever Fell comes around, Red asks if you could “haunt” the house to prank him. It’s hilarious when Fell freaks out over a floating cup.  


When he learns that you’re dead, Fell gets extremely angry at you for being so weak and dying. He’s a strong believer in kill or be killed and you were too weak to survive. Fell doesn’t date the weak. Still, he also pities you and dates you regardless of his ideals because he still loves you. There were a number of times the thought of breaking up with you though, but having a dead datemate does have its benefits. He trusts you to watch over the house and keep it safe while he’s away, and he doesn’t have to worry about physically hurting you. Just don’t go poltergeist on him and he won’t exercise you. 

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do u think shawn would be jealous if you were really good friends with brian or someone

I don’t think so, no. If anything, I think Shawn would love it if you two got along really well. (or got along with another of his friends) It would mean the world to him, being able to hang out with his best friend and his girlfriend at the same time. 

I think he’d love if you and Brian were chilled around each other and felt comfortable. I can imagine Shawn sitting on the couch at some party, just looking and smiling at you kicking Brian’s ass in beer pong, loving to watch how you joked with each other, laughed with each other and stuff like that. He’d dig the fact that the two of you were friends, because friends are so important to Shawn. It’s so important for him to stay connected to the friends he’s always had, so that you got along with them would be the biggest plus ever. 

I also think Shawn would love it, because you and Brian would have someone to lean on, when missing him while he is gone. You would have each other’s back, whenever you or him felt a bit down. Shawn would know, you could talk to Brian about these feelings because Brian and him are so close as well and Brian misses Shawn too sometimes. It might not be the same kind of missing, but Brian would be able to understand it better than others. Shawn would feel calm knowing you two could lean on each other, when he was around to let the two of you lean on him. 

I think he would love it too, because he’d get heads up from both you and Brian. You would text Shawn’s if Brian seemed different. Like sad, angry, upset or whatever so Shawn could call him right away. And Brian would text Shawn, when he felt like something was up with you, so Shawn could call you right away. 

Overall, I don’t think Shawn would get jealous. He knew you wanted to be with him, only him, and he would just love the fact that you could hang with his friends as well. It’s combining all the people he loves.