how can you not love amadeus!

I’ve been making posts for the Epic Movie (Re)Watch for over a year now, and do you know what the best part about it has been?

Finding out how passionate some people are about certain movies.

Seeing the kind of love a movie like The Book of Life gets after the director reblogs your post about it.

Findings bloggers like @somehow-you-will or @im-this-kind-of-girl who are so passionate about some stellar (if lesser loved) films like The Prince of Egypt and Mr. Peabody and Sherman respectively.

Hearing how @rorysummersblog loves Good Will Hunting or how @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer loves Groundhog Day and has vivid memories of watching Amadeus on TV when she was a kid.

That @streetsolo LOVES The Mummy enough that we can bond over it and that @theforceisstronginthegirl likes The Man from UNCLE so much she will fight to the death about its place among other great spy movies of history.

People love what other people are passionate about and the passion you all have for your fandoms and underrated favorites are what keeps me going. It’s what makes me LOVE being just another cinemaniac. It is what makes me want to be a film student. If I can make one movie which one person has a personal connection with like you all do with your favorites, then it was all worth it.

So stay passionate, and know that from the bottom of my heart I think your passion is absolutely fantastic.


Wow okay there were a lot of good contenders but the anon from Indonesia clearly won (Indonesia is about 9349 mi/15046 km from Texas). As the winner of the Farthest Away From Texas Competition you will receive my love and support and if you send me an ask that says you prefer dogs/cats/both I will post pics of the best dogs I’ve ever met/a pic of my friend Mason’s cat Amadeus/or both. If you can beat Indonesia send me an ask 🌝

anonymous asked:

I'm loving Amadeus, but how does he keep himself up with such scrawny looking legs??? He looks heavy af and there's no way those legs can hold him up. You obviously know more about him than I do. I don't know much about owl/beast/man creatures :'D

Oh, well thank you, I’m glad you’re interested~! And he is very, very heavy, probably a few ton. But his legs are just about as heavy, if not heavier. They’re more of an ivory or naturally metallic construct, rather than purely bone-like. He’s also a digitigrade creature, so his body is more naturally balanced than it looks, considering the weight of his thighs and legs combined weigh about the same as his head and torso. 

So his body is naturally stable, no matter how he stands, as long as he’s grounded. Thanks for asking!