how can you not like them srsly

A cute kiss, my first kiss drawing of this ship and I am so proud. They are just adorable. I don’t even care if this will never be canon.

This is yet another request by anon. Thank you so much for your request. I hope you like how it turned out!

-I did use a small reference for the kiss but I couldn’t find the artist so I made it more or less my own-

Since we are about to reach the 20 follower milestone I dedicate this artwork to ALL of my followers. Hope you find it as cute and special as I do, just like all of you are to me! (but like srsly how did I get 20 followers so fast? XD~ Thank you everyone! You are precious!

//send me your questions/writing prompts/art requests and I’ll do them if they concern the following Youtuber personalities: Mark, Jack, Wade, Bob, Ethan, Tyler, Cathryn, Amy, Tythan, Darkiplier, Googleplier, Wilfred Warfstache, and Antisepticeye.

(to the other anon… I will do the Jackaboy drawing tomorrow night. It’s an early rise for me. But thank you for your request and it will be completed as soon as I can <3)

Ta-Ta for now, gorgeous.

Hate Tags

Looking at all the crap in the hate tags. Like how tf can you hate one of the brothers? They are literally the show. The show is about them and their insurmountable bond. And Cas? You can say what you want, but he’s been a reg on the show for 8 seasons, and number 3 on the call list. I doubt he’s going anywhere.

Why watch a show where you harbor powerful hatred for one of the 3 most televised characters? Just wtf. I ship destiel, but if you think their relationship is more important than Sam and Dean’s and/or want to kill off Sam, you crazy.

Oh? You don’t like Castiel? Think he’s a whiny lil bitch? Newsflash — don’t matter what you think. He has been essential to plotlines, the writers have put immense effort into developing his character, and he is family to the Winchesters.

You haven’t forgiven one of them for their past discretions? Tough shit. The show is about forgiveness — why else would they vilify a protagonist? The point is to see them at their worst and show that they can still be loved and valued.

Team Free Will is a united front with internal conflict. Team Free Will has made a shit load of mistakes and will probably make a shit load more, but they have learned, and they have grown, and the good they have done will always outweigh the bad.

So fight me, bitch.

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I love your tags-meta!

haha thank you!! it’s my floor-under-the-rug space where I sweep all the things that arent that important to… well that are just generally not very important. or partially embarassing. or war crimes. or my laundry bc my beds out of space

can i just say that i am sO PROUD OF MY BOYS :’)


also are they the ones during the “surprise performance” during the bbmas bc srsly namjoon said “tomorrow bts is gonna be dope” like wHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY AND WHAT LEVEL OF DOPE IM GENUINELY SCARED but also excited and jumpy af at the same time AHHHH ok ill stop rambling omg

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hello i've recently gotten into coin so can u tell me about them literally anything

boy oH BOY CAN I!!!!!!!!!

(i’d like to start w a disclaimer that coin is my all-time fav band and have literally never done anything problematic (srsly not even kidding) and i’ll probably go way overboard but i LOVE THEM)

coin crash course:

so coin (COIN) is a four-piece indie rock band from nashville, tn! they formed in 2012 and released their first album (self-titled COIN duh) in 2015 and it was a banger. their most recent album, how will you know if you never try? was release in april 2017 (and has that one song that you heard on every radio station last year u kno the one)


chase lawrence (@chase_lawrence) / he sing and he play piano

literally best human being alive. will remember you no matter how many times you’ve seen them or how many shows he’s played. 11/10 hugs, altho weird smiles in pictures. will never shut up once you get him going (wrote hit song about this fact). nicest person i’ve ever met?? I LOVE HIM!!!!! SO Much Hair like Ridiculous Amount of Hair how does he see? he doesn’t. also referred to as trace florence and guess whomst invented that it was me and he loves it

zach dyke (@zacharydyke) / he play bass

saddest human alive. will complain that no fans come and talk to him, yet actively avoids any fans and attempts to talk to him. has to be forced into hugs. kinda boney. 9/10 hugger. strangely fit lately. most depressing twitter feed on earth. enjoys taking intentionally awkward photos. can’t think of many situations where a red lobster giftcard would come in handy. looks like he’s waiting for the Sweet Release of Death during shows and guess what? he is. jk. pls love him.

joe memmel (@JoeMemmel) / he guitar and sing

jesus hair. actual middle child of the band, constantly forgotten. and why!!!!! he is the best!!!!! has some hozier-like sense of mystery around him. who is he. very good person. 10/10 hugs. solid player. constantly dresses way too warmly for shows. sweaters are never a good idea on stage, joe. so kind. sometimes has strange shoe choices. loves his nephews. sweet boy. 

ryan winnen (@RyanWinnen) / he drum

hooboy. ry win. most beautiful angel man to exist. kindest boy ever, also very good memory of fans. 16/10 for enthusiasm on hugs, 2/10 bc he Always Sweaty. like always. i have never seen a human being go as hard on the drums as ry win does. loves cleveland. loves smilin’ :) seems like scary aesthetic blogger on twitter and instagram, actually a bright beam of sunshine bubbly human being. adore him. i’ve kissed him twice and that has no baring on this i just like to talk about it.

so that’s coin……………!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The whole "every ship need to be health otherwise you should go to hell" thing is so fuck up and srsly the fandom side of tumblr is the most problematic place. People nowadays just cant simply enjoy and have fun. Especially since swtfa the situation became worst. I am a stormpilot shipper and I dont ship reylo and never will, but i really dont see how shipping them is a bad thing. Shipping is supposed to be fun and have nothing to do with canon. If you dont like something you can just block it.

Exactly anon, We need more people like you. Shipping is not telling of what your beliefs are, what kind of person you are, or what relationship you would want irl. It’s simply for fun and thats all it is.

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i srsly dont get how some of larries like.... are larries. like ive seen so many of them say theyre feminists or not straight, reblog woke posts etc but they stay in a community that supports attacking women, perpetuating generalisation and stereotypes about lgtb+, say overall offensive things and dont respect privacy of the people they want to "protect".... like it just doesnt add up, and i cant imagine how you can believe/do two contradicting things at once. its so weird, it shouldnt even work

I think it’s easier to reblog ideas about feminism and progressive stuff than it is to actually live your life with that mentality.

When a woman pisses you off it’s very easy to justify trashing her appearance, trashing her for her sex in some way, talking about her the way you never would a man, turning on her for the sake of elevating some dude.

They also like to pretend women have to live their lives flawlessly and then they won’t be trashed misogynistically by them, that if these women aren’t living lives according to their standards or make mistakes then it’s justifiable to turn on her. For them women have to earn respect by not irritating their fantasies.

It’s really easy and lazy and natural and in this fandom where it’s very validated then it becomes this thing they don’t question. If everyone who professes to be “woke” and feminist reblogs this and nobody says they’re a bad person, maybe you’re not a bad person if you also go along with it. It’s the absolute norm in the Larrie fandom. Go against it and you’re out.

And with stereotypes, they pretend that as they need them to prop up their ship that seeing gay men like this is benevolence. That obsessing over gay wrists and gay ankles or gay men being hyper sexual is a form of flattery, instead of some weird side show circus of gay men for their followers to gawk at. 

But you always see the reality of what they’re saying reflected in the younger ones on places like twitter and instagram where they viciously slut shame the women, say absolutely disgusting things about gay men as though it’s a compliment, obsess about their sex lives with each other as if it’s better than fantasizing about them for themselves, and say ridiculous things like “Gay men hate women so they can’t like a photo of them scantily clad because it makes no sense if gay men hate women! If you disagree with this it’s because you’re a homophobe!” The bigger older ones dress it up in longer words, the younger ones always distill the truth in their rabid misogyny/homophobia/etc elsewhere.


  • “How could you make the Redfox kid a boy?”

Why COULDN’T I? Why could I not choose to make a male fanchild of the Redfoxes to be a son full with a broken past and personality but is on his way to redeeming himself? How could I now create a flawed Ga-jevy son who is going to also love piercings as well as art and learns from Gajeel’s rebellious criminal days to walk in the path of the light again?
What is so wrong about Gale being a BOY? Because boys can’t do what girls do?

  • “I mean, if Gale was a girl … how could you make her a boy?”

Gale is NOT the MALE version of your Ga-jevy daughter fanchild. He was made a boy and I see ZERO problems with that.

  • “that’s just wrong to me.”

Need I seek your approval for my own characters?

  • “the redfoxes deserve a girl!!”

Yes, they do. I was secretly planning on adding a little daughter to the Redfox family as a surprise but this RUINED my excitement.
You might think that I may be overreacting here but I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit with my new gens people like you send me. They are not your characters. They were made and groomed by myself and many wonderful friends who dropped in their little headcanons of the newgen children which I incorporate as a tribute to my creative followers.

If you had phrased your mail in a different way, let’s say, “HEY LOOK AT ALL MY CUTE GAJEVY DAUGHTER HEADCANONS” would it not have been so much better? Please re-read this very mail that you sent me and reflect on yourself.

My newgen ships have been criticized, especially Nash x Reiki just because they’re gay. I’ve seen my newgen arts posted EVERYWHERE and some reposters actually had the audacity to RENAME my characters and roleplay them out of character with NO MENTION OF CREDIT at all. They stole my ideas and garner lots of followers with that theft.

I’ve seriously been trying to be nice and tolerant about this issue but this is the last straw.

DO NOT dictate what an artist should and should not do to her own FCs. If you tried investing so much into your own characters to share with people and end up with shit like this, you’d understand how I feel. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences when it comes to fanchildren of their ships. You can share your ideas, keep them to yourself or create this fanchildren. But you can’t go around beating down other artists’/writers’ ideas of their own fanchildren.

Show some respect. And now, may we have a little word from Gale:

perfdeanw  asked:

I just read your tags on that one post from 12x02 with Dean & Mary and I srsly don't understand how anyone can defend her?! Everything you wrote in your tags - so true! She showed some interest in her boys in the first two episodes and then she was gone & just never bothered again! There's so much she missed, how can she not want a connection? How can she not want to get to know them?! Can you imagine forgiving her for her horrible behavior? I have so much trouble believing in any redemption...

Here’s the thing… and it bugs the crap out of me, but I think maybe the writers don’t realise how unrelateable they’ve made Mary. And I don’t even say unlikeable, because that’s not even the problem, although I do think they’ve done that as well. But for me, it’s unfathomable how a parent can come back from being dead and missing virtually ALL of their children’s lives and just not do anything to get to know them? To want to know them? I would venture to say they would be feeling so much grief from having lost their kids that they would yearn to know them more than they would anything else. And I get that Mary can’t just be a mother, but that’s a story that should have come along years later when she’s firmly landed herself in her sons’ lives.  

To me, it would make more sense for Mary to be clinging to her sons and that to eventually become a problem, than for her to almost completely reject them and declare she needs more than just them.  It just doesn’t make sense. So, yeah, I don’t know how they can possibly change this attitude unless there’s a reason for her to be acting this way and they can explain that. For me, I could accept all of this if she’s planning to return to the past and change it. That would make sense. Why bother to get to know them if she’s planning on getting her babies back? It’s not exactly nice to the current Sam and Dean but I could understand it. Is that the plan? I sort of doubt it just because there’s been no clues. (but i am still hoping tbh)

This is also the reason I hate that Mary included Cas as ‘one of her boys’ because in my opinion she hasn’t earned that. Why would Cas be anything to her when Sam and Dean barely are? This is why I think there’s a disconnect in the writers’ room. I’m not sure they get that the Mary they’re writing these days just doesn’t make sense. 

Boyfriend! Changkyun
  • it took him 100 years to just get the courage to stand next to you and another decade to confess to you that he has a crush on you and would like to go out. tbh asked wonho for all the dating tips and how to seduce you into liking him back,. bad choice little one.
  • once he confessed it he stood there like a statue  for you to answer and when u said “yes” he was like “cool.. i’l pick u up at 7:00 on Friday” and when u left he screamed and ran around the building yelling at the hyungs that y’all had a date.
  • since it took him a century to just confess to you it took him another 4 months to just stand/sit next to you  around others not to mention another 8 months to even hold your hand.. it’s bc he’s worried that his hands might be sweaty or cold.. smh bby pls ur too much i’ll hold ur hands no matter what.. 
  • likes to have skinship when y’all are alone bc the hyungs always tease him and he goes super red and  they also scream like fangirls when he holds ur hand or even calls u… u can hear them yell ur name and say how I.M talks about u all the time.
  • once he becomes comfortable with skinship be ready for a 5′8   Chihuahua to be hanging on you at all times.. srsly he just comes out of no where and hugs u and just leans on u and u have to hold him back up. loves to hodl ur hand and wrap his arm around ur shoulder/waist whenever ya’ll hanging out.
  • BACK HUGS!! he will always give u back hugs no matter what the situation is tbh.. u could be cooking he’ll give u back hug, talking on the phone… back hug or just talking to someone and he’ll give u a back hug.. but it’s the most loving thing ever bc it’s way of showing love.
  • y’all always date in secret and somewhere the hyungs wont be there bc they always take u away from him and he’s worried looking for u bc he can’t find u and it’s all a mess. dates with him are simple but never boring since y’all always have something to talk about.. sometimes you guys even play board games and it’ll be super fun to spend time with him no matter what.
  • makes u have rap battles with him so he can laugh at u bc he’s a big meanie.. nah he actually loves to have u rap bc u look adorable trying to sound big and tough.. but you’re his smol bean. writes secret little raps for u and the hyungs threaten him that they’ll show it to u.
  • whenever he comes back home and u try to sleep he doesn’t let you bc he wants to talk even if you’re asleep he’ll be talking about what he’s been doin and staring at yo face and takes pictures of u.
  • keeps really embarrassing pics of u so he can use it to make u do things for him. y’all could be arguing about something and he’ll put the phone like a sword and show u the weird pic of u and u’ll be like ??? 0___0 and says that he’ll show it to the members.. and ur like -___-
  • loves to kiss ur cheek whenever y’all cuddling and plays with ur long hair. likes to rap to u when u get mad him.. and it works bc he uses his cringe worthy aegyo along with rapping
  • his kisses are always soo sweet and soft.. they’ll be a surprise kiss and he’ll run away giggling or smile really big after kissing u.. also gives u kisses that start from ur forehead and trails down to ur lips and then sometimes playfully nuzzles his face in ur neck while wrapping his arms around ur waist pulling u close to him.. bc he wants u all to himself.
  • fights with him are very rare bc he’s usually every easy to deal with but at times he won’t tell that he’s stressed or sick and u’ll get upset bc u want him to depend on u as well but after a while of him being alone he’ll confront his problems with u and it’ll be all okay.
  • whenever u go to see him while he’s getting ready for the next comeback or a performance he won’t even hesitate to just hug u ignoring everybody else as soon as he sees u in the room. ur like “I.M pls relax i’m all urs plus u kinda sweaty”.. but he just hugs u tighter bc he can never have enough of u.. but u hug him back bc he’s the sweetest little rapper.
  • his name for u in his phone is smthng silly tbh or a nickname he keeps for u. and his phone background is of u guys making the derp face and the screen server is of u sleeping on him.
  • he’ll be super protective of u when ur sad or hurt and he’ll do anything to get u to smile bc that’s his favorite thing in the world and he’ll be this protective little chinchilla who wants to keep u happy 

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in my opinion i think it's quite possible they left London tbh. Claire it's a possibility. But they could be anywhere and it's awesome, no one know's where, no one can bother them, just fucking awesome.

it’s incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! taylor swift!!!!!! you dog!!! haha!! yes that is a compliment!! srsly this is so amazing i hope she writes an autobiography one day in like 30 years about how she was the slickest badass this year with her disguises and whatever else we dont know about and was like totally incognito.  


Since I’m finishing all of my series this week, would you want me to start another one?🙃 I literally do not mind starting another one, if people want it! And I’ll probably not start more than one series at a time because I’m so crap at updating them lmao👀👀

Please send in suggestions for a new series! I can only think of a few like: boyfriend, husband/father, pillow talk, brother, best friend, how they would ___ or maybe even an AU? srsly please help me out lmao I also can’t guarantee that I’ll start it straight away bc of exams but I’d like to prepare bc yes I’m that bitch who likes to create timetables and organise myself 10 months in advance🙃🙃🙃

oh wait, actually would you rather I stuck to requests? Because I literally have like 90+ lmao. Maybe I could start writing more scenarios? Or drabbles?


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you probably have already so many messages/asks about your latest sheith video (which is like. A+++), but i couldn't help to not ask. in the video, the song is credited to haondla-orez2. however, in your tags there's written "also its hiroyuki sawano how can i not jump at the opportunity". so now i'm confused if the song belongs to hiroyuki sawano or haondla-orez2. thanks for answer in advance and enjoy your day <3

Oh ya the song name is haondla orez2 (I used like the second half of the song) and the composer is hiroyuki sawano lol sorry for the confusion but srsly all his stuff is fcking amazing please give them a listen if you can

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hey! i love your blog! you did a rant/analysis thing of baek's sexuality and i was wondering if you had anything to say about chan?

Hello there darling! Thank you for loving my blog, I appreciate it <3  Why yes I did~ I actually posted something abt it but it was very brief. (coz I also included my opinion abt the other members) and here’s the link if you wanna read it haha.

But yes yes, I said that I’ll elaborate more on Cy’s sexuality on the third part of my “Why I like BaekYeol/Chanbaek” post but I wasn’t able to put it in there. It wasn’t intentional tbh I just forgot to HAHA. And the third part already had 6k+ words and over 200 pics/gfs so I don’t think I need to add any more HAHA.

Okay so I’ll just elaborate a bit here :D It won’t be long unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you see it) bc I personally observe Bh more than Cy bc he is my bias so I have much more to say abt Bh. And my opinion on Cy’s sexuality is kinda self explanatory.

I already said it before and I’ll say it again, My opinion on Cy’s sexuality is that he’s heteroflexible. Idk if u believe that heteroflexibility does exist, but I do. Bc I’m attracted to males primarily but I don’t mind if I fall in love with a girl or sumthing (I haven’t ‘like’ liked a girl yet tho, only boys so idk). So I guess that’s why I believe it exists? Bc there are ppl who’s primarily hetero but won’t mind playing for the other team if they srsly liked/loved the person.

We have gone off topic tho this was supposed to be abt Cy lel. SO, I think Cy is heteroflexible bc of the vibes he’s giving me and how I’ve perceived him through watching numerous shows (from radio shows, variety shows, guesting etc) with EXO in them in the past years. He rly didn’t show me that much signs of being attracted to males or possibly being attracted to males.

BUT! Our queen Bh comes and as the delulu BaekYeol shipper that I am, you can already expect that I think Cy is attracted to Bh romantically. I’m not rly that positive that Cy is indeed attracted to Bh romantically. Maybe 70-30? (70% that he IS attracted to Bh romantically). The other 30% is skeptical bc Idk Cy personally and I don’t want to say that I’m sure of Cy’s sexuality.

Same with Bh tbh I think he’s bisexual 70-30 and the 30 is the me being wary bc again, I do not know Bh nor Cy personally and even if I do, I still can’t be sure abt their sexual preferences bc the only person who can be 100% sure of his/her sexuality is the person himself.

But even though I can’t say for sure that Cy is romantically attracted to Bh, I can say with confidence that he is somehow attracted towards him. Be it in a friendly manner or more. 

And here are the times that I feel that Cy is attracted to Bh~

The little things  Cy does when it comes to Bh. Idk but I just see this as something that signifies attraction. Even just a teeny tiny bit, attraction is still attraction.

Staring at the BaekBooty. Hallooo?

Easy there Cy, Chen don’t mean no harm he yo friend.

Cy is gentleman AF towards Bh. Y’know I haven’t seen guys do that to other guys that are just their ‘friend’. in my experience at least.

He practically ran to catch up and bring an umbrella to Bh.

STAAAAARES. Tbh that’s like the greatest factor for me bc Cy stares at Bh too often forit to be called “right angle at the right time”. And just look at his expression. esp at the last gif JUST. LOOK. I don’t think I need to explain now do I?

And ofc THIS moment. WHY IS CY SO RESISTANT? It’s like he’s forcing himself out of Sehun’s grasp bc he is embarrassed af and everyone who has a crush prob understand Cy’s feelings. Bc ur friend is forcing you to go near ur crush and hug them like, WHO WOULD NOT ACT THE WAY CY DID? Okay okay that may not be the actual case but I just can’t see any other possible reasons. (more)

So that’s it! I hope you were satisfied with my answer darling~ let me know if you have more questions or just anything you wanna say to me :) Have a good day! ^^

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As an avid McHanzo shipper, please: hold off on drawing them. I love them, maybe most of all the mlm ships, but they're everywhere, every style, and it's just a sea. RoadRat I've come to specifically associate with you, and your style, and your au, and it's become extremely relatable (unlike McH), and beautiful, and not over saturated. I can't tell you how wonderful your art is and how much it connects on a warm, beautiful, personal level. There's nothing else like it in the whole fandom. ❤️

first of all, thank you!!! your words are really sweet and encouraging!!! :’)

the rest of this reply came out more long than i expected but i would appreciate if all of you take a moment to read it ❤️

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