how can you not like her

  • [at a strip club]
  • Severus:I can’t even walk through Lily’s street anymore. Why do I have to be so sensitive? [gives stripper a galleon]
  • Lucius:I know, look at me and that Narcissa chick. You don’t hear me prattling on about how beautiful her smile is, or how her hair is like a waterfall of honey coloured silk, I don’t even remember what she looks like.
  • Severus:Dude, you obviously like her.
  • Lucius:Can’t you read between the lines Sev? I obviously like her!



Welp, I guess I know where Amethyst got her hair from.

I wonder how that works, can you change your “default” form when it comes to stuff like hair?

Also she looks like a kid but I think she’s the same height as current Amethyst, it’s just that the hair and outfit make her look really young.

“Well look in the bright side human, at least she didn’t try to eat you like the last one who came here.”


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How would GOM + Kagami + Kiyoshi react when their crush offers them to do 'playing house' with her? >///<

Playing house as in that game we all did as children where we pretended to be married???

Kuroko: There’s a flush of color that dusts across his cheeks after you ask. Kuroko is imagining what it would be like to actually be in a family with you one day, owning a house for yourselves. It takes a startling bark from Nigou and a worried glance from you for him to realize he has yet to answer your request. “We can play, ____. If that’s what you want.”

Kagami: With how often you went over to his apartment, it was like the two of you lived together anyway. So why was Kagami so flustered when you asked if he’d like to pretend to be a family with you? “A-Ah, well, it’s not like we’re married or anything, right? I mean, I haven’t even asked you out yet so, uh…” He nearly loses it when he realizes he’d unintentionally confessed to you.

Kiyoshi: The chuckle that leaves Kiyoshi’s lips has you melting as he ruffles your hair cutely. “Okay, I guess we can play that game. Would you like for me to cook you dinner tonight? That’s what families do.” Then, as an afterthought he gives you a sweet smile before asking, “Is it alright if I call you honey? You can call me by a nickname, too.”

Kise: “____cchi, look at this apartment.” Kise’s excited about pretending with you, already looking up different places to live on his phone. He pulls up the image of a quaint space for rent and in the picture, a street sign is visible. “Oh, this is actually pretty close by… ____cchi, we should go check it out, right?” He’s adamant about scoping the room, even if it was only just pretend.

Aomine: “Hm? Playing house?” He’s contemplative for a moment, though it’s all just a ruse as his natural smirk soon returns and he’s slinging an arm around your shoulder. There’s a look of mischievous flirtation in Aomine’s eyes as he leans in close. “What? So you want to start a family with me or something? We can get started right now if you really want.”

Midorima: He’s turning red in the face just thinking about your suggestion. “N-No thanks,” he mumbles, still polite in his refusal. Even if he was head over heals for you — not that he’d admit to that any time soon — it would be way too embarrassing pretending to be a married couple. Though the thought of you having eyes for only him was definitely enticing.

Murasakibara: “Ah, okay.” Murasakibara is quick to agree, allowing you to take his hand as you place a fake ring over it. It’s made of candy and it doesn’t take long for him to be munching away at it, despite the fact you’d told him you couldn’t give him a replacement if he ate it all. “That’s okay, ____-chin. If it’s gone, I’ll just have to get you and me some real rings one day.”

Akashi: Chuckling at your suggestion, Akashi agrees easily to play house with you, though his actions and mannerisms toward you don’t change in the slightest; he already treats you as if you were his one and only. “Just think of it as practice for the future,” he teases, watching as his words make you flush in embarrassment. How could he flirt like that so easily?

Fuck Me Up

(okay here I go again oh god anyway this wouldn’t of happened if @harrysbunshun hadn’t written that blurb that ruined my life so thank her for this monstrosity)

You’re cuddled up on Harry’s lap when the thought strikes you out of nowhere. “Harry, do you ever think about me when you’re gone?” You can’t help but blush as you lift your head from his chest, observing the way his eyebrows are scrunched in confusion.

“Course I do, love.”


His eyebrows are raised now, “Whaddya mean? Yeh wanna know how I think about yeh when I’m not here?”. You know he knows what you’re talking about, but you should’ve been prepared for him to make you say it. With a burning face and downcast eyes you ask him.

“Do you think about me when you jerk off….”

“Y’wanna know if I think about yeh while I wank?”


“Alrigh’ alrigh’ claws away kitten, was jus’ messing with yeh.”

He’s gripping your chin between his thumb and pointer finger, tilting your head up so you can see the dopey grin on his face. Leaning forward Harry presses a soft kiss to your lips, feeling you grip his shirt between your hands as he sponges kisses across your cheek, resting his lips at your ear.

“Can’t cum without thinkin’ about you, pet “

A shudder rips it’s way through your body, making him smirk. “ ’s that what y’wanted to hear? Wanted to know that anytime I’m gone I jerk my cock and think ‘bout everything I wanna do to yeh?” You’ve melted into him already, face pressed into his shoulder, lips parted as you take deep breaths.

The feeling of his fingers brushing along your inner thighs distracts your from the soft brushes of his lips against your ear. His hand inches up under the bottom of the shirt you’re wearing, fingertips brushing your bare folds when he realizes you aren’t wearing panties. With your knees on either side of his thighs you feel incredibly exposed, letting out a gasp against his neck when he traces a single finger along your labia, “thought about this a lot.” Moving his hand to cup your mound he continues, “thought about this juicy little cunt. 'ts already dripping fo’ me.”

His palm presses against your clit as he sinks a single finger into you making your hips stutter forward into his grasp. “So fuckin’ tight. Would think about how snug yeh are 'round me, how much yeh stretch when I fuck into yeh. Thought about how slick yeh feel when ’m cock is bare. Always make sure yeh feel it all.” Harry’s added another finger inside of you, working them in with slow thrusts. You’re moaning and lightly thrusting your hips every time his fingertip grazes that special spot on your front wall.

“Wanna know my favorite part, kitten? Don’t know if I should tell yeh…such a sweet girl hearing such filthy thoughts..”

“Fuck…Harry p-please…please tell me..”

“Love how it feels when ’m pressed into yeh. Balls deeps in this sweet cunt, grinding m’ head in as far as it’ll go.” Hes adjust his hand, holding his fingers straight up as he fucks them into you absorbing the whimpers you’re leaving in his neck. “ 'nd when I cum..fuck…can feel it shooting against your walls, covering m’ cock, n the sounds yeh make, I know yeh love the slick warmth of my cum inside your greedy pussy. ’m not even to my favorite part yet petal. Y’still wanna know?”

He feels you clench around his fingers as more wetness drenches his fingers and harry takes that as a yes. Lowering his voice further he tells you. “ M’ favorite part is when I pull out. Sitting up on my knees as I inch m’ cock out of your clenching cunt. Holdin’ your legs on my shoulders and using my thumbs to spread your pretty lips further as m’ tip pulls out of yeh. Fuck seein’ my cum start to run out of yeh does somethin’ to me love. Watching it drip out of yeh, down your folds. 'nd your lips are always so ripe lookin’ after I fuck yeh, can’t help but lean down n-”

“Oh fuck…fuckfuckfuckharry” you’re coming so hard around his fingers you nearly black out. He’s pulled his fingers out of you and grinding your hips down onto his throbbing cock making your clit rub mercilessly against the rough material of his jeans.

As your orgasm is fading you bring your face up to his, looking at him with hooded eyes as you continue grinding against him, bringing his hand up and taking the fingers that had just been inside of you into your mouth. “Whattaya need pretty girl? Use your words.”

He drags his fingers out of your mouth, tracing them over your lips before giving you a kiss.

“I want you to do everything you ever dreamed of doing to me Harry.”



The message above is from Emily Poe on Taylor Swift’s 10 year anniversary of her debut album.

In regards to her message, I’d like to point a couple of things out:

From “Long Live:”

Will you take a moment, promise me this That you’ll stand by me forever But if God forbid fate should step in And force us into a goodbye If you have children some day When they point to the pictures Please tell them my name Tell them how the crowds went wild Tell them how I hope they shine

And from “Superstar:”

This is wrong but I can’t help but feel like There ain’t nothing more right babe Misty morning comes again and I can’t Help but wish I could see your face And I knew from the first note played I’d be breaking all my rules to see you You smile that beautiful smile and All the girls in the front row scream your name

So dim that spotlight, tell me things like I can’t take my eyes off of you I’m no one special, just another Wide eyed girl who’s desperately in love with you Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar Sweet, sweet superstar, superstar

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so i got hired at mchell and i asked my mom to take me to the orientation on wedn (which she’s not thrilled about, she thinks i can do better for a first job and i’m like tell that to the ppl who won’t hire me lol) and after she said yes she just sent me a huge string of texts saying i should “write an article about it” before finishing with “or maybe i’ll write it from my point of view as a mom” i mean…it’s. it’s mchell. it’s not this deep mom

How about we open up next episode with both Toby and Walter sleeping on the floor, one on each side and Happy sprawled out like a starfish on the bed, Toby can be all “see, bet you didn’t know that about her?” hahaha

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the snapchat upd8s otherwise known as: where the fuck is aradia?!?!?!

(( HONESLTY this is the last chance I will ever get to see aradia in the post game universe and the last thin chance of seeing a tiny bit of interaction between jake and her, something that @aradia-paradia and I wait for since like,,, how many years? idk but we still hope.))

Anonimo ha detto: *farts out dirkjake for you* here you go

(( th,, ank u anon…. i can feel the warmth within it))

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SpiderBeca rescuing a cat from a tree, like how cute would that be? And the cat being a little shit and scratching her

I feel like it would probably be pretty cute. Like maybe….

I feel like it would probably be pretty cute. Like maybe….

She doesn’t want to demean the situation by saying she has something better to do, but there are other ways in which she usually helps the people of her city that involve more punching and death-defying acrobatics. And quips, right now she misses the quips.

You can’t really make fun of a cat. Well, you could, but they either wouldn’t care or would really care and end up pooping in your shoe when you weren’t looking.

She’d been on her way across town, headed for the docks to scope out any shifty looking dudes, when she’d heard someone crying. That kind of desperate, wailing cry only a kid is capable of. So, Beca had swung down to see what the problem was.

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eah. I got tickets to go see So You Think You Can Dance because I’ve been watching you since I was about 7, and I was crazy when I knew you were actually going to be on the show. And the whole show I was looking at you like, “Please let her look at me.” And then they told me that I could go backstage and meet you, and I’m literally, like, taking deep breaths, like, “Oh my goodness,” and then you were a normal human being. You were Maddie Ziegler. Then you followed me on Twitter—and I had a meltdown—and the rest is history, really. I finally got your number, and then we met, and we had that very hysterical day where we met some funny people at the pool. We just clicked. I feel like I’m talking to someone else, not you. I feel like I’m talking in the third person. [laughs]
—  Millie Bobby Brown on how She and Maddie met -
Yang will go bad

Now that I got your attention, I want to introduce you to one of my longest theory, and quite possibly the one that keeps adding to itself. But now I have enough to finally present it to the fandom, yes, Yang will go bad. 

Of course this may sound CRAZY at first, because who is Yang? Who was the girl we watch throughout three season, what is she like as a character? Well, most people would describe Yang as youthful, enthusiastic, bubbly and someone who knows how to have a good time . She is also someone that her team knows they can open up to, even though they see the fiery and happy blonde, they also know that she can be serious and be the best support you can go to when needed. This is the Yang we have known from volume 1-2 and the beginning of 3. But as most character in v3, she changed, and more drastically then others. Throughout all three volumes, we also discover that she had the tendency to let her emotions out immediately. She is the embodiment of fire, hot, burning, and umpredictable. 

But everything starts to fall down at a pivotal moment for almost anyone in the serie, her fight against mercury black. Any rwby fan will know that Yang’s ultimate weakness is a leg oriented fighter. We were first shown this in her trailer, and then later with Neo. But the true moment of this is this fight. As expected, Mercury took over her pretty quickly, but due to her fiery nature and semblance, she was able to fight him off and win the match. But when Emerald activated her semblance, this was the fall of Yang Xiao Long. She ‘broke’ the leg of an ‘innocent’ student. So what is the meaning of this? Quite a lot actually, let’s dig in shall we?

First, the tournament is meant as a friendly competition between kingdom, kinda like the olympics in our modern world. So what would happen if an athlete was to physically attack another after an event was over. Outrage would ensue. People would go against Yang, the world would go against her, because no matter what she said she did or didnt do, to the world, she is the one who attack innocents. With the fall of beacon and modern communications, this would also be the first and last memory that remnant has of Yang, someone impulsive and violent, no one would thrust her. This would make her life as a huntress extremely difficult if the end of v3 never happened.

The next pivotal moment in her life, and her turn around, is when she attacked Adam Taurus. Of course, anyone can say that she was acting in a right manner, I mean, who wouldn’t save their partner from someone who just stabbed them right? So she did, she impusly attacked someone, what did end up happening this time? She lost her arm, which also happens to be her main way of combat, therefore losing this as well. 

These two pivotal moment were triggered by one cause, her impulsion, her fiery temper, and in both these cases, it cost her a great deal. So what would someone learn from this? That their impulse, their natture, their very own person only creates more problem then solutions. This is the current Yang, someone who lost hope, who lost everything she had because of her being, she is in a state where she needs to find herself again. And this, is where the theory begins. 

Before I jump in the actual theory, I wanna give the background to where I get this theory. Any good star wars fan will tell you that the prequel are bad, but from them I dig up one character similar to Yang, Anakin Skywalker, Anakin was the symbol of hope for jedis, he was the chosen one. He was also a enthusiastic and VERY impulsive character. He would let his emotion speak rather then resoning. This lead to him a dramatical change, he thought the world was against him, he thought that emotion would lead him to victory anywhere, and where did that lead him? To a near death experience that took out most of his body, only to have it replaced synthetically, a new him…no, the birth of darth vader. 

We can see some similarity to Yang already, in fact, she is in the critical phase, the phase that will dertermine her future, her choices and what lies ahead. As seen in the intro, she is struggling to find herself, she doesn’t know who she is anymore, and this can be dangerous. The smaller connections can even be made, lots of theories are out there that she will get a robotic arm, a synthetic arm. The next part of my theory is drawn from the lyrics of “Die” from rwby ost from V2. 

Jeff Williams is an incredible composer, and he also likes to sneak some hint at what will happen in rwby in his songs. He even admitted to it during PAX east 2016. So I listened, and listened…and listened, and die stuck out to me, especially for its lyrics. The beginning starts talking about what the world used to be before, how good it was, but then it changes to something dark. A particular part caught my attention and many more.  “ Love for mankind; Look around it’s getting very hard to find. Not every open wound is simply healed by time, But revenge is always sweet, And chaos is the prize.”  The two first lines dont say much about Yang specifically, but the last one do. Her arm is the wound, quite literally, it will never heal. The part that also started my theory is when it mentions revenge and that chaos will ensue. Now, in V3, Blake asked Yang if she would ever hurt someone out of the blue like a certain someone *COUGH COUGH ADAM TAURUS* and Yang replied that she wouldnt. Well that was before her partner ran away, her sister ran away, lost an arm and all that jazz, so would she now? Yes, specifically to get revenge. The rest of the song can also be intrepeted as her descent into darkness, go look into it yourself and you will see the uncanny connection to this theory in itself. the next piece of evidence is the volume 4 poster for NYCC

Now, what we see is team rwby, simply as that. Or is it? 
Normally, when a character is shown to be facing the different direction as the good guys, it usually means they are against them. This is the final piece of theory I have, and the strongest. Yang is the embodiment of fire, of fiery natures…and a pheonix. Pheonix are born from the ashes of their predecessors death. Obviously, Yang is not dead, but she might as well be dead because she lost her arm. A new Yang arised from this, a Yang that hold grudges, that lets her anger speak, that acts on anger and negative emotion even more. Now, do we see a robotic arm on her right arm? Nope, it is caped off….wait what, caped off. That seems…odd, why would she do that, we have seen other have synthethic limbs, so why doesnt she do that? Because she embraced her new self, with her inner fight in V4, we will see the new Yang emerge, the Yang that saw her partner, her sister and the whole world turn against her…and she finally decided to turn her back on them. She wants revenge, she is seeking her own vendetta, and she will gladly show that even the biggest loss, her arm, will not stop her from burning. Hit Yang, she might fall, she might struggle, but as Mercury knows well by now, she will burn again, hotter then before, and hit you back just as strong as you hit her. The question is, who will she join? Salem? Her mother? become a new villain? Who knows, all I see so far is her becoming rwby’s darth vader. but again, who knows, after all this is just a theory, a rwby theory!

Thank you for reading this, it took me a while to write and prepare and honestly I would love for you to share it if you like it, IM me if you have any questions or want clarification, anything is accepted and welcomed. 

look, you can say that it sounds a bit ludicrous to argue that there’s a clear “marvel/dc bias” among mainstream reviewers and bloggers.

but folks, when we get multiple thinkpieces about how the diverse cast of suicide squad was actually problematic and stereotypical and that none of them should be carrying weapons–

–and three months later i’m reading five major reviews in a row arguing that actually tilda swinton’s casting is Really Good and Progressive and “her performance will put to rest any remaining concerns about the character not being the Asian man of the comics,” then yeah, i have some questions.

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How do you deal with rude guests? I work at Target as well, and I can't deal with people sometimes. I tell them off in my head while remaining calm on the outside. They always want to be right even when they're not. I got cussed out by this old lady because I couldn't accept her coupon. And I was like is she worth risking my job right now because I'm ready to go off.

I’m only allowed to say positive things here so what I will say is that my go-to strategy is just bearing in mind that I know what I’m doing and that if a guest is angry or rude, they’re most likely just having a bad day, and I’m not doing anything wrong. It helps a little to just know that it’s not a personal thing and they’re just taking out their emotions in a very wrong way.

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I think one of my biggest beef about theute update I have (besides being cagey about Davekat) is that he put Ja/de in every picture with them. Don't get me wrong I like that she spends time with them especially after being so lonely, but why not let her and Dave & Karkat doing stuff with other people too. What about John or how about digging with Jake who is in adventures. Movie nights with Dirk & Jake. Interactions with the other girls. Considering their personalities I can't see them poly.

I’m right there w you, I like jade’s friendship with karkat and dave and I get that its very important to all of them but I would have preferred if jade spread her abundance of “I just want to never be lonely again and spend time with my friends and family and have fun” feelings more evenly over ALL her relevant relationships like jade pls give dave and karkat some alone time they are too shy to ask 

Move On

Request:  I was wondering, can you do one with the reader is the jokers younger sister but she doesn’t know him. Long story short, she has gone through alto of lose in her life and at one point she tries to end her life but J saves her. I was/am gonna write it, but I wanted yo see ehqt you could do with the prompt. Btw, love how you write. ❤💖 By @purple-puddin

Word Count: 1.014

Warnings: Swearing, bullying, self harm, blood, mentions of death. 

A/N: I didn’t totally like this imagine myself but I really didn’t know how to make it lol. It’s really different from what I normally write so I’m sorry if it’s kinda bad! -Demi


You sit on the bed in a pool of your own tears, razor at your feet and and blood on your hands. The whole world was falling apart… Your father got into a car crash and died, your mother couldn’t take it anymore. She killed herself. You told your boyfriend and he left you, he didn’t want to be with ‘A mess like you’. Everything was falling apart… everything. Your whole life was a mess, a disaster. Nobody to love or love you, every friend you had was gone. You pushed everyone away. 

So there you are, on your bed without a single thing to live for. Your hands are shaking as the blood drips down your legs. Your such a fool to think everything was going to be alright. Your demons are hunting you day and night for the past year. Why live? Why continue this torture? You don’t have to, but you need to survive. It’s your nature, your dad would’ve want you to fight even tho there’s nothing left to fight for. Better walk alone then not at all… right? 

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Somewhere down the line Sebastian does visit Skyhold just to see his wifey to see the progress of his investment, and to Varric’s utter shock and disdain, gets along with Rota famously.

And Varric goes up to her, how can you stand to talk to him for so long? He’s so dull and self-righteous and uptight, he’s everything you’re not!

Rota gives him a blank stare and finally says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. He’s a total sweetheart! And pretty funny, at least as far as Chantry folk go. He’s nothing like you described, guess you ARE a pretty big liar after all.”

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I saw you did a very short MC, how would RFA react to MC being very tall? (Like zen and jumin's height)?? How would they try to cuddle her (and more), love your content!!

Again! Two of the same request! I hope you like it <3


  • “MC, you’re so tall and beautiful, you should be a model!”
  • Constantly encourages you to be comfortable with your height
  • Loves when you wear heels
  • He’ll wear heels with you if you want him too if you feel insecure about your height


  • He’s the little spoon
  • Actually really likes your height like he thinks it’s cool
  • Plus you can get stuff down for him that he can’t reach
  • But other than that he doesn’t really pay much attention to how much taller than him you are
  • Height isn’t a factor in gaming ability


  • Ofc you being super tall just makes you even more beautiful to her
  • She wears heels even more than usual just to make you closer in height
  • Especially if you ever say you’re insecure about your height or anything she’ll wear heels to make you feel less awkward
  • She still cuddles you and is the big spoon and doesn’t ever treat you differently


  • Again, Jumin isn’t really one to care about/notice height
  • Just don’t wear heels
  • He probably won’t bring up your height at all tbh


  • Get ready for Seven to just sit on your lap
  • All the time
  • Any time that you’re sitting down there is a 90% chance that he’s going to go up to you and plop himself down on your lap
  • Also just likes to jump on you
  • Like he’ll take a running start and jump on your back
  • He also 100% wears heels that makes him taller than you
  • Like Zen would wear heels to be nice but Seven’s just being a dick
  • And when he’s taller than you he rubs it in your face constantly


  • Probably really similar to Jumin?
  • Like he doesn’t really mind if you’re taller than him and would encourage you to wear heels if you want to
  • Switches between being the big spoon and little spoon

cassgaff: Even though I am twice her age, the highlight of my day yesterday was finally meeting @chloelukasiak. It’s crazy how things come full circle. The creator of her show #dancemoms was my dance teacher growing up @john_corella. I literally stopped watching the show when she left because she was my favorite. For as young as she is, she’s always handled everything that’s happened to her so maturely and done nothing but continue to grow from it. It’s been inspiring to watch her stay true to herself through all these years. Still can’t believe you don’t like grilled cheese tho ;) 

blackhorseandthecherrytree replied to your post “can i call you mom? most of the time my mom wants me to be her mom”


That sounds like an excellent day, are you writing something fun?

And it was good. I made a pork roast, gathered all my ingredients for making a cake tomorrow and spent most of the day writing about vampires and werewolves. Oh and picking out movies for the Halloween stream.