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I love you reaction to the boys being strong, could you do a reaction like that but their gf is chubby so she refuses to let them carry her because she thinks she is to heavy for them?

Taehyung: *gets offended*

“you think I can’t carry you because you’re chubby?” “come here and I’ll show you how strong I truly am!”

Namjoon: *is irritated that you won’t let him carry you once*

“baby how will we know if I can or can’t carry you if you won’t even let me try”

Jin: *gets upset that you kept running away because he wanted to carry you*

“fine! be like that” “I won’t carry you but just so you know I can carry you!”

Yoongi: *too tired to even get up and show you how strong he is*

“I would carry you right now but I’m really tired so you got lucky” “If I could, I could even throw you across the ocean”

Jungkook: *demonstrates how strong he is*

“babe look.” “If I can carry Jimin with one hand, I can certainly carry you.”

Hoseok: *pleads for you to stop running away from him and let him carry you*

“baby please stop running away from me” “I’m really strong you know” “Trust me when I say I can carry you please”

Jimin: *thinks of the heavy things that he has carried before*

“I’ve carried… a bed, a table, and even Taehyung all by myself” “I can carry you if you just let me princess”

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Could you do HC's for a very tall+curvy mc? I'm 6'2" with DD's so I don't see my body type often, haha. For Saeran and Vanderwood too, please! Have a nice day/evening!

Sorry because it took me so long to respond to your request :( 


  • Loves it 
  • he’s really happy
  • feels like your hugs are protecting him 
  • and who doesn’t love curvy girls? 
  • most of the time trying to make you feel beautiful no matter how you are 
  • he’s your cute little puppy 


  • at the start he’s a bit intimidated 
  • he wants to be the one who can protect you 
  • but your heigh is making it hard for him
  • but realizes its better 
  • you don’t need that much protection as a small girl 
  • he’s a lover for big chest 
  • gets super jealous when you go out with a revealing top 
  • because doesn’t like how others see your body 
  • loves every inch of you


  • totally fine with her 
  • because she likes you for the way you are 
  • and of course loves your curves 
  • and the way you fit in your clothes makes her admire how beautiful you are 
  • always stepping on her toes to kiss you 
  • she wears tons of heels so she can be closer to you 
  • but is fine because her legs look amazing with heels 


  • loves it 
  • I mean he loves you so damn much 
  • how could he not love your body 
  • gets a professional designer to made tons of nice clothes specially for you 
  • get involved in fashion just to put models of your size in fashion shows
  • you get to have million of cute bras because he loves to see them on you


  • is a bit surprised 
  • he knew you were tall 
  • but wow 
  • anyway it doesn’t matter 
  • he likes you like that 
  • and is a really nice way of sleeping 
  • he’s the little spoon 
  • DD?? 
  • oh hell yeah! 
  • he’s really happy (hehe) 


  • the first time he saw you he thought he could made some good use of you 
  • wanted you as his assistant 
  • but slowly fell in love 
  • and your heigh was nothing to him 
  • no matter that he looked small
  • he was used to be small since a child 
  • loved your body 
  • and made sure to tell you every single day 


  • doesn’t say nothing about it 
  • is not important to him
  • loves you 
  • so he doesn’t actually see it as an uncommon thing 
  • and he’s crazy for curvy girls 
  • but doesn’t like to say it to you 
  • but when someone says something about it 
  • oh he goes crazy 
  • and I mean crazy 
  • probable ends up in a fight over how beautiful you are 
  • and that your heigh just made you more perfect 


super short hc bc I don’t know what is like to be tall :( sorry 

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"a fan saw harry get into a car with camille" i can't believe someone actually sent you that and expected that to be like the 'a-ha!' moment... 1. where's the proof? a random nameless fan said so, so it happened? uh... 2. getting into a car with someone means you're dating? since when? 3. if he actually did get into a car with her, in public, how is that proof of it not being fake i'm just facepalming so hard right now

through the property of vehicles the larries have finally been dismantled broom broom game over

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Is it just me or can you totally see Taylor in the kitchen cooking or baking with his Mom and all the Alwyn men saying hurry up we're hungry and the mom telling them to hush while Taylor laughs. And all the while Joe is looking at Taylor thinking how damn lucky he is while Joe's mom thinks how happy she is that she now has a daughter to bake with.

I’ve actually imagined Taylor helping Joe’s mum in the kitchen like I bet his family love her just as much she’s basically part of the family too 😭🙌🏼

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I can't stand those people in the fandom who take things or leak info out. Like... other people (you are a really good example) have been waiting for FOREVER to just look at her in person and it's really sucky that people stoop that low

I can’t ever imagine having to audacity to behave like that after taylor alison swift graciously invites you into her life and into her home out of the pure goodness of her solid gold heart……. like…… how do you live with yourself as a person if you betray her trust?¿?¿????

Tom Petty is my Everything right now

🎶She’s gonna listen to her heart; it’s gonna tell her what to do; she might need a lotta lovin’ but she don’t need you🎶

🎶I need to know, I need to know; If you think you’re gotta leave then you better say so; I need to know, I need to know; cause I don’t know how long I can hold on; if you’re making me wait, if you’re leadin’ me on; I need to know🎶

🎶Baby baby baby, don’t do me like that🎶

🎶Should have known right then it was too good to last; It’s such a drag when you live in the past🎶

🎶The waiting is the hardest part🎶

🎶You got lucky, babe, when I found you 🎶

🎶I don’t feel you anymore; you darken my door; whatever you’re looking for; don’t come around here no more 🎶

Sigh. So many greats. And all written for me, in this moment, apparently.

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§ <3

Send me § and I’ll give you a compliment sandwich.

One positive: Your writing is phenomenal. Whether you’re tired, whether you’re in the zone, it doesn’t matter. I always love your writing, and Petra, and our RP. I could sing your praises all day long and it still wouldn’t be enough to come anywhere close to how much I adore Petra and the story we’re creating every day. Petra, as a character, is so easy to fall in love with, and has so many quirks and bits of personality in her. You portray her wonderfully. And she may be girly as fuck, but she is absolutely precious and I adore everything about her.

Something to improve on: I… honestly don’t know? Maybe stop churning out such quality posts in so little time, ‘cause that shit is outrageous. I’ve never met a person that can type up a good as fuck, multi-para post in like five minutes flat. It’s not fair.

One more positive: You’re one of my best friends. I can vent to you, I can laugh with you, I can hurl stupid fucking headcanons at you, and you’ll receive it all with open arms. You’re hilarious, you’re kind, you’re trustworthy, you’re patient, you put up with me, you’re everything I could possibly hope for in an RP partner and in a friend. I can be real with you, you’re always so understanding and so patient and so TALENTED and I just. I can’t. I love the hell out of you. <3

@aegisofstars / @petra-gampre

Guys My Age | Jin

Wow this is dirty? Like I don’t know I listened to the song with the same title (which you can listen to here), and I just thought about how guys are just really…immature…and Jin is older and might still act childish but like…he’s pretty mature if you know what I mean. ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy this sin and let me know what you think! Request stuff here and read my other stuff here! :)

 “Who taught you to dance like that?” Eyes wide, she spun around to see him standing there, the low lights highlighting his cheekbones in a way that stole her coherent thoughts for a moment. As her hips stopped moving, his hands made their way to her waist and pulled her flush against his body. “I didn’t say to stop. Keep dancing like that, darling.”

 “Why does it matter where I learned to dance like this?” Her response made him chuckle and his fingers dug into her hips the slightest bit as the bass still boomed in her chest, or was that her heart? When she looked up at him, his eyes were dark with a kind of lust she hadn’t seen in a long time. “I’ve grown up since high school, Jin. I’ve learned lots.”

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You know what annoys me the most about Frozen? Everyone is loving that Elsa and Kristoff are both like ‘You can’t marry someone you just met.’ but his whole flipping rock family sings a song about Anna basically cutting off her fiance (no matter how wrong he is) and marrying Kristoff instead WHO SHE JUST MET. Like, kristoff, I don’t see you shushing your family while they’re singing your praises and pushing you at Anna. Ya hypocrite. 

Like these so-called ‘Love Experts’ are literally encouraging Anna to cheat on her fiance. 


NO. Not your call. 

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I hate it when people call me cute. it reminds me of how you say it all the time. it reminds me of how smack my bum and tell me you can do it because you’re my mother and you can do what you want. it makes me want to throw up. I hate it. I hate you. it’s all your fault. you did this to me. can’t even take a compliment because you made it creepy. because I’m never sure how you meant it. because a mother doesn’t smack her kid on the bum like an asshole stranger on the street. I hate what you did to me. don’t call me cute.

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"I wouldn't call her a whore. She doesn't seem like the type to be one, Cypher."

Cypher: “Okay, listen here…

Cypher: “I know y’all have been praising on your little: “Sweet Chubby Bunny”, but she is nothing more than a slut, pretty much like a lot of other female Black Capes. While some are trying to stay “decent” and professionals as much as they can, here’s what your “bunny” is willing to do to get information from gross men. This is not clean for me. How can she pretend to be such a perfect little girl when she had been sitting on these men laps just to lure them into whispering their dirty little secrets in her ears? Sure, she still might have some sort of dignity as: “But she never had sex!” which is true, but all of the above just discredit her being… ““““Pure””””….

Cypher: “And I thought every single words I said…

Now before you start screaming, please note that this is all Cypher’s opinion. To him, everything is good to prove that Bene is worthless, and despicable, same goes for Taysir and the Black Capes.

Be careful when you read what he says ;)


I have a question...

I’ve never been to any of Taylor’s tours because I didn’t have a source of income and my parents didn’t want to pay for my tickets so I’m a little confused on how tour tickets work. I really want to meet Taylor this era, but I pretty much know that she won’t notice me because I don’t really have that many followers and I’m not very clever with my posts. I know she has Loft after most of the shows, but again, you have to be noticed for that and I’m basically a carbon copy of everyone around me and don’t stand out at all… lol… so does she do like meet and greet ticket packages for before that show that you can buy and if so, how much have they cost in the past? I do have a job now and I can FINALLY see her on tour and I’m trying to save up, but idk how much I should be saving or if there even are paid meet and greets??

sorry for my lame questions… I’m just a goofball who doesn’t know anything!

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i hate my twin sister so fucking much. she's a cringy piece of shit. one of my friends mom is literally DYING from cancer, and she cracks up at the word cancer. and then wonders why the friend doesn't like her. she's a petty ass bitch too, and i can't confide in her either because any info she learns will be used against me. i fucking hate her, goddamn, how are we even fucking related? i get so fucking irritated in her presence, i swear to god.

Who the hell laughs at the word cancer?! And I’m sure most people tell you that you need to like her cause she’s family. I don’t give a damn if someone’s family, if they’re annoying and/or a piece of shit then you should be able to not like that person! I have people like that in my family. It’s horrible. I hope it gets better ❤️

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Hey lovely~ I hope you had a great day and that you can enjoy your weekend ♥ i just wanted to ask you if you maybe can drop some photos of your booboo? I'd really love to see her again ;u; Love you a lot ♥♥

Aww hello sweetness ♥ Thank you so much! You’re always ALWAYS such a sweetheart and I adore you ;; ♥♥ I had a nice day thanks as some friends from London came to visit and we took my boo boo to the beach. So this photo was actually taken today :)

and when she’d had enough walking for one day …

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for the ship meme thing (if you still take them!): L x Naomi?

I honestly don’t really like this ship. Like I said earlier, I really wasn’t kidding when I said Matt/Near is pretty much the only ship involving Wammy folk that I personally do like a lot. 

With L and Naomi, I don’t know why they’d fall for each other. Naomi might respect L, but I don’t think she’d get along with him as a person. He’s a little too rigid, a little too inflexible and kinda cold… which is pretty much the exact opposite of how she describes Raye in AN. I just cannot imagine her being the type of person who’d be too impressed with things like L’s sulking fits when he doesn’t get his way and what not. As for L… yeah, he does think Misora’s smart, but I don’t think he’d really be interested in her outside of her work. Like.. can you even imagine…

“Ugh, I almost drove my motorcycle into a pothole today.”
“That’s nice. Can you pass me that file over there about the new case.”

So yea…  I just wind up on Misora deserves better. 

Kat using her phone all the time is not unusual, but it’s also clear that she uses it as crutch, as a safety net. Here she is, next to the woman she has a huge crush on, surrounded by couples (you can clearly see at les 3 straight couples around in the take), listening to romantic music. The last thing Kat wants is to focus on how the whole situation feels like a date and to have to keep over thinking what that means.

If I’m sure Kat is used to capturing moments like this with her phone all the time, I’m sure she is doing it right now because she so nervous being around Adena like this she needs something to distract her.

Adena inadvertently (or maybe not so much) taking that away and forcing her to enjoy the moment, to surrender to the feelings the situation evokes it’s what really cements this moment as the ultimate romantic Kadena interaction it is.