how can you not like her

I still can’t get over how Tonraq looks at his daughter’s respective significant others:

"you almost got my daughter killed like five times like you let her be fuckin BLOODBENT and LOOSE HER BENDING you useless piece of shit also you look super unfaithful korra please do not marry this man"

*~~a few months later~~*

"hello yes you also almost got my daughter killed like five times but unlike cheater mccheaterson you actually did something productive and saved her ass that’s fuckin A welcome to the family"

This has been your casual reminder that Tonraq shipped Korrasami all along.


She’s messed up.
That’s what happens when you grow up like she did. People take advantage of you, you think everyone’s out to screw you, so you do stupid things. Like lie and deal drugs and hurt people before they can hurt you. But that doesn’t make you a murderer.
Please, I believe her.

Y’know, you can defend Amethyst without saying people should hate Pearl instead. You can just not hate either character. I am getting so tired of seeing Amethyst defense posts that apparently cannot figure out how to actually defend her so they just focus on trying to prove that Pearl is worse.

If you cannot properly defend a character by their actions and need to instead try to deflect hate onto another character for unrelated reasons, then your argument is weak and it just makes it look like your character is indeed deserving of hate if even you, as a fan, cannot defend them properly.


a quick test of cyberryeezus' medium charlize skin on Bolg~ 

Her last skin was quite pore-heavy so I wasn’t sure how a smoother skin like this would work but - no word of a lie - I love it so so so much. ik you were worrying about the texture placement / detail of the nose (and I’ve only tested the medium on Bolg and her lil’ beak nose so far) but I can’t spot anything?! The boobs and knees are FABULOUS. I get so weird about the lighting around boobs and knee caps ( that sounds really bizarre ) and in some skins it’s waaaay too overdone. I’ll test it out some more this evening! c:

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My MC gets pretty drunk and cuts her hand on some broken glass she's trying to clean up (whoops!), the person she's with (also very drunk) would be worse than useless if he tries to help. I can't decide on whether she would be more likely to try and sort it out herself (which she would do if she were sober), get a taxi to the ER like she should in this situation, or let the guy drive her instead even though he's in no state to? Also, any tips on writing drunk characters?

The first thing that springs to mind in this scenario is that she is most likely going to severely underestimate how serious her injury actually is. 

Alcohol prevents you from feeling pain. Cuts (especially sharp cuts like you’d get with glass) aren’t all that painful to begin with, at least compared to other injuries. In this scenario, I very much see her just cleaning up the blood (perhaps trying to grab some disinfectant if she’s cognizant enough to do so) and then wrapping it up with a bandage or some cloth to keep it from bleeding any more. Because drunks tend to underestimate injuries, she’s also unlikely to feel the need to go through the trouble of getting to the ER. (Calling a cab and getting to the hospital is a lot of work. Having a drunk friend drive you to the hospital for a cut is just plain stupid, and hopefully even in a drunk state they’d recognize that.)

The biggest piece of advice I can give you on writing drunk characters is to understand how inebriation actually affects you. The biggest factor is that alcohol breaks down your barriers - that’s why you get angry drunks or overly friendly and social drunks from people who are usually pretty passive or reserved. You hear a lot of talk about people who describe themselves as “friendly” drunks or “sad” drunks. Keep in mind that alcohol affects each individual somewhat differently, even if the basics are the same. 

Drunks pretty much universally show poor judgment, because alcohol conveniently affects the part of your brain that makes good, rational decisions. That’s why so many people call their ex, spend stupid amounts of money, or make out for like two minutes with that creepy guy who kissed you out of the blue before you realize eew, gross, what am I doing and peace out. 

Uh. I don’t speak from experience here. *clears throat* Anyhow.

Different points of inebriation affect you differently, so keep that in mind as well. 

  • At the tipsy/buzzed stage, the individual is just a little less inhibited than usual but relatively normal. 
  • At the “just getting drunk” stage they’re exhibiting standard drunk behaviors but still largely in control. 
  • At the “drunk-drunk” stage they’re drunk behaviors might be intensified and they might start showing their drunkenness physically (through swaying, stumbling, and slurred speech). A note on slurring - it’s not usually as exaggerated as it’s shown to be. Drunks may stumble a bit, but in my *cough* experience drunks will typically  start to deliberately slow down their speech in order to get out what they’re saying.
  • The “blackout drunk” stage is where you get severe verbal impediment and serious physical signs of drunkenness (like falling over). It’s usually not until someone gets to this stage that they start throwing up. Also, at this point if you can get the person to lay down they’ll more than likely pass out. 

*Note: A REAL LIFE tip for you kids - if you ever have a friend who gets this drunk, be sure that you lay them down in an upright position with their head TO THE SIDE. If they throw up, they can aspirate it into their lungs and suffocate. Also, NEVER be afraid to call 911 if someone is drunk enough that they cannot be woken up, even if you are underage and afraid you are going to get in trouble for drinking. Alcohol poisoning is VERY REAL and kills LOTS OF PEOPLE every year.

RE: Subway

So i wrote something a while back that struck me (Subway accident). And everyone has since had reactions such as: 

fuckin.shit. this is so good? and the dialogue is just *mind blown* but also hoW DARE YOU HOW FUCKIN DARE YOU DESTROY MY HEART LIKE THIS I HOPE YOU’RE GOING TO WRITE A SEQUEL AND FIX THIS BECAUSE HoLY fUcK *UNHOLY SCREECHING* (via @wolftamras )

you’re not ready for this
no one is
fuck that just destroyed me
(via @what-just-happened-there)

this fucking destroyed me (via timballisto)

and so I fixed it to avoid the unholy screeching. Here is the happy ending sequel, or you can just let Clarke die in the subway, impaled and bleeding: 

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Heeeyy so I am bisexual (but more attracted to girls) and my friend just came out to me as bi too and, she wants to flirt with me but I don't want cause I'm not attracted to her and I'm already in love with another girl (sadly she's straight). So, how can I tell her that I don't want anything with her ? Cause she pushes me to the edge everytime when I hug my crush and not her, like, "why you're hugging her and not me?!" And it makes me mad and I don't know what to do...

just be honest to her, talk about it and ask her if she likes you, if she says yes then you need to explain your feelings to her and that you don’t like her, just be honest only then she knows where she stands and cant you give her false hope. 

And something of that jealous complexion

Bet you can’t guess what inspired this one! 


"Well that was… interesting."Killian turns at the strange tone in Emma’s voice.

"Come again love?" 

"You and her. I mean you know her.” 

 He furrows his brow. “Aye. I’ve had dealings with her in the past.”

"Dealings?" She lets out a forced laugh. "Is that pirate code or something?"

"Swan…" He reaches for her but she steps back. 

"It’s fine. I get it. You’ve been alive for 500 years it’s not like I thought you were a monk." Killian bites back a smile that pulls Emma up short. She crosses her arms "What?"

 ”Emma.” He smiles teasingly “You’re jealous.” 

 Check out all the 100 word stories over at ouatdrabbles or take the challenge and write your own!


foretoken n.
a sign of something to come.

"Do you remember what you said in Neverland?" she asked late one night on the couch, his arms warmer than the blanket around their shoulders. "After the Echo Caves?"

He smiled softly. She’ll never know how much he remembers, how he can’t seem to forget— how his year without her was spent thinking and missing and dreaming of her lonely eyes, the stubborn set of her jaw, the feeling of her lips under his. “When I win your heart…”

"I want you," she whispered, cutting him off as she pressed closer, hands on his chest. "I want you so badly."

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Hiccups, I've never seen TMZ lying, and considering this and DOR's past behavior, I just can't believe Jen (or her PR team, I don't know) was saying the truth.

You guys know how I feel about TMZ, some of you more than others. 

There is also a history of abuse in DORs recent past. If this rumor had been about Gary Ross or Francis Lawrence I would be like “yes, girl spoke up about all the lies” but not for David O. Russel.

I am side eyeing this whole thing so hard and it makes me a bit nauseous to be honest.  Hollywood isn’t glamorous and sometimes it’s downright disgusting.

I love Jen and sometimes I question the way her PR team handles her but I don’t for a moment believe this is a genuine post from her and the goodness of her heart. That’s my opinion.

And I cautiously await TMZs response. 

I remember when we were getting such simple things as them having a "connection" and "he likes her"….and thinking how wonderful it would be when they could just outright say what everyone already knows and exactly what is going on between these two.

Now we get things like “you can say boyfriend” and Colin and Jen both saying that Hook and Emma are TRULY in love with each other now and it’s just been so amazing to watch these two love this ship as much as we all do!

which pokeani character you should fight

Ash | Who wins: Ash
Ash is RIPPED and you are getting your ass DESTROYED

Misty | Who wins: Misty
She is fueled by years of pent-up rage and also has a hammer.

Brock | Who wins: You, probably
He’s a lover, not a fighter. You can probably beat him but he might get the better of you if he uses his….drying pan

Gary | Who wins: Doesn’t matter
Who cares who wins? You will get a chance to punch Gary in the face and you should take it.

May | Who wins: May
Tbh you wouldn’t be able to hit her because she is too wonderful so you would just sit there in awe of how amazing May is while May walks all over you

Max | Who wins: You?
On one hand he’s like seven but on the other hand he has several much stronger friends who could kick your ass

Drew | Who wins: Drew
He either wins, or loses and gets a bunch of attention from girls, so either way he wins.

Solidad | Who wins: Solidad
You might not even get to fight her because she would look at you and it would break all the bones in your body. She is too powerful

Dawn | Who wins: Nobody
Don’t fight Dawn wtf

Zoey | Who wins: Zoey
One-hit KO probably. She will beat you up if you try to fight Dawn.

Paul | Who wins: You
Paul has gotten humiliated several times before on-screen and this fight is no different. He spends too much time trying to look cool. However, even if you win the actual fight, you lose because you had to spend time with Paul.

Kenny | Who wins: You
Kenny has got weak skinny arms and bad hand-eye coordination and if you don’t do anything then he might knock himself out on accident.

Barry | Who wins: Barry
You are stronger than him, but his movements are so sporadic and unpredictable that you probably couldn’t land any punches. Of course, he does more talking than actual fighting. By the time the fight is over you owe him money.

Conway | Who wins: Everybody except Conway
Self-explanatory, nobody likes Conway

Cilan | Who wins: ???
Why would you want to fight Cilan, what did he ever do to you

Iris | Who wins: Iris
She’s a dragon master and also dresses better than you. So regardless, she is the winner in the end.

Trip | Who wins: You
Trip’s a nerd

Serena | Who wins: Ash
See the top of this post

Clemont | Who wins: You
Clemont is a loser who cannot run long distances. His lack of stamina will be his downfall and his fancy robots will not be able to save him when you are sending him on a one-way trip to Painville.

Bonnie | Who wins: Bonnie
Her small size leads you into a false sense of security. She is quick and unpredictable and you have never seen her flex. She can take you out quickly and easily. There is a reason why Bonnie doesn’t wear sleeves - she rips the sleeves straight off of every shirt she owns. She has twice the muscle mass of Ash and conceals the most legendary set of abs underneath her shirt. Do not fuck with Bonnie.


SO my friend asked me about nalu like weeks back and I told her about them and the anime/manga etc

and she texted me as she watched the first episode and moved onto the second one saying “Aw they are actually really cute”



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Hey Rina! I asked this question last time during your answering session but you never responded so I completely understand if you just don't know the answer or can't think of anything etc but just incase you thought of someone since then: What do you think are the differences between Fili and Kili comforting their S.O? How would they try to make them feel better and so on?

Hmmmm I feel like I did see it but I must’ve not gotten to it D: 

No matter!

I think Fili would be the type to start making her feel better by silently approaching the situation; with hugs, leaving little notes/things that he knows will make her feel better. I can totally see him being the type to whisk her away to a private place for some alone time just to relax and be able to reenergize from whatever is bothering her.

Kili would be the type to crack a lot of jokes and depend on his silly side to crack a smile from her. Give her a surprise of some sort? Sing obnoxiously and ask her for a dance out of no where. Kili always strikes me as the type to be a big smoocher so making kissy faces is key.

Physical affection is obviously very much key to any kind of soothing such as hugs and kisses and of course, lots of sweet talk.

- Admin Rina

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so I finished reading all your mersteve, and I loved the bit with Steve being upset that Clint doesn't get Nat shiny stuff! And I just started thinking on how Steve asks if he can, because even if he isn't interested she deserves things, but she wouldn't like the same stuff he does. So he finds these knives that are rainbow and just gives her pretty deadly shiny stuff. I had to share

He does not wrap them, and presents them during the day, saying explicitly, “these are NOT courting gifts, you just deserve nice things” and then putting them down on the ground and backing away slowly

he is very concerned about misinterpretation and also natasha can be very scary sometimes

laurel fans i understand why you don’t want sara to take back the canary mantle if she is brought back to life in arrow/the atom spin-off but please stop referring to her as a “fill-in” when it comes to the canary mantle or laurel as the “real” canary

you can argue how laurel was always meant to be black canary. fair enough you’re right the writers wanted that for her from the start. but guess what you don’t have to negate sara’s time as the canary or what she tried to do with the name that haunted her in order to make laurel the “true” black canary.

you constantly bring up comic book canon about dinah laurel lance/how sara lance never existed but like guys ARROW IS HARDLY FOLLOWING COMIC BOOK CANON



stop shitting on sara (ESPECIALLY in her fucking tag jesus christ) in order to make laurel the one-true-super-special-only canary. i assure you sara fans don’t want her coming back and “stealing” the title from laurel. we just want our favourite character back and personally i don’t give a shit what name she takes up (i’m all for her becoming manhunter or some other vigilante name that isn’t canary related it would make sense for sara to move on from that).

STOP SHITTING ON SARA AND TRYING TO SEPARATE HER COMPLETELY FROM THE CANARY TITLE AND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE HISTORY BEHIND THAT TITLE WITH REGARDS TO SARA because if you really claim LAUREL IS YOUR FAVOURITE then you would NEVER because the whole point of her taking up the canary moniker was to honour and memorialise sara. she was the one that told sara the name was beautiful. the one who told onlookers “that’s the canary” and gave it the meaning of hope and heroism WHILE SARA WAS STILL USING THE TITLE AND MASK. ffs laurel’s first thought if sara was alive would hardly be ‘oh no i can’t be the canary anymore’ so it should hardly be yours. they can share the fucking title like SHITLOADS OF SUPERHEROES HAVE or use different variations of the title or WHAT FUCKIGN EVER JUST STOP TRYING TO ERASE THE FACT THAT IN THE ARROW VERSE SARA IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE CANARY LEGEND REGARDLESS OF WHO IT IS WEARING THE MASK

tl;dr - stop erasing sara’s past as the canary because it doesn’t change that laurel is the present canary. stop erasing the fact that her storyline is INTEGRAL to the meaning behind the canary title in the arrowverse. stop calling sara a fill-in or a fake. STOP TEARING SARA DOWN TO PROP UP LAUREL SERIOUSLY YOU ARE A DICK CANOE


'Unexpected visit from my little brother; what does the Old Man want?

Hey, I came by on my own will to visit you man. Since when has seeing family been considered a bad thing? You know are schedules are different and I try my best to see what you’re up to when I can.

I’m fine, Tim. How’s Virginia?

She’s great like always. Valentine’s Day was very nice for us this year. How’s, uh, that stripper chick?

Ya mean my girlfriend, Sinclair?

Yeah, her.

She’s fine and stop referrin’ to her as a stripper. She’s gotta a name, so use it.

So defensive Lawson.

Maybe if you, Mom, and the Old Man would stop buildin’ yer judgements on her about how she makes her livin’, I wouldn’t have to be so defensive of her. There’s a lot more to her than that.

*sighs* You’re right Lawson and since I’m free for the day, let’s take a walk and you can tell me more about…. Sinclair. That’s such a….. an unique name.

*sighs* It’s normal name. Look, if I agree to go on this walk with ya, be serious about it Tim. I’m not gonna waste my breath talkin’ about a woman I care deeply about for ya to brush it all off.

I am serious about this. You know, I’m curious to know who she is and what she looks like, Lawson.

*sighs* Fine, give me fifteen minutes to get ready.

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i'm gonna be real here i honestly have NO idea where people are getting "greg and amethyst had a thing" from. like it seems really obvious to me that amethyst was talking about feeling abandoned by rose and then suffering from her loss. maybe people are seeing something i'm not but i don't know where there's any indication their relationship was romantic or sexual? i think they were friends and then amethyst did something(s) to make greg uncomfortable, probably out of grief, and that's it.

I’m with you. I mean, I can see where people are getting it but I feel like people are latching onto it too much. Too many people talking about it being so obvious and how daring the show is for “going there” and it just…I dunno, it upsets me because it just feels like its reducing a really complex issue for something easy, which people do a lot. Why is a female (nonbinary in this case but people see them as female) character upset? Because they’re romantically/sexually interested in a male character. The motivation of female characters are so often reduced to being interested in a male character. I know people swear up and down that this isn’t why but I have to wonder if the characters were of the same perceived gender if so many people would be so convinced that its romantic/sexual.

Like, I didn’t see there being any romantic or sexual attention between them. And I went into the episode expecting to see something, because they’re hanging out so there’s always the potential but I just…didn’t see it. The context of everything that happened just seemed like, as you said, feeling abandoned and feeling upset at Greg for being the cause of it. And so very much about it all being motivated by grief

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How would Gom+Kagami+Takao react to someone breaking their teenaged daughter's hearts? Let's say they really liked this guy, but he turned out to be a jerk to her & now she's feeling like she's not pretty. ((I can see them all being such protective parents. I hope this isn't too much people if it is you can just pick and choose. Thank you!))

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi would tell her that even as she cries she should hold her head high, as she was feeling the first full amount of pain in her teenage career. He wouldn’t let her be upset for long, distracting her with tasks if it meant taking her mind off of something irrelevant and getting her happiness back on track.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine, upon seeing his daughter crying her eyes out, would want to threaten the kids life as he didn’t like seeing his daughter hurting. He would only be held back by her telling him to stay out of it, or his spouse reminding him that he could get sent to jail for beating up another child.

Kise Ryouta: Kise would be upset to see his daughter with an aching heart but would understand that it’s a normal part of life, and that every teenager would have to go through it. He’d have her tell him the whole story and try to remain objective, letting her cry on his shoulder until he she fell asleep.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko would be visibly upset but can’t find anything to say to her, staring at her hopelessly as he hopes his spouse can take over the show. He would rub her back, albeit awkwardly, before kissing her forehead and telling her to get a goodnight’s rest before taking on her days one at a time.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima would take all of his parenting advice directly from a book or the internet which doesn’t tend to go over well, especially since he can’t exactly understand how she’s feeling. He would use the “Other fish in the sea” line and unintentionally make it worse, causing her to close herself off in her room until she felt better.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara would look irritated from the beginning of the story, not liking to hear the disrespect his daughter had to go through. He would appear uninterested at first but when his daughter left to be alone and gather her thoughts, he would rant to his spouse, appearing uncharacteristically emotional during the exchange.


Kagami Taiga: Kagami doesn’t know how to feel, mixed with feelings of anger and sadness. He’d foolishly asked what’s wrong and started the flow of tears that would be his downfall as he sputters out and promises to buy her anything that she wants as long as she stops crying as soon as possible.

Takao Kazunari: Takao would seem to be acting a little bit cold, patting her back as she tells her to get it out of her system, but he’d be rather concerned about her. He would always be there to wipe away her tears, telling her that he was the only man she needed in her life before handing her some recently bought ice cream and pulling her to the couch to watch some silly movies together.

How the MC should have reacted...


“Clearly you didn’t.”

I look at her blankly.



Her eyes widen in surprise.


“Perhaps you have had a bit too much to drink…”




“I mean, you can’t even hold a single glass of wine… let alone you can’t even see clearly, perhaps you should call it a night?”

Yurika’s face reddens in anger and embarrassment.


“See… your face is even flushed from all the Alcohol.”

I geive her an angelic smile. *much like Ota’s smile*