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Man, if THIS is what it’s like when just one part of a fusion is failing to deal with their emotions, can you imagine how terrible it must have been to exist as Malachite? 

I mean, think about all of Lapis’ issues, and then remember that we’ve only scratched the surface of what was Jasper went through during the war. And Jasper doesn’t exactly wear her emotions on her sleeve the way Lapis does.

  • Me:*calls daddy because I had a nightmare*
  • Daddy:Oh baby girl, do you wanna tell me about it?
  • Me:*tells daddy all about my horrible yucky dream*
  • Daddy:I'm so sorry princess, just remember that it was just a dream. You're up now and none of the bad things can get to you.
  • Me:I know but I just feel icky now...
  • Daddy:I'm going to tell you a story to make you feel less icky okay little one? Once upon a time there's was a beautiful princess named Kansas, not to be confused with -my name- because they're very different. She was the cutest princess, but sometimes she forgot how cute she was. She didn't always feel like the cutest. She had princes lined up for miles just to tell her how beautiful she was, and one by one she sent them away. Until one day, one prince, prince charming to be exact, stuck his foot in the door and refused to be sent away. He wrapped his arms around her before she could tell who it was and told her over and over again that she was the cutest. When prince charming pulled away, princess Kansas saw that he was in fact her Daddy and a big smile grew on her face. Every night after that they sat on the floor in the bedroom of her castle and colored pictures together, and he brushed her hair, and they took princess baths with lots and lots of bubbles. And he told her every night that she was the cutest in all the land.
  • Me:*yawning* daddy?
  • Daddy:Yes kitten?
  • Me:Did they live happily ever after...?
  • Daddy:Of course baby. Happily ever after, forever and always. Now why dont you put your cute little thumb back in your mouth and go back to sleep? Nothing and nobody will get you right now. Daddy's here, you're safe little one

Here it is, PART 1 to my Voltron Indian AU art series, starting with Indian Princess (Rajkumari in Hindi) Allura.

Each part comes with a bollywood song, so please   LISTEN TO THIS FOR THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
– I love this song (and danced to it in a performance) because it captures an ethereal feeling in the music and beat, perfect for Allura to do a native classical dance to in her castle/cosmic space while manipulating the stars.

Also my piece can be interpreted as SHALLURA, because the lyrics of the song translated are “Beloved, detangle my hair locks / The dot on my forehead is spread…Correct it with your hands / Fulfilled to the heart / This fulfillment feels good in my heart.” You can imagine it like you wish :) 

I am really ecstatic with how this came out, though making a ‘quality’ gif with the big Allura above killed me. Damn tumblr size constraints Plus, wasn’t it about time I made an Indian Allura? I’m gonna roll with this idea. More to come soon! 

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I don’t really understand why people are questioning how it was “so easy” for Enoshima to get the Student Council to kill each other.

1. Ikusaba very clearly said “either you kill each other, or I’ll kill you.” There could be a small chance she was bluffing but judging by the fact she shot a girl, I don’t think the SC had any reason to doubt her. 

2. I know it’s hard to put yourself in that “mind set,” but emotions like intense fear and insane pressure can make people do just about anything.

3. You could clearly see that certain students had different “tolerance levels,” we’ll call it:

  •  Murasame, for example, was very adamant about not wanting to fight no matter what. I believe the only reason he survived was because he didn’t fight.
  • Kisaragi snapped almost immediately–but she was shown a picture of her mother (who was obviously important to her) taken hostage. If you’re asking someone to choose between the person who raised you and a bunch of kids you’ve only known a few years, who are you gonna pick?  

4. Once Kisaragi stabbed the first kid, do you really think anyone wanted to talk things out?

A few types of therapists and how to recognize them

Please reblog and add more types.

The Mommy.  Thinks she can heal your trauma by displays of affection.  Does things like trying to touch you in what she thinks is a comforting way.  If you ask her not to touch you, she will tell you that you not wanting her to touch you is an “important issue” that the two of you need to “work on together”.

The Judger.  Has arbitrary standards for how you should live your life and makes value judgments when you don’t meet those standards.  Does not need to hear your perspective or understand the bigger picture of your situation to know what is right and wrong for you. 

The Poisoned Sugar Pill.  Has a superficial veneer of positivity but is actually The Judger in disguise.  Condescending.  May speak in an extremely soft, soothing tone of voice.  Acts like everything you say and do is an important key to what is wrong with you, especially when you disagree with her.  Always leaves you with the feeling that you are broken.   This type of therapist is very dangerous.

The Magician.  Has a cure-all method guaranteed to transform and heal the emotional problems of basically everyone.  This may involve crystals, pendulums, magnets, or similar.  Because this method works for everyone, he doesn’t need to understand anything about your situation in order to heal you.  He also thinks he knows more than you do about whether the method is working, so if you tell him that it isn’t, he may tell you that you are in denial and imply that it’s because you don’t really want to get better.

The Healer.  This therapist knows that listening to her clients is the foundation of helping them.  She sees you as a whole person, not a collection of symptoms.  Because she makes a real effort to understand your perspective, it feels like valuable feedback when she disagrees with you about what’s right for you.  This is the rarest type of therapist.  For some reason, most real Healers I have met have been LCSW’s [social workers], but I don’t know if that’s a pattern or just a coincidence.

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Imagine Bucky finding out Nick Fury is alive. Can he settle between being simultaneously offended and relieved?

“That motherfucker,” are the first words out of Bucky’s mouth when Natasha drops the file on the table. A black and white picture of Nick on a beach floats out of the thick folder; he’s in sunglasses, reading what looks like a case file from a lounge chair.

“How do you know Fury?” She asks. “I don’t think you would’ve found the time to, uh. Chat.”

“You mean while I was shooting at him?” Bucky says, lacing his tone with acidic sweetness. Steve, sitting on his other side, rubs a hand over his face and sighs. This, this is why they’d waited to bring it up. Piecing together Bucky’s last decades has been a daily trial, but they need it - and he wants it - to remember, so it can end.

Natasha opens her mouth, then shuts it, and opts to shrug. Bucky picks up the photo. The way Nick is sitting you can’t see any damage to his chest, and his leg isn’t splinted any more. He looks healthy. Younger. “I don’t know him,” Bucky mumbles. “We’ve never met.”

“He’s underground,” Steve offers. “Very underground.”

“Don’t matter.” Bucky flips the photo over and leans far back in his chair, letting his long hair fall into his eyes. “Tried to kill him. Thought I did. What kind of asshole just lets you think they’ve died, anyway?”

Steve catches Natasha’s eye and she scowls. “You get used to it.”

I have a confession to make… I don’t really know how to say this but…

Essie Davis is a sunshine cupcake and the actual light of my life who deserves all the good things the world has to offer!! I don’t know what we did to deserve her sparkling personality and her general loveliness but I’m glad she exists. I just. Love Essie Davis. So much.

All of the above

Summary: Emma Swan can’t stand Killian Jones, the new Barista at her favourite coffee shop. Hi-jinks ensue.

Rated T, ~3800 words, Part 1 of 3

A/N This is a birthday present for  @ripplestitchskein. Steffie - your friendship means a lot to me and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation. I know how much you like tropes, and I had a hard time choosing only one to go with…so I didn’t :) I wanted to have the whole thing finished by today but turns out writing is hard? I hope you enjoy the first installment :) Thanks to @tnlph for being a supportive and encouraging beta.


The line up at Jewel Cafe was practically out the door by the time Emma arrived. She took a quick scan to see if she could spot Mary Margaret and David ahead of her, but no dice. She was going to have to suck it up and wait like everyone else.

Emma sighed and powered up her phone. If she was going to have to wait this long, she might as well see if she could catch some Pokemon. The line advanced slowly, and she glanced up just long enough to catch a glimpse of the new Barista working the espresso machine.

His hair was dark and messy, clearly in need of a cut. Stray wisps of hair flipped out every which way at the base of his neck. Emma noted that he didn’t have a ridiculous lumberjack beard like most of the male Baristas at this place. Rather, his cheeks were adorned by just the right amount of scruff. Emma felt heat rise in her cheeks, but was snapped out of her momentary gawking by her phone buzzing in her hand. Another freaking Zubat?!

She tapped the creature and scanned the coffee shop to find where it was hiding. It was hovering right above Hot New Barista’s head. Of course it was. Well, at least this gave her an excuse to check him out more closely.

She observed him while making a sorry attempt at catching the bat. She had plenty of spare Pokeballs, and this was worth it. Hot New Barista moved with efficiency as he pulled espresso shots and frothed milk expertly, his brow furrowed in concentration. She tried to get a closer look at his eyes, were they blue? He looked up in her direction and smirked mischievously.

“If you want a picture of me, all you need to do is ask, love.”

Emma was momentarily too stunned to speak. “Uh, what?”

“I can’t help being dashingly handsome,” he replied with a smug and self-satisfied smirk. “Killian Jones, at your service.”

Emma felt slightly affronted. What was up with that introduction? At your service? She wasn’t some Disney Princess, and she didn’t fall for ridiculous flirting.

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C: I work on the till. And every little dark girl I see I tell them how beautiful and cute they are now I go out of my way, and it makes me sad. I said it genuinely, this little girl looks at her mum and was jumping and so excited and laughing and smiling, literally kept smiling and staring at me happily till she left the shops 15 minutes later, like you can tell she’s not used to hearing it. I know this cause when ever I used to say it to little white girls genuinely (kids are just so adorable) they would like glare, or just look around or not care not that it bothered me until that day. It’s just horrible how society just makes little dark skin girls feel unimportant. I thought she looked like a prettier version of me! So yeah just something that bugs me since I started working at this London supermarket.

consider this scenario: marinette is generally nervous about being around adrien and talking to him in a comprehensive sentence, let alone hugging him and invading his personal space in any way. as their friendship develops into a close bond, she can finally see how this invasion of personal space affects him and not just herself.

he doesn’t like when girls - trying to romantically pursue him - physically hold onto him (try to hold his hand, kiss his cheek, squeeze him to death in hugs) and so she resists completely from expressing any physical affection to him so that she won’t accidentally make him uncomfortable because her crush hasn’t gone away at all (you know it’s the kind of selfless behavior marinette would do) (although she pretty much dies any time he touches her shoulders in any way) (and it happens a lot).

adrien, unbeknown to her, really likes cuddle-bug marinette; leaning her chin and head in alya’s lap, easily hugging and letting herself be embraced by her best friend. he’s tried to jumpstart some consensual affection by holding onto her arms a lot, but she still doesn’t offer any of her own affection like she does with alya. he is pretty sad about it, but doesn’t want to demand anything she doesn’t want to give on her own accord either.

marinette (becoming even more perceptive of his moods after becoming his friend) notices his silent angst and has the courage to show she cares and asks about it. adrien shyly but honestly tells her what’s been on his mind, and she admits she’s been scared of invading his personal space because she doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable (she doesn’t reveal her crush cause she’s got an extreme sense of self preservation).

adrien thereby grants marinette permission to invade his personal space any time she wants. it’s not even an invasion, so adrien says, but more like an open invitation and marinette is very hesitant to take it at first. adrien tries to ease in this new affection in their friendship by initiating shy hello and goodbye hugs. marinette is slow to reciprocate them, though they get less awkward each time.

soon enough marinette is on cuddle bug mode when it comes to adrien agreste. hugging him from behind and saying guess who, side hugs where she wraps her tiny arms around his waist and pecks her nose against his cheek in a boop to cheer him up, attack hugs around his shoulders when something particularly exciting happens, and of course hello and goodbye hugs. sometimes, when it’s just the two of them, their goodbye hugs will turn into a minute long embrace where they’re swaying side to side and won’t separate until they’re actually ready to go.

adrien and marinette are very pleased in the direction their friendship has taken.

Kingdom (Modern!Au)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Requests:  Can you do an imagine where someone from the avengers (don’t really care who) cheat and the reader walks in on them, so she leaves him? (Request summary modified to avoid any spoiler about the shot.)


Hello there! may i request bucky angst with numbers 2 and 12? (where bucky cheats on the reader ooohh make it angsty yes yes :D) From the prompt list.

“You can hate me, you can dislike me but how can you cheat on me?”

“I loved you. Loved.”


Warnings: ANGST

Words: 3676

A/N: Joined my second request with this drabble request because they were pretty similar. Hope you like some heartache!

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Once upon a time there was this girl who was no princess, with no golden crown attached to her perfect hairdo, or red high heel stilettos adorning her feet. Whose castle was a cramped studio in Williamsburg, and her carriage a second-hand mustang. Whose favourite drink was not a Cabernet Sauvignon, but her home made lemonade. Her only dress was collecting dust in her closet, and her makeup was a simple combination of mascara and strawberry flavoured chapstick.

She wasn’t a princess, but she somehow managed to find her prince. She never asked for one, neither did she waited for him. In fact, she rather focused more on herself, which meant leaving everything that could hurt her behind, no matter what she could lose at the process.

But his dreamy eyes, cheeky smile and smooth moves got her captivated like a lost sailor at the sound of the mermaid’s damned voices. So she let him in, you let him in. Opened the doors, welcoming his presence with a heart which had enough warm saved to love him with all the passion and will reserved for that special person, because, let’s be honest, he was the one. And maybe he will ever be.

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I imagine Night Cry is how Erica from Illbleed experiences the world throughout most of her life. Dull, nonfunctional farces disguised as horror. Actually now that I think of it, that hand-dryer "scare" sounds like something from Illbleed. How do you think Erica would fare on the Nightcry boat?

Eriko would just run circles around Scissorwalker, swinging that talking baseball bat.  Get some adrenaline after killing it, which can then be used to disarm the scare traps like “hand dryer that turns on”.


Wow.  That’s a helluva conclusion to that redemption arc.

I’m sure Peridot has a lot of learning left to do and will be screwing up a lot for the foreseeable future, but it’s good to know I was right.  And the gumption it took to tell off her cultural goddess like that!  Wow.

Digamma’s been angrily shouting about how no matter what the season schedules say this is the Season 2 finale, but now I guess I see why.  I’ll do the last few episode rankings and answering asks this evening, and will be doing character analysis posts once I ease off of “oh god I need to pay the rent” crunch time that’ll be consuming the rest of the month.

Speaking of which, if you want to support me doing this full time, you can donate to me directly, or pledge to my Patreon for every episode I do (up to a monthly limit YOU set!)  So many people have contributed so much, and while I can’t possibly thank them all (due in no small part to having no idea who is and isn’t okay with me mentioning them by name, most of the donations I get are attributed to real names, after all), I want you all to know that this has been one of the most fulfilling endeavors of my entire life.  Thank you all so much for tuning in, and I’ll see you for another session later!

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So if I'm on your stab in the face list does that mean I can't ask for a angsty Jensen drabble with the phrase, "I can't be with someone like you after being with her."

Thanks (again) @katnharper for the idea for this one. Like honestly if she hadn’t been around you guys would have no drabbles. Just sayin’. 

TW: Abusive relationship

Lying on your couch with Jensen watching a movie was always one of your favorite things. You’d been friends for years and you were working on a small movie together during his summer break from Supernatural. It was amazing spending time with him again, you hadn’t realized how much you missed him. Ever since he started a relationship with Kate you hadn’t seen much of him. Truth be told, you never liked her and you were ecstatic when he told you he’d finally ended it with her. She never treated him as well as you thought he deserved to be treated.

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t want something more from him. You always had, but you never acted on it. There was no way you wanted to act prematurely and make the friendship awkward. You valued him way too much for that.

At some point Jensen had fallen asleep with his head on your shoulder. You let him sleep until the movie was over then shifted a little, putting your hand on his face. “Hey, J. Wake up.” You didn’t expect him to jump back across the couch in fear like he did. It took you completely off guard. “I’m sorry.” You giggled. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No…no it’s fine.” He smiled back but it didn’t reach his eyes. Something was way off.

“What is it?”

“I should go.” He shot up off the couch and headed for the door but you grabbed him, turning him back to you. He was so close you could feel his hot breath fanning over your face. You had no idea what came over you but the next thing you knew you leaned in for the kiss, pulling him down to you. He reciprocated at first but quickly pulled away. “I can’t.”

“I shouldn’t have - ”  

“No…god no it’s not you.” He chuckled humorlessly. “It’s just…I can’t be with someone like you after being with her.”

“What does that mean?” You questioned softly and pulled him back to the couch, sitting him down and holding his hand in yours. “What’s going on with you? What did she do to you?”

He swallowed thickly and looked away, almost like he was embarrassed. “She uh…I wasn’t allowed to see you. That’s why I was so distant. It wasn’t just you though it was everyone. I had to always be there…and like with the movie earlier if I fell asleep while we were watching a movie she’d be pissed.”

“What do you mean?” Your heart hurt for him. Everything made sense now. She’d been emotionally and psychologically abusing him for months and you hadn’t noticed.

“Yelling, throwing things, name calling. Just…whatever she felt like at the time.” He shrugged. “It’s why I can’t be with you Y/N…I’m too damaged. You don’t deserve that.”

“No…you didn’t deserve what she did to you.” You said, squeezing his hand tighter and using your other hand to turn his face to you, wiping away the tear that had fallen. “I should have seen it, Jensen. I’m so sorry.” You pulled him in to your chest, running your free hand through his hair. “I have loved you forever. I wanna be the one to give you what you deserve…if you let me.”

He didn’t say a word. Instead he nodded into your chest and wrapped his arms around you, holding on for dear life.

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SO I was thinking, if all the diamonds were going to have different animals, which of them might have a giant bird? Pink has a lion, blue is probably a charming floating ocean thing, and I like the idea of yellow having a dog to be the opposite of steven's cat motif. So would white would maybe have a big, majestic bird? A raptor of some sort, I think.

*slams hands on table*

oh my god White with a bird. I like how you think.

Hmmhmm, my heart says ‘secretary bird’ but I can’t deny that an osprey would also look really good. And that’d fit pretty nicely if we consider that the only ‘white’ Gem we’re aware of, Pearl, has something of an avian motif with her cardinal crest hair and the way she ‘perches’ by elevating her heels and then sitting on them. 

Adding in my earlier ask response about Blue Diamond having a porpoise, this would mean, to put them all together: 

  • Rose/presumably also Pink: Lion
  • White: Secretary bird or osprey
  • Blue: Finless porpoise
  • Yellow: Tibetan mastiff

(I should put these together with my alt. Steven headcanons…)