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My Old Orchestra Teacher Got So Much Shit

So our orchestra teacher was trying to teach us a new finger pattern on our instruments (where to place our finger to get a specific note) She liked to name them so we could remember them better. She named this one the “Whitney Houston Pattern”. And we were all like “tf? Why??” She explained that this pattern had notes a lot higher than all the other ones we had learned so it was Whitney Houston because you can hear in some of her songs how her voice gets progressively higher. And we all like “yeah that makes sense” or “who tf is Whitney Houston? Lol” except for this one fucker who said “hey when we do this finger pattern are we gonna overdose on drugs and die in the bathtub too?”
She tried best not to show that she was laughing and thought it was funny because hey! That’s not school appropriate. And for all her other classes she had to call the finger pattern truck driver for some reason??? Because this one kid wouldn’t let her have a nice, well thought out, name!

BTS 4th army zip magazine unit interview: Jimin + Taehyung (95z)

 Q1: what was your first impression of each other?
Taehyung: first impression? I watched a video of Jimin and I was like “wow, what’s with this boy’s fashion sense?” *laughs*
Jimin: what did you just say?
Taehyung: but then Jimin danced really well in this video and I’m really impressed since I can’t dance well like him.

Q2: about your strengths and weaknesses.
Taehyung: Jimin is a true professional when it comes to focusing on doing one thing and his determination and also his fashion sense has improved a lot *laughs* and his weaknesses? No, he doesn’t have one, he is perfect just the way he is.
Jimin: our Taehyungie is fearless and I really admire his confidence and most importantly, he is VERY handsome and I believe this is something that everyone can agree with.

Q3: How will you describe your friendship?
Jimin: Taehyung is like my real best friend now. To be honest, we are not really close to each other at first but taehyung broke the ice first, he is always by my side to give me courage and support, we are best friend for life.
Taehyung: Jimin is someone whom I can depend on and I can talk to him about my worries which I can’t do with other hyungs here.
Jimin: we will still argue and fight with each other but we don’t hold grudges or hate each other, that’s not what best friend do to each other.

Q4: (question to Jimin) previously in an interview Taehyung said “I love you” to his Hwarang hyungs and you looked really upest. 
Jimin: I’m really upset and I even told my other friend about this, I’m just upset and I don’t even know why :(

Q5: (question to Taehyung) Jimin seems very upset about this.
Taehyung: the Hwarang hyungs always tell me”Taehung-ah, love you~” and things like this, I guess I’m kinda used to it.
Jimin: It’s not that we didn’t hear “I love you” this three words from Taehyung. the truth is, we (refers to all BTS members) know that Taehyung working real hard out there filming his drama and we thought the only thing we can do is to give him all the love and support and tell him that no matter how tired he is, we are always here for him, afterall, this is what family is about.
Taehyung: BTS is like my family and don’t you agree that it’s kind of difficult to say such words to your family members?

Q6: Lastly, what do you mean to each other?
Taehyung: Jimin i my best friend for life.
Jimin: I can say that we know each other so well.

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BTS: How they react when their S/O gets hiccups right when they’re about to kiss them

(I’m writing this in the scenario that their S/O gets nervous hiccups, like they get shy and hiccup. I hope that’s what you meant and you enjoy it!)


Thinks it’s so cute, he can’t handle it. Forget kissing, he’d just pull you into a hug, resting his chin on your head while laughing. “You’re too cute, jagi, you even got hiccups because of me…*soft*” 


He’d try to ignore it and just keep going in to kiss you but he’d just lose it, would die of laughter. “Omo…Did you get nervous because of me? I’m sorry…Do you want some water? *crying*” 


He’d already be a little blushy since he was about to kiss you, but when you hiccuped as a reaction to him he would melt. Soft Yoongi appears. Nothing but blushes and smiles.


So pleased with himself lol, he’d be cocky. When he realized just kissing him made you that nervous, he’s just grin in self pleasure and walk off cooly. When he was alone, he’d *gif*. 


Melts a little bit, would be even more loving afterwards. Cute little kisses and pecks all over your face, pulling you close and hugging you tight. 


(This gif will make sense in a minute I swear XD)

When you hiccuped he would feel bad that he made you so nervous. He’d want you to feel comfortable around him and would try to lighten the mood and make you laugh. “Why’d you hiccup? Am I so pretty that you get that nervous? *gif*” 


Pretends he didn’t notice, but he definitely did. Kisses you anyway in the most shamelessly hot way possible, because he loves knowing that he has that effect on you. His ego would be boosted. 

I hope you like it! :)

Thank you Teen Wolf:’)

Okay I know we’ve all been complaining about how they’ve been doing things wrong in Teen Wolf all of 6b.

But guys, today is the day, today this chapter is ending, and I can’t help but feeling so sad and nostalgic… Writing this is so hard and gives me so many emotions… 

These show has given us so many great moments since those two dorks went out to look for a body in the woods… We’ve laugh, we’ve cried, we have fallen in love with all these characters, if this show has done something good, is building these amazing characters up, from our true alpha, Scott McCall, to secondary characters like Brett or Deaton. We’ve seen these characters grow, we’ve seen their ups and downs and we have been obsessed by the incredible relationships they built, from romantic ships to beautiful brotps, like Sciles, which will always be the best relationship in this series no matter what. And idk, I just can’t believe this is getting to an end, I feel like if I’m waking up tomorrow to a new sneak peak for next week’s episode, but it’s not true…

I’m always going to be so grateful to the beautiful cast and the crew for creating this show. Even thought there have been mistakes made, they made me feel so much, and helped me a lot without knowing it, and I’m always going to remember this show that teached me so many things, made me discover such great actors and meet new people from this incredible fandom. It’s always going to be a part of me, and well I’m writing too much, I just have to say, thank you Teen Wolf, every single one of you involved in this, for everything, I’m out:))

We always seem to find each other anyway

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R.I.P. Keith
  • Lance: Hey mullet, what's up?
  • Keith: um... *looks up* the ceiling.
  • Lance: *laughs softly* Yep, I know that.
  • Keith: Well, why did you ask? Are you trying to confuse me or something!?
  • Lance: What? Keith chill! I meant what's going on! What's up is the same as What do you need or how are you!
  • Keith: Oh...Um, I'm sad and have major trust issues and at the moment I can only really talk to you because Allura still secretly hates me, I don't really know Hunk, Pidge, or Coran too well, and I don't feel safe around Shiro. How are you?
  • Lance: *hugs fiercely*
Better Than A Dream ~Min Yoongi

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You arrive at your friend’s apartment after a long day. Yoongi texted you to come over after work to hang out since he has some free time and has missed talking to you recently because of both your busy lives. He takes a while to get to the door but when he opens up finally, his gummy smile is there. You thank him and he shrugs.

“It’s been too long. How have you been?”

“Tired,” you sigh and collapse on his couch. He laughs to himself as you curl up and rest your head on a pillow.

“You want to take a nap?” He asks. 

“Yes please. Then we can do something, I just need to rest a bit.”

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Outside of reblogging bomb ass pics, this is why I prefer Twitter over Tumblr. You can talk about the show and not get hit with people who bitch about how “trash” the show has gotten even though they won’t stop watching it and we can laugh at all the incest shit. On here you get hit with percentages and accused of sexually loving your own relatives. This website was so dope before the “I take everything too seriously” bitches took over.


Puppy Eyes

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Kili and Fili x Reader

For @kittenwritesstuff

Even though being in love with a human was kind of a no-no in dwarven culture, Kili certainly had a crush on you. Fili found it quite amusing that he was too shy to say anything to you.

  “Kee, go talk to her. She won’t bite.” He said laughing.

Kili glared at him and continued to clean his bow and arrow, catching glances at you every now and then. He really was in love with you but just didn’t know how to express how he felt. Fili hatched a plan that would certainly, well hopefully, help Kili along.

Fili approached you with a mischievous smile. “Hey Y/N can I help you with the firewood?”

  “Sure!” You said excitedly. “It’s about time someone offered to help. I was starting to think you lot were a bunch of lazy dwarves.”

Kili watched from a distance and started to get jealous. She likes Fili. Now what? He thought to himself.

Fili whispered in your ear, “Make it look like you take an interest in me.”

  “But I don’t Fee. You’re just a friend.” You replied not taking the hint.

  “Just do it.”

You gave him a confused look, but started playing with his mustache and caressing the side of his arm.

Kili watched the whole thing unfold and stormed across camp to confront his brother.

  “Move over Fee. You know I love her!”

  “Of course I do. That’s why I faked flirting so you would finally confess in front of her.”

You blushed and laughed, “Oh that’s why you told me to flirt with you.”

Fili nodded and Kili gave you an adorable look.

  “Y/N, put me out of my misery and let me court you.” He said quickly.

You smiled tenderly. “How could I possibly resist those puppy eyes?” You wrapped your arms around his waist gently and hugged him. His puppy eyes were always your weakness.

ened?” U�wqfx

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Do you think you can do an Eddie x reader where the group is hanging out and the reader steals Richie's glasses and puts them on and is like "oh. I can see" (turns out the reader has terrible fucking eyesight) and just turns to Eddie and is like "holy shit you're more beautiful than I imagined"? Thank you!

“damn Richie why are your glasses so thick? are you blind or something?” these glasses felt like beer bottles by touching the glass 

“yknow what they say about thick glasses y/n” Richie nudges you 

“that they’re over compensating for something really small?” you respond not looking at him, how can he see with these things

the rest of the losers laughed, the trashmouth got slammed dunked by them

you put the glasses on, “wowzer you really are blind” you turn to Eddie who is still laughing about the previous remark “holy shit you’re more beautiful than I imagined Eddie” you say, wow who thought this loser would be so handsome. They way his hair would curl by his neck, you couldn’t get your eyes out of him

while you where admiring his features the poor boy had the reddest blush on his face “dammit Eddie you’re to much for my mortal eyes” you say as you take off the glasses 

“take them back they’re too powerful” you toss them at Richie as you left the gang

“she said I was handsome, maybe I should confess later that I like her back” Eddie mummer under his breath seeing you leave

“Seriously Salim? You’re still acting that way?
He blew his tongue weakly and tried focusing on the vial in his hand.
“Okay, well…we’re done…I guess.”
He tried making the rocket blast off and it barely hovered off the ground.
“Uh, well it took off the ground? I’ll get a C at best.”
I was rubbing my face. “Please don’t tell anyone I helped you with that.”
He laughed, “Can you stay for one more?”
“How many do you have?”
“I’m so behind Hana. So behind. Anyway can you do one more with me?”
“Can I please do it-”
“Okay yeah, yeah do it all then. Tell me what to do.”

Like,, I’m all for education and acceptance but also. I’m not naïve enough to think that people aren’t going to laugh when I tell them I’m a demigirl, or think me weird or w/e and I’m?? bitter abt it and even though I know how incredibly exciting it can be to find a label that fits you I am also über-aware that people are gonna make fun of you and I’m so sorry that’s happening.

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How can you NOT laugh at South Park is Gay? I laugh myself silly whenever Clyde comes on screen shouting, "Oh my gawd, I am fer-reaking oouuut!"

//send me your fav sp scenes to laugh at//


and cartman trying explain how he’s a quarter bi

and literally any word that comes out of craig tuckers fucking mouth


Coffea was too surprised and burst out into delighted laughter, clapping a hand over his mouth to stifle the sound. Mer was snickering beside him. “Alright Mermaid, that was a good one.”

“It’s nice to see you laugh again.” Mer nudged his friend. “How are you feeling?”

“I, ugh, I thought I was doing better but I just can’t sleep. My mind keeps going round in circles thinking about everything. It makes me think of how it was, back when I lived with dad, and I hate that. I don’t want to remember all that shit.”

“Maybe talk it out? It’s just me and the stars.”

“And the cameras,” Coffea muttered.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot about them. Oops.” Mer gave a sheepish grin.

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also?? not even a shippy thing but Brock telling Evan that he wants him to be the godfather of the baby and Evan like goes silent cause he can't quite comprehend... even after all these years... Brock's baby... and he's shy and adorable and holds the baby like she's made of porcelain and Lauren laughs so hard she's crying but really he's so sweet and hugs Brock a lot cause he's so proud and already knows he's gonna be a great dad

how about you dont make me almost scream at ten twenty-nine pm



“Very funny.” Evan blinks, startled by the serious tone in Brock’s voice, and looks up to look at the screen. Does Brock actually look… nervous?

“Brock? What’s… did something happen? Oh, God, is the baby okay? Shit, it’s not Lauren, is it?” Evan asked, the worst thoughts suddenly flickering to mind, panic weaving into his voice.

Brock laughs.

“No, the baby’s fine and Lauren is too…

“Evan, I want you to be my babygirl’s godfather.” Evan’s eyes snap wide and his mouth drops into a little ‘o’ shape. 

After all of these years of friendship and yelling and joking and messing around and the intense support everyone else had given Brock… he wants Evan to be the godfather?

“Evan.. I-I don’t mind if you say no-” Brock starts, heart dropping.

“After all the support everyone else has given you and you chose me..? Brock.. I…? When… when should I fly down?” Evan asks, smiling and flushing maybe just a little and Brock’s whole face brightens.

“Can you come this Saturday?”

“You bet I can!”

So he does.

Evan holds the little baby in his arms delicately, like one wrong move will made her collapse to dust like an old statue with one too many cracks. Brock murmurs instructions on how to hold her, hovering nearby just to look at his daughter and Lauren watches with the biggest smile.

Evan has never felt more complete… he’s a part of one of his first ever friend’s family now.

Later that night, when Lauren is too tired to hold her child and Brock is out getting food, Evan cradles the babe once again, pressing the softest kiss to her forehead that he cant.

“I’m so lucky.” He whispers to himself.

And he is.

i hope this will suffice bc im tired and veryveryvery emotional

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hello may i ask no.59 for shownu~ ty bby!😚

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

“I don’t think you need to plan so early,” Your boyfriend laughed as you held up the pumpkin costumes for him to see. “If we don’t coordinate how can we win the best dressed?” you raised a brow, making him laugh harder. “Stop being so cute.”

Some more reactions to the Digimon partners’ CD!

Agumon’s song, as I said, so ridiculous and fun, what else can you do when asked to have a characte like Agumon sing, I mean really? I just love how he pesters Taichi for food ahaha

Gabumon’s song matches so well with Yamato’s. It’s so passionate xD Especially the way he howls at the end. And all the lines about music and sound… ah my heart!

Biyomon (is a surprisingly good singer? lol) is also a nice match for Sora’s song. So encouraging <3

and seriously TENTOMON’S SONG IS SO GREAT, I can’t over it, laughing forever but also ugly crying because he loves Koushirou so much guys aaaaahhhhhh “KOUSHIROU-HAN. AKIRAMEHEN.”

Palmon’s is sweet. Patamon’s is adorable. Gomamon’s I love, in a similar way to Tentomon’s, although it’s much easier to identify as a song haha. He’s just so dedicated to Jou <3

Tailmon’s is another tear-jerker :8 I def think there’s some foreshadowing for Kyousei in there. And Meicoomon is shockingly cool sounding lol. It’s the plot-centric song so.

when I heard they did character songs for the partners, I was like, “that’s so Japan!” But I didn’t expect them to be so adorable and charming even in their ridiculousness. Digimon is truly a gift y’all lmao

my favorite manager randomly brought up the local gay club closing to me at work earlier and we talked about it and I told him how I go there to see drag race girls and then later on he said was like “So I hate prying, and I hate being nosy and you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want me to know but..if you do want me to know you can just say ‘i am family’ or you can say you’re not” and I was like “I am” and he was like “okay! That’s why you’re so smart.” And I laughed and was like “I don’t want to agree but tbh true” and he was like “we grow up differently” and I was like “yes!!!’ anyway it was a great moment and that manager definitely already loved me and I can tell was happy I’m Confirmed Gay lmao.

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hey gurls! the summer is end!! hahaha, please, come back! xD

Drums! A little guitar please. One two three four:



We use your ask to apoligize to you and all our followers for this long absence and thank you for all the patience you showed us. It really means a lot <3
So, we finally play catch up all the episodes we didin’t watch this summer and tomorrow, hopefully, we’re gonna read manga chapters!… to be honest we don’t even know how many chapters we have to read *laughed nervously* xD

About gifs and screens from episode 797 to 805, well, we’re seeing what can be done. We won’t lie those are a lot of episodes and they scare us xD so or we could ignore them and maybe try to make some edits in the future or we could ask to you if you would like some screens or gifs of a specific scene. We still need to think about it.