how can you not know him


ddlc got me thinking about this thing (that will never become anything more than silly mock-up screenshots) again, so i got the urge to redraw sans’s sprite in my current sans-style. it’s weird to see how much my way of drawing him has changed considering i haven’t really done anything to consciously change it.

(background is not by me, i just got it from google and can’t find the original source. if anyone recognizes where it’s from, i would really appreciate it if you could let me know!)

Serpent vs Bulldogs - Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea x Reader & Archie x sister/reader                                                      Warnings: None

You sat helplessy on your sofa in your living room with your head in your hands.

“What are we going to do, Ronnie?” you mumbled.

“I don’t know yet, but I can’t believe you never told us you’re dating that serpent guy” Veronica said pacing in front of you.

“Because I thought everyone would react the way Arch did!” you said raising your head to look at the hole you brother had previously put in the wall after he had asked you how you and Sweet Pea knew each other.

“Well I’ll admit, I think Archie did overreact just a tad, but…” she let out a sigh “he does hate the guy and now it turns out his little sister is dating him. I see his point” Veronica said gesturing to the wall.

“I wouldn’t say dating, maybe hooking up but nothing official really.” 

“Do you like him?” Ronnie asked stopping in front of you. 

“Yes.” you said. “I do.”

“Well okay then. If you like him it’s your choice, but we have to do something before someone get seriously hurt.” she said pacing again. After a while her face lit up. “I have an idea.”


After Veronica had fired the gun into the sky, all the Serpents and Bulldogs had turned to look at you, releif in some of their eyes. You ran to stand inbetween Archie and Sweet Pea before on of them killed each other. The rage in Archies eyes was wild and you could tell he was furious. Not only by the fact you had came to the fight but by the fact the last time he seen you told him that you and Sweet Pea were ‘kinda together’.

“Lets go!” you heard a Serpent shout and they started to go to their bikes and cars. All of them but one. Sweet Pea looked at you with soft eyes and took your hand. you turned back to Archie to see him helping Reggie to carry Dealton to Reggie’s car.

“Come with me” Sweet pea said softly.

You were hesitant to answer and turned beck to your brother who was looking at you enraged by what he was seeing, beside him was a smiling Veronica. The look in her eyes said ‘Go. I’ll take care of Archie.’ You smiled back at her and turned to Sweet Pea.

“Okay.” you said quietly.

He smiled and pulled you towards his bike handing you a helment, which you put on. Once the helment was on you climbed on to the bike behind Sweet Pea. He turned to the side and smirked.

“Hold on, Princess.” he said before taking off towards the road ahead.

Thanks for all the support on my last S.P post!! Hope you like this one! x

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How would you feel if there was never a "shiro" to begin with, and the entire time, he was just a galra creation to get close to keith, and find a way to lure him into space to do whatever they intended on doing to keith? How do you think keith would react to knowing his closest friend (andpossiblelover) was never really "real" to begin with?

Whether Shiro himself turns out to be some sort of clone or robeast–like um, this very, very suspicious screenshot here where you can see the lines of his galratech going all throughout his body in the astral plane, but I mean

Even if “Takashi Shirogane” was never a human born on Earth, I stand by the fact that, whether he’s “real” or not, those feelings he has are real. The way he protects Keith, frantically runs to his aid, looks at him so tenderly like he means the world, holds him as close as he can in a warm embrace–that’s all him. He has thoughts and feelings and fears and emotion and that alone is enough to make him real. What he feels for Keith is real, and I don’t think Keith’s love for Shiro would ever change if he wasn’t human.

After all, Keith isn’t wholly human himself, is he? How could he turn Shiro away for being from the empire if Shiro never turned him away for having galra blood?

Chibs finding out about your voice kink would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Chibs! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him having teased you for liking his voice ever since the first time he surprised you from behind and joked about you being turned on from the way you jump and gasp to hear him

-Him not missing an opportunity to remind you how much he knows you love his thick accent, after you drunkenly admitted to him while you were both home alone

-Him purposely wrapping his arms around your waist whenever he whispers in your ear and ask you if you’re ready to leave with him for the night, knowing how much you’d get flustered from the proximity and how clearly you can hear him

-Him loving to enunciate his words to emphasize what he truly means or the nicknames he has for you, knowing how much you focus on him when he gets authoritative

-Him leaving you countless of dirty voicemails while you’re at work, loving to get you hot and bothered and of course hopefully get you to leave earlier

-Him pulling you closer during a party, teasing you completely while at it as he talks about what he’d do to you later in the night

-Him beckoning you to sit on his lap, only to guide you with his voice as to how he wants you to touch yourself for him, getting closer and closer to your ear

-Him getting all growly whenever he goes down on you, purposely teasing you and getting you wetter

-Him having no problem cussing and being graphic about what he’s doing to you whenever he’s fucking you, loving to prove to you that he’s in charge

-Him always hinting at the others of how much of an affect he has on you, only to make them laugh and give him all sorts of props

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EXO Reaction when they are in public and can’t control their kids

This was requested by the Atlanta Anon :). Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“No no… I’m not going to fall for your tantrum…no… I’m strong… I can’t spoil you… no…” *No one said being a parent was easy*


*Nothing works against him. He’s a dork so he’ll dork his way out and somehow manage to calm his kid down* “You think that by being like that I’m going to give you a reward? No boy no… I love you but I do not approve of this behaviour” 


*Sighs* “I know you want something baby, I know you’ll do anything to get it but his is not how we Ohs do it. So behave better and I might consider it”


“What are you doing…. really… screaming like that won’t make me fall for it… You are the one embarrassing yourself not me. See? It’s better if calm down and talk right?”


*Just one look is enough* “This is now how I raised you. Please behave. I’m not proud of your behaviour son” *Has to be a little strict even if it kills him inside*


*He’s just surprised his children are able to make such a scene* “You know guys? I think you should try the drama club… now let’s call mom if you don’t want to calm down…”


*Mental breakdown* “Why is this happening? They always behave and… why when I’m alone. Why do I do in these situations… I should call their mom… or should I call uncle Kyungsoo to help me..,”


*Trying not to lose it* “Okay… okay kids…. please… listen… you need to… calm down…. ugh I’m calling your mom… she’s going to be mad because we disturbed her spa time!”


“Fine! BE like that! don’t behave! I don’t mind! I’ll be like a baby too! See if you little ones like it!” *Somehow it kinda works*


“Okay that’s enough. I don’t want to rise my voice so we are leaving. No, don’t say you’ll behave. We are leaving” *Better do as your father says kids*


“Ahh…. I admire my baobei so much for keeping things under control alone… how does she do it… Thank god I came with the boys… if I can’t do it… someone will… right?” *Slowly losing all hope*


*A cry for help* “Please… guys help me… help leader hyung… please… I need some parenting lessons… something… ahhh….”

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boyfriend! Seungcheol

play-un-haeng-il-chi-at-my-funeral anon requested: “Hello!! Congrats on hitting 2k!! I shall be known as “play-un-haeng-il-chi-at-my-funeral” anon HAHA. I would like to request for a domestic bf! Seungcheol pleaseee~ thank you 💕”

Admin: Sorry this took so long TT (also non-idol au ^~^)

  • Seungcheol is basically your everything
  • no one can make you feel quite at home
  • as he can
  • the way he wraps you up in his arms after a long day
  • the way he just knows that your boss yelled a bit at you for something you didn’t do
  • or the rude customers
  • and he just
  • makes everything better
  • playfully ruffling your hair
  • tracing your jaw with ticklish kisses
  • or kissing your forehead, the top of your head, your nose, cheeks
  • lots and lots of kisses
  • just because he loves you so much
  • and will always make you feel safe and comfy, cozy
  • you’re not sure how you got so lucky
  • you remember the day you met him
  • you had been shopping in the grocery store for food
  • because hey a person’s gotta eat
  • the choices were
  • ramen, macaroni and cheese, pasta, or salad
  • pffft what time to actually cook
  • ah yes and eggs
  • scrambled eggs in the morning is the best yes
  • and grabbing your milk carton
  • your jam comes on over the intercom
  • stop everything 
  • because when your favorite song comes on
  • you can’t just not groove to it a bit
  • bops are bops after all
  • the familiar poppy melody making you want to sing
  • you sway to the music a bit
  • walking in time to the music 
  • pushing the shopping cart along
  • when you round the corner of an aisle
  • there is Choi Seungcheol
  • dancing as if no one is there
  • jamming out to the song too while grabbing some chips and other snacks
  • popping his body along to the beat
  • and you watch a smile tugging at your mouth
  • he’s cute
  • and freaking hot
  • his moves are great too lol
  • you push the cart, about to walk past him
  • before he accidentally backs up 
  • not only blocking the aisle 
  • but also running into your cart
  • and jumping in surprise 
  • “Oh!” he turns to face you
  • giving the cutest embarrassed smile ever
  • “I’m sorry!” he laughs 
  • the most precious laugh ever btw
  • hands down no arguments 
  • you hide a laugh yourself behind your hand
  • “No it’s ok! You got some pretty nice moves!” you smile at him
  • “Ah really…” he rubs the back of his neck, which is slowly turning pink as he blushes
  • “Yea! Dude that song was my jam too! Took me lots of self control to not dance in the middle of the grocery store too.” you laugh
  • “I’m sure you’ve got some pretty good moves too.” he chuckles nervously
  • ahhhh your turn to blush
  • hey if the cute guy says you probs have good dance moves…
  • AHEM anyway
  • “I’m Seungcheol, sorry again for running into your cart.” his grin was infectious
  • you couldn’t help smiling back
  • “Nice meeting you, Seungcheol.” and you wave goodbye to him, not looking back as you head to the checkout line
  • leaving Cheol leaning against his shopping cart
  • sighing 
  • because damn he didn’t get the cute girl’s number
  • never fear though
  • the next day you go out for a run
  • you know trying to be healthier
  • plus you like running in the morning
  • or that’s what you keep telling yourself XD
  • and when you finally reach the park in your neighborhood
  • you see a guy running by the pond
  • and he spots you at the same time you did
  • “Seungcheol!” you wave smiling brightly
  • “Hey! You must live in the neighborhood haha.”
  • “Yea I do! it’s nice seeing a familiar face.”
  • “Oh are you new to this neighborhood?” 
  • “More like… new to town.” you laugh
  • “Oh I forgot, I never got your name yesterday.”
  • trying to recall yesterday
  • “Oh my gosh yea… Sorry haha, I’m y/n!”
  • “Well y/n, nice to finally meet you.”
  • “Nice meeting you too Seungcheol.”
  • “It’s nice seeing other people out and about running in the morning.” Cheol converses pleasantly
  • “Yea, trying to get into better shape.” you explain
  • “Aw me too actually.” he grins
  • the two of you talk about random stuff as you walk around the park
  • and soon enough it’s time to go
  • “Hey, y/n.”
  • “Yea?”
  • “Do you maybe… wanna go see a movie or something sometime…?”
  • he looks like he’s trying really hard not too be obvious
  • his lips turning upwards into that cute smile 
  • trying really hard to be casual
  • and low key failing
  • you giggle seeing him trying to avoid eye contact
  • “Yea sure.”
  • the rest is history
  • you both started a bit awkwardly at first
  • because after all
  • you guys only like just met
  • but after seeing a comedy movie
  • and getting coffee
  • you found out he was so much fun talking too
  • and you guys clicked so well
  • he was honestly your closest friend 
  • your partner in crime
  • he would buy frozen yogurt with you and add all the candies and gummies
  • “Cheol, don’t you want some fruit on your yogurt?”
  • “Y/n, you gotta live a little. Plus chocolate is food of the gods.”
  • and you loved holding his hand when the two of you walked down the street together
  • him twirling you into his arms in the freaking middle of the street 
  • so that you were trapped in his arms
  • and a giggling mess as he looks you straight in your eyes and kisses you
  • “We’re in public!!!”
  • “Sorry hehe couldn’t help it.”
  • and the arcade dates are some of your favorites
  • when he gets super competitive in all the games
  • trying to beat you in pac man
  • and air hockey
  • and the shootings games
  • killer king at dance dance revolution
  • but honestly feels so bad when you lose to him
  • literally you don’t care if he wins
  • because it’s so cute seeing him jump up and down like a little kid when he wins
  • and kissing him and telling him good game
  • while he hugs you and pouts saying sorry repeatedly
  • until you assure him it’s fine since you’re having fun with him
  • and that’s all you want anyway
  • and he ends up using all the tickets he won to get you a stuffed animal or flowers anyway
  • or cute little matching plastic mood rings
  • or trying all the crane machines to win you all the stuffed plushies
  • literally you love just watching his eyes light up when he’s trying to beat his high scores
  • holding your hand as he shows you all his favorite games
  • and then getting pizza and ice cream after
  • your favorite treats after a fun day just hanging out
  • and some days are just lazy days
  • sitting around the house
  • you laying on his chest 
  • blankets covering the both of you as you watch movies or catch up on your fav tv shows together
  • his arms snaking around your waist and holding you as close to him as possible
  • always falling asleep though
  • though you don’t mind
  • even if you have to re-watch stuff over and over again
  • because you get to see the way his chest moves up and down with his steady breathing 
  • his beautiful face 
  • and just how peaceful he seems when he’s napping
  • you love just
  • snuggling up into his chest
  • feeling him readjust while sleeping so you can fit perfectly in his arms
  • his holding you tighter
  • cuddling you while sleeping
  • and when he wakes up
  • the first thing he sees is you in his arms
  • holding him like a big teddy bear
  • and he can’t help but just think how beautiful you are
  • how lucky he is
  • you both don’t argue much either
  • there are always some tense moments
  • which comes with strong opinions 
  • but you both always talk things out logically after cooling off
  • and it sometimes ends in tears for the both of you
  • before you both apologize and make up
  • all the back rubs and massages for each other too
  • you love spoiling Cheol too
  • making him all his favorite foods
  • and just eating it all on the couch or at the dinner table while you play video games together or watch tv
  • making sure to pull him back in bed when he can’t sleep
  • and holding onto him like you’re never going to let him get out of bed again
  • playfully running your fingers through his hair when he lays his head on your shoulder after a long day of work
  • and just buying him lots of hoodies and big soft sweaters (so that you can steal them later) just because you can
  • sending cute reminders to take care of himself when he’s working
  • which he always responds to you with cute emoticons and lots of hearts
  • and of course you guys go on runs together too
  • lots of trying to stay in shape
  • walking together outside admiring how beautiful it is in the park
  • and lots and lots of back hugs when you’re cooking
  • he’ll randomly call you during your break and say “I love you!” before immediately hanging up
  • only to text you a minute later a bunch of kissy face emojis
  • and won’t let you live when he finally sees you again after work
  • practically carrying you around in his arms 
  • just so he can hold onto you
  • and it’s those late night talks
  • when the both of you really can’t sleep
  • too caught up in your own thoughts and worries
  • that the both of you talk about life or whatever has been bothering you
  • and you’re each other’s best support
  • unconditionally loving the other
  • and being there for each other to talk about all the tough stuff
  • and all the scary stuff
  • and what the future might bring
  • but honestly
  • if Cheol is by your side
  • he’s forever going to bring you strength
  • just like you’ll always support him and bring him strength
  • it’s that silence
  • that follows one of your late night conversations
  • where he takes you in his arms
  • and kisses you
  • gently
  • lips soft and warm against yours
  • and you fall asleep inches apart
  • that shows
  • that the two of you
  • are better together
  • he’s home

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*- Favorite

Kylo Ren x Reader:

Asshole - Ever since the force bond with Rey, Kylo has been neglecting the one person who matters most in his life, you.

Spoiled - You and Kylo’s son knows how to suck up to you. An event causes you and Kylo to finally have a discussion about parenting.

Scars - Being abused by your father for being a force user, you are left with scars, physical and emotional. Kylo helps to heal them.*

Save Him - You lash out on Rey after scaring the love of your life, but soon realizes the inevitable. Only she can save him.

Colors (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) - All colors have a double meaning. When Kylo says Rey’s name in his sleep, you wind up learning a lot about the colors around you, and inside of everyone.*

Nothing - Kylo is obsessive. You have to get out.

Lay All Your Love On Me (Modern) - Based on Sophie’s plot from Mamma Mia, the marriage between you and Kylo is a whirlwind of events.

Rey x Reader:

Missed You - After everything that happened during Last Jedi, you and Rey finally get a chance to just talk.*

Crazy Ideas - You are with Rey when she meets BB-8 and Finn, and after everything that you’ve been through, you two finally confess.*

Poe Dameron x Reader:

Objects of Love - Poe has a major soft spot for you. Finding his mother’s ring brings you two to a realization.*

Small Things - Poe has a grand way of showing his love. You want him to embrace the little things.

Luke Skywalker x Reader:

I’ll Be Good - After turning away from the light side and Luke to follow you destiny, seeing your old lover again will prompt a change within you.*

Goodnight Kisses (Modern) - Luke walks you back to your dorm after a night with Leia and your, now ex-boyfriend, Han.

Yoga - You and Luke decide to do yoga together on your day off.

Apple of my eyes.

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This gif is too big for this post but why not, right? I figured I should really start tackling the requests that I have pending at the moment so they can slowly come down to one digit and as usual, there are probably a lot of grammar mistakes here and there, sorry about that! I changed a bit of the request but hope you guys will still enjoy reading this! 

Request: Peter Parker imagine where his girl next door neighbor always spends time with Aunt May so Peter always sees her around in the house. She often leaves plates of baked good for Peter wishing him good luck on tests and stuff. He asks Aunt May to help him bake something for the girl in return.

“Do you always come back home bearing scratches?” You ask him impudently as you place the first aid box on the table. You can hear May rummaging around in her bedroom and Peter shifts slightly under your gaze.

You honestly do not know how you went from casually talking to May about what you want to do with your side business to sitting in front of May’s nephew who is supporting multiple scratches on his face.

“Well, you see,” Peter starts before furrowing his eyebrows and he shrugs. “I ran into a few branches on my way home earlier.” He looks away and you chuckle as you take out alcohol and some bandages.

You nod your head. “I am going to pretend you didn’t say anything at all, Peter.” You chuckle at the deer-caught-in-headlights Peter shot you and you shrug your shoulders as you made to attend to the cuts on his face.

Peter, on the other hand, is panicking internally. Although, at this point, he is absolutely sure that you know that he is panicking. There is just this twinkle in your eyes that makes him feel really nervous and his heart is starting to race the closer you are. He half wants to scold May for doing this but at the same time, he also wants to hug his aunt for doing this - Peter is really at an impasse with what he should do next.

Peter can’t really say he is very close to you - May is closer to you than he is but one thing Peter knows for sure is that his interest in you really started because of that one time you gave this really delicious peach meringue pie. After that day, every other day, Peter would come home to some amazing desserts and occasionally May would make him sit in the kitchen to enjoy a slice of cake or two and he even managed to exchange more than a few words with you. Over time, Peter has come to think of you as his friend too.

Once you are done patching Peter, you put away the first aid box. “I made some Pecan pie bars and the classic red velvet cupcake. I can set a plate out for you if you want?” You ask him and Peter nods his head.

“Where did you learn how to bake?” Peter asks, leaning against the table, crossing his arms. “Ned gets pretty jealous that we keep getting all these delicacies. He even came up with elaborate joke about how you keep bringing us food because that’s one way to get someone’s heart - through their stomach!” Peter laughs sheepishly at what he just said. It wasn’t like he never shares any leftovers with Ned anyway.

You giggle at Peter’s words and placed a plate of red velvet cupcake and two slices of pecan pie bars. Glancing at the clock, you realise that it was time for you to go home and do your chores. You lean close to Peter causing him to startle as he stares at you, eyes wide. “Who says Ned is wrong?” You whisper before pulling back and planting a quick kiss on his cheek. “Get well soon, Peter and stop running into branches, alright?” You point out cheekily causing Peter to stumble over his words before nodding his head dumbly, a faint flush over his cheeks. You chuckle, pat his shoulders twice before heading out, waving at him from over your shoulder.

Peter sits there, dumbfounded over what had just transpired. Although the grin on his face expresses something different - that was a clear sign that you liked him, right? “Hey, May!” Peter calls out for his aunt. “I need you to teach me something!” He picks up his plate of desserts and head over to his aunt’s room.

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Could you explain why does Oliver say "do you mind" to Elio during the telephone scene after he tells him he's getting married?

That’s a good, and difficult question, and not one I can really explain but I can definitely write down how I see it. I feel like there are several layers to that piece of dialogue. Firstly, I do believe that it is a straight-up question meaning just that, what he says - do you, Elio, mind? Does Elio care, does it bother him that Oliver is entering into a marriage. It matters to Oliver what Elio thinks, even at this point in time and the world of time and space separating them. I don’t know if this is true, but I would guess that Oliver’s engagement might be one of practicality and one driven by pressure from his parents (”you’re so lucky, my father would have carted me off to a correctional facility”) and possibly also from himself. That’s just a guess though, since the film nor the book really get into it. 

Do you mind? also sounds a lot like I’m sorry. An apology phrased as a question, because if Oliver didn’t think Elio would mind - why would he ask in the first place. It’s a confirmation of his love for Elio, especially seen in the light of Oliver phrasing his next words to Elio as him being a part of the family, that Oliver thinks Elio’s parents think of him “almost as a son-in-law”. This all is clearly taking a huge toll on Oliver, and mentioning his son-in-law interpretation to Elio says a lot. You don’t bring up son-in-law because it’s funny, like “ha ha I think your dad thinks of me as a son-in-law”, you bring it up because you’ve given it a lot of thought and probably wish it was so, and you want the person on the other end of the line to know. 

Lastly, I think do you mind? could be Oliver attempting, and probably failing to ask Elio for permission to let go, for permission to move on because he has to, to survive. For Elio to let Oliver keep him and what they had in his heart, with him as he keeps going, without him. The fact that Elio never answers his question - the film doesn’t let him answer - tells us that yes, of course he minds. And I think that’s what Oliver wanted - I think he wants Elio to mind. I think he wants Elio to mind, always, just like Oliver minds when he says “I remember everything”. And considering the last thing we hear Elio say to Oliver in the film is ElioElioElioElioElioElio, it sure does seem that he will mind, for the rest of his life.

I needed a little time to process this image:

While there are some who may not care too much for Carl outside of how he relates to Richonne, I’m not one of those people. I appreciate his character for who he is. I am always grateful to Carl for being the first person to say that Michonne was one of them. His relationship with her, though light in later seasons, has always been one of my favourite things about the show. And now…well, you all know what’s happening.

I only just brought myself to fully contemplate what Carl’s demise will mean for Rick and Michonne, both individually, and as a couple. This will devastate them; there’s no other way to put it. I am not devaluing him as a character, and what he means to Richonne; I am thinking about how they can support one another through this awful ordeal.

While I know there are some who fear what his loss will mean for our OTP, I am trying to focus on how Richonne can move forward together. I am approaching the rest of their arc with cautious optimism. I don’t trust the writing staff on TWD anymore, but I trust in Richonne and their journey together (hopefully, the writers will not be erratic with their characterisations). I feel as if I need to go back and look at their journey now, to even offer some conjecture on where they might be in 8B.

Rick and Michonne met in the direst circumstances; each at the end of their tether, trying to navigate their cruel world and everything that came with it. In amongst the horror and the blood and the screams, they found one another.

They found, in each other, a kindred soul. It seemed, when no one else understood what Rick was going through, along came Michonne. She knew what it was like to lose your significant other, and then your mind. She recognised that in Rick.

They found healing in one another. Two broken people, coming together at the end of the world, and they found one another! It is almost poetic.

Even when they were beaten down so badly once again, Rick, Michonne, and Carl found a reason to move forward; to keep going.

And even though the way ahead was uncertain, they were able to find comfort and reassurance in one another.

Now that their reason for fighting so hard is gone; now that Carl is lost to them, how do they keep going? How do they come back from this? Make no mistake: Losing a child is the worst pain one can ever know. It is a loss that can rip families apart.

They will be broken again. My only comfort is knowing that this time Rick and Michonne are dealt that devastating blow, they will not be alone like they were before. They will have each other to lean on; to cry with; to draw strength from; to share that soft, gentle embrace that lulls you into sleep when you are so damn tired from crying.

After all of the heartbreak and suffering they have endured up to this point, I am glad they will be facing this together; that they will find solace together. At least, that is my hope for them.

I’m not really good at telling stories rather than i’m good at telling lies.
Yeah, I admit it, I’m good at hiding my feelings to everyone.
It’s kinda hard for me to be real, it’s the way I am.

So I saw him, he was reading again, that I don’t know book that I don’t even bother looking at. His not really that hot, his quite the normal guy but I can’t figure out if I like him.

Does it matter? does my feelings even matter at all? Most of the times I often speaks to myself rather than ask him. Can you even put yourself to that task? To tell someone that you have feelings for them? But if you don’t, how will you know? Will you assume and imagine things? Nah, I don’t want something like that to happen.

So he sat next to me, then I wisphered “I love you.”
as if i can say something like that. So he smiled, he understands.

The following day, his with someone, Looks like me, how lucky.
Then i realized, it was just all me. You in my head, me with you but
only by myself.

It sucks, To hurt yourself from your own truth.

—  Delusion by Dayne Flores

   ❝ A lot of people want me dead. They call it JUSTICE

    I’m the only one who knows the truth. All I have left is the wind by my side. ❞



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The public thinks Tom Holland is a nice, soft Brit boy but little do u know that he has a fucking public sex kink. It’s the stereotypical back of the movie theatre fingering, that’s how it starts. But then it escalated to you, in a back alley at the premiere of his new movie and the paparazzi are all out in front of the theatre and the bricks are scraping your cheek but it doesn’t matter because Tom is pounding into you and tugging your hair and covering your mouth so nobody can hear your moans

hed be whispering into your ear, telling you how hot it is that you let him fuck you like this- out in the open. the thrill of the potential of being caught courses through your veins as you moan into tom’s rough palm that’s clamped tight over your mouth. he’s rutting against you, groaning into your ear and you can feel the knot forming in the pit of your stomach when he reaches forward to place his fingers on your swollen clit. it’s so hard to not scream when he’s touching you like this and god you wouldn’t give this feeling up for anything

succ&fucc saturday™

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Hi! Why do you think people see Levihan ship as a friends but nothing else ? Thank you

Probably because, canonically, they are friends. They spend time together and support, trust, and joke with each other. They’re both their weird, quirky selves with each other, and later chapters show how incredibly well they work as a team. I personally adore their characters’ friendship, and I can see why people don’t see them as anything more than that.

But like, also, I ship it hard. I 100% noticed the ease with which Hanji translated Levi’s botched speech, and considered how much time they’d spent together, and how well she’d have to know him. And you bet your ass I noticed (spoilers ahead) the expression on Levi’s face after Hanji crashed hard when they were up against Kenny’s crew. 

The thing is, all of these details I hone in on (and you and others probably do too) are one way of looking at and analyzing the events and interactions in the story. Personally, I think I really started to pick up the little interactions between them because I always have a soft spot for the brainyTM character and socially awkward grumps. I also have a huge soft spot for characters whose solid friendships evolve into a deep, emotionally fulfilling relationship - maybe because I had a close friendship with my partner before we started dating. So I saw Levi and Hanji and interpreted it as friendship - plus a little more.

Regardless of the reasons, as readers, we always bring some kind of baggage with us when we consume any kind of media. It often dictates which characters we like, dislike, and who we think works well romantically - or not.

I think it’s great that people see Levi and Hanji as friends. To me, it shows that their characters are meant to be in each others’ lives - whether as bffs or something more. And hey - there’s nothing that says a friendship is any less valuable than a romantic relationship. Solid, supportive friendships tend to get under-emphasized in media, but they’re just as important - if not more more important, than romantic relationships.

dog cafe!soonyoung

Originally posted by svt-laughing

soonyoung is so cute it hurts

enjoy! <3

  • have you ever wondered how can all the dogs in the dog cafe behave nicely? aside from attacking mingyu and seokmin, the dogs actually are really well-behaved and friendly towards human and other dogs
  • with the fact that most of them are traumatised from their experience since all of them are rescued and lost dogs 
  • kwon soonyoung is the reasons why
  • he is an excellent dog trainer 
  • when seungcheol was looking for a dog trainer, soonyoung just appeared. seungcheol didn’t remember exactly where he knew soonyoung but soonyoung is just that person that everybody knows
  • because everyone enjoys spending time with him so yup the boy is hired to be the one and only dog trainer that the cafe has
  • so soonyoung needs to be around everytimes they get a new dog that no one claims as their dog after 48 hours 
  • he has his own ways to face a new dog 
  • when the dog is just too afraid and keep whimpering, he’d bring the dog to his own apartment, which doesn’t really allow animals but screw it, the dogs are more important!! 
  • despite the fact that he only needs to be around when a new dog arrives, he still comes every. single. day.
  • soonyoung has his own works but like no one really knows how many free time that this guy has?
  • it’s bizzare how he still got time to visits everyday and joins most of the meetings 
  • the meetings are not something that soonyoung really needs to attend but this is demanded by seungcheol because the dog papa needs to know how are the dogs and soonyoung is the only one that understands about those kind of things
  • since soonyoung also has a lot of connection with vets so it’s very convenient
  • and it’s also probably because soonyoung wants to see dogs and wants to talk with the cafe staffs because he found it’s really fun to hang around them regardless his endless list of friends 
  • but also because of you
  • you work at a flower shop that is located infront of the dog cafe 
  • a trustworthy shop for jeonghan to buy every flowers that are in the cafe. there are not much but still, like a small one for decoration. especially when you recommend periwinkle and daffodils because you found out there is a member that is allergic to pollen. because apparently it is better for allergies?
  • soonyoung is crushing on you if that’s not obvious already
  • he saw you through the window while entering the dog cafe and his eyes just stick on you
  • love at first sight, everyone, love at first sight
  • him admiring you from afar  goes on for a couple while
  • until when you visited for a flowers delivery, he almost jumped being all flustered just by seeing you entering the cafe
  • you talked to jeonghan and greeted the dogs 
  • he wondered why the heck he never sees you in the cafe before?
  • so after you left, soonyoung ran to jeonghan and probably screamed at him. “WHO IS THAT PERSON?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?”
  • it’s not like jeonghan is wrong 
  • so soonyoung goes to your flower shop, with no reason he just takes one of the puppies and rans to your place
  • “emotional support”, he says
  • he doesn’t even want to buy flowers
  • as soon as you welcome him, he just froze. probably he is shy because he acts without thinking 
  • when you noticed there is a brown puppy on his embrace, you are oblivious about his nervousness and almost squealed 
  • “namu! that’s namu from the dog cafe isn’t he?”
  • soonyoung just wants to scream, thinking how cute you are for knowing the dogs in the cafe and how nice your voice sounds and and he’s just smitten 
  • him, freezing on the spot, and you lowering your body just to match the puppy’s eyes and pet it for a couple time is surely a weird situation to think about it so you clear your throat and finally seeing soonyoung 
  • “i’m sorry i got distracted! anyway, how can i help you?”
  • his tone just changed when he tried to not shutter infront of you which makes you like ‘wth’ but also think, ‘why is this person so cute?’
  • “uuh, personally i would recommend you peonies! they are pretty especially if you’re getting it for your loves one.”
  • you just chuckled before nodding to his request and telling him that you’ll make the bouquet and please wait for a couple minutes 
  • the only thing that makes you think that he is not a dog-napper is that you actually remember seeing him faintly at the dog cafe and talking to wonwoo, the dog care-taker and how namu is being so calm around him even with him shaking while sitting down on the chair that is around so that customers can wait
  • since you are the only one that is currently in the store and soonyoung is the only customer, it is awkward but as someone who works, you feel the need to loosen up the situation
  • “so, are you one of the dog cafe’s staff?”
  • “u-u-uh, yes… i am the dog trainer.”
  • your eyes widen, interested about him. “ah! that’s why namu is so calm. i thought you are the dog-napper.” you joked, all smiley which makes soonyoung’s heart races a hundred miles
  • soonyoung can’t get over how cute and nice you are. he just chuckles at your jokes and decides to act ‘normal’, stop acting like a fool. seeing his chubby cheeks rising just makes your heart skips a beat because how cute he is
  • okay so now the two of you find each other cute 
  • what’s the next step?
  • “can i know your name?” he asked, without hesitation
  • “y/n! nice to meet you mister…?”
  • “soonyoung!”
  • “soonyoung the dog trainer! it’s really nice to meet you and the bouquet is ready.”
  • he stands up to the cashier, heading to pay for the flowers. you hand the flowers, however he doesn’t take it. instead he smiles. “it’s for you.”
  • soonyoung tried to keep it cool which kind of failed remembering his cute and quirky smile but it just makes you blush and actually really happy
  • just before he left, he asked for a pen and pulled your hand. writing down something. “call me soon and visit the cafe often, okay?”
  • so you do
  • and slowly, the relationship rises 
  • with the help of puppies
  • everything about him just makes you so happy and actually very excited everytime you go to bed and everytime you wake up in the morning just because you know you’ll meet him
  • and it’s exactly the same for him
  • you two talk about silly things
  • when he thought you’re like soft and gentle, you’re actually a joker and as goofy as he is so you two get along sooooooooo welll
  • soonyoung trusted you alot with every dogs he’s working with when it’s not usually like that for soonyoung. he started to always called you over to see a new dog that is coming over to his apartment
  • you’re happy about it since you love dogs
  • and soonyoung
  • the way he confessed is actually accidental
  • a traumatised dog is coming over so you do too. after awhile, the dog opens up to you and starts to follow you around
  • “look! she likes you just like i like you.”
  • which is taken you back and make you very shy about it
  • “did you just confess?”
  • soonyoung’s face is bright red. he opens his lips before saying anything, he closes it back and holds his breath. “uuuuuuuuuuuh.”
  • he got all shy
  • “i guess, yes.” he laughs, hiding the fact that he is super shy and his heart beats so fast right now
  • “i guess, me too! as much as the dogs like you.”
  • all soonyoung wants to do is fly to the 7th cloud and screamed your name but the boy needs to keep his cool 
  • “tomorrow is our first date then. dog cafe after work?” 
  • he smiled
  • and that’s how you date the cutest dog trainer that awkwardly barge in into your flower shop with a puppy that treats you like a princess when he’s actually just a child trapped in a 22 years old guy body but very mature about you two relationship when he still enjoys simple dates, holding hands and ‘no, you end the call first’ ‘no, you.’
  • kwon soonyoung is the cutest dog trainer ever 

thank you for reading! 

fun fact: he’s supposed to be a waiter but idk the idea just hits me and to think about it he’ll be a really cute dog trainer

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Gaaawd, your art is so beautiful, OMFG, I die from the greatness everytime, i love especially how you draw Sans and Papyrus, Male frisk is sooo hawwwttt (if you actually draw him genderless, i apologize in advance.) I bow to your glorious art.. Alsoo, i follow alot of people so i dont see your art too much, but im curious, do you have any Sans ocs of your own? so you can link me to them, i might want to draw them <3

Originally posted by sydarthian

Oh, sweet Lord!
You surprise me. Long time I’m not doing good content >///>
Thank you so much for your words! It’s feels so nice to know someone likes my art ;;
And don’t apologize, you’re right. My Frisks are boiz >O> (so happy you think one of them is hot ;w;)

About Sans oc… I don’t really have one? All of them are from commun aus. 
I have The Judge from darkwoodtale but there’s not so much interesting around it. 

Thank you again for passing by! And have a great day!

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did it annoy you as much as i did that lucifer literally had his wings cut off... over his suit? like not even just because i want shirtless tom, it just kind of broke me from the immersion of what should have been a very intense scene.

you know, I hadn’t really thought about it, nonnie, but now that I have, I can see your point. It would have been a nice parallel with him waking up shirtless with his wings, too. Hm. how about a ficlet?

“Are you sure about this?” Maze asks, clad in all the fashionings of Hell. 

He doesn’t answer, merely shrugs out of his suit jacket, lets it crumple in the sand beside him.

“You don’t have to do this, Lucifer.” 

He casts her a stern look. It almost sounds like she’s trying to get out of it. “I’ve given you an order, Mazikeen,” he says mildly, undoing his cuff-links. “You are expected to obey them.” He finishes unbuttoning, shucking the dress shirt away as well. 

“Yes, my king.” 

He sinks to his knees, unfurling his wings. He will not be chained to his Father’s will. If it takes mutilating himself to be free of it, then so be it. A desperate animal will gnaw through far worse to be rid of a trap. 

Maze stands behind him, her tears unheard over the sound of crashing waves. she places a hand against his back. Her touch is warm, the blade icy cold. Lucifer clenches his jaw and braces himself. 

The first cut is the worst, a terrible, blinding pain. Her demon blade slices through ligament and muscle easily, cutting deep. Blood runs hot and wet down his skin. He feels the wing fall from him, a final, agonizing separation, to land with a solid thump in the sand. 

Lucifer looks upwards. He cannot see the Silver City, does not know whether his Father gazes down upon his sacrilegious butchery, but it feels like He is. Lucifer lips pull back into a rictus of a grin, a bearing of teeth more than anything. 

Let his Father rage, Lucifer has wrath enough to meet it. He is no angel, he is no biddable son.

He is unholy. He is free. 

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Everyone just breathe. I said last year that she was ring shopping multiple times (yeah I said she, not he.) Have you not seen American Crime Story? It’s about to get hella gay, and hella kinky. What did you expect? Simple articles? Articles don’t do shit; actions speak louder than words. Buckle up, babies. It’s going to be a long engagement. Easier to keep a trained monkey rather than stocking up on a new one. Can’t sale straight if you’re newly single right after tv banging a dude(s). — Ghost

Well, I’ve unfollowed his shallow, closeted ass. I’m well aware of how gay this show is going to be, but I thought he might still have some of his integrity intact. Apparently not. He’s not the man we used to know.

The man he used to be would never have said this:

It reminds him of a joke that was in Hedwig at the expense of an actor, whom he’d rather not name now, talking about how he enjoyed “all the privileges of homosexuality and none of the responsibilities.” It always got a big laugh, to the point that when co-star Lena Hall filled in for him as Hedwig, he suggested that she make the same joke but using his name instead.

“I tend to step outside my body and look at this all from the back seat. I was like that is a really, really funny joke,” he says. “Because it’s true. I’ve been really lucky to have all the privileges, all the fun things of the gay community without all the responsibilities and burdens that come with it. And I’m so aware of that.”

He fucking admits it right here. He’s deep inside the fucking closet, yet enjoying all the “fun things of the gay community without all the responsibilities and burdens that come with it” That’s a giant middle finger to the LGBT community. He’s a giant, closeted ass.

And yanno what? This has nothing to do with CC. If Chris didn’t exist and this was just D, it’d be the same. Yes, he’s talented, but as a person, he’s not someone I can support anymore.

P.S. 7 ½ years? I thought it was 8? He/they can’t even get the timeline right in a fake engagement announcement. 

P.P.S. He’s joining a long list of men like NPH, Wentworth, Rock Hudson, Alan Cumming, etc etc

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the batfam learning to drive dick: average kid, tries his best and laughs off his mistakes except for the occasional “oops” where bruce glares at him but then it still fades into laughter jason: has experience joyriding cars he or his friends have stolen before, nearly hits everything and everyone on the sidewalk, skids to stops and waits until the last moment to decelerate, causing bruce to have squeezed permanent nail marks in the dash but jason is still yet to get into an accident (tbcont)

tim: cautious driver, bruce gets aggravated at first when tim drives the speed limit or under, causing a barrage of beeping behind him, checks mirrors and turning signals before every drive damian: apparently already knows how to drive so uhm i don’t need to describe that but i can assure u the first time he ever drove bruce almost had a hernia

i gotta disagree with u on jason’s and tim’s– jason is mister perfectionist, you know he took the practice test like 10 times in a row and read the drivers manual over and over and used flash cards and fucking aced that drivers test. tim tho?? tim stole the batmobile to impress his friends and so you KNOW that boy is screaming with joy clocking in at like 90mph bc he’s an adrenaline junkie

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Abe accidentally cutting his finger on something. "God... fuck" He hisses under his breath blood tricking down his finger. He puts it in his mouth and sucks on it and you only huff, tugging it out of him and going to get a band aid. The only ones you can find are Disney ones. You put a mickey one on him but he hisses. "Mickey sucks I want Donald Duck!"

Boy doesn’t even know how to take care of himself and he complains about the bandaids? Abe, I will buy you Seasame Street bandaids next time cuz you keep complaining. See you grumble about Elmo