how can you not know him

  • Ruby: And over there, Ms. Belladonna, is our dog Zwei.
  • Kali: Oh, how cute! May I pet him?
  • Yang: You’re not scared of him?
  • Kali: No. Why would I be?
  • Ruby: Well you’re a cat faunas, aren’t you?
  • Kali: Kids, just because I have cat ears doesn’t mean I’m actually a cat. Don’t be silly.
  • Yang: Then what about Blake? She is scared of dogs...
  • Ruby: ...And loves fish...
  • Yang: ...And hates the sound of vacuum cleaners...
  • Ruby: ...And sleeps in a box sometimes....
  • Yang: ...And you can distract her with a lazer pointer.
  • Ruby: I even saw her lick herself once!
  • Kali: Oh that....Well I don’t know what to tell you. Blake’s just weird.
  • *Ruby and Yang look over at Blake, who has her hands tangled in a ball of yarn*
  • Blake: A little help.

“I don’t intend to let you down.”

“I didn’t abandon you.”

But gUYS tho, guys.. Can you even imagine what is going through poor Killian’s head. Like, FUUUUUUU… They had a fight and now he’s unable to go back to her, and he KNOWS her. He KNOWS her insecurities and fears of people leaving.

And he’s gotten her to trust him with everything she is, and now he KNOWS how this looks to her. That he just up and left her. Like everybody else.

But he’s not everybody else. He didn’t leave her, and it’s KILLING him knowing that she’s breaking down back home, knowing that she’s possibly putting her walls back up, after they worked so hard together to bring them down.

LIKE. I can’t even imagine being Killian Jones right now. The thought of so much heartache happening to your loved one (over HIM) and it all being out of your control, that you can’t just go to her and hug her and tell her that everything is okay and that you will NEVER leave her, ever. I jUST SFKGHJ..

you know the part in making of tabinof right before they debut the trailer for the book and dans talking to the camera and phils behind him smiling and he’s looking at the camera really happy and ecstatic but dan is holding the camera too low so you can’t see how happy phil is? my heart hurts

12x10 rewatch: gosh, dean really hates how the “lily and her daughter” story went down in 1901. it probably reminds him of the fact that cas is not human and used to be a real “angel’s angel” back in the day (even if we know he’s always had a tendency to rebellion and compassion, but i dont think dean knows). 

dean can’t even look at cas after he knows what happened with lily (well, the “official” story)

(poor sam, always in the middle)

and before that, cas was so afraid of what dean and sam would think of him (but mostly dean). 

(all gifs are mine)

Jisung: *breathes*


@kaxpha for the Lost Lance!AU

I have a whole shit ton of headcannons about Blue and Lance for this AU and I honestly don’t know how much will match with what you already have so I’m going to put it under a cut.

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How do you get such up-close pictures of Prompto? Every time I try to take pictures of him, he walks farther away or turns around

Haha I know what you mean! Prompto NEVER STAYS STILL. Which is why when you’re taking pics you gotta be quick. You gotta be PROMPT like PROMPTO ;)

Here’s what you do: You corner him until he gives you that stank face he always does, then take your camera out, zoom in on those God blessed freckle sprinkled cheeks of his and


Snap a photo of him a billion times cause he’s gonna move any second and VOILA! You should have a half decent photo of the sunchild! ^-^

The Librarians Sentence Starter
  • 1: "You people... DON'T APPRECIATE ART!"
  • 2: "That this house is the Star Trek transporter or maybe even the TARDIS!"
  • 3: "Just out of curiosity, what roles are you playing?"
  • 4: "Are there any languages you don't speak?"
  • 5: "Why in the hell should I listen to you?"
  • 6: "How about we just all hold hands, bow our heads and be grateful that we're all here safe together."
  • 7: "Love is the supreme power! It trumps everything!"
  • 8: "And you're willing to risk your life for him?"
  • 9: "I never know what I'm doing. That's my superpower."
  • 10: "You know what I'm thinking?"
  • 11: "I'm thinking that I can can run faster than you 'cause you've been stabbed."
  • 12: "Who's up for movies? I've got "Night," "Day," "Dawn," "Land," and "City" of the Living Dead!"
  • 13: "Your mother did not hug you enough, did she?"
  • 14: "You have an incredible talent for turning a bad situation into a worse-case scenario."
  • 15: "Excuse me, I'm going to take care of my desperately not wanting to be here."
  • 16: "I've gone into the field with experienced soldiers with a good plan, good Intel, and still come home with nothing but dog tags."
  • 17: "It wasn't your fault. You did good but sometimes, you just lose."
  • 18: "Again? This is the third time this place has been attacked since I started working here. We need to have a serious talk about the so-called security."

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Can i have Deidara Gaara and Sasori reaction gif to their s/o giving them a surprise kiss? ( it can be anywhere , on the cheek or lips , anywhere ) Im the same anon who asked for their reaction to a hug from their shy girlfriend


Originally posted by notenoughsleeplessnights

He has this smirk, because of course it’s you who’s impulsive and bold enough to do something like that. And of course since you’re Deidara’s S/O, you’re probably going to keep stringing him along like this for a while before anything else really happens. He knows how you are. 


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So you’re feeling ornery enough to do something like this in public? Well, might need to teach you a less later…


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He has the cutest little smile plastered on his face. Might need to take a minute to get this thoughts back on track if he was talking to someone. Bless his heart, these little things that his S/O does get to him every single time; he literally can’t help but have a smile on his lips- his cheeks are probably the color of his hair too.    

Just Do It, Daryl [Teaser] [SMUT]

Daryl’s nervous but tempted eyes followed your body upward. He scanned up your legs, up to your beautiful hidden core and hips, admiring the curves of your body up your sides, over to your heaving breasts, and finally up to your beautiful smile.

Daryl’s breath got heavier the higher he climbed and by the time he reached your eyes you saw the first sign of vulnerability from his eyes, ever. You grin to yourself at his reaction, loving his roaming eyes all over you. You didn’t know what this was, but it sure felt fucking amazing.

You stared down at him with challenging eyes and stomped your dirt covered boot into the soft white sheets below, “Didn’t know ya thought of me that way, Dixon.”

You smirk as his eyes suddenly divert from yours, looking away nervously, on his knees.

You roll your eyes, “Ironic how you can run your mouth about everything else, but you can’t tell a woman you want to fuck her.” You scoff and fold your arms, looking down at him, awaiting a response.

Daryl suddenly got of the bed, walked over to its right side, and grabbed your hips, pushing you over, sideways on the mattress. Your head falls off the side and you close your eyes and sigh to yourself, knowing he can’t see you enjoying his rough touch. You couldn’t believe how fucking turned on your were right now, all visions and memory of hatred toward him melted like ice in a dessert. You couldn’t deny you were so ready for whatever he had in store for you.

You snap your head up and try and look dismayed, only to fall that task a 1000%.

Daryl notices you biting your lip, with a look in your eye he had never seen from you. His legs shifted as he got even more turned on by well, everything about you. He tried to remain focused, his gaze turns down to your right foot which he has in his hand. He swiftly pulls the boot off, followed by the sock. He turns his attention to the other foot and does the same.

He moves his hands slowly up your thighs, rubbing the blue jean denim over and over, causing them to get hot. You snap your head up to him as he rub your thighs up and down. His eyes are fixated on them and he doesn’t notice what he is doing to you, you groan as you feel yourself get wetter with each pass. You reposition yourself, lowering your hips toward him, allowing your head to lay on the mattress, evenly.

You stare down at him with hard longing as you cause his palms to go up to your hips, with your actions, “Go ahead, Dixon.” You say, hazy eyed, as you stare down at his hands on your body.

This smile to yourself and wiggle your hips under his hands, before flitting your eyes back to his, daringly.

“Show me what ya got.” You say, trying to sound challenging, but it can out half breathless.

Daryl’s eyes locked onto yours and his body groaned at your words, his eyes gave way to his true desire, he nodded softly and his eyes returned to his hands on your body.

Daryl slowly returned to his previous action, the one that had granted him permission to everything he wanted, he allowed his hands to roam your thighs a few more times, loving the feeling of just being able to roam your body freely. A thing he had thought a lot about, more than he’d like to admit to even himself.

He looked up at you and saw your eyes closed and your body starting to wiggle as you held your arms in the air, smiling to yourself.

Daryl smiled softly at the sight; suddenly, so happy that you loved his hands on you. He swiftly moved hands up your body, grazing your breasts only for a moment, before hurriedly pressing his body on top of yours.

You groan in delight as you feel his body’s weight, never remembering anyone feeling so good just laying on top of you.

You moan in pleasure as you feel his hips press his core into yours, loving every second of him.

Daryl smiles softly down at your happy eyes and his hand comes down and rubs the left side of your face up and down. He softly traces your skin, making butterflies follow his fingertips path, and making you smile up at him happily.

“You like my body on yours, Y/N?” Daryl tried to act cocky, but in his voice there was a hint of questioning.

You smile as you notice these mixed emotions and moan happily, arching your hips up and down onto his as you stare into his eyes, “Yes.” You moan unintentionally giving into your body’s urges.

Daryl smiles sweetly down into your eyes at your reaction before harshly shoving his tongue back into your mouth. He swirls your tongue around and record speed causing your body’s reaction to only quicken, run your fingers through his hair, pushing his mouth harder back into your own, as you arch your body up into his, feeling like every atom was too far apart.

You feel his hands come swiftly down your sides and to your stomach, he pushes his palms up it, exposing it as his hands began to work on it.

“Oh, Yeah!” You cry out into his mouth as you feel his hands making love to your body.

Daryl’s tongue’s force intensifies at your call to him and he his hand venture further up, taking both of your naked breasts in them.

“Fuck!!” You complain lovingly into his mouth; his hands felt so fucking good on you!

Daryl growled into your mouth at your reaction and pinched your nipples as his hands rotated over your breasts. He detaches his lips and makes sweet, deep kisses all the way around your chin to the side of your neck, where they make contact with your ear.

“You are so fucking sexy, Y/N…” He purred into your ear, making your body arch even further up into his.

“So fucking beautiful… and funny… and tough…” He left sweet kisses up and down your neck as he lamented to you.

“I ain’t never met anyone like you…” His tongue played with your skin as he drug it up and down the side of your neck, exploring your territory.

“…Not in the last world… And not in this one…” His tongue trailed up and down your earlobe before lovingly kissing it.

You groan happily at his words and the sensation his tongue left on your favorite spot and reached your right hand up into his hair, lovingly massaging it.

“I had no idea!” You moan excitedly, your eyes closed and your smile full, as you allow him to pleasure you in the best ways.

You shiver when you feel his tongue wiggle itself into your ear as you felt and heard his body breathing heavy on top of you and into your ear. He detached it and nuzzled his nose into your neck, leaving one soft kiss behind your ear, before whispering to you, “I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you, Y/N. Just didn’t think ya felt the same…” He bite your earlobe, earning him another moan and your hands to both swiftly move to his sides, roaming up and down them before taking his back for a tour.

“Why didn’t you say something?” You ask in the confusion of memory and present, lovingly rubbing his body up and down.

Daryl stopped his tongue’s motions and leaned back up to look into your eyes. He nervously stroked your face and nudged his nose up, “I thought you had a thing for someone else…” He said, shifting his gaze to some point on the wall.

You peer at him curiously and lovingly run your hands up and down his back a few times, forcing his eyes back to yours, “Who?” You ask curiously.

Daryl looked down into your eyes and at your face, searching for the courage to say what he felt. He took a deep breath and forced the word out of his mouth, “Rick.”

Daryl watched you giggle and move your right hand over your eyes, reveling in the moment.

He bit his lip nervously, not knowing what your reaction meant.

Your eyes lock with his and you notice his hesitation. You smile even wider before moving your arms slowly down and run your palms down the outside of his chest and stomach, pulling on his hips and staring into his eyes with intent.

“Why the fuck would I want Rick, when I got a man like you to take care of me?”  You purred, huskily, running your hands slowly up his buttoned flannel cut-off shirt.

“Oh god, baby…” You moaned to yourself as you felt your fingertips flow up his amazing barreled stomach, loving the feeling of your skin on his skin. You couldn’t remember the last time you had felt it or remembering it feeling so, damn, good!

Daryl smiled down at your loving eyes on his, and rolled his eyes at your touch.

“God damnit, Y/N… I’ve wanted this for so long…” He groaned, closing his eyes and reveling in your touch.

“Fuck you, Daryl! Why the fuck are you doing this to me??” You say, suddenly so fucking frustrated by his words and his past behavior, but unable to stop your body’s reactions to him.


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SEVENTEEN’s Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty/18+

- Honestly, probably wouldn’t be that surprised
- Would give you one of those little smirks he does
- “You want to go test that out?” ;)

- You would be watching a movie on the couch with him; he would laugh it off with that cute “Ha ha ha” laugh of his
- Then would realize what you just said and be taken aback
- “J-Jagi, what did you just say?”
- “Well, I can’t deny my princess anything she wants, right?”
- You didn’t get to find out how the movie ended

- This boy wouldn’t even know what to say; he’d be so embarrassed
- “Jagi, please don’t tempt me.”

- This boy is a sinnamon roll okay
- He has the mindset of a 14-year-old but can do a complete 360
- “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re trying to seduce me right now, babe.”

- This cutie pie would be so shocked, he would probably think he misheard you and just pretend it never happened
- Then you say it again
- “… 뭐 ?!? ”

- You’re trying to get his attention but he’s too concentrated on his reading his book
- So you say something dirty, and he pretends not to hear you
- You say it again, and this time he closes the book 
- “Jagi, if you keep talking to me like that, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

- Would stop playing his guitar and look at you like you’re crazy
- “Don’t joke around at a time like this, jagi. I’m trying to write our new song.”
- You keep saying it, and his cheeks get redder and redder
- Abruptly puts down the guitar, grabs your hand, and walks out of the practice room

- This ray of sunshine wouldn’t even know what hit him
- “Haha, let’s not talk like that yet, jagi.”
- Would probably run off and tell one of the hyungs about it, asking what to do if you say something like that again

- Would think you’re joking at first
- But when he realizes you’re serious… welp
- Unleash the beast

- After hearing you say it, his confidence would boost up 100000x
- Says something back to you in Chinese, you don’t know what it is, but it sounds sexy af

- Oh goodness, what can we do about DivaBoo
- This child would blush so hard, you could feel the heat radiating off of his face
- Would stutter and say he has to get back to practice

- As if he wasn’t already shy enough
- Awkward silence
- Can’t relax after hearing you say that; fidgets for the rest of the day


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The Latest Supergirl Episode:
  • Mon-El Haters: Mon-El is terrible for Kara! He is toxic and abusive! He shows no growth! He's misogynistic!
  • Writers: Really? Y'all still on that? Okay, how about this:
  • Mon-El: *Makes Kara breakfast in bed*
  • Mon-El: *Stays home to do the laundry while she goes off to fight crime because he's OK with reversing stereotypical gender roles*
  • Mon-El: *Let's Kara know he's so lucky she forgave him*
  • Mon-El: *Sacrifices his whole life to protect Kara*
  • Mon-El: *Get's smacked around by his mother*
  • Mon-El: *Insists that his planet change, so that everyone can live equally and free and have a voice*
  • Mon-El: Kara you're amazing
  • Mon-El: Kara you inspire me to be better
  • Mon-El: Kara what you do is incredible
  • Mon-El: Kara every good thing I do is because I want to be more like you
  • Writers: So.....Can we done with this? Or????????

you know what i can’t stop thinking about, is how flint lost both thomas and miranda because of men like alfred hamilton and peter ashe. men who were supposed to be reasonable, restrained, able to see the bigger picture. men who were supposed to be civilized. men exactly like woodes rogers

it seems to me that so much of flint taking the cache in that clumsy, obvious way, risking silver’s trust in him, causing the foreseeable deaths of good men, is driven by his sheer panic at the thought of losing madi exactly the same way he lost thomas and miranda. he’s terrified of putting faith in the restraint of a civilized man and being repaid with horror. that’s why over the past couple episodes he is repeatedly, almost frantically insistent that they need to be rescuing madi RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, while they still have the cache. yes, flint cares about the war, and keeping the cache keeps the war alive (and, at this point, it’s madi’s war as much as it was ever his). but also the cache represents leverage of the kind he never had before. james mcgraw/flint never had a goddamn thing that the alfred hamiltons or peter ashes of the world wanted as much as they wanted to silence and erase inconvenient people like thomas and miranda. with the cache, he does. he can’t allow it to be traded away in the hopes that woodes rogers will be civilized

IDK, i just love so much that the ultimate test of silver and flint’s relationship isn’t silver’s love for madi versus flint’s need for a war. it’s that they both love madi. they’re both desperate to rescue her. neither of them see a future without her. silver believes (with pretty good reason!) that he can write his own story - his own happy ending reflecting his own priorities - and feels deeply betrayed when flint won’t play his part, especially when silver’s stories have benefited flint and his damn war so many times in the past. but flint can’t accept silver’s story of compromise and trade-offs, not because he cares less for madi, but because his own story is that of England taking everything and leaving nothing, over and over again. to flint, anything…the end of his partnership with silver, the death of the crew, his own death…anything would be better than making that silver and madi’s story as well.

I just have a lot of feelings about nygmobblepot 

so, I always end up thinking of oswald’s quote from season 1: “When you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him." and how, after shooting oswald, ed is going to feel like he died that day too.

and he’s not going to know why he feels that way, he won’t understand, he’ll probably feel lost which adds to the idea of him trying to find himself and becoming the riddler, then one day it’s just going to hit him that he feels this way because he’s in love with oswald

I mean, I believe he’s been in love with oswald this whole time but he never got that moment where it really hit him (on a conscious level, perhaps on a deeper level he was somewhat aware), whereas oswald did. we saw oswald realise his feelings during the fireplace scene in 3x05 and then it was confirmed in 3x06, we haven’t had that moment with ed, but we will. I mean, this picture lends its hand to that. 

and then, because I love pain, you have ed’s quote from season 2: “for some men, love is a source of strength. but for you and I, it will always be our most crippling weakness.” but this was after he’d killed kristen and as we know any love there was obsessive and even if he genuinely did love her (which I believe he did) it was always doomed. and with isabella we the audience know that wasn’t love and even if it was, it’s different with oswald, they have a history that goes far beyond just being in love.

this just adds to this idea that ed is going to realise he’s in love with oswald and that’s why he feels so much pain. he’s going to realise that it was only his most crippling weakness because what he had with kristen and isabella wasn’t real love, but with oswald it is.

also, in terms of oswald’s mother she was only his most crippling weakness because he kept her in the dark and refused to distance himself from her to keep her safe, yes that’s partly down to love, but also partly down to arrogance and wanting more than he could have (i.e. being king of gotham and having his mother by his side). but what we’ve seen from season 3 is actually love has had some pretty positive effects on oswald,

anyway, it’s 5am and I’m not used to getting up this early so you can blame that and also @endless-nygmobblepot​ a little for this


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

for @about-faces!


It also seems like she likes to read a lot, she’s perhaps Steven’s age, but she’s probably way smarter than him.

what the fuck are you three doing

“Garnet, how long must we stay like this?”

“Pearl, you know we need to look badass and impress Steven’s girlfriend, or else we can’t spy on them. And i must see them kiss, Pearl. This is why i exist.”



B E S T   M O M S

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Buckys teenage son sitting him down and telling him he's gay. Before bucky can even react he starts panicking saying how sorry he is and how he knows it's wrong but bucky just pulls him into a hug and tells him he loves him and he's proud of him for having the courage to come out. (It's my first ever daddy wednesday, please be gentle)

and he tells him that he loves him just the same 

this almost made me cry 

you did perfect 

Daddy Wednesday™

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Don't know if you take requests or suggestions, but how about a cold but cuddled in Kallus surrounded by Zeb and many many pillows and blankets?

Ahhh normally i don’t but when it’s Kalluzeb how can i say no ;v;? (I switched it up cuz i’m a weenie.. but here’s Kallus cuddling up with zeb after getting rescued cuz i want moreee ;A;!) 

Bonus(Tiny Kallus and Senor Muttonchops ;v; <3):

Sweet dreams, my lil prince!

Thank you for thinking of me though, anon <33!