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i know a lot of celebs are secretly shady and have great pr coverup teams, how are you so sure seb's genuine? not a troll, actually curious here

Because I know multiple people that have met him, both at cons and just by chance, and every single one says nothing but good things about him, I know a lad in Ireland that met him in a pub and didn’t know much about him but said he was one of the nicest guys he’d met - which is saying a lot bc the guy is Irish and the Irish are the nicest people. You can have a good pr team, but your pr team has no say over what other people say about you, and everyone that’s spoken about working with him has said nothing but good things about him. About his professionalism, about him being warm and kind, about him paying for food trucks out of his own pocket for the crew. That time he rented out a cinema, took the brothers and sisters club, which is generally for underprivileged kids, in LA there, paid for all of them to see CW, bought all their food and drink, and then did a photo op and hung out with them after? His pr team didn’t announce a thing about that, he’s not a big enough celebrity that they’d need to, he doesn’t have his names in tabloids or whatever. We only knew about it because one of the girls there posted about it on insta. Because he has on multiple occasions typed out damn essays on insta to fans to give them hope or motivation or just to thank them for their support. And when the comment doesn’t post, he’s sent it as a DM, like that’s not for public recognition, that’s just because. 

He’s a damn good actor, but there’s no way someone pulls of this level of an act of genuineness, quite so convincingly, so consistently, and for so long.  


Saiyuki high school AU…! Because I love high school AUs. Honestly Goku’s lines came from me thinking about my love for spinach so there. I confess. I just had Goku saying it because after thinking this, I thought ‘that’s so Goku, though?’ and I needed a reason for him to say stuff like this so I made a HS AU where Ten was the English teacher because he’d probably assign something like this.

Also…if I wasn’t so sleepy I’d have added Gojyo and Banri laughing, teasing Goku or something but…alas. Maybe I’d do more of these some time! x’)

@holysea: I wanted you to see this, hahaha.

Not good enough

Prompt: “Do you have any idea how many people are dead because I wasn’t clever enough, wasn’t quick enough, wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t good enough?”

word count: 1260

warnings: angst

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Being Peter Parker best friend wasn’t an easy task. The boy was the most unselfish, caring and intelligent person you have met, however he was also the most oblivious one. He didn’t seem to notice how you were totally in love with him and had been for a couple of months now. The only person who knew was Aunt May, who insisted you told him about your feelings since he probably felt the same way.

“ I just know it Y/n! Can’t you trust me on this one?” you remember  May saying  as she tried to convince you of asking Peter out.

You wanted to, you really wanted to believe her, however you knew that was impossible, so you just keep on pretending that everything was fine and there were strictly platonic feelings. Although it was really hard for you, specially as you were heading to Peter’s to watch a movie together. The sort of things a couple will do in a date. Except you weren’t a couple, and it wasn’t a date.

Whatever, you were settled for pinning after Peter in silence.


Peter was supposed to be home after the Stark internship, however he wasn’t there yet. As you waited for the boy to arrive you lied on Peter’s bed and closed your eyes for just a moment.

After what felt like minutes later but was probably hours you heard some shuffling around, excited to see Peter again you lifted the covers but instead of finding your best friend you saw spiderman crawling down from the ceiling.

As you realized that his back was facing you, you quietly got out of bed and stood behind him, trying to be as quiet and quick as possible. You lifted your right arm above his head and pulled his mask to you, revealing a brunette haired boy in front of you.

You couldn’t believe what you were seeing, it couldn’t be true.

“Pe-Peter? Is that you?” you stuttered, trying to calm yourself down

“What are you doing here?” His voice was low and it sounded kind of, angry? He still wasn’t facing you even though all you wanted was to see his eyes.

“I was waiting for you! How long has this been going on?” Despite your words Peter was still facing the wall “ Look at me Peter!”

He finally turned around but he kept his eyes locked to the ground as he said

“You were never supposed to find out, now that you know you can’t be here; you have to go!”

Why on earth wouldn’t he want her to know? They were best friends, they were supposed to tell each other everything!

“Why didn’t you want me of know? Do you not trust me anymore?”

His eyes locked at you with a glint of confusion and hurt. Of course he trusted you, but he had to protect you. He approached you and grabbed your shoulders as he said

“I do trust you, God Y/n I trust you more than I trust myself, but- but is not is safe for you! And I never wanted you to know who I am”

“Peter are you kidding? You are a freaking superhero! You have saved so many people! Why wouldn’t you tell me?!”

This was too much. Peter couldn’t stand there while you praised him for such things. Had he saved people? yes, but he had also let so many people down. So many people he couldn’t stop or save. It was just a matter of time before someone figured out his feelings for you and tried to hurt you. He didn’t deserve your love let alone your friendship. He didn’t deserve you.

“ I’m not as good as you think I am.”As you looked into your eyes you could see how fragile and weak this boy really was, how much he was hurting.

“Peter I know you. You are the same guy who helps old ladies find their way to the subway, the kind of person to help a little girl get her cat back from a tree, you helped me so much when I lost my father, with or without the mask you are still that guy”

“All I ever wanted was to protect you and Aunt May, I couldn’t bare to lose any of you! You have to stay away from me or they’ll come to get you!”

“Peter before I knew about you being spider man I could have gotten killed as well and it didn’t happen! And anyways, who is them?”

Was Peter in any sort of danger? Is that why he wanted you away?

Up to this point you have both tried to keep your voices down, however as the argument got more heated you started to raise your voices as well.

“Do you know how many people want me dead? They will do anything to get to me! Including hurting you!”

“Why would they hurt me?!”

“Because I love you! I love you more than anything! And if anything happens to you because of me, because of who I am I wouldn’t forgive myself!”

Peter gasped in horror as he realized what he had just said. He couldn’t believe he had said that out loud and neither could you. Did he really meant it?

He tried to push you away and turn around but you cupped his face before he could do so. You stared into his eyes and tried to show him how much he meant to you, how much you cared for him.

“Pete, I love you so much, I have loved you for a while now”

You brought you face close to him ready to kiss him until he mumbled under his breath.

“You shouldn't”

“Mmmh?” What was Peter saying?

“You shouldn’t love me, I’m not good for you” He tried to push you away one more time as he said, “Do you have any idea how many people are dead because I wasn’t clever enough, wasn’t quick enough, wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t good enough?”

It finally hit you. Peter felt so guilty over so many things that weren’t his fault. He was still punishing himself for deaths and accidents that weren’t him to blame.

“Peter you are the best person I know. You are the only one who knows all my fears, what makes me laugh and what will make me cry. You know exactly what to say and do to make me happy. And all those deaths, they are not your fault Peter! You are not a bad person, if anything you are the most noble and brave guy I know”

You approached him once again, this time holding him near to you as you hugged him. You lifted your face to see he’s already staring at you. There was truly nobody else who could make you as happy as he did.

You stared at his lips as both of you got closer, closing the distance between you. Finally after what felt like an eternity his lips touched yours, colliding into a sweet kiss that you’ve both been waiting since a long time ago. You grabbed the back of his head and pulled his hair as he brought you even closer. After a few moments you both pulled away trying to calm down your breathing, your forehead touching with his.

When you finally opened you eyes and saw his you felt safer than anywhere else, You both knew this was exactly where you belonged. In the arms of each other.

“Peter, there is no one else I rather be with”


pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: angst
wordcount: 4k

Some people you just can’t let go of. For you, that person is Min Yoongi.
 You’re holding onto him, even though you know you shouldn’t. He’s breaking you apart. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t walk away.

warning: elements of an emotionally abusive and toxic relationship

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  • Jungkook: *Looks up and happens to glance at Tae*
  • Taehyung: Oh my gosh you are totally staring at me.
  • Jungkook: What?
  • Taehyung: It's so cute how obvious you are being!
  • Jungkook: But I wasn't-
  • Taehyung: Oh my gosh stop flirting with me!
  • Jungkook: I-
  • Taehyung: I know I'm beautiful but thanks anyways. I guess you can call me later...

ok concept:

  • Draco being very openly and shamelessly gay at Hogwarts. Radiating invincibility and confidence and being unabashedly flamboyant, and Harry’s attention torn to pieces every time he sees him, because Draco is just so comfortable within his own skin.
  • ‘He looks free’, Harry thinks. 
  • Harry observing everyone else’s indifference towards Draco’s sexuality and allowing it to help him come to terms with his own bisexuality
  • ‘if Malfoy can be happy, why can’t I?’
  • Harry momentarily forgetting to be Draco’s enemy, and instead asking him questions like “when did you know?”
  • Draco forgetting to taunt Harry for asking that question because he knows how hard it is to struggle with your sexuality- and even though it’s Potter, it’s still a battle fought hard when you’re alone.
  • “I knew when the only personality I fit into fully was the one I thought I’d have to hide away forever.”
  • Harry’s heart crawling up his throat at this
Tom Holland dating someone from a foreign country would include...

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A/N: So I know this was requested as Tom dating a brazilian girl, but I figured out that it would be easier and better to write it without mentioning where the reader is from, so everyone can relate to these headcanons while reading it (: 

Writer: Jess

  • Tom definitely visiting your country with you
  • Him trying to learn at least how to say “hi, how are you?” on your first language
  • Asking you to show him the city
  • And basically being like those tourists who takes a lot of pictures
  • Trying to talk to your family on your language but failing and being like “babe, please help me”
  • You cursing on your first language and Tom googling it to find out what does it mean
  • “Holy shit, (Y/N)!”
  • Asking you to teach him how to curse like that
  • Tom buying you everything he finds that has some kind of connection with your country
  • Because he knows you feel homesick sometimes
  • You cooking him some traditional dishes from your culture
  • Tom learning how to cook them as well
  • Having long talks with him where he teachs you a lot of stuff about England, and you teach him a lot of stuff about your country
  • Him doing weird questions that it doesn’t actually matter
  • “Which is the most common name on your country?”
  • “Do you guys also drink tea like we do?”
  • “Who’s your president/first minister?”
  • Tom inviting your whole family to spend Christimas with him and his family on England
  • You showing him some musicians from your country
  • And him showing them to everyone he knows
  • Playing a game where if he pronounces a word on your language correctly, you give him a kiss
  • Totally forgetting about the game and just making out
  • Tom always saying that your country is his second favorite place on Earth
  • Him just loving your culture, like a lot
Go save someone, Spiderboy (Peter Parker x reader PT 1)

Requested : I don’t know if you’re taking requests (if not ignore me sorry) but if you are can you do a super angsty Peter Parker x fem Reader where the reader gets hurt by someone Peter if fighting because she followed him or something and it’s just super angsty? I LOVE your writing btw ( @emily-ily2 )

Warnings: swearing, kissing, angst!

Summary: While trying to find out Spider-Man’s identity, there are some unforeseen consequences.

Word Count: 2111 (whoops)

Dear Reader: probs not as angsty as u wanted bc idk how to write angst 😂. When I originally wrote this it turned out to be hella long so two parts yay! thoughts are italicized   i also wrote this in a day les gooo

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“Do you think Spider-Man works out or he just gets muscles from fighting?” I mused, looking at the clock. Only 5 minutes left. Peter looked bored, focusing on anything but your question. I snapped my fingers in front of him, “Peter!” I whispered. He looked up from his trance, “What,” he mumbled. I sighed, “You weren’t listening were to me were you?” I asked. His eyes looked half apologetic, “You’re too obsessed with this Spider-Man.” He said (Although he really didn’t mind the attention ;) . “I’m hot on his trail, Parker! Just one more encounter and you can bet your ass I’ll find out who Spider-Man really is.” I winked. “Whatever you say, (y/n).” Peter mumbled. I pushed open the doors of Midtown high, ready to leave. “You walking home today?” Peter asked, running to my side. I  laced my arm through his, smiling. Before I could answer, my phone beeped against your pocket. The certain buzz I knew, the one alerting me of a crime that Spider-Man would definitely go to. My eyes gained a new look of excitement, and I hastily pulled my arm from Peter’s. “Uh, actually I-I got a thing I gotta go to, um, I’ll call you later though!” I said, already taking out my phone and looking up the location of the crime. Bay road. 

That was only a few blocks from here, i could make it if I ran. Peter called out, but I couldn’t hear him from the wind rushing past my ears.

(Y/n) doesn’t know what she’s getting into. I can’t keep saving her from this trouble. I have to get her to leave me alone (in the nicest way possible). It’s like I’m saving her more than other civilians, like a show of favoritism. I kept walking, keeping my head down until I got to an alley where I could change into my suit. Jfc (y/n), the things you gotta make me do. I threw my backpack into the air and glued it to the side of the building as I saw a familiar blue backpack race by. I threw a web to the top of the building and started running after (y/n) .

I caught my breath for a few seconds before continuing to run, luckily there weren’t many people on the streets. I smiled to myself as I saw the crime scene tape up ahead and slowed down. The next step I took was off the ground as a strong arm grabbed my waist and pulled me up. And guess who the fucker was? Spider-Man, I shit you not. I couldn’t process what was happening other than I was in the air when I was on the ground a second ago. My backpack and phone were still on the ground, webbed to the high part of a lamppost. I struggled in his grasp, yet something about his body seemed familiar. I shut my eyes and felt my nose get red from the cold air. “Hey, hey! I got you, (y/n).” He said over the noise. We flew over a building as he set me down on its roof. “You okay?” He asked. “Yeah, yeah I’m- wait, I never told you my name.” I asked suspiciously. If only I could see his eyes through that damn mask. “Uh, what? N-no I’m pretty sure you told me your name, Miss.” He said in a fake deep voice. I couldn’t help it, something about his personality and voice seemed common to me, I laughed. He gave a nervous chuckle, “I’ve been noticing your attention towards me,” He started. Was he mad that I’m following him or something? “And I really have to ask that you stay safe, please don’t follow me. It’s for your own good.” He finished. My own good? He’s kidding me. I gave him the most incredulous look I could manage, “Look I get that you’re a superhero and all,” At the word superhero he flexed, as if to prove my point. “But there’s no reason for you to worry about me. With all due respect, who are you to decide what’s for my own good?” I retorted. Jesus Christ what am I thinking? Sassing a superhero for god’s sake? Spider-Man sighed, “I really don’t want you hurt, so please don’t follow me. It’s nothing personal.” He said. Wow, he played the personal card. “Seriously, it’s none of your business, Spider-Man.” I said, turning around and gripping the balcony ledge. “You made me do this.” He mumbled. “What?” I asked. In the blink of an eye, he shot out a web that kept my hand stuck to the balcony ledge. “Hey! You’ve gotta be fucking with me. Let me out!” I said, trying to rip my hand from the webs.

Then he did something unexpected, he raised his mask to show his mouth and put his hand on the small of my back. I blinked and stared at him, then his lips met mine in a gentle kiss. It wasn’t rough, but it wasn’t soft either. It was actually passionate, and curious. The masked hero wanted to explore my mouth, and I let him. He was a real good kisser, and I wondered if he kissed everyone he saved—but this kiss was different. It’s like he was trying to reach out to me, make me understand why he had to do the things he did. A pause went as we tried to catch our breaths. He looked up at me, his mask still open over his mouth. “Sorry about the web, should go away in about two hours.” He said. Suddenly I wasn’t mad at him anymore. He honestly didn’t want to see me hurt for some reason. After all, who could say no to a superhero? I kissed him again, this time not as long, I just needed to commit the feel of his kiss to memory. He was shocked, but quickly changed his emotion and smiled into the kiss. “Go save someone, spider boy.” I whispered. He gave me a mischievous grin and swung away. The only problem was I was still glued to the damn balcony.

 I grabbed my wallet from my back pocket and started flipping through, looking for anything remotely sharp. My eye caught a broken gift card, the plastic waiting to cut something. I grabbed it and set it aside as I shoved my wallet back. I blew the hair out of my face as I went to work sawing the webs off my hand. Took me a good 15 minutes until I realized I didn’t know how to get back to the ground. “Okay, this is where all that mountain climbing training should pay of right about now,” I mumbled. I jumped onto the ledge and swung myself over, screaming when I couldn’t find a foothold. I found one on the left side of me and started to climb down, making my own footholds if there weren’t any. I jumped the last 6 feet down, coming up in what was supposed to be a crouch but turned out to be a tangled mess of limbs. I backed out of the alley and saw unused webs hanging from the sides of buildings and followed them, hoping to find the spider that so willingly kissed me earlier.

She kissed back. 

(Y/n) actually kissed me back. 

Sure, she thought she kissed Spider-Man, but still. The way she looked with her windswept hair and wide eyes gave me a newfound source of power as I swung into the crime scene, trying to examine the enemy. It was the Sandman, in his signature green striped shirt. I swung onto the ground in a crouch and webbed his foot to the ground. Karen’s voice rang inside the suit, “Facial recognition shows this is the Sandman, formerly known as William Baker, Peter.” She said, targeting his mask. “Yes, I got that, Karen.” I mumbled. I spread my arms in a friendly gesture, but I knew no one could reason with a guy of this power. “Hey, William, I was having a pretty good day today and I would really appreciate it if you didn’t ruin it!” I said. Herman struggled against the webbing. “So the spiderling finally shows himself! Consider yourself lucky you’ll be killed in front of an audience.” He gestured to the crowd, who were roped in by a circle of sand, the local police trying to calm everyone down. “C'mon man it’s me you want!” I said, trying to stall him from hurting anyone. I scanned the crowd, making sure no one was hurt when a familiar face popped up. (Y/n). God, she has the worst timing. “(Y/n), no stay back!” I yelled, forgetting who was watching. She looked at me nervously, seeing who I was supposed to fight. William eyed (y/n), then looked back at me. He could see right through my suit that I was scared for her.

 He grinned and lassoed her next to him. He grabbed a gun from the nearest policeman, who let him (coward) and held next to (y/n)’s arm. “Such a good girl,” He said, “I really don’t want to hurt a pretty face like yours.” He cooed. His arm was around her neck, she clawed at it in a desperate attempt to get away. I felt sick to my stomach as he pressed the gun all around her body, as if wondering where he would shoot her. I held my hand up shakily, trying to ease the Sandman into letting her go. He chuckled, “So what’s so special about this little girly that makes the Spider-Man’s knees go weak?” He taunted. “P-please don’t do this, William. No one has to get hurt.” I stammered. He pulled the arm that was holding (y/n)’s neck back, she grunted, losing air to breathe. “Oh, you mean she doesn’t have to get hurt, right?” He said, choking her while he held her up off the ground. Her face was growing paler by the second. “How about I just leave a little cut right here, to remind your spider lover of that pretty little voice when you scream.” He said, leaving a deep (but short) cut on her left thigh. She screamed in agony as he dropped her to the ground. I could only watch, I felt like my own feet were glued to the ground. “NO!” I yelled as she scrambled away towards the sand barricade. The Sandman turned to face me, “Should I kill you in front of her or kill her in front of you? Hmm, options, options.” He said. “You’re a psychopath, you bastard!” I yelled. I spotted a cell tower nearby, shot a web towards it and pulled it so the light broke, emitting a shower of lightning as it hit the Sandman. “NO! I WILL COME BACK! I WILL!” He screamed as he turned into glass. 

I turned to (y/n), she tore up half her jacket as she tried to cover the wound. Then I heard the sound of a gunshot. Everything went into slow motion. (Y/n)’s arm jerked back from the force of the bullet. Her face went slack from the sight of the bullet lodged in her arm. I could hear her scream echoing off my skull, getting louder as it traveled through my body. “NO!” I screamed yet again. I ran to her side and held her head in my lap as I tried to pull the bullet out. I decided against it, since it could hurt her more. “No, no no no. Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.” I muttered. “(Y/n), please wake up, listen to my voice, (y/n), please!” I said. Her eyes fluttered, she coughed up blood. I winced at how hurt she was. “You saved everyone from that man. Good job, Spider boy.” She said, trying to smile. I was tempted to pull off my mask, then remembered there was still a crowd. I pulled up the bottom part of my mask and called 911. 


That bullet hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt. I didn’t realize how fast it hit but how much it hurt. The pain was rolling through my body in waves. All I remembered is Spider-Man heaving over my chest, whispering “Don’t die on me now, (y/n).” before I was carried out onto a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.

Oooo cliff hanger! Sorry y’all 😂. I’m gonna post part 2 in about 6 days, along with a few other imagines. Like and comment/reblog if u wanna be permanently tagged in my other Peter Parker/Marvel imagines! ❤️

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I think I’m stuck on him because I just remember this one time we were sitting on my bed and he started talking about things he liked. And he said he wanted to create a comic. His entire face lit up all I saw was his excitement, it radiated off of him and like bounced to me. I forgot I had depression I forgot what happened to me the only thing that mattered at that moment was how happy he was. His energy made me feel something that I still remember almost 4 months later and for the first time I think I caught a glimpse of what it’s like to be in love

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you know how on the today show the woman mentioned harry getting the part "because he's a box office star" and he was going "heeeeey" i can imagine harry's wife being really defensive over stuff like that. if she was at an interview like that, i can see her tensing up and having to hold her tongue from going at the person offending her baby.

I always feel like the missus gets very defensive when things get said that can be a little offensive to him or a little degrading and it’s almost like she can see the reaction, even though he may not show one on his face, that he has when he’s asked. She’s got fists at her side as she stands back and watches, a frown on her face and pulling her eyebrows together, biting her cheek and rolling her tongue to stop her from saying anything that could interrupt the interview. But, as soon as Harry’s done and he’s scuffing over to her, he can already tell she was displeased with what was said.

“Don’t say anything. For Christ sake, we don’t need you pull hair today,” he pulls her up from her seat and brings his arms around her, pulling her close and sighing into her hair, “I love you.”

“And it’s because I love you that I want to stick up for you when people get like that. You won this role, fair and square, Harry. Not just because of who you are,” she sighs, leaning up on her toes and nudges her nose into his cheek, “I don’t know how many times the cast and Nolan and Emma have to say you won the role of this movie. When people second-guess that and say something false, well, it just really pisses me off.”

“And as much as I want you to go and pull her hair or hit her or cause a scene, we cannot afford that to happen, can we? We have our bloody wedding on Friday. Need you looking all nice and pretty with no black eyes or busted lips. I want to be able to snog you in front of everyone when you become my wife,” he hums, tilting his face into her touch and sighing, “let’s go, shall we? I’m getting hungry.” xx

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Can you do a bts reaction to their s/o moving her tail when she's needy?

I hope you like it!

(I’m sorry if there’s any grammatical error)


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Jin would melt, really, we all know how sweet he is, so I don’t think that the fact that their S/O is moving her/his tail would be a turn on in him, he would just found it cute.

He would say something like “Do you need something Jagi?” While stroking your ears.


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He would give you a soft smile, but inside his heart is rushing, he would rub his cheek on yours because when you’re begin that cute he can’t handle it. But lately, he would give a little smirk while pushing you in the sofa.

“Babe, do you want something from me? Ask me properly”


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This dude is probably going crazy, (We all had seem the effect of Jimin cuteness on him) because of you, you’re the kind of cute, clingy person when you’re on heat or needy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks you up and takes you to your bedroom.

“Let’s help you with that honey”


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Okay so let’s imagine this:

A super hot Hoseok, making music in the kitchen bar, with his headphones on, then you came into the kitchen whining a little, he honestly wouldn’t pay you too much attention, but when you rub yourself against him, he would definitely stop everything, and when he see your cute brown tail, damn, prepare yourself.


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His heart, like Seokjin would melt. Jimin is the kind of mate that wants to make everything in a romantic way, so when he sees your tail he would give you a smile and then proceed to kiss you in a slow, sexy and cute way, you can obviously imagine what’s next.

“I just love you way too much y/n”


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This puppy, ahh, he would move his tail along yours, he would also twine it with yours, while kissing and rubbing against you. I feel like Tae would love to rub (in a innocent way) (also in a sexual way tho) against you, is like his favorite part of the day.

“I love you, I love you, I love you”


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Jeongguk wouldn’t think about it in like a needy action from you, he may think you want to play or something like that, but when you take his controller and throw it away, and sit on his lap, he would understand, so he would kiss you pleasantly, ready to help you with your problem.

“Damn y/n, are you that needy? Kookie is gonna help you baby”

Peas in a pod

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy!

You try to hide the yawn behind your book but it was rather unsuccessful when your friends glance your way. You simply ignore them before turning to look at Damian. How in the world is he not so tired despite going on patrols almost every night up to the early mornings? Sometimes you can barely even get up on time!

“Your staring is starting to disturb me, Y/N.”

You smile, knowing full well that you now have Damian’s attention even if he has yet to look at you, at all. So you continue to stare at him some more, not minding the fact that the teacher is probably saying something very important.

Damian sighs before he closes his book and turns to give you a very dead-pan stare. “May I be of assistance?”

“I dare you to fling your peas at the Principal later.”

Damian rolls his eyes before returning back to his book. “Child’s play.”

You stick your tongue out at Damian before crossing your arms, still staring at Damian knowing very well that your best friend has never been able to say no to you whenever you become like this.

“Tt.” Damian turns to stare at you. “How about I try to fling peas at the Principal without him noticing?” He asks, perhaps he can also perfect his throwing skills at the same time too.

You grin. “Of course – let’s see how many peas will it take for the Principal to notice.” You giggle quietly to yourself before grinning at Damian.

Damian shakes his head. More often than not, Damian wonders how in the world did the two of you manage to become friends. Up to this day, it is still a mystery to him.

Peter Parker + “Can you love someone at 15?”

You love him. Your palms get sweaty when he smiles and your heart races when he looks at you. You love him.

You’re fifteen though, do you- can you -even know what love is? You wonder. You’re just a kid and while you can make good decisions like what to eat for lunch- pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni -or what color you’d like to dye your hair- bright in your face magenta -maybe it’s too soon to even entertain the idea of love.

You’re in class with your chin in your palm, looking at him with these big love sick puppy dog eyes because how can you not look at him? He’s beautiful. 

He’s across the room sitting next to Ned Leeds, copying down notes like the good little genius he is. But then he turns his head in your direction and sees you looking at him. Instead of whipping around back to his notes or looking at you oddly because you were just staring at him, he smiles.

His two front teeth peek out from behind his lips and his brown eyes- they’re usually a dark brown color, like dark chocolate, though they’re never bitter like the sweet -have a joyful spark in them that makes the room start spinning.

“Mr. Parker,” the teacher snaps, Peter looks at them slightly startled, “Eyes up front.” Peters’ face turns a light pink color as he nods.

When the teacher turns back around Peter looks at you again and smiles once more before going back to his work.

Yeah, so what if you’re fifteen? You’re in love with Peter Parker.

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015. college!jungkook + teacher!you

015. “all I want is you.”

Being a teacher had its perks sometimes. You’ll admit, you take advantage of having the upper hand when the moon turns blue but for the most part (when the moon is normal), you don’t. Today was one of the days where the moon is at the bluest and you can’t resist yourself from saying: “Jeon, see me after class,”

Said boy looks surprised, getting called out in the few minutes before the period ends. He flinches when his friends mess around with him, shaking him left and right, cooing he’s a dead man walking and he’s probably going to get his ass fried for a reason he doesn’t know what. Deep down inside, he’s already thinking of how to apologize for whatever he did or didn’t do.

The time runs to the end when the class is dismissed and Jungkook’s unable to leave. Almost everyone scatters out of the auditorium within five minutes and he has to deal with the tormenting silence when the last person that leaves has the courtesy to close the door (whilst wishing Jungkook the best of luck). He gulps and picks up his belonging, slinging it over his shoulder as he makes his way down to your table.

Before he drags the seat opposite you, he’s about to sit down but you click your pen and his eyes automatically focus on it. When it points to the door, he only gapes for two seconds tops before he drops his bag and goes to lock it. What’s happening right now is up his alley of assumptions, landing to the jackpot of what he wants (especially on campus grounds)… to be alone with you.

He turns around when he hears you say something. Seeing how unbelieving he is to not hear you the first time, you chuckle and repeat yourself.

“Congratulations, Jungkook,”

He’s officially confused.


“I heard you’re in the school’s top ten,”

His eyes widen, lips agape as he brings a hand up to the back of his neck, “Ah… I see…”

“So,” You stand from your seat, walking around your table to lean your hip against it as you stand aligned to Jungkook, “I’m free for the day,”

Jungkook was in the school’s top ten for a reason when the lightbulb above his head starts to flicker. He lowers his hand and his eyes squint at you, the words forming in his mind as they jump to assumptions quicker than he can think.

“A-Are you saying what I think you’re-”

“Yes, Jungkook. Exactly that,” 

He’s overwhelmed and you see it on his face. His eyes are filling with adoration and his lips slowly curl up into a smile that widens like his gums embedded with happiness. You’re about to tell him that today is all about him, that he gets to choose whatever he wants but the side of how you always talk to him comes out to say: “What do you want-”halfway before it gets cut off with Jungkook’s arms coming around your waist, face already pressed to your neck where he belongs and he’s still smiling.

Smiling as he whispers: “All I want is you,”

While you usually don’t indulge in his affections in campus grounds, for now, you’ll let it slide. Thinking of how hard he studied night after night, ditching you to go home to study, coming in the wee hours of the day because he can’t seem to understand a certain phrase, going above and beyond to prove to you that he’s capable of studying, Jungkook’s earned it. Your hands come up his sides and rest on his shoulders, before your fingers thread through his hair as the both of you stay like that for a little while in an auditorium meant for learning, now as a cave for peace, quiet… and a bit of love.

One of the many perks of being a teacher.

  • jin stans: don't call jin mom
  • some of y'all: um??? wtf i feel so oppressed right now??? why can’t we call him mom don’t you know moms are amazing???? its a compliment ok wtf are you saying jin isn’t caring like a mom???? wow i can’t believe this you guys don’t even like jin bc ur saying he’s not like a mom wow you guys are fake jin stans
Change Of Pace (Sal/Larry)

 “Ugh, it’s like I’m never going to beat this level,” Sal groaned, laying back on Larry’s bed, “it’s impossible.”

 “Have you tried seeing it from a new angle?” Larry asked, smiling down at his blue-haired friend. “Doing that has helped me with art. So I don’t see why it can’t help you with your game.”

 Sal stared at his friend, examining every detail. Every adorable freckle adorning Larry’s face, they looked like stars. Like you could connect them and see constellations. He was almost glad Larry couldn’t see the smile on his face, but at the same time he wanted him to see it. He wanted Larry to know how much he loved those freckles.

 “Hey, earth to Sally Face, you there?” Larry asked, waving a hand in front of Sal’s face. It snapped Sal out of his thoughts, back into the real world.

 “Sally Face to Freckle Face, yes I’m here, I was just.. thinking,” Sal answered, almost missing the flash of hurt in Larry’s eyes from the nickname ‘Freckle Face’.

 “..oh, anyways, as I was saying, really you should try to look at the level from a new angle, try a different route. Lemme see it,” Larry said, holding out a hand. Sal handed him the game, sighing. He watched as Larry focused on the game. Within just a few minutes, at least two, Larry had beaten the level for him.

 “How did you..” Sal whispered, being handed back the game.

 “Like I said, new angle,” Larry said, smiling at Sal. He laid beside Sal, staring at the ceiling.

 “Hey, Freckles,” Sal says to Larry, “think you can do the next level too?”

 “Hell yeah,” Larry replies, taking the game again, “bet I can beat this whole game.”

 “That’s a bet,” Sal chuckles, he would be lying if he didn’t hear the hurt in his friend’s voice when he pointed out his freckles.

 “Ten dollars says I can beat this game,” Larry laughs, already speeding through the next level. Sal watched Larry play the game for hours, until they both realized what time it is.

 “Dude, shouldn’t you be getting back to your apartment now?” Larry asked, “It’s like ten thirty, I think.”

 “Oh is it really?” Sal replied, looking for a clock. He found the one on Larry’s nightstand, and it displayed 10:30 pm. “I should be getting home.”

 “Yeah,” Larry almost whispered, he gave Sal a small smile. Sal gathered his things, saying goodbye to Larry before going back to his own apartment. Almost the second Sal was out of sight, Larry sighed. He glanced around his room until his eyes locked onto a familiar sight— his own face. The freckles that he hated, the nose that was just too big, that looked weird, and the mole under his right eye.

 That night, he went to sleep with his own thoughts, ones he didn’t like. The ones that told him everything bad about his appearance. He wondered if Sal only played the part of his best friend out of pity. He almost believed it.


 The next morning when Sal returned, he noticed something off with Larry almost immediately. He noticed how the taller boy seemed to over think his actions, how he bounced his leg nervously. Larry had headphones plugged into some crappy mp3, but it wasn’t blasting a loud metal song. Instead, it sounded like something much calmer.

 That was the weirdest part. Larry was almost always listening to metal, it seemed to be the only genre of music he really liked. Larry also seemed to switch through the songs rapidly, seemingly trying to find the perfect one. Sal was about to ask him what was going on, why he was acting differently, until Larry seemed to randomly blurt out a question.

 “Hey, do you know how to dance?” Larry had asked, fidgeting with his fingers. “L-like, slow dance, I mean?”

 “No, not really,” Sal said, swearing he had heard Larry stutter. “Why?”

 “I-uh.. I could teach you i-if you wanted.” Larry answered. And he stuttered. And oh god, it was adorable.

 “Yeah, if you want to. I’m up for it.” Sal smiled. “Teach me.”

 Larry smiled back, standing and holding out his hand. Sal took it, being pulled up. Larry ran over to a speaker he owned, plugging his mp3 into it before playing the song he was listening to. It was much calmer than the usual songs Larry listened to, much, much calmer.

 As Larry showed Sal what to do, and as time passed, their movements seemed to mold into one. Everything got a lot more comfortable, even if Sal sometimes misstepped. Eventually, Sal was nearly as good as Larry. At least, that’s the way he’d put it.

 “This is surprisingly fun,” Sal whispered, just loud enough for Larry to hear.

 “I know,” Larry whispered back. “That’s why I wanted to show it to you.”

 “Hey, Larry,” Sal whispered, “I.. you’re my best friend, and I.. I think your freckles are beautiful. And your eyes, and just everything about you. I love you.”

 Larry froze, and Sal looked up almost reluctantly. What Sal saw almost surprised him. Larry was looking at him with a look of disbelief, before he whispered just four words.

 “I love you too.”

 Sal smiled under the mask, even though he knew Larry couldn’t see it. “C-can you close your eyes and lean down a bit?” Sal asked, feeling his face heat up beneath his mask. Larry did as asked, but he was still a bit surprised when he felt Sal’s scarred lips on his own. He kissed back.

 After a moment, Sal pulled away, readjusting his mask so his face was hidden again. Larry opened his eyes, and couldn’t stop a grin from slipping onto his face.

 “I love you,” Sal said once more, “and.. I know you don’t like me pointing out your freckles. I’m sorry for that, I was kinda a dick.”

 “I love you too,” Larry replied, “and it’s alright. I know you most likely didn’t mean anything by it. I.. I’m just insecure about them.”

 “They’re pretty. They’re.. beautiful. They look like stars, there’s no way to describe how beautiful they are with words.”

 “You think so?”

 “Yeah, I do.”

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I read the light novels and yeah I still can't see why you like him. Hes a badly written characters, in the books and anime it makes him seem like he can't do no wrong and basically puts him on a pedestal even know he did WAY more shit then the vampires and other bad people. ( except his girlfriend both of them are poorly written characters)

Okay. This started as asking how I could like Guren when he’s a killer and liar and has turned into being about how he’s badly written for not getting punished for his actions. These are separate issues. 

1. Every character is a killer and liar. Even Yoichi. I’m in no way excusing killing and lying, but you can’t just call out a single character for it. He has not done “way more shit than the vampires and other bad people”. Just, no. You can’t tell me he’s done worse than Tenri or Ferid. Or maybe even Shi-chan at this rate. Has Guren fucked up? Yes. But only ever with good intentions. That is what matters. Tenri and more than likely Ferid have acted only in their own self interests. Which makes a huge difference. 

2. If you really read the light novels and manga, you’ll find multiple instances of either Guren himself low key expressing his horror and guilt at bloodshed, or somebody else pointing it out about him. Again, I’m not excusing, but I’d argue on the fact he would “kill people for his own interest”. Guren is not self centered in the slightest. I don’t have time to find all instances, but the Nagoya arc has quite a few. The light novels as well. Like how even possessed by a demon, he can’t bring himself to kill his friends. Or how everything he does is to protect those that serve his family and Mahiru, a damaged girl at the end of a demon possessed rope. After he loses those things, all his actions are for what he perceives as a greater good, that is, restoring humanity. 

3. If it really is about the fact the universe/other characters don’t punish Guren for his actions and make him out as a hero, I fail to see how that’s his fault. If you’re basing this off of hating Guren for his actions, you should be liking Guren. It’s obvious he is aware and tormented by guilt about the apocalypse. Nobody hates Guren more than Guren. And I don’t know how many times I’ve stressed this, but we don’t even know it was truly his fault. It appears like the apocalypse and wiping out of humanity was set in motion and beyond Guren’s control to stop. Beyond even Mahiru’s control. Yet he 100% blames himself. So it makes sense he’s going to great lengths to fix it. Are the great lengths he’s going through “good”? Nope. Is he aware of that? Yep. His guilty looks at Yuu’s infallible smile should be proof enough. He is affected by the impact of his actions on those he cares about. I’m confident those impacts over time will become of major importance later in his decision making. 

Again, I can see and understand how people don’t like him. No skin off my back. What I can’t get past is people making a grey area black. I could make a long list of faults for every last character. But you know what else I can do? Find positive traits for them as well. This type of conversation gets old fast because people tend to defend their point using every last bit of dirt as if it soils all good traits. 

If you want to be set in hating a character, only looking at the bad, that’s fine. I really don’t care. But don’t bring it to a blog you know loves that character and expect them to suddenly “see” all these negative traits and realize the character isn’t worth liking. It’s rude, whether you meant to be judgmental or not. 

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Any advice on moving on? I know you've never been in a relationship, but still.. I've been moving on from a guy for 3 years now, that ain't normal shit

Sounds like you didn’t get closure or something. If you can still talk to him and just let him know how you feel, do it. You’ll see how he feels and you’ll be able to move on. Talk to new people, hang out with friends

Soldat (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: There’s a lot of violence in this one people and torture. Angst galore. 

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They had left her secured in one of the medical chambers in the Wakanda Facility. There was CCTV in every room so they could see exactly what it was she was doing.

Steve stopped Bucky before he could walk too far away. “Buck wait” his friend stopped walking but didn’t turn to look at him. “Bucky just how well did you know her? We’ve been searching for the other soldiers all this time and you never mentioned knowing any of them. You’ve never mentioned knowing anyone”

Bucky’s shoulders were tense as he did eventually turn around “I wasn’t sure if she was still alive” his eyes were haunted “I hadn’t seen her for 3 years”

“Who is she Buck?”

“327651” Bucky repeated “her real name is Y/N”

“She knows you as well. How is that possible? Doesn’t the mind wipe clear out her memories of you?”

Even the mention of the mid wiping machine was enough for Bucky’s muscles to tremble in remembered pain. The electricity coursing through muscle and pounding into your brain removing everything that made you an individual.

“Some memories are impossible to remove, imprinted so strongly as to be a part of you”

“And she imprinted on you so strongly? How?”

Bucky didn’t answer, instead turning to look at the screen of the CCTV screen. Y/N was sat on the small bed, legs crossed underneath her with her eyes closed. She looked like she could be asleep apart from Steve had seen Bucky sit like that before. In utter stillness. It was how he sat when he was the Winter Soldier and he was waiting for his next orders.

“Is it safe to keep her here Buck?”

He shrugged “it’s as safe as anywhere else. She shouldn’t attack without any more orders and no one else speaks enough Russian to be able to trigger her”

“You aren’t all that comforting Buck”

Bucky dragged his eyes away from the CCTV footage to look at Steve once more. “She’s dangerous Steve. Just as dangerous as I am, yet I’m not in chains or locked in a room”

“She tried to kill you when she heard your name”

“A left over mission protocol. She didn’t this time and she saw me a lot more”

Steve sighed to himself. “This is going to cause nothing but trouble is it?”

“You can’t save one and not others”

“So yeah, nothing but trouble”



The machine meant nothing but pain. You knew that much even if everything else was starting to become blurry and undefined. How long had you been here? You couldn’t remember. The days blurring into more and more of the same thing. More pain and endless suffering.

“Bring her”

No, you were quickly picking up the Russian words your captors spoke and you knew exactly what that meant. Rough hands grabbed your arms pulling you up from the floor. It was instinct to fight back, you hadn’t thought you had a chance against trained soldiers but you were winning. Kicking out at the man on your left he flew through the air as if propelled by jets slamming hard into the wall and dropping unconscious to the floor. The one on the right had drawn an electro shock baton and was advancing towards you. Lashing out you saw his movements almost as if in slow motion. Twisting around is attack and taking hold of his wrist you wrenched it around snapping the bone with nary a thought. He dropped to the ground screaming and cradling the wrist. You now in possession of the electro shock baton.

“Soldat restrain her” The Russian was screaming again as the figure beside him moved out of the shadows. Tall and wearing all leather armour you knew him. Those blue eyes holding you still as he stalked towards you.

“Who are you people?” You gasped out voice breaking. “What have you done to me?”

The soldier didn’t answer you. The fight had gone out of you as without trying you knew it would be useless to fight this soldier. You dropped the baton as his hands wrapped around your wrists holding you trapped.

“You will only speak when spoken to Soldat” the commander had approached you now you were effectively contained. Why was he calling you Soldat though? You weren’t a soldier you were a ballet dancer.

“Who are you?”

His hand lashed out hitting you hard across the jaw as you jerked in the Soldat’s grip. “Russian. Only speak Russian here”

You hung limp in the Soldat’s grip, not bothering to try and speak anymore. You may have started to understand some of the Russian being spoken around you but it didn’t mean you knew enough to form a sentence.

“Put her in the machine”

“Niet!” that Russian word slipped out without your conscious control, struggling weakly as you were bodily picked up and placed in the chair. Manacles clamped around your wrists, arms and legs holding you trapped. “Please” you begged the Soldat softly in English. “Please help me”

You thought for an instant you saw compassion flicker in his eyes be it vanished in an instant as he took a step back from you. It was close enough though that you could still stare into his steel blue eyes as the machine groaned moving into place over your head.

It started with a whir and pain unlike anything you had ever felt before wracked your whole body. You couldn’t have held in the scream even if you’d tried. It forced its way up out of your throat, bleeding your throat raw with the intensity.

The electric cooked your brain, frying your senses and burning out the memories of anything that came before the pain. All the time though you could see him. The Soldat, as your body jerked in pain your eyes held fastened to his own steel blue ones.