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Seeking Paintings | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: You, a muggle-born artist, have been hiding your feelings for Draco Malfoy for years now. Though, after an unplanned meeting in the astronomy tower things between the two of you start to change. Even more so after finding each other in the Room or Requirement.

Word Count: 3,573

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: not my gif credit to owner

You stare out into the vast horizon from the astronomy tower. This was your favorite hideout during your free period. You much rather enjoyed the view when it was light outside. Sure you love astronomy class and looking up at the stars but this was just different. Better.

You pulled out your old, hard-cover, weather-beaten sketch book and began to draw the landscape before you. You made sure to grasp and add every detail to your drawing. You began shading in the sunset when you heard a voice behind you.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a rotten tone and you already knew who it was.

“You don’t own the astronomy tower, Draco,” you say blandly while continuing your work.

“You know this is were I go in my spare time,” you hear him huff.

“I know,” you blush, hoping he doesn’t know that besides the view one of your favorite part of this spot is that it’s that it’s his spot too. Then again, how would he even know that, it’s not like you two are exactly close.

You hear him start to walk away and your heart sinks. Just once you’d like him to stay up here when you’re here. Maybe then, you too could become close. You’d had this battle with having a crush on Draco since first year. Now here you are, sixth year and the most interaction between you two is fighting over the astronomy tower.

“You know you can stay right?” You boldly say. You swallow hard when you hear him stop in his tracks.

You hear his footsteps begin again but this time coming back towards you.

He sits a few feet from you, “Just don’t expect me to talk to you.”

You just smile and shake your head continuing to look down at your sketch book. For a few minutes you two stay like this, you drawing, him (probably) thinking. You wonder what could be going on in his head, he seemed to be thinking pretty deeply.

You feel him inching towards you at a snail’s pace, from the corner of your eye you can see him watching you draw everything from here to the horizon. You hate yourself for the blush creeping up on your face, by the time he’s within a foot of you your face is bright red.

“Why are you blushing?” You look up at him and see he’s smiling, a genuine smile.

Because I’ve been hiding my massive crush on you for nearly six years.

“I just get embarrassed at people watching me work,” you shrug.

“Why?” He asks seeming genuinely interested. “You’re really good.”

“Thanks,” you’re blush gets even deeper.

You break eye contact and look back down at your sketchbook. The rest of the period is made up with you finishing your sketch and Draco watching intently. He’s completely mesmerized at how you can just see an image and recreate it perfectly on your page.

It’s Saturday and you aren’t needed nor expected anywhere, which is why Saturdays are your favorite days. You usually spent these days roaming around looking for inspiration for a new art piece. Which is exactly how you plan to start today.

You roam the school grounds aimlessly, constantly moving your head around to grasp every aspect of the school. You step into the one of the many courtyards and feel inspired to sketch it, until you realize you’ve already done that… Ten times…

You sigh and realize that after six years of constantly working in the same space it’s going to be hard to find a completely new area for your art. Just this year and the following before you can finally start travelling and finding more inspiration worldwide.

In your attempts to find a new spot you’re again not looking forward. causing you to slam right into someone.

“Hey, watch where- oh, hey Y/N,” you hear Draco’s voice quickly turn from intimidation to delight.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention,” you ramble.

“Don’t worry about it,” he laughs at how cute he thinks you are when you ramble.

A blush creeps onto your face, “Well, I best be going.” As you turn to walk away he grabs your wrist and turns you back to face him.

“Hey, are you going to the Quidditch match today?” He inquires.

“Um I wasn’t really planning on it,” you scratch the back of your neck.

“Oh,” his face slightly falls. “Well, I’d like it if you went,” he says his cheeks turning slightly pink. “Even though you’d be rooting for Y/H and not Slytherin,” he looks at the ground.

“I mean I probably should go, it's sixth year and I haven’t gone to a single match,” you shrug and he looks at you dumbfounded.

“Not a single match? Well, you definitely have to go now,” he laughs and so do you.

“Well, I guess you can count on me being there,” you say before turning and walking away. You look over your shoulder, “And I guess I can root for Slytherin just this once,” you wink and quickly face forward as your face turns crimson red. A crazy amount of adrenaline must’ve been rushing through you for having the courage to wink at Draco Malfoy.

You take a seat in Y/H’s section for the Quidditch match, all your housemates do a double take when they see you arrive. Which were followed by ‘finally’, 'it’s about time’, 'I didn’t even know you knew how to get here’ and more sayings around those lines.

You don’t know to much about Quidditch, especially since you’re a muggle-born. Not that you know much about muggle sports either. Your friends have explained the game to you many times, you got the logistics but you just didn’t know why it was such a big deal. Maybe you’ll actually figure it out through watching a match.

Draco rose up into the air on his broomstick to prepare for the start of the game. On his way up he scanned the crowd for you and a smile creeps onto his face when he sees you sitting in Y/H’s section. He can tell you look slightly out of place in the stands and is glad to see you actually showed up. He keeps up the hope that you’re actually here for him.

He has been trying to convince himself since second year that he doesn’t have feelings for you. That he could never have feelings for a muggle-born. Except as he’s grown older through his school years he’s realized that muggle-borns aren’t that bad. He’s realized he was just told to think that way, not that he actually believed it.

He’s pulled out of his thoughts by the blow of the whistle signaling the beginning of the game. Slytherin immediately takes hold of the Quaffle and manages to score within the first minute. A chorus of boos and angered shouts comes from Y/H’s section. Draco looks over to see you remaining silent among your peers. He smiles, hoping you may be rooting for Slytherin…for him…silently. Even if you’re not, at least you aren’t booing.

Draco circles around the field, scanning for the snitch. He’d be lying to say that he wasn’t losing his interest in Quidditch, squinting into the distance searching for a flying ball of gold gets boring after awhile. Of course, he didn’t know if the sport itself was actually starting to bore him or the stress recently rested upon him was making him lose interest in the things he loves. Apparently stress can do that. 

He sees a flicker of gold in the distance, shocked at how early on he’s spotted it he doesn’t fully believe he saw it. That is until he sees the seeker for Y/H dive in the direction of the flash of gold. He quickly follows and the two chase after the golden blur, neck and neck. Draco shoves the other seeker, causing him to spin off course and leaving Draco to be the only one in pursuit of the snitch.

He’s extremely close, he takes a hand off his broom and reaches towards the snitch. He feels cold metal on the pads of his fingers, he just needs to get a grip around it. Almost…


He’s nearly knocked off his broom as pain seers through his ribcage. He got hit with a bludger milliseconds before he could grab the snitch. He holds a hand over his ribcage and groans in pain. He rises back into the air to find he’s near Y/H’s section. He looks over at you and you mouth to him, 'Are you okay?’. He nods and manages to give you a faint smile as reassurance.

When he starts to move upward he hears many whispers, “Did Draco Malfoy the Draco Malfoy just smile?”, “Did he smile at you, Y/N?”, “Is there something going on between you two?”, and things of that nature.

He looks back in your direction to see your cheeks turning pink while multiple people start to question you. Though more importantly he sees a smile on your face at the thought of people thinking something is going on between the two of you.

Suddenly, his interest for Quidditch returns. Except rather than loving the sport, wanting to be the best, and move towards winning the House Championships, his goal and motivation to win comes from you. He wants to impress you, and suddenly he finds himself squinting at the field and scanning it as if his life depended on it.

Ten minutes pass with no sign of the snitch. Y/H is currently in the lead, sixty-twenty. Draco continues to scan the field, keeping an eye on the other seeker to see if they look to be in pursuit. He finds himself glancing over at you often as well, trying to make sure you aren’t growing bored. Good thing he’s doing this because it is when he shifts his eyes to you that he spots the snitch once again.

This time determined to get he speeds off in the directions of the flicker of gold. He soon gets close enough that the snitch is hardly a blur anymore. He stretches out his arm when he feels someone bump his side, not strong enough to knock him off his path though. It’s Y/H’s seeker, Draco gives them a menacing stare before turning his eyes back to the snitch. The two race around the field with their arms reaching towards the snitch, they’re neck and neck. Draco, determined to win, jerks his hand out so roughly he fears he might’ve dislocated his shoulder. It would be worth it though, he feels his hand close around the snitch.

He slows down and waves the snitch above his head, wearing a proud smile. The rest of the Slytherin team flies over to congratulate him. He hardly notices their presence as he starts to look for you, to see your reaction. His smile fell, you weren’t in the spot you had previously been in. You weren’t anywhere to be seen.

A look of disappointment washes over Draco’s face as he moves back to the ground. Where did you go? Why did you leave? Did you just not care enough to stay? Did you leave because Slytherin won? Was it foolish of him to think you were here for him? He was disappointed that he ever let that thought into his head.

The rest of the Slytherins were celebrating in their common room, but Draco was in no mood for a party. Though every time he tried to move towards the dorms one of his friends would pull him back to the center of the crowd.

“Dude, what up with you,” Blaise leans onto Draco. “You know you can’t vanish from a party after a win.”


He hadn’t been to the room of requirement in ages. If he was already disappointed with himself he might as well make it even worse by working on that cabinet.

“I actually have to go do something,” Draco mutters before peeling away from the crowd, this time being successful.

He begins the journey from the dungeons all the way to the seventh floor, left corridor. Constantly, he finds himself dodging behind corners at the sight or sound of a teacher. When he makes it to the entrance of the Room of Requirement unscathed he begins to pace and think deeply about what he needs.

I really need to work on this cabinet. If I don’t fix it in time I’ll probably get myself and my family killed. To work on this cabinet though I’m really going to need some privacy. No one else should be able to go in or out. I really just need to be alone, even though I’d rather be talking to Y/N, figuring out why she left the natch early… But I really need to go work on this cabinet in private.

He thinks to himself, allowing him access to the room. He steps inside and begins to make his way to the vanishing cabinet. He examines a feather from the last time when he used that cabinet on a small bird. He begins to realize it’s spending days on end staring at this cabinet that he truly begins to hate what he’s become. He knows he had no choice, it makes him hate all those who did. All who didn’t have people pressuring him to be evil. To kill or be killed. It makes him hate all those who had good people in his life.

He just wanted one good person in his life, he needed one good person in his life.

Where am I going to find a good person who wants to be in my life?

He’s pulled out of his thoughts when he hears a crash from somewhere in the room, faint whispering follows. Someone else is in here.

He draws his wand from his pocket, becoming extremely alert. He swallows hard, the last thing he needs is to be caught in here. He slowly moves towards the sound of the crash, pashing piles and piles of randomized objects. The faint whisper becomes a distinct mutter, a girl’s mutter.

He jumps out from behind the last pile of things before him and the unknown girl and raises his wand. However, he immediately lowers it at the sight before him.

“Y/N?” He questions putting his wand back in his pocket.

You look up at him and gulp. You are kneeling on the ground in front of a puddle of spilt paint to the side of a canvas. Your face turning a bright red to match the paint covering the floor.

“Draco,” you say wide-eyed. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he tuts.

“Well, I needed a canvas and some oils,” you shrug. “So, I went to the room that would supply me with my needs.

"Well, I needed privacy as in no one else being in here,” he says coming off more hostile than he wants to be towards you.

“Maybe you don’t know what you’re actually needs are,” you look down at the ground, saddened at his hostility towards you. Just when you were beginning to think he could actually like you, how silly.

He remembers what he was just thinking about. Where am I going to find a good person who wants to be in my life? “Maybe you’re right,” he admits.

You look up at him and try to suppress any thoughts of him needing you from your head. You look back down at your paint puddle and go back to cleaning.

“You know there’s this thing called magic,” he chuckles before pulling out his wand. After giving it a little flick all the paint moves back into the container.

You tut before letting out a muffled thanks and standing back up. A slight frown forms on your face as you dip your paintbrush into your now unspilt paint and get back to working on your canvas.

“I thought you’d be a little more thankful,” Draco raises an eyebrow.

“I don’t like to mix magic and art,” you huff.

“How come?” he presses on, sounding as though he genuinely cares.

You sigh, not sure if you’re completely comfortable about divulging your childhood to Draco, your muggle childhood. If you even wanted to dream about having a chance with him you figured it wouldn’t be best to remind him you’re muggle-born. However, he’s expecting an answer and you only have the truth.

“It just when I was younger I was told I had a gift when it came to art,” you sigh. “They said my art made my talent seem like magic,” you smile at the memories. “I guess I wanted to keep it all down to talent not literal magic,” you shrug,

“Oh,” is all he has to say. “Well, can I see what you’re painting?”

At that you freeze, brush in midair dripping paint onto the ground. You swallow hard and your face becomes a deeper red than Draco, or anyone has ever seen you as. You slowly turn your near paralyzed head to look at him wide-eyed, You do not even want to imagine Draco’s reaction to your current work, yet alone see or hear it in reality.

He chuckles, “I’ll take that as a no.” You slightly nod and turn back to your work. “If I can’t look at it can you at least tell me what it is?” Your face is burning at this point, it feels so hot you fear you may need to go down to the hospital wing.

He appears next to you and you nearly choke on the lump forming in your throat. You set your brush down and timidly turn your head to look at him. You get a side view of his head, slightly tilted with a flattered expression resting on his face.

“Is that me?” He smiles brightly and you swallow hard.

“Is that weird?” You timidly ask.

He turns his head to look down at you, a smile still plastered on his face. “Not at all.”

He looks back to examine the painting even deeper as you rock on your heels as an anxious tick. The painting is a site you captured in your head at the match. Draco with his hand outstretched towards a golden blur, you seeker right at his heels. You painted the world around them as a fuzzy haze to show they were moving at top speeds. In the background one could distinguish the field, goalposts, stadium full of students, as well as the other players flying about.

“Is this why you left the match early?”

“Yeah, I just got the idea and rushed here to go and paint it,” you shrug. Then, you fully process what he just said. “You noticed I left?” Your eyebrows knit together and you move your gaze to him.

“Of course,” he says looking at you. “I did it for you,” he states. “I woke up this morning and the last thing I wanted to do was go looking for a golden blur. Then, I remembered you said I could count on you being there and I knew I had to play.” You open your mouth to speak but no words come out, so Draco continues. “I was planning on inviting you to the after party as my date but you weren’t there,” he shrugs. He’s trying to play it cool but truly he heart is beating a mile a minute. He was not intended to profess his love for you but before he could stop himself the words were slipping from his mouth.


“Yeah, is it so weird for me to take the girl I’ve liked since second year to be my date?” There’s no going back now. It’s out, the secret is out. Draco Malfoy has feelings for Y/N Y/L/N.

He waits for you to say something, anything. He heart is racing and his cheeks are turning pink. He hopes you’ll say you feel the same but you just stay silent.

Your mouth hangs agape, you can’t believe what you’re hearing. “You’ve liked me since second year?”

“Is that weird?” He timidly asks as you did previously.

“N-not at all,” you smile wider than ever, your face only turning slightly pink. “I mean I’ve liked you since first year.” You see his eyes light up at that, he looks as if this is exactly what he needs to hear.

You two stay silent for a moment, gazing into each others eyes. Both of you wondering what to do next. His eyes slowly move down to your lips, linger for a second, then dart back to your eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” He breathes out so quietly you barely hear.

You nod and try to suppress the butterflies in your stomach. He takes a step closer to you and lightly grips your elbows. He pulls you close and stares deep into your eyes. He starts to lean in as do you, both closing your eyes. His lips gently connect to yours. He softly moves his lips against yours, his hands moving down to your waist as yours get tangled in his hair. Neither of you pull away until you both are gasping for air.

“So did you win?” You giggle once you’ve caught your breath.

“I have now.”

Got There First

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This is for @whispersandwhiskerburn​ ‘We’ve Got A Fic For That-Angel’s 750 Follower Celebration Challenge’. I got the prompt ‘Gotta catch ‘em all!’-Pokemon.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, anal, creampie, fingering, just smut, sort of fluff I guess.

Word Count: 1467

Summary: Dean and Sam have been losing hunts for a while, the older Winchester needing a release and finding the perfect guy to help him.

A/N: Just smut really. Cuteness with Dean. The prompt is used so dumbly, I apologise, cos it really is so stupid. But I hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53@supernatural-jackles @d-s-winchester @winchesterreid @teamfreewill-imagine@deanscherrypie@helvonasche @fly-f0rever@kaitlynnlovegood@notnaturalanahi@kittenofdoomage @wayward-mirage@nerdflash@riversong-sam @miss-miep@impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481@chelsea072498@tttiiigggeeerrrsss @deals-with-demons


“Again? Really? What the hell is going on?”

Sam shrugged, throwing the gun into the boot of the car and getting into the passenger side.

He heard the shutting of the boot, and Dean sliding in a few seconds later.

Dean just mumbled under his breath, Sam watching as he started Baby with anger and drove a little too fast.

“Whoa, Dean! Slow down”.

Dean glared at his brother, before realizing he was speeding a bit and slowed down, still angry as he clutched the steering wheel tight.

They didn’t speak for the entire ride back to the motel.

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EXO Reaction To You Being The Big Spoon

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

reaction to you being big spoon 

*some of this is through my eyes as a five foot two person*

Xiumin: Oh hello there sweetheart…*mumbling as he settles to go back to sleep*

*but on the inside*

Luhan: *pouting* I am the man. I should be cuddling you as the big spoon, not the other way around. *then he realizes that it’s adorable*  aish, fine…Only because you’re cute…and asleep so this all pointless.

Kris: they do know I’m like a foot taller than them right? What are they even trying to do? Tsk….crazy…well, cute crazy.

Suho: oh you’re so adorable! Oh I just want to cuddle with you forever.

You *barely awake*: Suho, what are you saying? Go to sleep.

Suho: Uh huh…. *and you two drift off to dreamland bliss*

Lay: Oh hi there!

Baekhyun: Oh hi there, did you want something? *realizes you’re just asleep* well then, guess we’re not going to do anything…Sleep well.

Chen: *this guy is just asleep too so it hardly makes a difference*

Chanyeol: What is this fool trying to do? I’m a lot taller than them, how did they hope to spoon me? 

*then sleepiness takes over*

DO: *finds it incredibly adorable and goes squishy trying not to move so you can sleep*

Tao: how do you plan on being the big spoon? I’m six feet tall! *can’t but giggle though*

Kai: *doesn’t move but smiles to himself secretly loving it*

Sehun: *leans over to kiss you before turning back around, chuckling and smiling to himself because he has such a cute s/o*

Poly kisses
  • The three of us are in a clothing store, I'm trying on shoes for an upcoming concert. D has taken it upon themselves to stand on top of the little benches to get a better view of the area. A few women are walking around, one with their child.
  • D: Look at me! I'm as tall as you two now!
  • M: Haha, yes you're taller than us now by a little.
  • Me: You're so cute, how can you possibly be this cute!
  • D: Oh, oh! Both of you, come're!
  • M: What is it?
  • Me: Did you find something?
  • D: Come closer!
  • Me and M: Okay?
  • D leans down and kisses us both gently on the lips and once on the cheek. I blush and M smiles. The lady with her child looks bewildered and the others around us are giving us a slightly confused look. I'm the only one that notices.
  • Me: Heh, did you see the looks we got? They looked at us like we had six heads!
  • M: And? I don't care.
  • D: I don't mind, let them stare!
  • Me: Don't you both have severe anxiety?
  • D: Yeah, but I don't care what people think in this situation.
  • M: Yeah, I actually like the attention oddly enough. I'm proud to be with you two so I don't care if people look at us loving each other.
  • Me: Awe... You two are so wonderful! I'm so happy to have you both 💗.

anonymous asked:

Can you write about the brothers finding out their girlfriend is pregnant with sextuplets?

Omg this is brilliant-

Osomatsu: As soon as you told him the news, he panicked. He insisted on spending entire weeks at the horse races and pachinko machines to get money for the babies, but you begged him to get a job instead. Even so, he spent all his earnings on you or the future children.

Karamatsu: Shock would overtake him. First of all, you were pregnant! Second of all, he would have six tiny Karamatsu’s running around! He began to ramble on and on about how he would buy cute little sunglasses for the kids, get them teeny leather jackets, and make sure they were the most stylish kids on the block.

Choromatsu: He would probably break down crying then and there. It was definitely great news, but if he couldn’t handle his brothers, then how could he handle six children? His confidence in parenting was lower than Jyushimatsu’s voice, and you found yourself comforting him more than he was comforting you.

Ichimatsu: He handled it pretty well, surprisingly. In fact, throughout the months leading up to the birth, he was extremely calm. When you asked him his secret, he simply responded, “It’ll be just like taking care of six kittens, right?”

Jyushimatsu: He was pumped. So pumped. His joy knew no bounds, and he talked to you (and your stomach) about the sports they were going to play. The oldest was going to play Baseball, the second oldest was going to be in track, etc, etc. He even bought little uniforms in advance!

Todomatsu: This man was unresponsive. You were concerned that he didn’t like the idea of you being pregnant in the first place, but he confessed that he was worried about them growing up to be like him and his brothers. To try and comfort him, you assured him the college fund would start right that moment.

synopsis: a meeting in the coffee shop // soulmate!AU where the first words your soulmate says to you are inked on your wrist

pairing: hoshi/you

a/n: it’s so typical for me to start things i want or need to do last second. i’m not even surprised at myself anymore ;; anyways, this is my entry for svteditors’ contest! i put my twist on the prompt because i’ve always wanted to do this sort of fic ;u;

991 w. ☕

     In the midst of the winter cold, the tiny coffee shop at the corner of the street bustles with customers and frantic employees, its line nearly extending all the way to the front of the entrance door.

Outside, the sky is leaden and bleak—the perfect weather for a warm cup of coffee, hence the seemingly never-ending customers that file into the cozy shop. Luckily, you managed to find a spot to sit down and wait for your drink not too long ago (others are forced to stand up alongside the walls), so you let your mind wander as you wait.

You peer down where a hint of jet black ink peaks from behind your sleeve. A smile unknowingly gracing your lips, you pull down your sleeve to reveal your wrist, etched in an elegant cursive that you’ve come to grow fond of.

I finally found you.

Those would be the first words your soulmate would say to you. Lightly tracing over the inked words, you find your heart fluttering in your chest. Four words that would change your life forever. Maybe you’d meet him tomorrow, or in a few years. What if you met him today?

Thinking about it now, a coffee shop would be an ideal place to find each other. Maybe you would be sitting silently like you are now, waiting for your drink and sifting through your phone when someone would hover over you. When you would look up, your eyes would lock and he would speak with love lacing his voice, “I finally found you.”

You’re shaken from your reverie when the barista calls out your order.

“One small caramel macchiato for ______!”

You stand up gratefully, making your way over to the counter, about to thank the barista and grab your drink when a figure cuts in front of you and snatches your drink. The figure — who appears to be a boy — quickly spins the other direction and heads for the door. Anger courses through your veins as you immediately spring into action.

You weave through the crowd, eyes never leaving the impudent thief, and thankfully, luck is on your side; his hair is a light blonde that would be difficult to miss. Eventually, you catch up to him and grab his wrist, “Hey! That’s my coffee, you jerk!”

Beneath your hold you can feel his body freeze. Slowly, he turns around and gapes at you, looking nonplussed.

“Well?” you demand.

The boy stares at you with an inexplicable look on his face. His mouth opens then closes, as if internally debating what to say. But then he forces the coffee in your hand and raises his arm.

“What—” you start, but he interjects before you can finish your thought.

I finally found you,“ he whispers.

Grazing his wrist are the very six words that you spoke just a few seconds ago, and you’re soon reduced to a speechless, stuttering mess as the situation registers in your head.

“Oh my God,” you deadpan. “My soulmate… is a thief.”

_ _ _

“So, you’re telling me,” you eye him warily, “that you’ve been taking innocent people’s coffee just to find that special someone?”

“Yep,” he grins proudly. “But I always gave it back if they didn’t call me a jerk and demanded their coffee back,“ he says teasingly (you blush; oops). “But it all worked out. I found you, didn’t I?”

You don’t know whether to feel flattered or weirded out by his extreme dedication. But this is your soulmate, and even though the scenario played out much more romantic in your head, you can already feel his quirkiness growing on you.

You sip your coffee, “And how long has this been going on?”

“Hmm,” he purses his lips in thought. “The past six months, maybe?”

“Wow,” you utter, raising your eyebrows. “All that commitment and you don’t even tell me your name?” you joke.

His face falls and you immediately regret your words. “I’m sorry!” he apologizes. “I guess I just caught up in the excitement of actually finding you. I’m Soonyoung.”

“It’s okay, I was just kidding. I’m ______.”

“______,” Soonyoung repeats, testing your name against his lips. “That’s cute. I like it.”

You find yourself blushing again, but Soonyoung thankfully doesn’t point it out if he notices.

For the next hour that follows Soonyoung and you get to know each other more and more. You discover that he’s a full time student and an aspiring dancer who has a black belt in Taekwondo and can speak fluent Japanese. And in turn he eventually discovers that you’ve only visited this coffee shop once in the past, so it’s really a miracle that your body has arbitrarily craved for coffee today out of all days.

The power of fate at its finest.

“I’m really sorry if this isn’t what you wanted,” he suddenly brings up, scratching the back of his neck nervously as if he was aware of the mini scenario that played out in your head prior to meeting him. “I know how important first time meetings are for soulmates.”

“Why are you apologizing?” you frown. “I don’t know anyone else that would spend half a year looking for their soulmate, especially by those means.” You reach across the coffee table and grab his hand. “You’re crazy. But you’re also extremely sweet.”

Soonyoung’s ears turn a light shade of pink. He shyly interlaces his fingers with yours and grins. “So this means I get to see you again, right?”

You pretend to think it over and stroke your chin with your free hand. “Depends. If I don’t turn you in for theft.”

“Hey! I gave it back, didn’t I?” he pouts.

“Still,” you laugh, giving his hand a squeeze.

Soonyoung juts his lip out but then looks you in the eye, adoration lingering behind his gaze. A foreign warmth fills your chest and you can’t seem to tear your eyes away from his.

“I’m really glad I found you, soulmate.”

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Hey, so I feel a bit sad today, so how about SS and Co. finding out Dogmeat had puppies with another dog?

The day you said you were sad and I posted something super angsty. I’m sorry anon. But here you go, some happy fluff!

Codsworth: Codsworth never really understood the apparent ‘cuteness’ of puppies, and he sure as hell doesn’t now. They make a mess. Everywhere. Atomic fallout? Yeah, sure, but puppies? The SS can deal with that, he for one, will not. Although, the one with the spots looks quiet enough…

Hancock: He stands there, staring at the litter of squeaking bundles of fluff, and sighs. Six, Dogmeat? Really? Six puppies. Ever heard of pulling out? (But you and I both know he adopted one and he cuddles it every night.)

Preston: He stares at them for a moment, the yapping little pups running around his feet, and then he picks one up. And then another. And another. And another. If Dogmeat hadn’t given him a warning growl, he probably would have just given up the Minute Men to hang out with his six dogs for eternity.

Curie: Oh! Ze puppies, look at them! They are so precious! You must be so proud, Dogmeat!

Cait: When in the actual fuck did this happen? How many in the actual fuck can she have?

X6-88: Doesn’t look directly at the puppies, but comments that they’ll make good guard dogs if they’re anything like their father. When he’s alone he lets out the least X6-88-like sound ever because they were adorable.

Nick Valentine: The puppies love Nick. So much. After a while of trying to escape from them, he gives up and just lays on the ground while they bark and climb over him and lick his face and- Hey! Give me my hat back!

Deacon: You know he shrieks like a little kid and refuses to leave his Puppy Palace for like a week. He leaves only for food and the bathroom. In the end, all of the puppies bond the most to him and pine whenever he leaves. He carries photos on him at all times to show people.

Strong: They are pathetic! They will not survive! Too soft!

Piper: Barters with Dogmeat for a puppy, because she knows how much Nat wants a dog, and at least this way she’d know the parents of the puppy. She falls in love with a tiny, soft adorable one with giant brown eyes and floppy ears. (And maybe she did try to steal it okay but like. It’s justified it was really cute.)

MacCready: Is full on allergic to these puppies but he can’t say no to them, and is just sat amongst all these lil pups with a streaming nose and watery, puffy eyes but is still like ‘i love them they are my children now’.

Danse: I don’t like puppies, he says firmly, as there’s a yapping sound bc he’s got a tiny puppy behind his back and you better damn well keep away from his puppy because it’s his and if you touch it you will lose your hand.

Dogmeat: Fuck.

How Many Women They've Been With (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder Headcanon)
  • Eisuke: Nine. He's sipping his cup of coffee when you ask him, and the answer shoots out of his mouth before he can even think about it. The minute he see's your reaction, he knows he has said the wrong thing. You always knew that Eisuke was frivolous with women, but you didn't think the number would be so high. Before he can even think he blurts: "Don't worry none of them hold a candle to you."
  • Baba: Seventeen. He's stuttering when he tells you, his cheeks singed with a ripe red blush, eyes cast downwards. You're reaction is a bit surprising, you're not exactly upset. You're actually happy that he's being honest, and you're a bit glad that out of all of those women, he still picked you. His lips brush against you're own, his whisper tracing over your lips. "You're the only woman I've ever loved."
  • Mamoru: Four. He doesn't really understand why you even asked, and when he turns towards you he's even more confused. You're looking at him with a skeptical expression, and finally you ask if he's lying. His cheeks burn as red as wine, as he presses the buttons into their proper place down his shirt. "What kind of a man do you think I am, anyway?"
  • Soryu: One. He's terribly embaressed, though his cold facade holds strong as he looks at you. It's only after several minutes, when you truly process what he said, that he notices it might not be a bad thing. You tell him how happy you are, that you're his first. It's then that he realizes you meant woman he had slept with, and not been in love with. He wants to correct you. But he can't help but find it cute when you bounce around the suite, still happy from his response. "Come over here, I want to kiss you."
  • Ota: Six. He smiles as he dries your hair for you, every so often a water droplet will fall to the floor. He can almost sense your depression forming. He correctly assumes it's because you feel as if you have to compete with those woman. To prove that you're deserving of his affection, and that you are the only one suitable to be by his side. He can't help but smile, as his arms pull you towards him, in a warm embrace. "I slept with those women, but I will always pick you, no matter what."
  • -SKY
Dating Kyungsoo:

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

- Enjoys cooking a lot

- If you can’t cook he would make the effort to teach you if you wanted

- Compliments overload

- “you’re beautiful y/n”

- “Kyungsoo you have said that five times already today”

- “Bc its truth”

- Always singing (but its not like u can complain bc wow that voice could cure all ill in the world)

- Sings in the shower then you suddenly appear in the shower too and a duet goes down

- Fun stuff also goes down 

- Asking him to sing in different languages

- Asking him to say something in english bc you think its hot af (or ur own native tongue whatever is suitable for you, same for the next two as well)

-He replies with “you want me to talk in english” in enGLISH

-You go all funny bc damn how hot and he looks at you like he should speak English more often

- He is hella supportive when it comes to your dreams and aspirations

Lots of cuddles together whilst watching a film or smth (squishy time with the squish)

- getting him to say squishy a lot bc you find it too cute (srsly how TO HANDLE THAT)

- telling him repeatedly that he needs to bless the world with a solo album

- “y/n it’s not going to bless the world thats a bit ott”

- “ How dare you”

- Listens well when you need to get something off your mind and always tries to help in any way he can whether it be with advice or actions

- Encourages you to go for whatever you wanna do bc he supportive like that

- He has you constantly walking past him telling him he is hot

“Y/n you said that like six times today”

“yeah bc its truth”

“I see what you did there”

I had a good think last night about Ksoo and so i made this i probs wont make another one so please don’t request me too :)

kinky boots sentence starters (musical, act I)

feel free to change around pronouns, tenses, etc to best fit the person you send them to!

  • ❝Do you know what the most beautiful thing in the world is, [Name]?❞
  • ❝You’ll be next in line when my time is through.❞
  • ❝You can tell about the fella from his shoes.❞
  • ❝If you want to slip a ring on my finger, you’ll first slip these shoes on my feet.❞
  • ❝You see the price? There’s three months rent!❞
  • ❝You belong here.❞
  • ❝May you never fail to point your shoes back home.❞
  • ❝I’m happy if you’re happy.❞
  • ❝Is that really the best you can do?❞
  • ❝Your father would be proud to see you standing here.❞
  • ❝You ever heard the saying poor people stay poor because they buy cheap shoes?❞
  • ❝You can’t go back, you can’t make it last.❞
  • ❝Sometimes you’ve gotta rewrite the plot.❞
  • ❝You’ve gotta take what you’ve got.❞
  • ❝You’ve always said that you wouldn’t stay, no you wouldn’t stick around.❞
  • ❝If you’re on the wrong road, turn back.❞
  • ❝Well a girl’s gotta know how to look after herself, there are some very funny people out there.❞
  • ❝I’d give my left tit for a shoe that could stand up to me.❞
  • ❝There’s a room full of people waiting to feel normal by comparison.❞
  • ❝What else can I do?❞
  • ❝You shoved me down a flight of stairs and got suspended.❞
  • ❝Are you seriously standing me up?❞
  • ❝You’re never more than ten steps away from some sort of cross-dresser.❞
  • ❝I deserve something special.❞
  • ❝I’m so sorry, I have a terrible habit of doing the exact opposite of what people ask.❞
  • ❝Do I belong here?❞
  • ❝Am I what’s wrong here?❞
  • ❝If you can’t get women to wear them, you’ll never get them on blokes like me.❞
  • ❝Sex shouldn’t be comfy!❞
  • ❝Get to the part that applies to me.❞
  • ❝Hand me glitter, feathers, and a hot glue gun and I can make the world a pretty place.❞
  • ❝I wouldn’t trust me to babysit a cactus.❞
  • ❝And that, god help us, is where I come in.❞
  • ❝Is that a taxi or a police car? Guess i’ll find out when I offer him money!❞
  • ❝It’s just funny how you can know someone all your life and never really know them at all.❞
  • ❝You’re kind cute when you’re not so shy.❞
  • ❝Don’t wanna be another star crossed lover, we all know how that ends.❞
  • ❝You’re as clever as you are rich.❞
  • ❝I’m not my father’s son.❞
  • ❝I’m not the image of what he dreamed of.❞
  • ❝But the world seemed brighter six inches off the ground.❞
  • ❝Is this what you had in mind?❞

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Muke being stuck with baby sitting their smol beans whilst their superwomen are out having a very much needed ladies' day; how long do you reckon they'd last?

it’d be super cute though because both their baby girls would love to spend some time with their favourite uncles and they’d have little tea parties and michael and luke would be these six foot giants sitting on mini stools with boas wrapped around their necks with little tutus on their hips and michael would say “luke you look fucking ridiculous” and baby hemmings would tell him to put a dollar in the swear jar and i can imagine them happily munching on some takeout pizza and by the time you two get home you’d find michael and luke both sprawled on the floor with their sleeping little girls on their tummies it’d be so cute okay

domestic!5sos blurb night with @cliffordchick! send in blurbs and tag us in your own!

Growing Pains

Summary: It’s their daughter’s first halloween without them and Alfred is spending Halloween night comforting a very distressed and pregnant Arthur. (Not that he minds anyways.)

Rating: T, mood swings, fluff, preggy Artie, omegaverse!

There was a reason Arthur was crying and Alfred couldn’t help but give his husband an empathetic smile. The omega was seven months pregnant, raging with horomones that made him change moods at the drop of a hat, and ontop of it all, their only daughter had just left to spend her first Halloween without her parents. Now, Alfred was sitting on the couch, holding Arthur tightly to help ease the man’s distress. 

“T-They grow up so fast, Alfred… Soon… Soon we’ll be sending her off to college!” The omega wailed.

“Now sweetheart, don’t get so worked up over nothing… Rosie’s twelve now. She’s almost a teenager; its about time she start doing things with her friends. Her having fun doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to spend time with us anymore.”

Arthur sniffled, burying his face into his mate’s chest, but it was rather difficult on account of his baby bump and being dressed like a pumpkin. Alfred was a vampire, and Arthur was jealous that Alfred still had a marvelous figure while he had turned into a lumpy squash. He sighed, wiping his eyes as Alfred smiled down at him, rubbing his back in soothing circles.

“You’re right.” Arthur admitted, “I’m just acting crazy. I blame it on you afterall.” 

 “Oh, and how is it my fault?” Alfred smiled.

“You’re the one who wants a whole army of children.” Arthur laughed.

“I don’t think six children is an army.” 

“Six children?! Like hell am I going to go through carrying six more of your rugrats!”

Alfred laughed, messing with Arthur’s hair.

“I can’t help it! Kids are so cute and energetic! I love being a dad.” 

“And I hate ruining my figure.” Arthur scowled. 

Alfred kissed his forehead. 

“You look as handsome as the day I met you.”

Arthur was crying again. 

“No… I look like a damned potato! What can you possibly find attractive about me?!”

After listing every single detail he loved about the omega. Arthur was back to a playful mood. He demanded a footrub and cuddles. Soon after he became hungry and made Alfred make him peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. After devouring them, Arthur had dragged him into their bedroom, feeling ravenous. 

They were making out when Alfred decided to pull a joke.

“You’re the sexiest pumpkin I’ve ever seen.” 

Arthur was pretty pissed off.

“Babe, I–”

“You arsehole! I swear to the stars, I will castrate you if you say another idiotic sentence!”

“I– Ouch!”

“Shut up and love me.”

Alfred couldn’t help but smile again and give into Arthur’s needs. As always.

Innocent (Team Free Will Imagine)

Prompt: Imagine you and Castiel have to take care of Sam and Dean when a spell de-ages them back to small children.

Slight implied Castiel/Reader, but whether the relationship is romantic or not is left open for interpretation.


“Sonofabitch,” Dean muttered, shoving the lore book across the table so that you and Sam could examine it. The page he had opened it to was about something called a ‘Hebe’. Apparently, Hebe was the Greek goddess of youth and young people, which explained why she had been killing abusive parents and women who had recently had abortions in the area.

You sighed, leaning back in your chair. “So, we’re hunting a real, honest, Greek god? And how exactly are we supposed to kill it?”

“It says here,” Sam pointed to a paragraph towards the bottom of the page, “That a blade dipped in the River Styx can be used by a mortal hero to kill an immortal god. Where are we supposed to get that?”

You and Dean exchanged a look, before speaking at exactly the same time. “Cas.”

There was the sound of wings, and then Castiel appeared in the middle of the small motel room, brow furrowed. He sat down next to Dean, examining the lore book. “I can get this, but it won’t be easy. There are very few blades like this still in existence. Zeus made sure most of them were destroyed long ago.”

“Zeus…?” A look from the brothers told you that it was better now to ask. You shrugged it off. “How long will it take to get the blade?”

“A few hours.” Cas stood up. “I will be back as soon as I can.” There was another rustle of unseen wings, and the angel was gone.


That night (why did the Winchesters only hunt dangerous things at night?) you were sitting in the backseat of the Impala with Castiel, listening to Sam and Dean go over the plan for the three hundredth time. Cas reached into his trench coat, pulling out a dagger, about a foot long, with a deep steely grey blade. He held the weapon out towards the brothers. “This will kill Hebe.”

Dean took the blade, sliding it into his belt. “Thanks, Cas.”

The four of you entered the house, weapons at the ready.


Hebe was not what you expected. For one, she took the form of a motherly-looking, middle-aged woman rather than the young, beautiful girl you had expected. She looked like a soccer mom, complete with the T-shirt and faded jeans. Even so, she was kicking your butts.

Sam was currently pinned to the wall, Castiel helplessly encircled by a ring of holy oil. You were lying in a heap of shattered glass on the floor, groaning as you tried to push yourself to get back up. Dean was taking Hebe head on, since the knife gave him a greater advantage than the rest of you.

You managed to get to your feet, and went to help Castiel. You were looking for a way to put the fire out when the angel suddenly grabbed you, pulling you into the burning circle with him. Though you couldn’t see them, you felt his wings encircle you, shielding you from the blinding white light that started in Hebe’s hands and then seemed to explode, washing over the whole room.

Dean used the moment of distraction to ram the Styx blade into Hebe’s chest. She looked up at him, eyes wide. She sputtered, making a strangled gasping sound, before collapsing on the floor, eyes glassed over. Dean grinned at you triumphantly before his eyes suddenly rolled back in his head, and he fell to the ground next to Hebe’s body.

“Dean!” The yell had no sooner left Sam’s lips than he too collapsed, hitting the floor with a thud.

You gasped, stepping over the holy fire and handing Cas your water bottle, before running to Sam, who was closer. By the time you got there he had disappeared, leaving only his clothes behind. You felt tears sting your eyes, until you noticed a strange lump under Sam’s plaid shirt.

You weren’t sure what you were expecting when you pulled the fabric back to uncover the shape, but it wasn’t this. A small little boy, probably about two years old, was curled into a ball under Sam’s shirt. He had shaggy brown hair that needed a trim, and when he looked up at you, you stared into his eyes, your chest tightening. You knew those eyes. “Sam?”

The little boy nodded, blinking up at you in confusion. “Are you my mommy?”

“Oh no, sweetie.” You looked away, panic clawing at your lungs. “I’m (Y/N). But I’m gonna help you now, okay?”

Sam nodded, reaching his little arms towards you. You took Sam’s shirt, covering him with it and buttoning it up, before pulling the little boy into your lap. He snuggled close to you, wrapping his arms around your neck, and you couldn’t help your heart melting at how adorable he was.

“(Y/N).” You looked up at the sound of Castiel’s voice, and saw him across the room, kneeling next to a little boy with an uncanny resemblance to Dean. The boy was wearing Dean’s T-shirt, and looked confused. His green eyes lit up when he saw the child cradled in your arms. “Sammy?”

“Dean!” Sam got up and ran to Dean, who hugged him protectively, glaring suspiciously at you and Cas.

You sighed. “Yep, it’s them.”

Castiel stood up. “Hebe must have put a spell on them to make them revert to children. I’m afraid they will not be able to care for themselves until we find out how to reverse it.”

“That’s okay.” You knelt next to the two boys, kissing each of their foreheads. “Look how cute they are, Cas. This’ll be a piece of cake.”

“Can we have pie instead?” Dean asked, grabbing your hand.

You laughed. “Yes, sweetie. We’ll get you some pie.”


“Dean Winchester, you leave your brother alone!” You growled, gripping the Impala’s steering wheel. “Cas, do something!”

Castiel turned around, fixing the older boy with a serious state. “Dean, please stop assaulting your brother. You are putting (Y/N) under unnecessary stress.”

You sighed. “In words a six year old can understand, Cas.”

“Uh,” Cas cleared his throat. “If you two behave, we’ll buy you a treat later.”

The boys immediately stopped fighting and began cheering. Dean wore a grin from ear to ear. “Mr. Cas, you’re so awesome!”

“Please, Dean, there is no need to call me Mister.”

“Okay, Cas.”

Sam suddenly kicked the back of your seat. He spoke timidly in a quiet voice, more shy than you had ever seen him as an adult. “Um, I have to go potty.”

“Okay, sweetie.” You sighed, pulling onto the next exit. You stopped at the first gas station you saw that looked safe for kids.

Once you were all inside, you lifted Sam into your arms. “I’ll take this one to the bathroom.” You handed Castiel your wallet. “Could you get them something to eat? And not,” you playfully flicked Dean’s forehead. “Junk food.”

Once you had taken Sammy to the bathroom and cleaned him up, you brought him back outside, where you met Castiel and Dean at the cash register. They were buying two hot dogs and a slushie (so much for no junk food). When you stepped up with Sam on your hip, the older lady behind the counter smiled at you. “You have a beautiful family.”

You felt your cheeks heat up. “Uh, actually, they’re not –”

“Thank you.” Castiel interrupted you, taking his purchases. “We’re very proud.” He quickly steered you and the boys out of the store.


“(Y/N)?” Sam called softly from his bed. You padded over to him, laying down on the mattress next to the two boys. “Yes, baby?”

He scooted slightly closer to you. “I can’t sleep.”

“How can I help?” You asked softly, reaching your arm so that it stretched over both little boys, pulling them closer to you.

“Tell him a story or somethin’.” Dean muttered, eyes already closed. You smiled, thinking for a few seconds on his suggestion.

“Once upon a time, there were two brave princes named Samuel and Dean. They had a beautiful horse named Impala, and they rode around the kingdom saving people. They saved a lot of people, and everyone was very grateful…” You continued the story until Sam began to drift off.

As you were looking at the two sleepy boys, you remembered something Dean had said to you once, before he was a kid. You cleared your throat, and then began to sing softly. “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song, and make it better…”

Finally, the two boys were asleep. You kissed each of their foreheads before getting up, unaware of the angel watching from the doorway.


“Are you sure the boys are in bed?” You asked, gripping the unlit match between your fingers.

“I’m sure.” Castiel nodded gravely. “Even if they wake up, they won’t be able to leave their bedroom.”

“Good. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.” You struck the match.

Crowley appeared almost instantly. “Hello, Castiel. (Y/N). You look lovely, as usual.”

“Crowley, we need your help.” You stood anxiously, prepared to fight if needed. “It’s been two weeks, and we can’t find anything to turn the boys back.”

Crowley smirked. “Oh, but look what a good mother you’ve become, willing to do anything for your children. And Cas,” he turned to the angel, “Clueless as usual, but you’re really making an effort, aren’t you?”

“Just tell us if you can help.” Cas muttered, hostile towards the demon for obvious reasons.

“Of course I can. It’s not that complicated, though I doubt either of you would be able to go through with it. But of course, I don’t work for free.”

“What do you want?” You asked, making an effort I cover how desperate you were.

“Aside from your pretty little soul to add to my collection?” Crowley shrugged. “I’ll settle for Hebe’s bones.”

“Why would you want her bones?” You asked, a slight edge of disgust ringing your words.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Before Crowley could elaborate, Castiel disappeared, returning in a few moments with a dirty cloth bag. He thrust the bones at Crowley. “Here.”

Crowley examined the bag, seeming satisfied. “Fair enough. Moose and Squirrel should be back to normal now.” And with that he disappeared.

Almost instantly, you heard Dean’s deep voice shout a string of curses. You turned to Castiel with a grin. “I guess we better go explain.”

Castiel discovers Too Cute on Animal Planet one weekend.

He catches the last 15 minutes of an episode about puppies and while they’re cute, it’s not until the next episode of kittens he’s enthralled.

The Moo Family, he chuckles because they’re a litter of black and white and they live on a farm and how clever is that? Three episodes, nine families in, he’s still chuckling about the Moo Family during commercial breaks.

When Dean comes home he excitedly tells him all about it, “Get it?” Before Dean can respond he continues, “As if they’re tiny cows.”

“Yeah Cas, I got it.” Dean smiles fondly before setting off to make dinner.

Every weekend Castiel finds himself watching his new favorite program and if by chance he’s unable to, oh the wonders of DVR.

“Cas did you really record,” Dean scrolls through the DVR, “six episodes of Too Cute?”

A simple yes is Castiel’s reply as he settles himself on the couch, stealing the remote from Dean.

The following weekend Castiel is woken up by purring in his ear and a sandpaper tongue licking his face. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, they settle on a black and white kitten with a blue collar that barely fits with a tag that says “Moo”.

"Hi Moo.” He says as he cuddles the kitten to his chest, watching as Dean pushes himself off the door frame with a smile on his face.

How is it possible
That everyday you meet a number of people
Then one day
Someone comes along
And they change - everything
Your thoughts no longer revolve around that ex who broke you so bad
You never thought you’d be whole again
Or on how to seduce that cute barista at Starbucks
Because sex helps you feel something
And you’re tired of feeling empty
Now you find yourself constantly smiling
And not worried about tomorrow’s
Because you’ve found what everyone is looking for
You found the person who will sit with you on the floor at 2 am after eating six hot pockets and help you study for that huge test
The person who will just hold you for however long it takes
For the tears to stop and to feel human again
The person who you can call at 745 on a Monday evening and just breathe with because you’re too exhausted for words
The person who will pick up a dozen on eggs so you can throw it at your boss’ house because he’s been a big pain in the ass this week
Or the person who will teach your nephew to properly shoot a gun because his father was too big of a douche to stick around and raise him
The person who will listen to your singing
Even if it makes his ears bleed
He will get down on one knee
And he will beg you to be his forever
He will ask your parents for your hand and your father will trust him with your life
You will walk down the aisle together
And promise to be faithful to one another
In front of everyone you love
You will build your dream house
And race dirt bikes and maybe make a baby or two
He will kiss you every morning and every night he will tell you about his days
You’re no longer looking for a validation for your existence
Because you were made to love and be loved by him
—  You are my “person” :)