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Hi can you help me? Me and a friend are discussing a little bit about veganism and it came to this..... I said, would kill and eat your own dog or cat? Who you took good care of since they were just a puppy or kitten? And she said, thats different because those pigs and cows etc. are the kind of animals that meant to be eaten. PS. I just started being a vegan few months ago and it seems like many people are suddenly concern about me especially to this change of diet of mine.

Hi! People only think they’re “meant to be eaten” because we’re just shown that since we’re kids, because people forget that these are mega corporations, it’s all connected and it’s all about money, that’s literally it. We don’t “need it” they’ll say anything to sell it. It’s no different than say - it being proven whitening strips are horrendous for your teeth but they’ll sell the shit out of it. There will be more commercials. It’s just worse because it’s literally the mass murder of sentient animals, but i’m just speaking in terms of they can sell ANYTHING even with proof it’s hurting the consumer. They’re not gonna show you a cute fluffy cow being patted before showing a steak ad, they’re not stupid. It’s all brainwashing honestly. But on the flip side - some cultures do eat cats and dogs, but how can you get pissed at that then eat some veal? You can’t. Sorry. But look at the Hindu society - the total respect of cows and vegetarianism. It’s all relative. 
Anyways - we have connections to cats and dogs because they’re pets and they’re in our homes, our friends homes they’re everywhere. but it’s also been said that pigs are smarter than dogs - that they’re cleaner and easier to train, chickens have their own complex language they use to speak to one another and cows actually have best friends. All animals have amazing qualities, quirks, personalities and love to give. Bring your friend to a animal sanctuary, let her pet and maybe she’ll fall in love. they’re honestly amazing and no different than common animal companions. Yeah that’s how it goes - no one cares about how you eat until your diet becomes important. You can try and educate her c:

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Kathy Johnson’s Facebook Letter

Kathy Johnson Clarke·Friday, November 17, 2017
What’s on my mind? A lot. Here goes.
Predators know their way around good mothers and fathers. They know their way around any environment or program not created specifically to keep them out. If steps aren’t taken to deny a predator, pedophile or abuser access to young people that person can seek out the most vulnerable, naive, trusting, spirited, reckless or rebellious among the unsuspecting.  Just as many of those qualities exist in most young people a skillful predator can use them against their prey.
There has been gross negligence on the part of many, which is what created the culture in which really exceptional kids with unsuspecting parents, many of whom were good, involved, invested, loving parents while some may have been to varying degrees either less involved, caught up in their child’s gymnastics development or success, or simply “flying blind”, completely trusting, and unaware of potential dangers. If people insist on asking or telling victims “why did you, why didn’t you, if only you, if only your mom or dad, didn’t you know…the list goes on and on and on, we will NEVER create the safest possible environment because we are shutting down the very people we need to listen to and learn from.  
It’s just not as simple as being “blessed” with a good mother, father, coach or having some super power to ward off anyone seeking to take advantage of you. If we think like that it further shames victims, which is EXACTLY what their abuser depends on. That and fear.
I am truly happy for those left unscathed and whole, but I am in touch with those who were not and are not. It is for them to tell their own stories, but I will remark on one who was lucky. She got spooked by what we now know was “grooming” and done to lure her into trusting her coach’s “methods” to improve her gymnastics. She bolted. Coach told us she had mental problems and it was too hard for her to train and live away from home. We believed him. She left her dream, the place where she was happy and wanted to be, and didn’t tell the other girls because she didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s experience there. It was such a fun place. Fortunately, her father reported it to USGF. Unfortunately, the story gets fuzzy there.
Now I wonder about some of the other girls and the stories I was told about why they abruptly left so many years ago, just as I wonder about the “stories” my teammates heard when I left. I was not a victim of sexual abuse, but I now know some who were. At best, it was a dysfunctional, albeit fun and unique, place to live, train and go after big dreams. At worst, it was a recipe for disaster, a nightmare for some.
Because we normalized what I now know to be grooming type behaviors by creating a big gray area in which we lived, played, trained, joked and grew up, a predator could easily cross over the line without someone noticing. Because there were other types of abuse that were normalized – verbal, psychological and emotional abuse, over-training, over-dieting, under-eating, exhaustion, injuries and questionable motivational methods – most girls didn’t know the difference between healthy and unhealthy, positive or negative reinforcement, and more dangerously, normal grown up behavior and creepy, inappropriate, even criminal behavior. To make matters worse they had no idea how, when or if they should confide in someone, much less to whom they should turn. They simply quit, went home, endured it, developed other issues or problems that masked or hid it, then buried it for years, if not forever.
Now, with that tale in mind insert elite gymnasts, the toughest athletes on the planet, training and sacrificing all to fulfill HUGE dreams to make World and Olympic Teams in an increasingly competitive atmosphere and the “work hard, focus, don’t whine or complain, endure anything and everything you can to be the best you can be” mentality is increased exponentially, and you see where we find ourselves today.
Had it not happened at our National Training Center or to the stars in our sport, and had those incredibly brave young women not had the courage to come forward and speak out for themselves and others who may or may not tell their stories, we could have continued to do too little, too late, to really change the culture that allowed all this to fester and grow.
I believe more will come forward. Please open your ears, eyes, minds and hearts and listen. And as you do, know this:
Abuse is complicated, insidious and achingly more prevalent than people realize. By simplifying it or believing that if only they had done “x” or been “y” or had “z” they would have been safe we do more harm to those who were so damaged by someone they trusted, believed in, and even loved, and more important, we empower the abusers!
Ask yourself, do you WANT abuse victims to keep their painful stories to themselves, to hold on to it forever because it is old news, uncomfortable to hear or about someone you know, like or want to continue to believe in and respect? Two of my coaches are on the banned list. I loved both of them even when they weren’t perfect or hurt me in other ways. I can forgive them for those. But, until they fall to their knees and say how horribly WRONG and deeply SORRY they are to have preyed on my friends, teammates, or fellow gymnasts and offer the entire gymnastics community an apology I stand with and alongside the survivors, and I stand for culture change and bright line rules to educate, prevent, report and prosecute abuse.

Writing Emotional Baggage

sempiternallydemure asked: “I’m trying to write a book about a divorced mother falling back in love, but I don’t know how to write a divorce relationship with kids involved. Do you think you could give me some suggestions?”

Okay so I can’t exactly give over any real suggestions in the way of my own real life experience of falling in love following a divorce, but when it comes to writing from experience I think there are aspects that your character’s situation that you probably can tap into. Even if you’ve never been quite literally in their shoes, there’s a chance you’ve been in situations where you can begin to imagine what it might feel like. 

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FAQs: Writing While in School

Every so often I start to notice trends in my e-mail/tumblr inbox/etc., and since I’m not able to personally respond to each question, it seemed best to do a more general answer here. One of the questions I’ve been asked a few times recently is how do you write while you’re busy with school?

I was just talking to a friend the other day about how amazed we are that we survived high school, strictly from a “how did we have the energy for it?” standpoint. In order to get to school on time, I woke up at 6:30AM (a time with which I am no longer remotely familiar). School started at 7:25AM. There were eight class periods, including lunch, gym, choir, and five academic classes. School let out at 2:40PM. After school I did debate once a week and sometimes choir. Then I went home and did up to five hours of homework. Honestly, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, and I remember feeling, at the time, like I wasn’t doing enough, because the people around me had more extracurricular activities, or they were taking an extra class instead of a lunch period, or they had a job, or they played three sports, or what have you.

So first of all, if that sounds at all familiar to you, you have my deepest sympathies.

During this time of overwhelmedness in school, writing was an extremely relaxing activity for me. Some people, even people who love to write, don’t feel that way about writing, and that’s fine– everyone has a different relationship to it. But it was relatively easy for me to write while I was in school because I didn’t find it at all taxing at that time in my life. I would write when I finished my homework, or during particularly boring classes, or even during slow lunch periods. I didn’t worry about how much I was getting done or whether I was finishing the story or what my writing could one day become. I can honestly say that the hypothetical fruits of my labor did not once cross my mind when I was younger. I did not have plans to be an author, in so many words. I simply knew that I would write for the rest of my life because I enjoyed it so much. 

I feel like there’s a lot of pressure these days to channel your beloved hobbies into P R A C T I C A L  T H I N G S S S S S S. And I get that. But I also think it has potentially negative consequences, like teaching you that you can’t just do things because you like them. 

The world in which young people live sometimes feels, to me, like this INTENSE PRESSURE COOKER in which YOU MUST HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT BY AGE 16 and YOU MUST BE GOOD AT EVERYTHING and YOU MUST BE CONSTANTLY BOMBARDED WITH INFORMATION and YOU MUST SHARE EVERY MOMENT ON THE INTERNET and YOU MUST HAVE CLEARLY DEFINED REASONS WHY YOU LIKE THE THINGS YOU LIKE AND DON’T LIKE THE THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE and YOU MUST BE SUCCESSFUL AT A YOUNG AGE, ETC. So whenever I see young people I have this intense urge to tell them to take deep, cleansing breaths, even if they don’t look stressed out.

I’m telling you all this to put it into context when I implore you not to be so very worried about not having much time or energy to write while you are in school. Do it if you like it. But for the moment, it’s probably more important that you survive the shitstorm of homework and pressure and weird social situations that surround you. You do not need to be one of those people who finishes a book and gets it published at a young age. I realize this is rich coming from one of those people, but I swear it’s the truth. There are many many years (God willing) to learn how to finish stories and to see what you can do with them. It doesn’t feel like that when you’re young, sometimes, but it’s true anyway. Study hard, sure, and be practical (i.e. do prepare to have a day job, most writers do even after getting published!), but for heaven’s sake, find as many ways as possible to enjoy your life, because being exhausted and perpetually stressed is not a great way to spend your youth. Or your adulthood. Or any stage of your life.

Northwestern University, where I went to college, was full of intense people. That’s still the word I would choose to describe them– and myself. I use it very fondly! I love intense people. I like that I am an intense person. The reason I mention this, though, is because it will help you understand that only in a world of very intense people could I possibly perceive myself as laidback. I wasn’t double majoring (most people around me were), I didn’t always take the most challenging classes available, I didn’t get straight As, I didn’t usually do all my reading for class. (lol even the thought is amusing.) If I asked anyone else how they were doing on any given day, they would say “stressed.” But I was not perpetually stressed!

I did do most of my homework, study for important tests, take time on my papers, and generally try to ensure that the money spent on my education went to good use. I’m not saying I turned into some kind of irresponsible person. But in college, I realized that my overall well-being was important, and that if I focused on the things that I really valued and made sure to do them as well as I could, other things would inevitably fall by the wayside, and that was okay. Because…

I made good friends that I still hang out with today. One of them became my husband. I made time to exercise. I got at least seven hours of sleep a night. (IN COLLEGE!) I spent time on my hobbies. I took naps. I watched movies. I was less anxious in college than I have been at any other time in my life.

You can’t do all the things. You do not have the time or the energy. And if you try to do all the things, you will just end up doing all of them halfway. But you can do the things that matter to you.

What’s important is to A. figure out what your priorities are, B. commit to them, and C. accept that when you do that, you will sacrifice other things.

This is not an “I figured it out and now I’m set” kind of thing– it is a process of trial and error that spans years. I did well in school, and I had friends, and I wrote a lot, and one of the things I wrote turned into Divergent, and that’s awesome. No actual regrets here. But let’s be real: sometimes I look back and wish I had taken more challenging or more interesting classes outside of my writing classes. Or that I had kept up with choir and voice lessons. Or done all the reading. Or gone to at least one party. (I had friends, yes, but didn’t go to parties. It’s a whole…thing.)

But mostly, even though there were some things I missed out on, I’m happy that I had a clear understanding of what I valued: writing, friendship, and my overall well being. (SLEEP!) You will never live life perfectly moving forward. There are many possibilities for your life that you have already missed out on, and there will be more. But it’s okay, because there are still a crapload of possibilities in front of you, and you should pursue the ones that interest you most. You should keep in mind that you can veer sharply to the left if you realize you don’t like the road you’re on. You can double back. You can change your mind. You can just barely make ends meet for several years while you figure out your shit. You can disappoint your parents and wait for them to get on board with your unconventional life plan. You can disappoint your parents now but later make them proud. You can be the one falling behind while all your friends and loved ones surge forward in worldly success, because you are still confused about what to do. You can make big mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and rebuild your life. I have done some of these things, and I have watched others do some of these things, and all the lives I have observed and lived are rich in value and worth.

This is a far different answer than the people asking me how to write while in school were anticipating, I’m sure. But if you figure out why you’re so stressed out about writing while in school, or what you hope to accomplish by writing, or what you are willing to sacrifice to make time for writing and the potential consequences of that sacrifice, I promise, you can answer this question for yourself. I have no recommendations for you because we likely don’t have the same priorities or put them in the same order. I have no judgments about whether you should value your writing more or less, because I don’t know how much you love it, or how good you are at it, or how much you value career stability, or the answers to a myriad of other questions that are relevant to this discussion.

What I will say is that I believe you are capable, question-askers, of guiding your lives to where you want them to go, even if it takes a couple tries. I believe you can be resilient. And resilience has been more valuable to me than all the ambition or strategy or intellect in the world.

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That Quirkless Gen. Studies!Deku AU I. AM. IN. L O V E (yes Shoto, I know, me too). You wrote it real nicely; if that will have any continuation or a possible fic group, I am so down for it!!

@crispykrimi @genderfluidragon @ethones

shkdjfhskjdfh yall are so awesome I’m so glad you liked it. It ended up being Extremely Long because I wanted to do so much with it and I will admit that after going to bed last night I was plagued with thoughts of how the rest of the story would go. Speaking of my thoughts….



Without further ado I give to you… more quirkless!Izuku and the Shouto who is maybe falling in love with him??? first ficlet can be found here.

After the USJ attack Shouto is fairly certain that Midoriya Izuku has a death wish.

First there was the fact that he was completely okay with Aizawa burying him in dirt and trusting students he didn’t even know to rescue him without hurting him. Then there was the crazy stunt he pulled in the landslide zone with the villains. After that Midoriya repeated a similar strategy with another group of villains closer to the square and Shouto made it very clear that if he did it again Shouto was going to freeze him to the floor and leave him there so that he can’t get himself killed. Midoriya had stuttered and promised to be more careful, which wasn’t reassuring at all.

Then came the fight with Shigaraki, the Nomu, and All Might, in which Midoriya threw himself into danger and nearly gave Shouto a heart attack in the process. The villains that they had already faced were small fry, pathetic weaklings who could barely call themselves villains. Shigaraki and the Nomu were far more dangerous but Midoriya barely seemed to give it a second thought. It was maddening. Only Bakugou’s quick reflexes saved Midoriya from disintegrating in front of Shouto’s eyes like Aizawa’s arm.

After that Shouto had said goodbye to Midoriya, not sure if he wanted to see Midoriya again every day for the rest of his life or never see Midoriya again, and that had been that. At least, until the Sports Festival.

The moment some purple haired boy from the General Studies department mentioned that they could be transferred into the hero course if they did well enough Shouto knew immediately that Midoriya was going to be trying every reckless thing to win.

When Shouto freezes the entire gate at the beginning of the race he hopes to put more students out of commission but all of class 1-A, most of class 1-B, and a small number of random kids from the General Studies and Support departments manage to avoid the ice. Among them, a green head of hair that makes Shouto’s heart beat harder as if it knows that it’s going to get a terrifying workout in Midoriya’s presence and wants to be prepared.

Shouto freezes the robots and lets them fall behind him, shouting a warning over his shoulder and hoping that Midoriya listens.

He doesn’t see Midoriya again for the rest of the race. He’s completely focused on Bakugou and their fight for first place so when several mines go off behind them he doesn’t think much of it. That is, until he hears the screaming coming from the sky.

Shouto and Bakugou both look up and Shouto feels his heart do something complicated and painful because he knows that hair, he knows that face, and he knows that scream.

Midoriya rockets through the sky on a flying carpet of his own making. It looks like part of one of the robots from the beginning of the race. Midoriya is screaming bloody murder and Shouto can only wonder what stupid plan he has for landing.

“Deku, you bastard,” Bakugou yells, abandoning Shouto to chase the green streak Midoriya makes above them. 

Shouto curses under his breath and freezes the mines, abandoning the careful approach. This makes a path for those behind him but if he doesn’t hurry Midoriya will hit the ground and die because he’s quirkless and incapable of thinking more than one step ahead. Shouto has a quirkless brother so he knows that these things are not mutually exclusive, it’s just a special Midoriya trait that is going to send Shouto to an early grave from heart failure.

Once the mines are frozen it’s easy to keep pace with Bakugou. They’re both keeping their eyes on Midoriya as they try to catch up to where he’s losing altitude, but Shouto is sure they have different reasons.

They reach Midoriya just as he starts to reach the ground. Shouto is trying to think of a way to save Midoriya from death without giving up any ground to Bakugou when Midoriya plants a red sneaker clad foot on Shouto’s shoulder and slams his piece of robot armor into the ground so hard it rattles Shouto’s teeth.

There’s barely a split second for Shouto to reach for Midoriya, wondering what the hell he thinks he’s doing now, and then there’s an explosion.

Midoriya goes flying off of Shouto’s shoulder and Shouto feels panic set in because he can’t see anything through the pink smoke. Midoriya could have miscalculated and thrown himself into something hard enough to become permanently injured. He could have been grabbed by Bakugou and is now being blown up by something far more deadly than Yuuei’s landmines. Any number of things can happen to a quirkless boy with a death wish and most of them are less than good.

Shouto runs forward, trying to get clear of the smoke, and that’s when he sees Midoriya. Specifically, Midoriya’s retreating back as he clears the minefield and starts on the home stretch.

With an irritated growl Shouto chases him down with a single-minded intensity. Midoriya could have died. Without a quirk what kind of landing plan could Midoriya have possibly had? If it wasn’t for Shouto and Bakugou chasing him down he would have been a smear in the dirt. Shouto’s lungs burn but he doesn’t care. Behind him he can hear explosions that probably belong to Bakugou but he can’t bring himself to be concerned with Bakugou while he’s chasing Midoriya’s back.

Midoriya gets first place but Shouto is barely a second behind him and too angry to slow down. As Midoriya’s run starts to turn into a jog Shouto grabs a fist full of his uniform and skids to a stop, pulling Midoriya in front of him so he can shake some good sense into him.

“Midoriya, what where you thinking?” Shouto pants out. Midoriya’s wide green eyes are too close but Shouto doesn’t care. “What was your landing plan?”

“Uh,” Midoriya says meekly. “I didn’t really have time to make one. I just figured that I’d improvise?”

Shouto shakes him by the front of his shirt. “You could have died! Again!”


Shouto is too angry to stop now. “Do you know how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night since the USJ from a nightmare where Bakugou is too late and you died because of your own recklessness?”

“You dream about me?” Midoriya asks, voice full of wonder, and Shouto registers what he’s said. Their faces are too close to one another so Shouto releases him and takes a step back to get some distance. He’s still breathing heavily and his face is so hot he’s worried that he’s accidentally lit himself on fire.

“That’s not the point.”

Midoriya opens his mouth but before he can say anything Bakugou is there, shouting curses and setting off little explosions and Midoriya flinches and reels back so hard he falls on his ass in the dirt. Bakugou is dragged away by Kirishima a minute later, who apologizes cheerily while Bakugou calls them all names as he goes.

In Bakugou’s absence the silence is deafening, even with the crowd still screaming. Shouto looks down at Midoriya and Midoriya looks up at Shouto.

“I’m going to take you out of the running in the next event,” Shouto says, “so that you don’t pull something else stupid and get yourself killed.”

Midoriya stares at him for a moment, completely slack-jawed, and then his expression hardens. “I’m not going anywhere. Even though I’m quirkless I’m going to find a way to be a hero.”

Shouto grits his teeth, imagines Midoriya disintegrating before his eyes or splitting apart like a watermelon on the ground, and turns away without helping Midoriya to his feet.

unconventional || jeon jungkook

Anonymous said: Hey I was wondering if u could do an imagine where the reader(any gender) likes rock/metal music and has never heard kpop before yet manage to make them fall for each other. It can be any member by the way

Anonymous said: heyyyy im actually in love with your account keep up the great work!!! just wanted to pop up and (if possible) request a story on how you (a non-idol) would somehow end up dating jungkook but like kinda not too unrealistic ya feel? ahahahahha sorry if this is a struggle but yeh :^)

Jeon Jungkook x reader

Summary: Why would someone like him, date someone like you?’ Or, how someone ordinary could end up with someone like Jungkook.

Genre: drabble, fluff

Words: 803

Decided to put these two requests together as they were kinda similar!! I hope this is the sort of thing you guys wanted <3 (also you’re rlly sweet thank u ily)

I love this babyboy

Originally posted by nochujungkookie

Idols had never really been on my radar. Living and studying in South Korea, it was pretty hard to not be aware of the K-Pop industry, and the artists that were taking it by storm. But I had always liked rock music more, and while I appreciated the effort and skill of K-Pop artists, I wasn’t exactly a devoted fan.

Still, I knew enough to recognise Jungkook from BTS when he walked in, across the room from me at a birthday party.

He was standing against the wall, a drink in his hand, chatting amicably to a group of people. I kept my eyes on him, not sure I was correct in my identification. But as his face turned towards me and the light hit his cheekbones I knew it was him.  It was also made obvious by the extended glances that others at the party were giving him, their eyes full of something between awe and jealousy.

“Hey, why is he here?” I asked the friend whose birthday it was. They explained that he had been a friend of a friend before he debuted, and was eventually invited as someone’s plus one. “Not that I’m complaining”, she added with a smirk in his direction, and I laughed, nodding.

A while later, I was sitting on a couch with a group of my friends when he was brought into our conversation, awkwardly giving each of us a smile. I couldn’t help but to laugh as he introduced himself uncomfortably to everyone, finding it funny how different he seemed from the stage persona I had seen all over my social media.

When our eyes met then, I hadn’t known what it would turn into.

In a whirlwind of awkward conversations and blushing cheeks, I somehow left the party with his number. It didn’t take long for him to call me, stuttering and laughing on the other end of the phone, and I found myself saying yes to a date. It didn’t seem real. His world and my world were too different, but neither of us could deny the way we had instantly clicked.

Things progressed quickly, but I was too wrapped up in him to even notice.

Of course, when people found out, it was difficult. I had friends that immediately demanded to meet him, their eyes wide and frenzied at the thought of coming anywhere near Jungkook of BTS. “You’re so lucky,” They would tell me, envy tightening their features. “you’re dating an idol.”

But it wasn’t like that. I wasn’t dating the idol Jungkook; the worldwide star. Sure, that part of him was important, but it wasn’t why I was there. I was dating the sweet, funny and awkward boy I had met at a party. Him being famous hadn’t been on my mind when I had agreed to that first date.

It was hard to ignore people’s comments though, and sometimes I did find myself wondering the question I had read, and people had asked me, so many times. Why would someone like him, date someone like you? The truth was, I didn’t know. I was completely ordinary.

“Do you love me?” I asked out of the blue one day, my head in Jungkook’s lap. I was reading a book, while he watched something, scrolling through his phone absentmindedly. He stopped what he was doing, peering down at me through his eyelashes with a confused expression.

“Of course.” He said softly, his hand coming to stroke my hair.

“You don’t think I’m… too ordinary?” I asked quietly, squirming under his gaze but needing to ask him; needing to know. “I mean, I’m not an idol.” His mouth turned up at one side, and he shook his head down at me, still gently carding his fingers through my hair.

“You.” He leant down and pressed his lips against mine. “Are anything but ordinary.” He kissed me again, and I found myself leaning up into it. He pulled back with a childish smile, looking down at me with so much fondness and light in his expression.

Jungkook was never one for many words – no long rants or lectures about how I was perfect the way I was, and he didn’t want anyone else. But I could see it all there, in his eyes. I could feel it, in the way he held my hand, and the way his lips moved so delicately against mine, like he was afraid to hurt me.

So Jungkook and I continued on. It wasn’t the average relationship – there were implications and downfalls and times I hated the fact that he was an idol. But in the end, it didn’t matter. We were just like any other couple: argumentative at times, understanding, and so in love with each other we were full to bursting. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


how to let yourself fall in love

be gentle with yourself. reassure that this is best for you.

don’t forget this is the way things are. listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. don’t ignore it.

let yourself go. fall as hard as you can. emerge yourself in the attention given and never push it away

tell yourself this is okay. tell yourself this is what you deserve.

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Um yes hi. So, I have a question, and since I love your writing so much I thought'd I ask you. So um here goes, how do you have the courage to just share what you write for people? Like and just trust other people with your creation? <3

Hello, lovely!!

This is a great question, but it’s probably better posed to someone else to be honest (sorry! I’ll still answer as best I can!). Personally, I have never had any problem sharing what I write. I figure that if I have a headcanon that I love, and I write it in a way that I’m happy with, then there is bound to be at least one other person who will fall in love with it too. And if each thing I write were to only affect one other person, then that’d be enough.

I’ve never been the kind of person to worry about what other people think though, even in my real life, and I’m happy to be the weird one who everyone looks at with raised eyebrows and asks “what the fuck is she on??” SOOOOO if you have anxiety about stuff like that (understandable), then I’m not sure what to tell you besides…

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I sound really Canadian, maple syrup for the fall prompts? 🙈🍁

Maple Syrup

‘Rose!’ Luisa called out, standing on the tips off her toes to check the high shelves. ‘Where’s the maple syrup?’

‘We’re out!’ Rose yelled back from somewhere in the house.

‘Out?! How can we be out? I got a new bottle last week.’

‘Because you insist on putting it on all your breakfasts,’ Rose said as she walked into the kitchen.

‘That is not true.’

‘I saw you pour it over your cereal yesterday,’ Rose said as she made herself a cup of coffee.

‘Yeah, that was a mistake. Did not work with the milk.’ She pulled a disgusted face: it had been really gross. ‘But then what am I going to put on my pancakes?’ Luisa pouted.

‘How about you eat some fruit for breakfast?’ Rose said as she pressed a kiss to Luisa’s cheek. The sweet gesture didn’t distract Luisa from her ridiculous suggestion.

‘Fruit? For breakfast? Why would I do that to myself?’

‘Because it’s healthy?’

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A List:

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1. I’ve watched the movie Fried Green Tomatoes 10 times in the last 4 days.

2. I love sleep, and am usually incredibly tired but I hardly ever sleep.

3. I am very clumsy. As in Tonks x1000 clumsy. My dad used to joke about how I could never run or do anything without falling and hurting myself. however, I can run in heels with no problems.

4. I once found a spider in my grandparent’s basement and trapped it in a cup and kept is as a pet. I named it Frankie. 

5. I have a talent for understanding other languages if I hear them being spoken, but I can’t speak them to save my life. 

6. If anything touches my bare feet I have a minor panic attack, step in water on the kitchen floor, nope. sand sticking to my wet feet at the beach, end. of. the. world. people touching my feet, hell no. get away. 

7. I’m very picky about how I do the dishes. if they aren’t done in the right order my whole day is thrown off.

8. I don’t like sweet food, or candy. cake and cookies, especially anything with frosting or “cream filling” is the worst. I do like good dark chocolate though 

9. I’m madly obsessed with snow and cold weather

10. Silent movies are some of my favorite movies. Go watch Metropolis right now, its on Netflix. Seriously its in my top 10 favorite movies, and really that’s a very strict list.

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Can you understand just how much of a power Tamamo’s lover has over her? One word and she’s stopping doing what she’s doing. I mean, even in the middle of her rage moment she will stop. If her lover asks her not to kill a man, she will stop for a second because she just loves the person so much. Her love borders with obsession because of how clingy and lonely she actually is. Plus, because it’s within her nature to grab everything that she can and never let go of it because she knows damn well how fucking hard it is to find that one who person who loves you and doesn’t betray you. 

Of course, if what, she will process what she’s doing right the moment she will hear her lover’s voice. They are the person who keeps her stable if she does fall for them. But stable in a way that she doesn’t kill people if they are threatening the life of them both. She is still rational and she knows what she can and cannot do, but there are just those rare moments where she goes on the protective. Honestly, I have more things to explain about this but I just thought about this and… just wow

Am I just a girl who falls in love with her imagination? How can I say goodbye when I haven’t even said hello? I’m attached to something that wasn’t mine in the first place. When I’m awake I’ll daydream about you, when I’m supposed to be asleep I’ll stay up thinking about you. You and I, it’s a love story that will never be told because it’s never going to happen. 

🌹Venus placements and love✨

This post is going to help you understand your love-life better. It’s going to help you to read your Venus placements! Nb! I’ve written your love interest as a male, but you can change it to whatever fits you.

Venus in the Signs:

Who you’ll fall for, how, and why, based on your Venus sign.

- You are more likely to fall for someone if their Sun or AC is your Venus Sign.

Venus in Aries: You’ll fall for someone who is wild, passionate, competitive, reckless, and firery. The Jock or the Bad Boy. You’ll be struck by love the way trees get struck by lightening. You’ll love the way he’s always so passionate and out there. He’ll drag you out of bed in the middle of the night to do something. To go on an adventure.

• Venus in Taurus: You’ll fall for someone who is stable, protective, reliable, mature, and romantic. The classical gentleman or marriage-material. You’ll fall for him by feeling love slowly creeping up on you. Slow and steady. Like drinking a hot cup of tea or cocoa. It’ll warm you up from the inside. He’s the type of man who’ll wake you up with a plate of homecooked food.

• Venus in Gemini: You’ll fall for someone who is witty, quick, intelligent, easy to talk to and exciting. The popular guy everyone genuinly loves. You’ll fall for him like a breeze on a warm summer day. You see him as a breath of fresh air in a otherwise polluted enviorment. You’ll love his way of being liked by everyone, and the way he can convince anyone into anything.

• Venus in Cancer: You’ll fall for someone who is sweet, caring, protective, sensitive, fair, and loving. The kind, quiet guy who takes care of everyone. He is well liked and respected. Heals the wounded. You fall for him because he makes your heart go all soft and gooey. He probably makes your knees shiver and tremble too. You love him because when he’s at the top, he gives everyone a hand to come join him.

• Venus in Leo: You’ll fall for someone who is loyal, proud, cocky, elegant, loud, and popular. The popular guy. Or the preppy man. He is an elegant royal. You’ll love his fierceness and protectiveness. He’s a king and you’re his queen. He’s a lion and you’re hin lioness. When you fall for him, it won’t be subtle. He might see a strong and elegant woman in you, and you see a strong and elegant man in him. You fall in love in a playful, and challenging manner. Like two people dancing, slowly getting closer and closer.

• Venus in Virgo: You’ll fall for someone who is practical, intelligent, woke, smart, and clever. You’ll probably fall in love with him by him teaching you new things and helping you. He awakens some kind of inner fascination in you for him. You’ll love his way of spreading knowledge and trust. He is well-respected and he’s the one you go to when in trouble. He is the man of steel.

• Venus in Libra: You’ll fall for someone who is diplomatic, gentle, just, popular, and masculine. You’ll fall for him the way Disney princesses fall for their prince. He’s your Prince Charming. Your knight in shining armour. You’ll love how protective and fair he is. He’ll be the type of guy who brings you flowers and takes you out for dinner, but also calms you down, and helps you solve your problems.

• Venus in Scorpio: You’ll fall for someone who is passionate, mysterious, protective, unique, and powerful. The mysterious man, the bad boy. It will be love at first sight. He’s magnetic, you’ll be pulled towards him. You’ll love how he makes the entire world stop. Time stops. There’s just you two. Frozen in time, like two snow cystals in a snowstorm. His magnetic field to strong and powerful. And you’ll love his air of mystery and excitement.

• Venus in Sagittarius: You’ll fall for someone who is fun, loving, exciting, wise, adventurous, and mature. The foreign professor, the traveller. When you fall for him, it’ll feel like the sun rising over the meadow on a dewy summer morning. Warm, and enlightening. You’ll love the way his mind is like a library and his lust for travelling, learning, and exploring. His mind is like a map, always expanding. You grow together with him. Like the mist in the forest, spreading all over the landscape.

• Venus in Capricorn: You’ll fall for someone who is stable, mature, wise, logical, protective, mysterious, and classy. The man. Like a flower in the ground, blossoming, your love for him wil blossom into a beautiful flower on stable ground. He’ll be your rock. Standing with your back against a tree, the tree wraps around you and almost swallow you up. You’re safe and home. That’s what you feel for him. Deep in a dark, but safe and warm cave.

• Venus in Aquarius: You’ll fall for someone who is unique, original, intelligent, bizarre, spontaneous, and eccentric. The intellect. The rebellious leader. When you meet him you’ll be intrigued and impressed. He’s like a cult leader. You’ll fall in love with his mind and ability to lead an army of justice. You’ll feel powerful with him. And you’ll feel hope for the future, and what has yet to come.

• Venus in Pisces: You’ll fall for someone who is genuine, sweet, intuitive, caring, gentle, wise, and healing. You’ll be pulled in by the mysterious and unique persona, almost like crystal ball, it’s clear. When you fall in love it’s like a starry night. You feel like they open up your mind and awakens your 6th sense. You’ll feel nostalgic with them. Like two children, running through the forest on midsummer’s eve, dreaming of what can be.

Venus in the Houses:


• The 1st house: You’ll meet them while looking in the mirror. Oh, no, wait, that’s you! You’ll meet them while doing sports or something fun and exciting.

• The 2nd house: You’ll meet them while shopping. Or though connections. Somewhere related to money, but in a classy way.

• The 3rd house: You’ll meet them somewhere you go often. They might be a neighbour, co-worker, classmate, friend of a sibling, etc.

• The 4th house: You’ll meet them at your home. It might be a family friend, childhood friend, or someone from your past.

• The 5th house: You’ll meet them at the local theatre, the cinema, the club, art class, amusement park, anywhere related to art, creativity, hobbies or fun.

• The 6th house: You’ll meet them at work or at school. Maybe at the dentist or at the doctor’s office.

• The 7th house: You’ll meet them while doing charity. Or in some stereotypically romantic way. You might drop your purse, and he’ll swoop down to help you pick it up, and you’ll touch hands and fall in love.

• The 8th house: You’ll meet them at the morgue or the strip club. Or both. Jk, you’ll meet them at a fancy restaurant or party.

• The 9th house: You’ll meet them while travelling or at church. The library maybe.

• The 10th house: You’ll meet them at work. Or somewhere connected to work. Maybe at a job trip, someone from another office, a boss or a competitor.

• The 11th house: You’ll meet them through your friends. A friend of a friend. Or a friend. If you’re lucky, maybe even your crush!

• The 12th house: You’ll meet them while being out in the nature. Hiking, jogging, walking. Anything connected to the elements. A cabin in the woods, on boat, by the bonfire or the grill, or on a plane or bridge.

Venus in aspects to the Planets:


• Sun - Venus: You feel like your beauty and aesthetic is a part of your identity. People get easily pulled towards you. You’re a magnetic and beautiful person. Popular and easily liked. People look up to you, and admire you.

• Moon - Venus: You live for love. You feel love and beauty in every inch and limb or your body. You love decorating yourself and your home in order to feel good and beautiful.

• Mercury - Venus: You are quite the sweet-talker. You could talk anyone into anything. You love music and poetry. You love PDA and express your love through words and actions. Quite publicily.

• Mars - Venus: You are extremely passionate and blunt when it comes to love. Like an atomic bomb of hugs, kisses, and hearts, you are quite intense. Your love and passion never fades for what and who you love.

• Jupiter - Venus: You are the collector of beauty, art, and poetry. You have travelled the world and picked up everything beautiful that you love, and put it in your museum. Your mind is a beautiful and special place, and here you have managed to share it with others.

• Saturn - Venus: You are a stable and secure partner. When in relationships, you are the mom/dad, taking care of the other. You nurture and protect. Like a true lioness. Or the opposite: you like to have a partner protect you. Usually older, and mature.

• Uranus - Venus: You love to break norms and social rules. You’re usually involved in bizarre or unique relationships. You might have an original and new kind of eye for beauty. Other people feel both intrigued and frightened by you.

• Neptune - Venus: You tend to compare yourself to others a lot. You idolize people, and you want to be like them. People love your gentle and soft aura. You’re like a goddess swaying in the wind. Pale blue and pale pink silk.

• Pluto - Venus: You love taboos. You are one magnetic, passionate, obsessive person. Once you have set your eye on someone, they can’t escape, for better or for worse. You have a high sex appeal, and people are fascinated by you. When they meet you, they feel like someone threw a heavy stone on their stomach.

Front Bottoms Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Lone Star// "She looks me dead in the eyes and says 'hey Brian if you still believe in the Lord above,
  • get on your hands and knees and pray for us"
  • Taurus: Santa Monica// "Where I'm standing there is a cool, cool breeze. Heavenly bodies make the devil a little uncomfortable."
  • Gemini: Father// "And I am leaving as soon as I come.
  • As soon as I come you will probably forget my name.
  • I hope I fall asleep at the wheel and crash my car."
  • Cancer: Flashlight// "You are still here, you are still happy, you are still smiling and laughing, you are still the only thing and everything I need in my life."
  • Leo: Cough It Out// "All the branches on the tree, that we carved our initials in seem to bend and take the shape of them."
  • Virgo: The Beers// "And I will remember that summer, as the summer I was taking steroids, because you like a man with muscles, and I like you."
  • Libra: Funny You Should Ask// "But you were young, you thought you didn't have to care about anyone, but you're older now and wish that you could."
  • Scorpio: Swimming Pool// "There's no doubt in my mind that if you could then you would try to crack my ribcage open and pull my heart right through."
  • Sagittarius: West Virginia// "I thought I had it figured out, how to organize my words good before they fall right out my mouth."
  • Capricorn: Awkward Conversations// "I personally think it's too cold to have the window open, but you want to smoke your menthol cigarettes."
  • Aquarius: Maps// "And what about your friends. Don't you love them enough to stay? And I say if I don't leave now then I will never get away."
  • Pisces: 12 Feet Deep// "Maybe college won't work out, I can come live at your house. I'm supposed to be at class now but my roommate just passed out."

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I remembered Namjoon stated that "even though I'm a man, I can't help but notice how sexy Jimin is. He's flexible, has a toned body and a doll like face. Out of all of us, he has the most lithe figure. He's really sexy." Can you explain their dynamic?

now that you mention that, i can’t help but notice that scorpio venus/mars men just love jimin don’t they? 👀 and it makes sense. people whose mars sign is the same as your venus sign  (and vice versa) are extremely attractive, especially in a sexual way. they exude an irresistible charm that you fall into every time, which explains how jiminie has them wrapped right around his tiny fingers:

A to Z (Fluff) - Loki Laufeyson

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A = Attractive what do they find attractive about the other?

Apart from how beautiful you are to him, he likes your assertiveness and your loyalty. He loves how sweet you are to him, even though he thinks he’s a monster - you always tell him otherwise and he loves you for that.

B = Baby do they want a family? why/why not?

He’d be scared to have a family with you, but he loves you and knows you deserve the world.

C = Cuddle how do they cuddle?

He likes to cuddle chest to chest with you because he’s a little spoon. He feels loved and appreciated by you when you wrap your arms around him and he can only give you the same affection

D = Dates what are dates with them like?

Loki Laufeyson is a fucking sPOILER!!! He loves to spoil you with everything and anything. Rose gold dress? He got it for you. Food? Already bought it. Romantic dates? He can take you to Paris with the snap of his fingers!

E = Everything you are my ____ (e.g my life, my world…)

“You are my queen. I’m loyal to you and only you. I want to give you everything you want and deserve. I want to serve you and make sure you know how beautiful you are.”

F = Feelings when did they know they were falling in love?

Thor had badly beaten up Loki, he was bleeding and bruised - tossed into an alleyway. If you hadn’t stopped Thor, Loki would’ve been dead. You quickly ran to him, not caring that he was a so-called “villain”. You took him back to your room and took care of him. You fixed him up and made sure that Thor wouldn’t pick on him again. You soon learned that Loki was misunderstood and tried desperately to convince others - then Loki knew that he had to have you and call you his.

G = Gentle are they gentle? If so, how?

HE’S SUPER GENTLE WITH YOU!! Even when you’re mad at him and banging your fists against his chest, he would still treat you like you were the most fragile thing in the universe!

H = Hand/Hold how do they like to hold? how do they like to hold hands?

He loved holding your hand. It made him feel an indescribable feeling. Your hand was small and warm in his big cold hands and when you touched, sparks started flying like fireworks on Christmas. He likes to lace his fingers with yours because he finds that your hand is the perfect fit for his - and he just knew that the universe gave him an angel

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