how can you not fall in love

it makes me so happy how Alec is the str8 fave because he’s played by a tall white boy but then you watch the show and he’s so gay even from the very beginning and he falls in love with a man and so much of his identity is tied into his sexuality and like he’s ours and the hets can pretend all they want and ship him with women but he’ll always be gay and he’ll always be with a bisexual asian man and like how does it feel straighties??? He’s ours!!!!!!! Ur fave is gay!!!!!

One of my favorite little changes they made to the new beauty and the beast was when the beast realizes that belle has come back. First off, I love how belle grabs the arrows from gaston and breaks them over her knee, “where is he?!” like girl…I love you so much, and then she wrestles with the gun gaston has! That was so great to see because you see how desperate belle is to protect the beast because she knows the type of man gaston is and what he can do. 

So at this point the beast is jumping from turret to turret on the castle because he’s trying to get his footing, but everything is falling apart where he lands. That’s when it happens. Belle, who runs to an opening on one of the turrets, looks out and see’s the beast almost fall and she screams “No!” and the beast stops, whispers “belle?” and looks over and there she is. She’s wearing her white under garments and against the darkness, she sticks out, the light of hope and love that the beast thought he had lost. 

He then jumps up to another turret and it’s this shot that I adore

“Belle!” he screams and it shoots back to her face and she looks so relived that he’s ok, “You came back!” and EVERY TIME I see this movie (i’ve seen it like…5 times…maybe more) I get goosebumps at that line. The way that Dan delivers his performance as the beast is fantastic. Belle then screams that she tried to stop the villagers from coming, but the beast is all focused on belle. “Stay there! I’m coming!” and he has this focus on belle, he’s completely forgotten about gaston, he just needs to get to belle, to see belle, to be with her again. 

Fast forward a bit and the beast has this great line when he’s holding gaston over the edge, “I am NOT a beast” and then it quickly shoots to belle who gets this watery smile on her face, and the beast yells to gaston to leave. And the beast is getting ready to jump over to belle and she’s all panicked, “no! it’s too far!” so worried about him, and he does make the jump, pulling himself up and then they stare at one another and it’s a moment of peace because finally they are back together. 

BAM. Gaston shoots the beast and belle quickly runs over to him and is trying so hard to get him out of harms way but he’s too heavy and he’s too hurt to move on his own, and she’s so desperate. Calling for gaston to stop, trying to pull the beast, “come on!” she says at one point (caught this on my 3rd viewing, she sounds so scared and desperate as she tries to get him to safety) and then gaston shoots the beast AGAIN and he tumbles out of belle’s arms and she runs to him. 

Yes, the end exchange between them is quick. But, for me, that makes sense. The beast has been shot 3 times in the back and had been hit multiple times. It would make sense that he is dying faster in this version. That was something that always bothered me in the animated version (which i love and adore mind you) because…he gets stabbed in the side. And maybe he gets hit in a vital organ, I don’t know. But he gets stabbed with this little knife (after an arrow to the leg and being hit a few times) and just dies on the spot. It’s an animated movie of course, so things will differ because of our suspension of disbelief. 

Am I saying one is better then the other? No, because I love both movies. I love them for all their similarities and their smaller differences. Some tweaks I like more in the live action movie, and some things I like more in the animated. But for me, both these movies are pure magic. 

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anyone who says lolita is just about this guy that falls. in love with a 12 year old girl and doesn't have a message behind it obviously hasn't read the book. Nabokov doesn't want the reader to sympathize with humbert. in the book he shows how charismatic and manipulative pedophiles can be and how easy it is to fall prey. you're supposed to hate humbert lol.

That’s exactly it. With Humbert’s narrative, he pulls you in with his manipulation but at the end, Nabokov shows that you, the reader, has also been manipulated by him. How many other books successfully do that? It’s genius.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the UK Nonnatuns. I love that we have a day to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and mother like figures in our life. These are the people that are there for us from the moment we take our first breath. They listen to our fears and worries no matter how big or small. Our mothers are the ones that pick us up when we fall, they heal wounds in ways only mothers can. They’re our first friend, our first confidante. Through their words of wisdom in the good and bad times they help you become the person you are. You might fight and fall out and bonds are tested. But the bond is unbreakable.
Our Mothers, Grandmothers and Mother like figures all deserve to be celebrated today 💖

Anon Said: I didn’t know how awesome a fanfiction about mute badass warrior Summer Rose and mischievous hot Qrow Branwen could be but then I read Misfortunate Remnant. I mean I already shipped them before but ouh là là can’t I wait for those two to get together. Love your work!

Anon Said: For various reasons I’ll be stuck in a lecture I have already heard twice for the whole day. Also I am hungover and didn’t really sleep. Misfortunate Remnant is currently preventing me from falling asleep. Thank you.

Anon Said: When are we going to get some more chapters for MRAU because I am loving it so far

Scarlet Qrose.

(Scar)let Q(rose). all the puns

That’s my new ship name for MRAU Summer and Qrow. 

MRAU has taken off far more than I ever anticipated, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU EVERYONE! I think I’m out of my funk now, and will upload more consistently now.

By the end of the week, you’ll have 7 chapters uploaded to reward you for your patience!

Also, if you have any questions and would like drawn responses from MRAU!Summer or MRAU!Qrow or both, you’re more than welcome to ask. I’m sure Summer would love to talk to you…not sure about Qrow, though. He may be snarky as all get out.

Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 8 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 16440 -> Chapter 8 word count: 3664

Chapter 8 summary:

Forelsket (Norwegian/Danish)- the magical, wildly-intense feeling that comes over a person when they are falling in love

I am honestly surprised I was able to finish this chapter on time. I am also surprised how long this chapter is. Gon thinks too much, haha XD

Anyway, thank you as always for reading! Chapter 8 can be found in the link above or the cut below~

Gon couldn’t breathe.

His mouth tasted like iron and his muscles burned. An overwhelming sense of dread crawled up his throat and it was sheer desperation that gave him the energy to push harder and faster with each step. He was gasping for air but he didn’t feel any relief. His lungs were on fire as he pelted down the high school hallway.

“KILLUA!” he burst into the nurse’s office, sneakers squeaking loudly against tiled floors.

A woman with short black hair blinked at him, eyebrows shooting upwards in surprise. But he didn’t care about her. She didn’t matter. He had sprinted here from the opposite end of the school because he had heard-

“Did you see what happened to the Zoldyck kid during free period? He just started choking out of nowhere, seriously, everyone thought he was gonna suffocate or something-”

And all the air had vanished from Gon’s lungs.

“Where’s Killua?!” he snapped at the nurse.

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cuddling with juho

anon: Sf9 Zuho cuddles? Omg I saw your youngbin ver and loved it

    • a/n: sure honey!! thank very much for loving the youngbin one as well, that means a lot to me ^^ i hope you like it, and the gif doesn’t belong to me credits to the owner :D

  • he’s the kind of boyfriend
  • that has a side that only you know
  • you know the super sweet and caring side of him
  • he shows it to his members sometimes tho
  • juho would really love cuddling with you
  • since it’s one of the times where he could show you
  • how much he loves you
  • when you’re in his arms
  • he whispers like really cute things in your ear
  •  ike
  • “every time i see you, i fall in love with you over again”
  • “spending with you is the highlight of my day”
  • and much more
  • he’s also the one person that loves you
  • being the big spoon instead of being the little spoon
  • i can see him falling asleep quickly when you’re the big spoon
  • he smiles before he falls asleep because
  • he can feel how tight your arms are wrapped 
  • around him
  • he thinks it’s cute
  • sometimes he turns around and faces you
  • just to see you
  • “i’m so lucky to have you, y/n”
  • “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
  • even though you were sleeping

To the side who is all Ed, saying Os deserved to be shot because he was selfish and killed Isabella out of a pure self-serving nature. That Ed was happy and Oswald couldn’t stand it because Ed was happy with someone who wasn’t ​him​ and thus eliminated the middle-man to get what he wanted: 

I can see your point. Oswald absolutely ​was​ selfish. I was mad at him too. You can’t just kill someone and expect their lover to not find out and fall into your arms when you confess. 

BUT Oswald is pretty much new to the romance thing. He doesn’t get that you can’t just ​make​ someone fall in love with you by eliminating competition the way you do rising in the mob. His only association with learning how to survive is to ​make sure​ he gets what he wants. He wanted Ed. Therefore Isabella had to go. She was simply an obstacle to him and what does Oswald do? He ​overcomes​. With the mob bosses, Fish, his injury, his past, the bullying, his own depression and loneliness…it what he does. He knows no other way. He wanted Ed and he was going to get him through any means necessary. This is shown in his flawed delusion that Ed would seek him out as a “shoulder to cry on” and his confusion when Ed didn’t get over it in a day and kiss him al-fucking-ready. He was genuinely confused because, remember, Ed expected Oswald to jump up and teach him about murder just after his mother’s death. His ​mother​ that he knew and loved, and was the only source of love he had, all his life. Of course Os would expect Ed to get over a girl he only knew a week quickly and come to him.

To the Oswald people who think that Ed is a “snake.” That he’s a back-stabbing murderer and Oswald is a precious baby who has never done anything wrong in his whole life (completely cynical, ik y’all don’t really think that) and that Ed overreacted: 

I can see your point too. Ed certainly did overreact. Oswald ​didn’t​ deserve to be shot. Especially after sacrificing his own life to keep Ed safe from Butch, Barbara, and Tabitha (as far as he knew). And that was after Ed had tortured him in the warehouse. 

BUT, Ed is not a snake. He’s confused. For all he knows, his last chance of happiness was destroyed. At this point, he can’t even imagine being with Oswald because Oswald killed his Isabella selfishly. Remember that Ed’s never had a single friend all his life. Not even his parents cared very much for him. He’s been abused, told he’s unlovable, ignored, pushed away…Ed’s lived an extremely toxic and lonely life. So why ​wouldn’t​ Oswald betray him? Everyone does. Everyone leaves him. Ed grew up believing that anyone who wanted to be around him was only in it for personal gain…then came Oswald who ​seemed​ true. Oswald who taught him many things and saw him for who he was and ​loved​ him. Oswald who willingly touched and hugged him… Oswald who betrayed him and killed his last chance at happiness to selfishly be with him. So in a way, he was proven right…again. And he can’t take it anymore. 

What I’m saying is, both characters deserve love and should be protected and cherished. Thank 

things i know about my mother:

i. i’ve inherited her full cheeks, her flat nose, her large eyes, and her thirst to do some good in the world.

ii. ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, i can write a hundred different ways to say i love you, and not a single one would be able to voice it right. words are the closest thing i have to home, but they fall flat on the paper when i’m trying to tell her how much she means to me.

iii. i’m scared of failing her, because she’s a hurricane of a woman trapped in a body, and i’m merely a speck of dust that gets caught up in her wind.

iv. i wonder if her shoulders get tired sometimes, carrying so much weight. atlas has nothing on her, i know that for certain — he almost crumbled underneath it all, but she can take these mountains and build you a masterpiece.

v. and i like to fancy myself as a wordsmith of some sort, that i can the twenty six letters of the alphabet and try to turn it into something beautiful, but i have opened this document for over a year and this is the most, the rawest, i have been able to write.

vi. this is not enough, not for someone like her, but this is all i can give back.

—  to the strongest woman i know, on mother’s day (j.l.)
Sick Day (Sirius Black x reader)

Another request, thanks!!

“Sirius, I love you but you have to stop!”

You giggled as he lightly peppered kisses on your neck. He stopped when your giggling turned to violent coughing. You two were sitting on the common room couch, waiting for the rest of the boys to come down for breakfast.

“Sorry, love. I can’t resist.” Sirius whispered as he leaned in to kiss you. You scootched back, causing him to dramatically fall forward into the cushion.

“I’m too sick” you said with a shrug when he pouted up at you. You sneezed and Sirius quickly handed you his hanky. You sniffed


Then handed it back to him. He pushed your hand away with mock disgust

“how about you hold onto that.”

You chuckled but winced at the headache that seemed to form within seconds. You heard the boys coming down the stairs.

“Why don’t we just skip class and cuddle in your bed all day?

His offer was tempting and you felt awful, but you knew you would never hear the end of it from your parents if you missed class. You shook your head

"no, I can do it”

After breakfast Sirius realized you were no longer by his side. Assuming you had just gone to class he made his way to Transfiguration.

His brows knotted when he saw his mate, James in your seat. He scanned the classroom to find you in James’s usual seat next to Lily. Sirius plopped into his chair. “Why did you switch seats?” Sirius asked, annoyed. “She didn’t want you to get sick” James answered as he kicked his feet up on the desk, earning a “Potter!” from McGonangall and immediately brought them back down. “So? She’ll get Lily sick!” Sirius spit back. Remus, who was sitting behind them spoke up “In her defense, Lily isn’t going to try and shove her tongue down (Y/N) throat.” James chuckled

“that’d be hot”

“you’re disgusting” said Remus, rolling his eyes. Class begun.

You kept getting distracted every time you looked up to see Sirius’s eyes burning into you. You felt bad, but getting him sick would make you feel a lot worse

Your cold seemed to be getting worse and worse throughout the day. Your head ached, your throat burned, and your nose never stopped running. You really just wanted to grab Sirius bring him to your dorm and have him hold you until you were better.

Class after class, Sirius found you in a seat across the room. He felt miserable, fingers itched to touch you, he craved to taste your lips. If he had to spend another minute with James blabbering on about Lily, he would go to Azkaban for murder (🙃) .

His only resolve was to stare at you. He loved the way your eyes tried to avoid his gaze. Your occasional sniffs made him want to run over, cradle you, and carry you to his dorm.

The redness of your nose made you look like an innocent little bunny. It was almost too much for him.

Finally when classes were over Sirius bounded up the girls dorm stairs, using the trick that disarmed the staircase the James had taught him.

He bursted into your dorm and ripped open your bed curtains. You were sound asleep but violently woke up due to the commotion.

Your eyes flew open and you brought your covers tight to your chest but then loosened when you saw it was Sirius. He looked at you wide eyed.

“I’m so sorry, that was supposed to be dramatic, I didn’t realize you’d be sleeping.”

You laughed, he leaned forward hopefully

“please tell me you’re feeling better”

he was inches away from your face, you could see the pleading in his eyes.

“Yes, I feel alo-”

he cut you off with a hard kiss and crawled into your bed. Sirius looked at you desperately when you pulled back for air.

“Today was the worst day ever”

he murmured into your hair. You nodded your head, you couldn’t help but agree. “It was scary too” he added. You raised your eyebrows at him


“Yeah, because I got a taste of what life would be like without you”

You suddenly felt a rush of guilt “I’m sorry Sirius, I just didn’t want you to get sick” you rested your head on his shoulder and drew circles with you fingers on his chest.

“No, don’t feel bad. I’m kinda glad it happened. Now I know I couldn’t last without you.”

You placed a light, lingering kiss on his cheek and whispered softly “I couldn’t last without you either.”

Before you watch this video, please know that this means a lot to me and that I would normally never post something like this. It’s very personal and for someone special, for someone that I admire and adore endlessly. This is not professional at all, it’s just me and my ukulele.

@lunaisbandtrash this is for you daisy. I told you that I wanted to show you a song which I’ve learned to play on my ukulele and here is it. It’s probably silly and I know that I’m not the best at playing the ukulele and I also can’t really sing great but I thought I could show you how much you mean to me with playing this song for you.

You are the most beautiful flower, the kindest person I know and the reason for my happiness. I adore you with all of my heart and I hope you like this.
I love you Luna and when I sing that I can’t help falling in love with you I’m just being honest. Because it’s true, I genuinely can’t help but fall in love with you. You’re the best and I hope this is not too much or too awkward.


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Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: high school au|smut| angst|fluff

Words: 415

Warnings: bad words| future smut nsfw and bdsm

Request: a bad boy au where the guy falls in love with the cute and innocent girl of the  school.

A/N: A friend of mine made this request and unfortunately for him I changed this girl’s personality I think. She’ll still be cute and all but at the same time she’ll be clever. I’m putting my soul in this fic so I really hope you’ll like.

Remember: English is not my first language; if there’s any kind of errors please tell me and send me your thoughts so I can get better and better. Thanks!


↪ How could I be such a fool for him? He was just like the bad boys I’ve met in my life before; a cocky heartless fuckboy. But what was about this guy that made me head over heels for him? Was it a good idea to give in to his charms?


I think when everything starts to crash down you start to remember the good things. It comes in flash and there’s a part where you just wish to know where the turn off button is so you can stop remembering the past days, months. I wish I could stop thinking about him. His kisses, the way his skin used to touch mine in the simplest way. Nevertheless, along with all these memories, his words echoed in my head.

“Why are you so mad with me? I’ve done nothing wrong,(Y/N)”,he said calmly.

“You were in bed with another girl,Yoongi! Do you expect me to be fine with that?”,I said exasperated.

“Yes, I do expect, (Y/N). Because just like you were laying down in this bed last night, the other girl was and plenty more will be”

I scoffed not believing in his words. Or maybe I just didn’t want to. What I really wanted at the time was wake from the nightmare I was in.

“How can you say that? I-I-I thought we were toget-“

“I never said we were”, he shrugged. ”You concluded that by yourself. I-I like you,(Y/N)”, he looked directly to my eyes and in that moment he didn’t look like the cocky bad boy he was. He looked so innocent that almost made me forget why I was so mad at him. Almost.

He continued his thought. “You’re nice and honestly you’re the best girl I’ve ever met however that doesn’t mean I’ll change my life or who I am because of you. You knew since the first day how I am and just let yourself get lost in those feelings you have.”,he took a breath while cupping my cheeks with his cold but so warm hands.”I like what we have even though you thought differently about it. I’d like to continue this but if you don’t want to, fine by me. You can go live your life, find the boyfriend of your dreams because sorry to break it up to you, princess; I’m not the guy for you”

It seemed that ages passed but it was just seconds. I looked into his eyes and even after that dark aura of his was back I could sense a little bit of pity. And I always hated when people looked at me like that.

Slowly I walked away from him, passing the sleeve of my jacket on my eyes to stop my tears.

Nodding I grabbed my purse and headed to the door.

“It was nice while it lasted”, I said holding the doorknob and with calm steps closed it. Walking out of his life forever.

Or that was what I thought.

Little Miss Matchmaker|| Charles Xavier

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Requested by @katiedreamy : Can you write a story where the reader has a 5 year old daughter who’s a telepath and isn’t sure how to cope with it. So when you meets Charles and tell him about your daughter, he agrees to help. Problem is, falling in love… well, you’ll see when you read it. 


y/d/n - your daughter names

y/d/f/n - your daughters friend’s name

If you would like to be tagged in this, please let me know!

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What if in ACOWAR either lucien dies or elain rejects the bond and then somehow falls in love with amren? I mean can you imagine amren being mean to everyone else but her cutiepie omggg Also thanks for elriel, I didn't know I needed it in my life until I found it

-The war is finally over, Lucien and Elain meet one night to talk pressured by the bond that is tying them together. The dinner is full of laughter and snarky comments. Elain sees how Lucien could easily be her best friend and love could blossom there. Lucien pulls her from her thoughts with a statement that totally catches her off guard, “I’m in love with Tarquin.” Oh thank the mother. They both let that mating bond go, but stay in constant contact with each other. It’s easier being friends.

-At first Elain does not know what to think of Amren, then she hears her laugh. Gods that laugh, she falls in love almost instantly. 

-Elain starts to hang out with Amren, finding an excuse to be near the fire drake. At first she needs to borrow jewelry. Then asks about a rare flower. Everyday she is drawn to Amren’s apartment. 

-Amren starts looking forward to Elain’s visits. One day she does not show up and she goes into a panic. When she finally finds Elain gardening, of course she is gardening. Amren notices that she is not paying an ounce of attention to the flower garden, but an herb garden. Elain quietly tells her that she has been growing herbs that made even rabbits taste good. 

-Amren melts, no one has even grown herbs for her. No one. 

-Weeks go by and the pair find themselves together more and more. One night Elain even sleeps over. NO ONE, has ever slept over. EVER. 

-During a family dinner, Cassian makes a joke, poking fun of innocent Elain. He expects Az or Nesta to come to her rescue, but is very surprised when Amren growls at him. He wants to keep his family jewels, so he never pokes fun of Elain. Ever. Even if Amren is miles away. It is not worth the risk. 

-Months go by and the inner circle starts to notice how protective Amren is of Elain. Like hell she is going to the Hewn City. She will be no where near those war mongering Illyrian bastards, be happy that I let these two a hundred feet in her presence. 

-Elain whispers “I love you” right before falling asleep. Amren whispers back those three little words for the first time in 6 millennia. 

I did not know how much I needed Elriel until that fateful day @propshophannah messaged me. I have been hooked ever sense. 

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Itachi scenario where his partner makes a joke and he laughs so hard and he can't stop laughing because my poor baby needs some more love :'( Please and thank

Alright people, I used a pun from that video on twitter that was too fucking funny for me I’m so sorry it’s horrible

When Itachi came home that day, he was exhausted. Another mission that had to be done. He kissed you and let his body fall on the couch heavily, sighing. It was probably the first time you saw him that tired. As usual, you sat next to him and asked him how his day was. He told you about it, briefly and simply. It was quite obviou that you were only going to sleep that night. 

You kissed him, sliding your hand on his torso but he broke the kiss and looked at you, shaking the head.

“I’m sorry [Y/N].”

You smiled, getting up from the couch. You approached the wall and glanced at your boyfriend with a dramatic look. Pointing at the light swich you couldn’t help but make a terrible mistake.

“All these switches and I still can’t turn you on.”

The room remained silent for a few seconds when you were wondering if you were going to jump out of the windown after this horrible pun.

Itachi bursted out laughing suddenly.

“I’m sorry.” You apologized, chuckling.

Itachi laughed even more, wrapping his arms around his belly as it was hurting.

You didn’t know why he was laughing like that but you jumped on the couch besides him and started to have an uncontrollable fit of laughter with him as well.

“Oh my gosh…” He managed to say between giggles, his eyes starting to water as he couldn’t help but laugh even more.

You both laughed for a long moment and when you stopped you started laughing again when you looked at each other. You ended up not knowing why you were laughing : because of your bad pun or because Itachi was laughing ?

After a while, Itachi’s laugh started to fade away as he whipped the small tear coming out of hie eye.

“That was probably the worst pun you’ve ever made.”

“At least I made you laugh.” You answered, smiling brightly.

He smiled back at you, his stomach still hurting.

Itachi didn’t often laugh, though when he’s tired he could laugh to anything.

-Admin L

10 songs/10 mutuals

Tagged by my dear @pantheradokis! Shannen thanks for the awesome tag!

honesty I don’t listen to any song in specific so I’ll just check what I played recently in spotify lol

1. Say you won’t let go by James Arthur
2. Shut up and dance by Walk the Moon
3.  Everything by  Michael Bublé
3. Top of the World by The Carpenters
4. When we were Young by Adele
5. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley
6. No Matter Where You Are by Us the Duo
7. Without You by Avicii
8. Girl on TV by The Vamps
10.  Paean (How Would You Feel) by Ed Sheeran

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Since it's ship day, what ARE all your ships? Did your opinion on some of them change w THM, or did you add new pairings from those characters? Just curious ☆

Just the standard 

  • S.ilucy: y’all know know i’d for these two and THM just made me fall harder for them
  • S,amwick: I have some mixed feelings about this ship and most of it is explained on this post but still they couldn’t make me more emo and I l o v e t h e m (Mandy Marwick if you out there…I love u, take care my child)
  • Je.etle: They had a cute dynamic on the 1st series and I expected to see how their relationship grew but :)) Angie :)) had other plans :)) Anyways!! i’m pretty chill about this ship in general but I can stop thinking about how they’re going to have the cutest daughter ever oh my god.
  • Sn.orrricko: tbh i don’t remember much of them. But I guess I do like them together.Their interactions in pathfinder felt really natural and nice :’)

I think that’s it? I’m pretty neutral on the rest of the ships like M/arcellia,Ma/rcilo,Se/ptyrah,Rosep? 

Jojo and Marissa are a NOTP if we’re talking canon. Sep and Driffa are lowkey NOTP too

leggyboy2d  asked:

All of the questions 👀👌

Re-Hash: What is your favorite phase?

I still wanna give Phase 4 a chance, but I think so far phase 3 is my favorite!

5/4: What is your favorite Phase 4 picture so far?

this terrific man!

Tomorrow Comes Today: Who is your favorite character in Gorillaz?

Really difficult choice between Stu and noodle, but I think Stu is my number one boy!

New Genious (Brother): What do you think about Murdoc?

I have very….strong opinions about murdoc. lol let’s leave it at that

Clint Eastwood: How did you get into Gorillaz?

I guess mainly my love for art direction and animation? The style of their videos are just so appealing to me and I’m hoping one day I can develop my own style thats as memorable and unique as Jamie’s art style ;Oc

Man Research: What’s your favorite album?

Literally can’t choose. I really liked the fall album? But I also love Demon days??

Punk: What was your first Gorillaz music video you’ve seen?

I remember watching feel good inc on the tellie way back then when i was a kid. It really scared the life out of me haha

Sound Check (Gravity): Do you own any Gorillaz albums? If so, what are they and how many do you own?

Unfortunately I don’t have any albums :< But I’m most def going to get Humanz when it comes out!

Double Bass: What’s your favorite G-bitez episode?

Either the one where 2-D jumps over russle with a bike or the one where Russle and Noodle are fighting. I don’t remember the names of the eps though

Rock The House: What’s your favorite interview?

literally anyone with the whole band in it!

19-2000: What’s your favorite music video and storyboard?

Man I guess my favourite music video is probably “do yah thing”? I’m still not over how amazing the texturing on murdoc and Stu’s models are. It’s so gross looking I love it! I also love the Reinstone eyes animatic

Latin Simone: Which character do you relate to the most?

Defiantly 2-D! Just his overall personality and likes and interests just correlates with me so much. He’s one of my biggest I.D.’s haha

Starshine: Do you think 2D and Murdoc will ever get along in Phase 4?

I’ve got big opinions on the whole thing, hah. If Murdoc ever does decide to stop being a murdick I’m not sure they’d ever be able to rebuild a more healthy relationship. And in all honesty I don’t think Stu would ever really forgive him because Murdoc did fuck him over so so so many times and really I wouldn’t blame Stu. You can’t just expect someone to forgive their abuser just like that.

Slow Country: Which song do you think would make a great music video?

man I really don’t know. I guess all of them?

M1A1: Besides Gorillaz, who else are your favorite band or musician?

I got a big list! But if I had to narrow it down to my top four it would be:

  • Amanda Palmer
  • Blink 182
  • 21 Pilots
  • Florence and the machines
  • American Authors

Dracula: Does Gorillaz inspire you in any way?

Yes! On so many levels! Their content really triggered my interest in story and art direction and it never fails to inspire me! And listening to the views and opinions of the characters as well is a really moving experience. Like noodle’s insight on how the world works and how she wants to improve on issues that effects young women really inspires me to do the same with my own art and animation

Left Hand Suzuki Method: Do you prefer 2D’s singing voice (Damon Albarn) or speaking voice (Nelson De Freitas)

difficult question! I could fall asleep to Stu’s singing voice because of how soothing and powerful its really comforting to listen to! But then his speaking voice, as goofy as it may be, is so charming and fun and it’s really fun to listen to him ramble!