how can you not fall in love

Richard’s eyes...

I know, I know… Who doesn’t just completely love everything about Richard, from his soft golden hair, his adorable smile, his appealing voice, to his beautiful soul, but, as everyone knows, one of the most wonderful features are his champagne eyes…  

I couldn’t bare not to “write” a short reminder about his eyes, because you can’t help fall in love with them and melt while starring into those beautiful drops of golden stars… 

And how can you not compare them with so many other marvelous sights: rays of sunshine going through a glass of whiskey, amber glitter, sweet soft caramel eyes…  

…mellow jewels of honey, in which you stare forever and melt in their warmth and sweet vanilla flavor …

…the ocean fondled by gilded strips of sunlight, sparkling fairy dust, sweet scent of champagne mousse… 

…and many other…

Sorry for the long post and for the low quality of the photos, yet, I really wanted to remind you about the wonder of those mild hazel eyes Richard has ^-^

me watching Jurassic world for the eighth time today: this movie would make so much more sense if Owen was a girl, if the raptors are matriarchal then they’d only respect a female alpha, not Owen, it’s would make more sense if it was Rowen Grady, badass raptor keeper like everything can be the same like she falls in love with Claire and gray and Zach still think she’s a badass and be like “your girlfriends a badass!” and “can we stay with you?!” “I’m not leaving you as long as you live!” “We meant her definitely her” like picture it, Rowen Grady with short cropped hair, kickass combat boots and still ex navy like wow okay Claire is definitely a little in love like Rowen would still be like “how’re you running in those shoes!” Still have the motorbike and it would just be amazing

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How can I stop falling in love with Mila more and more!! ??? 😩😍

You can’t.

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Wait!!! I'm confused now! @.@ what's the difference between demi and pansexual???

(asjhsdhsdf I’m not an expert on the matter correct me again if I make mistakes guys please!)

These terms are not the same..

Pansexuality is reflective of those who feel they are sexually/emotionally/spiritually capable of falling in love with all genders.  A pansexual could be open to someone who is male, female, transgender, intersex, or agendered/genderqueer.

By explaining the meaning of “Demisexual” I told you how we feel about Love and Sex, which one we prioritize and which one is  second place.

Now, Demisexuality varies according to the gender you feel attracted too, then you can be Demisexual-hetero, Demisexual-bi, Demisexual-gay,…

 Demisexual-pan too… etc etc…

don’t fall in love with the moment, fall in love with yourself. you were the driving force to make that happen. you are able of great things. a moment is great and cannot be recreated. but you? you are the factor that can have the power to continue living great moments. you cannot be relived, because you are living. it wasn’t the moment that made it special, it was YOU. don’t live your life on one memory but continue into the present with the same glow of energy and greatness.

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Hi there! My son (he's 4) was recently diagnosed with autism. I just wanted to let you know how much he and I both appreciate your blog! He watches your videos every night to help him relax for bed (his favorites are the slime videos). Before I showed him your blog he tended to have a lot of trouble falling asleep, but now he's sleeping really well every night and I'm so grateful :) Thank you so much for everything, much love!

Oh wow. Thank you so much for sending this in. I’m really glad I can help your son relax and sleep! In the beginning I made this blog mostly for myself, but it grew into something much more. Thank you. I wish you the best ❤️

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Dad can I get Rivaani modern day au headcanons? Im getting judged lately because i like the ship and i told my friends and it spreaded but im still up for this crack and i wont stop till the feelings fade away!!

Do never feel bad because of a ship you like. I adore ships that are highly problematic and many people tell me to stop. Ship what you like and don’t give a shit about other people 💖

  • Annie adores to go shopping and sometimes Levi would come along, telling her what suits her best 
  • They would both work on different sides of the city and only see each other in the evenings
  • They barely talk to each other but are very close. At nights Annie would fall asleep in his arms
  • Both of them have to deal with people making fun of their height
  • Annie is sometimes very impressed by how sensitive Levi can be and Levi found out that Annie is extremely loving
  • They both like to play video games
How to fall in love...
Many times I've been asked for advice and tips on self love, and this is a subject I hold very close to my heart, so today I share with you some things I've ...

New video up on my channel all about self love! 
I hope this can provide some sort of help, or even just a bit of company to know you’re not alone, in your beautiful journey to self love! I encourage you to voice your questions, opinions, and suggestions for future videos like these,
and as always, 
thank you so much for your support!

i’m tired. it’s exhausting giving your all to a person who continuously breaks you. i’m mentally, physically, emotionally worn out. chasing you drained me. putting my all into you drained me. i stay up until four in the morning thinking to myself how crazy you have made me. you did this to me. what hurts the most is that we both know you are hurting me, but neither of us want to do anything to stop it.
—  how can i love him without hurting myself?

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hogwarts rivalry au tho. like mark lee in gryffindor and donghyuck lee in slytherin a.k.a the classic hp romantic trope of star crossed lovers. maybe some bonus of them duking it out in the quidditch field? c:

ok, so um, i looked up star-crossed lovers and it says it’s “a relationship that’s doomed to fail bc that’s what the stars dictate” but uh… my sappy ass self can’t handle angst or broken relationships, so this is a happy ending. and also, i think i veered off a bit, less of a rivalry than you’d think? also, really sorry for this late post.

markhyuck as the typical gryffindor/slytherin trope

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Can you tell us your preferece vs canon anyway? Id really like to hear it! (You got me into Mercy x Tracer and i loveeee!!!)

i’m glad you love them too! <3 and for sure! tbh, i tend to like things that are unpopular as heckie and i just happened to fall into speedy recovery because of how much i enjoyed tracer and mercy as characters. and then it spiraled into headcanons and then how they complement each other and all the fluff and the anGSTT. troubled doctor, becoming cynical of the world, losing sight of her initial purpose and then there’s lena zippin in with her adorable quirks and chirps and optimism im not crYINnG. i do perceive mercy and tracer a bit differently from fandom, so no biggie if people are confused by it lol

vs canon, i have nothing against emily ofc. i just feel like their wasn’t a lot of background or official content for her that really made her interesting to me, y’know? it’s also a bummer that she’s an npc, so we don’t get to see any sort of dialogue exchange between characters in game. other than that, her and tracer were hella cute in the comic!

wait –who’s gengi?

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what's your ideal hc for iwadai's first meeting? like a special location or how things would evolve after the first meeting? do write a whole paragraph or a book if necessary, I'm veeeeeeeery curious about it!


you’ll have to make do with my terrible rambling orz if we’re talking first meetings I’m guessing this is out of canon? hmmmmm that’s hard. there’s so many aus i’d love to see them in hnnnnnn

I can’t think of a specific place but all I can imagine is Iwaizumi falling for Daichi’s smile (asdkfjl; i know in a previous ask I said I preferred Daichi falling for Iwaizumi first by just a little bit, but that was mostly in the context of college au ((which is my ideal au for them falling for each other within canon)). all the other aus I think of I end up leaning more towards Iwaizumi falling for Daichi first). It’s not love at first sight, but they get to know each other a bit first and then find themselves thinking a little too often about how they’d like to see the other’s smiling face and be surrounded by the sound their laugh.

humhummmmmm I think my ideal meeting for them would be something natural and coincidental like meeting in a convenience store or seeing each other on a morning/evening jog.

omg ok maybe like Iwaizumi going for an early morning jog only to spot Daichi had accidentally locked himself out of his apartment and he’s wearing only a t-shirt and boxers so he’s freezing. They make eye contact and Daichi is flustered and laughing awkwardly as he tries to explain he’s not a weirdo. It comes off like a rambling mess. Iwaizumi just nods awkwardly back. He doesn’t know if he should keep jogging or if he should try to help the poor guy out. Iwaizumi ends up asking the obvious, if Daichi had thought to ask the landlord to unlock his door for him. Daichi doesn’t hold back on his sarcasm when he answers Iwaizumi (its morning and Daichi’s too sleepy to remember to put on his polite facade to a stranger). It should’ve drove Iwaizumi away, but it doesn’t. Iwaizumi is kind of just staring at him amusingly, before admitting to the other that the question was pretty dumb of him to ask. They start chatting a bit and then when they don’t know what else to talk about other than the weather Iwaizumi resumes his jog, wishing Daichi good luck with getting back inside his apartment. As Iwaizumi is jogging, he sort of regrets leaving Daichi like that all cold and shivering. It takes him 15 minutes of contemplating before finally deciding to jog back and check on Daichi. When he gets there, Daichi is no longer outside. Iwaizumi figures he’s made it safely into his apartment.

And thennnnnnn, the same situation ends up happening again (god Daichi get it together). But this time, Iwaizumi offers his jacket to Daichi (which then totally gives them an excuse to see each other again because Daichi has to return the jacket. Daichi treats Iwaizumi out for lunch for helping him out and thus starts their friendship and lowkey unrealized crushing on each other (´꒳`)

I just want something absolutely normal and later becomes a meaningful first meeting for them ;v; then they become really close friends, the type that always hangs out at the other’s place like its their own home and ends up even staying the night. pretty much acting like a married couple before they’re even dating. their friends end up assuming they’ve already been dating for a long time before it actually became official.

SO BASICALLY I want domestic, friends to lovers, mutual pining, fluffy, slow burn.

hmfmfmfmf i’m just sosososo weak for domesticity. I want their whole domestic life from when they meet to when they’re old and wrinkly with their five dogs and still being dorks with their sappiness and teasing and sarcasm towards the other ;;v;;

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hugo strange and/or fish mooney?

ooo interesting! thank you for asking!


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff (I would say a bit of ravenclaw too)

best quality: ambition. determination. I love how loyal she can be. she’s basically the queen of everything and everything about her is just perfect

worst quality: not her fault, but she keeps dying?????????

ship them with: butch! *cries*

brotp them with: probably butch, but I love her relationship with oswald and I liked her interactions with selina

needs to stay away from: evil doctors. 

misc. thoughts: what. a. queen. knows what she wants and fucking goes for it. life goals or wife goals? I honestly can’t decide. would sell my soul to have her back. fish mooney cares a lot. yes, she has used people but when fish cares she fucking cares. it’s partly why I love her relationship with butch so much. even when he shot her at the end of season 2, she knew it wasn’t his fault and she didn’t once blame him. also, I feel like fish does try to look out for her little people whenever she can. sure, she has her own personal motives a lot of the time, but she does seem to try and help those lesser than her. I could talk about fish mooney forever, there’s so much to admire about her and I’m going to miss her a lot :(


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang I do find bd wong/hugo strange attractive but none of these suit :)

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: oh god, I don’t know? maybe how intelligent he is

worst quality: literally fucked with people for fun, I mean. but more seriously, his ego and arrogance probably.

ship them with: no one

brotp them with: no one but I basically love his interactions with everyone

needs to stay away from: everyone lmao and anything that’ll help him do more fucked up things (although I am here for the drama of it all)

misc. thoughts: I admittedly don’t feel very strongly about hugo. I do find him entertaining though and I think he’s really funny. I love how he plays everyone so long as it’ll work out for him. if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have a lot of the iconic characters (also fish wouldn’t have come back to life so that’s cool). I was really happy when we finally saw him again in the latter half of season 3 and I do hope we see more of him in season 4!

feel free to send me a character!


Looking for some YA books with queer main characters to read during pride month? Here’s a list of titles I’ve read and/or heard great things about. Most of these were published within the past year or so. Feel free to add on!

You Know Me Well by David Levithian and Nina LaCour

Two classmates, one gay and the other lesbian, meet during pride month in San Francisco and help each other through relationship problems.

 Tell me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan

Finally! A cute F/F novel where no lesbians die in the end! The main character is an Iranian American with traditional parents.

 Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig

Mystery/thriller about a closeted gay boy who’s girlfriend goes missing, and he becomes the focus of her disappearance. I can usually figure out what happened in mystery novels early on but this one had me guessing until the very last page.

The Abyss Surrounds Us and The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie

Lesbian pirates and sea monsters. Need I say more?

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

This one’s like reading a modern day fairy tell starring a trans boy named Sam, who’s family immigrated from Pakistan, and a Latina girl named Miel who grows flowers out of her wrists. And there’s a glass coffin. It’s super creepy.

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Y’all, this is set at SupaCon (like Comic Con!). There are two narrators. Charlie, an Asian movie star who is bisexual, and Taylor, a blogger who has ASP.

Radical by E.M. Kokie

This one’s a little darker. It’s about a butch lesbian doomsday prepper who accidently gets involved in a dangerous plot that could get her and her family into some serious trouble. I liked this book because Bex’s views about guns are completely different than mine. But that’s why we read, right? To learn about people who are different from you.

 Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

This book was pitched to me as a fantasy book about a princess betrothed to a prince but she falls in love with his sister. It’s pretty good.

PS: Dear Mrs. Coulthurst, thank you for Chapter 34

 10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac

A f/f story set in Vancouver about a girl with anxiety who goes to live with her dad and falls in love with a musician.

 How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake

Like Sarah Dessen? You’ll love How to Make a Wish! It’s about a girl, who’s bisexual, who falls in love with a biracial dancer. It’s part love story, part mother-daughter story and super amazing and emotional!

 History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

Keep your tissues close. You’ll need them. Griffin’s ex-boyfriend, Theo, drowns and he’s left devastated. He grows close to Theo’s boyfriend, Jackson, who is one of the few people who knows what he’s going through.

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

Speaking of tissues, you’ll also need them for Nina LaCour’s latest YA/NA crossover. Marin is staying at school alone for Christmas holidays and her best friend Mabel comes to visit. It’s a tear jerker but also amazing and beautifully written.

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

I’m gonna cheat with this one because the main character isn’t queer. BUT she has two moms, they’re a biracial couple, her twin sister is a lesbian, and the sister’s girlfriend is pansexual. And her moms’ wedding is a big part of the plot. Great book to read during pride month!

Dreadnought by April Daniels

Superhero novel with a main character who’s transgender and a lesbian. I’ve read this and heard mixed reviews but for the most part, it’s a good book if you like superheroes.

The Better to Kiss You With by Michelle Osgood

This is a f/f story that I’m not entirely sure how to categorize. It’s part paranormal romance, part mystery/thriller, but could also be NA. The love interest is a butch lesbian who’s a werewolf!

Girl Mans Up by M-E Girard

Main character is a butch lesbian who comes from a traditional Portuguese family.

The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine

If you’re a Clexa shipper, you’ll love The Cursed Queen. A fantasy novel with a bisexual main character who falls in love with her chieftain’s daughter. You can’t help but fall in love with Ansa and Thrya. And the best part? No dead queer girls!

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How do you fall back in love with life?

  1. clean your room.  clean space, uncluttered space, space that doesn’t have miasma clinging to it can work wonders.  clean the dishes.  sweep.  take out the trash.  peel the clothes off the floor and wash them, and then actually fold/hang them.  take a long shower.  scrub behind your knees.  brush your teeth.  (this can be utterly exhausting, but try to get it done in a day, if you can.  the end result is worth it.)
  2. pull out your notebook.  it doesn’t need to be a new notebook, but preferably one that you don’t usually write in, or that you haven’t touched in a while.  fuck moleskins.  the yellow legal pad will work fine.  sit in your room, or in the park, or in the library, and write a list.  count clouds.  describe all the colors that you see, and note patterns that arise.  sketch the cracks in the walls.  note the shape light makes when it enters a space.  talk about what the air tastes like, smells like.  what sounds are there?  even the white nose, break that down: air planes, fans, cicadas, anything.  remind yourself that you are sitting in the middle of a space brimming with detail.  remind yourself that you are not in nothingness and emptiness.  your world is fathomless.  it has potential.
  3. drink cold water and try to eat something that isn’t processed.  it does not need to be fancy.  buy yourself an apple with the change between your couch cushions.  eat it outside.  if you’re someone who walks, walk somewhere afterwards, just to stretch your legs.  take your fucking meds.  remember that its a good thing that you are inside your body.  your body is a fantastic and endlessly intricate machine, and even though society has smacked a bunch of poisonous ideas on it, that doesn’t change its inherent worth and splendor.  take care of it.
  4. read a novel.  underline your favorite lines, and write phrases that twist your heart inside your chest on the back of your hand with an ink pen.  read a novel like it’s poetry.  read poetry, something decadent but unpretentious.  watch a movie you haven’t seen before.  if there are free art galleries near you, walk through one.  take your time.  let yourself bask.  if there are patterns in what makes your soul ache, write those patterns down – marbles arches or soot crumbling bricks or dandelions or descriptions of dresses or whatever it is, write them down.
  5. your chosen family is important.  remember, they picked you as much as you picked them.  the love has no obligation.  it is given freely and it is given from a place of compassion.  you are not a burden.  if you need to breathe, take a minute by yourself and just exist, but remember to go back to your people.  when they need you, listen and be gracious.  always be gracious.  the universe sometimes remembers things like that.
  6. listen to new music.  link jump on youtube or related artist jump on spotify or ask the chap beside you in the cafe what their favorite band is, and listen to that.  listen to something that you don’t usually listen to.  we tend to tie up a lot of memory with music.  we are falling in love again.  the soundtrack needs to be specific to that.  
  7. allow yourself to indulge in romantics.  press flowers in old books.  play movies with subtitles and mouth the words.  dance in your room.  wear something that makes you feel good, even if you wouldn’t wear it in public.  write your chosen family letters, even if you hand deliver them.  write poetry, even awful poetry.  revel in its awfulness.  eat dark chocolate and when your chosen family want to go out, try to go out with them sometimes, even if its just to the market.  

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How would draco react to going on the camping trip with the golden trio? If harry and draco were in a relationship and he refused to stay behind like ginny, what would happen? I have this vision in my head of draco cursing out nature and asking the heavens why did he have to fall in love with harry bloddy potter!

I can totally see that.  I definitely think Draco would be the complaining type.

  • “Yes, Potter, all of this stuff I packed is necessary and I cannot get rid of a single thing.”
  • “For Merlin’s sake could you stop almost dying every five seconds!”
  • ““No, Potter, I most certainly will not eat whatever that is that you’re pretending is food. I’d rather starve to death than be killed by your cooking.”
  • “I should’ve known this was going to be a disaster.  Just look at where we’re camped out.  There are sticks and dirt and we can’t even use magic to warm ourselves up right now I’m going to freeze to death and I’ll have you know it will be all your fault, Potter.”

But also, for all of Draco’s complaining there would be things like…

  • Draco refusing to sleep all night, his fingers tracing the dark circles under Harry’s eyes as he fitfully sleeps
  • Draco doing whatever small things he can to bring Harry comfort, like warming charms when its safe to do so, or a cushioning charm on the ground.  And he doesn’t say anything because it seems stupid and insignificant in the face of trying to escape Voldemort but he feels useless and wants to take care of Harry
  • Sleepless nights with their back to a tree, shivering in the dark, dirty and cold but both breathing, both alive; and that’s enough
  • Draco whispering every night when Harry falls asleep “I’m gonna love you forever you fucking idiot so don’t you dare die on me.”
  • Draco pretending he is horrified by Harry’s cooking and refusing to eat, getting Harry completely pissed off, except the only reason Draco does it is so that Harry will eat his portion of food because Harry looks so weak, so thin and Draco knows he won’t eat it any other way so he does whatever it takes to give Harry the only kind of strength he can offer
You’re in love with a legend;
A god who can kiss with a mouthful of stars.
And maybe it was lust, thrill, an addiction to danger and the idea of getting burned.
Of falling.
  Of flying.

How it starts is unrecognizable. A whisper, a touch, then a storm.
It makes you open your eyes, grasp the world, and leaves you hungry. Like you want more.
Like you always have.

And it will amaze you, how the story gets twisted.
How staring into the sun doesn’t leave you blind, and his touch is pleasantly warm.
You see the sea breathe in shuddering breaths and look to his lover lit by the sun’s rays,
And you’ll think this is the true story.
  The true love.

Not between Icarus and the Sun, but between something of the sky and the depth of the sea.
—  how he couldn’t wait to press his salty kisses across his face // L.H.Z