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Bob Morley at #ShowTimeCon2

so this is a master post of what bob said during his panels in Barcelona this weekend. i’ll update it as much as i can:

- Bob was 30 minutes late (x)
- Bob doesn’t ship Becho (x)
- Bob thinks Bellamy deserves a happy ending (x)
- Bob is bad at taking compliments (x)
- Bob is really happy with a scene that’s coming up soon. Ian directed it (x)
- Bob loves working with Ian, Eliza and Marie (x)
- Bob’s favorite character this season is Murphy and he loves how crazy Jaha is (x)
- Bob’s favorite superhero is Hulk (x)
- Someone said Echo is better than Gina and Bob said: “You are entitled to your opinion” (x)
- Bob said he’d like to play Becca and that Erica does an amazing job. He also said he’d look amazing in a red dress (x)
- Bob said there’s a huge episode coming up in 3 episodes (x)
- Someone asked about Bellarke but Bob said he doesn’t know what will happen (x)
- “I definitely think that they’re pushing the audience to think that way.” Bob about Bellamy having feelings for Clarke (x)
- Someone asked Bob if he thought Bellamy is in love with Clarke and he tried to avoid the question but he said Bellamy cares more about her and Octavia than any other of their people. (x)
- Bob about Bellamy and Octavia: “There’s a big episode coming, I think it’s one of the biggest we’ve ever shot.” (x)
- “Would I like Bellamy in real life? No. He’d probably beat me up.” (x)
- “What do you have in common with Bellamy?” - “We have the same hair.” (x)


GHOSTBUSTERS, 2016, dir. Paul Feig

A significant issue this movie points out is the way men and women are socialized to treat rejection: boys have to fight bullies back; women should internalize and take the high road. The villain of this movie is a guy who was derided as weird/bullied ever since he was a kid - but so were our heroines. ¾ of the women took it in stride but you can tell it’s had a big effect on Erin, her behavior, and how she quantifies/qualifies her work. Patty didn’t let her oddball tastes keep her from being a happy, friendly person. Abby and Holtzman embraced their weirdness and ignored the haters, making significant friendships (/possibly more) in the process. They do not need external validation.

On the other hand, a man feels he’s owed inherent respect and when he feels his so-called genius is not being suitably revered, he lashes out with violence. There is no “live and let live” philosophy here; people need to pay with their lives for the humiliation they’ve wrought (many of them unknowingly).

Just something else I love about an imperfect movie which should also be applauded for catering not a whit to the male gaze.

Hello, writerly friends!

Over the years I’ve made a lot of writing advice videos, and with Camp NaNoWriMo almost here, I thought I would compile a “starter kit” with some of my best advice for anyone looking to do a month-long challenge like this one. You can find the full playlist HERE, or click on the individual links below~

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Seventeen’s Reaction To You Singing Disney Songs

S Coups: He would quietly walk in and just lean against the door way, watching you sing your heart out. After you were finished and he’d wrap his arms around your waist and place sweet kisses on your cheek.

“I’m dating the cutest human ever!” 

Jeonghan: At first he’d sort of stare at you in a “what are you doing” kind of way. Eventually he’d begin singing along with you and it would become a thing that you two would do every now and again for stress release. 

“I think we should sing this song next, my love!” 

Joshua: He’d love hearing you sing Disney songs, hearing how happy you sounded whilst belting Disney classics. He’d even go out of his way to buy a Disney CD for the car so he could hear you sing during car journey’s. 

“I like you singing that Beauty and The Beast song! Can you sing now?” 

Jun: He would lowkey find it the most adorable thing in the world! You never knew if you were actually annoying him or not but after every song you sang he would clap and compliment your voice.

“That was great! What song’s next, baby?” 

Hoshi: You can bet he already knows the words to every song you sing! Even if he didn’t he would just go along with what you was singing, he’d love sharing bittersweet moments like this with you. 


Wonwoo: Wonwoo would just silently listen to you and admire from afar. Out of all the boys he’d be the one to make it into something romantic, sometimes twirling you around and using it to call you “My Princess.” 

“I didn’t think I was actually dating a princess….” 

Woozi: I think he’d let you sing to him if he was ever feeling stressed and just needed comfort. He’d smile and hold your hand whilst you sang to him and if he was feeling extra cheesy he’d sometimes join in with you (don’t tell the boys though) 

“Angel… Can you sing to me?” 

DK: He was the one to start your obsession with singing Disney songs! It didn’t matter if you started singing a song first or him, eventually you’d both be dancing around the house singing a song from Moana. 

“Come sing with me!” 

Mingyu: You would have your earphones in whilst singing so you never noticed Mingyu giggling to himself when you had started singing. He’d sometimes record you so he could play it back and hear your sweet voice whilst he wasn’t with you. 

“She’s such a cutie….” 

The8: You’d sing in your bedroom most of the time so he would poke his head around the door frame and smile at you. If you had caught him, he would give you a reassuring smile and tell you to carry on. 

“Don’t let me stop you from singing, beautiful~ carry on!” 

Seungkwan: This could either go two ways. The first way being he would sit there listening to you and falling more in love with you. OR he will make this a battle to see who could sing the song better.

“Awwww, you sounded so cute! BUT I CAN SOUND BETTER!”

Vernon: I think he would be a blushing mess, he already saw you as a princess but hearing you sing a Disney song was the icing on the cake. He’d let you sing whenever you wanted as long as he was around when you was. 

“You sound perfect….” 

Dino: Another one who I think would join in with you. You’d both look at each other during a Disney film and then the singing would commence! It was innocent fun that both of you enjoyed sharing together.

“I like this song com- LETS GET DOWN TO BUISNESS!” 

Thank you for being so patient with me! I hope this was worth the wait! The gifs aren’t mine, credits to owners! 

Love and hugs!

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McCree, Reaper, Soldier, Lucio, watching you die but luckily Mercy brings you back

A/N: Angst, but with a happy twist, how nice! I’ll try to oblige accordingly, though it might be a little difficult since it’s almost 3am and I’m tired. There’s one more request in the inbox besides this one, but it’s about a video that I need to watch, so I’ll write it out tomorrow.


  • You were a little too adventurous on the battlefield and took a shot to the stomach, but McCree’s close by. He calls Mercy over on comms, but she can’t be there immediately. He’s not a medic, but he’ll do what he can to stop the bleeding. His normally suave self will begin to unravel as he realizes that he can’t help you, tears begin to run down his face. He’ll angrily keep calling for Mercy over comms, desperate for her help to keep you alive, while trying and failing to maintain his composure for you. He’ll keep telling you it’ll be okay, but the lack of sensation in your body begs to differ, and he’ll eventually just start cradling you in his arms. Your breathing is shallow by the time Mercy finally gets over to you, everything is just a haze through your eyes, though you can faintly make out McCree’s emotional gestures. You shut your eyes for a moment, giving it to the cold embrace that gently caressed you, before being ripped back to the warmth of life. You can make out the determined look on Mercy’s face as your vision begins to clear, her staff standing nearby, it’s beam enveloping your body. McCree’s pulled you back into a hug before you know it, sobbing like a baby as he embraces you, happy that he didn’t have to say goodbye to you. He promises to keep you safe from here on out, you won’t go on a mission without him at your side.


  • Reaper isn’t exactly on friendly terms with Overwatch, though they needed every gun they could get for this mission. If Reaper went, then that means you went too. The two of you were a team, on and off the battlefield. You’d take the brunt of an explosion, shrapnel would be embedded in your body, Reaper’s ethereal form kept him safe from the blast. He’d clear out a safe zone before checking back in on you, surveying the damage done. The wounds are deep, and there’s nothing he can do to help you, his powers only work for him. He’d call for a medic, his focus back on the battle, distracting him from thinking about your injuries. He looms over you as you bleed out, weighing the option of taking your soul while you pass on, carrying you with him wherever he goes. He simply apologizes as he crouches beside you, holding your hand as you begin to slip away, your grasp slowly beginning to loosen. He’d roar at Mercy once she arrives, demanding that she saves you, pointing a gun at her head almost habitually. After she diligently works to bring you back from the brink, he’d simply nod at her as he watched you regain consciousness. He’d demand you stay put until the job was done, disappearing into the fog, the distant screams of his victims announcing his arrival.

Soldier 76:

  • Soldier has a biotic field, but that’s only for minor injuries, anything too serious and its effects are heavily diminished. He’s by your side the entire mission, and refuses to leave you when you get hit. He’ll drag you behind some cover, leaving his biotic field beside you to numb the pain while he covers your position, demanding Mercy to get over there immediately. He’ll glance over occasionally while he covers you, his visor hiding his concerned face. People with wounds like yours don’t usually make it back in one piece, and it’s not looking good. He’s desperately trying to clear the area, Mercy can’t work if she’s being shot at, but that means he can’t help you himself. Pulse rounds continue to rain as he fires away, their rhythmic sounds the only thing you hear as you drift away, the biotic field doing little to keep you in one piece. He’ll question if Mercy can save you when she arrives, still covering your body despite your passing. He silently lets her go to work, desperately hoping that she can save you. Your long inhale when you awaken is all he needs, he places a hand on your shoulder before mantling over the cover, intent on finishing the fight so that you’ll be safe.


  • Being a support Lucio’s used to keeping people alive, but there’s only so much his healing beats can do. He’ll try to mix things up to heal you more, but even he has his limits, and he’s asking for assistance the moment he realizes he can’t save you. Watching you bleed out is heart-wrenching for him, and he’s in tears before he finishes his call for help. He’ll try tinkering with his music, holding you close, doing anything he can to slow the process down while Mercy arrives. Eventually he’ll come to terms with the fact that Mercy won’t be there in time, and shifts to making the process as comfortable for you as he can. He’ll play your favorite song as he cradles you in his arms, crying gently as you slip away, your smile fading as your eyes shut one final time. Mercy arrives soon after and immediately goes to work, performing surgery in the field while Lucio provides assistance. Through some sort of miracle she manages to pull you back to the world of the living, and Lucio couldn’t be happier. He pulls you into a warm embrace, thanking Mercy profusely as he refuses to let go of you, staying by your side until the battle is over.

can someone please explain to me why the hell some ‘fans’ on Twitter are making the incredible news of Liam and Cheryl’s new baby to be all about the delusional and fucked-up story of “babygate”? 

“I think for me, beauty is sincerity. I think that there are so many different ways that someone can be beautiful. You know, someone so funny that it makes them beautiful no matter how they look, because they’re sincere in it. Or somebody who’s really emotional, and moody and thoughtful and stoic, but that makes them beautiful because that’s sincerely who they are. Or you look out into the crowd and you see someone so happy that they’re smiling from ear to ear, and that sincerity comes through. I think that’s what makes somebody beautiful. And I’ve never felt like there’s just one way to be beautiful, you know, tall or short, straight hair or curly, or whatever some people have their definitions of “their types.” You know, for me I think that when I meet someone and there’s that magical thing about them that makes them unforgettable, that they’re sincere and honest in whoever they are, be that funny, happy, sad, going through a rough time, sarcastic. I think that these personality traits that come through when somebody is really sincere is what makes them beautiful.”

okay, so… because I’m sick I can’t do much except lay in bed and try to breathe lolol I decided to download photoshop (thank you to my wife, @taylortheferret ) and follow @ciruelabob ‘s tutorial real quick :o (you have the most relaxing voice by the way!!! it’s so beautiful! :~D) so I did the basic gif thing and got this??? it’s super nice I’m pretty happy with the colors :o 

thank you for the tutorial, darling! <3 it gave my sick butt something to do :p hopefully I can continue learning how and get better as I go <3 

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Child!Au, How would the boys feel if they found out their mother was physically draining themselves doing things for them just so they could be happy and comfortable?

Admin Mawile: └(・。・)┘ Reader noooo


-He doesn’t really understand how someone could willingly wear themselves out so badly, but he does know that too much working is just miserable. You need to come play with him and relax, like you always tell him to do!


-It should be a good thing that you’re showing such diligence, but all he can see is his own efforts to please his mother. For once, he’ll actually insist you take more breaks and time for yourself. 


-Just the mention of overwork makes him feel sick. It’s too much like what the old hag demanded of him, and he nearly panics trying to get you to stop. You’re important! You can’t be sad!


-It’s very difficult for him to understand the suffering of someone else, but knowing that you’re unhappy is worry enough. If you’re upset because of him, what if you decide you don’t want him anymore?


-Your distress shouldn’t matter a bit to him, but it’s strangely upsetting to see you so exhausted. He’ll come up with some story to get you to stop doing so much, and try not to think about how much he cares. 


-After panicking over the idea that you’re going to get sick of him, it takes all his courage to try to convince you to take things easy. He’d… he’d be sad if you made yourself sick over him. 


-The idea that you’re wasting away at yourself to make him happy has him physically ill with memories. If his violent reaction isn’t enough to stop you, this is one of the few times he might beg. 


-It doesn’t make sense that you’d be making yourself sick for his sake, and while at first, he sees little wrong with you taking care of him, it quickly turns to near panic over how pained you seem to be. 


-If the problem is too much work, than he’s going to help! He’s strong for a kid, and is more than willing to help out and make things easier for you. He’ll just be happy to see you healthy again. 


-Registering that affection from you could be a bad thing takes a lot of thinking. Once he realizes that you’re really hurting yourself, he gets near frantic trying to talk you into taking better care of yourself. 


-He’s more than used to working himself past the point of good health, but seeing you of all people do it is just unpleasant. You’re too good to be wasting your time on luxuries for him. 


-His ego wants to say that someone working themselves sick to please him is exactly how it should be, but seeing you actually miserable from it just makes him feel sick. You have to stop now. 

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can you make some head canons for the main trio with a s/o very short??? (like tall as minami or shorter)


-Is smitten 

-How is it physically possible for someone to be so adorable

-Hugs them 24/7


-Not quite affected by it

-Sure, it’s unusual, but he doesn’t mind

-Does find it a bit silly, though



-Seriously, he’s so happy to find someone shorter than himself

-And teases s/o relentlessly for it

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The fact that Iris has been by Barry's side for most of his life, how could he not love her? Even in the lyrics of RHTY, he said he knew that Iris would be his light in the dark, thus giving him no choice but to love her. Barry's lived through his darkest days and we've seen Iris helping him get through that. I can't recall a time where he was this genuinely happy for long periods of time. That's how much of an effect that Iris has on him.

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I don’t know how many times this man has to state what’s obvious but that song did it for a lifetime. It was beyond beautiful, Grant Gustin’s voice really suited the song and I’m glad he got to sing it to Candice (Iris).

AoEx Cast Reacts to Their S/O Being a Demon! 


  • doesn’t mind
  • why would he?
  • son of Satan - remember?
  • is happy that you felt like you could confess that to him tho 
  • he knows how hard it is to have to keep it a secret - but want so badly to tell someone


  • Shiemi.exe has stopped responding
  • removes herself from you for just a little while
  • a couple of days so she could think over everything
  • and she realizes she’s being silly 
  • she comes back to you and apologizes for being away for so long 
  • and she explains that how she feels about you can’t be changed because she found out what you are


  • hates everything
  • himself
  • demons
  • you..?
  • to be honest he’s just a drama queen
  • but he doesn’t have the balls to dump you
  • so he completely removes himself from you 
  • becomes distant and stops spending time with you 
  • stops coming around you 
  • stops talking to you 
  • everyone yells at him about it - but they cant change his mind


  • can’t believe it
  • closes his eyes for a minute 
  • just thinking and breathing 
  • before he opens them again and sighs softly 
  • so long as you told him - he’s fine with it 
  • he doesn’t want to break up - cause you proved to him that you trust him - and that makes him trust you even more 


  • can’t fuckin believe it
  • but it’d be too much of a hassle to avoid you 
  • and why would he break up with you??
  • thats also a huge hassle
  • so he figures why not 
  • he knows you care about him - he knows you’re not gonna hurt him 
  • so its chill


  • faints probably 
  • when he comes to he’s yelling and won’t let you near him
  • its really dramatic 
  • he said a lot of hurtful things 
  • and he said ya’ll were done
  • and afterwards if ya’ll are in class together or whatever - he won’t even look at you 


  • shrugs it off
  • you’ve never hurt her or her friends so 
  • she doesn’t think of you any differently 
  • she’s glad you could tell her tho 

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Penny anon again: I don't stick around fandoms a lot in tumblr, so I'm unaware of what markiplier's effect actually is. I know he has a big following, but have never seen his fandom personally. If what you're saying is true then why are you not complemented by this? It may seem like the fandom's trying to be elitist, but to me it seems they just care about the well being of discussion and content, seeing how they're not complaining and are instead asking your opinion.

I’m happy that people care about the game! but please, try to understand… I’ve seen months of “please don’t let OneShot be popular” “please let it just stay hidden”-type comments on social media, and I can’t help but feel like people are trying to… sabotage us?

And… I’d hate to make this comparison, but I’ve seen a lot of “pro-artist” sentiment on this site that will turn around and stab the artist in the back the moment the artist is perceived as having any chance of success. Not to mention the (related phenomena?) where the hate on “big fandoms” seem to more magnified if the big fandom in question is one person (or a small team)’s passion project. 

Like I said, we do not mind a fandom of any size… big, small, we love you all the same. if you play our game and enjoy it, then thank you! That means we have done our job :) we just don’t want the newer players to be bullied out of playing it by members the older community who try to claim it as their own thing already… please do not be mean!

i was gonna make some comment about how 19 is kind of a boring age (16 is sweet sixteen, 17 is dancing queen, 18 you’re an adult, 20 you’re in your twenties, 21 you can drink in the us, etc but 19 there’s nothing special) 

but then i remembered that it means i am now the same age as luffy 

so i’m v happy about that 


Almost 2 years ago I created this tumblr because I discovered the use of Custom Content. I never imagined I would be recoloring cc, telling stories and making some life long friends! I am in utter shock and my heart is exploding. I want to thank everyone who is following for liking, reblogging and chatting with me ❤️ Words can’t express how happy this tumblr has made me. Thank you, THANK YOU! Now I have to think of an awesome gift to give to you all xD

Special shout out to my girls for always being there for me! @myfireheartt, @selaronosims, @this-nerdy-sim, @lizillasimming, @simmingbee, @iheartdinosx3 and @coliswonderland


Sara aka Cali ❤️

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*In Sean’s Mae voice* Night in the Woooooooods!

Man I love this game! And I loved @therealjacksepticeye‘s playthrough of it, so much that I decided to make fan art *shot* XD

I’m really happy on how this turned out, making clean lines was hard, especially for Gregg (still love you tho ;u;)

I can’t wait to get this game for myself and play it! :D But until then, enjoy some Trash Mammals :)
Jared Padalecki on Twitter
“Tonight is our GRAND OPENING of our upstairs bar "Jack's" at @SanJacSaloon !!! Come by and say hi!!”

(с)sabrywinch  I can’t. he is the cutest and sweetest man on heart. God knows how much I needed a moment like this, specially this days ❤ thank you Jared you are simply  amazing.

Thank you thank you thank you 😍 I can’t  believe it 😍😍

©yumyumche  I’m so happy right now #jaredpadalecki


©aihsenatelocin  When you finally meet your fave and have to be all casual and not faint like the true fangirl that you are. Thanks for the hugs, smiles, and picture tonight @jaredpadalecki. 😍

©@AihsenatElocin  I’m shaking so bad right now but I’m internally screaming with excitement.

©kvsparklepants This just happened.  

©issarenee9119  Just a Friday night in celebrity bars #jeredpadalecki

©@deannathegeek  Had a great night at #Jacks on 6th Street with my evil twin @jewleedotcom. Thanks @jarpad

@Jessiemckay1993 @jarpad I’m the girl who had a panic attack at @SanJacSaloon Thank you so much for everything You inspire so many of us. You’re the real MVP