how can you look at this face and not go 'aww'

Ear Biscuits 87

- Aww it’s the familiar music, and their voices sound the same, but now with video! We shall see how different the experience will be. So far I’m liking this new format at least, great to actually see the mythical Round Table of Dim Lighting.

- “Crank my knob a little bit.” Oh my what a start. Not a euphemism eh, sure thing.

- Well thanks for the mental images of eye biscuits and ear biscuits as some gross secretions. At least now I can look at their faces instead of picturing these nasty things in my mind.

- “I like speaking to you.” So much eye contact and full concentration on each other. This pretty much relieves that fear of the camera drawing their focus away from each other.

- Great attention span there, Link. Fun to see them be just like everyone: go find an answer to something from the internet, get distracted by everything else. I kinda like seeing their screen when they’re talking about something on it, but on the other hand it does have a bit of a distancing effect too.

- Wisteners and Latchers

- Link faffing about… equalising? What on earth is this boy doing? Either way, a great genuine and spontaneous moment between them, with some adorable giggles.

- Link is instantly angry at someone honking their horn at Rhett? Protective bff feels.

- “I felt feisty. I was itching for to be punched.” Say… what? :O

- And now Rhett is getting protective over his idiot fireball bff. I’m loving this so much!

- Hah, Link calling Rhett out on his know-it-all bullshit.

- “Too much hair for his own good.”

- And now Link is untying his pants and Rhett is offering to teach him what to do with the strings. What a time to be alive.

- “Buttons mean business.” Absolutely loved their conversation about clothes and what they signify. This type of material is why I love Ear Biscuits and these two guys so much.

- “Don’t be like Link.” Such wonderful parting words from Rhett. Their future selves sound… eccentric alright. Link with long braids though… please tell me someone has photoshopped those and Rhett’s banana suit already.

- Ahh and hearing the ending music again, Ear Biscuits is definitely back! And what an excellent season opening this was. I need a happy shirt now :D

Instead of watching The Counselor...

…watch this post of collected gifs of Fassy looking extremely bangable in The Counselor.

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Aww. Remember the beginning? When things were so promising?

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This black shirt, Fassy’s most supportive co-star, gives the best performance in the film.

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EYES SO BOTTOMLESS BLUE I practically forgot that I have no fucking idea what’s going on here.

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Arms, sexy. Smirk, sexy. Dialogue, cringeworthy. Why?

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He’s as confused as we are. How did he end up leading this garbage movie?

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His accent is making him sad too. Free him, Hollywood.

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Shark smile makes an all too brief appearance. I was not smiling while watching this movie. My face was more like this:

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And finally, here is Fassy in sweatpants. I have nothing snarky to say about Fassy in sweatpants. It’s fucking beautiful. Practically worth the torture of watching this film. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate. Appreciate Fassy in sweatpants, that is - NOT this film. This film is a nightmare.

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Imagine You and Dean Are Texting Each Other While He Is On A Hunt

Setting: You are cleaning up the bedroom that you and Dean share at the bunker, AC/DC playing in the background as you check your phone periodically, conversing with your boyfriend, Dean of course

You: Hey. How’s the hunt going?

Dean: It’s going okay. A little tired but could be worse. I miss you though.

You: Aww. I miss you too baby. Any idea when you’ll be back?

Dean: Shouldn’t be much longer.

You: Well A minute longer away from you is about as long as I can take. What are you doing?

Dean: staring at a gorgeous lady ;)

You look down at your phone, eye brows raising. Did he seriously just say he was checking out some lady? You nearly jump, dropping the phone to the bed when you hear someone clear their throat. You turn around to see Dean standing in the door, phone in hand and shit eating grin on his face. It was then you realized he was indeed staring at a gorgeous lady, but no where near as gorgeous as he was.

how i imagine the PokeGO team leaders would act like in an anime
  • Candela (slams fist on table): I don't care what you say! You can't possibly expect to be the best just by evolving your Pokemon! It's all about battle experience. The harder the fight, the greater you get!
  • Blanche (cup of tea in hand): Oh, Candela. How barbaric. Can't you see we need to move past the mindless fighting and study the infinite energy that makes Pokemon strong in the first place? Fighting is what gives root to beliefs that give birth to hate, like Team Rocket.
  • Candela: Well my FIST is gonna give birth to hate on your FACE!
  • Spark (gushing): Heeey, guys! Look! I hatched all these little guys! A Pidgey, a Horsea and two Growlithes!
  • Candela: Aww, how cute!
  • Blanche: You're doing great, Spark.
  • Spark: Hehe, and my team also managed to snag three gyms in this town!
  • Candela: Oh, that's great! Awesome job!
  • Blanche: Yeah, you deserve it.

Eijun doesn’t notice the hair tie until it’s between Miyuki’s teeth.

He watches, rapt, as Miyuki pulls his hair back, getting it away from his face as best as he can. The shorter strands fall out of his grasp and his fringe still falls onto his forehead, but with how sweltering it is even that early in the morning Eijun can only imagine how nice it must feel to have at least a little bit of hair not stick to the back of his neck.

“Just gimme a moment, sorry,” Miyuki says, looping the elastic behind his head.

Eijun nods, throat going dry. Miyuki just quirks an eyebrow at his silence. 

The whole ponytail thing…? It wasn’t a bad look him.

It’s six in the morning and you’re tying your hair up in front of me and you look great? Eijun almost groans, but thankfully settles on “I’m just going to find some water.”

I need a moment too, stupid Miyuki Kazuya.



  • badass lady trying to save his husband. man that cold open was creepy, too
  • mildred. just. everything about mildred.
  • the songs?!
  • I missed this Dean
  • lol dean basically doesn’t have a real conversation with cas for 20+ episodes, the second he has the chance to talk to him he spills all his darkest secrets.
  • “attraction, connection…” now now what are you trying to imply
  • the second time dean asked, sam admitted he wasn’t ok, and he told dean why later. good.
  • eileen. is deaf. and a hunter. and her deafness helps save the day. just slap me in the fucking face this is the content I want to see.
  • basically mildred and her comments on winchester looks is all of us but also robbie thompson in spn commentaries
  • mildred hates to see them go but loves to watch them leave
  • sam, you should shoot a message to eileen in the future. I’m just saying. aww can you imagine. I’d ship that
  • 💩
  • dean telling cas(ifer) about his irrestistible attraction to amara and how that scares him
  • but also, dean telling cas(ifer) about his *irresistible attraction* to “amara” and how that scares him and casifer-pretending-to-be-cas tells him it scares him too? i just. ok
  • the screaming of the banshee was actually just the sound of destiel subtext in this episode. make it stop! make it stooooopp!!! *bangs head against the wall*
  • all the talking about living a full life and then being content with retirement
  • and following one’s heart
  • mildred could sniff the pining from one mile away
  • i said this in the tags earlier but that line was just. it was just magical. one could, in theory, connect that with amara. but dean is definitely not in love with amara and definitely not “pining” for her. but he’s been pining for years for a mysterious someone. hmm
  • PINING. my knees are weak. pining
  • them ladies saving everybody’s bacon ayeee
  • like did you see his lucifer? and even when lucifer tries to get “in character” to impersonate cas? his lucifer at the park was simply hilarious. I was actually laughing, it was so entertaining. perfect.
  • hehe personal preference but mildred went for the real cute one ;)
  • and taken one
  • i feel your pain mildred
  • robbie creates all these secondary/one-off characters who feel so real and convey so much genuine emotion and a lot of them are female and I could marry him for that. they’re such a delight to watch.
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • makes me wish for this kind of quality always
  • entire 40 minutes of episode need to be watched sitting down on stable surface


Harry Shower Thoughts #11

I’m not alive enough to write a full story today, but I’m alive enough to write this…also this is what I so desperately want and need right now so…

He can hear you coughing as soon as he walks in the door. When he left this morning you were complaining of feeling ill but insisted he go to his meeting anyway. Harry cringes at the sound as he makes his way up to the bedroom. He finds you in bed, buried under layers of blankets with a box of tissues by your side. Your face looks miserable; your skin is clammy and your nose is red. As soon as you see him, you break into a pout.

“Hi baby,” Harry says, giving you a sympathetic smile, “how are you feeling?”


“Aww, sweetheart. I’m sorry, what can I do?”

He comes over to where you lay - undisturbed by the fact you’re sick - and runs a hand through your hair.

“Cuddle me,” you reply, pouting again.

Harry chuckles and leans down to give you a kiss.

“I will, love. But how about a nice bath first? I think it will help you feel better, hmm? And then we can come back to bed and I’ll snuggle with you all night.”

You nod, the idea of a bath actually sounding quite nice, and watch as Harry heads to the bathroom to get things ready. Moments later he comes back to help you out of bed. He undresses you slowly and helps you get into the bath. You look at him, confused, as he kneels down next to the tub.

“Aren’t you coming in?”

“Thought I’d give you more room and sit out here. I was gonna wash your hair for you.”

“You can do that in here,” you pout again.

Harry laughs, kissing your forehead and standing up.

“Alright, baby. Alright.”

He strips himself down and carefully climbs in behind you. You let out a sigh and lean back against his chest as his fingers start running through your hair, soothingly.

“Feel good?”, he asks, pressing his lips to your shoulder.


The two of you stay in the tub until the water starts cooling down and Harry notices that goosebumps are starting to pop up on your arms.

“Okay, let’s get you out. Time for me to get my sick girl back in bed, hmm?”

You were near sleep against his body so you make him do most of the work of getting you out and dried, because you know he’ll do it gladly. He carries you back to bed and gets you tucked in with everything you may need for the night.

“You promised to snuggle,” you say through a yawn.

“That I did,” Harry responds, “just want to make sure you’re cozy first.”

When he is satisfied that you’re taken care of, he finally cuddles down in next to you, wrapping his arms gently around your waist. He presses some kisses to your neck and shoulders as you settle down into his touch.

“Sleep well, sweet girl,” he whispers, “I love you very much.”

You may still have symptoms of sickness but in the moment you feel pretty damn good.