how can you do that to me sungmin!!!!

I don’t like saying this just as much as you don’t like hearing it, but we’re back here again.

I just read this quote on twitter today by SM and I’m going off. Bear with me.

Did SM really say “[…] we decided to help them” to Super Junior? 

Are you kidding me? What exactly did you do? I’m seriously asking. What did you do to help them? You can’t even spell their album name right.  

You were the first ones to believe they would fail. That’s why you put them in that stupid ‘graduate the group’ system until you realized how popular they were getting and eliminated that strategy. Why have a strategy like that in the first place? Because you wanted to get rid of them. With each member “graduating” you could get rid of them faster, tell them you kept your promise to debut them, and after that they would no longer be your responsibility. 

However, when they starting attracting a lot of fans, you actually gave them some attention. That whole “stardom to asia” was real but I doubt you actually believed in it. That was probably a promotional strategy. But then when they actually started being the stars of asia, you started taking it seriously because you realized holy shit these guys are gaining popularity every day. The only time and reason you started giving a shit about them in between somewhere was because they started having a huge fanbase that would bring you a lot of money. ELF actually had to buy shares in your company so that you would treat Super Junior fairly, and you’re telling me that you helped them? 

Aside from what you HAD to do as a entertainment company (with a contract) how exactly did you help them? It’s not “helping” when you have a trade off through a contract. This way you’re “helping” EACH OTHER. You make them idols. They bring you money. A trade off (which you initially benefited from more than them because of your unfair treatment). 

You had one of their members wear a mask when performing (and yeah sure there were legal and contract issues) but how did you HELP him after when everything was settled? What counselling did you provide him with after he went through all that shit and became insecure and lost his confidence? Nothing. Instead, you continued to treat him unfairly and so he left. Moreover, what counselling did you provide Leeteuk when he was dealing with depression and became suicidal? You did not do shit. You told him to deal with it and get over it because it was none of your business that he was depressed and suicidal. The military suggested that he discharge early because of the illness but you said no, he had to stay (so if he died there then so be it). How did you help them?

Leeteuk is your biggest potential for a future national MC and you are always up his ass about working hard to be a good MC because you know he has that potential, but you don’t even give a shit about his mental health. He is fighting through it thanks to group activities and talking to the rest of the members. That experience damaged him so much that he has dedicated some of himself to helping other idols and people deal with depression and suicide. But no, you tell me how you help them?

You didn’t “help” them by making them debut, giving them comebacks, albums, and etc. I am very thankful that you did because I would not be here today if you had not debuted them and given them comebacks. But, those are thing you HAD to do as a company who already had a contract with them. 

They are EXPECTED. 

I bet the reason you gave SJ a label of their own is mainly to tie them down to you so they wouldn’t leave in the future, like Shinhwa did. Maybe I’m wrong and you really did give them a label because you care about them but with the way things have been in the past you can’t blame me for being skeptical. 

You want to help Super Junior? Start by treating them fairly. You want to help them? Invest at least some of the money they earned for you back into them instead of everyone else EXCEPT them. They are one of the top 2-3 groups that earn you the most money and you can’t even give them a proper album cover or reasonable time for promotions. But you can’t do that because like the high school teacher and professor everyone hates, you play favourites. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Super Junior is your most neglected group despite their huge success.

SM, you’ve done for Super Junior what you were obligated to do as a entertainment company and based on a contract. Nothing more. You’ve treated them more unfairly than fair. Do you not notice that when they often thank us, ELF, before they thank you? But, by all means, tell me how you helped them? 

I’m not ungrateful towards SM for all the good that they HAVE done for Super Junior. I sincerely thank them for it. But to say you helped them must be a joke because I’m still laughing.

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do you have any recs on threesome/foursome with bottom jimin only? like the othe two or three top him and hes centric? thank you~

Why of course I do, jimin deserves all the love in the world ;) Hope this helps!

Title: (Bang)kok City
Author: chiminnies
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: what happened after Jeongguk’s broadcast.

Title: Go All Day, Go All Night (I’m a Beast)
Author: sungmin
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: It’s safe to say Jimin is a bit of an exhibitionist.

Title: Kiss It Better
Author: mintsoda
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: “‘Hyung, can you—, can you help me?’ Jimin whimpers and Yoongi’s mouth runs dry. He can hear Jeongguk’s breath hitch in his throat and feels how the younger alpha’s body tenses. Yoongi glances at him briefly before he returns his gaze to Jimin who is still standing there in his drenched, white tank top, damp pastel pink strands of hair sticking to his forehead, looking so sinful and lost, Yoongi wants to bite his own drooling tongue off.” When Jimin goes into his first heat, Yoongi and Jeongguk are there to help.

Title: Lust for Life
Author: newbensolo
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jimin’s 19 and the new breakout band he’s been following has gone on tour the same summer he’s freed from high school. He withdraws his savings, dyes his hair, and throws a few outfits in a backpack ready to take the tour with them.

Title: Merrier the More
Author: cocksluts
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Hoseok can’t help but spoil Jimin, even if what he wants makes his blood boil in anger and his head hazy with jealousy. (Or: Jimin’s a bit of an exhibitionist and Hoseok’s not much of a voyeurist but, for Jimin, he’ll gladly be one.)

Title: Silk Ties
Author: NightsBurning
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Namjoon and Yoongi have to attend a Gala and they take Jimin along with them. He really tries to be a good boy for them and his efforts don’t go unnoticed. They decide that Jimin has earned himself a reward.

**BONUS: OT7**

Title: Keep Me (in the Dark)
Author: pornographicpenguin
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jimin wants to feel helpless. Wants to feel used. Wants to feel messy and dirty and maybe just a little bit broken by the end of the day because whenever he does it just makes every part of him sing with excitement.

aware - bestfriend!jimin

genre: slight angst

pairing: jimin x reader

for full ‘immersion’ listen to aware - front porch step while reading.

“Well I hate your cigarettes, and the men that you go see
Because one is killing you while the other’s killing me”

     Being Park Jimin’s best friend has its highs and lows, but lately, you’ve noticed the lows have definitely increased.
     "Why is he ignoring my texts?“ You ask yourself, lighting your second cigarette behind the BigHit building. All you had asked was what time he thought he would be done with practice was. How hard was it of him to notice the buzz of his phone and respond? Was he doing this on purpose?
    The face of your no longer dark phone lights up.

Im Sungmin
Y/N I miss you.

     You sigh as the memories of him flood your mind. Tipsy, alcohol flavored kisses and sweaty t-shirts that smell of cigs and vomit. Alternative music blasting from your iPhone’s small speaker. Young love and heartbreak, tear-soaked pillowcases. Girls with mascara streaked faces and Chinese takeout.
     The inner battle begins, but this time you’re aware the cons outweigh the pros. You inhale the smoke and hold it in your lungs, letting it wrap around them like a baby in a warm blanket. But you are not a baby and there is no warm blanket. This is hard, cold reality, and you have to make a decision. But your thoughts were interrupted by your phone, once again.

Park Jimin
Come to the practice room

     He didn’t need to know you were behind the building he was dancing in, but him thinking you were at home, about a solid six minutes away gave you just enough time to finish the cigarette you were currently working on and head upstairs into his warm embrace. With your phone still out, you let your finger hover over Sungmin’s text. Your fingers ached for the rush you got from touching him. Sighing, you tap out the words, ‘I know’ and press send.
     You quickly put out your cigarette and rush into the building. You walk up the stairs, wrap your earbuds back around your fingers, and shove them into your back pocket. You open the door to the practice room just slow enough that only Jimin and Taehyung notice. The boys were on a break and the two of them were the only ones not completely absorbed by their phones.
     “Y/N-ah!” Jimin half-yelled, running over to you with open arms and his warm, signature smile. He wraps his arms around you and you soak in the atmosphere.  Taehyung lingered back behind Jimin, letting the two of you have your moment. But the lanky boy was only able to stay silent for so long.
     “You smell.“ Taehyung knowingly spoke, only half joking. Left in embarrassment, you pull out your phone once again. A new text immediately lit up your screen.

Im Sungmin
When can you come over?

     Shielding your phone from Jimin and Taehyung, you quickly type. ‘So demanding, you must really miss me. Plan on tonight.’ Just the thought of you two being in the same vicinity made your heart burn.
     “Jimin, I have to go.” You say, interrupting his conversation with Taehyung.
     “Yah- so soon?” They whine almost in unison, making your heart ache. You give Jimin a quick kiss on the cheek, causing him to blush profusely, then wave goodbye to the rest of the boys. 

     After walking down the long hallway and down two flights of stairs, you hear someone running after you. Turning around swiftly you are faced with a red faced, and slightly sweaty Jimin. You wouldn’t dare to speak of what watching his chest rise and fall was doing to you, and how his now damp, white t-shirt clung to his body just letting his forearms twitch as he clenched and unclenched his fists, obviously upset about something.
     “Y/N, we need to talk.” The classic words slipped from his lips like water flowing through a stream. The kind of water you and your friends would play in when you were young. The kind that was cool and refreshing, invigorating even.
     “About what?” You asked. You truly had no idea what would come of this conversation, but your anxiety had begun to rise in your throat.
     “Us.” He replied simply, gnawing at his bottom lip. This surprised you. You thought your relationship with Jimin was close to perfection. You two were always there for each other when you needed it. Whether that was ice cream runs in the middle of the night or giving him a shoulder massage before a concert, you both had each other’s backs. He loved you and you loved him, platonically of course.
     But there was clearly something you couldn’t see, something no one could see, and that was Jimin’s heart. It was aching, yearning for yours. Sure, he was loved by millions of fans, the rest of Bangtan, his family, even you, but he was lusting for something more. He had tried to hide it when you two had first met, but his craving to hold you in his arms had become unbearable.
     But here’s where he was caught. You were constantly in short-lived relationships. One night stands that ended in heartbreak and him left trying to comfort you. When you had cried yourself to sleep in his arms, leaving him alone with his thoughts, all he could think about was the simple things he loved about you. Your silky hair, your loud laugh, and how you sang so well in the shower. But he could barely bring himself to say it.
     “Why? What’s wrong with us?” You ask, stepping closer almost if to challenge him.
     “Nothings wrong, it’s just that I-“ He said, looking at his shoes. You wanted to shake his shoulders to get the words out of him.
     “Y/N, we can’t be friends if this keeps going.” He states, staring at my eyes as I look away, tearing up.
     “But I want you as a friend! You’re my best friend, like the brother I never had!” You start shaking yourself, like you can’t believe your ears.
     “Damn, you stupid girl. Just drop your guard!” He says, the corners of his lips tugging into a soft smile as he shakes his head. The space between you and him getting smaller and smaller. You can feel the strong vibrations of his heartbeat going a hundred miles an hour. “Can’t you see it?” He continues, “He just keeps breaking your heart.”
     “Who? Sungmin?” You whisper, your voice filled with irritability. “What would you know about Sungmin?” He sighs, shaking his head once more.
     “So much, actually.” He states, “I saw your texts through the mirror. Don’t do it, Y/N. You’ll end up getting hurt and no matter how much I want to simply hold you, I won’t be able to do it this time. I’m not letting you walk over me anymore. I hate the way you make me feel like I’m doing something wrong.” He continues, “But you know who I know more about? You.” 

     He tugs on your arm, guiding you into a quieter hallway, farther away from the rest of the group, as if they had no idea this was happening.
     “So you don’t want to be friends anymore?” Your voice shaking, your bottom lip quivering. Still looking behind his left ear.
     “No, I want to be more than friends, Y/N. Can’t you tell?” He says. Your mouth hangs open, shocked. You refuse to believe that the boy you’ve spent so much time with has had different feelings than you this whole time. How could you have been so unaware?
     “I-I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry Jimin.” The tears finally come, and they’re hot. They roll down your cheeks in dark mascara filled streams. You lean forward and crash into Jimin. He wraps one arm around your torso and takes the other one to your cheek, wiping your face then his hand onto his black shorts. His action only makes your silent tears turn to sobs.
     “Shh, Y/N. This isn’t your fault.” He whispers reassuringly, stroking your head, reminding you of the many times you would fall asleep on his chest. The times when you were heartbroken and Jimin was the one with the glue. Whether you had been dumped or stood up, he always had a way of helping you get up and move past it. But why, you ask yourself, hadn’t you fallen for him before? He was the real deal, the ‘total package’ as your mom would say. Not just physically, but also mentally, and emotionally he was mature. He knew you almost as well as you knew yourself. And he had chosen to. Out of all the girls in his life, he had chosen you. What was so special about you? You knew he liked your laugh, your sense of style, and hair. Those were all concrete things Jimin had told you, but what was it that made him fall for you?
     “Why?” You ask blatantly.
     “Why what?” He asks, confused. You take a step back from his arms while crossing your own. You look him straight in the eyes.
     “Why did you chose me? Out of all your fans, the millions of girls who have fallen head over heels for you, Park Jimin, why me? Why the girl who has been so rude, so truly unaware of your feelings?”
     You had clearly caught him off guard. He didn’t know what to say. “Because it had to be you. You’re so effortless. Unaware yet so meaningful. You may not think through all of your actions, but you know how they’ll affect others. I don’t even think I had a choice loving you, it kind of just happened. I was unaware.”
      That was it. That was all you needed, you thought, pulling his head towards yours to lock into a deserved, and long awaited kiss.

A/N: hello!!!! this is my first work of writing so please don’t be shy and message me constructive criticism, or even requests!! thank you <3

“...Right In.”

Requested by an anon. A cutie. 

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The only way the guys could desribe the two of you was, made for each other. You’d fight one day and flirt the next. All of them were tired of you two playing like you weren’t at all in love each other. Everyone could tell. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Even people you guys didn’t know could tell just by looking at the two of you.

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“Get ready when we get home jagi”


*clears throat* “Jagiya…why are you doing this to me?”


“Ahhh jagi, you know we can’t do this in public.”


*eye twitch* “Jagi…jagi, I’m not so sure about this…”


“Just wait until we get home jagiya…this candy won’t be the only thing I’ll be sucking on.”


“Can’t wait to get home, can you jagi?”


“Jagiya, you know it’s no fun teasing me in public like this.”


“Things are going to get…a little rough back at home for you jagi. You can count on that.”


“Don’t you know how hard it is for me to keep my composure around all of these people?”


“I don’t think I can handle this anymore, we NEED to go home.”

But I’m Better

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But I’m Better

“What the hell do you mean Bewhy?” Sungmin groaned, staring at you in total and complete betrayal. “How are you gonna try my life like that? I thought you were my girl. My one and only. My ride or die. My-”

“Yah…Oppa…Don’t you think you’re being just a little over dramatic?” you quirked a brow. 

“No!” he scoffed. “I just never thought my girl would betray me for my best friend…”

You rolled your eyes and looked back at your book; Ignoring the little temper tantrum your boyfriend insisted on throwing. You were spending an evening at home; Catching up on your reading. When your boyfriend stormed inside of your apartment, yelling about an interview you did for the producers at filming earlier. It was literally just a fleeting moment but you were asked who you were cheering for and you said Bewhy.

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Look At Me [CJamm]

Artist: CJamm | Word Count: 2.148

Thanks for the love, anon!


You always had a soft spot for Ryu Sungmin, that one guy in your class that’s really good at rapping, and has a huge love for hip-hop. You weren’t sure when was the first time you took interest in him, because you will always see him after school, walking the same way home as you. Maybe it was that one time when he rescued a cat stuck on a tree, or when he stopped by the playground to play see-saw with the kids there. Or maybe it was that time when you finally got to talk to him, after half a year walking just right behind him.

“Your lyrics are really nice.” The words slipped out of your lips without you realizing it, and your hand quickly slapped your mouth, feeling embarrassed at what you did.

Sungmin had stopped walking to sit at the bus stop, waiting for a bus to Hongdae. Just when he was practicing his rap that he was going to record, a shadow hovered over him. When he was about to look up, someone suddenly spoke, praising his rap. His eyes widened seeing you standing in front of him, with your hands over your lips, shock written all over you.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s fine, really,” A chuckle escaped Sungmin’s lips, “But thanks, I’m glad someone actually think that it’s nice.” Your eyebrow rose hearing his statement.

“But I thought people in our school said your good?” You asked, feeling confusion settle in you as Sungmin shook his head.

“They talked behind my back, saying that what I rap is mostly shit.” This time, Sungmin was chuckling with a hint of bitterness in it, and you were shocked once again hearing what he said.

“Well, this one is really good! I really mean it, Sungmin.” You felt your heart acting weird seeing that smile on his lips, as he looked like he really appreciated your words.

“Would you want to hear the rest of it? That was only the first verse.”

“Of course I want to!”

And after that day, you had been hanging around Sungmin often. You were there to see him improve, as his talent bloomed pretty quickly despite him being a high school student. And then he started performing in school events, and people acknowledged him from then on. After that, he met Byungyoon, who learned rapping from him. Despite all the popularity he had, Sungmin still didn’t leave you at all. Walking back home was a ritual you both had, and it would always be done without fail.

You didn’t even realize when you started to fall for your friend, or why your heart chose him. It was just a small interest that sparked inside your heart, but it turned into something bigger. You would feel extreme feelings every day, as your heart can soar high when he did something sweet for you, yet it would break when he’s talking with another girl. And somehow, you started to crave something more from him, you wanted this relationship you had with him to be more than friends.

So you pulled all the courage you had to confess your feelings to him, hoping that he could return them back. But every time you both were alone, and your lips were ready to spill the words your heart wrote, yet you abruptly stopped. The courage you had disappeared in an instant and you just felt like you couldn’t do it at all. Maybe you were too scared for what Sungmin would say to you, maybe that’s why the attempts on confessing would always fail.

Today was the last day of high school, and you’ve been hiding this feeling from Sungmin all this time. It’s okay to confess now, you thought, as you both wouldn’t go to the same college anyway. You wouldn’t see him anymore if he did reject you, saving less embarrassment for you.

“Sungmin?” You broke the silence between the two of you as you both walked back home together, side by side.


“I want to say something for you.”

“What is it?”

Suddenly, you felt your heart racing faster, and your voice suddenly disappeared when you needed it the most. Your brain was screaming at you to not confess, because you will definitely be embarrassed. And you continued to walk in silence, your mind having an internal battle with your heart, weighing the options that you had.

“Are you okay, (Name)?” Sungmin asked, confused at your sudden silence.

“I like you, Sungmin.” You whispered, your shoulders slumping down as the weight you had on it for three years have disappeared.

But then, you felt regret washing over you as you saw Sungmin’s face. He had stopped walking, and he was now staring at you in disbelief, not believing your confession just now. And his expression suddenly turned unreadable, as he was staring down at the concrete, not daring to meet your anticipating eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Sungmin croaked, “I only see you as a friend, (Name), nothing more.”

Well, there’s the answer, you said to yourself. But you thought you would feel better, since you had finally confessed to him. Your heart was aching in pain now, as the words Sungmin said played in your mind over and over again. Tears started to pool in your eyes, and you were trying in all your might not to let it flow down your cheeks, as you didn’t want him to see you like this.

You messed it all up, you ruined everything you had with him. Not only was your heart that was broken, your relationship and everything that was left with him was broken as well. You were beyond sad that he couldn’t return your feelings, when you expected it would be the exact opposite. Now, it felt so awkward with Sungmin, as he didn’t even raise his eyes when he talked to you.

“O-Oh, I see,” You whispered, “Well, I’ll go on first then.” Not waiting for his response, you walked first, and then turned into a sprint when you were sure he was far from you.

It’s over, everything is over now. But your heart hurts so much, you weren’t sure if the pain will be over for you soon.

A lot teased Sungmin for being way too focused on his music, that he didn’t have one girl in his life at all. Sure, he had one night stands, but none of them appeared again the next day. His life was all about his music, unlike his friends and fellow JM artists. Most of them were in a relationship, and since he would come to the JM building every day, they would tease him about his love life again and again.

Sungmin had a lot of girls lining up for him, but he just wasn’t interested in any of them. Sure they were pretty, but their heart wasn’t, it was rotten. He got tired of them flirting with him for his fame, he needed someone who’s willing to love him for who he is, not his wealth or his popularity.

Well, there was one girl in his life that was like that, but he made a huge mistake with her. Sungmin’s mind would wander about you once again, and his heart would beat faster remembering you. But he did the stupidest thing in his life, as he turned your love down, and then soon realized that he loves you all along. But it was too late, as your friendship with him ended that day, and that was the last time you’ve ever seen him.

It was as if you were gone from the world, Sungmin had a hard time finding you. He was desperate to fix everything that was left between the two of you, because he was so stupid. He didn’t realize his heart craved for you, his pride blinding his true feelings. And he was truly foolish for being like that back then, for letting an angel like you flew out of his life. But after all these years, he still longed for you, wanting to see you just one more time.

Today, Sungmin was going to record his song for the next episode of Show Me the Money. He was waiting for Zico to arrive to the studio he was in, as he was now practicing his raps with his producers. He got too engrossed in his practice that he didn’t realize the door of the studio sliding open as Zico and another person walked inside the studio.

“Hello! I’m sorry I’m late,” Zico apologized, “And I got someone tagging along, would that be fine?”

Sungmin got the biggest shock in his life seeing who was beside Zico, as he had his arms around a girl’s waist. It was you, the one that he wanted to see after all this time. He can hear his heart shattering in pieces, seeing you bow at the people in the studio, with a smile on your lips.

“Hello there! Would it be okay if I wait for Jiho here?” You asked shyly, not once leaving Zico’s side.

“Is she your girlfriend, Jiho?” Kush asked, receiving a proud nod from Zico.

Yes, Sungmin did wish for faith to be able to let them meet again. But he didn’t expect it to be this way, not in a cruel way like this.

“I’m going to grab some drink, do you want anything?” Zico asked you, and you shook your head, smiling softly at him.

“No, I’m good,” You declined his offer, “Be careful on your way.” You bid goodbye at your boyfriend and relaxed in the studio, your eyes glued to your phone.

Sungmin’s heart was racing seeing you sitting right across him, but you acted like he never existed in your life at all, like you didn’t knew him. Your acting was perfect, and Sungmin thought it was like that because maybe you’ve already moved on. And there was no hint of you being uncomfortable at all, and the courage Sungmin had to tell you his feelings have started to shrink.

“It’s been so long, (Name), how are you doing?” You looked up from your phone and gave him a small smile.

“I’m good, how about you?”

“I’m fine too.” You didn’t try to let the conversation flow, as you purposely went back to your phone, ignoring him.

Sungmin was going crazy on how you let the conversation end just like that. He was mostly asking you pointless questions, in which you answered with one word only. He was biting his lips, desperate to get things back to like how it used to be. But can he really do that? There seems to be nothing between the two of you at all that he could piece back together.

“Listen, (Name), I really-“

“Is this about seven years ago?” You asked, as you started to feel annoyed by his questions that wouldn’t stop coming at you.

“Yes! It was a mistake, because I was-“

“I moved on, don’t worry, no need to feel bad.”

“Listen to me first!” Sungmin cried out, silencing you immediately, “I really like you, (Name), and I was too late to realize that! I kept on thinking about you, and I just… really miss you.” His last words were in a whisper, but it was still audible in your ears.

You could see that Sungmin was genuine, as he actually meant what he said to you. He looked desperate, but there really was nothing he could do. You’ve already moved on to him, and the room in your heart was filled by Jiho, not Sungmin anymore.

“I’m sorry Sungmin, but I only see you as a friend, nothing more.” The memories of him rejecting you flashed again in your mind, as the exact words he said to you slipped out of your lips.

Sungmin felt like he was stabbed by his own knife, he remembered those words so well. He got up from his seat and walked to the door, needing some fresh air. He left you without any word, and when the door closed, he finally let all his composure down. His eyes looked lifeless as he leaned to the wall, feeling his heart break into pieces.

It was useless anyway, and it was stupid of him to hope you would give him a chance. Everything was too late as there was nothing he could fix, nothing that could bring him together with you again. His heart was broken, and he wasn’t sure if time would be the right medicine for to heal. Sungmin felt so stupid, he felt like burying himself away, knowing he lost you from his life, as he let the chance he had slip away so easily.

Sungmin didn’t look at you back then, but he wished you would look at him now.

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Can you do Super Junior reactions when they find out your bias is Heechul?

im so heechul biased its crazy

Ryeowook: Why isn’t little Wookie your bias? *pouts*

Shindong: Why’s he’s your bias when there’s me?

Siwon: Girl whaaat?

Sungmin: Look how cute I am! I bet you wish you biased me instead~

Kyuhyun: You like him more than me? Do my honey vocals have no affect on you?

Eunhyuk: Do you, boo boo. Do you.

Heechul: Of course you like me. I like me too.

Kangin: Speak up! I swear I just heard you say you like Heechul more than me.

Donghae: Ahhh..I see.*jealous Hae*

Yesung: What’d you just say?

Leeteuk: Why not me?

SUJU Reaction: Finding out their girlfriend teaches Chemistry.

Leeteuk: “No wonder you know so much about Chemistry.”

Heechul: “Is that why we have so much Chemistry between us?”

Yesung: “No wonder you’re always so busy.”

Kangin: “How can you enjoy Chemistry? I still have nightmares about my high school Chemistry class.”

Shindong: “So not only is my girlfriend hot, but she’s also smart. I like that.”

Sungmin: “That’s cool babe, wait what.”

Eunhyuk: “I can’t believe I’m dating a teacher.”

Donghae: *Be prepared for never ending Chemistry jokes* “What do you do to a sick Chemist?”

Y/N: “Oh my god Donghae.”

Siwon: “I don’t think this was meant to turn me on but it did.”

Ryeowook: “Why am I only finding out about this now?”

Kyuhyun: “You didn’t think this was important for me to know earlier.”

Zhou Mi: “That’s so cool Jagi.”

Henry: “You’re such a nerd babe.”


Why Everyone Bashing Lee Sungmin Hasn't Thought This Through

Before I start, let me make a few things clear:

a) I support Lee Sungmin.


b) I love Lee Sungmin.

If you do too, then

c) Why are you bashing?

Okay, so some of you are going to start giving me all that bullshit about Sungmin being selfish, about putting his girlfriend before the members and ELF, yadda yadda. But you know what? He didn’t. Before you open your mouths, think about this: Sungmin wasn’t the one who started the fire. All this crap began because external sources (interpret this how you will) started spreading rumours about Sungmin dating, Sungmin getting married, Sungmin this, Sungmin that.Sungmin never started it. In fact, Sungmin should be respected for coming clean with all of us with his own personally written letter to ELF. (If you haven’t read that, where have you been??)

Which brings us onto the next point. “Sungmin was selfish for choosing this time!” “Sungmin disregarded SJ in favour of his own wishes.” “Sungmin should be out of SJ!”

Now, now, did we all forget what ELF stands for? I don’t think I need to remind you.

Also, as I said up there, Sungmin didn’t choose this time. He said it himself that he was thinking hard and long about the best time to announce the news. He wouldn’t have told us now if it wasn’t for external sources releasing rumours left and right first. They forced his hand. And if you’re saying Sungmin’s selfish for telling us himself, in his own letter, instead of through an SM rep or leaving us to stew and spread rumours, here are more points to consider.

1) If he didn’t tell us now himself, then when?

1a) If he’d told us earlier, it would have affected SS6.

1b) If he’d told us later… HE WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN MARRIED.

2) He cared enough to write an open letter to us instead of an SM rep announcing the wedding. SM could have easily released a statement saying he was getting married, but instead, Sungmin told us himself.

3) If he had chosen to deny that he was getting married, the truth would have come out sooner or later. I’d rather know now than be cheated and told the truth later.

4) Sure, he could have cancelled the wedding altogether. But that would hurt him. And I refuse to allow that to happen, because [see point b].

Now, have you ever considered the fact that maybe Sungmin wanted to get married before officially hitting 30, but held off as long as he could because he didn’t want ELF to be sad? Have you ever considered the fact that Sungmin has always sacrificed everything for SJ and ELF? If he wants to be “selfish” for once, would you begrudge him even that? Would you rather we end up with another split, or another lawsuit? HASN’T THERE BEEN ENOUGH BULLSHIT THIS YEAR?

Sungmin is the least selfish member I know. For years, he has sacrificed for his members and put them before himself. Just from memory, I can tell you that:-

1) He welcomed Kyuhyun with open arms when Kyuhyun’s entrance pushed him down from Lead Singer. (Hey, it would have been RYS if Kyuhyun hadn’t come along.)

2) He stayed awake all night in a hotel room with Heechul because Heechul jokingly complained that his snoring kept him up.

3) He refused to cry at music shows, but instead hugged and supported his members because “I have 6 hyungs and 6 dongsaengs. I have to be strong for them, so I cannot cry.” For a person as sensitive as Sungmin, do you know how hard that is?! And yet he’s done it, all for his members.

4) He defended a complete stranger from bullies. It was a hidden camera, so you can’t tell me he only did it because he was on film.

5) He sacrificed a sports race because he helped a member of a rival team when they fell.

6) He’s been volunteering at charities for many many years.

7) Even if the camera isn’t on him or he doesn’t have the solo line, he makes sure to give his best during performances. This takes an incredible amount of concentration and effort.

If all this doesn’t mean sacrifice, then please explain to me what your definition is, because I think we use different dictionaries- or you expect Sungmin to kill a bull and offer it up to the spirits. (And to be honest, if a member requested it, do you think he wouldn’t?!?)

This person; this shy, quiet, calm member who’s willing to stay in the background so that others can shine even though he’s so talented he could run the show, is the person that I spent 5 years of my life loving. And a person cannot change overnight, so the Lee Sungmin now is the same Lee Sungmin I spent those 5 years of my life loving. How can I stop loving someone just because he made a decision that may have hurt me? I don’t own him. He doesn’t owe me a living. If anything I owe him my happiness, because Lord knows he’s put a smile on my face where tears might have been running down my cheeks.

All of you who have started to hate him because of all this, how dare you call yourself an ELF? You were only a fan because you liked the idea of Lee Sungmin that he projected. As long as he did what you wanted, you supported him. Now that he’s doing what any normal (straight) man would do and getting married, you turn away and shun him. That doesn’t say anything about what sort of person Sungmin is; it just speaks volumes about you.

I love Lee Sungmin, and that means I want him to be happy. I love Lee Sungmin, and that means I will stand with him. Are you with me?

The hardest part is not being able to see how you are doing. Will you be okay? Will you be happy? Will you be lonely? Will you eat well? Will you train well? Will you be treated well? So many questions than can not be answered in the next two years without you in my sight. I know I will miss you like crazy. I wish you will come back smiling like you’ve done nothing wrong and I promise I will be there to see that smile blossoms. Thank you Lee Sungmin for everything you’ve given me.

140119 - Sukira
  • Ryeowook: There was a time (in the beginng) when Super Junior members fought. Yesung-ssi once said to me "Why did you unfollow me on (sns)." I didn't unfollow him on purpose. It was really at the beginning, so (there weren't) much concepts of it. (I just) didn't really like (following) many people . And (he wasn't) doing many activities (on sns). Yesung-ssi didn't post much. So I thought 'I should unfollow' and unfollowed, and Yesung-ssi must have checked mine. And at that time, I also unfollowed Siwon-ssi too. So on concert day, Siwon-ssi and Yesung-ssi attacked me. "You are like that~!!!" and they also brought up things from the past kkkk I just remembered (about the fight)... You should be careful when you unfollow people. Your relationship with them can become really bad.
  • Ryeowook: When we were making this logo song, Leeteuk-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi asked me about it. "Can you make a logo song." At the time, I was studying composing, so I said "Sure~ What should it be like?" and they said "I'd like it in school concept. Our program is a young program." "Okay~ We can add bell sounds too~"
  • Sungmin-ssi made the melody, I made the accompanied instruments and added the lyrics. Sungmin-ssi gave me motives. "Lalalala~~ how is that??" We made it over the night, and many people liked it. It's still being played now. (But) the (money for) copyrights isn't coming in. Oh, we forgot to register it hehe
  • Ryeowook: 140119 Sukira- RW: There's something Kyuhyun-ssi said. "You don't have to do anything till they are 6 years old. Because they cannot remember (anything before that age)" kkkk he says he takes care of his nephews and cousins well when they reach the age of 6, but (he) doesn't take care of them before that age kkk (he does that) because he (says) did good things for (someone), but they (said) they don't remember it at all. 'Ah~ this is useless'. But you could just leave evidence (of being nice to them) hehe
  • Ryeowook: There are people that often have dreams when they sleep. Especially our Super Junior Donghae-ssi. I was sleeping, and he suddenly came and slowly opened the door, then said "Ryeowook-ah! I had a dream!!" This morning too. No, not even morning. In the afternoon. I was sleeping well, and he suddenly woke me up, saying "Ryeowook-ah! Ryeowook-ah!!" He said I appeared in his dream, fought with someone, and other weird stuff kkk He told me "Ryeowook-ah, you be careful today~" kkk
  • cr.jwon0508, trans/NKSubs

ok i literally just saw the post calling sungmin ‘redundant’ just because sj made it through another round of promotions without a member & i’m on fire so here comes a rant by yours truly !!!!! 

FIRST OF ALL, there is and never will be someone that is redundant or irrelevant in a group of any kind. there are always different talents and skills that each individual brings to the table to make each group special and even though super junior is pretty darn big for an idol group, the same applies to them. it completely bLOWS MY MIND that people think sungmin (who is a lead vocal, part of the dance line, and can probably dance circles around the rest of super junior in terms of special talents) doesn’t contribute to the group ??? are we talking about the same person ???????

even though sungmin doesn’t have as much spotlight and attention as the rest of the members that are pushed forward by sm, he’s STILL contributing and god damn does he try his best at everything thrown at him even though he KNOWS it won’t really be acknowledged. he’s stuck in a tough spot at 4th best vocalist, 4th best dancer, and just being a quiet person in general that doesn’t force himself to be super obnoxious during variety shows but his presence is there!!!! and boy is it mind-blowing when you finally notice it!!!!!! 

it would take me weeks (possibly months) to list every single talent sungmin has showcased in his ten years as a member of super junior, and i’m not even exaggerating!!!! he’s talented in playing multiple instruments (guitar, saxophone, bass, piano, harmonica, and a little bit of drums), i’m pretty sure he’s a black belt in some type of martial arts i can’t remember right now, and is your idol also a magician???? I DIDN’T THINK SO. even though his talents aren’t pushed to the forefront or noticed, that does not mean they’re not there and sungmin worked his ass off learning most of the things he shows off on variety for days or weeks beforehand giving 100% because he’s just a hard working person who enjoys what he does.

guess what else? sungmin is a musical actor and, after junsu of jyj, sold the most tickets to his musicals before he even started the three musketeers and vampire. no offense but u can’t gather that many people to buy your tickets unless you are an exceptional dancer/singer/performer and sungmin is all three of those things. ALL THREE!!!! if you haven’t watched some of his performances in musicals, then PLEASE DO!!!! i’ve never seen someone entertain me so much (make me laugh, make me cry, make me FEEL) during a musical and it’s clear to see sungmin is in love with the stage. 

that leads to me the last point: sungmin is an amazing performer and entertainer. though he isn’t picked as one of the greatest, he most certainly is. he puts so much of his heart and energy into performances, and you can tell by how much he sweats and looks like he’s about to pass out half the time. he’s anemic and, as someone who has anemia, it’s incredibly difficult to move around a lot for more than a minute or two without getting light-headed and you know what? he doesn’t care, he’ll keep going and make himself stand upright because he wants to give 10000% for his performances. take it from me, who watches fancams every other day, i’ve seen a few where he’s shaking and trying to stop himself from falling on the ground, just so he can keep performing.

there is an amazing quality he has of putting the right amount of emotional color into a song depending on the mood of the lyrics and tempo, and i’ve never heard a person do it as well as he can. just listen to the difference of the mood his voice projects in islands or evanesce compared to too many beautiful girls or this is love. 

sungmin is not the type of person to want to be in the spotlight all the time because, honestly, he’s just there to do what he wants and what he loves, and i’ll be damned if someone tries to ruin that for him. he’s extremely insecure about himself and his multiple talents because he isn’t considered the best, and i don’t ever want to see anyone calling him redundant or irrelevant or anything related to it for as long as i live or i swear to god i’ll write another essay on HOW WRONG IT IS. okay? okay.

How did you feel when the other idols performed with the tricks practiced?
TW: We felt uneasy. There was a ‘8m jump’ and 'superman jump’.
JK: And those were our best tricks.
TW: As soon as we heard about GOT7’s debut and their acrobatics choreography, all of the members couldn’t sleep the night before. Thinking about what would happen if our promotions overlapped.

Taewoon has produced the whole album this time around. When looking at the members with a point of view of a producer, who was the member with the best voice for your songs?
TW: I thought that Taeha would suit them the most but I was disappointed. (laughs)
TH: It’s because Taewoon hyung’s songs are so difficult. He uses a deep voice when making the songs. Since he’s a rapper, he wanted a deep voice.
TW: In terms of vocals, Sungmin and Jongkook were able to digest it the easiest.
YH: They are also the members who got taken to the recording studio the most.

Did the members like Taewoon’s song productions?
JK: In my case, I was always held by Taewoon hyung to do the vocal guides. Hyung’s songs are so high (in vocals). That’s why I think it’s hard for the members to digest it. It was hard for me because it was high, not because of the deep voice.
TH: Taewoon hyung sings in falsetto for his guides and then asks us “This is alright?”. He sings in falsetto and then tells us to sing with our own voices. 
TW: Before knowing who would digest the song well, I think that the song should come out well first. That’s why I ask Jongkook to raise it a little (laughs). He wasn’t good at it first but now he can digest it well. He improved a lot.
JK: That’s true. I’m thankful for that. I did improve on my skills through that.

Taewoon’s name is said a lot in the songs. Is there a special reason to this?
TW: I have pride for my songs. When a song comes out, the company won’t promote it well if it’s not a famous composer. For example they’d promote the song with Shinsasong Tiger as “This song by Shinsdong Tiger is released from our company”, but not for other composers who aren’t famous. That’s why I put my name in the song. 
SJ: You can do that in the title song, but is it necessary in the other songs? (laughs)
TW: Because I have created lots of fun songs this time around and in the intro I have to go with a 'let’s play!’ feeling. But it can’t just have a beat so something has to be added. After I introduce our team and myself that I’ve composed it, it’s followed up by a 'let’s have fun together’ feeling. 
SJ: I think we’ll be the only artist to have our names said four times in the album (laughs)

Q: SPEED has been showing a strong and manly image, do you have any greed for a cute and bright image?
SJ: Aren’t all of the member looking like that just by looking?
YH: We were about to release something in July with a bright image but we couldn’t digest it at all.
JW: We are revealing this for the first time but the CEO told us “Try a song with a cute and sweet image next time which will shake up the hearts of noonas”
JK: T-ARA sunbaenim’s ‘Don’t Get Married’ was supposed to be our title song.
YH: We had recorded everything but if it was released, we thought that it would be so different to our color. Since then we prepared ‘Don’t Tease Me’ by ourselves and showed it to the CEO. Then he said “If this is the kind of music you want to do, I’ll believe in you once”. So I think that’s how ‘Don’t Tease Me’ started.
JK: If we stumbled a little, our team would’ve collapsed. We almost went out for a unit group.
JW: Sungmin, Jongkook and I were the only ones to practice as a band but we thought that this really wasn’t the right thing to do.
TH: The CEO suddenly asked “What instruments can you guys play?” and we gave an answer thinking that he’d give us instrument lessons in order to do self-improvements but 3 days later, we were split up.  (laughs)
SM: There was a time when we were split up into a band team and dance team in no time and started practicing.

When watching the SPEED reality shows, the members seem very mischievous. Who is the member with the most playfulness and animated?
TW: Who do you think it is?

I think it’s Yoohwan? He looks very off the wall.
YH: I am not that mischievous but do act like one in front of the camera.
Members: Oh~ Taewoon is the top in South Korea when it comes to being mischievous. 

It looks like Taewoon dominated the members with force.
SJ: What’s fascinating is that people think that way but Taewoon hyung goes down in front of the camera and Yoohwan’s mood is always lifted in front of it. 
TW: I used to be very active like Yoohwan in front of the camera and speak a lot but as time flew I fell into low spirits and have no nutritional values.
JK: But Taewoon hyung is usually very mischievous without end.
YH: Not long ago, he received a BB gun from a fan without the bullets but he went inside a shop and bought the bullets himself. 800 bullets for 3,000 Won!!
TW: It wasn’t 3,000 Won! It was 1,000 Won each! (laughs)
YH: He could do that since it’s his own hobby but he shoots it at us.
TW: Please give me time to clear this up. When I first received it, there were only two bullets left and I used them to tease the members.  But the members got scared of it? So then I thought 'They are scared of this. I can use this against them for a few days. All of a sudden, all members except Sungmin and Jungwoo started to attack me. It felt like I was being robbed.
YH: We took the gun away from him.
TW: I didn’t even fire and they were taking it away from me so I got angry. I don’t like being tickled and someone did tickle me. So I went to a stationary store which was located in front of a primary school. I didn’t have much cash and card wasn’t accepted so I bought 1,000 Won worth of it. In the end I bought 3,000 Won in total. Yoohwan did get shot once but it wasn’t done on purpose. I did threaten him with it and shoot it against the wall but it bounced off on Yoohwan’s face. But then Yoohwan got angry.
YH: The important thing is not that he shot it, but the reason as to why he shot it!
SJ: Hyung shot it towards me yesterday and he does it till he wants to hear the answer he is wanting to hear. But this didn’t happen only once or twice. Really.
YH: Please write it like this: “South Korea’s best villain”

Translations @ speed-boys
Magazine scan by Lee Yuriko

Yesung/Sungmin - AU (x)

Happy Birthday my dear Sungmin,

Today is the very first day of a new year and every year it feels more special because it’s also the day we celebrate you are with us. My dear dongsaeng, do you feel older? I can still see the kid in you, the kid who worked hard during training days and never cried. With your warm smile and your aegyo you were the strongest one from all of us. I never told you how much you helped me back there, I never thanked you for everything you did for us. My dear dongsaeng, another year goes and I am always thankful that you are still with us. I haven’t seen you since I left, I saw the others and went to play with them but I haven’t seen you yet. Do you miss hyung? Because hyung misses you. Did you know that I went to see you perform? Hyung is proud of you… ^^ the kid who can do it all. You are so talented and gifted, hyung has always been proud of you. My Sungmin, you were always warm and cute with all the members, you are our strong kid, but hyung feels you really apart. What can I do to be closer to you? Another year comes and once again hyung will work hard to make Sungmin happy. If I can see you smile I will be happy this year too. I won’t come back yet, will you wait for me? My beautiful dongsaeng… please be healthy and happy this year. Grow older and be the best Sungmin you can be. Hyung is proud of you. But you will never know, because every first day of the year I write words from my heart to you, and every first day of the year I erase them and never send it to you. I won’t send them this year either, because hyung is scared, is scared that you will notice that he loves you… Hyung will smile for you. Just… smile for hyung. Happy Birthday, Lee Sungmin.

anonymous asked:

Hello can you do Super Junior reaction when they found their girlfriend crying so they are worried but it turns out she was reading SJ fanfiction and her OTP just broke up please? :D

Heechul: Really! I was worried that something bad happened but you are reading EUNHAE ff!? What about Hanchul? Me and Gunhee? 

Siwon: You noticed that I’m judging you right now, right?

Zhoumi: Riiiiggghhhttt…. That’s not weird at all…

Henry: *He stands behind you and wants to give you a backhug but then sees what you are reading and it’s this part where he’s kissing with Zhoumi*

Shindong: Why this is happening to me!? 

Leeteuk: Can someone please tell me what’s going on…

Yesung: (Y/N) I begged you to stop readding those things! You always cry when you finnish and I can’t stand seeing you in tears!

Sungmin: Don’t look at it Sungminah… Just don’t. 

Kyuhyun: *you just read a really sad Kyumin ff where Kyuhyun dies*

(Y/N): Kyuhyun! You are alive. It’s really you. Oh my God. How could you leave Sungmin like that?

Kyuhyun: Don’t touch me woman! What are you talking about!?

Eunhyuk: *Reads part of the ff you are reading.* Bullshit! I would never do thet to Donghae. 

Donghae: Oh my… Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh or she will kill you.


(Y/N): Honey. Can you please apologize to Heechul for what you did to him. How could you leave him on that island all alone?

Hangeng: Yeah. Sure sweety. *to himself* oh hell no!

Kibum: (Y/N) what’s wrong?

(Y/N): Kangin *sob* turned *sob* into *sob* a dragon *sob* and left *sob* Leeteuk *sob*

Kibum: Oh no! That’s horrible!

Ryeowook: You are lucky that I love you.

Kangin: Look! Look at me honey! I’m here! Don’t read this crap!

[2014.03.04] 60 Second Interview @ MTV The Show
  • All: Oath. SPEED will answer these questions with sincerity and with no lies. If not, the members of SPEED have to sing 'Don't Tease Me' whilst wearing Speed Skating uniforms.
  • Jongkook: Isn't this too severe?
  • Taewoon: I can do it.
  • Jongkook: Star. Taewoon oppa, what better quality do you think you have better than your brother Zico of Block B?
  • Taewoon: Appearance.
  • Jongkook: Then who is the visual of SPEED?
  • All: ME!
  • Taewoon: Do you want to be upset?
  • Jongkook: Okay it's Taewoon.
  • Jongkook: Who is the most awkward doing aegyo?
  • All: Sejoon.
  • Sejoon: Thejunnie~
  • Jongkook: Who do you dislike sharing a room with the most?
  • All: Taewoon.
  • Jongkook: Which member is most confident enough to talk to CEO Kim Kwang Soo?
  • All: Sungmin.
  • Jongkook: If you could express your body with how you feel about returning in a year?
  • Jongkook: Please tell us a boygroup and girlgroup you're interested in these days?
  • Jongkook: AOA.
  • Taewoon: AOA?
  • Jongkook: Say a boygroup, quickly!
  • Yoohwan: GOT7!
  • Jongkook: Who has the liveliest best sense of dating and less?
  • All: Yoohwan!
  • Jongkook: Liveliest but dead
  • Jongkook: Raise your hand if you've been dating someone during the break.
  • All: What is dating?
  • Jongkook: To our SPEED members.. okay... Can you show you.. can you show us your...? Aegyo!
  • Taewoon: How many seconds was that?
  • PD: Fail!
  • PD: Who is the visual?
  • Taewoon: It's me, you can't help it.
  • Sejoon: I don't understand why it's you.
  • Sungmin: He looks like a monkey.
  • PD: The member you don't like to share a room with the most?
  • Sejoon: Taewoon is like a mom. He tells us to hang our clothes.
  • Jungwoo: Tells us to wash our feet if we haven't and brush our teeth if we haven't either.
  • PD: The member who says what needs to be said to the CEO?
  • Taewoon: Sungmin, and the one who can't say a lot is Taeha.
  • Yoohwan: (as CEO?) What's happening? Tell me.
  • Sungmin: A holiday...
  • Yoohwan: Take a day off to see your family.
  • Yoohwan: (as CEO?) What's happening?
  • Taeha: A holiday...
  • Yoohwan: Go out. Tell me later!
  • All: Till now it was S P double E D. Thank you!