how can you be this perfect

She’s not broken, she’s a mosaic. Pieces and fragments of assorted memories painted in a myriad of emotions that can never be immediately comprehended. You thought she was perfect, flawless with all of the colors and patterns swirling within her until you saw the cracks in her body. The torment residing between those pieces from the striking of ceramics falling down and being glued back together slowly. As she gazed at you quietly, you wondered how many pieces have been shattered within those many shades of red and blue? You watched the desolate black gaps between each broken piece, how they expanded with her breathing as she took in the world around her, and you finally understood just how fragile she really was. She watched your gaze at the cracks and smiled.  Blue shards fell from her eyes breaking into smaller pieces upon contact with the floor as her body crumbled to the floor breaking further. You were finally seeing her beauty for all of its pain and strength, everything she had always wanted those around her to understand.
—  sara f..; crisp leaves and empty trees

Three scenes, three very different quotes…

I like the red leather jacket.

The scene is full of Emma’s questions and Killian’s assurances that they are, shockingly, actually alone. After a season where we got some backstory about Emma’s jacket and how she wore it as armor this was such a perfect little line for her True Love to say to her.
She just told him that she loves him for the first time when there wasn’t some life threatening situation they were facing. Him saying this confirms that he loves her, too. With armor, without armor… he loves her. And it’s significant since her walls are going to fall naturally back into place later that day… but he knows this is part of who she is and resisting those instincts doesn’t happen overnight.

You can lie to everyone else but you can’t lie to me.

When this line was said by Hook it sounded familiar… a season prior Regina had said this same thing with a vastly different meaning. In Season 5, Regina’s line was one of fact. She couldn’t lie because Regina could force her to tell the truth, which she proceeded to do until it was stopped by Snow and Killian.
In this context it is Killian basically saying “Remember, love? Open book.” He knows something is wrong and he wants her to know that she can’t pretend with him. But she won’t tell him and he’s not okay with that but he respects her choice.

Thought you needed to be alone?
I changed my mind.

I like this moment at the bar. A lot. Sharing drinks is something that became symbolic in their relationship and I liked that she sat down to drink with him and he already had a glass waiting for her.
She’s holding something back. He knows it but this time it’s different… she’s not avoiding him. Her instinct to run has changed and it’s due in large part to the way Killian stuck by her side through everything. She feels safe and home with him. I feel like the second glass was his hope that she would join him and he was right.
Their relationship is not perfect because no relationship is. The Season 6 opener set up their journey for the year but it also established the trust they have in each other. Even though they both have the tendency to keep secrets for reasons that they think are right that doesn’t change the way they feel about each other. They both recognize the kindred spirit in each other.

“Batman: The Movie”, starring Bruce Wayne

Based on prompt #406 by the amazing @lego-batjokes-prompts !

Surprisingly, no angst whatsoever.

Also on AO3.


“Well. This is awkward.”

At the sound of Bruce’s voice, Joker looked up from his book, eyebrow raised. “What is?”

“I was just offered the part of Batman in an upcoming movie,” retorted the billionaire, expression stuck between amusement and something akin to horror.

“Oh my God, really? Do you think you can handle that darling, seems like a bit too dark of a role for you,” proclaimed the clown, the picture of perfect worry that nobody ever would believe to be real. Completely ignoring the glare he was given, the criminal continued.

“I mean, you’re a pampered rich boy, how would you know anything about vigilantism?” he asked, the end of the question dissolving into laughter.

Bruce waited until the giggling subsided, before sarcastically asking “Are you quite done now?”

“Goodness me, no, this is but one angle to explore! You want to hear another?” Not waiting for a response, he pressed on: “Bruce Wayne, the furry vigilante everyone wants to be. People are going to lap that up,”


“Now there’s a thought. Imagine if they want to show the alter ego. Imagine they make Batman’s secret identity Bruce Wayne. I can almost hear the outrage. ‘Wayne? The Batman? Are you insane, that guy can’t even tie his shoelaces without help!’” crowed the jester.

“And the most important question, if you’re cast as you, do you think they’ll ask your butler to play himself too?”

“I’m not playing myself, I’m playing Batman,” responded Bruce, having at this point resigned himself to the mockery of the green haired menace he was unfortunate enough to call a lover.

“But honey, you are the Batman.”

“But not Bruce Wayne–”

“That’s not what your legal documentation says though–”

“Joker, I swear to God–”

“Did you hit your head too hard or something, here let me–”

“Why are you like this?”

“I know how much you like that Chicago guy but thanks to Aubrey being insanely drunk I also know how much you liked me back in college. You haven’t known him for long so he can get over it. I just want you to know that I’ve loved you since the day I met you and I don’t think I’ll ever get over you. So like you know you can get on that plane if you want to. But I love you. Yes. I love you Chloe Beale.”

-Beca to Chloe, attempting to stop her from getting on her plane back to New York and far away from her. I like to think it’s followed by a tearful, passionate kiss and Chloe missing her flight.

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The "making fun of critics" thing comes from an episode of OK KO, a show made by Ian Jones Quartley, making a harmless joke about the SU fandom and how you can like something that's not perfect (Rebecca Sugar being Ian Jones' gf) The SU-critical fandom lost their fucking minds because why wouldnt they

Oh…..izzat it?? I was expecting like. A full twitter thread for all the drama there is

His Unconditional Love ~ Dui

Dui x Reader

You close your eyes, letting everything fade away until your whole world is Dui. His arms holding you close and his fingers entwined in your hair. Dui steered you towards the bed and helps you out of your dress, showering your neck and shoulder with kisses in the process. As you were standing naked before him, he took a step back to admire your amazingly, perfect pregnant body. “You’re beautiful. How can you be real?” He said almost to himself. "You don’t have to lie your way into my bed, Dui, I’m already yours. Now get out of your clothes. I’m the only one naked and that’s not fair.” You say playfully as you strode over to him and sat him on the bed. You straddle him and Dui moved in to kiss you while you unbutton his shirt and toss it to the side. His hands move around your body, caressing your curves, and softly caressing your belly. Dui still couldn’t believe that you were pregnant with twins. His twins. You were even more beautiful in his eyes and you had a stunning glow to you. Bringing down his lips to suck at your already hard nipples, Dui’s hands wandered down your body, reaching your already wet entrance.

“ wet for me.” Dui muttered under his breath while you moan softly at his touch. He moves his fingers around your core, massaging your clit and spreads your folds before entering you with two digits. His mouth wanders from one breast to the other and up your neck in search for your mouth. "Let’s get you out of this..” You say, as you were getting on your knees, tugging at his pants and brought them down including his underwear. His hard cock springing free against his stomach. You gasp at the beautiful sight of him. Your hands automatically reach out to touch his cock, massaging it slowly up and down. Dui leaned his head back and is clearly enjoying your touch. You flicked your tongue, licking softly at the tip of his cock, which makes Dui groan. Hearing him turns you on and you keep going, taking him in your mouth and slowly moved with his length in your mouth while his hands are tangled in your hair, pushing your head up and down.

“______, ride me..” He commands as he couldn’t take it anymore. You did what you were told and got back on top of him, kissing him passionately while you slowly let yourself sink on his manhood, moaning into the kiss as his cock fills you. He leaned back on the bed and let you ride him until you too couldn’t take it anymore. He could feel that you were close and puts one hand on your hip to help you ride him harder but gentle enough because he didn’t want to hurt you or the babies. “Fuck, Dui. I’m going to come..” You say, as you were close to release. “Come with me..” Dui muttered. He now has both his hands on your hips, gliding you forward and back in a hurry. “Now, ______,” He moaned as he releases himself in you while you collapsed on top of him. You stay like that for a little while longer, Dui holding you and stroking your back while you plant soft kisses on his neck.

Ways to Conjure Inspiration

One of the hardest parts about writing a story is getting inspired to write it. You need the ideas, the structure, the plot, and everything else you could possibly think of. It’s your story, after all, so you want everything to be perfect, right? We know everything comes in stages, you fix one thing at a time, but dang. That has to bee some sort of magic, right?


Like many things, inspiration can be pulled from almost anything and put to work. The issue is, we often don’t know how to do that. So your good friend Abby here is actually making an advice post (woah!) to try to help out. There are no hard and fast rules for this, and of course the following list isn’t comprehensive, so feel free to add on to this however you want!

  • Spend some time outside. You don’t have to be walking or doing chores or even thinking about writing, but a lot of the time a change in scenery gets those thoughts doing. I did this just yesterday in almost complete silence and personally, just watching everything move around me spiked my motivation to write.
  • Read others’ work. Your options here are literally endless. Nobody’s saying you have to read a published book; you can check out some things on Wattpad or AO3, if you like fanfiction. You could return to a story you really love and take some time to figure out why you like them so much.
  • Make a list of 5-10 of your most prominent memories. If these are memorable, figure out why. Was there something amazing, something to evoke a lot of emotion? Write down everything you remember, then the same for your characters. It adds a lot of depth to them, even if these aren’t explicitly mentioned in your actual story.
  • Do the same thing for dreams. Warning: dreams are weird. There’s even a lot of things that happen in them and they all seem kind of… okay not kind of, way out there. Try to remember as many details as you can, then find a dream interpretation website. Now, try to imagine what your characters would dream of and what those dreams would mean. Make it weird!
  • Listen to some new music. This is another way to bring yourself out of your comfort zone, with some new artists. I recommend searching Spotify playlists. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, definitely check out the monthly playlists from Thomas Sanders and go from there. And while you’re out of your comfort zone, you might even find an artist you like!
  • Expose yourself to different languages. This applies especially if it’s a language you have no background experience in. You could do this through music, TV, movies, anything with a voice or a face. It helps to figure out how easily you can see what’s happening, and it can actually help out a lot with dialogue. If you can see what’s happening and get an idea of it, especially without knowing the language, then it shouldn’t need to be said. The same goes for writing.

Now, these are only six things. But as I said before, there are countless ways you can inspire yourself, I just know that these are things that work for me. If there’s anything you want to see me write about in my next post, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in my ask box. Until next time, much love! <333

What is wrong with that?

I love TCC with a true love. Really I do. I treat it very seriously, I do. It means a lot to me. I want you to know that. But…

Let’s stop for a second and look at thousands of people on Tumblr who are talking about their teachers and how perfect they are… When I was with all this alone I just felt weird about myself and tried to accept it but now when I know how many people has “the same” crush as me… It’s quite weird. What we did to get involved in all this? What’s wrong with us? Can’t we love people at our age? How this happen? Was it all years before or are we just that fucked up now? What?! Thousands… Talking about their love for their teachers. It’s scary for people outside.

I’m not attacking, trust me. I just wonder…

I’m part of it, so I accept and respect everything in here, but really… Who started this? How? When? Why?

Love you Guys, I just wanted to share thoughts. Don’t hurt me for that. Love you all!


If you read my last text post you might already know that I’d love to get bigger tits.

You can help me decide if I should get them bigger or not, how big they should be, etcetera.
Please send me pics/vids of tits you think are perfect (perfect size, form, …).

Also I love to get send pictures/links to bikinis or clothes you like, to inspire me to dress more slutty.

Thank you very much!

A very grateful slut 👄

If I Could Fly | Louis Tomlinson

A/N: I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I wrote blurbs for each song off Made in the A.M. (except for Infinity). I hope you guys like them! Enjoy!

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Fat snowflakes float down to the already coated ground, building on the depth. I try to run to get to the perfect spot, but my boots keep getting stuck with each step I take, making me almost lose my balance a couple of times. A heavy knitted scarf is wrapped around my neck, and a beanie is placed snug on my head. I love the snow. I love the things you can make with it and the fun it brings the snowball fights, sledding, skiing, snow angels. I love being trapped in the warm house and watching it fall. I love how beautiful it looks. How it sparkles in the sunlight, making it look like billions of diamonds instead of frozen water coating the grass.

However, the snow can’t compare to the beautiful girl struggling to keep up with me. Her head is bowed low, trying to keep the flakes out of her eyes and her arms crossed to keep her turquoise pea coat closed. I look back at her and smile. She hates the snow, but she insisted that she would stick it out just for me. That’s one of the many things I love about her. Her heart is full of kindness, always so giving and cheery. She always wants to make people feel special even if it risks her own happiness. I’ve never met someone who cares so much for the human race.

That’s why I fell in love her, only she doesn’t know it yet. That’s why I’m going to tell her, on this lovely December afternoon, under my favorite maple tree, right next to the snowman we built yesterday.

“Why are you dragging me out here? Didn’t you have fun yesterday?”

This makes me chuckle. “I always have a good time with you, but just come on! It’s right over there.” She groans and keeps following me, stepping in my footprints like a little kid.

When we reach the tree, the branches are caked with snow. It almost looks like a Hallmark greeting card. Our snowman still stands, his top hat is dusted with white and his carrot nose is a little crooked, so I fix it. She leans against the tree, arms still crossed. “This scarf is a little off, too.” I twist it around, so the tied part hangs in the front.

I walk over and lean against the tree, too, looking out at the rest of the park. Not too many other people are out right now. Wouldn’t surprise me though, it’s almost five, and the weather isn’t exactly favorited by others. “What did you bring me out here for Lou?” She asks again, her teeth chattering together.

Looking over, I see her eyes on mine. Rogue flakes are stuck in her hair. I bite my lip nervously. “I brought you out here because I-I wanted to say that..” My sea green eyes avert to the ground.

“You okay?” She asks a hint of amusement in her voice.

I flick my head back up and say it with the utmost confidence. “I’m in love with you, (Y/N)… I have been for a while, and I really didn’t know how to tell you.” She stares at me, eyes wide. “I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving for another tour without telling you how I feel. There are so many things that made me fall for you. All the things that you do.” I smile, my eyes watering from overwhelming emotion. “I just love you, okay?”

“Okay,” She says softly with a huge smile then plants her feather-soft lips on mine. I’ve been waiting for that for so long. It’s everything I imagined it would be and more. My hands lace around the small of her back tugging her closer to me while her tiny hands rest at the base of my shoulders. I smile in the kiss and pull away, resting her forehead on mine.

“I love you, Louis.” She whispers, her breaths of air visible from the cold.

“And I you,” I say. “I have to ask, will you be mine, love? I’ll feel better knowing that when I leave for tour that I’m yours.” I gathered her in my arms in a tight bear hug, planting pecks all over her face as she laughed.

She said yes.

These past five years have been the best I’ve ever had besides the ones I’ve spent with the boys. Sure, we’ve had some rough patches like every couple, but we’ve worked through everything because that’s what strong relationships do. We talk out our problems instead of shoving them aside. I know it’s hard for her with me being away for such long periods of time. I call her when I can and Skype with her so I can see her beautiful face again. However, when you see her sitting on the bed you share, on the verge of tears when she says how much she misses you and there’s not a single thing you can do about it; it’s tearing me into a million pieces.

It doesn’t help that every single tabloid in the world wants nothing to do, but kill your career and your flourishing love life. Lies spread on every single magazine and website. I absolutely hate it. I tell her all the time not to believe them, but sometimes she gets a little paranoid about them. I am hers and only hers. I haven’t looked at another woman like that since she became mine all those years ago.

Today is our six year anniversary, and I have quite the evening planned for the two of us. Since we just wrapped up our latest tour, I managed to get home just in time for it. “You’ll sure she’ll like this?” Liam asks me as he adjusts his bow tie.

“I sure hope so, even though she is a girl of simplicity.” I always go all out for this special day. Whether it’s a thousand roses, a fancy dinner, I always want to impress my lady. This year, I decided to celebrate where I first asked her to be my girlfriend; the huge maple tree in the park. The boys helped me decorate it with Christmas lights, so it sparkles like it did in the winter. I also rented out the whole place and had a grand piano and three microphones delivered to sit right beside the old thing. Petals of red roses are sprinkled across the top of it and lead right to the spot where the boys and I are.

I look at my watch and check the time, almost six o’ clock. “Where’s your girlfriend Niall?”

He shrugs his shoulders and adjusts his Irish stripped mic on the stand. “She’ll be here. You know she’s fashionably late a lot.”

My leg starts bouncing as I wait impatiently, sitting at the piano. Anxious to just start playing those keys for her. A hand comes down on my shoulder, and I look up to see Harry giving me a half smile. “You look nervous, but she’ll love it mate. Trust me.” I give him a curious look. “Since it’s you, she’ll love it.” His green eyes flick up, and he pats my shoulder again. “She’s here.”

He walks back over to his mic stand, and I turn and see her standing with her best friend; she wears a wine colored dress that cascades down to the floor. Her brown hair is curled loosely around her shoulders.

Absolutely breathtaking.

She opens her mouth to speak, but I hold out a finger to stop her, eager to get started. “First, I’d like to say that I love you and happy anniversary. Just listen.”

My fingers start playing the keys gracefully, and the boys start to sing each of their parts.

“If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you.

I think I might give up everything just ask me to.”

“Pay attention, I hope that you’re listening cause I let my guard down, right now I’m completely defenseless.”

“For your eyes only, I show you my heart for when you’re lonely and forget who you are. I’m missing half of me when we’re apart; now you know me for your eyes only. For your eyes only.”

“I’ve got scars even though they always can’t be seen. Pain get hard, but now you’re here, and I don’t feel a thing.” I glance over at her and smile after my verse. Her eyes glisten like the lights above her. I love her.

“Pay attention, I hope that you’re listening cause I let my guard down. Right now I’m completely defenseless.”

“For your eyes only, I show you my heart for when you’re lonely and forget who you are. I’m missing half of me when we’re apart; now you know me for your eyes only.

"I can feel your heart inside of mine; I feel it, I feel it. I’ve been going out of my mind; I feel it, I feel it. Know that I’m just wasting time and I hope that you don’t run from me.”

“For your eyes only,”

“I show you my heart.”

“For when you’re lonely,”

“And forget who you are.”

“I’m missing half of me when we’re apart; now you know me for your eyes only. For your eyes only, I show you my heart for when you’re lonely and forget who you are. I’m missing half of me when we’re apart; now you know me for your eyes only. For your eyes only. For your eyes only.”

The last note rings on my fingers then I stand up. “Thank you, boys.” They nod in acknowledgment, and I walk over to her. Tears are falling down her cheeks, she quickly wipes them away with her hand. I kiss her forehead, then I drop to one knee, finally pulling out the velvety black box I had stored in my tuxedo jacket. She lets out a gasp, her hands fly to her mouth. “(Y/N), you know I love you more than anything and that I’d do absolutely anything for you. You’re probably the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, and I love everything about you. So I’m asking you to marry me, love. Will you?” I tip open the lid, revealing the ring.

I happily slide it on her finger and kiss her with as much passion as I can muster. I hear the boys and her friend cheering behind us.

She’s said yes, again.

A year later, and we are back at that same maple tree under the same lights with the same people plus a few. I’m currently face-to-face with my beautiful bride, smiling uncontrollably. We just finished saying our vows, and the preacher has asked the most important question, starting with myself. “Louis, will you take (Y/N) to be your lawfully wedded wife?” My eyes drift down her body, and my smile grows. She looked damn good in that wine colored dress, but she looks even better in white. “I do,”

“And do you, (Y/N), take Louis to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

I love her.

“I do,” She says and giggles.

“Then I now present to your ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson!” Our attendees cheer at their loudest, and I give her a tender kiss or two or three, then take her hand in mine and walk down the aisle to the limo waiting on the curb.

Instead of yes, she’s said I do, and that’s the most precious thing she’s ever said to me.

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Bro, so today I came up with handwriting HC’s for some of the newsbros and Katherine! Jack has decent handwriting but he writes pretty slow. Davey writes in perfect cursive and honestly takes the best notes because Aesthetic™, Katherine has two types of writing: Notes (which is fucking chicken scratch dear god) and Final Print which still isn’t the neatest but definitely readable and she writes fast man. (1/2)

bro i can’t even tell you how much time i’ve spent in school writing the newsies names in what i think their handwriting would look like (davey’s is usually just mine whoops)


Forrest: “How’ve you been, Aubs? I thought you’d be too busy with your books to be out on the town!”

Aubree: “Hey, even workaholics are allowed a night off every now and then! You’re one to talk as well - are you ready to give up all the ladies and be with just one?”

Forrest: “I can vouch that Eva is definitely more than enough woman for me to -”

Aubree: “You know what? Forget I asked!”

Forrest: “Oh come on, sis. You’re the one with a gorgeous wife already! I’m just following in your footsteps!”

Aubree bites her bottom lip nervously and lets out an awkward laugh. She forgets just how many members of her family don’t know about her long term break from Melody…

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YOU. PERSON. YOU ARE AMAZING! Not only is your reverse age AU comic ++++++A but Yurio is MARRIED! AND I KNOW IT'S TOO BEKA!!! Please accept this hug, a teddy bear and all the katsudon you can eat! Keep up the good work ^^

How did you know? 💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG !!!!! Thank you very much!!!! I accept the hugs and the Katsudon😊😊😊😊 I send you hugs !!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ and I’m in love with this handsome man just like Yurio 💕💕💕

He’s perfect ♡♡♡

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how do you find the time to balance drawing so much, learning english, and school? i think it's amazing that you can do so many things, especially since you're still very young! i'm older than you, so it's a bit weird to say, but in art i definitely think of you as something like a 先輩... i want to draw as well as you do someday, and speak japanese as good as your english :D

Hi! First of all, thank you for such a wonderful comment! My drawings aren’t perfect, but I love drawing and I find it fun to keep drawing and drawing, so I’ve been drawing many times, like, when I have free time, or even if I’m busy :) It’s super fun. I mean it. And about my English, of course I study at school, but also watching English cartoons is like a text book for me! I can learn and enjoy at the same time! ( I’m not good at STUDYING but there’s not much ways to watch a cartoon with Japanese subtitles, so I have to do it by my self :D )

And good luck with your Japanese! I’m rooting for you!

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What’s your secret to being so dang cute? 😍

I… I was made in my creator’s (God) image. And He is perfect.

But for real though hahha thank you anon ahhah sorry for responding just now, I never know how to answer to such cute messages <3 (how do i accept compliments? can someone teach me?) I hope you had a good Monday!

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I completely agree with you it's just sad that people are really going to overreact. I hate when they bring the cast and crew in on the bull shit so hopefully that's kept to a minimum

As soon as I saw the trailer I was like oh here we go.
Do I want to watch Chloe get all stupid for a guy? No.
I was never a big Beca girl (and unlike most I liked Jesse as the BFF) so watching Beca do that was fine. Watching Chloe will sting.
But it’s how it goes.

We’re a non-canon ship and frankly, despite the actors every once and a while acting - you know - like people and not being perfect, they support us. (These Pitches need to try being Swen. It will crush your soul.) So god, I hope no one decides to take out their upset on these wonderful people, because IMO they don’t deserve it. Not at all.

We all know they can’t be gay in the movie, not with the current political climate, not with this being a $30,000,000 dollar mainstream blockbuster.
I believe the world WILL get there - to the point where we can have WLW in major movies. But we’re not there yet.

And no matter what, this won’t change out favorite stories and once again we’ll continue on, happy little Bechloe/Chaubrey/Triple Treble/Mitchsen/so on and so on and son on lovers.
It’s only when we give it up that the fandom dies. 

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can I just say that mistborn is so fucking fantastic? I don't what it is exactly but it got me thinking about it the whole day even as I went to school. There's just something about how you created a universe that gives me the Hogwarts feel? Like it's an actual universe and I want to be a part of it. I really love the OC's character and her development?? And how Yoongi was portrayed. I can understand him. He's not an asshole nor a saint. It's just pure perfection?

Thank u for noticing Yoongi’s character!!!!!!! Sjxjskxk 😭 his is my favorite because it’s… REAL and I tried to get that discomfort across I’m happy that i give u something to look forward to❤️❤️❤️

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@park-hwayoung-jjam asked: “Listen I’m a huge Minghao Bias. Like very obviously. But Hoshi looked so good in Change Up idk what to say”

@soft-smoll asked: “If Seungcheol ever deepens his voice again like he did in Change Up I’m going to melt into a damn puddle”

anon asked: “Didn’t think I needed Change Up in my life til I watched the video… LEADERS WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?! Not saying I’m loyal in SVT bc how can i? You’re all perfect… But I did not need the three leaders making me feel some sorta way 😩😩😱😱😱😱”

Leader Line: Thank you everyone for all your support for the Change up music video!!! Please anticipate more to come for you wonderful carats;)

Soonyoung: //cheeky kwon hamster// WHAAAATTTT YOU MEAN THIIIIS BIAS LIST?!?!?! //innocent smile//

Seungcheol: //speaks in a deep voice// Anything for you babe;)))


Jihoon: //flashes a smirk and winks// Yes I admit that bandana looked good on me.

Leader line: YES YOU PROB WEREN’T PREPARED BUT I’M SURE YOU LOVE US EVEN AFTER //ahem// making you feel some sort of way ;)))))

The rest of svt: Tbh if you died today just wait until the other mv’s drop ;))))))

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Admin note: I feel attacked just sitting here minding my own business