how can you be this attractive

@ everyone saying biphobia is a subset of homophobia and cant be its own independent concept: please show me where lesbians and gay men are discriminated against for feeling attraction to more than one gender. please show me where lesbians and gay men are told they need to “pick a side” and will “settle down as gay/straight eventually”. please show me where lesbians and gay men are dumped bc their partners think being mga makes them more likely to cheat. please explain to me how lesbians and gay men are erased by the statement “you can only be gay or straight.” 

all of those things are struggles faced specifically by bi ppl. if biphobia is really a subset of homophobia, that means it is homophobia, or at least part of homophobia. 

Beauty Isnt Real We Made It Up

Also Perfection Is A Made Up Concept Thats Literally Impossible To Achieve Bc Everyone Has Different Ideas Of Perfection It Just Doesnt Exist It Straight Up Is Not Real

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

There Are Many Types Of Beauty And None Of Them Can Be Appreciated By All People And Thats Just Fine

“Conventionally Attractive” People Are Just As Beautiful As People Who Are Referred To As “Ugly” Or “Flawed” 

There Is No Official Ideal Form Of Beauty Or Perfection Regardless Of What Society Says

Beauty Standards Change Drastically Throughout Time And Across Cultures Reinforcing The Fact That There Is No One True Form Of Beauty

Your Own Perception Of Yourself Matters More Than How Others Perceive You Because While Admirers Come And Go, Once You Learn To Love Yourself Nobody Can Take That Away From You

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The fact that Bromo is flying to Norway to see a play in Norwegian because she's in love with a 17 year old boy scares me. She doesn't know Norwegian. What if she tries to bother him afterwards. We've seen how she is online. I can imagine she'll try to do anything to get her way to meet him. Or take creepy stalker pics. wouldn't surprise me one bit. it's sad how amazing shows attract the nasty obsessive stalkers.

I can’t imagine being in your late 20s flying out across the world to go see a 17 year old boy in the flesh because you’ve become obsessed with the way he performs his sexuality with another boy onscreen, and your whole life is dedicated to obsessing about young white men having sex with each other and you getting to document it.

Like… I don’t know, dudes. That seems a little…? 

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2 + coldatom

“The way you flirt is just shameful,” Ray announced one day. It took Leonard by surprise, but sure, he’d bite. Maybe he’d get a little entertainment out of it. It wasn’t like he was wrong, suggesting he’d been flirting with him, but he had an appearance to keep. So, he raised an eyebrow, and hyped up his signature drawl.

“Flirting? I think you’re reading a little too much into it when I call you Pretty Boy.”

“Okay, really. You can drop the act. Mick told me you like me, or at least you’re attracted to me, or something. He said the pulling pigtails thing was just how you showed your affection. And the stealing wallets. You’ve been trying to impress me. Which, okay, I’ll admit, your skills are impressive, but in my opinion they could be put to better use than what you use them for, like maybe you-”



“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”

Ray blinked.


“Would you prefer if I flirted with you like that instead?” Len asked. Ray furrowed his eyebrows together.

“Well, I mean… Wait. Wait a second, you actually have been flirting with me? … Hey! Don’t walk away from me! Leonard! Get back here!”

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it sucks when you fangirl over guys that no one else does. For example there are is a tv show incredible dr pol which is about the life of a michigan vet and i kinda fangirl over his son. Then there is this live safari drive i watch and guides are omg so attractive i swear that is one of the requirements other people who watch the drives find them attractive to but not to that much of a extent. It just sucks i have no one to fangirl with

babe i feel u so bad??? idk if i’ve been vocal enough abt my love for tom felton on here but i just. i really love him. it shows more irl i think?? and yeah, i know zero ppl irl who loves him as much as i do??? so every time he does Something i’m all !!!!!! did u sEE MY BABY DO THAT???? and nobody ever understands.

i’m that meme:

person: love
me, an intellectual: tom felton

and i really do wish the best for both of us hehe :’)

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How is that most of the star kids are good looking? Like Ranbir, Varun, Kareena, Karisma, Aryan, Twinkle, Sussane, Hrithik, etc. I can go on forever

Well, a) being rich means you can afford the best beauty regime, the best physical trainers, the best cooks and dieticians, the best plastic surgeons, etc. Everything that you need to take what you were born with and fit it into the smallest possible box of beauty standards possible.

And b) I would……HIGHLY dispute that some of the people you listed, and many other star kids, are exceptionally attractive. Or even moderately attractive. You probably wouldn’t give half of them a second look if you passed them at the mall tbh. But I guess if you call someone attractive often enough, people start to believe it…

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I'm an aspiring writer myself, and I've noticed something (not even just in SJM's books, but in many different forms of media). No matter how horrible or depraved a character is, if he is an absolutely beautiful white probably-straight male, he will always have fans trying to defend him for his actions or romanticizing him (again, no matter how terrible they are), most likely only because he's sexually attractive. I know it's not always the case, but I think it happens a lot. What do you think?

This is absolutely true, that’s why I tend to avoid male character fandoms (and m/m ships like *coughs* k/illing s/talking), because there’s people defending literal rapists and murderers, but that’s fine because they’re sO hOt 😍 Literally, some people defend Rowrat because they say he is a sweetheart and “Alien deserved it” (I absolutely depise Alien but YIKES). Meanwhile, some female characters can be the most complex and well-written characters you can think of, but the moment they do something “bad” they’re selfish bitches that deserve to die. God forbid a woman is SLIGHTLY rude to a fan favorite male character. Male characters are more allowed to be assholes because it’s attractive.
I’m not saying you can’t like a morally horrible male character, but be aware they aren’t perfect. You don’t have to defend  E VE R Y T H I N G  they do just because you want to fuck them.

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People need to chill out omg this fandom directly when someone mention the100 they say uu drama and its true jason said that L is gone and gone from the flame she is not in the flame but despite that clarke its not gonna take it reslly people relax bellarke is coming, seriously with all my respect but selina need to keep her crazy speculations from herself look what she done, how you can take her seriously when she said roan/clarke and then said the girl is the image of clarke (its true).

you mean the blonde girl i’m sure. yes. bre. same girl he used to shake his attraction to clarke at the dropship. threesome girl.


fandom needs to chill. 

so does selina. lol. 

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How can I know that Im ace and not suppressed sexual?

Do you feel sexual attraction towards people? Do you get hot and feel a urge to touch a person (of any gender) when you see them naked or in revealing clothes? Would you like to have sex with people because you feel attracted to them by their body and primary/ secondary sex organs?

If you dont feel sexual attraction you´re ace and you´re valid and loved 

- Paula

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How can I stop being so hard on myself for not being physically attractive? If I'm not seen as beautiful, I feel worthless. I'm always trying to improve my appearance by doing my makeup perfectly, losing weight, changing my hair, buying new clothes, and yes it all helps but I always beat myself up for not being as beautiful as I think I should be. I have this deep rooted self hatred and I don't know why. I hate being so appearance focused. It feels so empty. But I don't know how to change :(

Babe, you are so beautiful as you are! Who has ever told you otherwise? Have YOU always told yourself this? You have been crafted by this universe to be your own person…unique and different from everyone else, and that is literally a MIRACLE, an amazing, incredible thing. Check out all of my answers in the following tags:

^ I have A LOT of answers under all of those tags pertaining to what you feel and I think you can look through those answers and find some more advice :) 

NGL i’m kind of done with people telling me how un-sexy I am

I get it, I don’t spend my life talking about sex with everyone I know, and I’m trans so you can’t possibly imagine how I’d ever manage to do such a thing, but it’s really fucking damaging??


@antiaraie i was gonna do this privately over dm but you don’t have those settings on so here we go
first of all im a lesbian who has been with men in the past and i can tell you’re probably straight bc you seem to have no idea how sexuality works. ii’m not gonna get struck by a lightning bolt from the gods if i touch a man. i’m not gonna cry myself to sleep every night for kissing a man. i can do whatever the fuck i want with men but this far into my life i have never experienced emotional or physical attraction to any man i’ve ever met. when i was with my ex boyfriend it wasn’t because i loved him or was attracted to him i fucking hated him but i was with him to protect myself from the straight people around me. i got scared that my friends were starting to catch on to the fact that i was gay and i had to pretend to be straight to fit in and protect myself. i can fuck as many guys as i want just to get off but it’s never gonna change the fact that i’ll never feel for them the way i feel for girls

anyway i hate how tumblr is now only focusing on wlw and mlm 

so to NB people with queer attractions: 

  • i love you 
  • you are not “basically straight” 
  • you are awesome
  • you don’t have to fit into a binary box for your attractions to be queer and valid
  • it’s ok if you’re still learning to love yourself because it’s hard
  • regardless of your appearance you are valid and your attractions and how you label them are valid
  • stay hydrated as best you can 
  • regardless of whether you lean masc, femme, in between, whatever other direction you want, or don’t have a direction at all, you are valid and your attractions and how you label them are valid
  • i hope you find money on the sidewalk and your favorite candy is on sale
  • i hope you get to pet a cute dog next time you go out
  • i’ll fight anyone who gives you shit

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[I'm the anon from before] Thank you! And is there a term for asexuals who like to cuddle or kiss those they have romantic feeling for, but nothing further? Sort of like how demisexual people can come to feel sexual attraction to someone after they've bonded emotionally, but in my case it would be sensual attraction (that's cuddling and kissing, right?) instead of sexual attraction. Is there a word for that?

I’m actually not too sure of an “official” thing like that– perhaps you’re looking for a term that’s the opposite of touch aversion? there’s also sensual attraction if you meant something along those lines. I’ll reblog some answers



I decided to make this post for Aro-Spec Awareness Week (since I’m aro myself)

Being Aromantic is not a choice. It’s just who we are.

This post may help you learn more about aro/ace orientations.

And I forgot to mention the Aro-Spectrum identities:

Demiromantic: only feeling romantic attraction to someone once you’ve formed a strong emotional bond. Can be used with another term or on its own

Recipromantic: only feeling romantic attraction when you know the person is attracted to you

Grey-Aromantic: very rarely feeling romantic attraction towards anyone. Can be used with another term or on its own

Lithromantic/Akoiromantic: experiencing romantic attraction without desire for reciprocation 

 Aroflux: how aromantic you feel fluctuates

I barely see any posts about this so here’s a s/o to the questioning wlw who do not know whether they are bi or lesbian, who do not know if their attraction to men-aligned ppl is real or not, who can’t tell weather this is compulsory heterosexuality playing tricks on them or if it’s internalized biphobia.

As a lesbian who used to identify as bisexual, i know how frustrating it is to not know which one you are, how infuriating it is to always keep changing, to not know which community you belong to.

But in time I can assure you that you will finally figure it out. And weather you end up identifying as bisexual, lesbian or just sapphic/wlw, you have my full support. I wish you luck

(Terfs don’t touch)

Person C: I still can’t believe you two are dating. The more I thing about it, the more I shake my head. Like, how…?

Person A: Yeah? Right? To be honest at first I didn’t think it’d work. But, hey, B is amazing, he’s smart, he’s funny, he’s ridiculously attractive and he’s always there when I need him *looks expectantly at B*

Person B: Oh? Yeah, what he said. Plus, uh, the sex is great, because, eh, he’s got a big dick.

Person A: ….

Person C: ….

Person B: I’m sorry. A said all the things that I too wanted to say and I, kind of, y'know, panicked.