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No Dream Part One | Reylo Smut

Okay, this is my first ever smut! I’m not sure whether to be proud or disappointed in myself, but I’m supposed to be studying right now so probably disappointed. Well, enjoy! And please tell me how I can improve.

Warnings: SMUT MY FIRST EVER SMUT, probably some cringe, probably some language

There will be a part two, when I write it I will post the link here.

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“No! No, you’re wrong we need to go after Hux!” Rey argued pointing quickly towards his ship flying away from them. The Resistance had split up after the whole incident with the First Order, nobody wanted to stay together and risk being taken out all at once. Rey and Finn had been assigned to go after Kylo and Hux. Both of which for some reason had been attracted to this place, planet Burn. Despite its name, it was just about one of the coldest places Rey had ever been. Currently, she and Finn stood outside of the Millenium Falcon as they watched Hux’s and Kylo’s ships speed away from them. “We’ll never be able to take out the Supreme Leader’s ship, but maybe we can take out Hux’s.”

There was another reason she did not want to follow Ben’s ship. If she did she might have to fight him and she just couldn’t see him in person, not again. She saw him occasionally through the force bond, but they talked little. As though thinking of him summoned his presence Kylo Ren suddenly stood beside Rey. Looking over at her he smiled a little. She did not yet notice his presence, she was busy staring up at the sky, at what he couldn’t know. She seemed distracted and looked as though she were arguing with someone. With an angry tone, she told the person. “No, we could never pull something like that off we need to go after Hux.”

Ah, so they were the idiots who had been following him and Hux all across the galaxy. Kylo had suspicions that it was Rey, the confirmation was nice. At least he knew where she was now. That, if she were to follow him, he could keep her close, maybe even safe. if she was following him she wasn’t getting into any trouble. Rey turned around and he knew she was going to see him and like that the vision stopped. He was back in his chambers… alone. 

They had, in the end, decided to follow the Supreme Leader. Rey was not happy about it but Finn convinced her that it was the best option. It had been a long day of flying and arguing and finally, Rey was ready for sleep. A long, blissful sleep that she could stoop in hopefully. Pulling off her jacket and belt she threw them on the floor near her bed. On the bedside table sat the broken pieces of her lightsaber, Luke’s lightsaber. She wished she knew how to fix it, she really wished she knew. Shaking off the nostalgia she slipped off her pants and shoes. Leaving her in her underwear and shirt. Taking her hair out of its restraint she pulled up the covers and climbed in. This was by far the most comfortable part of the Millenium Falcon. 

Rey slept for the most part undisturbed. Until she rolled over in bed in the middle of the night, her eyes opened suddenly to see the sleeping face of Kylo Ren. Holding back screams she shot up in bed and covered her mouth. She looked back but the vision didn’t change. There was Kylo Ren, shirtless, breathing softly, his head resting on her pillow. She realized what this was, she was dreaming.

There was a part of Rey, deep deep down. That was… extremely attracted to the sith. She couldn’t say that this would be her first dream of him or that this was how… clean they usually started. Either way, she bit her lip in a moment’s hesitation. This almost seemed real. Much more real than any of the dreams she’d had before. The small part of her mind that knew what this really was in that moment was stifled by her desire for him.

With that, she leaned down and laid a gentle kiss on Kylo’s forehead. Then peppered kissed along his cheekbone until she got to his ear and whispered. “Get up,”

There came a groan from Kylo before he turned over in the bed. His eyes opened and he looked upon Rey for a moment. His eyes glided down her body and he saw her without pants on, in his bed, beside him. He too assumed as Rey had. This was another one of his dreams of her. Never in his dreams was she usually this lifelike, or that covered for that matter. Usually, she was in something much more scanty, that showed much more of her soft skin. He wasn’t about to push away a good dream though.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the two crashed together. Their lips meeting in a ferocious battle that was more of an attack than anything else. They were starving for one another. Gripping at each other as though they were all they had. It didn’t take long for Kylo to pull Rey into his lap, her legs straddling his hips. And Rey was not shy to grind against his lower regions, earning a low groan from him. Gripping her upper thigh and part of her butt he pulled her flush to him. Keeping one large hand on the bottom of her hips to hold her there he wound the other through her hair.

Rey’s hands were at work as well one held his cheek in a gentle manner and the other was traveling down Kylo’s body to the edge of his shirt. Suddenly, there goes the shirt. Rey pulled it off over his head without even thinking about it. Her hands explored the new skin as their kiss broke for a moment. Running her hands up and down his firm chest she confirmed that this was better than any dream she’d had so far. Kylo was not patient enough to let her marvel at him for very long, no matter how much his ego loved it. He pulled her face back down on his and using the hand on her hip to push her over climbed on top of her. Her legs were still wrapped around him and he ground down on her special area. This got a small moan from her that she bit back for the most part. 

They continued to kiss hard, their tongues in a war of sorts. While this happened Kylo’s hands traveled up her waist pushing her shirt up along with it. Rey realized what he wanted and pushed him back. At first, he was confused then Rey smiled mischievously. Quickly she lifted up the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head, revealing the treasure that was below. Kylo stared for a moment in appreciation, not exactly as he usually imagined them but it was Rey. She meant more to him than anything else in the world and at that moment nobody had ever seemed more beautiful.

One hand wound through her hair as he pushed her back down with his body. His other hand reached up to her right breast and massaged gently. This got a moan from Rey, quick and quiet. Rey seemed unsure of what to do as she reached for Kylo’s zipper. Her hands were shaking a bit and Kylo pulled back. This wasn’t something he usually stopped to ask in his dreams but this time seemed different somehow. With a gentle tone, he whispered in her ear. “Have you ever done this before?”

Rey shook her head a little and whispered back. “No, never.” Nervously her hands dropped away from his pants. “I mean I know what to do and everything, I just never have.” She was definitely nervous. This wasn’t something that usually happened in Rey’s dreams either. Usually, she just jumped right into the dirty stuff, but both of them sensed that this was different. Both of them knew at some level that this was no dream at all. 

“Don’t worry,” Kylo whispered his hands traveling down her back. “I’ll be gentle okay?” He asked her permission, not wanting to rush into anything. Rey nodded and kissed his earlobe. That was all the permission the couple needed to start up again.

Kylo attacked Rey’s neck with a flurry of kissed and even dared to leave a small hickey. Rey enjoyed that, a moan leaving her mouth. Her fingers danced around his pant line and nervously she started to push it down. Soon enough he was able to kick them off leaving him in only his underwear. There the two were, clinging to one another, their thin underwear the only thing separating them, peppering kisses all over one another. Then Kylo thought of something, it was not something he usually ever did in his dreams but once again he got the sense this was more than that. Besides this was her first time, he had to make it special. With that, he broke away from her mouth and kept eye contact with her. Then he slid down her body to rest between her legs, peppering kissed on her skin the whole way down. Sitting up Rey looked down at him. “What are you doing down there, my lips are up here?”

Kylo reached up a hand and pushed her chest down so she was laying down. Tracing that hand down her body to under her lower thigh he told her. “Trust me, sweetheart, you’re going to love this.” The playful nickname made Rey smile and roll her eyes a bit but she was still a bit confused. Then Kylo slowly pulled her plain underwear down her legs. What was revealed underneath left Kylo speechless. He had dreamt of this moment so many times but this time it was a thousand times better. Reaching out he traced a hand down the crease in between her leg and her center. This got her attention. already her hands reached to grips the sheets in her hands. This encouraged Kylo.

He dragged fingers around her center for a little bit, just trying to get her warmed up. When he looked back at her he found that she was thoroughly enjoying this. Her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. With that, he slid a finger down her clit. The effect was an immediate moan from Rey. A sound which made Kylo’s underwear struggle to contain what was trapped beneath. For now, he pushed down his own desires and focused on Rey. 

Leaning in he blew some warm air over her pussy, causing her legs to momentarily move in before stopping and moving back out. She was showing trust in him, she trusted that he knew what he was doing. Kylo smirked a little before diving in with his tongue. He heard a gasp from Rey as his tongue made contact with her clit. This only encouraged him to circle her clit with his tongue. This gains a larger moan from Rey, but not as loud as he wanted. Quickly he took two fingers and stuck them into her pussy. he knew that perhaps he should have started with one, or checked if she was ready but this was just too thrilling. And Rey was ready, more than ready.

Her moans got louder as Kylo pumped his fingers in and out fo her, all the while moving his tongue all over her clit causing waves of pleasure. Moans escaped through Rey’s gasps. Soon enough both of their bodies were covered in a fine sheen of sweet. Rey started to feel a strange sensation in her stomach like something was curling up inside of her and about to jump out. Kylo’s tongue moved directly up her clit and that thing jumped out causing a wave of euphoria to come across Rey, she hardly realized that cum had spurted from her pussy, it just felt so good. Leaning back exasperated she gasped for air. Meanwhile, Kylo sat up and smirked at what he had caused. There she was, the woman of his dreams, a complete mess after her first orgasm (or at least her first caused by someone else). His cock was now more than ready to go, protruding from him and revealing his desires. Kyl wanted to take her then and there but he wasn’t sure Rey was ready to go again. One looked at her and that doubt disappeared. She looked hungry for more, ready to go. If it was one thing Rey had it was stamina.

He climbed on top of her again his hips snapping to the space in between her legs. Their lips met and this time Rey had no hesitation in pushing off Kylo’s underwear. There was a moment where she simply looked at him, praising him as he had done to her breasts. The look she gave him didn’t help his ego either. Quickly his lips dived back to her throat, nipping playfully at the skin as he lined up with her entrance. Encouragingly Rey pushed against him. That was all the motivation he needed, soon he was an inch inside of her. There was a moment, where she gripped tight onto her back and wasn’t sure she could withstand the pain. Then it stopped and she enjoyed it, so she nodded to him, encouraging him to keep going.

It took time but soon enough Kylo was all the way inside of Rey. Both took a moment to groan and enjoy the feeling.Then Kylo whispered. “I need to move.”

Rey nodded and in her head thought please do. The sensations she was feeling were alien and way too good to be true. Kylo moved slowly and for a while, she was content with that, then she once again thought of that amazing euphoria before and felt something similar coming up. “Faster!” she moaned out.

He was more than happy to oblige. Moving quickly now both parties moaned. Sometimes words made it past their lips but nothing coherent. Kylo continued to push himself in and out of her and she soon started to move in time with him. Though Kylo had minimal experience and Rey had none they could both honestly say that that was the best they would ever feel, with each other. They made each other complete in a more than just sexual way. 

A few more strokes and Rey was done. Collapsing beneath him in a pure puddle of bliss. A few strokes after that and Kylo cummed inside of Rey just as her walls were loosening around him. he collapsed beside her gasping for breath and the two of them gripped each other’s hands as they took in copious amounts of oxygen. 

Looking over at one another both thought the same thing. 

That was no dream.

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Jw how are you ace if you made a post about “trimming your nails” and tagged it “wlw problems” lol

Aces can have and enjoy sex. Aces can have a sex drive. Aces can have a libido. Aces experience arousal. Aces don’t experience sexual attraction, but they can still have sex lives.

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how can you be pan AND aroace? (not trying to be rude, i just don’t understand)

If people identify as aromantic and demisexual, but when they do feel sexual attraction it is towards all genders, they may use aroace as an easy of describing their identity. Basically one can experience romantic or sexual attraction, but still be on both the aromantic and the asexual spectrum!
- Mod May

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hey, how are you doing? my question is - what do you think about the common use of the word pedophile to describe people who have sexually abused or in any way harmed actual children? do you think its harmful/marginalizing?

I don’t like it. I think many people conflate “child abuser/molester” with “pedophile,” which is inaccurate and harmful. A person can sexually abuse children without being a pedophile (remember, sexual abuse is often about power and control, not about sexual attraction), and a person can be a pedophile (meaning, sexually attracted to children) without ever harming a child. By pretending they are the same people do damage in at least 2 ways: 1) missing or ignoring abuse perpetrated by non-pedophiles (”he’s married to me, there’s no way he wants you”) and 2) creating an environment where pedophiles have no support or access to treatment, which is bad for them (and I think that matters) but also keeps them from having the help to prevent harm from occurring. 


If you enjoyed this post, consider making a pledge at Patreon to support Therapy101 and access to information about psychology and mental health.

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Hi babe! Could I pls get a ship? I’m an INTJ, Sagittarius, long brown hair, brown eyes, 5’7, a lil curvy, I’m studying history and politics @ uni and I loooove reading and writing! Thank you, and congrats on the milestone!! ♥️♥️ Love u

Hello dear! Thank you so much! Based on this I ship you with Hux!

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I think he would admire your intelligence and have a real respect for how well you executed tasks. I can see you two meeting as you’re working on Starkiller and while he intially finds you attractive he would be hesitant, until he got you talking. After a while of watching you work he would find himself drifting towards you more often, appreciating your expertise both in your work and politics. Soon though he would realize he liked you as more than a colleague and would attempt asking you to dinner in a not so formal way. 

“A-Z questions” tag

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Rules: answer this questions in a new post and tag ten people you want to get to know better.

Age: 14

Birthplace: Montana

Current time: 11:22

Drink (last): Water

Easiest person to talk to: my best friend

Favourite song: I don’t really have a favorite song right now oml, probably “Glow” by Stray Kids

Grossest memory: idk.

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

In love: with food lmao, no I’m not currently

Jealous of people: It depends, most of the time I’m jealous of how confident people can be in themselves and things like that.

Love at first sight or walk by again: i don’t believe in love at first sight, but i do think you can feel some kind of attraction or a special connection with that person.

Middle name: Madison

Number of siblings: 2 (a younger brother and a younger sister)

One wish: probably for my dad to come home. (Whoop that’s depressing)

Person you last called: My mother

Question you are always asked: “Why are you like this?”

Reasons to smile: my family, BTS, my friends, music, the beautiful people i’ve met on tumblr, food

Last song you sang: School Life - Stray Kids

Time you woke up: 10:45 (I think)

Underwear color: navy blue

Vacation destination: Japan, South Korea, Spain, England, France, etc. i just want to travel all around the world okay

Worst habit: procrastinating.

X-rays: both of my feet, my right arm, and my chest

Your favourite food: I don’t know uh chicken fried rice?

Zodiac sign: Leo

Ultimate bias: Jungkook

Bias wrecker: Any breathing kpop star I know of? Lmao recently Hobi has been wrecking the hell out of me though (but then so has mark and bambam and baekhyun and too many others.)

Favourite kpop song: currently, Glow - Stray Kids

Favorite kpop album: Wings by BTS

Favourite kpop ship: jikook, yoonseok, namjin

Hard or soft stan: i’m a soft hoe lmao

Favorite kpop company: mmm big hit, i guess

Story of how you got into kpop: I was scrolling through the internet and stumbled across a Big Bang MV and everything went on from there lmao

now, i tag I don’t have ten but uh @lilyoonseok @rinef @canyoucallthiswriting @pjungkook

10 crushes i don’t talk about enough

Tagged by @tilltheweedstakeyou heuheu thank you my wife~ (none of these are in any particular order)

1) Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)

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If you’ve been following me for quite some time then you probably already know my ever growing love for this angsty emo space boi😌💕

2) Alex vause (Laura Prepon)

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I have the biggest crush on this woman I’m deceased

3) Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston)

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4) Daisy Ridley

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My heart just freaking swells everytime I see her on screen (might even cry a bit too)

5) Gal Gadot

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how…can someone…be so…damn….attractive *dies* (she so tall, I want her to cradle my face in her hands dammit😭💕)

6) Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan )

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He’s an asshole but??? I love him??? But I also hate him??? BUT I LOVE HIM???

7) Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie)

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8) Ramsay Bolton/snow

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I don’t even know why I like this bloodthirsty psycho ok???

9) Jimin

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Such a cute lil noodle that can go from smol bean boy to the exploder of ovaries in 2 seconds (no joke)

10) jack sparrow (Johnny depp)

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Always has been a childhood favourite☺️

Ok so I dunno who has already done this but I’m tagging: @pennysthighs @slutforpennywise @wetpennywise @bill-skarsgard-writings @bustafatclownnut @sewercreep @honk-honk-bitches @ijustwannafloat and @pumpkinwise !!

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vine: "wait a minute mr.postman" + winwin

• i made this one cute
• sicheng rlly rlly likes you okay and he doesn’t know how to admit his attraction
• and he confesses to the boys
• and taeil tells him to write his feelings down
• maybe that’ll help him clear his thoughts enough to talk to you
• “you can send it to her”
• sicheng thinks the last part is a bit of a stretch but he agrees to at least write stuff down
• he writes down EVERYTHING
• everything he’s ever felt when he looks at you and talks to you and he even goes as far as putting the paper in an envelope and writing down your address
• but he leaves it on his desk
• it isn’t till the next morning during breakfast when his mom mentions mailing out his letter for him does he realize what’s happening
• so he darts outside knowing that the post comes and leaves early
• he just hopes he can make it on time
• but then he sees the postman driving away, and the flag on the mailbox is down…
• “wait a minute mr postman” is a phrase that won’t do anything now
• he’s lost hope
• so he heads to school the next day with a heavy heart
• bc now you know everything and he has to face being rejected for being an absolute weirdo who writes down all his feelings
• but then you come up to him in between periods
• and you reach up and kiss his cheek
• “i, uh, really liked your letter.”
• “what? you weren’t creeped out?”
• and that’s basically how sicheng confessed to you, and vice versa

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Unsure if this has been asked (if so, my apologies ☺️) Let’s say both MC and ROs have a mutual attraction to each other but they haven’t expressed it yet. An attractive person flirts with MC and RO can see that the MC is actually blushing, flattered and interested of the attractive person. How would the ROs react?

Finley: As you may have noticed a theme with Finely’s previous asks and realizing that the MC has feelings for them- they don’t. Or at least, they force themself not to. So… yeah. They would probably make almost too much of an effort not to show their own affection here as well- probably asking the MC afterwards, “So, find someone interesting, hm? Well… They seemed to be pretty interested in you too, so you might actually have a shot. Congratulations, MC.” All the while just sort of… making it worse for themself.

Raf: Mmm okay, so for Raf and Lucy I’m only gonna answer if they weren’t your Ex because, essentially, this might be what happens for an MC who still has lingering feelings for their Ex while also wanting to move on and pursue a romance with someone new. So…

Raf- Raf is… not good with being direct. Or expressing his feelings if he feels that they contradict with the general atmosphere of the room. Or if he just feels awkward in general. (He’s the kinda guy that probably apologizes to the cashier if he thinks he’s taking too long to get out the cash, even if he’s really not.) So long story short: yeah, he wouldn’t really be able to say much of… anything, really. Expect a very tight smile and some not-very-convincing nods to whatever the MC says afterwards to him (even if it’s not a yes or no question, he kinda sorta wouldn’t be listening and just kind of having an internal crisis about what he should do in this situation.)

Jacob: Jacob… Ok, so from previous asks it’s fairly easy to garner that Jacob at the beginning of the relationship/pre-relationship might be suffering from the thoughts that MC is just… out of his league. So attractive person flirting with MC? Shit. That’s someone in his league. MC seems attracted back? Double shit. But at the same time… this is kind of what Jacob expects to happen at the beginning. He’d be crushed, but not surprised. Just sort of nihilistic about it. (Surprisingly, considering it’s Jacob.) But he also wouldn’t be very good at hiding this, so it’d be very, very obvious that something is up with him and it wouldn’t take much prodding for him to admit that he thinks said attractive person is much more in the MC’s league than he is.

Lucy: Mmm okay, so for Raf and Lucy I’m only gonna answer if they weren’t your Ex because, essentially, this might be what happens for an MC who still has lingering feelings for their Ex while also wanting to move on and pursue a romance with someone new. So…

Lucy - Lucy is confident enough that this wouldn’t really bother her all that much. It’d just fire her up towards confessing to the MC even more. Or trying to make them laugh or blush at one of her compliments as well. So expect a lot of poorly veiled flirts from Lucy after this.

Yolanda: Yolanda… Mmm, okay. This is actually an interesting question for Yolanda. Since we’re talkin’ specifically about emotion here, not much would change whether the relationship was physical before- but it does put the question in an interesting perspective.

See if Yolanda and the MC are either already in a kinda physical relationship and she’s starting to feel something for them then this could be her first taste of jealousy- thinking that maybe the MC doesn’t want anything more than what they already have when she’s just starting to come to terms with the fact that perhaps she does actually want something emotional. However since it’s so early on she’d see this as almost a… bad thing? Well, not really ‘bad’, more just like… uncomfortable. She’s not used to it, and she doesn’t really like it at first. So she might almost try to simultaneously ignore any jealousy/squash it in favor of the idea that if the MC were to move on maybe she’d just… get over it and move on.

But if they weren’t in a physical relationship and/or the MC has already expressed wanting to be in an emotional relationship with her- then she doesn’t really have a lot to worry about in the jealousy department…? See the way it goes there’ll be repeated moments for the MC to breach the subject with her, so Yolanda will know that MC is already dedicated to the idea of the two of them together. So she might still feel some jealousy, but then squash it with the reminder that she knows that the MC is infatuated with herself, and then further confuse herself about why that’s so reassuring to her. Long story short it would make Yolanda more confused than jealous or anything else really, ahaha.

Eileen: Eileen would feel too impolite to say anything, but she’d absolutely be trying to subtly question the MC about if they liked that person afterwards. And she’d try to be sly about it but… Eileen is far too honest and transparent, so it’d be really easy to see right through her and exactly what it is she’s trying to do.

Informant: The Informant’s romance like I’ve mentioned before is very much a slow burn romance. So since this is so early on I don’t really think he’d do much of anything? He’d probably sulk to himself, his responses would definitely be a lot shorter since he wouldn’t really know how to react. But this is really before the point at which the Informant reconciles himself with the idea of being in a relationship at this point in time, so he’d already be of the mindset that nothing is going to come of his attraction to the MC.

Ricky:  Ricky… Oh Ricky. He’d probably insert himself into the conversation and just kinda casually interrupt and put a stop to the flirting by the wonderful tool of third-wheeling. Granted, this would be before he really comes to terms with his own emotions, so he’d come up with some half-assed excuse as to why he had to. (”It was a distraction from our goal” if they’re at something like the Chat Blanc or what have you, or something else for a different occasion.) And he’d force himself to believe that was the reason he interrupted as well, but, well, we know better.

V: G o d I mean… It’s probably not hard to guess, right? V sees competition- V takes that competition and turns it into the Olympics of flirting- they’ll turn the dial up to 100. The MC could definitely expect some grand gesture soon.

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new blog, new blog !! allow me to (hopefully) be the first to request for some standfuckery, because i am a filthy standfucker who can't stop smooching stands (*´ェ`*) how about some sweet and fluffy content where the crusaders' discover that their small and soft romantic interest is attracted to and incredibly enamored with their stands, and use that to their advantage please ♥ bonus points if you include my son iggy, though obviously that'd be a purely platonic thing, haha - THANK YOU SO MUCH

I’ve actually never written any standfuckery before… Sorry this took a bit to finish, I was at a loss for a couple of them for a bit. Wound up writing some hcs, hope you enjoy!

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Hello! So I've noticed that I am not attracted to "hot" people (hot being defined as someone with a stunning body) . Like, my friends would say: "Look at that dude's abs!" And I would think "whyy??". I don't know if this is just a preference of mine or if this is relation with my sexuality (I am pan). But I don't think that I've being sexually attracted to someone without having even a small crush on them. Help pls, thx 🌷

Hey there,
I usually also don’t find guys attractive that other people say are hot. :D this could just having a different taste than other people or not actually being attracted to guys or something. This is only something you can figure out.
Having only sexual attraction after getting to know someone better could be being demisexual, kinda depends on how strong of a bond you need to have to a person to feel that attraction. - Helper Alex

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I finally found the source - well, yet another source, lol! - of *used to be* poseyslegtattoo *now* builtfjordtuff's discomfort. He keeps reblogging Dylan O'Brien gifsets whining about people telling him Dylan is way more attractive than Tyler Posey, and he never stopped crying/obsessing ever since. He got even called out for being as bitter and obsessive as Posey but ofc he tries the victim card, blames Stereks and denies being as obsessed with Dylan as everyone else - including his fave! ;))))

Personal tastes are a thing though? 

You can’t make someone find Person A more attractive than Person B just by constantly whinging about it. 

Someone thinks Posey is more attractive than DOB? Good for them, but nothing they say is going to change my opinion that DOB is more attractive than Posey. That not how attraction works. 

Venus in Aries The girl who knows how to set hearts on fire
romance with venus in aries is like jumping aboard a merry-go-round and re-discovering your childhood. there is good natured rivalry and playful pranking. venus in aries will test your physical, emotional, and psychological limits. everything moves fast and furious, they show you secret worlds inside of this one. plenty of rare qualities, but venus in aries can certainly cause a headache. they generate intense pressure inside their own head when they become agitated. and they unconsciously will it in the direction of their anger - straight toward the lover. never a dull moment, rarely a moment of boredom. they will breathe fire in a rampage, and it’s your own fault if you were standing in the path of their fury 

Venus in Taurus The girl who makes people fall in love with classical beauty again 
romance with venus in taurus is largely a sensual and physical experience. there is great pleasure in tantalising the lover’s tastebuds, intimate massage, and generating a powerful carnal desire for each other’s flesh. your body won’t let you forget the touch and tactile memory of venus in taurus. their aroma can stay under your nose for days, you can sense their vacancy and absence as much as their presence. you can hear the empty silence swallowing the sound of her whistling, humming, and singing. it can be hard to go back to sleeping alone because they filled a space beside you that is now so void and hollow. 

Venus in Gemini The girl who spellbinds with her spelling 
venus in gemini doesn’t have the emphasised multiplicity like gemini suns and ascendants, but the personality is experimental and flexible enough to try everything before they buy anything, and the same goes for romantic interests. they can decide with lightning speed if their date is worth half a second more of their time. they find it almost impossible to get lovers out of their mind and think about them all the time. most of their conversations will revolve exclusively around this person. falling asleep by the side of venus in gemini can be purely enchanting, late night conversation is deliriously hypnotic like their final words for the day are written like poetry across the tongue

Venus in Cancer: The girl who invites the moon for sleepovers 
venus in cancer romance can be quite old fashioned and reflective of family values. if venus in cancer is on good terms with the parents they will be very observant of how well you interact and fit into the family dynamic. the opinion of family is often influential. the person will also be very attentive to the way you treat children, animals, retail workers, and waiters. venus in cancer won’t take very long to begin planning a life, future, and family with you. one of the favourite past times in this relationship is eating out, cooking together while the sun goes down, and enjoying meals together. they value simplicity, closeness, and basic company more than anything grand and opulent. 

Venus in Leo: The girl with a heart of gold
love elevates the individual to the top of the worldthe energy of venus with leo is unity and heart, so they are not looking for solo stardom. they want to bask their lover with honey sun, sit together in the heat of the day sharing wine, good music, affection, laughter, dreams, and memories. venus in leo can turn every romantic encounter and experience into a royal gala, they know how to make people feel important and indispensable, like queens and descendants of royalty. and they can make just about anybody fall in love with them, they have a charismatic sultriness, playful sense of humour, sensitivity, and a golden auric glow. romance with venus in leo feels like the sun is shining brightly everyday. so the good times are ultra good, and when they are happy you will feel like you are on top of the world. but when they are miserable, have no doubt you will be sorrowfully miserable too 

Venus in Virgo: The girl whose heart was caged in her mind
you know how just about every romantic movie has a story about two people with undeniable chemistry, compatibility, and attraction and if only they revealed their true feelings to one another they could be happy together 5 years ago? this is a good re-enactment of a venus in virgo scenario. the ideal relationship can be in the clasp of their hands, the words on the tip of the tongue, and the heart and mind paralyse. venus in virgo are unconditional lovers. they are very unlikely to leave a partner due to illness, unemployment, or even addiction. they integrate people into their life, ritual, and thinking patterns so they typically stick by people regardless of how challenging the circumstance. they always provide a shoulder to lean on

Venus in Libra: The girl everyone wants to know 
the venus in libra essence evokes people’s carnal desires, secret temptations, the image of their dream lover. strangers can routinely comment that the venus in libra person ‘reminds’ them of someone they know or will insist they have met before. associates and strangers construct the image of venus in libra a large amount of imaginative input, so people can be quite shocked that the person they meet is so different to who or what they expected. there is typically a natural sense of style and classy social conduct, their glamour can remind you of the golden hollywood age.  

Venus in Scorpio: The girl who hides deep inside you 
you will rarely experience anything with the same intensity as a venus in scorpio relationship. ending a relationship with a venus in scorpio can also be a grieving period, they take a part of the lover’s soul with them and cherish them like special keepsakes. the powerful arousing, spirit sensational, cosmic central experienced with venus in scorpio can make people feel like they will never be truly satisfied again, or the person who walked out was completely different from the person that walked in. they wrangle your hidden fantasies, rituals, and desires out from your hiding place. there is no place inside you that is safe 

Venus in Sagittarius: The girl that fell in love with the world 
you will never truly have a venus in sagittarius lover all to yourself, their first and foremost lover is the kiss of the sun, the cool cleanse of the sea, the landscapes that call to her spirit and want her to visit home. it’s definitely possible for venus in sagittarius people to connect, settle, and commit. but sagittarius is law, and there are a few laws to be imposed in their relationship. the playground is to be open all hours, there is to be no jealousy or attempts to control or belittle, the house is to have big rooms with big windows and lots of fresh air and savings go toward traveling, holidays, and spontaneous expenditures. they question the smallness of your dreams and make unplanned moments meaningful life experiences. 

Venus in Capricorn: The girl with the ancient heart 
you can have an aged, intangible photographic memory of intimate experiences with a venus in capricorn because it seems like time stops or disappears completely. there is something timeless about their love, their heart is encased in the antiquity of amber resin that preserves eternity. and they really make a whole new little world just for the both of you. they are devoted for the long term, and they will do just about anything to make it work. your success is their success, and they want the relationship to bring out the best potential in both people. of all their formidable dreams and ambitions, establishing a beautiful life with you is the greatest.  

Venus in Aquarius: The girl whose love is pure madness
romance with venus in aquarius is like riding a cosmic rollercoaster looping through galaxies. nothing will ever be the same again after experiencing their love, everything can seem mundane and tedious in comparison. you rarely experience the same day twice, and it can be difficult not to lose control as you become whipped in their complex and fascinating web. your mind is opened with your heart and life becomes a continuous act of spontaneity. they find something unique and special about you to love, and they help you to discover who you truly are. what you once cared about now seems so small 

Venus in Pisces: The girl who cried and drowned Hawaii
venus in pisces has a reputation for peace and harmony, but nothing is really still and stable about their union. they unveil a universe of possibilities and unrealities, you can find yourself questioning your beliefs, sanity, and the legitimacy of your experiences. they can be unpredictable in the sense that you are loved by someone different everyday, their emotional temperament sways their emotional needs and conduct. the heart chameleon, psychic, and wild. it makes their love a very creative, dreamy, imposing, consuming and influential union that can be very difficult to separate from because it reminds you of a place you wish you never left 


ProJared and SpaceHamster are really good examples of how Internet personalities can have wildly different boundaries and comfort zones with fans and how both are equally deserving of respect. Jared actively courts flirtation from adult fans while Jeff dislikes even discussing what he finds attractive in another person, and both approaches are valid!

As fans, it’s important to keep in mind that celebrities have just as much a right to give and deny consent as anyone else, and what one person might be okay with won’t necessarily fly by another person, even when the people in question are friends with similar content and audiences. Just like with people you meet IRL, one person saying yes doesn’t necessarily mean the next person will have the same reaction.

How To Set Your Intention for 2018

1. Pick a quiet and clean location. 
2. Make sure the area is clean, and that you’ve just had a shower too.
 3. Light a candle and place it upon a table (in a totally safe place!)
4. Have a journal and pen there.
5. watch the candle burn with the intention of illuminating the vision for your next year
6. Meditate or just do some deep breathing for a 5-10 minutes
7. think back to how 2017 went. Maybe you feel proud and powerful for making courageous choices. Or maybe you feel angry and frustrated for continuing to think or do things that don’t serve you. All of it is okay!! Just write the thoughts out in a journal calmly.  Don’t be harsh on yourself. Remember what Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich that “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.”
8. Write down what that Napoleon quote means for you personally. 9. Write 5 highlights from 2017. They can be big achievements or small amazing moments. Remember how they felt and what made them so special. 10. Declare what you want in your a) Your Health b) your wealth c) your relationships d)your career e) your social life

People are going to laugh at you when you tell them what you want to do in life and they’re going to try to tell you to be realistic. Let them think whatever the hell they want because anyone is capable of anything. If you don’t believe you can do something, you can’t. Believe in yourself, have faith, be dedicated and always keep your expectations of yourself higher than other peoples because yours are the only ones that matter. I believe in you but more than that I hope you believe in yourself.


Jay letting Evie go first and her waiting for him to do so