how can you be that handsome

bts reaction: you being short

anon: Bts scenarios and how they would react to you being short af (159cm/5'2 feet)

author’s note: this was especially hard to write since I’m literally 6′0 T-T, also the teasing was written with no harm in mind!


He would laugh at how cute you were, and would want to always protect you.

“Y/n, you’re such a cutie!~If someone ever tries to make fun of you, this handsome face will destroy them.” he says jokingly, but still somewhat serious.


Would whine when you’ll ask him to pick up something only to tease you, in reality he loved your height and everything about you.

“Yah Y/n! Can you stop being so cute?” he whined.


He would let out a fake cry, because in his eyes you were cuter than him.

“You have taken my place! Your height makes me want to always carry you and cuddle.” he says.


You being so short compared to him made him soft. He also loved how he needed to slighly kneel down to hug you.

“God Y/n we’re a perfect pair. I’m your knight in shining armor.” he said as he kneeled down at your level.


He loved that he now wasn’t the shortest, and he would always tease you about it.

“Hm? What did you say? Oh, sorry I didn’t hear you up from here.” he laughed as you gave him a death glare.


He would screech whenever he saw you. He would squish your cheeks and sometimes even pick you out and spin you around.

“I’ll protect you from the big world.” he laughed as he placed a soft kiss on your cheek.


He absolutely loved that he could tease you more. Of course, he loved your height and meant no harm.

“Hello there, shortie.” he said as he leaned down Michael-Jackson style. You showed a fist and grunted, and he only laughed. “That punch wouldn’t even reach my chest.”

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Still Get Jealous

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Requested by @foriternity  @southsidepea :Ur next Sweet Pea x reader should b about him being jealous

Here you are, love, I hope I did okay I’m still getting the hang of this. Enjoy and don’t forget to ask me for a request

“You know I hate it when other people see you in that uniform” Sweet Pea told you as he pulls your body into his.

You were from the Northside with a beautiful home, stable and happy family to anyone you’re family was the only perfect family in Riverdale. Now on the other hand you’re long term boyfriend Sweet Pea lived on the Southside his home was the trailer park like Jug, and his family he didn’t like to talk about it. You meet Sweet Pea when Jughead worked at the Drive-In.  When you heard he was losing the Drive-In you knew you had to be there for him. His dad would come to check on him every now and then and that moment you saw Sweet Pea you’re total definition of Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

  “Hey it’s not my fault I’m a River Vixen”

“Yea it kinda is. You know what why don’t you quit and keep the uniform too entertain me huh.”

For some reason he thinks he can get his was if he does that stupid smirk of his.

  “Why don’t you just come to the game and watch me cheer instead.”

You put you’re hands on Sweet Pea face so you’re foreheads touch and make your lips nearly touch his. Teasing him hoping he will come too the game .

“You know how I feel about those Northsiders. I’ll pick you up after the game alright baby girl.”

  “Fine pick me up at 8pm.”

You gave Pea a quick kiss on the lips and pulled back too see his brown eye size you up. To mess with him you gave him a little turn. He shakes his head giving out a little laugh. It made you sad when he started getting on his bike. You hate seeing him go, you wish he could just put up with some Northside kids for a couple hours just so you can spend more time with him.Before he leaves you walk back up to his bike and give him one more kiss.

  “Hey I love you Pea.”

“I love you to Baby girl”

2 Hours later

The Bulldogs won the game all thanks to Archie and Reggie’s team work. After every game someone throws a party but you never went. Picking up your things with the rest of the Vixens in the locker room. One by one the girls left leaving you alone in the locker room. As you closed the door you began to walk to the parking lot too wait for Sweet Pea. You two had a secret place so no one would judge you being picked up by a Serpent. It was all Pea’s idea You honestly didn’t mind be he side it would be safer.

“Hey Y/L/N are you coming too the party or what?”  

You looked over the shoulder to see Reggie walking towards you.

  “No I’m no. I just gonna head home”

You kept walking trying to get away from Reggie. You just wanted to get spend the night with Pea.

“Awe come on. I’ll even take you. You know next year when Cheryl leaves next year you’ll be captain of the Vixens and I’ll still be captain of the football team. We could be the power couple of Riverdale high. Sounds nice right…Perfect even”

During his whole speech he traps you against his car getting extremely close to you.

  “As tempting as that is I’m transferring to South Side High next year. Believe it or not my dad found a better job out there. So why don’t you go too the party, get drunk , go home and enjoy your night with your left hand.”

You look up and to you’re right and see Sweet Pea and if looks could kill teh back of Reggie’s head would be gone.

  “Now if you don’t mind Reginald my boyfriend is waiting for me.”

You pushed his shoulder to walk up to Sweet Pea. You hear Reggie start his car and drives away. You tried to wrap your arms around Sweet Pea’s neck but he just go on his bike. Before he started his bike you grabbed his hand with one hand and placed your other hand on his check.

  “Sweet’s what’s wrong”

“I’m fine how’s you’re Northside football player boyfriend”

  “OMG are you jealous?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Pea thinks I would cheat on him with Reggie.

“ I’m not jealous”

  “Oh really. So if walk back to him you would be totally fine.”


  “Sweet’s do you remember what I told you when you dropped me off”


  “Well I said ’I Love You ‘ and I mean it with all my heart. I love you Sweet Pea and that will never change. You’re kinda stuck with me.”

“And I’m totally fine with that. Now let me show you how much I love you”

Sawamura Sundays

I won’t be able to push through with what I have originally planned for this week’s edition of Sawamura Sundays, but I hate breaking streaks, so I’ll just post some of the caps I have of Daichi looking all handsome. (Although, let’s be real here, I’m real biased and he does not look bad in my eyes ever.)

Anyway, what I have noticed is that Daichi’s got this really pretty eyes, like it’s my favorite part of his face. And if you look at him, he really looks nice and kind. His face is quite wide and he’s got a more squared jaw, associated with more built/stockier characters, but there’s also a certain softness to it, you feel me? Like wow, how can he be so good looking? And his smile, oh my god, cures my depression. 

Let’s all bask in the beauty of Daichi, shall we? (。♥‿♥。)










Rantaro Amani X Korekiyo Shinguji
  • Bro you know that Rantaro will braid the shit out of Korekiyo’s hair
  • He can’t help it, he feels the need which Korekiyo will gladly let him
  • (Korekiyo can’t help but chuckle at how seriously Rantaro treats his hair as he braids it)
  • While Korekiyo is more private with his displays of affection, Rantaro loves giving affection whenever he can
  • He also loves to see Korekiyo flustered
  • While Rantaro would love to have Korekiyo not wear his fask (he’s face is too handsome to hide god damnit) he understands the Korekiyo’s feelings and doesn’t push him much on the mask subject
  • These two are a traveling duo
  • Korekiyo for anthropologist reasons and Rantaro well he just loves to travel
  • Rantaro doesn’t mind going to far out places or ruins either hell have fun either way
  • (And you bet that during their trips Rantaro will take a ton of pictures)
  • While Rantaro loves smoothing hid handsome boyfriend in affection he knows Korekiyo isn’t used to it so he’ll move things slowly
  • Library and simply quiet dates for these two are a must
  • (These two simply lounging around next to each other reading or doing something quiet)
  • If Korekiyo allows it, Rantaro would love to do his nails and take him shopping for some more fashionable clothes
  • (Let’s face it Korekiyo is rather creepy looking)
  • Once Rantaro learns the Korekiyo’s sister is deceased he immediately pulls him into a hug
  • (He can’t imagine the pain of having one of his sisters die..)
  • And asks if he could visit her grave
  • (Oh Sister would have loved Rantaro..)
  • Korekiyo shows his affection with words rather than actions
  • (I could totally see Korekiyo writing poetry~)
  • And Rantaro can’t help but smile brightly whenever Korekiyo compliments him
  • While it’s rare, Korekiyo loves to see Rantaro blush and be so flustered
  • (It makes him want to pull Rantaro into a deep kiss)
  • Korekiyo is.. overwhelmed when he first meets Rantaro’s family
  • (He’s angry at his parents for not being there and being so nonchalant but his sisters.. oh god he wasn’t ready for his sisters)
  • Korekiyo leaves the house with his hair braided multiple times, ribbons in his hair and makeup smudged on his face
  • (And of course Rantaro snaps a picture and makes it his phone background)
  • Both of them are a very protective couple over each other
  • (No one knows show is scarier when upset.. Korekiyo or Rantaro)

What dating Steve Harrington would be like

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•TONS of kissing/cuddling/etc

•Him being protective over you

•Him getting jealous when you hang around other people more

•More cuddles and kissing

•Him making you blush ALL THE TIME

•“Awe you’re blushing how cute”

•“No I’m not!” but you blush even more

•Him sneaking into your room when you can’t go out


•Constantly making each other laugh

•Him making sure you know how amazing and beautiful/handsome you are

•Protecting each other from demogorgons

•Did I mention cuddling?

•Random hugs

•He sometimes lifts you when you hug just because he can

•Him kissing your cheek / forehead a lot

•He’s always touching you when you go out via holding your hand or his arm around you

•C U D D L I N G

anonymous asked:

1) Taako pulls off some sweet flips with Carey and Killian, so much so it becomes a regular thing, one day it's going great but Taako ends up with a super broken arm (like breaks in three different places) he's not in pain but he's on enough painkillers to make an elephant high. Kravitz of course comes to the hospital after Killian calls apologizing. Taako looks at Kravitz, sniffling and just asks "are you my husband????? These nice ladies said he was coming." Kravitz just smiles and corrects

2) him. “I’m your fiancé love.” Taako just smiles and spends probably twenty minutes just holding Kravitz’s hand while asking Kravitz if he likes ferrets and Mongeese. Killian is apologizing so much “he’s on the really REALLY good shit, he’s gonna be like this for at least the rest of the day. It was the only way they could get him to hold still for the stitches and X-rays and shit.” Taako tries to shush everyone when they try to curse “there’s a little tiny baby human nearby, I know it.”

3) of corse that baby is Angus, who brought some crackers from the cafeteria. “See! It’s the tiny human who likes to read!!!!” Killian has to direct Taako’s hug to Kravitz. Taako doesn’t mind, he’s hugging a handsome guy, a handsome guy who’s apparently his husband to be!!!!! Taako just kinda doesn’t stop hugging Kravitz, mostly because he’s tired and mostly because Kravitz is holding his arm so it doesn’t hurt. “I love you, you know that?” Taako just tells everyone how much he loves Kravitz.

4) Taako finally sleeps and he can go home when he’s not loopy anymore. Lup films all of it. -Bunny

I had to drabble this, under the cut

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Some thoughts I’ve been mulling over for a while...

SJM Haters: “No diversity!” *Shoving aside canonically black High Lords Tarquin and the bisexual Helion, Thesan, Nesryn, all of the Southern Continent, etc*

SJM Haters: “Everyone is white!” *Punching the non-white Illyrian races, not to mention about 90% of the Summer Court*

SJM Haters: “They’re all heterosexual!” *Throws Thesan, Mor, Aedion, the Blackbeak Matron, Thea and Kaya off of a cliff* (Actually, feel free to throw the Matron off a cliff lmao)

SJM Haters: “Rowan is abusive” *blatantly ignores the fact that Rowan was literally tied to a queen who forced him to do terrible things, and he still found it in himself to love Aelin unconditionally*

SJM Haters: “She doesn’t tackle any important issues!” *Stepping on Rhysand’s history of sexual abuse, not to mention Lysandra’s history of sexual abuse, oh and also Aedion, whose nickname was literally ‘Adarlan’s Whore,’ and the slave trade, and the treatment of ‘lesser faeries’ in comparison to ‘High Fae.’*

I’m not trying to say that the ACOTAR/TOG books aren’t without their flaws. Every book, every movie, every song, every piece of artwork that has ever been created has a flaw in some way. Often, there are multiple flaws. It is okay to acknowledge these flaws. It is okay to even criticize them. What is not okay is discrediting the immense amount of work that SJM puts into these books. She released two (2) fantasy novels longer than 200,000 words in a single year. I don’t pretend to know everything that goes on at Bloomsbury Publishing, but I honestly believe that she did that for her fans. She started writing Throne of Glass when she was 16; she got it published 11 years later. Books take time; lots of it. Ask George RR Martin, who also tackles the heavy genre of fantasy, but he’s been working on Winds of Winter for six years. Do you think SJM would have wanted to go over these books for another year or combed through them just one more time before she published them? Yeah, probably. Every author, writer, fanfiction writer, artist, or whomever, wants just a bit more time to add those final details, to keep chipping away (because let me tell you, even when it’s done, we don’t feel like it’s done). But you know what else? She’s probably damn proud of them, too. As well she should be. The amount of times I find myself laughing with these characters and crying and screeching, it says enough. 

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Fire & Desire | 1

“Kim Seokjin is everything you don’t want in a man. Cocky, full of himself and oh so annoying. And that’s what makes him the perfect fuck buddy. Because it’s not like you could ever see him as anything more than a heartless player… right?”

pairing: seokjin x reader
genre: smut, fuckboy!jin, dom!Jin
wordcount: 10.1k
a/n: *that* shower scene inspired by this picture!

part one

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Synopsis: You are cursed with the ability to feel others’ emotions through touch. During a battle you’re fighting with Loki, he touches you and it opens your eyes to who he is. 

A/N: I’ll probably add more parts to this and make it a mini-fic, just because I love this concept so much. Our poor little God of Mischief isn’t evil, just misunderstood and dealing with a lot. 

Warnings: implied smut, violence, blood

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scrumpygoat  asked:

I play a kenku in my DnD campaign, and I always get tripped up rushing to answer questions or explain myself- only to be reminded that my handsome bird can't speak lmao. How do you work with dialogue-heavy interactions? C:

I avoid them as much as possible. Not because my character can’t speak (she can) but because I’m shy and trying to speak in character makes me want to jump off a cliff.

Fortunately (or because of that?) my character doesn’t speak much, doesn’t answer questions, and doesn’t explain herself. Instead, she has very loud body language, which is much easier for me to describe. 

uhh for example:

A very common expression for whenever someone proposes something that sounds like a bad idea:

I don’t remember why she was raging in this pic, but it’s pretty safe to assume the other kenku in our party was responsible.

At one point she was angry while also hiding from some goblins. When a goblin found her under the bed she was just a giant, hissing, black dust bunny. 

uh, it looks like that’s all the art I have access to at the moment. I’m away from home right now.

Welcome Home

Request: “Hi! I love your stories so much! I don’t know if you do these but is there anyway you can do a story with Bill Skarsgard and the reader having their first child. Like them finding out their having a baby and watching the pregnancy develop and finally they get to meet the baby when it’s born?”

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: YASS I finally finished with all of the 20+ requests I had in my inbox, it took a week but that’s an ACHIEVEMENT I’M SO PROUD of myself😂😎

You and Bill had been together for 4 years before he finally decided to pop the question. You, your friends, and your family were very happy for you. They all loved Bill and since he made you happy they were happy. Six months after Bill proposed you both got married in front of all your closest family members and friends. It was an amazing wedding and you looked very beautiful with your white big wedding dress.

Bill thought you looked like a princess straight out of a fairytale. He even cried as you walked down the aisle with your father on your right side. Bill couldn’t contain his happiness and excitement, he was very emotional. After 4 years he finally was going to marry you. The love of his life, his entire world and many other more beautiful things. 

Once the wedding was over you went to Paris for your honeymoon where you both made love to each other and conceived your first child. A couple of weeks passed and you both were finally back at home in your beautiful mansion. You had been feeling nauseous and couldn’t keep your food in your stomach.

Worried, Bill went to the doctor with you where you both received the news that you were expecting a baby! Bill obviously not being able to contain his excitement spun you around in front of the doctor. The doctor being fan of both of you thought it was very cute and considered you a very lucky women to have such a supportive and loving husband. 

Once you got home Bill started ordering baby furniture and clothes. You giggled at how you had only been a couple of weeks pregnant. You still had 9 more months to go until the baby arrived. Bill just shook his head and kissed you only replying, “It is never too early to start preparing.”

After that Bill called all of his friends and family telling them about the amazing news. He was literally jumping and spinning around the house as he spoke on the phone this man was more then excited.

Time had passed and you were now 8 months pregnant. You had been surprised with a baby shower that had been planned by you and Bill’s family members and friends. You all spent an amazing time and were given A LOT of gifts enough to last you all until the baby went to school.

A little bit more time passed and finally you were 9 months pregnant. The journey had been amazing. Bill was an amazing husband he was always caring for you whether it was tying your shoes, picking up something you dropped or satisfying your cravings he was there to make sure you were happy. 

“There’s my beautiful wife.” Bill smiled as he walked up to you and kissed your lips.

“Hey handsome your son is abusing his mom, he keeps kicking me.” You frowned.

“Little one you better stop kicking your mommy, she’s made a lovely home for you these past 9 months the least you can do is not kick her.” Bill said as he pressed his ear onto your stomach and spoke to your son.

Soon after Bill finished speaking the kicking stopped causing Bill to smile.

“Holy shit you’re amazing how on earth?” You asked in disbelief.

“It’s official I’m the baby whisperer.” Bill said bowing causing you to giggle.

All of a sudden you felt a warm liquid run down your leg your eyes widened to the size of saucers causing Bill to become worried.

“Y/N what’s wrong are you okay?” He asked.

“Bill my water broke the baby is coming.” You smiled. Bill kissed you passionately before helping you out of the chair.

“Alright I have the bag and I’ve got you let’s go to the hospital and have us a baby.” 

“We’re having a baby Bill he’s finally here.” 

After a couple of hours dealing with contractions and pushing out your baby. You had finally given birth. Bill had been there for you the whole time from the moment the doctors injected the epidural into up until now that he sat next to you as he carried your son (S/N= Son’s name).

“Welcome to the world S/N your mommy and I are very happy that you’re here. She’s asleep right now but once she wakes up she will also be very happy to see you.” Bill whispered to your son as he held his father’s finger with his tiny hand.

“We’re all going to be very happy together and maybe once a couple of months pass you could eventually see yourself becoming a big brother.” Bill cooed.

“Don’t get your hopes up mister after what I just went through we’re waiting a year until that happens.” You said drowsily as you woke up.

Bill chuckled a placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Is that?-”

“Yes honey meet S/N he’s been waiting to meet you.” Bill smiled as he handed you your son.

“He is so precious just look at him, look at what we made.” You cooed as a couple of tears slid down your face.

“He really is, we made something absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much Y/N you have made me the happiest man on this earth. I love you and S/N so much and I will always be there for you both.” Bill said as he held your hand.

“Bill that’s so sweet, I love you too baby and you as well have made me and happiest and luckiest woman on this earth.” 

Bill crashed your lips together and they moved in perfect sync. A couple of doctors that passed by outside your hospital room smiled to themselves. They were more then happy to see a beautiful couple starting their new life together. 

All I’ve got II pt. 4

Jungkook x reader

genre: fluff, ANGST, smut!!, bestfriend!jungkook

word count: 13k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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“I feel like I am in a different universe when I am with you. Everything feels new.”

JuminMC Week Day 2: Realization