how can you be so pretty guyy

todorokishochan  asked:

HI ya there! Congratulations on your new blog!! Can I have some jealous headcanons for TFA Optimus, RiD Bumblebee and RiD Grimlock? Thank you so much! Looking forward to your works! <333

Thank you! <3

TFA Optimus
-Poor boy gets all huffy and completely denies feeling like that. Jealous? Him? Pfft, no way. Its not like the mech his s/o is talking to is flirting with them, right?
-Oh, wait. The mech is flirting.
-Optimus goes over to you and takes your hand in his own, saying calmly that he needs you for something, all the while giving the mech a look that says: ‘Don’t even think about it.’
-Once you realise why Optimus had pulled you from the conversation you were having with the mech, he gets all flustered and denies feeling jealous at all.
-After a little while, he does admit that he was maybe just a teeny bit jealous, but only because he didnt like that mech flirting with you.
-Just give Optimus lots of kisses and tell him that you would never leave him and he’ll be happy again in no-time.
-Doesnt stop him being a little more clingy than usual for the rest of the day.

RiD Bumblebee
-Bee is fuming. Some mech is flirting with his s/o? Nuh-uh, no way.
-He’s just so annoyed at the whole situation, he walks over to where you and the mech are, takes your arm and says, while giving the mech a glare, that he needs you for something.
-Once you two are alone, Bee confronts you. Why were you talking to him? Why were you allowing him to flirt with you, for Primus’ sake!?
-While Bee’s ranting, a sly smile is making its way onto your face. Once Bee’s stopped his rant, you immediatley say that he is crazy jealous.
-Bee denies it. Completely. He wasnt jealous. Thats rediculous. Why wouls he be jealous? He gets all sulky.
-But, to cheer him up, just tell him that he is super cute when he’s jealous. Bee will get all blushy, still saying, under his breath, that he was not jealous.
-Just give Bumbles some loving affection and he’ll be smiling and laughing pretty quick. :)

RiD Grimlock
-This guyy is just so innocent in so many ways, he doesnt even notice that his s/o is being flirted to at all.
-Well, when he does, he goes all pouty and decides to try and distract you from that mech as much as possible. By showing off how many cars he can carry at one time.
-In the end, you end up cheering him on, the mech long gone from boredom, while Grim has about 9 cars balanced on his head.
-He ends up falling over though, but emerges from the pile of cars with a triumphant smile on his face. Yes! He succeeded in getting your attention! and the mech was nowhere in sight.
-Mission accomplished.