how can you be so perfect

wanna one as prom dates

lai guanlin

  • i imagine guanlin to go all out for prom
  • definitely would rent a limo to pick you up in
  • he’d be leaning against the door as he waits for you to come out
  • when he sees your front door opening, he kinda just like looks to the side, with his hands in his pocket 
  • u know, tryna model for you
  • but another reason he’s looking away is because he’s trying not to laugh at himself
  • then he’d finally side glance at ya
  • and he’d smile and say “you look beautiful”
  • in the limo, of course there’s strobe lights, a mini disco ball, and an abundance of cookies to choose from
  • at prom, YOU KNOW this boy would be up and down the dance floor
  • so he might forget you at times
  • but only because he’s caught up in dance battles
  • when a slow song comes on, you and him would be the only ones gettin fkin h y p e d

lee daehwi

  • daehwi is all about the perfect memories
  • plans a pre-prom photoshoot at the beach
  • which lasts like 5 hours
  • but worth it because you ended up having like 53987 photos
  • the corsage he gave you is just STUNNING
  • each part of it symbolizes something in your relationship
  • he actually hands you a beautifully decorated note with what each part means
  • he would never take his eyes off you all night
  • definitely cherishes the slow dances
  • would constantly ask if you’re thirsty/hungry/having fun
  • is proud to have you on his arm so he can show you off to everyone else
  • literally is talking to everyone he can just so others can compliment you
  • and he’d pretend to be all non-chalant but actually
  • hes the happIEST KID EVER

bae jinyoung

  • part of the shy baby club
  • overplans everything
  • like down to the very secOND
  • when plans go awry, he gets SO flustered
  • like he wanted to go the fanciest restaurant in town beforehand
  • however,, the reservation he made somehow wasn’t put into the system correctly so there were no more available tables at that time
  • to make it to prom on time, the closest eating establishment was a small diner
  • he apologizes countlessly but you two end up having so much fun there that you end up being late for prom
  • so late, its practically almost afterprom
  • he apologizes agaiN
  • but you two end up having more fun doing afterprom activities anyways
  • i mean you two end up playing minigolf until 2am

park woojin

  • hello president of shy baby club
  • is so nervous about everything
  • in pre-prom pics you can see the terror in his eyes
  • his hands had been shaking the whole time he held yours
  • is constantly wiping the sweat accumulating in his palms onto his pants
  • also can’t get the corsage to stay pinned
  • so he just ties a strand of your hair onto it to hold it
  • at prom, he loosens up more
  • only because he’s dance battling against guan
  • and suddenly he’s gaining so much more confidence
  • in the middle of a battle, he pulls you in
  • and twirls you around
  • although he began to get more confidence, he was tired of the hustle n bustle of other people so
  • at the end of the night, you two skip afterprom to stay home and have a movie marathon together

park jihoon

  • final member of the shy baby club
  • constantly scratching the back of his head out of nervousness because he’s afraid of making your prom experience anything less than amazing
  • but he’s also gelled his hair to the extreme so he has spikes of hair sticking out the back of his head before prom has actually even started
  • nonetheless, you two have the perfect pictures
  • jihoon would wanna join dance battling with woojin and guanlin
  • but he cant bear to leave your side 
  • so he prompts you to dance with him even if you dont want to
  • ends up making you want to dance more than he does
  • cant wipe the smile from his face for the ENTiRE night
  • keeps reminding you of how much he enjoys prom with you and will constantly thank you because he feels you could always do better and is grateful you’re there with him

kang daniel

  • he’d be waiting for you to be done getting ready
  • so he’s like talking to your parents about how grateful he is for you and wont shut up about you at all
  • once you come down, he’s like 
    • GAW DAMN
  • totally oblivious to how your parents react because he’s literally hopping to you 
  • he grabs you and spins you around several times
  • he’s dizzy as fuck when he’s driving you to prom and is so happy he can’t stop saying everything that comes to mind
  • so you know, a cop pulls him over for driving all wonky 
  • after the cop deems daniel to not be drunk or anything
  • the cop drives you and daniel to prom because daniel is too happy to even think straight, let alone drive
  • daniel isn’t the master of cliches but this makes prom even more memorable for you

kim jaehwan

  • has the worst luck of the bunch
  • but that just makes prom better
  • “i’m sorry i had to take you in my moms minivan, my car just lost a tire this morning like dude wtf”
  • also forgot to make dinner reservations like you asked
  • “mcdonalds it is bb!”
  • he would drop the nuggets and fries all over the cars seats
  • “i think its still edible”
  • at prom, he’s that toe-tapper-and-head-bobber
  • but doesn’t actually dance
  • but when you convince him
  • he basically turns into your uncle jerry when he’s had 2 jello shots & is at an 80s themed disco party

ong seongwoo

  • loves eyes on him and you
  • so he insists on wearing matching gold sequined dress and suit
  • “we’re gonna shine brighter than that dinky discoball in the gym just u watch bby”
  • and he was right
  • when he stands in front of one of the spotlights
  • he blinds everyone that looks his way
  • dances as silly as he possible can because he loves to see you laughing 
  • during afterprom, he insists only you two do the activities together because now he only craves your eyes on him
  • tries to impress you in every activity
  • but actually kinda fails at everything
  • which u enjoy anyways 

hwang minhyun

  • one of the kindest, sweetest, cheesiest prom dates ever
  • he is graceful in everything and hides his nerves well
  • definitely takes the lead in prom activities
  • like
  • he would be doing his booty dance on the dance floor to lure you out
  • grabs you food and drinks before you even can ask
  • is a god at every afterprom activity
  • to help minhyun save face as being a graceful god, i’ll just leave out the fact that minhyun only did his booty dance all night, even when he was thrown into a dance battle with woojin and guanlin. :)

ha sungwoon

  • ok but like the. most. perfect. prom. date. ever.
  • super sweet and genuine
  • really isnt nervous at all
  • just is overflowing with confidence because he doesn’t want to overthink anything
  • you’re just super impressed by how sungwoon is super laidback so you don’t feel nervous either
  • .. ok so u know how i said he’s the most perfect date ever?
  • well, you know thiS BOI WOULD BE that one person screaming the lyrics to every song that plays
  • would also remember the dance moves to every song
  • to him, its a performance
  • and. he. kills. it.
  • you and him dance to gg songs flawlessly together and are stared in awe by the other people at prom

yoon jisung

  • only the sweetest prom date you could ever ask for
  • would tear up the moment he saw you in your prom dress
  • he made dinner for you because he wanted it to be more intimate before going to prom
  • also doesn’t really try to dance seriously
  • only dances goofily to try to make you smile and laugh at him
  • would hold your heels when you dance with your friends
  • or like if your feet were hurting at all
  • and when you come back, he’s grabbed all the deserts from the snack table and has them all waiting for you
  • keeps mental notes of how you’re doing
  • so when he sees you’re getting tired
  • he gives you a piggyback ride back to the car
  • once at home he’d massage your sore feet and shoulders to help you fall asleep

omg i’m so excited for this request less DO this

MC Accidentally Hurts Herself

- Yoosung ALWAYS cooks for you
- And you LOVED it!! He was so sweet
- but you wanted to cook for him too!
- You, being a smartie, decided to make one of his faves, Omurice!!
- It’s just an omelette on rice, right? how hard can that be??
- o h l o r d
- the rice took forever and you went through six eggs trying to make the perfect omelette
- F I N A L L Y you get it
- All this needs is a touch of green onion and-
- Your finger got sliced pretty good, blood dropping onto the cutting board.
- You were cleaning up when you heard the door open
- “Hey sweetheart! I’m ho- MC!!”
- You hadn’t noticed you were crying until your loving boyfriend wiped your tears.
- “OhmygodMCwhathappened??”
- he always spoke quickly when he was nervous
- “I-I cut myself trying to make you Omurice because I know it’s your favorite…”
- Yoosung whined like a puppy, seeing the dish sitting there, still steaming hot.
- “Let’s get you cleaned up.” He grabbed the first aid kit, tenderly wrapping some gauze around the wound and finally planting a healing kiss on it.
- “There! All better!”
- He smiled at you and you made your way to the kitchen, grabbing the now warm meal.
- His eyes lit up and he bounced on his chair.
- “MC this looks so tasty I can’t wait to try it!”
- Yoosung was drooling, grabbing the fork from your hand and digging in, take a bit about as big as his head.
- His eyes rolled back and he moaned, chewing his food slowly, as if to save the flavor.
- “MC, this is the best food I’ve ever had! But…”
- but
- but what???
- “What’s wrong Yoosung?”
- “I want you to take a cooking safety class with me! that way I can eat your food without worrying about your safety…”
- Awe you’re adorable lil puppy
- You gave him a chaste kiss
- “Of course, Yoosungie~”

- Zen is very athletic
- More than the average person
- So OFC you were intimidated when he asked you to go on a bike ride.
- “Come on babe! Some exercise with my favorite girl in the world?? Don’t make me pass this up.”
- Cue puppy dog eyes
- Oh no
- You are WEAKLESS
- “… Okay, Zenny.” You gave in. Of course you did! You loved this man.
- “Yes babe you’re the best!!” Zen spun you around.
- but ohohoho u had no idea what you got yourself into when he takes you to the trail you were supposed to “”“ride”“”
- Before you could voice your concern Zen already took off
- Your pride and ego were louder than your sense of judgement so you bolted after him.
- u screamed.
- very much.
- But you actually got down okay!!!
- Now the path was scenic and only a slight downhill incline.
- “Zen look at the pretty birds!!”
- what you didn’t see was the pretty rock that was right in your path.
- The next thing you know u went face first into the gravel road.
- “MC” Zen gripped the breaks so hard and flew off his bike, running up to you.
- “Oh my god MC are you okay?” He lifted your face up and his own went white(r that usual) at the sight of the large gash on your eyebrow, the blood dripping down into your cheek.
- “Ah I’m okay Zen, my head just hurts…” you reached up to pat the pained spot but froze when your fingers met wet and sticky skin
- “Uh oh… is it bad?”
- Zen was still pale, but came to his senses and waved you off
- “Pshh its… fine!! honestly you can’t even tell-”
- “Zen you’re awful and lying.” you giggled nervously.
- bc having a gash on your forehead meant that you were Incapable of Any Task Due to Mass Injury™ he would carry you to the nearest first aid station
- the guy working there jumped when he saw you, asking if you got knifed to the face
- “no sir i just can’t ride a bike.”
- he patched you up as Zen apologized every five seconds.
- “Just kiss it better and I’ll forgive you.”
- Zen smiled, and kissed the bandages on your forehead.
- You two only rode tandem bikes now, with you in the back.

- You hadn’t slept well the night before but duty called at the cafe.
- You opened the cafe for today and you had to be cheerful and bright to start people off with a good morning.
- Jaehee met you there at 4:30 am since the store opened at 5 and you had to set everything up.
- You were pouring your own cup of coffee when your eyes began to drift shut.
- Mmmm. Coffee smells so go-
- You jerked your hand back as you had poured too much, but that just caused the cup to spill more coffee on the effected hand.
- you yelled in pain as you sprinted to the sink, cold water cooling down the now blistering skin.
- “MC!! Is everything-” Jaehee scrambled in until she saw your hand. She yelled, running to find the first aid kit.
- You sat down with her, tears threatening to fall from the throbbing pain in your left hand.
- “It’s okay MC. I’m going to put some cooling cream and wrap this up. You must be more careful in the future…” You sighed out of approval when she placed the cooling cream on, instant relief washing over you.
- “I’m sorry Jaehee, I didn’t sleep well at all last night and I wasn’t focusing.”
- “MC you should have told me, I could’ve easily opened up the shop on my own had I been made aware!” She scolded you lovingly.
- “I’m sorry… I just didn’t want to dissapointed you…”
- oh no MC
- ur sad face is killing Jaehee
- “You could never dissapoint me.” Jaehee smiled, pressing her lips to the now wrapped hand.
- You two decided to close the shop and catch up on lost sleep together.

- You were watching TV when the door opened behind you.
- Knowing exactly who the “intruder” was you smiled gleefully, standing up from your spot and turning around.
- Just as you expected, your giraffe of a husband was standing the doorway, his suitcase placed the table and his eyes looking back up to you.
- “Come here, kitten” His arms widened as a relieved smile painted his features.
- “Jumin!!” You bounded towards him, about to jump into his arms when your foot met one of Elizabeth’s toys that she had forgotten there.
- It all happened in slow motion for Jumin as he bounded foreword, just barely catching you before you fell.
- “MC!! Oh my God!”
- You looked up at him with big, teary eyes and a pouty face.
- u had never been so embarrassed in your LIFE
- Jumin felt his heartbreaking into a million pieces bc of how painfully adorable you looked.
- “Hey, it’s okay! I-I’ll have a chat with Elizabeth about leaving her things just anywhere.”
- He stood you up and you immediately winced, lifting your foot off the ground.
- “Ah!” you grimaced, Jumin once again placing his arms around you.
- “My dear, what’s-” He looked down to the foot you lifted, noticing the ankle already starting to swell and turn purple.
- “It’s okay, I just need to rest it and some aleve…” You smiled, wiping your tears.
- “I’m sorry, my love, but I cannot allow such a generalized treatment for someone like you.” He then swooped his arms down to pick you up princess style, being very mindful of your ankle.
- “Jumin! It’s okay, really!” You tried to reason with him, but the remorseful look in his eyes shut you up.
- “I just want your pain to subside as soon as possible, dear.” now it was his turn to give you puppy dog eyes as he sat you both down on the couch.
- oh nO
- U were powerless against it.
- “Ah… okay Jumin.” You smiled, his hand immediately reaching for his phone and calling his doctor, requesting a house visit.
- The doctor came and gave you some tips on how to make it heal faster, how to wrap it, and when to use ice and heat.
- You thanked him profusely as he walked out, Jumin immediately wrapping an arm around you and pulling you close.
- You knew this was the “I’m holding you close bc Im protecting u from all evil plz love me.”
- “Thank you Jumin, you always make me feel better. I love you very much.” Your words were muffled in the fabric of his sweatshirt, but he knew exactly what you said, and you pretty much felt the pride beaming off of him.
- “I love you too, princess.” You felt his smile as he kissed the top of your hair.

- Seven was in one of his “"edgy moods”“ and refused to eat, sleep, or spend any time with you.
- It wasn’t as bad as before, at least, with his dismissals being somewhat polite.
- "Seven? I made dinner… could you please come out and eat?”
- “Sorry, MC, I have a big assignment I’m working on.” His eyes never left the screen as you walked in closer.
- “But I made your favorite! Surely you could take a break for 15 minutes?”
- “I’d love to MC but I really can’t.” You could tell he was starting to get frustrated with you, but you continued, knowing that him being angry at you as better than him slowly rotting from the inside out.
- “O-Okay Seven. Can I at least bring it in here so you can eat?” You walked closer, placing your hand in his shoulder.
- He whipped around in his chair and stood up, towering over you. “What part about "I can’t” don’t you understand? God, sometimes it feels like I say something and it just goes in one ear and out the other with you, I’m sick of it!“
- oh now w h a t was that tone?
- you glared right back up at him, seeing his demeanor begin to crumble as he gulped back.
- "Listen here, Agent 707! I did not BUST MY BUTT! Making YOUR! FAVORITE! DINNER! Just to be shoved aside like the old days!!” You pressed your finger into his chest to accent each word.
- “M-MC I-”
- “I’m just so sick and tired of you treating your body like shit! I just… I just… ARGHH!” You yelled, slamming your fist into the wall next to you, creating a decent sized hole.
- Seven looked at you, both shocked and impressed.
- Until he saw the tears stream down your face, your fist now pulled out of the wall.
- Oh m y
- “Oh shit! MC! Let me see it!” he grabbed your fist, examining the blood pouring down from your knuckles.
-He dragged you to the kitchen, grabbing the first aid kit and wrapping your knuckles up to stop the bleeding.
- “Funny how now you’re willing to spend time with me…” you wiped your tears and looked anywhere but him.
- “MC… I’m sorry I’ve been pushing you away. I don’t mean to I just-”
- “What, Saeyoung? What did I do to deserve this?”
- O H
- You not only used his real name but your last statement sucker punched him in the heart.
- “N-No MC! I swear it’s not you! I’m just stupid!”
- “Well stop being stupid!! Agent 606 needs her Agent 707…”
- Seven’s face lit up with a smile, using the nickname he gave her made his heart melt.
- “I miss you too. Let me make it up to you by spending the next week hacker free, okay?”
- You smiled back.
- “Okay.”

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Do you have any interest in writing a prompt about a big height difference between person A and person B? Except both of them are still really tall like 6'0 and 6'7 or something like that. That would be awesome

I do like height differences, so I am certainly willing to try. 

1. “Do you have any idea how hard it was to find someone taller then me to date?” 

2. “I never thought I would have to lean up to kiss someone.” 

3. “Why are you so short?” 

“I am not short! You’re just freakishly tall!” 

4. “I finally understand how all my exes felt when they dated me.”

5.”You know I can reach, right? I don’t need you to grab things for me.” 

“Sorry, force of habit.”

6.”I kind of like this height difference, for once I don’t have to lean down so much, and you’re still at the perfect height for me to kiss your forehead with ease.” 

“and I am at the perfect height to kiss at your neck, without having to bend my knees.’

7.”Apparently, when we kiss, we look like ‘two giraffes trying to mate’”

I hope you like them, and if you need anything else, dont be afraid to ask! 

Alright bighit listen up.

I wanted closure.

Although I appreciate the vague philosophical narration, which does make you question the simple fact that can turning back time really change anything; I needed closure.

There’s so many theories all over the place, I just need to know which one is right at this point.

Aside from that I’d like to thank the writers for really making me question my existence once more and making me ask myself how back should I turn back time make everything perfect because really, great job bighit.


.and you are my favorite sentence to speak

I like the weight of you on your good days and I like the heart of you on your worst
I love you even though you’re not whole
Even though you’re not perfect and you’re full of flaws and frayed edges made up to hurt and cut like skin on broken glass
And we walk around and i spend my time wondering how it is that people can be so full and yet so empty at the same time
And why you are the most of anything I’ve ever had the beauty of experiencing before in my entire life


hhokuto  asked:

TODOIZU 💌 & 💝 ;w;

my babies ;;;; YES

💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other?

midoriya for sure, at least at first… i bet todoroki would be too embarrased or not very sure of how to do it whent they start dating but with time i can see him getting really the whole “i miss you” messages

💝: who spends more time (possibly overthinking) what presents to get the other?

i’m going to say todoroki here, because as much as midoriya is an overthinker, he is very good reading people, so i think he really would know what to give to him as a present, on the other side todoroki just wants to find the perfect one so yeah… he starts planning and thinking about it months before the actual birthday/anniversary!

the adventure zone is such a beautiful slice of media that it’s going to be impossible for me to move on from it in a way that doesn’t involve denial and (more) tears

there’s no way i can ever forgive these four dudes for creating such a moving story and curating an ending so god damn perfect (all the while being just as hilarious as the first seemingly throwaway episode so many years ago) and then just leaving me to pick up the lil pieces of my heart they all took turns stomping on

i can’t put into words just how much this series means to me, dumb goofs and obvious flaws and all, i was sobbing for the entirety of the finale and ur all liars if you say otherwise

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Hey I could really use your help or tips , just anything. So recently I started dating ( I guess you could call it that) this girl and everything is perfect. Except the fact that she went down on me and I have yet to do that bc of how nervous she makes me and I want to please her to the fullest. I guess I should mention that I'm a little new to the whole female thing but I'm enjoying it so far haha anyways , can you give me some tips for initiation? Thanks!

When things are getting heated you can kiss down her body until you there. Then just start small. Listen to her and her body language. That’ll help you know if she likes what you’re doing or not. You could also ask her what she likes beforehand so you can try that too.

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Can i request an aquarium date with junnie? Thank u so much! (I hope i did this right?) 💗💗💗💗

A Date with Svt: Jun at the Aquarium

  • where: Aquarium
  • when: for the whole day~
  • so seventeen invited you to watch them practice
  • but when you got there
  • Seungcheol pulled you aside and being the good leader he is ,asked or begged you to take Jun out of the Practice Room and let him rest for the whole day
  • he said that Jun hasn’t been resting enough lately
  • and if he does rest, he only sleeps for a few hours and will go back immediately and practice
  • you felt really bad about it
  • you know how passionate Jun is when it comes to carats and he always wants to perfect everything to give something back to carats
  • so you agreed
  • you sat next to Junhui who was sitting on the floor
  • “Seungcheol told me you haven’t been resting lately.”
  • he sighed and said “I have this dance move that I can’t somehow perfect.”
  • “Maybe you need to rest for a while then try and do it again. Take it off your mind for now. Come on, let me take you out.”
  • see the thing is
  • you always had this soft spot for Jun
  • and you were really worried for him
  • that you didn’t notice that you actually asked him out
  • so the boy was blushing as hell
  • and you were mentally face palming yourself for saying that out loud
  • “Sure. That would be great. Let’s go to the aquarium.”
  • “I know this nearby aquarium. They have really beautiful fishes.”
  • after that you both said goodbye to the members and took a bus
  • the ride was really silent
  • but you can see Jun looking at you every once and a while whenever you’re looking out the window
  • when you arrived at the aquarium
  • you both had a small fight about who’s gonna pay the fee
  • it ended with the both of you racing to the cashier and having people look at you like you two were crazy
  • the whole date turned out better than expected
  • because you asked him out of the blue and didn’t know what to do
  • and you didn’t know that Jun likes fishes so much
  • it took 5 minutes to pass by one tank
  • and the whole time Jun was telling you random facts about fishes
  • in which you just looked at him in awe
  • “Did you know that a starfish is not a fish and neither is a jellyfish?”
  • “I read that electric eels and electric rays have enough electricity to kill a horse.”
  • “Sharks are the only marine creatures that have eyelids.”
  • after passing by the fish tanks
  • you both got to see seels ,turtles and some sharks up close
  • you both even got lucky and was able to adopt a baby sting ray
  • in which they gave you a certificate for officially adopting a string ray
  • oh and a sting ray plushie that Jun almost fought you for
  • you both named the baby sting ray Huihui
  • “Bye bye huihui. Your handsome daddy is gonna visit you soon.”
  • “Jun we have to go. We might miss the show.”
  • “Bye bye huihui. I love you.”
  • this boy is the epitome of cuteness
  • you were both able to attend the show right on time
  • and you were able to tell that Jun really liked the show
  • cause he was smiling brighly the whole time
  • and you weren’t able to watch the show properly cause you kept looking at Jun
  • when the show ended
  • you and Jun decided to go to the fish tanks one more time before leaving
  • the whole time Jun was really quiet
  • and so were you cause you thought you might disturb his relaxing moment
  • he broke the silence though
  • “Thank you.”
  • “You’re welcome Junhui.”
  • “No really. Thank you for today. I enjoyed it very much. I was able to forget my problems for today. Thank you very much.”
  • he said and kissed you on your cheek
  • you couldn’t help but blush really hard
  • “Y-yah. Dont be cheesy. You’re welcome.”
  • he gave you a soft big smile
  • “Let’s do this again sometime. Maybe to a zoo next time so we could adopt a baby tiger.”
  • (Bonus:
  • when you got back to the practice room
  • Jun got too excited about telling the other members about your adopted sting ray
  • and accidentaly called it his child
  • it was all chaos
  • Seungcheol screaming that he left you with Jun for one whole day and you two have adopted a child
  • Jeonghan telling you that you should’ve named him ‘Jeonghan’
  • Joshua in complete utter shock that you two actually adopted a child.
  • 96 line just looking so done with the two of you
  • Mingyu having a crisis because that means he will have to cook for a kid too

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Submit a Pairing for a Date with Seventeen!

MASTERLIST (where the other date scenarios can be found)

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Can I just express how much I love you? Even after reading almost everything on your blog, I still come back to reread your stuff! Ahhh, I love the way you write and it's making me fall in love over and over again. You are one of the only blogs I keep notifications on, I just love your blog so much 💕

*A* Yes you can because I love you too!! I can’t believe you reread my writing and that it makes you happy. That is the highest praise???? And I’m so sorry for spamming your notifications with asks sometimes but I appreciate you so much and I want to give you a million hugs for being such a kind person. <333 Thank you for sending this, your support means the world!! ^^

gucciigal  asked:

Some people can be assholes on here to you. You don't deserve it hollie you're so sweet and helpful and a fucking beaut!! 💜 Can we all just be supportive and empowering to the women around us. We are strong, beautiful women and girls so let's fucking embrace it and never put another sister down but remind them how pretty and perfect they are, bc you all are! 💜

Yes girl!! Love your message thAnkyou so much ly💘💘💘💘💘

Not On My Island // Felix Imagine

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a/n: I NEED BETTER FELIX GIFS. Also, I’m so sorry I took forever to write this. And get ready for some uncharacteristically wingman and friendly Pan lol.

Request: (For prompts) Can I get 23, 27, and 147 for Felix?

Tag: @mazerunnerimagines

Prompts: 23- “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.”

27- “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

147- “Could you be happy, here, with me?”

Felix x reader

Felix had been your sparring partner since before you could remember. Every day that Pan decided he wanted his Lost Boys to practice sparring, Felix always went to your side.

You fought pretty well, maybe even better than you did, so Pan liked that you were partners because it really pushed you both to become stronger. 

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unclemoriarty  asked:

(mg how am i sending you this i know nothing about these characters i don't even know if this is ooc what have you done to me) ahh but imagine pierre nuzzling natasha's neck while they're in bed one warm, lazy morning and then natasha starts laughing bc his beard is tickling her and he just starts tickling her on purpose with his beard and that's how pierre found out natasha is e x t r e m e l y ticklish

THIS IN THE MOST IN-CHARACTER THING I MAY HAVE EVER SEEN this is perfect perfect perfect I love it I’m gonna tag it so I can fic it later (the fic is forthcoming, babes, I promise, I’ve got a new wave of inspiration/a fire under my ass).

Natasha is sooooooo ticklish and has the cutest giggle EVER and PIerre adores it.

anonymous asked:

Ah so that's why Kim doesn't know her parents. Wow. So never let Jedi get near kids. No wonder you have Jedi go to the dark side or almost all being killed off. I think June would have been all 'Patrick dear get me the big gun'. ;)

i mean, the Jedi were far from perfect. but any devotion that runs as deep as it does with both Jedi and Sith is a form of radicalism i can’t really get behind.

a lot of parents were definitely into devoting their children’s’ lives to the Jedi cause, but yeah. not always.

yeah, June would not have let her baby girl
be taken away. she’s not cool with her being a smuggler as is. so imagine that lol

To The Person Who Was Kind Enough To Dedicate A Fic To Me ❤︎

—i just found and read your work on ao3 and holy shit, at first i was overwhelmed by the fact someone would be so kind, but then i was additionally overwhelmed by how amazing the fic was and i cannot thank you enough for this?! i’m not crying i swear lmao.
your writing style is gorgeous btw and i bet you i’m going to be reading this all over again!! seriously i just can’t even put into words the sheer perfection of everything in it, asdfgjdk-

[insert thankyou x1000 (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )*。⋆♡]

for anybody curious about this god-tier swissaus piece, i shall put a link here !!

in fact, please give this some love guys. it deserves it x

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how long did it take you to perfect anatomy?, I've been doing the same for like 2 years (not constantly because the lack of time), and I can do nice faces, but I struggle so much with anatomy, is like my brain doesn't know how a human body is meant to look. Also many thanks for the near daily dose of Caulifla

well, i am not actually haha, i still have alot of trouble with hands, and have no fucking idea how to draw feet and back correctly.

you really just gonna have to see references and art tutorials, no matter how boring they are, they are essential to improve 

There’s nothing I hate more than the people that after you do a mistake, eliminate you from their life in that precise moment. How can people give up so easily on their loved ones? Do I need to be perfect to be in their lives?
Like hey, I’m human and I will make many mistakes. So love me with them or you are not worth my time.


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 8

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To me you look the most beautiful when you think you look the worst.
—  Poets Love Her