how can you be so perfect

I just need a moment to breathe through these 3 quotes during one of my Kings Rising re-reads. Sometimes they are so simple but have the most profound effect on my feels!

“I hated you so badly I thought I’d choke on it…And then you saved my life, and every time I needed you, you were there, and I hated you for that, too.” - Laurent

I just can’t get over how special that use of “you” is for me in that moment. Laurent has been alone for a long time, and even reflects in his first POV chapter that his automatic assumption is that he is always alone in his troubles since Auguste died. So it would have still made perfect sense if, in that moment, Laurent had said: “every time I needed someone, you were there.” But instead he says ‘you’ as in Damen specifically. It is so much more intimate and personal and it just makes me want to weep… <3

“Thank you, I know exactly how it would have been. You and Auguste would have been slapping each other on the back and watching tournaments, and I would have been trailing around tugging on your sleeve, trying to get a look in edgewise.” - Laurent

I love this little scenario from Laurent’s imagination. What I love most about it is within the context of Auguste being Laurent’s everything. Faced with the amazing big bro, and the controversial barbarian Damen, Damen comes out on top in that little daydream. Laurent feels he would have been more desperate for Damen’s attention even over his own brother’s. We’re so used to Laurent being conflicted and angry over Damen but so adoring of Auguste that this switch of ultimate attention gives me so many feelings over the depths of Laurent’s feelings for Damen now.

And good lord, the way Laurent frames that scenario, it’s the two AWESOMEST GUYS IN THE WORLD being bffs with a lesser Laurent trailing after them. It’s another moment when we get to see Damen’s little pedestal next to Auguste in Laurent’s head. You’re just as good as them in your own way Laurent, you beautiful idiot.

It takes me back to how far we’ve come since Damen thinks in Prince’s Gambit about how hard it is ‘…to imagine [Laurent] trailing around after an older brother he adored. It was impossible to imagine him adoring anyone.’ WELL NOW HE DOES, DAMEN! GOOD JOB.

“At Ravenel, I–it had been a long time since I had–with anyone. I was nervous.” / “I know. - Damen

Every time Laurent confesses something really personal that is hard for him to admit and Damen simply replies with a gentle: “I know,” I again want to just weep. This happens so many times throughout the entire trilogy and those two little words mean so much to me every time. I know Damen can be a bit of a naive bonehead sometimes, but when he gets Laurent he really gets him and is there for him. That feeling of: ‘I know it is hard for you to say these things out loud but you don’t have to say anything more, I already know and it is okay.’ Don’t you just really need someone to understand you sometimes without having to try and find the words first? I just love the connection these two have. Told you, weeping!

Okay thank you for indulging me. And god bless the Captive Prince trilogy. <3

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Oh dear, the term “longing” doesn’t even compare to how much I want you in my life. There’s such a burning desire for you within me that it hurts, it really does- I need you, you’re so perfect. All I can think about is you, your voice, your beautiful appearance; so perfect~


Imagine being so fed up with your office job. It was good pay and reasonable hours, but there was no excitement for you. It was just the same thing every day.

You sighed, walking out of your office, only to see two very attractive men sitting rather impatiently in the waiting area.

“Sam and Dean?” You call out. They look up and notice how beautiful you are. Dean waves, ready to flirt his way into your pants. “My office is this way.” You say, and turn to lead them back. They can’t help noticing how your ass looks perfect in your pencil skirt.

Once in your office, they start asking all these weird questions about the recent suicides in town.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are you asking me this? It was suicide, all of them. I’m sorry, who did you say you were with?”

“News Weekly. It’s sort of, uh-.” Dean began.

“Memorial piece.” Sam finished. “We just like to have every corner checked before we print something.” You shook your head and shrugged.

“Alright,” You said, and told them everything you knew. You shook their hands on their way out. As you shook Dean’s, you felt something rumple against your skin. It was a piece of paper with a number scribbled on it and a note saying, “Call me sometime.” You looked up at him and he winked at you.

Once they thought you were out of earshot, Sam hit Dean’ s shoulder. “Can’t you be professional for, like, one second?”

“I am, shut up. So what do you think?” You were about to walk away until you heard something crazy come out of Dean’s mouth. “Ghost possession? Witch, maybe?” Um… What?

Sam shrugged and put his hands on his waist. “I don’t know. Maybe. Alright, I’m gonna hit the library. You go, uh, you go talk to the vic’s sister. Let’s see what we can see.”

“Yeah.” He replied, and they both left.

 Ghost possession? Witches? What kind of paper was this?

You were determined to find out who these guys really were. Maybe you’d give Dean a shout. That seemed like a good place to start.

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Can we talk about Sebby's mouth?

Oh anon, I’m always here to talk about anything Seb related, but I’m especially down to discuss this mouth because that thing is sinful. 

Seriously, it’s just not right how perfect his mouth is. It’s not. 

Look at this shit. How can we NOT talk about this??

I mean, come on…

Sure, we’re not perfect.
But baby,
I don’t want perfect
Because perfect is boring
And I take chances
I want to bicker
About Chinese
Or Mexican take out
And I want to
Tell you
How ravishing you look
Just so you can
Turn the lights out.
I want to
Bump heads
About life
And while we
I don’t want perfect
I want anything,
But perfect
And for you to love it
—  (Written and submitted by @works-by-jcs)

Put good into the world. We live in such a harsh and passive society. Ask someone how they’re doing, smile, and don’t put people down. There are things in life that we can’t change about ourselves and you shouldn’t fight it. Accept yourself for who you are and never let anyone make you feel any less than your own type of perfect. This week was so shitty, but you have to believe in the best in yourself. Believe in the best in people, even when everyone gives you every reason not to.





You never give up
When I’m falling apart
Your arms are always open wide
And you’re quick to forgive
When I make a mistake
You love me in the blink of an eye


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"I just draw and things happen" "100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running every single day" I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS IS THE TRUTH. There must be something more?! Aha! Maybe you were born with the innate ability to draw like an angel! That must be it....! Yeah, and you had to work to find it out but you did and here it is and it has gotten so perfect I love your style so MUCH sensei asdfghjlkvnu it's so pretty~!!

PFFFffffffft !! HAHAHAHA!!! when you read it all together (I choked on my drink lol XDDD) 

it’s really like Saitama’s routine, a normal training routine,  I would tell you to “grab your tablet pen and draw every single day”…. It seems just nonsense but that’s how happens, no secrets, … at least I can assure you that you won’t lose your hair \_(シ)_/

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Can you do a scenario of Hansol and his girlfriend cuddling while watching a movie almost everytime they want to kiss or something her kitten jumps on them or interrupts xD

Note: Im just going to call the kitten Yogi, because that’s the name i called it in the Hoshi scenario. (lool its making a comback)

Vernon Scenario ~ Now, with no Interruptions 

Vernon walked into your apartment and his heart nearly stopped at the sight of you playing with your kitten. When you realised his presence you jumped from your kitten into the arms of your boyfriend. Vernon chuckled at your affection, leaving small kisses on your forehead. “Y/n im so tired” He whined “Can we just watch a movie or something.” Before he could even finish his sentence you had already gotten the movies and a mountain full of blankets out. 

The movie had started but you and Vernon hadn’t notice because the two of you were too involved in your own conversations. As you spoke Vernon couldn’t help but examine how perfect every feature on you face was. How the crinkles in your eyes looked gorgeous and how flawless you looked without even trying, Vernon leaned closer to you as his lazy grip on your waist became tighter. Grinning widely he leaned in, his lips inches away from yours. Before you could close the gap you felt something bounce on your legs.

Searching for what it was you let out a giggle as you realise it was your kitten, Yogi. You get up from your comfortable position and scoop up your kitten, whilst smiling down at it. You sense Vernon’s pout and set Yogi down. You cup the side of Vernon’s face. His eyes immediately light up and then close for your next actions. You shut your eyes too, leaning in you hear Vernon scream.

You eyes shoot open to see your kitten on Vernons head. Laughing you grab hold of the cat. Knowing it just wanted to play outside you held the door open and the cat ran out. As you sat down back onto the couch you were engkufed in not only the mountain full of blankets but in the arms of your boyfriend. You looked up at him as he gave you a warm, loving smile.

“Now” he started. “Do you have any other cats i should know about?” He asked. You shook your head as a sign of no which caused a huge grin on Vernon’s face. “well then” he said as he leaned down and planted a soft kiss on your lips.

Oh my god this was horrible and im so sorry. I have literally forgotten how to write. Hope you liked that though. Thanks for requesting too x.

Admin H x

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do you think that Clarke and Lexa will ever be something? like do you think they will kiss again or be together at any point? I'm like stressing bc what if the writings build all of this up and it never turns into anything? I don't know if this question makes any sense but I tried lol

Your question makes perfect sense don’t even worry :)

Anyway, Yes I do fully believe that Clarke and Lexa are endgame, either that or there won’t be a romantic relationship for either of them at all. Their story is so beautifully written, honestly the writers are putting so much work into developing a romance for the ages. Just by todays episode you can tell that. The pure electricity in their scenes that show just how much they care for each other, thats not there for nothing. The writers are definitely building something there. So don’t sweat it bud just sit back and go along for the ride :) 

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do u have any advice on how to stop being a terrible person

i think it’s really just as simple as deciding to stop? specially if you are aware that you are a terrible person. I mean, change only happens if you decide to change. Sure, it can sometimes be hard and it will take some effort to change certain mindsets or attitudes, but that’s part of the process of improving yourself. Nobody is perfect or even close to it, so it’s really all about trying to be the best version of yourself, even if flawed. At least you know you’re trying!


Where am I, you ask? Playing Mass Effect. I managed to get through my motion sickness, if I play a little at a time and take breaks after long combat scenes. Now that I am confident I can actually play, I have started from the beginning so I could create a Shep I actually liked looking at.

Here is my glorious femShep and her perfect little cranky face.

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will u be releasing the beautiful curly hair that is on your child sim? and possibly releasing one for adult females or males?? it would be so lovely, i have been dying for curly hair like that since sims 3!

Idk love. For one its got a lot of issues that you don’t see from pictures. I don’t feel comfortable sharing it when it’s not perfect. And I’m having issues with transparency and honestly I’ve spent the last three days trying to figure it out but I can’t. And noone has really gotten back to me for help when it came down to solving them… So for now it stays with me.

In the future if I figure out how to fix the issues and am happy with it then yeh I will share it.

I just also want to add even though I will still post pictures with it, don’t take it as its all good and ready. I photoshop the hell outta my pictures lol. So don’t send me mad messages. Aite? Koo ❤️😘

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how are your eyebrows so perfect?????? x can you do more videos on makeup tutorials and things like that xox

Yesss I will be !!! Should I do an eyebrow tutorial????? Xxx


I’m ‘bout getting tired as a muh'fucka with this up and down shit. It’s only been a month and a half, there’s still a lot of shit we didn’t deal with, and y'all @dymondsempire @kandiredshmoney ready to give it up cuz I been working like fuck ooc. If all this shit is based on me and shit then how is the other shit gon’ work? You gon’ have 30 niggas in that shit, none of them niggas know y'all ooc so when the shit gets quiet they gon’ be ready to leave and talk shit about the way y'all run shit, and if I’m the nigga who keeps shit going then y'all shit outta luck bruh cuz I got OT for a couple of more weeks. What we got in this is perfect for me cuz I can do late night group posts and shit, and I ain’t gotta deal with young girls and they feelings. I don’t give a fuck about the tags, tbh. I don’t want to do another tag rp cuz that shit is immature as a muh'fucka. You gotta worry about lil ass girls playing grown women and shit. I’m just beyond that shit. I was only gon’ do that shit for y'all, but fuck. I wanted to make this shit last for a couple of months, but y'all ready to be done with it and these 3 @she-hella-ill @hendrix-hennessy @chefcurrywitdarock are the only ones who want to keep it going. I can’t keep it going for them cuz both of his @chefcurrywitdarock endgames are gon’ be gone.