how can you be so careless

secret relationship starters

Feel free to alter to fit muses.

  • “I am not ready for them to find out about us!”
  • “It’s cool, [name] promised to cover for me.”
  • “My roommate’s out of town. Want to stay the weekend?”
  • “We’ve got to stop being so careless.”
  • “Look, if we get found out, I could get fired!”
  • “It’s hard to believe you actually care about me when you’re so hellbent on keeping this from all your friends.”
  • “I can’t tell them! Do you have any idea how they’d react?”
  • “Jesus, with all this sneaking around, it’s like being closeted all over again.”
  • “We have to tell them sooner or later.”
  • “Let’s tell them the truth. Tonight.”
  • “I’m only dating [name] as a cover. You’re still my baby.”
  • “[Name] agreed to ‘date’ me until we’re ready to tell everyone.”
  • “Are you ashamed of me?”
  • “I spent two hours hiding underneath your bed until they left!”
  • “Shit! Someone’s coming! Get in the closet, get in the closet!”
  • “Let’s just tell them! What’s the worst that could happen?”
  • “No one can know about us.”
  • “Let’s just keep this between us for now, okay?”
  • “People wouldn’t like it if they knew, you know that.”
  • “I’m not ashamed of you, I’m just not ready to tell anyone yet.”
  • “You still haven’t told your parents about us? But you promised!”
  • “It’s kind of fun, having a secret.”
  • “Let’s go out of town. Somewhere where nobody knows us.”
  • “Yeah, so… I may have accidentally told [name] about us…”
  • “I don’t care what you do, just get [name] to promise to keep quiet. Pay them if you have to.”
  • “I’m tired of being your dirty little secret!”
  • “Once I break up with [name], then we tell people.”
  • “But you’re going to divorce them soon, right?”
  • “This isn’t a relationship! Relationships don’t involve one party climbing down a fire escape because the other is too ashamed to admit they’re dating them!”
  • “Okay, fine, but can I at least tell [name]?”
  • “If I don’t tell someone, I’m going to go crazy!”
  • “Shhh, be quiet. Remember, someone’s still downstairs…”
  • “Fuck it. Let’s get a motel.”
  • “Either we’re open about this, or I’m ending it.”
  • “When I said I liked you, I didn’t expect to be sneaking around all the time.”
  • “I can’t do this anymore.”
  • “Why haven’t you told your friends about me? Is it because I’m not as well-off as you are?”
  • “This was fun at first, but the novelty’s worn off.”
  • “It just feels really shitty, to be the secret boyfriend/girlfriend.”
  • “Look, either we date secretly, or we don’t date at all.”
  • “I’m not supposed to be dating, period!”
  • “If my parents found out about us, they’d go ballistic.”
  • “Just one more year until I’m out from under their roof and I can date whoever the hell I want.”
  • “Dating in secret never works out.”
  • “Where are we even supposed to go for our dates?”
  • “Just once, I’d like us to go on a date that didn’t end in us having to get a motel room out of town because we don’t want to get caught.”
Dating Fred Weasley

request by: @v0ldemortsbooty

-Okay honestly, he would do whatever it took to be around you. (even if it meant skipping potions)

-Along with that, he would not shut up about you.

-”ah so you’re the girlfriend that Fred won’t stop babblin’ about.”

-”ah so you’re the other one…”


-Fred would always be so silly and careless with his friends but he has this caring and sweet side when he’s around you.

-Molly being impressed that he hasn’t messed up yet(((TBH


-him hugging you almost every time he sees you

-those hugs where he picks you up and spins you around

-”I can’t believe you have a crush on me!How embarrassing!”

-”Fred, we’re dating.”

-”hehe yeah I know.”

-soft and gentle kisses aw

-sneaking off campus late at night to watch the sky together

-*coUGh* “studying” in the library

- Him sitting you down in a private place with him and having you talk about whatever was bothering you

-wearing his signature Weasley sweater

-holding your hand while walking down the hall and swinging both of your arms

-omg for your first date you two were walking down in hogsmeade eating pumpkin pasties so now he calls you pumpkin.

-practicing your dancing for the yule ball at the burrow which basically leads to more goofing around and not so much dancing

-so many inside jokes

-pillow fights.

-he would get jealous super easily and probably pull some sort of prank as a way to tell whoever is trying to get to you to back off

Unexpected Visitor

Prompt: Can I request a Hanzo/reader where the reader gets injured on a mission and has a visitor, maybe genji or McCree and they mention that Hanzo is super worried about them and the reader had thought that Hanzo hated them because of how he acted around them and then maybe the visitor tells him and he apologizes for being so cold and then just fluff?

@fuzzynumz helped again!

“A broken leg, several fractured ribs, and a gunshot wound in your lower abdomen,” Dr. Zeigler reads off a clipboard, issuing her diagnosis.”Normally, I’d scold you for being so careless, but, honestly, you were lucky to make it out alive.”

What with all the drugs in your system, all you can manage is an apologetic smile before you’re out like a light.


The next time you awaken, you’re met with furious clicking noises, accompanied by soft 8-bit music. Your sore muscles scream as you tilt your head over to look, and you wince slightly, drawing the attention of your apparent visitor. Genji, glancing up and seeing your state of consciousness, closes the DS he had been previously occupied by and scoots his chair closer. “How are you feeling?”

“Like shit,” you deadpan. “How’s everyone?”

“They are okay, you took the brunt of the attack.”

You hum in acknowledgement, returning your gaze to the ceiling. A few moments pass in silence, as you think over the previous mission’s events. Your thoughts are interrupted as your visitor clears his throat. “Hanzo has been worried sick,” he states simply.

You scoff at that, turning your head back to regard him. “I sincerely doubt that.”

Obviously a bit confused, the cyborg tilts his head at your dismissive response. “Why wouldn’t he be? You are his friend.”

“Friend? He hates my guts, Genji. He can’t stand me.”

He’s obviously taken aback by this response. “Why would you think that?”

“He glares at me whenever I try to talk to him.”

“He’s just,” he stops, considering “…prickly.” 

You repress your snickering at that understatement. “I’m sure. If that’s not it, then why does he avoid me like the freaking plague?”

“He’s shy?” It comes out as more of a question.

You can’t help but laugh outright at that comment. “Genji, even if that were true, he still gets unreasonably pissed off whenever I fuck up on a mission. The last thing I heard before I wound up here was him calling me an idiot for getting shot, like it was my fault!” You know you’re pouting like a petulant child at this point, yet you find it hard to care. “He won’t even tell me why he hates me so much.”

“…I will talk to him.” 

You hum disinterestedly.

The machine next to you beeps, signalling your next dosage of medication, and you prepare yourself for your new bout of drowsiness. As if sensing your slipping awareness,  Genji stands, giving your shoulder a brief squeeze before nodding at you and turning to leave. You don’t register much else as you begin to slip away.


You once more regain consciousness, blinking up at the bright light and sterile white walls. You remain still, taking stock of your body. The painkillers haven’t faded yet, so your gunshot wound is giving you no trouble. The only pain is a dull ache in your leg. The next thing you notice is the presence of a warm hand in yours. A bit confused, you lift your head to look, and are met with the sight of a figure slouched by your bedside, one hand entwined with yours, the other propping up its head. In your drug-induced haze, you fail to realize for the first few moments just who the figure is, but when you do, you blink in surprise. 

“Hanzo?” you ask, accompanying your query with a squeeze of his hand. 

His head shoots up, and he stares at you with wide eyes for a brief moment. He glances down at your still-clasped hands, wrenching his own out of your grasp. A faint pink flush makes its way up his face. A moment of uncomfortable silence passes, the both of you regarding one another. 

He is the first to look away, glancing down at his lap and clearing his throat. “Hello, Y/N, I am glad to see you are well.”

“Mm-hm.” You continue to stare at him. He seems slightly unnerved by your steady gaze, made clear by his fidgeting hands and lack of eye contact. You sigh, deciding to take the direct approach. “Look, Hanzo, why are you here?” 

His face snaps up once again, seemingly alarmed by your annoyed tone.

“I know you don’t like me, you don’t have to pretend,” you continue, regarding him with the same unwavering gaze.

“I-  No- I-” he pauses for a brief moment, gathering his thoughts before continuing. “Earlier today, Genji came to see me, he told me what you said.” He pauses to scrub a hand down his face before pushing on. “I must apologise for my behavior, I did not intend to make you feel… disliked.” He pauses taking a deep breath, before meeting your eyes once again. “I’m very sorry, I actually consider you a very close friend.” He hesitates once more, the blush from earlier making a reappearance, as he once again starts to fidget in his seat. He reaches down on the floor rooting through an unseen bag for something, before producing a stuffed brown teddy bear. 

You’re acutely aware of the surprise that must be showing on your face as he offers you the bear, blush flaring up full force on his face as he avoids eye contact. You gently reach for the bear, wrapping your arms around it and hugging it to your chest. He still won’t look at you. “Thank you, Hanzo,” you mumble, smiling despite yourself. Looking up, he smiles slightly and nods in response, though his cheeks are still red. Letting go with one hand, you reach out, grasping his hand once again. He looks down at your clasped hands, still smiling slightly. 

The machine next to you beeps once more. You sigh, clutching the teddy closer, before snuggling deeper into the sheets. Hanzo looks up to meet your already drooping eyes, giving your hand a squeeze. “Sleep well, I will be here when you wake.” The last thing you see before drifting off is a smiling face gazing down lovingly at you.

It’s funny how a name can be just a name. It was never anything special till someone came alone and made what was once so insignificant one of the most extraordinary words in your vocabulary. That one word, that one name now has the ability to brighten up even your darkest days. That one name that was once so insignificant now means something to you.When you read it in a book or hear it on the radio or in a conversation between the two strangers on the bus even though they are undoubtedly referring to someone else, to you it’s THEM. That special someone who made the name significant to you to begin with. So no matter where or how you hear the name, it’s always going to be them. Now, the problem with that is people can be careless with each other’s hearts. It’s the eternal flaw of humanity; we can be cruel. So, when that person with that iridescent name walks away, as people usually do, their name that once caused so much happiness can now cause enough pain to knock the wind out of you. The once significant name becomes a source of significant turmoil. Then on that business meeting with perspective new clients, when one of the partners introduces themselves by that certain name, all you can do to stop bursting out in tears is take deep breaths and pretend it’s all okay. Just hold it together and hope and pray that maybe, just maybe, one day even 5 years from now; that name will go back to being as insignificant as it once was and it will no longer be a source of grief for you. And in that moment, you will be whole again.

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #338


3:17 pm

Part One
I’ve never let anyone see that much of me
You were the first
And the last
Because I know now
That if you put glass in careless hands
It will most certainly shatter

Part Two
How can a person twist words like skipping ropes
Put their wishes so high above yours
That you forget you had any in the first place
And make recollection like a funhouse mirror
Yet claim they love you?

Part Three
You’ve been burnt in the back of my mind since you singed my sense of security
I try to box you away
So you don’t occupy my thoughts
When I’m trying to get on with my life
But I guess if I wake up
Because you appeared in my dream
You’ve earned your place in my poetry

Part Four
Can I scrub the walls of my mind with bleach?

Part Five
My mind is a carousel
“I miss you”
“You hurt me”
“I miss you”
“You hurt me”
Lets try again tomorrow.

—  Lets hope there’s no Part Six
jungkook; the reason why

❝jungkook, the reason why you don’t need a stool…and the reason why you do
►1006 words // scenario, get the frick away jeon jungkook
♡ for the love @yoongihime​ before she comes at me

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there are times where you just think… who the fuck put it on the highest shelf? indeed, you were the one who buys the groceries. you, handpicked everything, checking from price, to expiry dates and packaging conditions, you chose everything but how is it when it came to placement and storage, it isn’t where you last thought it was?

breakfast became a chore sometimes. and in those days, today, a bowl of cereal and milk would suffice. but now there’s one very important ingredient missing.

fucking lucky charms.

you’ve taken out your favorite bowl, one that’s big enough so the milk doesn’t spill out if you’re too careless and not too big that you can swim in it. fresh carton of milk on the island, a big spoon because teaspoons are a disgrace to cereal bowls.

now you’re left to huffing up to the shelf that you know is up there but you’re far too lazy to grab a stool. ah, humans, such confusing beings when the solution is there but turning a blind eye is much easier. so what do you do? do you walk over to the corner and drag the one thing that can help you get what you want or do you call over someone who could get the job done?


you decide to struggle with inching fingertips desperately reaching for it and it elicits a chuckle from the doorway.

it’s as if he’s laughing at your misery when you look over your shoulder with a huff. jungkook stands there with crossed arms and mischievous eyes, his brows doing that thing when he knows he can be of help. jungkook was never the kind to constantly poke fun of your height (though it’s something that was a vast difference between the both of you), he doesn’t really bring it up.

but it’s moments like these where he finds it amusing and he can’t help himself. you were making it too easy and irresistible. who asked you to look so cute in his oversized hoodie and a pair of shorts? who gave the audacity to look helpless to the point where all he want to do is grant you what you want so you’d start smiling and blushing when he does?

hey, the world wasn’t fair.

“need help?” he coos, stepping into the kitchen with his bed hair; clad in nothing but boxers hanging off his hips and jungkook’s reached that stage of being comfortable around you (which was a good thing). and with confidence that just gets him to - “what do you want, hm?” he sing-songs, stepping in front of you to face the shelf and you croak out a soft lucky charms… that he snorts, effortlessly reaching up without his tippy toes (like how he saw you doing for the past two minutes) and already he has the box of breakfast meal in possession.

he watches how hearts are shaped in your eyes as you try to take it from him but he holds it up above your head, to which your eyes follow and you whine, “jungkook!” you stretch your arms out, grabby hands at what he floats atop of you, “give it!”

“on one condition,” he puts the box up higher, to which it’s no hope for you and you’re scoffing, rolling your eyes with crossed arms, “what…?”

“agree first,”

“that’s like asking me to sign a contract to do a business i don’t know of,”


“fine! sell my organs!” you throw your hands up dramatically and jungkook chuckles, handing you over the box of cereal just like that and you find this skeptical. you narrow your eyes at him and he shows no sign of making jokes (yet, you think). testing the waters, you slowly walk to the island, dragging the bowl towards you and you peek at him to see he’s still standing there, motionless.

you click your tongue and open the box up, tearing the corner of the plastic to start pouring it into the bowl. his eyes fixate on you as you start to uncap the carton of milk and as you put everything together, a bowl of cereal with a spoon ready to be fed in your mouth, he’s still watching. his eyes, as if they’re saying go on, remain on you when you put the spoon in and you empty the contents before putting the spoon back into the bowl.

with a mouthful, and a stomp of your feet on the marble tile, jungkook cracks up when you - “take a picture, it’ll last a lifetime,”

he shakes his head with a grin, stalking over to you and you immediately freeze when he stands behind you. gulping everything down your throat, you remain still when he murmurs this is your payment and before you can process it, his long arms snake around your waist and you close your eyes, finding it ridiculous.

this was his choice of payment?

he purrs in delight when your palms brush over his arms tight around you and he starts to sway you along to his chest left and right in a soothing pace that makes you chuckle. he presses the side of his head next to yours, his body heat radiating through yours that it compliments the cold milk and sweet cereal nicely.

“what’s so funny?” he rasps, throat dry and you chuckle a bit more before answering, “nothing,”

“then why’re you laughing?” he does that thing with his lips, a pout and a frown that makes you snicker, poking his cheek as you do so, “well, it’s just amusing, really. you could’ve asked for anything but this is your choice of ‘payment’?”

“when in doubt, go for the best,” he murmurs, grinning sheepishly as he buries his face in your neck, “you’re the best.”

((”it was you, wasn’t it?”

“don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“you sure in hell do. who else would’ve put it on the highest shelf?”

“…we have unexpected guests?” … “i might want to run, don’t i?”

“oh yeah.”))


Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Three)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

DT: It’s funny how the weirdest things can be very difficult.  That bit where I chuck that gun away, which has to look terribly carefree, careless, and yet throwing a gun away is so difficult because it’s an expensive prop

RTD: Yeah, yeah

DT: …that you can’t afford to break or scratch.  So to toss it away with such elan, you have to have fourteen people holding up duvets and cushions, desperately trying to catch this gun before it scratches itself or something else.

SL: I think Phil is an ex-rugby player or something because he’s got pretty safe hands, hasn’t he?

DT: Phil Shellard the grand-master of props

SL: He’s a legend

DT: I broke that [the device the Doctor makes in Rattigan’s lab].  There’s a Phil Shellard story!  The first time I did that, hitting that thing with a hammer, the prop broke in two.

RTD: [ laughs loudly ]

DT: And Phil Shellard mended it in about 30 seconds to go for another take.

SL: He was amazing.

DT: And you can’t tell.  Maybe if you freeze-frame you can just see a hairline crack, but I bet you can’t.  Oh you can!  Just at the bottom, see?

RTD: Oh yeah, look there!

DT: Below the red switch.

RTD: You vandal.

DT: Sorry 

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Sorry, the camera hasn’t been working lately. I’ve been trying to fix it. Bear with me.

I know.

I’m handling it.

You don’t understand. I’m the leader.  If anything happens to my teammates, I’m responsible. ESPECIALLY HOW CARELESS I WAS WITH LETTING IT HAPPEN TWICE!

SIGH. I can’t change what happened, but I can take measures to prevent its recurrence. A lockdown is in order. No one leaves this base until I say so.

Imagine watching the police take Michael away...

Wait For Me?

“What the fuck Tommy?” everyone erupts into shouts as Thomas Shelby drops the news onto us. My behind stays plastered to the wooden chair, and my left hand squeezes around the arm of it. This cannot be happening. How could Tommy have been so careless. 
My body finally moves when there are several loud knocks at the door. I can’t do this. I can’t let him go. I can’t live without him. Pressure rests atop of my hand as the shouts continue around me, “Hey, it’s alright. You’ll be okay.” I look over to the mousy, brown-haired boy and feel a knot tighten in the pit of my stomach, 

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I whisper, tears filling the bottom of my eyes as I take his hand into mine. He lets out a long sigh as his face hardens and glances left at Tommy.

“This is not your fault. None of it, okay? We did what we had to do, and this is payment. Just promise me you won’t go off with any other lads while I’m gone.” he smirks lightly from the corner of his mouth as he leans closer to me and wraps his hand around the nape of my neck, 

“Well, you’ll just have to get out of there as soon as you can, huh?” a cold tear runs down my cheek as we both let out a sort laugh, 

“Good plan.” he then leans in and encloses my lips with his. All the sound around me ends and all I focus on is him. His soft, plump lips, his mousy, yet glossy hair, his soothing hands holding onto my body like he never wants to let go. 
I reluctantly pull myself away from him and rest my forehead on his. He places a chaste kiss onto my forehead and we both jump slightly as the front door pan open. This is it, it’s happening. They’re taking him away from me.
He stands from his chair and pulls me with him. My fingers lace with his and I brush down my skirt as we exit Tommy’s study and move ourselves into the dining room; where both Arthur and John are pushed up against the wall, hands tight behind their backs. Polly is just being grabbed when I feel Michael’s hand leave mine. 

The police officer grabs him by his collar and tears him away from me, roughly they shove him up against the wall and pin his arms up behind his back. There is nothing I can do. My emotions are fired and my limbs cannot move at all. 
“Come along Miss. It’s not right for a lady to be in such a place.” an officer says softly as he reaches out to take me by the arm, but I instantly move away, 

“Don’t touch me! Don’t!” I scream, shoving him away from me. My head is spinning and all words are blurring together. However there is one that I hear above all others, 

“Y/N! Hey, just go, okay? It’s okay. We’re okay.” Michael calls to me as his face is pushed up against the wall. The same officer that tried before comes to me again and this time takes me by the arm. He begins to lead me out of the front door but I turn back, 

“I love you Michael, okay? I love you. I’ll wait for you and I’ll do whatever I can to get you all out of there. I promise.” I shout to him as the officer continues to pull me out of Tommy’s mansion. I hope he heard all of that. I pray that he heard it all, 

“I love you too Y/N!” and with that I’m out of the mansion and in an officer car taking me back to my home. Now it’s time to think of a plan. A plan to get them out.

we took the wrong road home.
grey, like the clouds against the sky,
yellow lines fading into the night.
i guess the speed limit was thirty-five
but he pressed down the gas, anxious
thirty-five, forty-five, ninety,
flying down the street,
windows open, loose hair, excitement,
thinking, “if we wrap the car around a tree
well, i wouldn’t mind so much
if i could only still be with him.”
exhilaratingly careless in the dark,
neither of us thinking of his mother calling,
reminding him to be home by eleven
and neither of us caring that it was hours past.
and the shadows in the dark were people
and light felt like a lifetime away.
i really can’t tell you how we made it home
or how i woke up the next day in his bed
and called my girlfriend on the phone
saying, “baby, i’m just fine”
like nothing had happened at all.

anonymous asked:

Hey, how are you today? :)

hello this is very lovely of you to ask and you probably are expecting a ‘oh i’m fine thank you’ but im actually PRetty MIFFED

since coming to uni i have lived in two households and in both of them there have been people who are uneconomical when boiling the kettle!! if you’re only boiling enough water for ONE mug then why would you pour in enough water for SIX ?!?!?! how can u be so careless just… chucking water in there willy nilly??? Its sUCH A WAstE because i am thoroughly adverse, as should everyone be, to double boiling. and therefore have to pour GALLONS of this WASTE water away to then boil a small amount for just myself.. THERE IS A REASON MOST KETTLES HAVE MEASUREMENTS ON THE SIDE FOR god sakE USE THEM!!!!! why is it so hard to just STOP filling up the kettle when u have sufficient amount of water for the quantity of hot beverages you are making??? SURPRISE!!! ITS NOT good bye have no time for you haphazard kettle-filling heathens.. 


Molly: Well besides the teeth you seem exactly the same?

Jynx: Uh yeah I mean this seems ok I mean maybe they will go away? The legends can’t be true right? I can still go in the sun can’t I?!

Molly: Don’t be silly! Let’s just remain calm… and enjoy our date… at this bar full of… vampire cos players… I’ve been at the edge of my seat since our last date! Can’t you tell me anything new?!

Jynx: Well Molly I mean I really shouldn’t… I can’t put you in danger I make enough stupid careless decisions as it is!

Molly: Just tell me you’re name! How can I love you if I don’t know your name?

Jynx: Don’t you tell the others… but you can call me Anabelle…

Molly: Everything about you is so beautiful…

Hopeless. (Hyungwon) Angst/fluff

I’M FINALLY BACK!. Wow it feels like forever since I wrote anything. Hopefully I can still write well. Anyways here’s an angst/ fluff scenario.

Request:  Hi~ Can I request for a slight angst imagine? Where you’re very careless and clumsy and he gets angry and breaks up with you. Happy ending please ^^ (Can be any Monsta X member of your choice) Thank You!!

I hope you like it!

You woke up to the bright light shining through your curtains, you lazily opened your eyes while being slightly annoyed you had been woken up. You were wrapped up in the arms of you boyfriend Hyungwon. You looked up at his sleeping face and couldn’t help but smile. You stared at him wondering how could he still look so perfect while being asleep? You looked over at your clock and it was 10am. You began to attempt to wake up your sleeping boyfriend but to no avail. You tried poking him, tickling and trying to get out of his arms (much to your dismay) but nothing. The most you got was some groaning and being pulled into a bone crushing hug.

“You could sleep through the zombie apocalypse.” you said quietly to yourself. With that Hyungwon woke up as you said that and began making zombie noises. You laughed at his childish behaviour and tried to get up but he wasn’t having any of that. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you back down. He continued to make zombie noises and began planting kisses all over your face.

“Oppa, stop.” You laughed. Hyungwon ignored you and carried on making zombie sounds. He then climbed on top of you and was still kissing you all over. You were in a laughing fit by now and Hyungwon being the amazing actor he is, he managed to keep in character.

He eventually rolled off you laughing. “You’re such a kid.” You said amused at him. “Yeah, but you love it.” Hyungwon said smiling. You nodded in agreement.

You both continued your morning. You were the clumsiest person on the planet, you walked into every door frame, door, dropped every plate, cup, tripped over nothing. You were a mess. But you were his mess.

While making breakfast, you dropped a cup. You looked over at Hyungwon who let out a sigh and took a sip from his coffee without even looking at you. You cleaned it up and carried on with the morning.

Hyungwon was off. He was different from the Hyungwon that was attacking you with kisses this morning. He was being blunt or just ignoring you in total. You hated being ignored. After a few hours of him being distant you finally asked him what was wrong.

“Hey, are you okay.” You asked carefully. “Yeah. Fine.” He replied before getting up. You sighed and just let it go.

Time passed and it was now the evening. You were starting to get annoyed now, Hyungwon was still being off with you and won’t tell you what’s wrong. The point of a relationship is being able to tell someone anything and everything. Then a sudden thought hit you. “What if it’s me…” you thought.

“That’s it.” You thought. You walked up to Hyungwon. “What’s wrong, are you okay.” You asked him with a soft voice. He just ignored you and walked off. You grabbed is wrist to stop him from walking off. “Hyungwon!” you said slightly raising your voice getting frustrated with him. He was stronger than you so he easily pulled his wrist out of your grasp.

You then ran in front of him to stop him from going anywhere. “Talk to me!” you basically shouted now. He stopped walking and looked at you. “Would you just talk to me! There is something wrong I can see! What? Can’t you talk to me now?”

Hyungwon looked incredibly annoyed now. “Okay fine!” He shouted. “I’ll tell you! I have a girlfriend who can’t go 10 seconds without breaking something!” You were a little taken back by this but your anger was still prominent. “What, and you’re Mr. Perfect?!” you shouted back.

“At least I can make a cup of coffee without breaking 4 cups! You’re so hard to live with Y/N! You’re Hopeless!” He shouted with venom in his voice. You could feel your eyes warming up with tears but refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing you cry. “I’m hopeless?! Have you even seen yourself Hyungwon!” Your anger showing through.

“Stop trying to turn this on me! Ugh, I can’t deal with you!” He shouted at you. “Then leave!” You yelled.

“You know what?! That’s not a bad idea! I can finally get away from you and actually get a girlfriend who won’t break everything I own!” This made you go silent.

The tears were threatening to pour out of your eyes now. You were trying so hard not to let them fall.

“You’re not exactly easy to live with either. Might be doing me favour!” You screamed but instantly regretted what you said.

“We’re over!” Hyungwon shouted at you with the loudest voice you had ever heard from him. He grabbed his coat and stormed out of your shared house.

As soon as the door swung shut you fell to your knees and cried. You just lost the best thing that ever happened to you. “It’s always me.” You said through your tears. “Hopeless.” You whispered, remembering what Hyungwon said to you. The argument replaying in your mind repeatedly.

Hours had passed and you were now just staring emotionless at a wall. you felt nothing. Just staring at the wall, your eyes felt stiff from the crying and your vision still kind of blurry. You glanced to your phone to check the time and it was 2am. Mascara stained your face. You got up and went upstairs to bed. You opened your wardrobe looking for something to wear to bed and the first thing you saw was one of Hyungwon’s t-shirts that you used to wear.

Not helping yourself at all and just wanting to have something of him before it was gone. You slipped into his t-shirt. You crawled into his side of the bed and began looking through all the old photos on your phone that were of you two. Tears began welling up in your eyes again. Mascara still painted on your face.

You finally fell asleep with your phone in your hand and hair stuck to your face from the tears. Around an hour later you woke up. you heard rustling and saw a black figure coming towards your door. You instantly freaked out and stared at the door in pure shock. You got up and went towards the door.

As the light flicked on a pair of arms came around your waist. You panicked and tried to get them off you. “Hey, calm down, it’s me, it’s me.” You recognised the voice and stopped struggling. You looked up to see Hyungwon stand there. You tried to get out of his arms. You wanted to both cry to him and punch him.

Hyungwon had his arms wrapped strongly around you. you kept trying to fight his arms off you but he was way too strong for you.

“Just hear me out…” Hyungwon said while trying to make eye contact with you but you refused. Your anger built up again. “No.” You simply said. “I don’t want to see you.” It was a lie. All you wanted to was hug him but your pride was getting in the way once again. “Well, my t-shirt and you in my side of the bed say differently.” He stated to you.

You looked down and away from him. “Get out.” You say to him. “Y/N just listen to me.” He said softly. You broke out of his grip and began walking away to get away from him. Hyungwon grabbed your wrist, spun you around and pushed you against a wall. The tears were falling now.

“Look at me Y/N.” He said softly to you. You did nothing and carried on looking down. You felt Hyungwon’s hand pull your face up to look at him.

“I was wrong. I love you. It was just…work was getting a lot and all the schedules were building up and I was stressed and I took it out on you.” You were crying again. Hyungwon reached his thumbs up to your face and wiped the tears away. “You said I was hopeless…” You whispered, barely audible. “I know I said that but I didn’t mean it. I swear. You’re clumsy, but that is what makes you well you, and I wouldn’t change that for the world I love you so much. Please never forget that.”

“I’m sorry too.” You replied. “No need to apologise, it was my fault. I love you.” He said, at this point his forehead was on yours and you could feel his breath on your lips. You stared into his deep brown eyes. He leaned in and kissed you. The kiss was gentle but passionate. You melted into the kiss and kissed him back.

“Let’s sleep.” He said after he had pulled away. You nodded and both walked over to the bed. You both got in and he pulled you into his chest. You felt safe. “I love you.” he said. “I love you too.” Was the last thing you said before you both fell asleep.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to request :D

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May i have some headcannons about Jotaro with a very calm and quiet crush (soon to be s/o) and how he would ask them out and what would their relationship be like?

Yaaaaaas of course you can! I love how much love Jotaro gets it’s so wonderful kurgssvjlgv (it’s like 12:30am excuse my excitableness)

- Jotaro appreciates his crush’s quiet and calm personality
- He really doesn’t like those “fangirls” who constantly follow him everywhere; they’re noisy and too excitable. He likes how quiet and calm his crush actually is
- He’ll spend time with his crush to try and figure out if they have a crush on him too but he won’t do it in a way that makes his feelings obvious. “Homework” is his go to excuse
- When he finally feels sure enough that his crush likes him back, he’ll ask them out while they’re chilling together one day. He’ll come straight out with it so all the cards are out on the table so to speak
- In a relationship with his quiet and calm s/o, he’s actually the one who’ll do the most talking
- Which isn’t much unless they’re alone and spending time together
- Time will wait a while before inviting them round to his house. He doesn’t want to frighten them off or pressurise them
- Holly will love them instantly and treat them like part of the family
- Kisses won’t be often or frequent but there will be kisses
- Hand holding is as far as Jotaro will go in public, but indoors away from the public he’ll be a little more affectionate and open
- They’ll both spend time together quietly as they read and/or study
- Jotaro will smile a little more around s/o too. They will bring out the softer side of him as well as the happier side
- Jotaro will also murmur his “I love you’s” to his s/o. He wants them to be the only one to hear it

~Careless Chippo

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admin Adelheid: Squalo still watching over a civilian s/o he was forced to break up with to keep them safe and away from the Mafia. Please give us a sneak peek at what goes on in his mind.

Are they safe? It seems like it. They shouldn’t have a fixed schedule like that; any idiot can memorize it. Who are they seeing now? Why do they seem so calm about everything?! Can’t they see that they’re being watched?! They’re being so careless, so stupid, just pay attention to your surroundings already!!! Goddammit, pay attention. CAN’T YOU SEE HOW DEFENSELESS YOU ARE?!

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What's wrong with Rupi Kaur? If you like poetry why can't you like someone from this day and age?

warning: this is going to be a long long post 

okay. this is a fair enough question for sure. i also wanted to address another anon’s message:

people can be into different styles of poetry, just because your white ass doesn’t relate to rupi kaur doesn’t mean you need to tell others to go read some other poetry implying that rupi’s is not as good

I’m only going to answer this one time, and you can take away from it what you will. if you want to discuss this, i’m more than willing to do so off anon lmao

firstly, someone noted the white poets i listed in the tags on my original post. i wanted to apologize if i offended anyone; i did not intend to make any sort of racial or elitist statement, but if that’s how people saw it, i understand, and i acknowledge that only listing white poets was careless of me. some poc poets i really enjoy reading are pablo neruda, rudyard kipling, or, if you’re looking for someone more in this “day and age”, carl philips. i can also link some great poems i’ve found on tumblr if anyone’s interested

i don’t harbor a bias against rupi because she is “from this day and age”. i reblog original poetry from people on this website all the time. if you check my archive, you will see that. i don’t enjoy her poetry because imo it’s just not that good

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How about hcs for Lisa Lisa, Suzie Q, Yukako, and Reimi with a kind of butch female s/o?

Yaaaaaas!!! The JJBA ladies need more loving tbh so I’m very happy to do this request for you!

Lisa Lisa
- Lisa Lisa loves her butch s/o so much. She’s so different to a lot of the women in Italy and it’s one of the many things she loves the most about her
- They are both strong women and can be very intimidating when they need to be. God help anyone who dares to be homophobic towards them lololol
- Lisa Lisa would probably mother her s/o a bit. That’s just the sort of person she is around someone she cares about so deeply and worries about a lot
- Kisses will be spontaneous and always very special. Lisa Lisa’s kisses are firm but yielding
- She will love holding s/o’s hand in public but they won’t do it all the time. They don’t need physical contact to prove they love each other. It’s just not something they crave from one another all the time
- A typical date for Lisa Lisa and s/o would be a night in watching movies as they cuddle on the sofa

Suzie Q
- Suzie, bless her little cotton socks, is just head over heels for her butch s/o
- She’ll let her lover take the lead but she won’t be a pushover if she does take the lead at any point
- She’ll have her arm looped through s/o’s quite frequently when they’re out and about, resting her head on her girlfriend’s bicep or shoulder depending on how tall they are
- Suzie won’t be easily upset by homophobes but she will be a little reserved for a few moments if they encounter anyone like that
- Their kisses are short but sweet and frequent. It’s so cute
- A typical date for them would be to go out to the movies or on an evening stroll, just the two of them

- Yukako can be quite an intense person at times but she’s more settled with her s/o
- She will take no shit from anybody. If someone makes a homophobic remark, her butch s/o will have to calm her down and do their best to ensure Yukako doesn’t strangle anyone with her hair
- Arguments are rare, but when they happen they’re loud and usually about Yukako needing to reign in her temper more
- Yukako likes having her s/o’s arm around her. It’s like making a subtle claim that they belong to each other and no-one else can have her girlfriend
- Their kisses are slow but passionate. A lot of hand holding during kisses as well as stroking of the hair
- A typical date would be a casual drink or meal at Tonio’s. The food is top notch and so are the drinks

- Reimi is such a sweet girl but that doesn’t mean she can’t be fierce. Her butch s/o empowers her to be fierce and unforgiving when she needs to be whilst Reimi softens her girlfriend up just a little bit. They’re a good influence on one another
- Reimi doesn’t get jealous but she does get a little insecure at times. S/o will need to reassure her at times to make sure she understands her girlfriend isn’t going to just vanish one day
- She hates homophobia tbh. It will actually rile her up but she won’t yell at anyone; she’ll just quietly stew until her s/o calms her down and comforts her
- Holding hands in public is a common occurrence and Reimi will often pepper her s/o’s face with little kisses when they’re out and about
- Kisses with Reimi are innocent and soft. She’ll cup her girlfriend’s neck while her girlfriend leads the kiss
- A typical date would be going on walks with Reimi’s dog, Arnold. They’ll both take him to parks where they can all play together happily

I don’t really know any butch girls so I hope that these head-canons turned out well for you, friendo!

~Careless Chippo

“How do people do it?” She asked,

“Do what?” He replied.

“How do they have it in them to hurt someone who would move mountains for them? How do you hurt someone who’s done nothing but love you even when you least deserve it? It terrifies me how people can be so heartless, you know, so careless towards someone who would’ve happily gave them the world.”

—  Excerpts of a book I’ll never write

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hiii how you doing? hope your having a great day can you please tell me what streaming is ive seen alot of posts about 'stream xxx before hobi's bday' and im like what...?? whats that?? and how..??

hi, anon~ hmm, fandom wise, streaming is successfully playing/watching a song and/or video :) usually there are mass streaming events to boost up views and ranking of songs/music videos where a timing is selected and a large group will stream the song (on music sites like melon, spotify, etc.) or music videos (on youtube).

in the case of hobi’s birthday, i believe armys would want for boy meets evil to hit a certain number of views (i think i saw 12 7 million as the goal but i’m not 10000% sure)! you simply have to go watch the video on youtube on HD and with the video volume set at >50%. to make every view count, you can watch it on multiple incognito windows + constantly clear your cache/cookies~

additionally, idk if there’s any events planned for 1verse but it wouldn’t hurt to listen to it here~


“just wanted to show everyone what going too deep on a stick n poke can do to your skin!! i personally did not realize how deep i was going so i guess i just have a high pain tolerance?? but yeah be very careful guys, stick n poking CAN be dangerous especially if you are careless about it! the skin all around the tattooed area now hurts a good amount, and it’s been a few days. good luck n just don’t go too deep!”

Thank u for submitting this !! This has never happened to me but that must’ve hurt a heeeellla lot