how can you be sick and so beautiful

okay, so… because I’m sick I can’t do much except lay in bed and try to breathe lolol I decided to download photoshop (thank you to my wife, @taylortheferret ) and follow @ciruelabob ‘s tutorial real quick :o (you have the most relaxing voice by the way!!! it’s so beautiful! :~D) so I did the basic gif thing and got this??? it’s super nice I’m pretty happy with the colors :o 

thank you for the tutorial, darling! <3 it gave my sick butt something to do :p hopefully I can continue learning how and get better as I go <3 

gif tutorial: colors! all the colors!

alright so i was asked how to make gifsets like this, this and this. basically: how to make very colorful gifsets with 1 main color.

these are the gifs i’ll be showing you how to make:

in this tutorial, i’ll be showing you how to make pink, purple and blue gifsets. there’ll be one section for each tutorial, so if you only want to read one of them, you can press cmd + f and type in “pink tutorial”, “purple tutorial”, or “blue tutorial”. you need to have basic gif skills to follow this tutorial, such as cropping, sharpening & basic understanding of coloring layers (like selective layers, curves, etc).

NOTE 1: especially when making purple and pink gifsets, it’s super easy to end up whitewashing characters of color. please use the advice given in each coloring tutorial on how to avoid whitewashing and don’t let your gifs transform beautiful characters into pale, grey and sick-looking creatures. if you have any questions, feel free to ask me about it!

NOTE 2: this will be a very long post because i like thorough tutorials myself so that’s what i tend to make. it’ll be quite image-heavy and, well, long. really long. so the actual tutorials will be under the cut.

NOTE 3: the coloring pattern for the gif tutorials are more or less the same (i.e. first curves, then levels, and so on), but it’s the color isolation that differs between them.

alright lets get started!

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ISTJ: Cutting flowers to put in vases is so morbid.

INFP: How so?

ISTJ: Imagine if, when we saw a beautiful human being, we broke their legs and back, stuck feeding tubes in them, and put them up as decor in our homes. Just because we think they’re pretty.

INFP: Oh. Yeah I see what you mean.

ISTJ: And then tomato plants. We raise them just so we can feast upon their children.

INFP: Duuuude you’re right that’s so sick. We care for them and then rip their children away so we can eat them.

Random person behind them: …………..What is wrong with you guys.

Enchantress (Beast/Adam Imagines)

Request : May I request that the reader is the enchantress that lays the curse on the Beast but instead of Belle breaking he spell, its the Enchantress that stays with him? - @lewaotic

Originally posted by braedens

You were the enchantress, also known as (y/n). Your job was to fix people for the better. Which is how you got in this situation.

 "Please, may I come in I’m really cold and sick.“ You coughed into your hand as the rain hit your back. "I can give you this.” You raised your hand to show Prince Adam a single rose.

 He laughed in your face. “Only beautiful people are aloud in here so I’m afraid you are going to have to leave.” Adam looked you up and down and looked away in disgust.

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i don’t really want to focus or argue with people who are constantly hating on selena anymore because i did that for so long and if there’s something i learned from that is that no matter what you do, no matter how good and humble and kind you try to be, there will always be people who will talk shit about you and try to point your flaws, even when they are not even there. 

but can you believe, after all selena’s been through, she didn’t even have to but she blessed us with such beautiful and inspiring words last night and STILL there are people trying to call her names, say she’s being dramatic, that she looks really good for someone who’s sick… can you believe being so ignorant and so heartless you can’t be genuinely happy for another human being who’s been so criticized by the entire world to the point she had a breakdown and couldn’t handle it anymore but still survived all of that more than once and is just trying to do her stuff and live her life in peace… i’m not saying everyone needs to love selena but is it too much that, if you don’t like her work, just staying quiet and not make up lies about her and just leave her alone?? is it too much trying to live your life without trying to making someone’s life, someone you never even met and know absolutely nothing about, miserable?? 

i can’t begin to imagine all the pressure selena has to endure every single day of her life but knowing this is the kind of thing she has to go through and she’s still able to stay strong and spread love instead of hate just makes me admire and love her so much. last night was selena’s most beautiful moment and i’m so proud of her, so glad i’ve choosen her to be my idol

What Would Dating Paul Lahote Be Like?

Request 3.

  • Being the type of couple that was always competitive over the littlest things.
  • The rest of the pack being thankful for you because you calmed Paul’s temper down a lot since he met you.
  • Never being afraid of him because Paul knows his limits and will never lose it in front of you. If he feels like he is he would run off somewhere so you can’t see him.
  • Non stop cuddles because he is like your personal radiator.
  • Whenever he picks you up on a date in an old beat up truck, both of you blast the music and sing loudly not caring about how bad you sound.
  • Going cliff diving together every time it’s sunny and beautiful outside. You being the most adventures imprint that is always down to do something daring or exciting. 
  • Paul always having his arm around you or holding your hand everywhere you go.
  • The pack being “sick” over how cute you two can be. This result in Paul being embarrassed and starting to blush. So the teasing is non stop from his fellow brothers.
  • Not caring about showing public display of affection with each other.
  • Paul being extremely over protective and just wanting to save you from anything that can possible hurt you.
  • Always causing mischief together because the two of you are known as the the dangerous duo in the pack family.
  • Paul holding you as you feel asleep and watching you lovingly.
  • Whenever you helped Emily cook the two of you would have so much fun gossiping which sometime leads to playfully throwing flour at one another.
  • Worrying about him endlessly when there is a vampire in the area despite him assuring you how awesome his wolf abilities are.
  • You being able to finally find your people with the other pack members and imprints.
I will do everything in my power to make you happy.
I will take the trash out when you are too tired to do so or when you simply just do not want to.
I will buy you an endless supply of those unwrapped Starbursts to sweeten and brighten up any bad days.
I will go on walks with you and the pup no matter how tired I am because the light in your eyes and your radiant smile are worth waking up for.
I will learn to grind and make your coffee for the days you are too sick to get up or be bothered to make your own.
I will watch Grey’s Anatomy so we can go through the emotional roller coaster of that show together.
I will rub the back of your neck when I know you are stressed.
I will buy you clothes and things you tell me you want because I love making you feel as beautiful as I see you.
I will remind you often about how much I care because I don’t want there to ever be a moment that you forget.
I will look into your eyes whenever we speak because they are prettier than any sunset or view I’ve seen.
I will watch your lips curve at the edges whenever you laugh because that sight and that sound are seriously like music to my ears.
I will give you my love you for as long as you will allow me to.
I will love you on your good days and your bad nights.
I will love you forever.
—  I will, I know I will
You left her stranded alone when she needed you the most, you completely tore her to pieces and then got annoyed at her for not being whole. Don’t ever tell me you didn’t know what you were doing because we both know you knew exactly what you were doing, tell me, was it because you know she’s the best you could ever get so in your sick twisted mind you decided that you didn’t want her to realise her worth because you know she will leave you, was it all just a game to you? How dare you come in like a tsunami and rip her world apart, how can you possibly have a clear conscious? I can’t wait for the day she realises you’re not worth shit, and stops crying over a boy who isn’t worth a tear. She has this unique beauty about her and guess what? You’re never going to find it in anyone else, she was one of a kind and you lost her.
—  B.L letters I never sent

“How are you feeling?” Jesus asks as he sits down on your bed.
“Not better.”
Since three days you feeling sick, your stomach hurts and you feel powerless.
He pulls up your shirt and kisses your belly.
“Turn to the left side.” He says.
Carefully he presses his body on your back and starts to stroke your belly with his fingertips. You let out a small moan.
“That feels so good.” You sigh and you can feel his smile in your neck.
“I’m so worried, (Y/N). I can’t lose you.” Jesus whispers.
You turn around to him, looking in his beautiful eyes.
“You will never lose me, I promise.”
He bites his lower lip before he kisses your forehead, your cheeks, your nose and finally your lips.
He tastes like the sun after a long warm day.
He tastes like hope. A hope you didn’t have before you met him.
“I love you, (Y/N).” He mumbles against your lips.

(Whispers) hey I’m super stoked for the Beauty and the Beast live action too but gentle reminder: if you’re like “wait how long has the castle been there, how can the entire town just forget about it?” and “who punishes an adolescent for making an age appropriate if thoughtless decision with a lifelong curse,” then remember that the lyric “ten years we’ve been rusting” was written by a gay man with AIDS who was so sick he had to collaborate with a studio on the opposite coast because he could not travel, and who STILL couldn’t come out at work because he believed he’d lose his job, so all those “inconsistencies” in the Disney movie make a lot more sense when viewed through that lens.

to make it clear, these arent compliments

“oh youre so pretty, its like youre not even sick”
“oh well, youre still beautiful despite your illness”
“youre so handsome, i didnt even think you were sick!”

Stop treating this dumb shit like its a compliment, because even if you mean well, what youre saying is that if theyre sick they cant look pretty, and youre assuming that all illnesses need to affect how you look, and that they ALL need to make you look bad.

disabled people are pretty and handsome and goodlooking, not “despite” their illness, but with their illness.

you can also just say “wow youre goodlooking” without having to add on “despite your issues” or “i didnt think you were sick”, its not that hard to give a compliment, and it stops being a compliment when you add that part, because youre doing nothing but invalidating them as disabled people, and also making the assumption that disabled people arent attractive.

Let’s play the pronoun game! by zation

Summary: When Dean first lays his eyes on Cas he immediately thinks she’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. New to the school and to town, Dean sets out on a determined path to stumblingly woo this beautiful apparition.


The one where cross-dressing Castiel gets a love-sick, somewhat confused puppy on his trail.

Comments: 9/10. It’s pretty funny, and so fluffy and smutty it hurts, in a good way. Even though I’m not into cross dressing (It doesn’t turn me on but to each their own), the writer makes it work. You know how good writers can make things that doesn’t work for you amazing and essentially a kink? Well this fic is a perfect example. I love Dean’s reaction, so even though I’m not turned on by cross dressing I’m turned on because Dean’s turned on. If that makes any sense. Also, Cas’s outfits are so cute. I love how Dean tries so hard to be a gentlemen but he’s a horndog, luckily so is Cas.

Just a mattress on a floor, stained sheets and 

stained perceptions. 

I cracked my eyes, you were twirling a cigarette 

between your long, pale fingers.

You never used to smoke.

The boards on the windows let the light in,

but not enough, never enough to see clearly. 

You exhaled, shook your head and 

rubbed your eyes with the heels of your hands

like maybe you weren’t looking at reality correctly.

Like maybe when you opened them again

I wouldn’t be stretched out, naked, on the floor in the room.

Like maybe you wouldn’t be in a black box

in a white world 

at the center of everything

where music doesn’t sound beautiful unless it’s tragic


Like maybe I wouldn’t pretend to be asleep

before the sickness came again


Before our eyes turned frantic and we were stumbling down streets

sweating in my car,

and the door doesn’t open quickly enough


this time is the last time and

I can’t think straight anymore just

make it stop, do you know how?

We used to hold onto each other so tightly 

but we don’t bother with that any longer,

something about sick jokes and sick people and 

knowing you’re drowning

and holding onto the rock you’re tied to tighter because of it.

I sit up, my hands are shaking

you don’t look at me

you don’t speak

like you’re hoping in the final hour

you’ll go silently in this pain

without making your peace, you know it’s not there, you don’t kid yourself like that these days.

You know that hour turned to years like

why does your body keep you here and

if there was a god you can see him burning before you and

your veins are leaking mud like you’re already in the ground so

why bother with this today?

You laughed through the tears that never came every time,

seeing how far into the darkness you could make it before you started screaming in pain

knowing it would only be moments

but telling yourself it would be forever.

Telling yourself you couldn’t wait to get to hell

because it had to be something more than this,

and it was.

I can’t keep having this feeling hidden in my heart
How can something so beautiful keep tearing me apart?

You get me every time, blushing cheeks and trembling hands
You have ways of touching me that no one understands

Can this be a beginning of a sweet story with a happy ending?
Because I’m sick of waiting, why must I go on pretending?

They say that in the end, everything will be okay
But without you, how could it be that in any way?

I want to show my feelings, I want to sing and shout
Take a shot; let the secret in my heart out

—  t.j. // I keep thinking you love me too

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"hey i'm bri. i love horror, metal, punk rock, my friends, and getting baited by shitty TV shows because if there's nothing to Fix how can I ship it? my favourite OC is bachel bamber. every kind of dog is beautiful. i bought you a really thoughtful gift but don't worry about it just get me back w a pizza sometime. in 2016 i won Best Grandpa of the Year. anyway i'll see y'all in a couple weeks when i'm done being gay in space but my queue will be here with some sick tunes in the mean time."

i kept wanting to be like HEY but so many of these things are just…. verbatim quotes, i’ve got NOTHING

impersonate me in my ask

Again, can people please stop writing fan fictions romanticizing chronic illness? It is not tragically beautiful. We are not here to inspire you. We are sick, and strong, and fight our bodies every single day. Do you know how fucking hard it is to try and remain positive and strong-willed and to even want to fight back when you’ve been born with a death sentence? Probably not. So seriously, please stop. I find it so disrespectful.

So sick of disabilities being left out of all kinds of social campaigns.

Like you see posts saying ‘bodies of all shapes, sizes and colour are beautiful’ but so rarely do you ever see pictures of beautiful women with canes or wheelchairs.

Do you know how hard it can be to accept yourself when you’re newly disabled and your disability has taken almost every part of your life away? If these movements included us more then maybe it wouldn’t be such a struggle. There are some wonderful blogs like medaesthetic and cutieswithcanes which made a huge difference in my ability to love myself with my mobility aids but I would love it if we didn’t have to make these services just for us. Because we have no other choice because disability is always the forgotten one left behind.

Disabilities are the biggest minority that anyone can become part of at any time in their life. You never know what life can throw at you, and like me you might suddenly find yourself wheelchair and cane dependant for life.

I accept that when I was able bodied I didn’t give disabilities as much thought as I should have but now that I am disabled, it seems so simple to include us.

Just put pictures of us in your self esteem and body image campaigns. Because ALL bodies are beautiful, especially disabled ones.

When you do your shout outs to all the minority groups - don’t leave us out. I’m so sick of reading social justice posts about race, sexuality, weight all in one post but nothing about disabled people.

We are here. We want to be included.

(Note: I speak for myself and the views I have consistently seen around the spoonie, chronic illness and disabled communities. )

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'TOA! It's Chris!! I've been real sick lately, so I haven't been around, but I just wanted to drop by and say hello! How you been, beautiful?

“Sick? Well that won’t do at all!” Tamatoa immediately scooped Chris up and cradled him in the crook of his arm. “Don’t you know my stunning good looks are so dazzling they can cure whatever’s ailing ya? So if anything you should be coming to visit me more~”

He laughed, but after his initial haughty greeting, his expression softened and he smiled down at the human. “I’ve been beautiful as ever, babe~ A lot of my visitors lately haven’t been nearly as annoying as they’ve been in the past. Maybe they’ve finally come to their senses,” he smirked.

“What about you, Chris? How’ve you been? Besides bein’ sick and all?”


I will never forget you. You will linger inside my mind for years and years to come. My first love. You are a beautiful, strong, hell of a person. You are one of the best things I have ever had. We have to be this way. We are too lethal together. I will always remember your scent. I will always remember your face and the curve of your smile. But, for now I will tuck you away in my memory for a while. All of these beautiful memories we have make me sick now. I hate October. I don’t like to remember how you would help me fall asleep. I don’t like to think about you everywhere I go. I have to make new memories with new people. I have to let you go. I can’t hold on anymore. It’s not you. It’s not that I don’t love you anymore. I love you too much and that is the problem. I have to live without attachments. It’s so much easier. My heart is broken right now. I’m not sure how to repair it yet. I know it will take a lot of time and glue. I may add some glitter and rose petals. Something soft and pink. I am so tired of crying over you at 5 am. It’s not worth it baby. No one is. Thank you for talking to me for the last couple of days, it has helped me see that you are right. About everything. And so was everyone else. I hope you have everything you ever wanted that I couldn’t give to you. This my last post about you for a while.