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A Father At Last (Peter Quill x Reader)

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By popular demand: Peter finding out you’re pregnant. 

Just in time for mother’s day!

Peter shut his eyes and looked away as he held back your hair. He wasn’t doing the best job at it. A few strands had fallen in your face, but he was too busy trying not to throw up himself, to bother tightening his grip. He’d been in disgusting situations before. He’d grown up around dozens of men who didn’t know what it meant to shower. He’d been covered in god knows how many different types of alien muck. He’d been peer pressured—while drunk—to eat all sorts of strange foods…and he was fine with it all. But when it came to vomit, he could hardly hear the word without inwardly gagging a little.

Thankfully, none of his current shipmates tended to get ill; save for one occasion when Drax caught the A’askavarian flu. Peter physically locked him in the bathroom for the duration, and took to sleeping in the cockpit, as far as possible from any noises. It was a rough few days for his stomach—and Drax’s—but they both managed to survive, no thanks to Rocket’s incessant teasing.

But this situation was different. There was a difference between friends and girlfriends, and that meant holding your hair back, rather than flicking a band in your direction and running away, like he so desperately wanted to do.

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what it would be like to date Lim Changkyun/ I.m:

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  • Sass, lot of sass
  • The type to absent mindlessly run his thumb over the skin of the back of your hand when you’re sat together.
  • He plays with your hair, whether its short- he just fiddles with it or styles it crazily, give you a Mohawk.
  • If its long, he’ll plait awkwardly if he doesn’t know how to or stick it in pigtails because he claims that you “look cute” with a shrug, or maybe he will sit and twirl it around his finger.
  • If your hair is medium length (your ears or shoulders) then he’ll probably do the same with long hair.
  • His kisses are soft, playful
  • He boops your nose when you’re mad or annoyed.
  • When you’re sulking, he says to you “don’t smile or anything” or “don’t smile y/n” in a playful voice and you can’t help but smile.
  • He walks around doing weird ‘aeygo’
  • Sometimes it’s even in his boxers, prancing round like a raptor.
  • He’s serious, he has a resting bitch face when he spaces out.
  • He does the finger guns when he flirts
  • On your first date together, he took to you to a street food vendor because he said that they do the better food, he was right.
  • The amount of times you’ve caught him dancing of girl group songs is unreal.
  • You can hear him practice his raps while he showers, cooks or basically anything and he slays
  • One time, he bought hair gel from the supermarket and gelled his hair up right and kept it like that for the entire day.
  • Back hugs, he loves back hugs because when he does, he can lean into your and steal your warmth or vice versa.
  • He screams like a girl when you put your cold hands on his back when you’re hugging.
  • He’s serious af at first, but as soon as something he likes, meme is activated.
  • Sometimes he sticks his butt in your face when you’re not paying attention
  • He screams randomly, you could be sat there together just talking, reading or doing nothing at all and he’ll scream loudly and off key.
  • He’s always so extra
  • He stares at you; he doesn’t know that you know but he does
  • He doesn’t seem like the type to be sentimental about things but he kept the shirt you wore for bed that belongs to him, he kept the little notes you’ve written and he saves all the selfie he sends.
  • He complains that he doesn’t have any memory on his phone because of the pictures he has of you.
  • He loves waking up before you, so he can watch you sleep. You could have drool hanging out of your mouth and he would still find you beautiful.
  • He usually has the guys around and he doesn’t mind because you love it.
  • Shownu spends most of the time saying thank you and helping you, no matter how much you tell him its ok to be informal and treat you like a brother/sister
  • When he’s sick, or ill- he’s super clingy.
  • Even if he’s snotty with the cold, he still lays on you. Head on your chest, laid between your legs and a blanket wrapped around him.
  • He’s not always the happy and meme changkyun, he does have the days where he’s quieter, more reserved and when he’s in that frame of mind, he just wants to be around you.
  • You both have the comfortable silence. You both could be sat there doing your own thing and not feel the need to talk
  • When he texts, it’s usually something like this

“Do you wanna go??”

“Bring it”


“I’m dating you, you egg”

  • He feeds you food when you’re being lazy and vice versa.
  • He boasts about breaking the camera at ISAC
  • His snapchats to you are mainly double chins or ugly faces
  • Whenever one of the other members joking flirts with you, he turns into an angry smurf
  • You could listen to him talk all day, you usually ask him complicated things so he has to explain it.
  • Late at nights when he can’t sleep, he’ll ‘accidentally’ wake you up and then when you can’t sleep again
  • He’ll do anything for a cuddle
  • He loves it when you wear his clothes
  • Randomly kiss his nose when he isn’t paying attention
  • Waggles his eyebrows at you when he suggests something sexy
  • He’s a soft lover
  • Passionate and pays most of his attention on you
  • He has throaty moans, melodic and deep
  • Sometimes he’s playful
  • Sometime he’s hot and intense
  • Muttering in your ears sweet things and kissing you everywhere.
  • Kissing along your jawline
  • He piggybacks you to the shower usually
  • Joins said showers

“Better for the environment to preserve water”

  • He catches food in his mouth, one time you were across the room throwing gummy bears at him and one was nowhere near him but he lunged to the right and caught it in his mouth.
  • Couple names, baby, babe, sweet, my love, what your preference is
  • He wears your socks
  • Whenever he has to go to work or go out etc, he kisses your forehead with his hand on the small of your shoulders and mutter a slightly sad goodbye
  • But hells text you whenever he can or ring you
  • Says “I love you” in the weirdest ways but he means it.

Aries:  We gladiate but I guess we’re really fighting ourselves. Roughing up our minds so we’re ready when the kill time comes. Wide awake in bed, words in my brain, “Secretly you love this do you even wanna go free?” - “Glory And Gore”

Taurus:  We’re never done with killing time. Can I kill it with you, ‘til the veins run red and blue? We come around here all the time, got a lot to not do. Let me kill it with you. - “400 Lux”

Gemini:  Baby be the class clown, I’ll be the beauty queen in tears. It’s a new art form showing people how little we care. We’re so happy, even when we’re smiling out of fear. - “Tennis Court”

Cancer:  My mother’s love is choking me. I’m sick of words that hang above my head. What about the kid? It’s time the kid got free. - “The Love Club”

Leo:  There’s nothing I want but money and time, million dollar bills and a tick tick tick tick. There’s nothing more cruel than only nine lives, a limit in spite will do the trick trick trick trick. - “Million Dollar Bills”

Virgo:  Cola with the burnt-out taste. I’m the one you tell your fears to.
There’ll never be enough of us.
- “Buzzcut Season”

Libra:  Dancing around the lies we tell. Dancing around big eyes as well.
Even the comatose, they don’t dance and tell.
- “Team”

Scorpio:  This dream isn’t feeling sweet, we’re reeling through the midnight streets. And I’ve never felt more alone. It feels so scary getting old. - “Ribs”

Sagittarius:  Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk, making smart with their words again, well I’m bored. Because I’m doing this for the thrill of it, killing it, never not chasing a million things I want. - “Tennis Court”

Capricorn:  All work and no play, let me count the bruises. All business all day, keeps me up a level. All work and no play, lonely on the new shit, yeah. - “Still Sane”

Aquarius:  Raise a glass, ‘cause I’m not done saying it. They all wanna get rough, get away with it. Let 'em talk 'cause we’re dancing in this world alone, world alone, we’re all alone. - “A World Alone”

Pisces:  You’re the only friend I need, sharing beds like little kids. And laughing 'til our ribs get tough, but that will never be enough. - “Ribs”

I so badly wanted for this to be false.

I don’t know what it is I’m feeling right now. I’m angry. I’m beyond infuriated with the disgusting account that leaked this. It’s unfair for this person to keep getting away with this bullshit when Harry and his family have been nothing but kind. I’m angry at the sense of entitlement that certain “fans” have– going through his trash and stalking his hotel.

I’m devastated. It’s the same sinking feeling I had when Jay passed. And it’s even more heartbreaking knowing how Harry could’ve been struggling this whole time in silence– just how we never knew Jay was really sick until she was gone.

But I am so, so beyond proud of Harry. My god. Stopping for fans even after something like this has happened? He’s an incredible, beautiful human being. He’s too good to us, to the world.

It’s a helpless feeling, wanting to do so much and being able to do nothing but send positive vibes and love to your favorite when they’re grieving. Especially when this person, their music, their kindness, has served as a comfort to you during your own times of trouble. The best we can do is band together, be there for one another, love those who are most important to us with all of our hearts.

I wish I could stop crying, because I know this doesn’t directly affect me. I can’t even imagine what Harry, Gemma, Robin’s children, and poor Anne must be feeling. But the truth is, we are affected. Just as we were affected with Jay’s passing. These people loved our boys with all of their hearts, they adapted to this crazy lifestyle and were always so kind. It’s heart wrenching to know that seeing Robin proudly wearing Harry’s hat at The Garage would be the last time we’d see him. Fuck cancer.

I love you all. Take care of yourselves. Please, for goodness sake, be nice. Be good. To one another, and to Harry. Send this family all the love in the world right now.

Rip Robin. You touched so many, and you will never be forgotten.

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i love your blog so much!! sick keith was so adorable, can you do a sick lance too?

thanks so much for the request & i’m so glad you like the blog!! 💜💜 

(i’m all about sick!klance but also keith learning spanish so he can constantly shower lance with affection & make him blush?? so here you go pls take this)

to the best of my knowledge, this is how keith’s texts translate: 

mi cielito =  “my little sky” or “my heaven”

and the long text = “your love is worth more than a million stars, beautiful. i’m happy to share each moment of my life by your side. you are my everything.”

(if i messed up any translations, please let me know)

What Would Dating Paul Lahote Be Like?

Request 3.

  • Being the type of couple that was always competitive over the littlest things.
  • The rest of the pack being thankful for you because you calmed Paul’s temper down a lot since he met you.
  • Never being afraid of him because Paul knows his limits and will never lose it in front of you. If he feels like he is he would run off somewhere so you can’t see him.
  • Non stop cuddles because he is like your personal radiator.
  • Whenever he picks you up on a date in an old beat up truck, both of you blast the music and sing loudly not caring about how bad you sound.
  • Going cliff diving together every time it’s sunny and beautiful outside. You being the most adventures imprint that is always down to do something daring or exciting. 
  • Paul always having his arm around you or holding your hand everywhere you go.
  • The pack being “sick” over how cute you two can be. This result in Paul being embarrassed and starting to blush. So the teasing is non stop from his fellow brothers.
  • Not caring about showing public display of affection with each other.
  • Paul being extremely over protective and just wanting to save you from anything that can possible hurt you.
  • Always causing mischief together because the two of you are known as the the dangerous duo in the pack family.
  • Paul holding you as you feel asleep and watching you lovingly.
  • Whenever you helped Emily cook the two of you would have so much fun gossiping which sometime leads to playfully throwing flour at one another.
  • Worrying about him endlessly when there is a vampire in the area despite him assuring you how awesome his wolf abilities are.
  • You being able to finally find your people with the other pack members and imprints.
You left her stranded alone when she needed you the most, you completely tore her to pieces and then got annoyed at her for not being whole. Don’t ever tell me you didn’t know what you were doing because we both know you knew exactly what you were doing, tell me, was it because you know she’s the best you could ever get so in your sick twisted mind you decided that you didn’t want her to realise her worth because you know she will leave you, was it all just a game to you? How dare you come in like a tsunami and rip her world apart, how can you possibly have a clear conscious? I can’t wait for the day she realises you’re not worth shit, and stops crying over a boy who isn’t worth a tear. She has this unique beauty about her and guess what? You’re never going to find it in anyone else, she was one of a kind and you lost her.
—  B.L letters I never sent
How the Southern Democratic-Republicans act around someone they love

thomas jefferson:

  • he’d be just minding his own business you know and he’d hear someone say your name and he would just join the conversation without invitation and start talking about how great you and how amazing you are because man have they seen how amazing you look? and he would realize that he just walked up to a complete stranger and started talking about how wonderful you are
    • james would laugh so hard at how embarrassed thomas gets after he just sorta apologizes to the stranger and he wouldn’t talk about anything else for the entire week and james spends more time with you and hints to thomas’s crush on you like all the time and thomas would just be freaking out
      • james would accidently bring it up to get you to pay attention in a meeting and he would say your name and thomas would look up immediately and would smile a bit. hamilton and washington would be laughing so hard at this point
  • if you two were already close, he would go out of his way to visit you during his lunch breaks and things like that
    • you work forty five minutes away and he only has a ten minute break? no problem for thomas, he calls off sick, james making the comment that thomas is sick but he’s lovesick. thomas slams the door in madison’s face and makes his way to your work to see how you are
    • him taking you to a greenhouse and getting genuinely excited to tell you about all of the different flowers because he loves flowers and he knows so much about them?
    • whenever you ask him what’s the most beautiful flower in his opinion, he has to refrain from answering ‘you' 
  • he is so scared of messing things up between you guys because yes, he understands that he can be an asshole but he doesn’t want you to think of him like that? and by scared i mean he is terrified, nobody jokes about how he doesn’t deserve you after hamilton did that and even he realized he crossed a line when thomas got so upset over it
  • he becomes slightly more affectionate when he realizes that he is in love with you and he kinda just holds your hand for a second too long or hugs you longer than what is considered friendly- although if you aren’t comfortable with being touched, he would completely understand and he would just shower you with gifts
  • it isn’t really obvious that he has a crush on you but he just is generally a nicer person over all since he met you and it’s the little things really that can lead you to the fact that he is in love with you, like how he always gets you your prefered morning beverage, even though he didn’t have to work for another two hours and how he smiles at you when he thinks nobody’s looking

james madison:

  • he is an absolute trainwreck whenever someone mentions you i mean you haven’t james  being clumsy before but as soon as someone mentions your name or he sees you he just kinda accidently drops whatever he is holding or he trips and he gets really flustered and would apologize profusely and smiles awkwardly i mean he is such an awkward babe
    • thomas tries somewhat to not be a complete asshole because he doesn’t want his friend to get physically injured and by somewhat i mean thomas does his best to refrain from mentioning you every second so he usually mentions you every minute or so, give or take and it gets to the point where he almost spills coffee on george washington because thomas asked james if he had asked you out yet
    • he is so awkward? like he gets so nervous whenever he sees you because he wants to make a good impression on you and he kinda ends up stumbling over his words a bit? thomas usually has to talk to you for him since he falls apart everytime he sees you
  • if you two knew each other already, he would be slightly more comfortable around you and he would really enjoy listening to you talk about things you love and things you are passionate about because there’s something about the way your eyes light up and it seems to make his entire day better, when he sees you so happy about something and it makes him smile so widely 
    • if you ask him about stuff he likes to do he is actually going to be very very confused because someone genuinely wants to know about stuff he is interested in and they get excited when they see him happy? he just wants to cry and hug you at the same time
    • you both sharing your interests and jefferson and burr just smirking because you both are looking at each other the exact same way now and both of you are so oblivious to it
  • he doesn’t feel like he is good enough for you so he is always expecting you to fall in love with jefferson or hamilton or someone else- someone more important than him and he kinda just accepts that the feelings are probably unrequited and that you don’t feel the same way about him
  • he just is around you more often because he enjoys spending time with you, even though if he is completely nervous that he might say the wrong thing the entire time but it’s worth it? he still isn’t completely sure whether or not spending time with you is worth the possibility of messing things up between you two and possibly ruining your friendship but he does it anyway
  • his crush on you is very very obvious i mean the poor man absolutely loves being in your company so much and he doesn’t even bother to hide it anymore and he smiles brighter when you around and it’s so obvious to everyone around you guys that you are each other’s worlds.

aaron burr:

  • he first really realizes how he feels for you when him and alexander are just debating about something stupid- it’s not even competitive or at least it wasn’t supposed to be but with hamilton literally everything is competitive. and so you join in, on aaron’s side (alex sees this as an act of betrayal and acts offended)
    • and aaron gets pretty excited about it and alex notices this because aaron never looks this happy to debate about trivial things and so they go on with the debate and even though alexander loses (aaron was determined to impress you // alex wanted to help aaron) he is still so smug and aaron naturally gets concerned and confronts him and alex kinda spills that he knows about how he loves you and aaron is just really confused now because he didn’t even know himself?
    • alex can’t stop laughing when burr tells him that he didn’t even know and burr is just kind of glaring at alex and they keep awkwardly glancing at you to make sure you aren’t listening to them
    • alex is now hanging around burr to try and help him win your affections and do stupid things such as flirt with you for aaron in which aaron ends up blushing a lot before pulling alex away and groaning and missing how your eyes look so amused at the interaction every time alex tries to talk to you
  • he is actually still very very nervous if you guys already know each other and alex being alex has to step up his flirting game if you guys already know each other and it confuses everyone because who is he flirting for? is he flirting for himself? is he flirting for burr? 
    • james and thomas try to fight alex when they realize burr likes you and alex clears things up with them and they for some reason feel that this is an excellent idea and so now you have three people flirting with you for one person and aaron is just screaming
  • he wonders why you don’t date or flirt back with alex, thomas or james because he is just him and they are them but he sorta pushes those fears away and actually starts flirting with you and all of the others just back off immediately and oh that’s why they were flirting with you in the first place, for aaron
    • thomas, james and alexander are all like proud parents when aaron finally tries to flirt with you and you just start smiling widely after he does and for the first time, you would flirt back and aaron would actually be so confused because you never did to anyone else but by then it’s so obvious how he feels and how you feel that just kinda rolls with it
  • it’s not very obvious in the beginning, near the debate but it comes more clear after three men are all flirting for their friend who always has to drag them away while mumbling several apologies to you and how the conversations between the two of you always end up with him smiling brighter than before and how his friends always tease him about this
Four Bedrooms


Based on this story told at Jibcon 2017
3.7k words

The thing is, Misha’s a liar.

He stretches the truth when he knows it’ll be to his advantage. He flatout lies when he thinks the truth will upset someone more than he’s willing to deal with.

So when he offhandedly invites Jensen and Jared to his rented house for the duration of filming the season 12 finale, he doesn’t expect them to take him up on the offer until after he’s already told them it’s a four-bedroom house.

It’s not a four-bedroom house.

The downstairs consists of a cramped living room with a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, a small kitchen with enough counter space for exactly one cutting board and a sitting area with a wooden table and three chairs instead of four. The upstairs is one hallway with a master bedroom on one end and a much smaller bedroom on the other end. The spare bedroom barely has enough space for a full-sized bed. There’s one bathroom upstairs, between the bedrooms.

“Uh, you sure this is the right place?” Jensen asks as he sets his duffel bag down on the small couch in the living room.

“I might’ve…stretched the truth a bit,” Misha replies sheepishly.

Jensen turns to him, hands planted on his hips, unimpressed glare on his face. “I’m not sleeping on the couch.”

As Misha opens his mouth to respond, the door bangs open and Jared comes in with a whistle.

“Wow, Misha,” Jared says as he looks around the small room. “This is as awesome as you hyped it up to be.”

“I never said it was glamorous.”

“You also didn’t say it was the size of a broom closet,” Jared replies as he throws his stuff on top of Jensen’s. “Where are we sleeping?”

Jensen and Misha share a look before both turning back toward Jared. Misha says, “We can worry about that after work tonight I guess.”

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Hey guys! So I’ve been wanting to write this fic for a super long time, but it deals with pretty tricky subject matter so I’ve been a little nervous, but you guys responded so well to my last angsty fic I thought I’d give it a go! This one is superrrr long and I’m sorry about that, but once I got going I just couldn’t stop!

She stared down at the bright pink, sugary drink sitting in front of her. The intense smell of strawberry, sugar syrup invading her nose. Nudging the picture perfect milkshake out of her line of Vision, she couldn’t stop thinking about what her mother had said,

“You’re looking very puffy Elizabeth, I can’t believe all the weight you’ve put on. It’s all those sugary drinks you’ve been consuming, Polly would never let herself get this way.”

“You okay B?” The feminine voice of her gorgeous raven haired friend broke her out of her thoughts. She would give anything to look like Veronica. Her body was lean and her slender face held none of the baby fat Betty was sure held permanent residence on her own face.

“Yeah! I’m fine. Just thinking.”

Veronica and Kevin fell back into conversation about Audrey hepburn.

“You haven’t touched your milkshake, is it too cold?” The moody, beanie wearing boy beside her questioned, pulling the straw into his own mouth.

She smiled, admiring the way his muscular arms stretched across the booth, he could eat whatever he wanted and never gain a pound, she had just recently discovered how built his body was underneath all those layers on clothing. It was a well kept secret. Well if you weren’t Betty cooper who couldn’t manage to keep her hands off of him.

“No , no it’s fine.” She dipped her finger into the whipped cream shooting him a smile and popping it into her mouth.

He raised an eyebrow, smiling hesitantly.

The conversation continued for the next hour until Veronica’s mother came to pick her up, Kevin hitching a ride.
“Walk me home?” she whispered

“You got it Juliet.” He winked

She giggled as they hit the street, they walked in comfortable silence before Jughead broke the quiet

“You okay bets? You’ve been quiet all day.”

She smiled at his concern,

“I’m fine juggie, just a lot on my Mind.”

“Well my favorite blonde, I suggest you stop thinking so much, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” He smirked as they reached her house

“Thanks jug, I’ll keep that in mind.” She rolled her eyes, smiling.

“Your castle awaits” he said gesturing towards her front door.

“Thank you my prince.” She curtseyed, “I’ll see you tommorow.”

As soon as she reached for the doorknob he called her name “Betty?” She turned around raising a brow

“If you ever need to talk, I’m always here.” He said smiling softly

“Thanks juggie.” Before the door closed and he headed in the direction of his house

Something wasn’t right about Betty, she was hardly eating anything, he watched her skip over lunch, pushing food around her plate. And dinner at pops was almost nonexistent. She looked tired and he noticed the way some of her clothes hung off her shoulders. It made his stomach clench and his chest hurt. This was Betty he was talking about, if she was hurting she would tell him



Turning to face herself in the mirror, betty lifted her sweater over stomach, running a hand over the almost flat area. She punched the skin there and frowned. Her mom was right , she was getting big, sure her pants were loose on her but she couldn’t see any difference, her thighs still jiggled a little bit as she ran the track and her cheeks were just as chubby as ever.

A knock on the window scared her, causing her to rip her sweater back down over her body. Turning she spotted Jughead scaling the ladder he had placed by her bedroom window. She smiled and went to help him lift the window.


“What’s up?” He climbed through the window smiling confused at her.

“Just getting ready for school, what are you doing here so early?”

“Thought I could walk you to school, we can grab breakfast on the way.” He raised a brow, waiting for her answer.

“Oh juggie, I was gonna run the track a few times before first period, raincheck?”

He sat on her bed

“Bets you’ve rainchecked me all week, you’ve run that track so much I’m surprised you still have feet to run with.”

She smiled nervously
“Come on, don’t be silly, exercise is good for you.” She grabbed her bag, moving to climb out the window.

He watched her for a second, his eyes moving to the mirror he caught her staring at herself in just minutes before. What was happening to her?

She talked the whole way to school, leaving him no time to ask her anything.

“Okay juggie, I’ll see you after school, I hate tuesdays we don’t have any blocks together.” She pouted.

He smiled softly

“It’s not my favorite day of the week either, you sure you don’t wanna grab something to eat in the caf? I can bring you something?” He asked a little desperately.

She shook her head placing a hand to his cheek,
“I’m okay juggie, I’ll see you later okay.” He nodded silently, it felt like he was always watching her walk away these days.

The day went by so incredibly slow for Jughead, all he could think about was Betty and that fact that her collar bones were becoming more and more prominent. It didn’t make any sense to him, he loved food, he would never pass up food especially not willingly.

Kevin seemed to catch on that something was on his new friends mind,

“Penny for your thoughts” he said in jugheads ear, causing the dark haired boy to jump.

“Jesus, Keller you can be really creepy you know that?”

Kevin smiled “you flatter me, anyway what’s on your exceptionally intelligent mind?”

Jughead allowed himself to stroke his ego at the compliment, before instantly frowning again.

“It’s Betty, I don’t think she’s eating, I mean it’s so obvious she’s losing weight, she can’t afford to lose anymore weight she’ll waste away. And all she wants to do is run on that damn track, like I know she loves to work out but it’s getting crazy, she’s gonna run herself sick, and I tried talking to her but..”

Kevin cut him off with a shake of his head
“It’s just like last year.”

Jugheads head snapped up

“Last year, this already happened?”

Kevin sighed sitting down
“Last year, Betty tried out for the cheerleading squad and was turned away, Cheryl told her she was too fat and Betty pretty much lost it. She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t talk to anyone and she pretty much locked herself away in her room. It took the health teacher to finally get her help. It was scary, I thought I was gonna lose my best friend.” Kevin choked up a bit, shaking his head to rid himself of his tears.

Jugheads jaw clenched, no. He wasn’t gonna let that happen, Betty was beautiful and whoever was telling her differently was gonna have to speak to him.
“Thanks Kev, I gotta find Betty. I’ll see you later.”
He threw his books into his bag, Betty had said she’d meet him by the lockers but she wasn’t there. He waited about ten minutes before he shook his head. He knew where she was.

Taking off he practically ran to the track field. Sure enough there was Betty, sneakers pounding the pavement her chest heaving, her slim legs pumping and she came to a halt, bending over and placing her head in her hands.

Alright, that was it.

“Betty!” He called.

She whipped around , her eyes going wide when she caught his “what time is it?! Am I late?! I set my alarm, it was supposed to go off I was gonna meet you by the lockers!” She breathed heavy

“But you didn’t, you’re here. Running. Again.” He said trying to remain cool.

She raised a brow, confused by his tone

“If you’re Angry I’m late, I’m sorry I lost track of time I..”

He cut her off

“You aren’t eating.” He said bluntly.

Her eyes widened

“You’re not eating, you’re skipping meals, you won’t talk to me, all you do is work out and You look so tired Betty.” He said softly.

Her eyes welled up and she looked away avoiding his eyes

“I’m fine juggie. I’ve just been busy.”

His hand went to her chin pulling her face up and towards his

“And now you’re lying to me.”

Almost in an instant, she broke down, her knees giving out as his arms went to hold her upright, wrapping around her waist.

“Jughead ..” she choked

“It’s okay bets, it’s okay”

He let her cry for a few minutes before gently pulling away.

“Talk to me ” he said with pleading eyes.

She took a deep shaky breathe,
“I’m gross, I’m huge, I.. I run and run and I’ll never look like Veronica, I skip meals and I’m still bigger than Polly. Everyone can see it. I don’t know what else to do.” She sounded so broken it made his heart physically hurt.

“No. you’re wrong, you’re beautiful. There is nothing wrong with your body. You don’t have to look like Veronica or Polly or even Cheryl, you’re gorgeous the way you are.”

She looked into his eyes, lip quivering

“But my mom…”
He cut her off

“Is unhappy with herself so she takes that out on you, she wishes she looked half as good as you do. All the girls in this school wish they looked like you Betty. You’re making yourself sick, I can see how tired you are and your clothes are hanging off of you. You need to eat, you need to sleep. Let me buy you dinner okay? Then I’ll take you home and you can sleep.”

Her eyes softened, only a few remaining tears leaking out

“…you really think I’m beautiful? I’m not too big?”

He clutched her hand in his bringing her even tighter against his chest .

“The most beautiful girl in this damn school , and you’re not even close to being big, you’re too small, but even if you were I wouldn’t change a single thing, you’re my favorite person Betty and I don’t appreciate you trying to take her away from me.” He smiled down at her.

She giggled lightly, reaching up to press her hand to his cheek.
“Thankyou juggie.”

He smiled clearing his throat

“Also” he choked

She looked at him confused and waiting


He just stared at her. Was now the right time? he didn’t want to take advantage of her, but damn did he want to kiss her.

“What” she spoke again, this time smiling her eyes darting down to his lips

Screw it.

His mouth was on hers before she even had time to process what was going on. He was stroking her face gently and he couldn’t help but moan. Damn she was a good kisser. That familiar taste of peaches and cream he always smelt on her didn’t disappoint, she was gorgeous and soft and he never wanted to let go.

Pulling away he sighed out of relief, how long had he been waiting to do that? Too long.

She was smiling at him eyes closed when suddenly the sound of a gurgling stomach caused her to look up, blushing.

“Well I think that means it’s time to head out” he held open his palm ready to thread their fingers together. She obliged happily, snuggling into his side.

It was gonna take time but he was gonna help Betty Cooper slay all of her dragons.

One by one.

tanovic54321  asked:

Can I get some Chris Evans headcanons where his wife is pregnant and Dodger is really over protective of her even with Chris and it's just a bunch of funny fluffy moments

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Writer: Jess

  • First of all, when you tell Chris that you’re pregnant, both him and Dodger starts to jump around
  • Chris will be giggling and Dodger barking, the two of them just making a lot of noise to celebrate the news
  • Chris also starts to tell Dodger every single day about how beautiful his brother gonna be (because he’s so sure that you’re gonna have a little dude)
  • During morning sickness, when Chris has to get something for you like a glass of water while you’re throwing up, he’ll scream “Dodger, stay with her” while running to the kitchen
  • For your surprise, Dodger will obey him and will stay watching you at the bathroom’s door
  • Whenever you’re craving for something weird to eat and Chris has to go to the grocery store, Dodger stays with you, following you around the house
  • “How can you be so damn smart, Dodger?”
  • After the baby kicked for the very first time (and of course Chris made Dodger put his paw on your belly to feel it), the dog got so protective over you
  • Is someone getting closer to your belly? He will bark
  • You’re sleeping and cuddling Chris? He will join you two and will rest his fluffy head on your belly
  • He will play with you, make you company whenever Chris is not around, look after you, etc
  • He’s basically your dog now lol
  • When Chris found out that you’re actually expecting a little girl and not a boy, and he told Dodger about it, the dog barked
  • And Chris started to talk to him
  • “Noup, you didn’t know it was a girl, stop it”
  • “Do you wanna choose the name, buddy?”
  • “Chris, Dodger is not going to choose our daughter’s name, he’s a dog!”
Enchantress (Beast/Adam Imagines)

Request : May I request that the reader is the enchantress that lays the curse on the Beast but instead of Belle breaking he spell, its the Enchantress that stays with him? - @lewaotic

Originally posted by braedens

You were the enchantress, also known as (y/n). Your job was to fix people for the better. Which is how you got in this situation.

 "Please, may I come in I’m really cold and sick.“ You coughed into your hand as the rain hit your back. "I can give you this.” You raised your hand to show Prince Adam a single rose.

 He laughed in your face. “Only beautiful people are aloud in here so I’m afraid you are going to have to leave.” Adam looked you up and down and looked away in disgust.

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Dating Ignis Scientia Would Include

Originally posted by chocohoe-rehab

  • Dating Ignis is extremely comforting
  • He’s always so calm and collected
  • And he takes good care of you
  • Ignis is always there if you need anything at all
  • Also, prepare to be very spoiled
  • Ignis is extremely respectful and caring
  • He’s always making sure you’re comfortable and well
  • He’s extremely thoughtful and always takes your feelings in consideration
  • He cooks for you all the time
  • Even bakes, although he’s not as good
  • But Iggy knows you love sweets and bakes for you
  • Especially if you offer to help him
  • Cooking and baking together is like having a date
  • You actually spend more time flirting than cooking
  • This man is like the most romantic person ever
  • You know he has something prepared for Valentine’s Day every year
  • And he does!
  • He prepares your favorite meal, fills the room with candles and gives you a huge and beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers, the room covered in petals as well
  • He treats you like royalty, he’s just so charming
  • Ignis just adores you so much
  • Anyone can see how enamored he is
  • Being called ‘my love’ by him
  • Or ‘darling’ or ‘dear’
  • Sometimes even ‘angel’
  • You mostly call him just ‘Ignis’ or ‘Iggy’
  • But sometimes things like ‘handsome’ or ‘honey’ because it makes him blush a bit
  • He always keep an eye on you
  • And he’s prepared for any situation
  • If you get sick he knows exactly what to do to make you recover
  • And he takes care of you and calms you down
  • If you get scared he comforts you and distracts you
  • And he notices when you get sad immediately
  • Ignis knows you so well that he notices any slight change in your behavior
  • And he subtly takes care of the problem without attracting attention
  • He makes it look all so easy because he’s so smooth
  • Ignis Scientia is basically like the best boyfriend ever
  • Slow dancing together
  • No music needed
  • Lots of compliments from him
  • “You look absolutely beautiful today, Y/N”
  • Ignis is not a big fan of PDA 
  • But when there’s some his touch is so gentle and sweet
  • He can get very affectionate, but always tenderly
  • You two absolutely adore holding hands
  • It’s so simple and pure yet so intimate
  • He secretly adores when you place your head on his shoulder
  • Or when you hug him
  • Iggy actually loves all those gestures of yours, he just doesn’t feel comfortable initiating them
  • Ignis is actually extremely shy despite his confident appearance!
  • You take advantage of this and fluster him sometimes
  • If you compliment him he will politely thank you
  • Even though he’s blushing and adjusts his glasses as he tries to conceal how flustered you just made him
  • Just by saying ‘you look handsome today’
  • So imagine if you said something a bit cheekier
  • Not to say he can’t be cheeky sometimes, though
  • Especially when you’re in private
  • Small fatherly lectures when you mess up
  • In which he always reminds you how much he cares about you
  • He’s not afraid to speak his feelings, ever
  • You two can talk about anything
  • Ignis is always so receptive and open, you adore chatting with him
  • Discussing any subject, because he’s so smart and cultured as well
  • There’s lots of communication and trust
  • To put it shortly, he’s the best boyfriend ever


I met @wiishu and @therealjacksepticeye


WE MET ON OMEGLE (I was wearing the same shirt, but you can’t really see) and he told me “Now you don’t have to spend all that money to come see me!” when I told him I was gonna come to PAX.


I only got this opportunity because of a boy that I need to give a shoutout to. I spent hours in the cold waiting to meet Jack, and I was a few people behind when they cut off. 

I shut down. I was sobbing and breaking down because I had this happen with Mark, too, and I had tried SO hard. I was sick, broke, and hadn’t slept in two days. It was just not my day.

This sweet, selfless boy comes and hands me his ticket and offers to let me sit with him in line. That boy and his mother are pure. I found out how good humanity can be that day. Thank you, random boy. 

And I later learned that somebody else had done the same for him to meet Markiplier.

Look at these people. Look at these beautiful fandoms. We have amazing communities that look after each other. I had a mom come up and give me a soda and offer me food because I hadn’t eaten and was on the verge of passing out. 

I’ll stop rambling: Thank you, Jack, for being so sweet to me even though I was practically the end of the line, and for always being your amazing, genuine self, and thank you for making this community what it is. 

Not Nothing - Peter Parker

summary : the reader is being bullied at school for being plus size, and when her friend and crush Peter Parker finds out, he goes out of his way to make her feel special. To make sure that she knows she’s not nothing.

word count : 2.2k+

warnings : bullying, self-hatred, sad!reader, angst, sad!Peter, self-doubt, puking, fluff, Peter being the nicest person on the face of the planet.

pairing / characters : peter parker x plus size!reader, MJ, Ned, Flash,

prompt : “ Hi! I was wondering if you had time to add a Peter Parker request to your list. I’ve got two ideas but you can chose either one. One idea that based on the song "When He Sees Me” from waitress and maybe the reader was talking to MJ and the other idea is one where the reader is getting bullied for being plus size and they kinda retreat into themselves and ignore everyone and then Peter does some fluff to make them feel better. Honestly I would be happy with either one but only if you have time" - anon

A/N : so I decided to go with the second idea, because I had a better thought process with it? Idk, just enjoy!

p.s. if you can not handle what is written I suggest not reading this. Just a heads up.

p.p.s. I do not suggest ANY of you ever thinking that you are not worth it, or that you need to make yourself sick to look ‘pretty’. You are all beautiful in your own ways, and you should own them, not throw them away. <3

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so this needs to be said about choi youngjae

okay so I’m making this post for my only love because I feel like I have to chime into this and make a post and I can’t say all I need to in tags

my baby sun choi youngjae is the strongest person in that goddamn group and I’m gonna tell y’all why

here we go

  • trained for really one month okay he might have been in the company for seven but that boy only got a month before he was put into got7 and those other six months were just for preparing for debut so really he got a month of solid training
  • was immediately the least liked member because of how adorably awkward he was and how he wasn’t sexy/hot or baby cute honestly this argument makes no sense cause he was fucking adorable when he debuted but okay
  • was made fun of and not taken seriously as a main vocal cause he didn’t really have any parts in girls, girls, girls like seriously it wasn’t his decision it was JYP and the only reason he didn’t sing much was cause he just came into the company and they had to see his vocal limits
  • was bullied on national television by jackson ((I know it was just for the audience but it wasn’t funny to me)) and made a laughing stock in igot7 but did not retaliate in the slightest
  • always ignored by fans until he lost a dramatic amount of weight which honestly scares me so much you have no idea how worried I am
  • always picked on for his insecurities and flaws by fans but just smiles and waves for them and is so pure and beautiful
  • was given no close ups during music broadcasts and is always shunned to the back or a corner cause fans don’t like him as much as other members which really shatters my heart
  • is sent hate on a regular basis whenever they do lives and when he posts photos on instagram and twitter but doesn’t say anything about it
  • diets so hard to look “beautiful” for all of us like how sick are we that he thinks that the only way he’ll be loved by the fans is if he is skinny
  • performed while sick for the fans and still got hate cause he wasn’t smiling or anything and whenever he looks tired on stage he is always criticized but whenever others are tired, they’re given love and support like they all deserve
  • legitimately shocked when people call him handsome like can you imagine how many times he’s been told otherwise for him to have that kind of reaction it breaks my heart
  • gets hate when he doesn’t get enough lines, gets hate when he gets too many lines, gets hate cause he isn’t a perfect dancer ((but y’all have nothing to say when anyone else messes up)) gets hate from just doing what he loves

in conclusion choi youngjae is the strongest member of got7 who has never retaliated on anyone and has never complained about the hate he receives and I know already that there are gonna be people who argue with me and say jackson or jaebum are the strongest members but honestly you are missing the whole fucking point yes those boys are strong but no one has to deal with the shit youngjae does and it appalls me that people can say so much negative and awful shit about him like really fuck you

Batboys Taking Care Of Their Sick s/o Would Include...


-he doesn’t even try to make you soup, he knows he’ll end up screwing it up so he buys you some instead from a local restaurant
-refuses your protests of him being near you because he could catch your cold
-kissing you even though you warn him not to
-makes sure you always have tissue near you
-if you need anything he will go and get it
-reassures you and coos the sweetest things to you
-tries his darn best to make you feel better
-ends up catching a cold anyway


-Jason would sooo cover you in blankets
-puts a wet cool rag on your forehead
-checks your temperature constantly
-worries about you all the damn time
-”Do you need something?”
-”Are you sure you’re okay?”
-”Oh fuck you need this- shit!”
-making you take all your icky medicine
-taking you out to the doctor right away
-calling you cute pet names
-being a bit more fluffy/romantic than usual
-cuddling you so you can stay warm


-would look up your symptoms online
-yep Tim would so be one those people
-but he would be really good at taking care of you
-he knows a lot about common colds and you thank god that he’s your bf
-he can prescribe you amazing medicines to take which get you back up on your feet in hours
-constantly checking on you because he’s worried about you
-kissing your forehead to comfort you
-stopping work so he can spend the day with you watching Netflix


-doesn’t let you get up from the bed
-anytime someone at the manor gets sick he wears a gas suit and everything
-but when it comes to you he takes no cautions because how much he cares about you
-he could care less if he caught it
-his number one priority is to make you feel better
-he would get the best doctor to check you out to make sure it’s nothing more than a common cold
-tells you how beautiful you look even when you’re sick
-won’t let anyone else see you


So like its been 2 days since I watched the camp camp finale and of course I’m still amazed about how well animated it was, the voice acting and just everything about it was amazing!
And the ending seriously hit me hard, I just thinking about it and how well executed it was.

And it just keeps hitting me that
M a x. C r i e d.
And it just kills me inside because he was just sick of David not listening and seeing those stable family relationships (minus a few of course),
and everything has just been weighing down on him and you can see that he truly is upset about the fact that his parent D o n ’ t. C a r e.
(Michael Jones you god, you truly have a beautiful voice)
He’s just so tired that he allows David and Gwen to see him break down.
(Also the fluid animation of of Max’s frown was oscar worthy)
(And Max’s little lip wobble as more tears come to his eyes and he just hides his face! Like it looked so fluid)
And when David is looking between Cameron and Max you can see the eternal s t r u g g l e.

The fact that he called the show ‘stupid’ was such a shock to Max that he actually asked “are you okay?”
And Davids fucking speech killed me, Miles Luna did an amazing job it just brought me to tears.
Davids voice always has this energy to it and all of a sudden his voice is so low I just? Died?
(Miles voice is so calming)
David apologises for not listening, trying to force him to be happy, for the fact that his parents don’t care and it’s just such a touching scene.
(He just wants his boy to be happy :(()
He just wants him to be happy!
(And Gwen’s “eat up you little shit” was awesome okay)
And when they’re outside you can see the hesitation in Max,
(Max’s quiet “david?” He was so uncertain omg)
should he trust David? Should he put his faith into David? And thank god he does.
He hugs David! Albeit for second but you can see the trust!!
And that B E A U T I F U L shot of David standing with a starry background and David warm smile! And the camera view is from Max’s perspective! I think he truly is starting to look up to David.
(Davids “Okay Max” was a blessing)
Miles Luna and the crew have truly outdone themselves, I can’t wait to see what they do in the bonus episodes and possible season 3.

I just want more David, Gwen and Max being a happy family :)

(Half of this is just rambling I’m sorry)

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (3)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 3 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 2,460 (-ish)

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You scowled at Chanyeol, shoving another fist full of popcorn into your mouth. It was only you and he at home, Minseok was out doing God knows what probably with the other boys and you still weren’t happy about it. It’s not that you wanted him to stay away from them because you hated them. It’s not that you wanted to pretend they didn’t exist because that wasn’t the case either, you had grown fond of them over the two months you’d spent with them so in fact it was quite the opposite. But you were so desperate for your life to move on, you never wanted to walk back into that direction and Minseok didn’t want that either, at least that’s what you had thought but it turned out you were wrong.

“Listen Y/N it wasn’t my place to say, it was Minseok’s duty. I don’t mean anything on the grand scheme of things nowadays I’m only a friend, he’s your husband so I really don’t see how any of this is my fault.” Chanyeol pouted back, slapping your hand away from the bowl of popcorn and pulling it into his lap.

You frowned at him. “I’ve already told you Chanyeol, you’re not just a friend you’re my best friend and that will never change, you mean as much to me now as you always have so don’t act like you’re an unimportant individual in the ‘grand scheme of things’.” You threw your fingers in the air making quotation marks and mocked his voice. However he was right this wasn’t his fault it wasn’t his job to inform you about anything anymore it was Minseok’s job now. You sighed standing up from your seat and stretched your hands up in the air.

“Anyway I didn’t come round to discuss your marital problems Y/N, I came to ask you a favour. Well ask a favour for Kyungsoo.”

“Why what’s up with him, he’s okay isn’t he?” Your heart thumped a little bit, your mind flashed back to the state of him lying in his own blood on the kitchen floor, with his eyes rolling into the back of his head, it made you feel sick it was something you would never be able to erase no matter how hard you tried.

“Yeah he’s fine mostly, I mean he’s coping –ish. Basically he’s living with Sehun, Yixing and Jongdae at Minseok’s old house, but it’s got stairs right? So he can’t really get about much there’s only so much he can do for himself and you know how bad Kyungsoo can get when he allows himself to feel shitty, he’s getting back to that state of blocking himself away and it’s not doing him any good. Since you’re living in this beautiful bungalow…” Chanyeol smiled cheekily at you. You rolled your eyes in response, it’s not that you didn’t want to help Kyungsoo out, but you were really finding it hard to live with your own husband right now, you didn’t need the added stress.

“Chanyeol I don’t think –”

“Oh come on Y/N, it doesn’t have to be for long, just until he can get his spirits back up a little, please. It breaks my heart to see Kyungsoo paralysed and the fact that he can’t deal with it emotionally just makes it worse, he’s still trying so hard to pretend he’s okay but he still hasn’t come to terms with it properly honestly he’s still in denial.” He sulked, dragging you down to the sofa by your arm.

“Fine just for a while then, I’ve got issues to deal with. Or should I say an issue. Minseok. Maybe marrying him was a mistake Chan?” You said sadly looking down at the ring on your finger.

“Woah, come on Y/N don’t say that I’m sure you’re just going through a rough patch it happens to all couples right?”

“But Chanyeol how could he keep such a big secret from me. How could he not tell me that Luhan is back? Did I not deserve to know? Maybe this marriage should never have happened.” You paused and looked up to your right as you heard the front door closing and footsteps stopping near where the coats hung.

“So now you regret our marriage hmm?” Minseok seethed, staring at you through angry eyes, reminding you of how he used to be when you first met him and it made your skin crawl. “So I don’t tell you about Luhan, and now that means our marriage is being questioned. I didn’t tell you because I was trying to keep you safe. I wanted to keep you safe and sane Y/N! If that’s not being a good husband then I don’t know what is? You know what?…yeah let’s talk. In fact Chanyeol get the fuck out, I need to talk to my wife since that’s we she wants.” His voice was laced with venom as he darted his eyes towards Chanyeol, who was now rising from his space on the couch.

“No! Chanyeol stay!” You shouted at him as if he was a dog, but that was the least of your concerns at this moment.

“No! Chanyeol get the fuck out now!” Minseok shouted taking a step closer in your direction.

“No Minseok he’s staying!” You both looked at Chanyeol who was still stood there, his eyes wide looking between the two of you.

“You know what I’ll just go, I need to pick up Soo and bring him here anyway may as well go now hmm? See you in a bit.” He quickly darted out of your house before you could stop him, slamming the door shut behind him. You rolled your eyes as you began to walk to your room, you were steaming inside, absolutely raging.

“Oi! Come back here we’ve not finished talking, you wanted to talk so let’s talk!” You ignored him and carried on walking to your room, causing him to follow closely behind.
“I said let’s talk!” He slammed the door behind him.

“Fuck off Min!” You shouted, throwing your phone down hard on the bed. This is not what you envisioned your life to be like when you said ‘I do.’

“No! No I won’t Y/N after everything we’ve been through! After everything I’ve ever opened up to you about, the way I’ve expressed my love to you. I’ve never loved anyone but you Y/N! You’re the first and last woman I ever want to have feelings for. How could you question our marriage?! How the fuck could you do that!” His eyes were red now and they were filled with tears his hands shaking violently as his eyes bore into the back of your skull. “If this was such a fucking mistake why did you pick me, hmm? You had so many fucking options; Chanyeol, Jongin, Yixing, fuck it you even had Kris at one point so why didn’t you pick one of them if this isn’t good enough for you!?”

“MAYBE I FUCKING SHOULD HAVE MINSEOK!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. Your chest was heaving up and down coinciding with your heavy breathing as you stared at him, tears streaming down your face. His eyes opened wide the tears that were pooled at his waterline finally flowing down his cheeks. He nodded slowly, looking down at his hands. He removed his ring from his finger and put it in his jewellery compartment box on the edge of your dressing table.

“Okay…I see how it is. For once in my life; after I had my parents snatched away from me, I finally begin to think I’m worthy of someone and wanted by someone. But I guess I’m wrong. I’ll leave that in there until you figure what and who you want.” He pointed at the ring in the compartment box. “Until you figure out whether or not our marriage is good enough for you to be a part of. Turn off the light when you’re done.” Without saying another word Minseok slowly slipped under the sheets of the bed and closed his eyes.
You let out a grunt, clearly you didn’t want to be with any of the others you were just mad and now you were going to have to ‘talk’ to each other. At that moment you heard a knock at the front door. You sighed heavily making your way over to the door to open it, finding Chanyeol and Kyungsoo there. You smiled at them softly, your eyes still red and wet, dry tears stains marking your cheeks.

“Hey…are you okay?” Chanyeol said in a soft voice looking at you sadly. You had to admit that your best friend was truly the best; he cared so much for you. You nodded lightly, stepping aside for Kyungsoo to wheel himself in. “Look if you need anything just call me okay.” Chanyeol smiled, walking away from your door. You closed it quietly and spun around to see Kyungsoo staring at you in confusion.

“Is…is everything alright? Was it Minseok? He didn’t hit you did he?”

“No.” You laughed lightly. “No it was just a stupid argument.” You sat down on the sofa and waited for Kyungsoo to wheel himself near you.

“I hope it wasn’t because of me intruding or anything.” His face was worried as he continued to stare at you, waiting for you discredit his suspicions.

“Oh no. God no Kyungsoo, don’t be silly. That’s not the issue at all don’t worry about your stay, at least I’ll actually have someone to talk.” He smiled at you slightly; relieved that he wasn’t the cause of the argument you’d had with Minseok.

“I owe you one Y/N, for letting me stay. I just had to get out of there for a while, the stairs were becoming way too much for me.” He hung his head a bit, but you smiled at him anyway.

“Kyungsoo honestly it’s fine. So tell me apart from the stairs how have you been coping?”

He let out a breath, and frowned slightly. “I don’t know, I guess I’ll never really be okay Y/N. It’s one thing to be born paralysed, cause that’s kind of always how your life was and so you’re ‘used to it’ in sense. I use that term loosely by the way. But to have been able to walk and run perfectly and then have it all taken away. I don’t know, sometimes I don’t know if life is worth all of this hassle for me. I get those days where I don’t even want to exist anymore.” He frowned, but it was a sad frown. One that made your heart break piece by piece. Ironically you reached over and rubbed his leg to comfort him, offering a comfort he couldn’t even feel.

“Kyungsoo don’t say that. People want you around, everyone cares for you. And I’m not saying it doesn’t get tough, I have no right to because I have no idea what you’re going through, but that’s when you have to push all the more harder. To tell you the honest truth Kyungsoo I used to hate you, especially the whole Jongdae’s blood incident.” He rolled his eyes in embarrassment.
“Now though, you’re probably one of my favourites.” You smiled brightly, letting him know he was worth more than he thought he was.

“Well on the bright side. Babu came to pick me up last weekend.” Kyungsoo smiled “I got to hold my niece for the first time and I met his wife. I saw my mum again.”

“Aww Kyungsoo, that’s lovely.” You smiled at him, you were happy if he was happy because he had been through a lot and he deserved that much.

“I was going to ask how you and Minseok were settling down but…”
Your smile left your face immediately replaying the image of Minseok taking his ring off in your mind.

“It’s been a bit hard lately, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.” You said in the most unconvincing tone ever. “Look I’ll quickly go and sort out the spare room so you can get to sleep okay Soo? It’s late and you must be pretty tired.” You stood up walking over to the spare room that still had one or two wedding gifts lying in it from your parents.
You weren’t looking forward to sleeping next to your husband tonight.

It had been a couple of days since the argument with Minseok and you still hadn’t spoken to him nor him to you.  It was kind of hard to rekindle your relationship when Kyungsoo was there but you were just grateful for Kyungsoo’s company.
You were making your way home from work one night; you had just gotten off of the phone from Chanyeol, ranting about everything you possibly could to him, before you started your car engine. You switched on the radio to your favourite radio station, quietly singing along to the songs so you could keep your mind off of Minseok, you were frustrated because you loved him. You loved him so much you just wanted to hug him and kiss him, but at the same time you wanted to rip him to shreds for leaving you in the dark and lying to you for God knows how long. You frowned looking up at the rear view mirror. You felt as though the car behind had been following you for quite some distance. You were probably just imagining it, but to be sure you parked off the road for a while just to make sure you had lost them. Once you were sure they had gone you continued to drive. But suddenly you saw the car behind you again, you were just about to indicate and make a detour when you felt your tyres deflate and scrape across the road, sparks flying out beside you. The rear glass screen was shot at twice and shattered to a million pieces. You let out a shrill scream; your heart was pounding violently against your chest it took you a moment to register that you were under attack. Slowly you reached over to the seat next to you reaching for your phone in your bag and dialling the first contact in your phone book.


It rang once, twice. But just as he picked up the call the line had been intercepted by someone else. A voice you’d never heard before. You were scared beyond belief; your heart was pounding wildly. It began to speak in a sinister tone, sending chills down your spine.

Think about calling anyone else and the next bullet will go straight through your skull, now hang up and put your phone down.”

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omg "are you drunk ?" + malec please !!

+ anonymous said: 38 Magnus + Alec (38. “Never mind, the moment’s gone.”)

Magnus had made it his mission one night to find a cocktail Alec liked. Wine was all well and good, but cocktails were a whole other story. He made a few throughout the night, focusing more on making the lighter, sweeter ones, and Alec’s reactions had been mixed. And not a single one had been approved completely.

Magnus had gone to his bookshelf in search of a cocktail book he was sure he had somewhere, when he heard a honest to God giggle coming from the living room. He peeked over, finding Alec slumped on the couch, his hazel eyes wide and glassy.

“Magnus!“ Alec exclaimed, a bright, dopey smile spreading across his face. 

“Are you drunk?“ Magnus said, amused. Alec hadn’t really shown any signs of intoxication, but now it seems obvious that the alcohol had gotten to him.

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