how can you be an age older than me

sirius black is 145 days older than james potter and don’t think for a moment that he didn’t hold that over his head

sirius, inspecting his facial hair: don’t worry, prongs. you’re bound to hit puberty soon, i’m sure of it. 

respect your elders, prongs: dumbledore, mcgonagall, your mother, me.

what’s that? i’ve got a watch from your parents before you? 144 more days, prongs. hang in there. 

age before beauty, prongs. no wait, i’ve got that, too. 

as the fairest, tallest, and oldest marauder present, you ought to listen to me.

to lily, when she turns 20: i can’t believe you’re married to a teenager.

how am i one-hundred and forty five days older than you, and i look so young? one of life’s mysteries, i suppose.

to a hungover james: when you’re older, you’ll be able to hold your liquor properly, young buck.

I’ve been reading mixed opinions about Sonja and I just want to say something myself.
Some people say they can see where she came from when she said what she said to Isak. And I mean, I get that. I get that she’s been by Even’s side through good times and bad times and that she might love him still, in her own way. Personally, my issue with Sonja is that she was literally patronizing towards both Even’s mental health and sexuality and it made me uncomfortable. No one should speak like that, not matter how much you think you know about someone and not matter that you feel entitled to do so because you’ve been knowing this someone for years. Also notice she’s just a couple of years older than Isak - two years are nothing and everything at the same time, especially at that age and in that situation. She had control of the situation over Isak, she was in a position of power because she knew, because she can say ‘I would have told you so if you listened’, because she’s seen Even having episodes before. And maybe she just genuinely thinks what she said. And I mean, as I said I can get that, I can get that even though I disapprove (also you have a kid looking desperate and on the verge of crying in front you, at least I don’t know, lower your voice or something)
What I don’t approve of, is people pointing out that she deserves respect for sticking around. Sometimes certain people can do more harm than good and just because they “stick around” it doesn’t mean it’s good you know? She talked about Even in a really condescending way and I don’t like it. She sounded like his carer, and I don’t like it. Even doesn’t need her o Isak to be his carers, that’s literally what therapists are for. He needs a lover who loves him even when things get bad, who is willing to fight for him and let him know love can absolutely happens despite mental illness. That he is worth of an happy ending, that he doesn’t have to hide that part of him anymore. Even said multiple times Sonja was too controlling/condescending and I get that she was worried and all, but Even doesn’t like it and can you all stop thinking he was saying that just because of his mental illness? He clearly struggles with how much power she has over him. She was probably full of good intentions but still acted wrongly and it happens in real life all the time.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people freaking out by the “how old will you be in 2024″ post and how they ‘aren’t ready’ to be ‘that old’. 

As someone who is currently older than most of you will be in 2024, let me tell you that it’s fine, everything’s okay, not that many people have a Life’s Purpose even at my age so you don’t need to worry about hurrying up and finding one. Extra responsibility is tiring, but it’s okay. Working full-time is tiring, but it’s okay. Neither of those things are as scary as they seem when you imagine them; your routines change effortlessly and before long you can’t remember what it was like being at university/school/living at home with the family.

 As you age you become more certain about who you are, less insecure, and (hopefully!) more balanced in your opinions and perspectives. People start to take you more seriously. You worry less about what other people think and are more in tune with what you need as a person. If you have mental health issues like I do, you get better at managing them. You understand them and work with them. 

Growing up seems scary when you imagine it, but all it is is you. There’s nothing you need to be ready for, because you will adapt step-by-step to the changes that happen to you and then you’ll look back on yourself now in 2024 and realise there wasn’t anything to be afraid of <3

Make You Scream - a Vikings Imagine

Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Rating: Explicit (really, I mean it. No fade to blacks here. Only follow the link if you’re over 18)
Warnings: dubious consent (social duress - lost a bet), cheating, threats
Words: 1415
Summary: The Reader loses a bet with Ivar and he comes to collect from you. Sexually.

Notes: This piece was inspired by @sansasandorshipper​’s imagine: “You are with Ubbe but Ivar is always trying to get with you.” Thank you so much darling, for letting me publish this homage to your brilliant idea. My story is an alternate ending to that tale, in mine the reader LOSES the fight and the bet.

As always for my smuts, the setting is an AU where the time jump in mid-season 4 lasted long enough to make Ivar older than the age of consent in your country ;)

Excerpt: Before you can fall asleep, the door scrapes open again. “Ubbe, remember how you mother scolded both of us when she caught you in here at night last time,” you call out.

“Not Ubbe,” comes a chuckling voice from near the floor.

Your heart starts racing as you watch Ivar pull himself up to your bedside. “Are you ready to settle up on that bet, y/n?”

“Go to Hel, Ivar,” you spit back, pulling your furs up to your chin. You are wearing nothing but a thin linen shift under there.

“Think of your honor,” he smirks, resting his elbows on the edge of your bed. “Do you really want to be known as someone that goes back on a wager?”

You grit your teeth. Your word and your honor mean everything to you. You narrow your eyes, bringing your face close to Ivar’s. “If you truly think you can make me scream your name, you are welcome to try,” you challenge. You hate Ivar. You hate his smirks, and his ridiculously blue eyes, and the way he always has to have the last word with—

His hand is under your furs, sliding up your thigh.

Finish reading on Ao3 here, this thing is waaaay too smutty to put in the respectable tags on Tumblr

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Can I just say that you pointing out that people love to critique Felicity for being 10+ older than her character, but don't do the same to Diego? Like, hm, I wonder why people love to pull that card against her. It's been bugging me ever since the movie came out, so thank you for stating that it's an obsolete and ridiculous criticism!

You’re welcome. 

It’s particularly absurd because Diego Luna and Felicity Jones actually have the same age difference as Jyn and Cassian (four years), which makes them both too old by exactly the same amount. In both cases, it’s really obvious that they’re older. This is like a double standards trap just waiting to happen, and yet they keep stepping right into it.

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Request: Can u make a imagine of being Alex karev daughter and falling in love with mcdreamy?

A/N: Okay, this took me awhile to figure out the whole age difference with everyone cause firstly, I didn’t know how old Derek or Alex was in the show and secondly, I didn’t know how old you wanted the reader and I couldn’t ask you because you were on anon SO! I did a little research and found out that Alex was around 28-29 when starting his internship and Derek is roughly 10 years older than that. With that being said, I’m going on that Alex had a kid really young around the age of 16 and this is taking place around the later seasons?so Alex is 32, Derek is 42, and Reader is 18. Phew…

Alex Karev x Daughter!Reader 


“Y/n..” Alex mumbled as he bit down on his drinks straw that was placed at the side of his mouth but you didn’t answer. You were zoning out looking off in the distance. “Y/n..” He said again but this time he followed your gaze, his eyes landing on Derek Shepherd. 

He looked towards you once again. “Y/n!” He raised his voice a little and this time you snapped out of it. 

“What?” Your eyes turned towards your father’s who’s eyebrow was raised as he gestured towards where Derek was sitting.

“Why you staring at Doctor Shepherd? You got a crush on him or something?” He joked as he chuckled a bit, reaching forward and stealing a fry from your plate. Leaning back in his chair he froze mid chew when he saw that you were biting onto your bottom lip and your cheeks were slightly red. 

“You don’t have a crush on him do you?” He asked more seriously this time. “Y/n, he’s more than 20 years older than you!” Alex’s voice was staying low but you could tell he wanted to yell at you.

“It’s not my fault, look at him. There’s a reason everyone calls him McDreamy around here.” Your dad’s nose flared and you knew he was beyond angry.

“Calm down dad. It’s just a small crush. Besides, it’s not like he’d see me anything more than your daughter.” You reached forward and grabbed your cup and took a sip.

Alex sighed but he was still kind of ticked off. “This better not be the reason why you are working your butt off to become a doctor here.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Only a crazy person would become a doctor just for some guy.”

Your dad nodded, pleased with your answer. 

“Hey Y/n,” you glanced up, your stomach erupting with butterflies when you saw Derek, a breathtaking smile on his face as he walked by you. 

“Dr. Karev.” He smiled and nodded towards your dad and you could see the glare in his eyes as he nodded back at him.

You sighed and glanced back, watching Derek walk out of the cafeteria. You had lied to your dad, it wasn’t just a crush you had on him, you were falling in love with the guy and your heart ached because of it. And even though he wasn’t the reason you wanted to be a doctor, he was a plus. 

Confession #2,229

I wish I had a disabled role model. Being disabled has it’s own set of adversities different from any other group of people, and I feel like I’m all alone trying to figure out what to do. How to get my life together, live, and how to treat myself and others. I don’t even know how to get up in the morning let alone live my life and become successful. I don’t know any other disabled people my age, let alone anyone older than me who can give me guidance. But more than all of that, I want to see more older disabled people because I want to see people like me can suceed. I want to see things can get better- not always your disability itself, but how you learn to cope and live again.

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I dont get it when antis say that Sheith is an "incestual brother ship" b/c K said "you're like a brother to me". IMO, KLANCE feels more like actual brothers to me since that's literally how brother dynamics work irl: petty stupid fights over everything, jealousy + insults, truces afterwards where you ignore each other, denial of bonding moments after the moment is over & reluctantly working together when forced to. :/

Legit though I saw a post about this a few weeks ago that is funny bc like if Keith says Shiro is like brother to him there can’t be much of an actual or perceived age difference between them bc it’s like you wouldn’t say that to someone way older than you who you see as an ‘authoritative’ figure because that’s just weird? Like antis try to use it to argue Sheith is a bad ship but really all it does is completely blow their point apart. Saying someone is like a brother to you is saying you’re extremely close and that you care about each other and know a lot about each other and idk about you but that’s a good ship????

Okay, so with the news of Runaways getting it’s own Hulu series, I’m working on a legit fancast for who I think would be great picks. I’m open to any suggestion but I’m also taking note that Marvel seems to be going for casting actual youths for their roles (I’m talking about the 18-20-year-old casting for Spider-Man: Homecoming) so I’m not looking for any one older than 22, no matter how perfectly they fit the role (sorry Mae Whitman). And for Molly, no older than 11, maybe 12. 

So Far I Have:

Nico Minoru- Ayami Nakajo (British/Japanese) (Age: 19)

Karolina Dean- Lili Reinhart (Age (19-20)

Gertrude Yorkes- Abigail Breslin (Age 20)

Molly Hayes- Stella Allen (Age 10-11)

As you can see, I only really have casting choices for the girls, but I have some ideas for Alex and Chase. I’m still open to suggestions for the girls though, so please, hit me up in my ask box if you have any ideas!  

BTS reaction to their crush being older than they thought

 requested by anon


“In ten years you will still look young isn’t that amazing!”

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“I knew I’m not some kind of pervert!”



“Age is just a number. Love will  overcome all obstacles.”

*trying to be smart but in reality he’s just happy that you’re legal*



*pets your head*

“Hahaha, sure you are! You know I live with three brats together, you can’t fool me.”

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“Well, that changes everything.”



“How is that possible? You are so tiny and cute!”



“So you are … my Noona?”


-Admin S

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i hope its ok to ask but, what do you think is the oldest age a 19 year old can date? my sister is going out tonight with a 20-something y/o tonight bc shes sick of colllege guys in terms of dating but im nervous bc i dont want her to get hurt (im also 17 and dont date so i dont know how this works)

okay so… i’m probably not the ideal person to answer this because i’m VERY hypervigilant about age differences due to my own past. i personally don’t like dating people that are more than two years older than me, and even then it’s a stretch?

it’s different for everyone according to comfort levels i guess, but i don’t think a 19-year-old should be dating anyone older than 24. even though 19 is fairly old, you’re still a teenager, and even just a year or so can make a HUGE difference in mental and emotional maturity

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How old do you think Burgh is? Or is there an official age I haven't heard of?

Well honestly I have no idea, there is no official source. But we do know that Chili, Cilan and Cress are teenagers from official source so I guess we can work off that. I think Burgh only looks a little older than them so maybe he’s somewhere in his 20s? That’s my interpretation anyway, as pokemon has been known to design their characters so that they’re open to so much interperation about age and such

How Sad, How Lovely
Connie Converse
How Sad, How Lovely

like life, like a smile, like the fall of a leaf

how sad, how lovely, how brief

rules: post a song that reminds you of your muse, tag ppl whose songs you want to see.

tagged by: @desertcruise !!!

tagging: this was really hard for me because when i think of sadie, i usually think of instrumentals (listen to the beasts of the southern wild ost), but i wanted to post a song whose lyrics would reflect her combination of childlike wonder/optimism with her melancholy/wisdom of somebody older than her age. anyway, as you can see i’m a huge folk hoe and unfortunately old folk doesn’t tend to come with music videos. i tag @wreckord, @diosasbody, @bleedhot, @palmburnt@virginae, and whoever else wants to do it !!!

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I can't wrap my head around how your 17 like we are the same age! I always assumed you were older than me(but I do that with everyone). And I just can't believe your writing it's so good!!! Like if only my writing could be as good as yours I'll probs have to wait a few years to achieve your awesomeness!!! Love ya!!

Aw man, thanks so much <3

Honestly??? Like I have been writing on and off since I was like nine and I’ve been actively writing since I was 14, so it’s not like this came out of nowhere. My first fics are still up if you want a link to them? For if you like, need some motivation or something because really, it’s all practice ^^

Eek, I got tagged!!

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1- Name/Nicknames? Diamond

2- Height? 5′10″

3- Hogwarts House? Ravenclaw

4- Last Thing Googled?  Samovar

5- A fictional character I’d like as a sibling? Umm…. Jack Carter from Eureka. (SyFi show now off the air)

6- How many blankets do I sleep with? Three in the winter, one in the summer

7- Favorite artist/band? Pentatonix

8- How many blogs do I follow?  113

9- What do I usually post about? Yuri on Ice, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Writing related stuff.

10- Do you get asks regularly? None.

11- What’s your Aesthetic? Anything that can get me to smile naturally.

a - age: older than Viktor…

b - biggest fear: Heights & being forgotten

c - current time: 9:08pm

d - drink you last had: Grape Poweraid

e - every day starts with: Fake coffee.

f - favorite song: Which one? It changes often.

g - ghosts, are they real?: Why not. It would explain a few things. For me anyway.

h - hometown: Howard City, MI

i - in love with: Yuri on Ice

j - jealous of: No one.

k - killed someone: Not that I know of.

l - last time you cried: I’d rather not say.

m - middle name: Rose

n - number of siblings: Three (by blood) + 2 (by choice)

o - one wish: To feel happy

p - person you last called/texted: Work

q - questions you’re most asked: Where is …?

r - reasons to smile: Well written fanfiction.

s - song last sang: I don’t sing. Trust me, this is a good thing.

t - time you woke up: 7:45am

u - underwear color: Pink and black stripes

v - vacation destinations: New Orleans.

w - worst habit: Beating myself up mentally.

x - x-rays you’ve had: Can’t remember.

y - your favorite food: Mediterranean

z - zodiac sign: Gemini

I’m tagging: @digitalper50na @introduceyourlipstominememecrew @madamredwrites @loverrevolveri @imapantsu

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10 people that you would ship Tom with that aren't you?

In no particular order (can they be older since this is hypothetical?):

  • Auli’i Cravalho
  • Yara Shahidi
  • Normani Kordei

This is hard b! I don’t know any celebs close to his age and the first two are younger than him! 
How about you give me who you would ship him with and I will agree or disagree!

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Start new discourse topic? You ever watch Pretty Little Liars? come no one is talking about how disturbingly wrong the relationship between Ezra and Aria is? I wouldn't want my child ever to watch romanticized relationship between a teacher and his 16 year old student - that ain't right, where the popo at? Annoying characters so can just skip their parts without loss to story but *face palm*

I’ve never watched PLL but if people really out here encouraging a ship between a 16 yr old and a teacher thats probably over 25,,, yikes

It’s funny how many people made such an uproar about the age difference between Baekyeon but forget to mention the fact that Lee Min-ho is 8 YEARS older than Suzy &amp; Sulli with a boyfriend of 14 YEARS her senior. It upsets me how you scold a couple (or not) who has a small age difference, but not one who has almost 10 years and up. This double standard thing needs to stop b/c I can guarantee Suzy &amp; Sulli don’t hate as Taeyeon does because they decide to be themselves.

Y'all literally need to hop all the way off trying to come at me with some bs about the “age difference” between Margot and Will/quinnshot (even tho we don’t even know the age difference between Harley and Floyd in the DCEU). Freaking white women date and marry white men 15-20 years older than them ALL THE FREAKING TIME and y'all are 😴💤😴💤😴💤 but if a black man and a white woman has that same age difference between them y'all wanna climb down ppl’s throats about it.

It’s not freaking weird. It’s not creepy. And it’s definitely not MY problem if you feel uncomfortable about it. You wanna come in my inbox telling me how “weird” their age difference is and how you “can’t” ship quinnshot because of it and reprimanding me for shipping a healthy (enough) pairing? Make sure you message every Mad Love/Margot x Jared (*shudders*) shipper as well since Jared is only 3 years younger than Will Smith but it’s not a problem to “ship” him and his character with Margot and her character but it’s creepy when it’s Will and his character. GTFO.

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Exo Scenario: Arranged Marriage with Sehun Pt 4 ~

I know that this is a long time coming, but hopefully you all enjoy this as much as the other parts. It’s going to be a sort of flashback scene to how they used to be in high school, before the reader moved away with her parents. Hope you all don’t mind :) And please enjoy it! Let me know what you think.

You can find the other parts here: Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 ~

The two of you had been friends since you were children, but Sehun had always been five years older than you. As kids, the age difference hadn’t really bothered either of you, and your parents had always commented on how cute it was that you were so enamored with Sehun, following him around everywhere he went like a little puppy.

But it when you both reached your teen years that things got a little more complicated.

When Sehun turned 18, you were still 13. And it was definitely not cool for an eighteen year old to be hanging out with a thirteen year old girl. It just didn’t make sense. That was the year that the two of you barely spoke. And it was that year that you started making more girl friends, to fill the void that had been created when you lost Sehun. You had seen it coming for at least a year, but you were thirteen and heart broken. At thirteen he was like a big brother to you.

At fourteen and fifteen, you started developing a crush on him. It made it okay because he wasn’t around that much. He was in college and you would only see him on weekends that he came home. Your friends said that he was cute and that if they were older, they would want to date him. You hadn’t realized then just how protective of him you were, but looking back on it at age twenty-one and you could clearly see it.

You hadn’t wanted him for anyone, knowing that they weren’t good enough for him.

At the age of fifteen, the two of you were closer. It had been a while since you were able to hang out with him and you missed him a lot. Your parents asked for Sehun to tutor you in math, because you really could not understand a single thing. That was how you had gotten him to come home from college every weekend, to take you out for lunch and bubble tea whenever he had the money, and to just hang out with you in general. 

It wasn’t him being creepy and hanging out with a younger girl. It was him acting like a big brother again. Except this time you didn’t want to see him as a big brother.

Throughout that year, the two of you would hang out more than you did with your regular friends. At least, on the weekends. Every time you knew Sehun was home, you would cancel any and all plans you had made with your friends from school. And at some point, they wouldn’t even ask why anymore. All they would say when you cancelled on them was “Say hi to Sehun for us.” and it almost felt like they were teasing you about it, but now you realized it was because he seemed like your boyfriend at the time and that had goosebumps running up your arms at the thought.

It was when you were sixteen - and Sehun was twenty-one - that your parents decided to move away. You knew that your crush for your childhood friend was not disappearing anytime soon, and whenever Sehun came home with a new girlfriend, you felt like your heart shattered every single time. You didn’t have any sort of claim on him, yet why did you feel like he was breaking your heart by being with these girls? Girls that were actually his own age?

You didn’t know the answer to that, but it hurt you enough that when your parents told you that you were moving, you didn’t tell Sehun. To you, it felt almost like payback, but as soon as you had disappeared in that car with your family, you regretted not telling him. 

Sehun found out from his parents a week later.

And then the two of you grew up apart. No matter the years together, there was now this cut in your relationship. He had become like your best friend, and you knew he felt the same way by the messages your parents received from his, saying how much he missed you. Of course, they could have been lying, but now, you weren’t so sure. 

You were gone for five years, even though your parents had returned to your original home when you were nineteen. You were going to a school abroad and hadn’t had the time to come back. And then, even when you were on vacation or leave, you stayed in that other house. 

Part of you was sure that you were afraid to go back to that house, to face Sehun after all those years. You had left without saying anything at all.

And as much as you had tried to convince yourself that the two of you hadn’t meant anything to one another, that he didn’t care for you as anything other than a little sister, you still felt guilty enough not to return. 

So…when you did return, and almost immediately after returning, the news of your arranged marriage hit your ears, all of those years as kids sped through your mind. You saw the two of you playing in the sand on the beach, walking through the streets on your way to school, Sehun tutoring you in any subject that you didn’t quite understand, and everything else that had bonded the two of you over those several years. Rice for dinner at his house, which only ended up in your hair because the two of you were fooling around. And beef for dinner at your house that ended up a greasy mess on both of your faces, racing to see who could finish their portion first.

Sehun always won.

So now, when Sehun kissed you, those memories rushed back again and you wondered if any of this would have happened at all. Was there such a thing as fate? Would the two of you still have come together like this, even if you weren’t childhood friends?

Even with the age difference, the two of you were getting married now. 

And a part of you couldn’t be happier. Yet…another part of you was scared out of her mind. 

You weren’t really sure which part was stronger.