how can you be 28 bye

#3 Mitch Marner

A Mitch one where he gets jealous? Thxx

YEEE. Jealous mitchell makes my life.



Warnings: idk language

Song suggestion of the day: UPGRADE U BY BEYONCE

Originally posted by glovesdropped

“No way Lady GaGa is better than Nikki Manaj. She’s a close second but she’s not Anaconda good. If we’re talking pre-2010 then maybe-”

You scoffed. “Mitch, that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all week. Nikki’s good and I love her but she isn’t Lady Gaga good.” 

Were you a Lady Gaga fan? No. Were you a Nikki Manaj fan? Also no. Is this how you expected this trip to go? Not really. 

It was the leafs bye-week and what else would you be doing than watching hockey. You and Mitch were driving down to London to watch another Knights/Otters game. To be honest you didn’t really mind if it meant spending time with Mitch, and it was also super cute how much he loved his friends. Mitch also had some very strong opinions on pop music, which you had decided to bear the brunt of if it meant you didn’t have to hear the same three Nikki Manaj songs over and over again.

“Give me your phone, Mitchell.” you demanded as va va vroom came on for the eighth time. 

“i can’t believe you would even think something like that.” Mitch muttered, obviously still peeved that you would ever mention another artist save Nikki. However he passed you his phone anyway so you could finally change the song. “Is this old school Beyonce?”

You smirked, humming along to the intro of Upgrade U, making Mitch laugh and roll his eyes before eventually singing along all the way till you got to London. You’d planned to arrive super early so Mitch could quickly catch up with stromer before the game and then you and Mitch would have a couple of hours to kill in the London before the game.

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200 Sentence Prompts!

message me a number and a guy/girl (hamilsquad or hamilcast) and I’ll write a fic!! (p.s I used feminine pronouns for these but if you want me to use masculine/gender neutral pronouns just tell me in your request and I’ll use them :))

1. “I kinda sorta maybe like you.”
2. “You’re my favorite person.“
3. “You know that, right?”
4. “I’m gonna kill you!”
5. “What the fuck happened here?”
6. “Please…don’t go.”
7. “Stay the night?”
8. “You’re such a loser.”
9. “Why do you hate me?”
10. “Just shut up and kiss me.”
11. “How dare you?”
12. “Excuse me?”
13. “Make me.”
14. “Can you not?”
15. “Care to explain?”
16. “Okay…sounds fake but okay.”
17. “Why are you filming?”
18. “Delete that. Immediately.”
19. “You spent $340 on what?”
20. “Why. Just…why.”
21. “Oh, and by the way? I love you.”
22. “You look so good in that.”
23. “If you want me to stop, then say so. But I don’t think you want me to.”
24. “Can I kiss you?”
25. “Currently dying. Bye.”
26. “Don’t touch me.”
27. “Get the hell away from me.”
28. “What are you afraid of?”
29. “If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is.”
30. “How do I put this simply? I despise you.”
31. “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me God!”
32. “What are you wearing?”
33. “You’re being ridiculous!”
34. “You’re just like them!”
35. “What song is this?”
36. “That might just be the worst pick up line I have ever heard. Congrats.”
37. “You have invented a new kind of stupid.”
38. “I sure don’t remember having a dog.”
39. “Why are you under a table?”
40. “Where are you?”
41. “I’m DYING.”
42. “Are you bleeding?”
43. “How often does this happen?”
44. “Oh my God, someone call an ambulance/medic!“ (depending on the time period)
45. “Did you just hiss at me?”
46. “You can’t spend the rest of your life inside.”
47. “Watch me.”
48. “Is that a dare?”
49. “Is that my shirt?”
50. “Can I have my stuff back?”
51. “You broke my heart.”
52. “________ is rolling in their grave right now.” “…________ isn’t dead?” “They are to me.”
53. “I’m sorry I kicked you in the balls. It might happen again.”
54. “Nobody cares??”
55. “Are you drunk?”
56. “You’re drunk.”
57. “You’re a woman?”
58. “…you have a sister?”
59. “You’re their sister?”
60. “FIGHT ME.”
61. “Why is if I’m the one who always has to stop you from getting into fights?”
62. “Get out!”
63. “Please don’t hurt him!”
64. “Please, don’t hurt yourself.”
65. “I can’t take it anymore!”
66. “That’s gotta hurt.”
67. “Are you hurt?”
68. “Who hurt you?”
69. “Can we please just go home?”
70. “It’s an honor to meet you.”
71. “It’s you. It’s actually you.”
72. “I love your tattoos.”
73. “Go to prom with me?”
74. “Did you just admit you love me over text? Lame.”
75. “What did you just say?”.”
76. “Come back to bed?”
77. “Sing it!”
78. “Everyday is Halloween if you’re dedicated.”
79. “OTP.”
80. “Just make out already.”
81. “Can I do your makeup?”
82. “I can fight my own battles.”
83. “Get out.”
84. “Get help!”
85. “Hey, hey, hey, stay with me.”
86. “Hold my hand.”
87. “I think your parents like me more than they like you.”
88. “Can I have your number?”
89. “Fuck it up!”
90. “You’ve ruined everything!”
91. “It’s all your fault!”
92. “Dance with me.”
93. “Nobody needs to know.”
94. “It’s yours.”
95. “It’s not yours.”
96. “I’m yours.”
97. “I am nobody’s but my own”
98. “Talk to me like that again and I’m leaving.”
99. “I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.”
100. “I’m tired of moping around and waiting for things to get better. So I’m going to make things better for myself.”
101. “Please tell me you’re not courting/dating him.” (once again, depending on the time period)
102. “We need to be quiet.”
103. “You don’t understand.”
104. “What were you doing in there?”
105. “I’m fine.”
106. “We’re not fine!”
107. “Everything is falling apart at the seams!”
108. “You wanna come over here and say that to my face?”
109. “This means nothing.”
110. “You sure about that?”
111. “Can you come over?”
112. “Are you…naked?”
113. “That’s the weirdest thing you could possibly say in this situation!”
114. “What were you thinking?”
115. “You could have died!”
116. “Where is she?”
117. “I’ll do anything.”
118. “Please don’t hurt her.”
119. “You’re going to be a father.”
120. “I’m so sorry it had to be this way.”
121. “Hold me back!”
122. “This is, like, the fifth fight you’ve gotten into this week. Calm down.”
123. “I love you, asshole!”
124. “I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember.“
125. “You should have told me.”
126. “Please don’t leave me.”
127. “I waited for you.”
128. “You broke a promise.”
129. “If you walk out right now it’s over.”
130. “Keep it in your pants, for crying out loud!”
131. “What if someone hears?”
132. “Everyone heard.”
133. “Everyone knows.”
134. “You’re so in love with her it’s embarrassing.”
135. “Don’t throw away your shot.”
136. “You stalled. He didn’t. Deal with it.”
137. “If I never see you again, I want you to know I love you.”
138. “What do you mean she’s missing?”
139. “It’s you.”
140. “That was not supposed to be sent to you.”
141. "I don’t remember asking you.”
142. “Are you going to the party?”
143. “She’s pregnant?”
144. “What did they do to you?”
145. “I’m going to kill him.”
146. “You deserve so much better”.
147. “Take it off.”
148. “Can we make this official?”
149. “Are you free tonight?”
150. “How was your date?”
151. “And now I have a hickey. Thanks.”
152. “Who gave you that hickey?”
153. “Can you please stop giving me hickeys?”
154. “Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.”
155. “We are not naming our child after my rival.”
156. “I’m about to go into labor and the father isn’t here. So yeah, I’m not doing that well!”
157. “I swear to God if you don’t show up in the next five minutes I’m naming this baby ___________” (depending on the rival)
158. “Can you believe we made this?”
159. “You say the dumbest things and it’s adorable.”
160. “Talk to me.”
161. “May I have this dance?”
162. “I do believe you are the most beautiful girl here tonight.”
163. “It’d be a shame if I didn’t say hello before the night is over.”
164. “Lord, help me through this night.”
165. “What do you mean we’re locked in?”
166. “Just do it.”
167. “I can’t believe it, I’m getting married today.”
168. “I’m married.”
169. “You know you don’t love him, so why do you pretend?”
170. “You deserve happiness.”
171. “You deserve everything you have, darling.”
172. “Just hold me.”
173. “I just want to hold you.”
174. “I can’t sleep without you in my arms.”
175. “You got arrested?!”
176. “This is so gonna get you arrested.”
177. “Come on, live a little!”
178. “Asl? ;)”
179. “I swear to God he’s the most annoying person on this planet.”
180. “He’s my brother.”
181. “Since when do you have a brother?”
182. “Holy shit, boobs.
183. “You’re like, freakishly tall.”
184. “Aww, you’re so short!”
185. “Your eyes are gorgeous.”
186. “I love your hair!”
187. “Keep doing that and you’re gonna regret it.”
188. “After everything that happened, I don’t regret a single moment of it.”
189. “I still love you, even after what you did.”
190. “I still love you, but I can’t do this.”
191. “You don’t love him and you know it.”
192. “I don’t love him, I love you!”
193. “I swear to God I will never love anybody else.”
194. “Yeah, I love you, but you know what? I wish I didn’t.”
195. “Loving you is the best thing I’ve ever done.”
196. “And to think, none of this would have happened had I not spilled coffee all over you that one Monday morning.”
197. “Marry me?”
198. “Marry me.”
199. “I was gonna marry her.”
200. “I do.”

Thought you have when watching supernatural

1. What episode should I watch?

2. There are over 200 episodes.
Seriously, what should I watch?

3. OK, let’s watch Season 9.

4. “The Road So Far.” HELL YEAH.

5. She’s in the first five minutes. She’s gonna die.

6. She’s totally going to die.

7. Called it.

8. “So get this.”

9. Driving to the scene of the crime in the Impala. HELL YEAH.

10. “Excuse me sir, we are FBI.”

11. How have they not gotten arrested yet?

12. “So we’re gonna ask you some totally legit, not suspicious in the slightest, FBI questions about flickering lights and shit.”

13. “Smells like sulfur? We got this.”

14. “So get this.”

15. *casually talks about demons and possessions loudly in a public place.*

16. We totally got this.


18. Shit, they don’t got this.

19. Time to call Cas.

20. So it’s not a demon?

21. It’s just a thing that resembles a demon in every single possible way.

22. Riiiight. Sure.

23. Why am I analyzing a show about ghosts and monsters?

24. Probably because I have nothing better to do.

25. They totally just made up that monster.

26. Wait, all the monsters on here are made up.

27. It’s so convenient how one of the rarest ingredients needed is two towns over.

28. And how Cas can just teleport to get all of the other super rare ingredients.

29. Whatever.


31. The super-important weapon got knocked away from them!

32. They really should keep those things on cables or something.

33. And someone comes up behind the monster and stabs it.


35. Drinking beer and leaning up against Baby.

36. ‘K bye, Cas. Thank you for your
convenient plot point and your lovable awkwardness.

37. Brotherly moment in the Impala.


Kyoraku drunk texts

As requested by missingkitsune. :)

Drunk texts is the new Saturday series! Now, Kyoraku may drink a lot, but we rarely see him drunk. But what happens when he does get super drunk? What sort of texts might he send?

1. To Nanao (1:00am)

Nanao-chan! Cute Nanao-chan! Lovely Nanao-chan!

2. To Nanao (2:00am)

Guess what i’m doing righ tnow!

3. To Nanao (2:05am)

wow you got it in one guess

4. To Nanao (2:10am)

youre so smart nanao-chan!

5. To Byakuya (2:30am)

hey do you remember that time when you were a teen and you tried to stomp away b/c u were mad and ur scarf got caught in a door and you spun around a little? that was so great

6. To Byakuya (2:45am)

oops i think i sent that text to everybody

7. To Byakuya (3:30am)

just kidding!!!!!

i think

man am i wasted

8. To Starrk (4:00am)

you and i could have been friends man

sorry for stabbing you in the back and killing you

9. To Unohana (4:30am)


no hard feelings, yeah?

10. To Unohana (4:45am)

do you think i kill too many people

am i bad person

wiat why would i ask you

11. To Tatsuki, Mizuiro, and Keigo (12:15am)

heeeey you guys haven’t used your soul society passes yet

better hurry before hte whole fuckhgn universe explodes

12. To Tatsuki, Mizuiro, and Keigo (12:30am)

not that the universe is about to implode or anything

13. To Tatsuki, Mizuior, and Keigo (12:45am)

i’m just syiang if you want to say bye to ichigo maybe come soon

14. To Chad (1:30am)

hey you remember when we fougth

15. To Chad (1:45am)

we should get a dribk sometime

16. To Chad (1:50am)

if your of age now i mean!

i dont support teen drinking

not me

17. To Lisa (2:00am)

im glad you’re doing well

18. To Lisa (2:15am)

you got nice legs too

19. To Lisa (2:20am)

STRONG i meant strong

20. To Lisa (2:45am)

i missed you a lot

swore i’d never let my lieutenant get hurt again

21. To Lisa (3:00am)

it is NOT a dumb goal

22. To Aizen (2:40am)


23. To Aizen (3:00am)

i know you cant text back but you can prob read them yeh?

24. To Aizen (3:30am)


25. To Ukitake (4:00am)

how weird is it that i’m head captain now

26. To Ukitake (4:15am)

i remember back in school. i remmeber goofig off. i rmember yamajii being hard on us

27. To Ukitake (4:30am)

you think im doing okya?

28. To Ukitake (5:00am)

cuase mostly im doing what i think i have to do and you know sometimes im not totally good at knowing what that is

29. To Ukitake (6:00am)

im sorry

30. To Ukitake (6:05am)


Makoto and Haru counting For Saba~

Audio here

Translation :

Haru : You can’t sleep? When you can’t sleep, there is a good method…
Close your eyes, imagine that you’re floating in the water. You can relax…  You can’t imagine it? is that so? you want me to counting for you? i get it..

Haru : 1 mackerel, 2 mackerel, 3 mackerel, 4 mackerel, 5 mackerel, 6 mackerel, 7 mackerel, 8mackerel, 9 mackerel, 10 mackerel, 11 mackerel, 12 mackerel, 13 mackerel, 14 mackerel, 15 mackerel.

Haru : how is it? do you feel asleep?
Mackerel is bothers then you can’t sleep?  do i count sheep?

Makoto : pfft..ahahahaha..sorry..Haru.. you’re so funny when counting mackerel. You know, it doesn’t use mackerel for counting, but sheep.

Haru : was here? Mackerel or sheep, it’s same!

Makoto : you’re right.. sorry..sorry. as apologize for laugh i’ll replace you for counting! C'mon Haru lay together too. You should close your eyes! are you ready? i’ll go!
1 sheep..

Haru : Mackerel is better!

Makoto : Eh?? uhmm.. i think mackerel is fine..Okkay. i’ll count!

Makoto : 16 mackerel, 17 mackerel, 18 mackerel, 19 mackerel, 20 mackerel, 21 mackerel, 22 mackerel, 23 mackerel, 24 mackerel, 25 mackerel, 26 mackerel, 27 mackerel, 28 mackerel, 29 mackerel, 30 mackerel

Makoto : did you feel asleep? it seems i feel asleep too..hoahmm..
It’s look like Haru sleep already. Thankyou for good work today.. let’s do our best tommorow. Good night~

Sorry if there is mistake in my translation, please correct me. Thankyou~

ScriptX Family Weekly Update


Dang, has it already been three weeks? And what do you know, it’s the last Weekly Update of the year. Ah well, onto the good stuff.


@scriptshrink has made it to 1,000 followers! Congratulations, shrink!

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Featured Posts

Look, Ma! New Hands!

Originally posted by spacetalin

So Billy Badbones’s been blown up. Bye, bye, both arms. Well, he’s still gotta beat up the baddies so what’s he going to do? In comes Mr. Magic offering a solution, but you’re writing sci-fi. Good thing sci-sans-fi has already been working on what you need: robotic prosthetics. @scriptbrainscientist covers the McBasics of how these work with the human body so even the layman can understand what’s going on.

When Lassie Finally Goes

No, I’m not talking about the song. Instead, we’re discussing what happens when it’s that time for your furred BFF. @scriptveterinarian helps out this asker by describing the process of euthanizing a pet. Links are even provided at the end for more information. A little bit on the morbid side, but that’s writing.

The Writer’s Brief Guide to Opiate Detoxification

@scriptpharmacist helps out this Nonnie who is wondering how someone could survive detox without, ya know, going downstairs permanently.  Six feet under is okay if you live in a basement, but not so much if your character still has the world to save and the medicine is still making them a little loopy.

Garden of the Dead

One day, the McBasics were digging in the backyard for their garden. Suddenly, Mary hits a hard spot. What could it be?

Originally posted by pinklilies

And now they will have to call the police, and there’s going to be a forensic team, and- wait what do forensic teams even need to function? And are the McBasics going to be able to stay in their house? Well, Watson and Sherls over at @forenscripts can help you out with that one.

Bit of a Fixer Upper

Yes. The house uses fixed games. There, now that we have that out of the way, @scriptgambling has written this beautiful post on how and why the house uses fixed games. (Hint: It sounds a lot like “four prophet”)

The Official ScriptX Family Food

Stepping away from the topic of death for you, your pet, your ancestors, and your bank account, Jay over at @scriptaussie has posted the recipe for the Script Fam’s official food: a cinnamon cake. Instructions for users of both metric and standard measurement systems.

“Teacher, Jimmy’s on Fire Again”

Originally posted by ageofsuperheroes

In a world where everyone has superpowers, one blogger seeks to answer the question, “How would this affect the schooling system?” @scripteducator gives her informed ideas on how schools might deal with kids who cause trouble with their powers, and what kind of powers would be useful for teachers. Fun ask with a fun answer: it doesn’t get much better than that.

To Dance for Three Watchers

She’s there. The competition. The day she’s been waiting for her entire life. Now all she has to do is perform. Just this one final step. But how did she get here? What does she have to do? Well, @scriptballerina has some great resources for you to learn about the art of the competition.

The Desires of a Man’s Heart

Love is confusing. It’s not much easier when your heart wants one thing, but your funny bits want something else. Or maybe they just don’t want anything at all. @scriptlgbt ‘s admin Para helps out this asker by shedding some light on the differences between sexual attraction and romantic attraction.

A Lost World of Devices

Technology and Magic: most of the time, these are thought of as separate. Even when they exist in the same world, magic is often lost to technology. What if instead technology was lost to magic? What kind of tech would be easy to lose? @script-a-world is here for that answer.

So You Wanna Get Away With Murder

Billy Badbones just killed someone with his new robot arms. Unfortunately, that police officer over there saw him. How is Billy going to get out of this one? @scriptlawyer has a few tips for your character that may get them out of this pinch.

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causes of death, januray 28 2014

  • outdoor filming!!!!!!
  • sad phone call for clara???
  • it’s eleven
  • from trenzalore
  • after getting the regeneration cycle, before clara enters the tardis
  • calling to say goodbye
  • he’s talking to twelve too
  • saying “who is it is that the doctor”
  • and you can actually hear matt’s voice
  • clara being torn between eleven and twelve
  • twelve, frustrated: “i’m right here! i’m standing right here!”
  • clara inspecting twelve’s face
  • “it’s still you”
  • clara/twelve hug + twelve being adorably awkward not knowing how to respond
  • that’s it
  • i’m dead
  • bye