how can we ever replace you

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About what that /co/ anon said about your taste for fictional women. Why do you often look upon anime girls and Nekojin/Catgirls with heavy disdain? Curious how your disdain towards anime/Chinese cartoons ever blossomed. Also me thinks you would waifu those alien dog people-girls.

It was a combination of realizing they all more or less looked and acted the same, regardless of their show, and how that basically meant they were there just to be sexual objects for the viewer, rather than actual characters we’re supposed to root for. Sure there are many exceptions, but after encountering this so many times I grew weary and tired of it all. 

The new Evangelion movies are very, very guilty of this, completely contradicting the original intend of it’s characters, which was a critique on precisely those archetypes. 

As for the doggos, stop projecting, I’m into Samurai Jack for the amazing story, visuals, fight scenes, music, and so on, but again, the way the communicate is cute as fuck, and god knows I’m a sucker for cuteness

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Thoughts on Shipping

The funny thing about people dissing gay ships is that they’d absolutely love most of them if they were straight.

Take Destiel, for example. Can you just imagine if Castiel was originally introduced as a female character? How everyone would be all over it saying all the stuff we say now like how Cas gave up everything for Dean and how Dean went near crazy when he lost Cas?

Or Johnlock. How everybody would totally ship it because John is the only person to ever really elicit emotion from Sherlock, as long as Johns actually replaced by a female of course. Irene, Molly, hell I bet some people would rather stick Sherlock with Mrs. Hudson rather than consider that he could be gay.

I’m just mad that we all get called rabid shippers who try and force everything to be gay when the real problem is people trying to force everything to be straight.

You had a good girl.
An amazing girl.
But maybe it was the drugs.
Maybe there were too strong.
Were the drugs from your doctor or your neighbor across the street.
Either way they took you from her.
You lost her.
Damn do you regret it.
Do you regret letting marbro blacks kiss your lips instead of her own?
Do you regret letting her go?
When did you realize she was the one you were meant to be with?
When did you realize you lost her and if we are only meant to love one person in the end that you are screwed so you went and got waisted to sad and alone to even drunk text her.
How can you not miss her?
She loved you with more love than your own mother gave you?
And now you’re just stuck on the idea that the other girl can replace her, but we all know the truth she can never be replace.
Because she is the one who’s meant for you.
But you lost her.
—  bnm
Just love...

 “ On the darkest days I think of you. Every time your gone I feel as if im missing that one piece. Your love for me and my love for you is the strongest love youll ever feel. No one can replace you and no one ever will. Even if we do argue, we know its just what every couple will do. Ive loved you  from the day we met and it will always stay like that. If you ever leave me then i know i cant go back. I know ive made many mistakes, but i did them to keep you mine. Every mistake we made was just a sign of how far we will go to keep our love sealed. I dont care if others dont like us together,  I dont care how much they try and keep us apart, Nothing will bring us apart, our love for each other want be effected. I love you and always remember this, No one can surpass you, You are the one for me, and You always will be the other piece to my heart. I gave you the key to my heart, and you gave me yours. We both know we can count on each other. Im willing to do anything to keep you protected, i know you would to. Your smile is the only thing i want to see, it hurts to see you sad, I am just so used to seeing you as the happy person ive known since the begining. You are the one who has changed my ways, i havent been the same ever since. You are the one who spread the first smile across my face. I love how you encourage people to achieve there dreams. You tell others to never give up, to get back up and try again, to never give up. I have so many secrets i want to tell, but they will only hurt our relationship. Ive kept the secrets for years and i havent told you, i never will have the courage to. Everyone has secrets, but mine cant be told. The secrets are what keep us together. You are special to me and always will be. If we do ever split, then i will never be able to find another like you. You have helped me from the start, to feel love, to be able to do things i was never able to do.You helped me achive my dreams, and i hope ive helped you achieve yours. “


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  • what they say: theres something i want to talk to you about
  • what i hear: i'm sorry but we can't be close anymore. i already found a replacement for you. we can still talk occasionally so with every word i say you would be reminded of how you are no longer needed in my life. however most of the time i will probably ignore your messages to let you know that you are all alone and i am no longer here for you. every day you will see me ignore you because our bond is now meaningless to me. in fact, maybe you should not try to contact me ever again. you will forever be completely alone, you have no one and i am so much better off without you.
Nothing Like Us

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Lately I’ve been thinking, thinking about what we had, I know it was hard, it was all that we knew.

“She just meant the world to me, you know? I never knew I would fall so deeply. No one can ever replace her, I really thought she was the one.”, Jungkook told Jimin. He was deeply hurt. His only wish was that the two of you could have worked out. “I’m sorry, Jungkook. But hasn’t it been a few months now? Shouldn’t you at least try to move on?”, Jimin replied. “Can’t you see? I can’t! If I could I would but can’t you see that I can’t move on from her, she had and still has a special place in my heart and no one can ever replace it.”, he cried. Jimin pulled the younger boy into a hug and tried his best to comfort his crying friend but he couldn’t. Jungkook’s world was shattered, he had fallen to deep and couldn’t ease the pain.

Have you been drinkin? To take all the pain away? I wish that I could give you what you deserve…

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They say it takes
Six months
For your body to replace
Every cell in your body.

I thought I was bad at math
But it seems I’m not;
because six plus six is twelve
And that’s the last number
We will ever add together.

I push pain away
Like an unfinished dinner plate,
I spilled I love you’s
Like a shaken Coke can
And the last sixty days
Have been spent
Trying to learn how to tear
Your smell out of my pillowcase.

Funny how calls go unanswered
Texts never replied to,
By someone who always said
They’d never leave you alone.

I tell myself I’ve made progress
I tell myself I’m halfway there;
Halfway to dialing your number again
Stopping two digits short,
Out of breath–
You see because my heart
Has been running
A marathon
Trying to disable its beats
From sounding too much like yours
So that maybe I can get some
fucking sleep tonight.

Who said that love was beautiful?
Who said that it was worth it?
Because it’s been 150 days
And you’re still the one
I want to call when
something doesn’t go right.
And I knew I should have ran
From the very beginning
But my heart has never learned
How to walk straight,
And your voice made its steps
So intoxicated that I stumbled into
All of this without a warning.

Every cell you ever left a fingerprint on
Is gone.
But everyone has a ghost
And yours has still managed to linger,
Holding traces of your laugh
Imprinted into every new cell I’ve grown.

—  Something I wrote a long time ago on a dinner napkin. | JB
I’m going to miss you forever. You know that right? I have tasted your lips and I don’t think anything else can replace that from my memory. I have memorized every curve and every dip of your body until it’s subconsciously etched into my mind. I have felt your heartbeat and now mine can’t help but beat at the same pace. No matter where we go or how things end, I don’t think I’ll ever forget you or the feelings that you gave me.

-Call me a sucker, but I’ve been completely immersed into you.


Here’s How to View your Entire Facebook History

(be careful what you wish for)

Facebook knows what you did last summer.

And the one before that. And the one before that. Heck, ever since you signed up to the most powerful social network on the web, it’s been harvesting information about you; a little nudge to ask you where you went to school, another asking about your last job, who your cousin is, what music you like, which films you love.

Most of it will probably have slipped your mind, replaced by more important information like which Game of Thrones characters are actually still alive. But were you aware that you can take a trip down your digital memory lane with the help of a Facebook tool hidden in the depths of its settings?

Here’s how to view your entire Facebook log - and boy do we mean entire. All your Facebook chats, every image you ever posted, every status update, even pokes for crying out loud - it’s the digital equivalent of having your whole life flash before your eyes.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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The girls have a pact to never cry in front of Siren - Pond explained that you should never show weakness to your enemy. 

Lily: How did things get so bad so quickly, Pondy? 

Pond: I don’t know, but I know one thing: that woman will never be our mother.

Lily: But she’s trying to be, Pond, we can’t fight it. She lives here now and-

Pond: Lilypad, this woman is an imposter. We had a Mum and now she’s gone and no one can ever replace her and especially not that woman. I’ll get rid of her, I promise. We don’t need her, we can look after ourselves. We’re witches Lily! 

Lily: I’m not a very good one though…

Pond: But I’m good enough for the both of us! I’ll look after us, Lily. Don’t let that woman get into your head, okay? Don’t let her try to parent us. It’s just me and you now Lil. From the cradle to the grave, okay?

Lily: Okay. 

Yandere rp starters 6

“Impossible… There’s no way you could throw me away… That could never, EVER happen…”

“Did someone force you to do this? TELL ME!”

“…Who led you astray!? WHO IS IT!? Come on, tell me!!!”

“..Who stole you from me? Who’s the one who trying to stand between us? WHO IS IT!?”

“Heeey…. You love me right? Then, why were you with that bitch?”

“We’re going to be together forever… Stop denying my love!”

“You’re my world, nobody can replace you!”

“Why… Why are you so angry with me…? Don’t you understand how much i love you? YOU BELONG TO ME!”

“You understand, right? You do, don’t you… IF YOU UNDERSTAND ME THEN FUCKING ANSWER ME!”

“Stop struggling, and maybe i’ll take off the gag…”

“Tell me that you love me more then the world!”

“I heard funny rumors that you loved that person, tell me… Are those rumors true or not?”

“I believed in you, i believed you would choose me over that slut… But you didn’t….”

“Are you scaaaared~? It was your fault in the end, unnnderstand~?”

“Don’t worry~ Nobody’s going to ever going to get between our love, ever again~”

“T..The hell!? Untie me! Pl..Please!!!”

“You promised me eternal love… But look, you picked someone else over me…”

“I didn’t make the mistake in the end, you did…”

“Don’t you understand? How much it hurts when you are in love and the other doesn’t accept your love in return…”

“I will love you forever and ever… Understand?”

“P…Please let me go!!!”

“I…I’m s…so sorry… F..Forgive me!”

If you hate Rick Grimes we ain't got shit to talk ever.

How in the world can you even watch a show when you have so much hate towards the main character? Bottom-line, this show is about Rick Grimes and it’s always going to be about Rick Grimes. No one can or will replace him.

“If something that’s important to us today is so easily replaced by something else tomorrow, we have to wonder if it ever had any value at all. What can we learn from that?”

“I don’t know.”

“How do you not know?”

“I don’t know because I live in a world that judges me based on whatever movie or song I like. And I’m expected to answer questions about myself but I’m still figuring out who I am, and everything could change tomorrow.”

“Because who you are isn’t measured by today or tomorrow, but by a whole bunch of days of what you do. Not necessarily what you like or what you say at a particular time. The great thing about evolving is that we continue to grow and feel. Don’t be influenced by somebody’s else’s likes or clicks or favorites. Who should determine what you think? Go figure this out in the bay window, class is OVER!”

—  Wow, this scene at the end of Girl Meets Jexica is so 👀 now, knowing what we know. And so painful because Maya is paying SUCH close attention to it and you can tell she is drinking it all in in that really poignantly true kind of way. Cory’s last paragraph is particularly “this is the point is this entire season!” to me.


Alex appreciated the concern, but never had he been offered help - he had also never considered ‘cleaning up’, but there was a first time for everything, it seemed. Normally he would leave the blood stains until he got tired of wearing them proudly and sought to replace them with new ones.

The fact she was a blue medic also made him wary. Ever since he’d left the team, he trod carefully around its current members.

“At least one, yes,” he said, not thinking about his words too much. The haze was still in his mind, reliving the moment of the familiar squeeze in his heart before he dug in. “And if you feel the need to help, docteur, then I won’t deny you. Perhaps we can have a chat. Talk about our week. How was yours?”

Rosie straightened up, reaching into her pocket for a handkerchief that smelled vaguely of what must’ve been her perfume. Something light with citrus notes. Orange, probably. 

“It hasn’t been bad, all things considered. I’ve finally been able to actually see patients. Only took six months.” she leaned in casually, dabbing the exposed skin near his face to wipe away blood. Rosie paused with a minute frown.

“…You’re going to need a change of clothes if this is going to be worthwhile.”

She wanted to ask what he was doing back on base—word did get around, after all, and Rosie’d taken the time to discover who wasn’t on the roster anymore when compiling her files.

And why. Curious though she was, the Medic refrained, only offering the Spy a hand.

thoughts i had while reading the cursed child (act one)

SPOILERS BELOW, obviously….

  • “the bravest man I ever knew” YEAH RIGHT
  • obviously Albus is sorted into Slytherin. we all expected that.
  • it seems like Ron is trying to replace Fred??
  • “son of voldemort” who comes up with this shit??
  • how did petunia die
  • albus actually really annoys me. i get that it must be hard to have famous parents, but come on kid.
  • i just can’t stand the way he talks to harry without ANY respect
  • i totally ship rose and scorpius
  • scorpius is just really freaking awesome
  • why the fuck is the trolley witch on the roof of the train, this is some creepy shit
  • i’ll never go watch the play, ‘cause i won’t have a mcgonagall that’s not maggie smith
  • um hermione is minister for magic??? she’s awesome and all that, but i never imagined her as the minister……
  • it’s weird that people make it such a big deal that albus is a slytherin
  • i love that ron is still scared of his mom haha
  • i find it really odd that albus and scorpius is going back in time to save cedric diggory
  • i mean, they obviously didn’t know him, they hardly know amos….. idk crazy kids

I’ll do act two when I get over my initial disappointment..

Thoughts about the Zestiria Situation (Part 2)

My accompanying opinions to the situation explained in Part 1. Basically the the Zestiria hatedom and it’s consequences, and what I’ve seen from actual critiques. All my perspective. See Part 1 for details.

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