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Question how do you know someone is media trained?

I was mostly joking, but my assumptions are based on a few things:

(1) The knowledge that anyone – actor, singer, athlete, etc. – who speaks with the press with any regularity has had some media training. I’m sure it ranges in degree and intensity, but even good high school football players who only talk to the local press get some basic training on how to answer questions. I knew someone very tangentially who was a swimmer at the London Games, and some media training was part of their team requirements. It is regularly a part of any rookie training camp for major college or professional teams of all sports. Record labels send their artists to media training; film studios send their actors. Basically, if the person is expected to speak to the media at all, they get some training.

(2) That the answers to questions are polite and politic, never calling anyone out or blaming anyone. Avoiding questions they don’t want to answer. No matter how many times Gabby Douglas is asked about her feelings of not making the all-around, she’s going to say she’s just so excited to be sharing the experience with her teammates and how proud she is to represent the USA. She’s not going to tell you her real feelings. No matter how many times Michael Phelps is asked about Le Clos irritating him, he’s going to shift the conversation back to his preparation or excitement to still be competing or something like that.

(3) They sound rehearsed, which they are. They practice the types of questions they’re going to get, figuring out the best answers ahead of time. They may not know the exact question, but they know that the questions will likely come form a few types and they have stock answers ready to go. Compare (if you watched it) the way they giggled with each other when they were watching the medal ceremony to how they answered Bob Costas’ questions. They don’t even sound like the same people. Think of how many times Harry answered the questions about “Perfect” with some variation of how everyone can take different things away from a song. It was even pointed out that he gave almost the exact same word-for-word answer after being teased. And look at Cillian Murphy’s answer about working with Harry – on at least two occasions, he’s used almost the same words to talk about him. Even if he wasn’t trained to answer that specific question, he’s had training on how to answer that type of question and he sounds the same both times because he’s drawing on that training.

Media training isn’t an inherently bad thing. We lament how that training has changed the boys’ presented personalities, especially Louis, but basically it’s just meant to teach somehow how to respond to media questions without getting flustered or saying something that people will be offended by or that they’ll have to explain later. It depends on how it’s used and what kind of behavior the training is trying to change.


Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t

Studying in real life

Hi folks! If you’ve been following along with some of my asks from tonight, you’ve probably noticed some about how the studyblr community isn’t a real representation of studying, or life, in the real world (shoutout to @piratestudy for being able to put this into words better than I ever could.)

sometimes it’s messy notes and skipping class to do work for another, or turning in an assignment late so that you can spend time with you friends. it can be sitting in the back of class scrolling through instagram because you just can’t handle school today. it’s a lot of all nighters and coffee and junk food and less than beautiful study spaces. it’s not always (or maybe even ever) beautiful notes and being totally prepared and having you’re life together all the time. it’s not all avocado toast and calligraphy. and that’s okay.

so let’s get real.

i challenge you guys to post the real side of studying. post the stories about how you overslept and were late for class. post the pictures of your notes before you redo them. post the no-makeup, two am selfies. post your real life, because it’s happening and it may not be perfect but it’s valid and beautiful and the world needs to see it. let’s change the culture from one where people have to ask if the can still be a studyblr if they don’t have certain supplies, to one where people can scroll through their dash and say, “wow! i do that too!” let’s represent those messy times that studyblrs pretend don’t happen. let’s get real. 

to join the movement, tag your posts with #studyblrs get real

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Maggie and Alex are dating and J'onn wants to meet Maggie and talk to her about their relationship. Alex is happy that J'onn is looking out for her. (Write this if you have time, please.)

It’s not how she wanted J’onn to find out, and it’s far from what J’onn would have preferred, too.

Far, far, far from it.

Because when he walks into his earth daughter’s lab and Detective Maggie Sawyer is on the lab bench with her shirt tugged hastily up and her fingers woven into Alex’s hair, whining as she holds her head steady to her chest, he really thinks he’s seen enough of this damn planet.

“Agent Danvers,” he clears his throat, and Maggie’s breathy whining of Alex’s name becomes a curse and he didn’t know Alex could make that kind of squeaking sound.

“Sir,” she breathes, zipping her pants and helping Maggie pull her shirt down, her fingers trying to pat her hair back into some semblance of acceptability as she snaps to attention, lips swollen and slightly parted, breathing hard for very different reasons, suddenly.

Maggie doesn’t turn around as she hops gingerly off the lab bench, because she’s trying so hard to just breathe, breathe, breathe. Because she’s been here before, been caught by someone’s dad before, and it hadn’t been pretty – to say the least – and she was so stupid, she should have known that something so reckless and impulsive would destroy everything.

Like she always does.

“At ease, Alex,” J’onn says, and there’s something in his voice that Maggie can’t identify, and – when she chances a glance up at Alex’s face – she can tell that Alex can’t quite read it, either.

“Detective Sawyer, can I please speak with you for a moment?”

“J’onn, she – ”

“No, Alex, it’s fine. It’s fine.” It’s most certainly not fine, but she squeezes Alex’s hand and she winks softly at her and she puts on a brave face, because he is much more powerful than that father who’d called her into his garage and beaten her senseless for kissing his daughter, but she’s long since trained herself to keep a brave face, so she does.

J’onn doesn’t look at her as she follows him out of the lab, feeling a combination of distinct dread and the panicked urge to laugh, because Alex is supposed to be the one feeling like a teenager again, not her, but god, she does.

He leads her into an office and he gestures her into a seat.

“Prefer to stand, sir,” she clips, forcing herself to look up into his unreadable eyes.

He speaks without preamble, and what he says shocks her. And she didn’t think she could be shocked by much anymore.

“Do you love her, Detective Sawyer?”

“I… Sir?”

“Sit,” he says again, and he sits, too, this time, so she follows suit.

“Detective Sawyer, I know a lot of things about you. Protocol, you understand, for letting you into the DEO so frequently, for partnering with you on cases these past weeks. I know that you won an impressive amount of Intel competition awards throughout high school; that you suffered a compound fracture in your left arm when you were sixteen years old; that you rose to the rank of detective more quickly than anyone else in your graduating class at the academy, largely due to your extensive knowledge of alien life and your community work with LGBTQ children. I know, too, that your first girlfriend in college was an alien of unknown origin, and you helped her fix her pod so she could go back to her planet, even though it broke your heart when she told you she was planning to leave.”

He pauses and Maggie tries not to feel naked. “I…”

J’onn speaks again, and his voice is different, now, a little lighter. A little less stoic DEO Director, and perhaps a little more the stoic DEO Director space dad figure that Alex idolizes so much.

“And now, I know more things about you than I ever wanted to know, and good god, I wish now more than ever that Martians didn’t have such impressive memories.”

Maggie blushes and starts to stammer out an apology, but J’onn continues. “So, now I know that you’re deeply attracted to Agent Danvers. But what I don’t know, Detective Sawyer, is if you love her.”

“You wanna know if I’m good enough for her,” Maggie rasps softly, tears in her throat, and J’onn watches her face closely.

“It hasn’t been that long, you know. And she… she’s just coming to realize… things… about herself. That’s for her to tell you about, and she was planning to, you know, soon. Just trying to find the right time.” She looks up at him and gulps. “But that’s not what you asked. It hasn’t been that long, but I… yeah. Yes. I love her. I… I haven’t told her yet, because I don’t want to rush her, I don’t want to pressure her, but I… I know it hasn’t been long, so maybe this is stupid, but I love your daughter more than I’ve ever loved anyone. She… she’s just… you know Alex, she… she’s perfect. For me. She’s perfect. And as for whether I’m good enough for her? Probably not. Almost definitely not. But I’ve been trying to be, every day. And I’m not going to stop trying to be.”

The skin around J’onn’s eyes crinkle slightly, and his lips tilt upward.

“Alex! You can stop hovering in the hallway now.”

Maggie startles and turns, her mouth open and her eyes wide. “How much of that did you hear?”

“Enough to know that two of the people I love most in the world have got my back,” she whispers, and the tilt of J’onn’s lips becomes a full smile, and Alex crosses the room and slips into his arms.

“Thank you for wanting to protect me.” She turns to Maggie, and there’s pure vulnerability, pure love, in her eyes. “And I feel the same way about you.”

Maggie’s breath hitches and she licks her lips and she can’t speak.

J’onn clears his throat. “Do you two need the afternoon off? Because I certainly don’t need to witness anything – like that – ever again.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, J’onn, I – ’

“We’re just not going to discuss it, Agent Danvers.” His voice is gruff, but his warm hand on her shoulder, and then on Maggie’s as he leaves the room, gives him away.

“Maggie, I – ” Alex steps closer to her and takes her into her arms.

“Never again, Agent Danvers!” J’onn calls without turning around, and Maggie and Alex laugh, laugh, laugh, into each other’s arms.

And if they cry, just a little bit, it’s out of the sweet relief of being so, so loved.



Amazing isn’t it?!? Finally, we see Sam looking like the leading man we all know is there. And without all of the fake posing we have seen all week
And Caitriona….omg…she is simply a goddess here. To those “closet jealous” people asking about why we are all going on an on about Cait this morning…it is quite simple. She has been quietly navigating her time in LA, and when she did emerge, she hit us with a sledgehammer of class and beauty! And she is perfection here!!

Whether we see a picture of this stunning couple together remains to be seen. But you can bet your ass that Sam already has one, or two, and that is fine with me.

You cannot fake high wattage, no matter how hard you try. They are illuminating!!😍

Sunshine (Avengers x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! Okay first off this isn’t exactly an Avengers imagine as I only wrote like three characters buuuuut it’s not like a specific romance imagine either so yeah haha, secondly, so sorry anon but I didn’t write that they were watching football together, I just wrote that they were watching a series, I hope you don’t mind😅Anyways, enjoy!!

Request: Hey Darling :) Can I ask you for an imagine ? :) I really have a bad time at the Moment and thought of some cheering up. Maybe something where you’re also an avenger and the others also notice you’re Feeling down lately. So to get you in a better mood, Steve & Bucky take you out for some ice cream and later watch Football together. Slowly you start to feel better and later you fall asleep cuddled together with them on the Sofa. I hope this is okay with you :)

You dragged your feet to the kitchen, not in the mood for anything at all now. It was just one of those days where you wake up and just feel like crap for no reason but well not really no reason, you almost jeopardized the mission yesterday by getting your cover blown.

Sighing, you saw Tony pouring a cup of coffee for himself. He glanced at you before immediately turning around to grab your cup from the cabinet above. “Coffee?”

You gave him a look and sigh. “Do you even have to ask?”

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does daehyun and himchan really hate each other? a lot of fans seems to say so.

I truly believe that they don’t. Daehyun and Himchan have one of the strongest bonds in B.A.P. There’s so many instances where they’ve proven that they love and care for each other so so much. I’ve seen the same type of rhetoric floating around and I don’t know how they’ve drawn that kind of conclusion. 

  • During his birthday stream Daehyun called Himchan because he wanted to hear his voice and they uploaded bad photos of each other x x
  • Himchan was also the only one to make it down to Busan to watch Daehyun perform during Hiatus, you can see how happy they both were to see each other and hang out x x
  • Himchan is happy Daehyun talks to him like a friend and they have rooftop talks x 
  • These cuties switched name tags x 
  • To Himchan, Daehyun is the existence of love and To Daehyun, Himchan is real x
  • Himchan bought Daehyun a birthday present x
  • This whole Grazia Interview
  • Constant cuddling x x x and a kiss x
  • Constant dinner dates, even on Christmas x x x 
  • Himdae practicing together x 
  • “I can be with this person for my whole life keke” x 

There’s so many more instances where Himchan and Daehyun just like to have fun and enjoy being around each other. No friendship is perfect but they definitely don’t hate each other. I don’t know how people can think that these two sweet beans hate each other. 

Covert Affair (Request)

Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 4.3k 

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Suggested child neglect and miscarriage 

A/N: I’ve never had to put a warning before for a scenario.. It isn’t too prominent, tbh it’s more hinted than anything, but I just put them as warnings just incase.. So please read with caution if those are sensitive topics! But this was requested by  t h e  Taeyong stan and lord, it has stretched me out of my comfort zone ngl 

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here's the request again!I love your reaction posts! I want to see RFA reacting to large scar(s) that they saw by accident that MC's really insecure about (and tries to hide). its the kind of scar that you can't stop looking at it when you see it, backstory is up to you.

Thank you for your request! 

And i hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • Yoosung noticed that when you were changing.
  • A big, big scar, that was on her shoulder to her elbow.
  • He’s surprised by it, you never mentioned about that, and he didn’t notice it either.
  • When he calls her while he enters the bedroom, you just jumped, hiding that scar with your hair almost immediately.
  • But he already saw it.
  • “MC, what’s that?” He got closer, and you just laugh, nervously “What’s what?”
  • “That scar MC…” You sigh, you know that try to make him forget about it was going to be useless, so you tell him how you got that scar, in a car accident.
  • Yoosung’s just listening to you, paying a good attention to what you’re saying.
  • After that, he caresses your hair, taking your hair off from your shoulder so he can see that huge scar, he just smiled
  • “MC…You don’t need to feel insecure about it…You’re perfect…And this is just part of who you’re!”
  • He looks at your eyes and then he gives you a little kiss “And i wouldn’t change you…”
  • Yoosung would respect if you don’t want to show that to people…But when you two are alone he’ll always kiss your shoulder, the one that got your scar….
  • He’s trying to make sure that you know that he loves that part of you too.


  • He saw the scar on your neck when you were combing your hair.
  • He never saw it! Maybe because you’re always hiding it!
  • With necklaces, or with your own hair…
  • He walks toward you and touches the huge scar, you got scared and look at him.
  • Putting your hand at that scar just so you can hide it.
  • Zen just smiles…He’ll not ask you about it, he knows that you may be feeling bad about it.
  • But you’re perfect, he doesn’t understand.
  • So he kisses you, and while you were distracted, he holds your hand, that one that’s hiding your scar, and then he takes that hand away from that scar, letting he sees that.
  • And then he stops kissing you, giving a little laugh and then he starts to kiss your neck, especially where the scar was.
  • After that, he looks deep into your eyes “…Mc, i love you…Every part of you, i can prove it if you want” He laughs and then he puts his hand on your cheek
  • “I’ll love every part of you…A flaw to you is another perfection to me” He smiles and then he looks at that scar
  • “And hey…I think this has a charm.”


  • Jaehee notice a huge scar on your thigh when you were jumping to reach something in a drawer that was up there.
  • She’s just surprised by it, what’s that?
  • “MC…What’s that scar?”
  • You’re surprised shit she saw it…
  • “I have this since i was little…I fell…”
  • Ok, this is fine, but she’s curious about something else.
  • “But why you hide it?”
  • You look at her and sigh, looking at the ground now.
  • “I’m insecure about it…” You said, almost like a whisper, and you listen to Jaehee laughing.
  • She got closer to you, putting her hands on your cheeks, making you look at her.
  • “MC, i don’t care about that, and this doesn’t change you, you’re still the woman i love…This doesn’t make you  ugly and that’s nothing to feel insecure about it…”
  • She smiles and kisses your cheek “Please…Don’t think about that scar on that way…Just…Think about it as the way of who you are.”
  • She’s calm about it, this made you smile.
  • After that day, you’re more confident about that scar, and if that scar is showing it, she’ll not look at it.
  • But sometimes she’ll say how happy she’s seeing that you’re showing it.


  • You were waking up, the blanket was not covering one of your legs.
  • And on that one leg, you had a huge scar.
  • And Jumin loves to see you, so when you woke up, he had already seen it.
  • You saw him, sitting on the bed, looking at you, you smiled as you sit up “Good morning my love…”
  • “What is this scar on your leg?” You lose your smile almost immediately.
  • You notice that your leg was uncovered, so you put the blanket in that again, ashamed of that.
  • He notices it, this is an odd feeling, you’re ashamed of this thing?
  • He sighs.
  • He puts a hand on your chin, lifting your head, making you look at him.
  • “Scars are a mark of our past” He was looking at your eyes while he was taking off the blanket from that leg again.
  • “You should not me ashamed of that, this is not something to be bad about.This is you”
  • He traced your scar with his fingertips, giving you a little smile “And i love all parts of you, so please, don’t hide it…This is just another part of my wife that i love…


  • Seven’s always watching over you.
  • So, since he’s always watching you, he has already noticed that huge scar on your back.
  • And how you tried so much to hide from him when you knew about the cameras.
  • He knows you’re not really confident about it, HE FINDS IT CUTE!
  • But he knows only that wouldn’t help you, you would think he’s joking.
  • So, one day you were sitting on the couch, you were on your phone, Seven came, and then he grabs the phone and takes him from your hands.
  • “HEY!”
  • “Hey HEY HEY!” He laughs while he’s sitting next to you “Wait, i just came here to talk about something” You were about to open your mouth to say something, but he said something first:
  • “Your scar”
  • You froze. You didn’t know he saw it, Seven laughs because of your reaction, he just gives you a smile after that
  • “I thought about that for a couple of days…I know you feel insecure about it, but hey….Life is made is scar…You teach me something…Even if you want to hide something, that doesn’t mean that thing doesn’t exist.”
  • He got closer, and then he puts his hand on your cheek, smiling “…We have to live surrounded by scars…Scars that doesn’t exist, but are there, inside of you…Scars that make people remember good times and bad times…Our life is a huge scar” He laughs and then he gives you a little kiss.
  • He looks at your eyes, with his face so close to yours “You saw all my scars and my stitches…Please….Don’t hide yours from me…”
Shiro and Keith sharing a moment
  • Shiro & Keith: * is playing Zoo Tycoon *
  • Keith: What would happen if I break the exhibit? * chuckles *
  • Shiro: No. Hehe. All the people would be attacked by lions.
  • Keith: What if we select a few guests to give to the lions. You know.. As a treat?
  • Shiro: You're so bad!
  • Keith: Oh come on, babe! We can name them after the people we can't stand. * names a blue guest Lance *
  • Shiro: Haha! You fiend.
  • Keith: You try it, babe.
  • Shiro: * names a few guests Slav and Zarkon * How about this?
  • Keith: * chuckles * Perfect. Now... We watch the magic happen. * leans back in his chair *
  • Computer: AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH! * screams and wails *
  • Shiro & Keith: Hahahahahhahaha!
  • Lance: * watches them from afar * those two have a dark sense of humor.
  • Pidge: * pushes up her glasses * They are Black Paladins, After all.

I’ve decided this year to do things a little differently with my “favorite anime” lists. Instead of just doing a year-end top 10 list, I’m going to do a Top 5 every three months at the end of the season (anime seasons run quarterly, as opposed to once a year like with American TV). This way I can highlight more shows, plus it will be when all the episodes are online and you can watch the shows from beginning to end.

Without further ado…

This is a cute little slice of life/comedy series about a biology teacher who is fascinated by “demi-humans,” aka monsters. He happens to have three students who fall into this category (a vampire, a dullahan, and a snow woman), plus a fellow teacher who also happens to be a succubus. He convinces the girls to do interviews with him about what their lives are like as monsters, not just for his own curiosity but to figure out how to be a better teacher for them.

If you’re expecting risque ecchi shenanigans like on shows like Monster Musume, you won’t find them here. What you will find is a surprisingly sweet and charming show featuring some extremely likeable characters (the succubus teacher who tries to hide her physical charms by wearing a tracksuit, which of course only serves to get people’s minds racing even more, is my personal favorite).

A hilarious comedy about an angel who graduates from angel school at the top of her class and is sent down to Earth for post-grad work… only to become obsessed with video games and turn into a lazy bum. Meanwhile her best friend, a demon fresh out of demon school, is entirely too sweet and responsible to be a good minion of Satan.

Throw in a fellow angel who is actually a complete sadist, and a fellow demon with delusions of grandeur, and you’ve got the recipe for some seriously funny times. Satanichia the would-be queen of the Underworld damn near steals the show. If you’re looking for some laughs this is a great show to check out.


If you haven’t seen Season 1 of Konosuba, stop what you’re doing, go watch it, then come back, apologize, and watch Season 2.

The four most inept, narcissistic, delusional adventurers in anime are back and funnier than ever. Imagine “Its Always Sunny” type humor mixed with D&D style fantasy world tropes. The jokes are nonstop with this show, with some fantastic voice acting (especially from the voice actor for Kazuma the main character). Even when the animation sometimes slips in quality, it actually makes the show FUNNIER.

I really hope we get a Season 3, I need more of the adventures of my explosion-obsessed mage, useless goddess, masochist knight and Kazutrash. I needs it, maaaaaaan.


An office worker gets drunk one night and misses her train stop. She ends up wandering into the woods and coming across an injured dragon. After helping the dragon out, she offers to let the dragon stay with her… then goes home, sleeps it off, and completely forgets about everything.

The next morning, guess who’s at her doorstep?

Calling this show cute would be the understatement of the century. It’s absolutely adorable, with the dragons stealing the show with their shenanigans. The animation style is great, with tons of colors and great character designs. There’s a genuine sweetness to the show that’s never forced or cloying. And did I mention the show is about A FREAKING DRAGON MAID?

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to give this or KOBAYASHI the number 1 spot. If it came down to which show I had more fun watching, it would have been KOBAYASHI hands down. But that isn’t a fair way to judge this show.

Make no mistake: Scums Wish is NOT a pleasant show. It’s one of the most emotionally draining experiences I’ve had watching an anime. The subject matter alone will likely turn a lot of people off, and I imagine there will be people who like every other show on my list and hate this one. But that’s okay.

The show is about two high school students who appear to be the perfect couple, but it’s all an act: they’re actually in love with other people, people who they can’t have (their teachers), and are using each other as physical substitutes to fill the emotional void.

A lot of love stories (in anime and other mediums) like to pretend that love is always fun and pleasant, and even when things get bad, they work themselves out in the end. This is not one of those shows. This show will remind you just how horrible love can be: unrequited love, loving someone who hates you in return, knowing the person you love is only using you as a replacement but going along with it because you think it’s better than not having them in your life at all. The characters in this show are all flawed, and some of them do awful things to each other… but in the end, I desperately wanted them all to end up okay. You’ll have to watch the show to find out if they do.

As always, these are just my personal top picks. I’d love to hear what your favorite anime of the year so far are. 

P.S. I know Little Witch Academia is missing. I’m waiting til the season is done to add it to any lists I do. I’m sure it will end up there. 

anonymous asked:

How would the chocobros be when they are meeting their parents for the first time??

This is so cute! I might do individual one-shots one day but for now I’m gonna do headcanons.

You’re probably more nervous than Noctis is. He’s used to meeting new people on a daily basis, and as doom-and-gloom as he can be when he doesn’t get a full night’s sleep, he knows how to be a perfect gentleman. Your parents are also internally freaking out because you’re bringing home the Crown Prince for dinner. Basically no one has any chill except Noctis, and he immediately does something goofy to break the tension. That’s when your parents decide that you two are perfect for each other. 

They’re a little apprehensive that you’re dating royalty because of all the attention it’ll put on you, but Noctis promises that he’ll protect you at any cost. You basically melt right there at the table.

Prompto is flat-out terrified of meeting your family, especially if you have siblings. If you have brothers, they’ll immediately size Prompto up and glare at him with a scrutinizing gaze. If you have sisters, they’ll whisper behind their hands and giggle, which probably makes him even more anxious. You hold his hand under the dinner table to calm him down.

Your parents ask him about how the two of you met, and he launches into the story of your first encounter. Everyone in your family immediately takes note of how his expression changes when he talks about you, and how he looks at you. His whole face lights up and he just looks so in love, it immediately makes everyone smile. Your parents pull you aside at one point and make you promise to treat him well, because he’s a such good guy.

When you bring Gladio home to meet your parents, you note the expression on their faces when he walks through the door. You’re taller in person, your father notes. Gladio has the common decency to wear an actual dress shirt, though the fabric strains a little at the buttons, and brings flowers for your mom. She low-key swoons.

As charming as Gladio is naturally, he turns it up ten fold around your parents. He talks to them about literature and asks them a lot of questions in turn so that it doesn’t sound like he’s doing all the talking. He also asks if there are any embarrassing childhood stories that he can hear to torment you later, and you groan, your forehead hitting the dining table. Gladio gets along too well with your parents for your liking, and they ask about him a lot when you’re on the road.

Who wouldn’t be proud to show off Ignis to their parents? You arrive early and when they open the front door, he actually bows to them, as if they’re from a noble family. He’s the perfect gentleman, offering to assist in the kitchen as you help set the table. Dinner ends up being a collaborative effort, and Ignis offers up a few different recipes for your parents to try without being pushy. He also brings an expensive bottle of wine for the occasion, and your mother remarks on how kind the gesture is.

Conversation comes easily, and you can already tell that your parents are entranced by his accent alone. He places his hand on yours on the table and tells your parents what a good job they did raising you, showering you with the compliments about your intellect and resourcefulness, so your parents get the hint that he loves you for you, not just your looks. At the end of dinner, you almost spit out your wine as your father not-so-jokingly asks when you two are planning to get married. Ignis just grins as you hide your face against his shoulder.

the afternoon, the evening; the cups, the tea

Title: the afternoon, the evening; the cups the tea
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: PG-13 / ~14,000
Summary: They don’t have much time, but Chris and Darren find a few days to hide away during the Carnival of Basel in Switzerland.

This story exists as a part of the Prufrock ‘verse, but can be read as a stand-alone fic.

Written for @fandomtrumpshate, auction bid won by @stopandimaginelove. Thank you to @accidentalacoustics and @alittledizzy for putting their eyes on it.


among some talk of you and me…


“You’re crazy.”

“You say that so often I think it means I love you.”  Darren looked up from his laptop with a grin.  Chris sat on the other end of the couch, frowning at his own glowing screen and not responding.  Darren scrunched his nose. “Not so much?”

“This is a Bad Idea,” Chris commented instead, tapping at the keyboard with impatient fingers.

“Did you say that with all caps, or did I just hear it that way?”

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the schuyler sisters + how they react to homophobia headcanons

request: “If you do headcanons, can I request how each Schuyler sister would react to homophobic people hurting them and their female s/o?”


  • angelica flips her shit. 
  • obviously.
  • she yells and screams at anyone who is homophobic or rude to the two of you… in her perfect, articulate way
  • depending on their arguments, she gives exact evidence as to why they’re wrong and that the two of you are perfect 
  • eventually, they begin to start sentences and she’ll just cut them off before theyre two words in
  • red in the face, fists by her side, she tells them she’s done with this conversation and that she doesnt care what they think
  • and that you’ll “be on your way, thank you very much… not”
  • when the two of you are alone and at home, she’ll double and triple check to make sure you are okay
    • (which involves a lot of kisses and snuggles…)
  • and promise you that she wont let it get out of hand like that ever again
    • (she has secret plans to just. kick their ass before they can even say anything bad)


  • she will get all red in the face and teary eyed the SECOND someone comes up to you and says something.
    • (even if its not even anything mean)
    • (or even if they give you a bad look)
  • and she’ll sob through this super long rant about how much she loves you
  • and how much she doesnt care what other people think
  • because she loves you and you love her and that’s all that matters
  • and she doesnt want to hear whatever excuse they have for being homophobic and looking down on your relationship
  • because there’s no excuse
  • and then she turns around, and stomps ALL the way home
  • and cries for a really long time because… she doesn’t understand why people can’t just… let you be happy together….
    • (please give her lots of hugs and chocolates and spooning. she will be very very thankful.)


  • she swears a lot, but you have never heard her swear… quite this much
  • “you motherf***** how dare you motherf***ing say that about me and my beautiful ass motherf***ing girlfriend you prick take you and your ugly sh**** ass out of here you motherf****”
  • its kind of… amazing, to be completely honest.
  • and you feel really safe because no one would want to argue with someone so defiant and so determined
  • someone who holds up their head so high
  • and especially someone who can curse like a goddamn sailor with no hesitation
  • because thats peggy, all right
  • shes had training all her life on how to win arguments 
    • (thanks to her sisters)
  • and will win any argument shes having with a homophobic person
  • especially when, in addition to her swearing, shes shooting thousands of daggers at them with nothing more than her eyes.
  • acts like nothing happened after shes done
  • she is really gentle that night to you
    • (but you catch her swearing under her breath a lot and calling them a motherf*****)

bonus! maria

  • marias had a very hard life!!! and people have been very mean to her in the past
  • shes never really felt super safe
  • and shes never been really… good at standing up for herself
  • so if someone is being mean, she might feel a little… overwhelmed
  • unsure of what to say or do
  • and a little bit emotional
  • and she’ll definitely want to go home to somewhere where she will feel better.
  • however, she’ll spend the night apologizing for not doing anything and telling you how much she loves you
    • (say it back)
  • and then she’ll start talking about how safe you make her feel
  • before you go to sleep that night, you find her on the computer, scrolling through articles on how to stand up to homophobia
    • (please drag her to bed. she is so sad and so tired and even though she just wants to make things right, she would be fine with finishing the article tomorrow.)

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Are you ready to see Clarke being the commander? because that's totally going to happen. The foreshadowing is there. JRoth's intentions are transparent. Clarke following L footsteps and two endgames. Don't tell me it's not perfect.

I’m tired™

Listen, you can think whatever you want, I can’t control how you feel. I understand why people are worried and I totally get how problematic it would be if Clarke took the flame. (if this happens, the only thing that could keep me watching the show is Bob/Bellamy, and I’m not even sure)

but the point is I don’t see that happening.

Let’s make a list:

Reasons to believe she will.

- She’s a nightblood

Reasons to believe she won’t.

- Their society and the world will be gone in 6 days.

- The flame is kind of in no man’s land.

- They’re moving away from hierarchies.

- Polis and the tower are going to be destroyed in 4x13.

- COL is gone. In my opinion there’s no way to communicate with the commanders.

- The flame was a religious symbol, now it’s just an USB. Some grounders reject it because it’s technology.

- Society+ Religion+Politics = Commander but….. Non society + USB= ???

- Grounders wouldn’t or shouldn’t accept her since she’s not a real nightblood. She’s an experiment and that’s blasphemy (Echo said something like that)

- Before this season, having nightblood was a gift/curse, but now it’s nothing special. If it’s not special, there’s no tradition.

- Raven is connected to Becca’s mind in some way. Clarke doesn’t need to take the flame.

- When Clarke decided to inject herself with nightblood she was rejecting L’s leadership.

- Clarke doesn’t need an upgrade. If they make her take the AI it would be like erasing her character, her leadership, the lessons she learned….

- All the commanders have led alone. Clarke was already isolated in s3 and it was her worst moment. She needs her people and shipper goggles off, this show is about Bellamy and Clarke and their leadership. I mean, Together is their motto.  

- It’s no coincidence this season we’ve seen many characters calling her out. Monty, Murphy, Jasper, Emori, Arkadia!!… They’re pushing Clarke away from God’s rol. “You know, it’s too bad that you weren’t a real Nightblood because then you could’ve been Commander. Imagine how many people you could’ve killed then” The commander’s rol has pretty negative connotations, don’t you think?

Maybe they managed to add a plot where Clarke feels tempted to take it to save her people, but she would ultimately reject it. This is the only ‘Clarke as commander’ plot that I can see. The narrative isn’t going there.

I’m not going to tell people how they are allowed to feel and react to a situation.

The way I see, what’s done is done.

If they haven’t written that. I’m spending weeks worrying over nothing.

If they have written that, my worries are not going to change their story. If that happens I’d drop the show or I’d turn into a casual viewer. It’s as simple as that.

One thing about Hani that I wish more people knew about is how intelligent she is. She has a high iq, 145, which is on par w/ Rap Monster, who is considered to be probably one of the smartest idols. She can speak mandarin after attending an advanced high school in China. She learned the basics of english for the TOEIC in just two months and got a near perfect score in that category. Ahn Heeyeon is so bright and talented and I really want people to talk about that more. 

On this weeks’ episode of, “Alana Copes with Once Upon a Time,” Emma Swan is really f*cking angry because her life isn’t a goddamn fairy tale and anyone who thinks otherwise is a naive garbage dumpster. Also, congratulations on the engagement you guys, seriously. btw, swears abound. @abbadons-little-witch @the-reason-to-sail-home xo

+ Here’s the thing about Emma Swan’s mental state in the moments following a confession she should have heard two days ago: she’s angry. And sure, she’s angry at Killian, because, yes, of course, you tell the woman you plan to marry the finer points of the darkish past before the proposal, but he’s not the only fuck-up between the two of them. The first emotion she feels is anger, because, quite honestly, it’s easier than being sad. Turning around and walking away is easier than being sad. 

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What's lunarian, stellarian, and solarian?

Lunarian is the replacement for “fem-aligned”. It means having a complicated but nonetheless existing relationship with fem genders and/or alignment.

Solarian is the replacement for “masc-aligned”. It means having a complicated but nonetheless existing relationship with masc genders and/or alignment.

Stellarian is a new term used to describe rejection of the gender binary and any and being categorized as either binary gender. Someone who is stellarian can also be lunarian or solarian (stellunarian/nebularian, stelsolarian/novarian) but is defining their relationship with fem/masc-gender and/or alignment by how much they reject the ties they bear to said genders/alignments. 

It’s a bit confusing, seeing as the whole point of ‘stellarian’ is to align yourself with rejecting alignment, but they’re two different kinds of alignment I believe. 

You can be sollunarian (eclipsian), or even solstellunarian (galaxian). It’s all very complicated, and I recognize that it’s quite vague terminology, but at least it’s a replacement for the exorsexist terminology cis and binary trans people have been using for us. 

I call it the galactian system. It isn’t perfect, because it relies on a trinary range of identities that can be categorized into 3 different sections, but it’s a far cry from the gender binary. Also, I’m bitter because someone who is violently nbphobic took several of the urls of these terms, so that people who need them couldn’t use them.  

If you search them on my blog, you’ll be able to see more! I know that @temp-nb-blog and @goodpositivitylgbt are also familiar with the galactian alignments. 


Do you know how epic their love is. These two souls are soulmates, the gods weave their fate to be together. Both of their planet has been destroyed so they could just meet. Mon el have to be in sleep stasis for years so kara could grow up to reach into same age as him when he wakes up. And the coincidence of meeting each other on earth. both of them crash landing on earth where there are million of planet to crash into. It’s like a perfect plan after kara crash landed in earth destiny intervene and made mon el pod crash landed and woke up in the same planet as her when she was in the right age to be with him. And what about the little time they had together and they already know each other well. Mon el already knows and memorize everything about kara even the smallest thing like crinkling her forehead when she lied. And there’s the picking up and mirroring each other habits, and how sync can they be? These two people are meant for each other. There’s no other love or someone that can top that. This is it for them. They are the conjoined souls that was made by Rao himself. They might be star crossed lovers But their love story is something even the stars can’t intervene. These two are for each other and each other alone.

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more everyday macdennis au’s:

- dennis takes the commuter rail to work now after a small incident during a traffic buildup on the highway where he got out of his car and starting screaming at people to move through their windows. mac is the conductor who goes around and checks everyone’s tickets. he feels super badass because he gets to wear a walkie talkie and the ticket hole-puncher could act as a deadly weapon if needed. dennis gets on at the first stop each morning and sits in the same seat—it’s next to the window that allows the perfect lighting for him to fix up his makeup in his pocket mirror—and always spreads out his bag and items on the seat next to him so no one can sit there. mac always lingers after checking dennis’ tickets, hoping to strike up a conversation before the next stop where it starts to get busy, but dennis barely pays him attention, too busy with scrolling through his Important Work Emails to notice. usually mac would yell at people for taking up two spots, but he lets it slide for dennis.

- dennis joins a gym because he feels like he’s losing his perfect physique from sitting around at work all day. he’s tried not eating anything but he’s still losing his tone. the first time he goes he notices a well-built guy with muscular arms on one of the workout bikes. he’s going pretty fast and sweating hard and dennis wants to laugh because he knows if that were him he’d barely break a sweat given how naturally athletic he is. knowing he can one up Arm Guy, he takes the bike next to him, peering over to see what speed/resistance he’s going at and sets his level even higher. within five minutes he faints, falling off the bike and hitting his head on the floor. he comes to a few minutes later, eyes cracking open, and sees dark, fluffy hair and brown concerned eyes. he feels a wet towel on his head. “you okay, bro?” Arm Guy asks. dennis mumbles something about not eating today and that it had nothing to do with how in shape he was and Arm Guy —mac, he learns—helps him stand up and then buys him a fruit shake at the smoothie bar downstairs.

- dennis gets shared custody of his son brian jr. and moves closer to him and his mother so he can see him more often. his first week taking care of brian, dennis brings him to elementary school before work. he’s never been there before and is less than pleased when the first two people he meets are charlie, the school janitor who smells of cheese and carries rat traps in his pockets, and artemis, the brazen principal who has a tendency for oversharing information about her body and smokes in the halls. he’s about to go rage and scream about the poor health standards and unconscionable behavior when brian jr. happily calls out “mr. mcdonald!” and runs over to a guy with slicked-back hair who’s wearing a tie and a tight, short-sleeved button up that showed off his buff, tattooed arms. the teacher gives brian a high-five as he answers “hey little dude!” he then looks up and notices dennis. his expression changes and he clears his throat as he stands. “you must be brian’s dad,” he smiles with an extended arm. “i’m mac mcdonald, brian’s first grade teacher.” dennis shakes his hand reluctantly, suspiciously eyeing the man. maybe he’d give the place a chance. for now.