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Rfa+saeran hc how they cuddle/show affection?

Yay fluff – I had to this first because I need some fluff Im down today and Im also tired


  • Zen shows his affection with words he likes to praise you
  • He likes to cook for you sometimes.
  • A lot of kisses not just on the mouth he kisses the forehead, cheeks and your hands.
  • Zen is the type to just randomly pick you up
  • He needs a lot of affection so snuggles and cuddles you when ever he can.
  • Loves it when you randomly show him some affection like hugging him out of nowhere.
  • When he sits on the couch and you randomly sit on his lap he will not let you you.
  • If you are alone on the couch Zen will join you and cuddle up to you.
  • 24/7 attention seeker
  • In bed big spoon or small spoon cuddles what ever you like more he is fine either way as long he gets you to close to him


  • He is a bit shy at first but he will get over that.
  • For a while he will be holding hands as much as he can.
  • Cheek kisses and heavy blushing – also cooks for you.
  • He will stumble out compliments that are cute and cheesy - like your eyes are as bight as stars probably got them from Zen or a romance movie
  • When he feels more bold he will kiss you randomly -sometimes fails and kisses your nose or chin instead-
  • He likes when you hug him or hold him he will hug you back but it will take a bit till he gets himself to hug you or hold you tightly.
  • When you sit on his lap he will die.
  • Loves to cuddle once he gets used to you being that close to him – wants 24/7 cuddles and affection since he loves you so much.


  • She is not really used to cuddles or showing affection so she will give you compliments.
  • She compliments your clothes and she will always make sure that you eat and get enough rest mom mode tm
  • Jaehee will often text you and asks how you are.
  • When you had a bad day she will give you a back rub
  • You will have to be the one to start a cuddle session for a while Jaehee loves it when you cuddle her.
  • Specially when she had a hard day you then hug her and snuggle her till she forgets her worries.
  • The first time she cuddles you is when you watch a sad movie together but after that she gets more bold with that.
  • Cuddles every evening you sit with her on the couch and cuddle while talking or watching TV.
  • Hugs and kisses you when Jaehee feels like it soft kisses on the lips.
  • Likes it when you hold her hands it makes her feel save.


  • He buys you presents you have to tell him that that is not what you want
  • He makes you pancakes on the weekends.
  • Jumin gives you a lot of compliments full cheese from romance novels that he reads for research
  • - like every time you touch me I´m blessed by a angel- like what are you reading Jumin
  • He gives you nicknames and you give him nicknames you both make everyone cringe
  • He loves t when you sneak a kiss on his cheek.
  • Is is not the best to just cuddle you he probably has a schedule for it – he never hold to it though he ever ends up cuddling you the whole evening-
  • Likes it much more when you are just hugging him and tell him that you want to cuddle.
  • Forehead kisses and head rubs, neck rubs and chin rubs -I´m not a cat Jumin but I enjoy it so its okay-
  • When he comes home from work and you greet him with a smile he melts and forgets his stress right away.


  • Silly puns but really he is just nervous since he never really had anyone
  • He tries to give you compliments but he is like do you come here often -I live here -
  • His nicknames are puns or something cute like angel – but then he double uses the meaning in german what is fishrod – like you are my angel because you fished for my heart-
  • Pulls out the real classics like did it hurt when you fell from the sky - don´t hit him he is trying-
  • You hug him since he is a cute derp – he loves hugs-
  • He kisses you on the cheeks sometimes on the neck when he is playful
  • Sometimes gives you a hickey
  • Loves to cuddle you when you sleep together face to face.
  • Likes to make sure that you are still breathing
  • He makes you sandwiches when you forget to eat he tells you that you can´t do that – you remind him that he would starve without you-
  • When he feels bad you have to hug him and hold him close even when he tells you o leave him alone.
  • He loves attention so give him a lot.

Spoilers just in case-


  • He likes to stay close to you he needs to learn how to show affection.
  • He holds your hand and makes sure that you take care of yourself.
  • Saeran feels often guilty when you help him he feels like he is a burden.
  • He hugs you when he feels really bad after a nightmare.
  • Saeran will need time to be able to cuddle you its needs a great amount of trust from him.
  • He shares his ice cream with you and stumbles out nicknames.
  • When he is at the point to cuddle you he blushes a lot.
  • Loves to get hugs
  • He will hold hands in public with you when he gets insecure.
  • Cuddles on the couch or in bed likes to be small spoon he feels more save that way.

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writer notes:

  • immediacy is brought about by: tactile detail, short sentences / paragraphs interspersed with long ones, ‘conversational fillers’ (huh / what / really / etc) that express surprise or affectation
  • narration from limited points of view (first, second, third-limited) can/do double as character voices — choose your verbs / adjectives / descriptors accordingly
  • when stuck on how to get from point A to point B, start at point B and work backwards (in your head, if you write as chronologically as i do) — start with ‘what would bring about point B’ and then ‘what would bring about that’ and just keep working backwards until you see a link
  • music helps
  • so do caffeine pills and multivitamins
  • remember that it’s okay to take breaks to think once in a while
  • work ‘til your idols become your rivals
A reminder that

Just five months ago, Even was suicidal.  His mental illness is not only something that is difficult to deal with but can you imagine the shame and heartbreak he must be feeling as a result of what went down at Bakka?  Even is an avoider, yes, but this is a defense mechanism.  Some shit just really, really hurts and Even just isn’t ready to deal with it yet.  Even lost everything after Bakka.  And he just can’t, can’t lose Isak.   And he is terrified of how his past will affect his relationship with Isak when he learns about it.  Maybe not losing him, but how Isak sees him as a person.  During last season, Isak’s greatest fear was that being gay would erase/define his entire identity, but Even’s shame was also a reflection of that - being  bipolar defines him, that it writes his story.  In this season, Even’s struggle is mirroring Sana’s - “please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

my friends, i will keep saying this until it stops needing to be said:

if the way someone delivers a lesson on how you are being oppressive and fucked up, KEEPS YOU from hearing that lesson and changing your behaviour, that’s not okay.

If you have said something that hurts other people, is racist, or otherwise perpetuates injustice and oppression, it is not ON other people to gently walk you through why what you did was wrong and how to change it.
If you have done something that perpetuates injustice, other people affected by that injustice get to be angry and they get to correct you and they don’t need to do it gently to preserve your delicate white (because let’s be real, us white people are the worst and most frequent perpetrators of this) feelings.

If you require people to hold their anger over your perpetuation of an injustice so that they can gently handhold you thru an explanation of why what you did was wrong, your commitment is to yourself and feeling good. It is NOT to growing as a person and repairing harm in this world.

so maybe rethink that.

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Hey, could I request the band reacting to an awkward S/o? (Like, the S/O really does love them and wants to be in a relationship with them, but they feel pretty weird with all the lovey stuff. Thanks!)

2D: 2D would try to ease you into it, not wanting to be too pushy but he does crave affection often. He’s very patient but also tries to get you more comfortable with showing affection by being open and honest with you. 

Murdoc Niccals: Murdoc understands you better than you first think; he’s not entirely great with the lovey dovey stuff either even if he is in his head. He’s comfortable around a person who also has no idea what they’re doing. 

Noodle: Noodle understands that relationships have boundaries, but she does like to do cutesy things like hold you from behind. She hopes you could work together to make you more comfortable with things like that. 

Russel Hobbs: Russel tries to brainstorm about how he can make you more comfortable around him, but he doesn’t rush the process, as he doesn’t need a lot of affection from his partner. 

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I'm fairly certain there's a cat spirit that hangs out at the vet clinic where I work. He's been slowly warming up to me over the last few months. I literally hear the jingle of the bell on his collar when he's there (no other animals or people are present to make the sound) and I greet him out loud when I hear it. How else can I bond or communicate with him?

Think of it like a cat, and bond with it like you would any other cat (minus the physical affection). Maybe leave toys or treats out overnight for them, and keep talking to them like you are! You can even give them a nickname if you like in the meantime. ;)

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Rebecca how can I get rid of cystic acne 😩😩 i have this huge cystic pimple around my mouth area and I get them at least once a month around my period 😑 how can I prevent any new ones from forming :( ??

Track your period. Leading up to the day you usually break out: do a clay mask, you some benzoyl peroxide gel/BHA spot treatments on the area usually affected, I ALWAYS use super pure leading up to my period bc it helps.
I use an app called Clue. You can enter TONS of factors like skin, hair, mood, energy, pain, digestion, and lots more! It can help you figure out when you usually break out so you can take some extra skin care steps.

You do something stupid and someone tells you. Listen to them. Don’t just assume that you didn’t mean it so you didn’t do it. You did it. It happened. People got hurt. Period. You can’t chose how spoken words will affect people. You could have done something about them before uttering them, not after.

Guide to Traits

The Union x update to KHUX brought with it a new system called Traits.  Basically this is another level of randomness, because guilt rolls and 3000 jewel pulls wasn’t enough. >_<  Any time you add a medal to another medal with the same ID, it will roll a trait (as well as put a guilt dot into it, as described here).  

A down arrow (the up arrow in the picture above) has been added to the bottom of the medal screen.  This shows the medal’s traits.  Guilt Tier 1, 2, and 3 get one trait, while Guilt Tier 4 and 5 get two traits.  If you roll another trait and you don’t have room for it on the medal, you can replace one of the current traits with the new one or choose to keep the ones currently on the medal.

So how many traits are there and which ones do you want?

Five traits affect the keyblade as a whole:

  • Max Gauges +2: Increases maximum gauges by two
  • HP +800: Increases maximum HP by 800
  • Poison Resist 20%: 20% less likely to be poisoned by an enemy
  • Sleep Resist 20%: 20% less likely to be put to sleep by an enemy
  • Paralysis Resist 20%: 20% less likely to be paralyzed by an enemy

Six traits affect only the medal in question:

  • Strength +1000: Increases Strength by 1000
  • Defense +2000: Increases Defense by 2000
  • Ground Enemy DEF -60%: Decreases defense of ground enemies by 60%
  • Aerial Enemy DEF -60%: Decreases defense of flying enemies by 60%
  • Damage in Raids +40%: Deals 40% more damage against raid bosses
  • Extra Attack: 40% Power: Allows the medal to be used twice, though the second one is at only 40% power

The absolute best ones you can get are Extra Attack and Str+1000.  For buff medals (let’s say Illustrated Kairi), having Extra Attack means doubling the effectiveness: +3 Str turns into +6 Str.  The downside is that it doubles the Special cost as well: 3 gauges turns into 6 gauges.  But with KH2 iKairi (Tieri) and Key Art #1, Special cost isn’t super important anymore.  

With damage medals, Extra Attack is a little less useful.  Damage is depreciated to 40% of its original damage, where buffs are not.  Here’s some math.  Eraqus at lv. 100 is 7245 Str x 4.58 multiplier x 2 (100% guilt) = 66,364.  x1.4 for Extra Attack is 92,910.  Str+1000 is 8245 x 4.58 x 2 = 75,524.  So your choice here would be 100% damage for 10 gauges, or 81.3% damage for 5 gauges.  Either 10% damage per gauge or 16.3% damage per gauge effectiveness.  Also the higher Strength does more damage against high level defense enemies.

But what about SP1?  Now you’re doing 92,910 for 2 Special!  Or you could use AB4 and Str+1000 and get 135,942 for 5.

The point here is that the more SP a medal cost, the less efficient Extra Attack is.  Of course, if you’re not doing any damage (Illustrated Belle & Beast is 5 cost, but its a buff medal), then SP1 and Extra Attack is the way to go!

I wish I could calculate the +800 Health vs. the +2000 Def, but I honestly think it’s too situational.  Defense is great up until a point, but it’s also worthless beyond that point.  Health is just a flat increase, which sounds better, unless you happen to be fighting one of those enemies with an attack that falls in the range of where +2000 Def would help you… if you had to choose between them, I’d probably take the +800 Health.

So some general rules on Traits:

  1. For Buff medals, always Extra Attack.  Def+2000, HP+800, and +2 Gauges are good secondaries.
  2. For damage medals that cost 3 or less gauges, always Extra Attack
  3. For damage medals that cost 4 or more gauges, Str+1000 is probably more realistic.
  4. For damage medals, -60% Def (Ground or Aerial) are great secondaries and are probably going to be necessary for high ranking Coliseum.
  5. For medals you never use, +2 Max Gauges can be helpful for Proud quest rules.
  6. For medals you never use, the Resists are worth having one of each.
  7. For your raiding medals, +40% raid damage is amazing AND it stacks so get two!!

On a final and very important note:
Fantasia Mickey B (Mickey & Brooms) DOES NOT give you a trait!

<3 KCM

You can’t visit Juneau without stopping by the Mendenhall Glacier – just outside downtown Juneau. Because it’s only April (before the cruise ships start arriving) the place was pretty deserted. The ice has thinned and melted over time – it’s pretty amazing to look at pictures of what it used to look life. You can check out member station KTOO’s awesome story about how climate change is affecting the glacier here

There are a bunch of walks and hikes around the glacier – I think I walked about 8 miles just looping around the area. Folks said there’s a family of black bears living nearby – but I didn’t see any (maybe thanks to my constant clapping/singing – ha!) 

No bears – but we did see a mountain goat way up on the top of ^that^ waterfall! 


(Photos: Elissa Nadworny/NPR) 


And ok a series of consecutive stills showing how weight shift and muscle usage affect how he looks.

First picture - standing pretty much square, forelegs and hind legs pretty much straight up and down, leaning a bit more on the forehand to sniff at the other horse.

Second picture - hind leg starting to step under, and you can see really clearly how this lifts the back, taking it from dipped to significantly flatter. Hind leg supporting weight has the fetlock sunken down into the footing. One foreleg is actually in front of the body, taking weight off of the forehand. Beginning to barely shorten the neck and flex at the poll.

Third picture - hocks very slightly camped under, supporting weight. Forelegs are also under the body, as he takes a moment to figure out his body before stepping over the ground pole.

Fourth picture - as he steps over the pole, he elongates his neck, stretching out with his head and over his topline. Weight is on the forehand by virtue of the point in stride, but notice the hind leg bearing weight and how the fetlock is still  sunk deep into the footing.

Last picture - less clear because he’s turning towards me, but he’s stepping well under himself with his hind leg while reaching his other hind up high in preparation for another long step under. Still stretching over the neck. Notice how even though he’s only really bearing weight on two feet, he still has the balance to come at an angle with his head and neck in a good forward/out position. Again, bad angle, but the back is raised and the whole body is pushing forward.

It’s not exciting or revolutionary stuff, but for a noodle-necked periscoping hot mess, it’s a big change, and a great foundation for beginning work in other gaits and starting to teach him to bend on cue.

also he’s just cute

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All this 'how Snape would have reacted if Harry was a girl/looked like Lily' floating around makes me wonder how Petunia would have reacted in the same circumstances and how it might have affected the Dursley's treatment of Harry. I can't decide whether it would make the situation better or worse for each of the players what do you think?

I think Petunia might have struggled to have been as awful to Harry as she was; I think it would’ve been far more difficult for her to treat ‘Lily’ as badly as she was treating ‘James’.

As Harry looked like James, I think Petunia could easily create a distance; he wasn’t Lily’s son, he was James’ son.  He wasn’t her sister’s son - he was that wizard’s son.

I also think there’s more to the Petunia/Lily story, and I wonder about Mr and Mrs Evans and when they died - and if Petunia perhaps wondered if her sister would return to their world.  I really dislike Petunia Dursley, but I have a soft spot for Petunia Evans - and I love the idea of her seeing Lily and Severus break their friendship, and her quietly hoping her sister will come back…

…only for James to give her a reason to stay in the wizarding world.  I love the idea that Petunia picks up on hints and pieces; that she realises that Lily is embroiled in a world that’s fraught with danger, and having lost her parents, she doesn’t want to lose her sister - so she’s furious with James for seducing her into the magical world…

…and then, of course, she dies.

I love that.

But alas, I also don’t think canon is particularly written like that.  I would love a story where Petunia Dursley did keep Harry’s magic from him, but she did it to protect him - because she was fearful of what would happen to him, not because she was fearful of him.

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Someone was talking about junmyeon and they said something along the lines of 'i don't know him personally but I would trust him with my life' and I've never related to something so much? I don't know it just feels like he would keep you safe or something. It's like they named him guardian because he literally is like a guardian. sorry for rambling here I just suddenly caught too many feels.

I adore him so much ;______; 

He’s a great leader!! You can tell how much the members relies on him, and the responsibility he feels over the others. He really deserves all the praise, love and affection for all his hard work ❤

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How about a few HC's of Star Platinum and Jotaro with an S/O who's sweet, polite, poised and elegant like a yamato nadeshiko type of woman?


Jotaro and Star Platinum

-Jotaro will try to hide just how much he actually likes you, a quiet shy beautiful girl almost goes against his image of the silent rough and tough persona

-But Star will make it very clear they like you, he brings you flowers, snacks, and just general attention

-Jotaro will give in to his affections and you can bet he will still try to act tough

-Star will pick up the slack though and will help you walk or will hold your umbrella or other sweet things Jotaro wouldnt be caught dead doing

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Do you think that astrology can really affect how tall or short people are? I know there are usually certain physical features that are associated with signs..

It can but I’d say that’s mostly genetics. like usually gemini risings are short and pixie-like, while sagittarius risings are more tall and horse-like in appearance lol, just an example

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How does having a romantic relationship in the astral work, exactly...? How does that affect things in the physical world? Sorry if this sounds dumb ;;

It’s not much different than dating a human. It’s just you’re more like in a long distance relationship since you live on different planes. Sometimes you visit them, sometimes they visit you. What all your relationship involves depends on you and the spirit and your comforts.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by your last question, but I can provide an example.

So yesterday all 8 of my spirit spouses and I went out on a date in the physical. Obviously, nobody knew they were around but myself. We didn’t do much- just went out to lunch, went to a craft store to get myself some witchy things and to get some things for a rock spirit (who I’m getting from Mod Vi), and we went to a garden center and got myself 4 indoor plants (though one is also doubling as a welcome gift for the rock spirit). After that we went home to get the plants situated, rearranged my room a bit, and then cuddled and read together.

So it can effect the physical in the sense that they may encourage you to get gifts and help you do things like daily chores.

~Mod Faery

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I'm applying for a SD. Do you have tips on what is appropriate and important to mention?

The application should cover everything they need/want to know.
But important things are:

  • Your diagnosis (most programs will require an official diagnosis and doctor’s note)
  • How your disability affects you
  • How you think a service dog will help
  • Are you financially able to support a dog
  • Your housing situation (type of home/roommates/that sort of thing)
  • Do you have other pets
  • Do you have experience with dogs
  • Breed preferences/fears
  • Will you be able to provide adequate exercise/enrichment

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Again, the application should cover all the important things they want to know. If you feel like you want to elaborate on any of their questions, that is totally fine!

- Nate

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how do different mental illnesses affect the brain?

If you wanted specifics on mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia to that liking, I can do another post later but an over view is this: In your brain you have neurotransmitters that send chemical messages back and forth between neurons. Usually, a chemical imbalance or disruption of your chemical messages causes mental illness. Your brain also has electrical communication and the disruption of your electrical signals can cause tremors, most notably in Parkinson’s disease.

We can go through your brains common chemicals anybody who takes medicine is familiar with. Serotonin is very recognizable - this chemical is in charge of your mood, appetite and sleep. If your serotonin does not stay in the synapse, the receiving neuron has nothing to grab hold to and this causes a serotonin imbalance.

We can also move from the small chemical changes - which create big, big problems for people like us - to your brain regions. For example, the Amygdala which activates our fear? Our fight or flight responses all take place here and it’s what registers painful memories and if you’ve gone over the brain in school you’ll hear the example, “Malcolm touches a hot stove, his brain remembers its hot - he learns to fear the hot stove.” That’s your Amygdala. THAT region of your brain is making the connect to fear an event or action - which we can conclude is also a region probably responsible for anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. This is the region, y'know, people look at when developing new treatments for those disorders.

Of course, mutations within genes and hereditary causes can effect your chances of receiving a mental illness such as depression. There are disorder that you just can’t link to your familial background like PTSD, which is a disorder that is developed. Schizophrenia is a disease you may or may not inherit just like bipolar disorder.

But wow what a mouthful!

edit : hey I mixed up asks love you I’ll fix it

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Would you say people with sp can have a conduct disorder? And how? Isn't recklessness and stealing a sp blind thing?

I notice a lot, and I mean A LOT of people with conduct disorders or the associated aspd are sp blind. To the point that it’s a bit concerning.

That being said, those that are sp blind would probably be sp dominant, since a strong self preservational instinct can prevent incarceration and dangerous behaviour; not seeing and/or caring about the SOCIAL repercussions of your actions does not always translate into not caring how it affects YOU, per se.

I guess I could see it like this:

aspd/cd as:

Sp blind: constantly putting self in physical danger, drug abuse, lack of care for employment, crime, and the parasitic living sometime associated with cd/aspd, that is, mooching off others for survival due to the lack of concerning in one’s contributing to society and thus, a lack of care towards what is needed for self preservation in society. Honestly, these are are the hallmarks of sp blinds with cd/aspd. The hot mess of aspd/cd, that’s these ones. There isn’t much else to say here.

Sx blind: kinda the “movie psychopath” sort of cd/aspd, where they are loyal to nothing but themselves, hold zero ties to anyone, and exist on a shallow and empty, apathetic plane of existence. They go through the motions of life guided by awareness of social norms (so) and their sp prevents them from constantly acting out 100% of the time like sp blind ones. Think… Patrick Bateman I guess? Just the “does not give a single fuck about anyone but themselves to the degree that it’s just ridiculous” sort of thing. Tend to use people as tools and nothing else, etc. Most prone to snap in a major way sometime in their life, really has the making of a remorseless serial killer. Just being honest here folks

So blind: you know the “sociopath who would do anything for their family, even KILL, but literally does not care about anything else” sort of stereotype? That. Marked by very sparse but strong loyalties, usually to close friends, family and/or significant others, to the exclusion of all else. Feels no connection to society whatsoever but does care about their own welfare and the welfare of their “units”. Have the most possessiveness of the cd/aspd types, and most likely to care about others in the same way a person would care about a new car: as property, but property to be fiercely defended by whatever means necessary. Their sp prevents them from parasitic living though, and these types would be the most aware of the balance between themselves and others. Basically, a type that won’t even factor greater society in at all, and is notably distasteful and condescending towards people that do care about larger groups/social norms, but will observe them almost unconsciously around those they see as “theirs”

I hope this explains? Makes you think

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How do you think Chloe's redemption arc will go?

  • i want chloe to go too far
  • i know that’s hard to imagine with chloe, but for a moment, imagine she says something impossibly cruel, something she doesn’t necessarily mean, perhaps as a way to keep the upper hand, to win an argument, to keep up the superiority complex she has, what have you
  • imagine it’s directed to marinette who’s usually up and ready to banter back with her….and marinette doesn’t take it well
  • maybe it’s personal. maybe it digs deep in a way that marinette didn’t expect. but it leaves her with tears welling up, or perhaps it makes her run from the room in mortification
  • adrien screams at chloe, asks her what she was thinking. even sabrina is edging away from her and can’t look her in the eye. imagine the entire class losing complete respect for her and completely shutting her out. 
  • imagine chloe being alone
  • it’s maddening: adrien and sabrina won’t talk to her, no one will sit next to her in class, no one acknowledges her, and all she gets from the entire class is dirty stares
    • marinette’s are the worst. marinette stares at chloe like she’s wishing the world’s misfortune on her. marinette’s never looked at chloe like that. 
    • and it isn’t until she sees how marinette bores holes into the back of her head during class that chloe realizes she really messed up
  • imagine her hastily putting together a half-assed apology so that people will start talking to her again. but marinette isn’t having it. 
    • “you know, that’s really cold. to just apologize to me bc you want your friends back and not bc you mean it. how dare you. don’t waste my time with this again unless you mean it.”
  • after that, marinette isn’t mad at her anymore. she’s just done. it’s as if chloe is invisible, as if chloe isn’t at all worth her time, as if nothing chloe does can affect her anymore. sabrina still won’t speak to her. adrien acts as if he can’t recognize her. 
  • and that’s when chloe realizes she made a huge mistake. and she feels bad. 
  • so she actually starts apologizing. leaving apology notes in marinette’s locker and on her desk. sending her fb messages pleading with her to hear her out. approaching her desk everyday and asking her if she’ll just please speak to her and let her apologize. 
    • but marinette throws the notes out. blocks her on fb. ignores her when she approaches her. won’t let her in. 
  • chloe tries to do little things. orders huge commissions from the dupain-cheng bakery just to give them business. stops by in the mornings for croissants and fills their tip jar with bills. sends marinette expensive designer clothes in the mail to give her inspiration. offers to drop off her homework to her parents when marinette is sick.
    • it does nothing, even though marinette notices the gestures, but chloe keeps trying
  • because she never actually meant to hurt anyone this bad. she knows no one will believe her when she says this but this isn’t what she wanted. she didn’t want marinette to treat her like this. didn’t want anyone to treat her like this. 
  • and deep down, she realizes that ladybug – her idol, her hero, her role model – would hate what she’s done. and disappointing ladybug is the absolute last thing she ever wanted to do. 
  • so chloe keeps working. working to make ladybug proud. working to win back marinette’s trust. working to show adrien and sabrina that they weren’t wrong to befriend her. working to show the whole class that she’s a good person. deep down. somewhere. she is. she promises. she’ll show them. 
  • one day after school, when there’s a torrential downpour and marinette has no umbrella, chloe catches her before she leaves, gives her an umbrella, and apologizes for probably the hundredth time. marinette doesn’t respond to the apology, but accepts the umbrella, mutters a short thanks, and heads home
  • chloe accepts the coldness, realizes she deserves it, and doesn’t stay angry. instead, she pulls her sweater over her head to cover herself from the rain, and waits on the steps for her car to come
    • she doesn’t realize that there’s an old man a few blocks from the school who watched the whole exchange
  • when chloe gets home, she finds a small wooden box with strange markings sitting on her desk that she doesn’t remember putting there
  • she opens it to find a haircomb shaped like a bumblebee