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I don’t even know where to start. I ship Sakura with any Uchiha (well, like Sasuke, Itachi, Madara, Izuna or Indra), but man.

Madara would know how to treat her. Like for real, he’s got such a great personality deep down and I honestly feel like he’d show her how much he loved her everyday. Whether it be from gentle knuckle kisses, or teasing her just to see her cheeks flush to a light shade of red, to lightly intertwining their fingers as they walked through the village. 

I can imagine his eyes just looking at her like she’s the most beautiful woman to walk the planet. I’m not even kidding, he’s probably one of the most down to Earth characters in the show, yet he was known for creating mass destruction and ruining literally everything he touched. 

Try to tell me otherwise, but did you see his friendship with Hashirama before the drama of the Village tore their friendship apart? Like he’s obviously got some jealously issues, but please. Who doesn’t? He’s a true and genuine person with a golden personality. 

He’s also got that protective Uchiha blood coursing through him, so anyone who’d try to touch his woman would face the wrath of the Sharingan.

I ship them together and sometimes really want to go off the deep end and make a world for just the two of them.

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alright people. i cant believe this has to be said. 

Josh Keaton is real person. He is a grown man with two children and a wife. It is so uncomfortable and inappropriate to ask if he is romantically involved with his coworkers for the sake of your ships. 

Hounding him in hopes that he can “confirm” sheith or some other ship, when his whole twitter is practically devoted to how he relates to Shiro’s “dadness”, and dragging him into discourse that could literally get him in trouble is super uncool.

When it gets to the point where he can’t even take a selfie with his friend and coworker without being pressured to endorse a ship, it becomes something called harassment. 

He’s a professional, just because he likes making jokes and interacting with fans sometimes does not mean you can treat him like that. It’s creepy, it’s inconsiderate, and you all need to stop.


“The first episode that I was on, we go and have a beer together, and it’s extraordinary writing-wise to look at the dialogue from that scene. It maps out the next four years of our relationship. We brought these things out in each other that only happens when you meet the person that you want to end up with. The writers let it unfold in a real and lovely way.” —Adam Scott

shit it blows my mind that there’s black people who still don’t believe colorism is a real thing like I literally remember niggas making dog and monkey noises at school, I remember my own family members telling me I wasn’t pretty enough to pursue modeling because of my skin color, I remember constantly being overlooked for my white and light skin friends, like my own mother telling me to wash my skin better because I was too dark and my skin looked dirty, I mean as a kid I saw NO ONE on tv, magazines, billboards, etc who looked like me. I mean man how can y'all say there isn’t a hatred for dark skin in the black community? come on now

What Hamilton Taught Me

When the revolutionary war started and ended

How to count to ten in French

Who Alexander Hamilton even is

Being the older sister is hard

Lafayette was the real MVP

If your man don’t treat you right burn the stuff he gave you

Things don’t go very well if you wait for it

When the French Revolution started and why

How the French and American revolutions were connected

You can write your way out of anything if you try hard enough

I will never be as successful as Alexander Hamilton

I will also never have the motivation to write like I’m running out of time

Who the ambassador of France was in seventeen se-se-seventeen se-se-seventeen, seventeen eighty nine

Don’t assume anyone is “truly a man of honor” because you’ll probably die

Actually just don’t duel. Like, ever.

It’s gross how people don’t see that constantly having bisexual women on television end up with men just supports real life biphobia that bisexuals can face from gays and lesbians. “I don’t date bisexuals because they’re just going to go back to the opposite sex.” Representation matters. And if all the representation is one sided then that subconsciously leaks back into the real world and has real world consequences. So, don’t tell me that a bisexual woman ending up with a man is still bisexual representation. No. SHE is still bisexual representation. Their relationship just lends to a negative stereotype.

Bioshock Infinite Sentence Starters

 A mix of things said in the BIOSHOCK INFINITE games.

❝ I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. ❞
❝ Are you going to just sit there? ❞
❝ You expect me to shoulder the burden? ❞
❝ Not all debts can be repaid. ❞
❝ I’m not busting down any doors. ❞
❝ I know why you’ve come. ❞
❝ I know how it ends. ❞
❝ I’d greatly appreciate it if you would assist. ❞
❝ One day, a man came to you and offered you a chance at redemption. ❞
❝ Stop it. Will you stop it!? ❞
❝ I’m not here to hurt you. ❞
❝ Who are you?  ❞
❝ I never find that as satisfying as I’d imagined. ❞
❝ Are you real? ❞
❝ Feats of wonderment are at the tips of your fingers. ❞
❝ I’m real enough. ❞
❝ You don’t want to be here when he gets here. ❞
❝ Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt. ❞
❝ This will end in blood. ❞
❝ It always ends in blood. ❞
❝ You killed those people. ❞
❝ I can’t believe you did that. ❞
❝ You’re a monster! ❞
❝ What did you think was gonna happen? ❞
❝ You think people like that are just gonna let you walk away? ❞
❝ What am I? ❞
❝ It’s a bad place. ❞
❝ From here on, it’s only gonna get worse. ❞
❝ I’m not you. ❞
❝ What about me? ❞
❝ Did I ever even have a choice? Did you? ❞
❝ I will never escape it. ❞
❝ It’s like a wheel of blood spinning round and round. ❞
❝ You’ve come to wipe your slate clean. ❞
❝ Time will walk backwards before you find redemption. ❞
❝ Some sins can’t be forgiven. ❞
❝ The deal is off. You hear me? ❞
❝ It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t do anything. ❞
❝ Leave me alone. Can’t you just leave me alone!? ❞
❝ I heard you screaming. ❞
❝ I was coming to get you. ❞
❝ Put the gun down. ❞
❝ I don’t understand. ❞
❝ I never should have left you. ❞
❝ Shut down the machine. ❞
❝ What are the odds? ❞
❝ We’re not animals, you know? ❞
❝ Please just don’t leave me here. ❞
❝ We’ve got nothing but time. ❞

Alfred head cannons

- This man is a saint or a god. The family has let to figure out which one. Damian is personally voting for a ninja.

- It is one thing to disobey Bruce, but disobey Alfred yeah no. Everyone will tell you not to for a reason.

- Lets be real he is the head of the family. He keeps them all together and keeps them from killing each other sometimes.

- The bat kids brag to their friends about him. Especially when he makes them cookies.

- Half the family ships him with Dr. Thompkins.

- He is the one person who can scare Batman.

- The poor man has had to bury a few of the batkids and thought Bruce was dead at one time. His ability to carry on after each time just shows how strong he is.

- No one knows his actual age not even Bruce.

- No one can be mad at him. If Bruce pisses one of the family members off, they will still keep tabs with Alfred.

- He keeps a scrapbook of pictures of random moments with the family.

- One time Bruce was on pain meds after a really bad injury and was so out of it he called Alfred dad. Alfred had to leave the room because he was crying.

- This is his family. He saw Bruce as a son and the kids as grandchildren. There is nothing more this man could want. Well maybe for Bruce to settle down around and not as many injuries.

- He knows Martha and Thomas Wayne would be proud of the family now. He only wishes they could see the manor with the children running around. He only hopes that he did a good job and they are proud.

How I imagine Darkiplier and AntiSepticEye getting ready for Halloween
  • October 1
  • Anti: "Hey Dark!"
  • Dark: "Yeah?"
  • Anti: "I was thinking we could do something a bit different...You know how in Mark's old videos, and in "relax", you emerged and scared fans everywhere?"
  • Dark: "Yeah..."
  • Anti: "I was thinking that this year, you and I can do that sorta thing together. I've always wanted to know how cool it would be to drive people insane by showing my real face..."
  • Dark: "Oh my God, that sounds like an amazing idea, man! We're TOTALLY doing that!"
  • Anti: "See you on Halloween!"
  • (30 days later)
  • October 31
  • Anti: "Woohoo, hell yeah! Halloween time! Now I just gotta wait for Dark!"
  • (Several minutes pass by)
  • Anti: ...
  • Anti: "Dark? Dark! Where the hell are you, ya douchebag?! I'm gonna scare people without you!"
  • no response.
  • Anti: "Screw it, I'm off on my own!"
  • Anti's Thoughts: "Eh, sucks to be him..."
  • November 1
  • Anti: "Aw man, October's over. Eh, I had the best time of my life! Well, back to my chamber."
  • Dark: "Hey, Anti."
  • Anti: "Dark?!"
  • Dark: "Ready to scare people this year?"
  • Anti: "Dafuq dude? Where were you all damn month?!"
  • Dark: "Ya know, wearing dresses, shaved my beard, wrote in my diary, and check it out! I even got a new dog! I called her "punk dog". Cool, huh?"
  • Punk Dog: "I didn't agree to this..."
  • Anti: ...........
  • Dark: "What?"
  • Anti: "Are you...f***in' kidding me right now, man? You're telling me that while I was hacking into Jack's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, AND YouTube accounts, scaring the LIVING HELL out of everyone...YOU...were skipping around in a F***ING dress and pretending to be a highschool girl in your GODDAMN DIARY?! ALL F***ING OCTOBER?!"
  • Dark: "Wait, October passed already?!"
  • Anti: (facepalms)
  • Dark: "Aw, goddammit! This whole time, I thought it was September!"
  • Anti: "You're a f***in' idiot, Dark..."

How about

- Steve who falls for Tony before Tony can get his head out of gadgets and robots he’s working on for long enough to even notice Steve’s there, existing.

- Steve who feels his breath catch every time he sees Tony, because he’s just so BRILLIANT AND GOOD AND AHHH!!!

- Steve who’s fallen so deep he constantly thinks up excuses to touch Tony so he can once more prove to himself that the man IS real!

- Steve daydreaming about Tony all the time (enough to get hurt while they’re avenging and almost give Tony a heart attack)?

- Steve who’s insecure to that extent he’s convinced Tony could never love him (b/c he’s not smart enough or modern enough or shiny enough lol), so he broods and draws sad lonely eagles.

- Steve who’s a bit jealous of Tony’s armors and can be seen giving them dirty looks sometimes, to some Avengers’ amusement (ok all the Avengers’ amusement, they all notice).

- Steve who’s head over heels in love with Tony and ridiculous about it, that’s all.

Meme War

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Sam, Steve, Bucky, Wanda, Nat, Bruce, Peter, Thor, Vision and Scott.

Tony: Okay so, me and Bruce worked real hard on this one.

Nat: Bruce and I, just FYI.

Tony: We created a special program that should keep anyone out that we don’t want in.

Tony: So they shouldn’t be able to get in.

Tony: Oh fuck off.

Scott: Wait who can’t get in and why?

Bucky: So how sure are you they won’t be able to get in?

Thor: Sir Ant-Man, I believe they are discussing Lady Y/n and Sir Clinton.

Bruce: I am hundred percent positive they can’t get in.

Peter: Um guys, I am a little bit confused. What did they do?

Sam: Well Thank Goodness.

Steve: I had enough of that nonsense.

Tony: Nope, just me and my buddy Bruce.

Vision: Peter, I believe it’s called a meme war.

Wanda: My buddy Bruce and I.

Tony: Will you stop correcting my grammar?

Steve: Will you start making proper sentences?

Tony: Oh you too, Steve?

Scott: Seriously, so that’s why you blocked them out?

Scott: Party breakers.

Sam: Well Tic-Tac, you don’t see memes all around the tower.

Wanda: I wouldn’t mind seeing them, if they didn’t suck.

Peter: Well some of them were good.

Steve: On who’s side are you now Peter?

Tony: Hey leave the kid alone.

Peter: I am just saying.

Y/N has entered the chat.

Y/N has added Clint.


Vision: I am not fully sure how this happened.

Vision: My computer doesn’t acquire that kind of information.


Bruce: But how?

Nat: I will seriously kill you two imbecilic.

Nat has left the chat.

Bruce: There was a special password that they need to guess before entering, and it’s not that easy.

Clint: Oh you mean “Y/N and Clint aren’t allowed in this chat”?

Clint: Pretty easy to me.

Wanda: Typical Tony.

Wanda: Now you should create a program that’s not gonna allow Tony to leave the chat.

Steve: Seriously Tony?

Thor: Interesting thinking, Lady Wanda.

Scott: Yeah, let’s torture Iron Man.

Scott: Who’s with me??

Bruce: I swear to God, I’m going to strangle you.

Bruce: Without turning green.



Tony: Alright there buddy, calm down.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony has been disconnected

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda: Someone’s gonna get their ass beaten.

Clint: Hey Vision

Vision: Yes, Mr. Barton?

Clint: How’s your vision?

Clint: Because


Vision has left the chat.

Thor: Humans.

Thor: I would rather be stuck whit my idiot brother Loki, than you two.

Thor has left the chat.

Peter: Huh, good one.

Steve: I don’t get it.

Sam: This is so stupid.

Bucky: Lame.

Peter: I mean, buu, it sucks.


Clint: Hell yeah, Y/N, hell yeah.

Peter has left the chat.

Y/N: Yaiks, think I got him too hard.

Y/N: Poor little baby.

Sam: Then go suck his dick for comfort.


Clint: Shit Y/N


Bucky: Y/N can I film it when you kill him?

Wanda: I’ll hold your hair so you don’t mess it.


Scott: I will bring popcorn

Steve: I’ll plan a funeral.

Clint: I’ll bring memes.

Bucky: Oh dude, you know you’re going down.

Wanda: Harder than titanic.

Bucky: But not the way you’d like to.




Bucky: GO Y/N, GO Y/N.


Scott: Look guys what I’ve found.



Steve: What is this?

Bucky: This is life

Y/N: Yasss Scott.

Clint: Good one.

Steve: I don’t get it.

Sam: Hilarious.

Steve: You gusy suck.

Steve has left the chat.



Wanda has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat

Scott has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: what the heck?

Y/N: They think their cool.

Clint: Let’s do something

Y/N: what?

Clint: Okay meet me in the training room in 5.

Clint: I have something great planned out.

Y/N: Can’t wait.

Clint has left the chat.


Y/N: Just had too.

Y/N has left the chat.

I dont even know anymore.

things i loved about andi mack
  • how diverse the cast is like omg
  • cyrus possibly being gay????
  • bex and andi??? don’t look alike at all???? which i think means andi probably takes after her bio father, meaning that he could appear in later episodes/seasons
  • when cyrus wants buffy to tell him “nice bike” it’s only boys that are walking by when he starts talking himself up to appear cool
  • the fucking “i have my first period” joke
  • buffy is obviously named after buffy the vampire slayer (which was kinda confirmed??) meaning her parents are giant nerds
  • how bex calls andi “andi-man”
  • “yeah i’m real torn up that i can’t listen to nickleback anymore”
  • how jonah wanted andi to join the frisbee team, implying that the team was already co-ed 
  • the whole “amber alert” thing. i was just WAITING for someone to point out the joke in that. 

can you believe a real song exists called ‘home’ in which louis tomlinson lets loose his experience being a gay man and how he discovered himself and felt like something was wrong with him until he met harry and found what was missing just by looking in his eyes i’m fucked up

So I have been checking up discussions from last year about Santa Claus being Black and how much of an unnecessary controversy it caused and it got me thinking, does the public even know if Batman was white or do people just assume he is? cuz lets be real, the man is covered from head to toe and only appear at nights, that’s not enough to know someone ethnicity so what if every kid in Gotham believe that Batman is the same race as them and will not allow someone to tell them otherwise?


White kid: But why do you think Batman is black?!

Black kid: Why do you think he isn’t?

White kid: Why? have you see his chin skin? its white so how can he be black?

Black kid: Heelloo, black people with vitiligo exist so….

White kid: Bu- thats-….that’s just an unlikely to thing to be. Thats all. 

Korean kid: Well if you’re so hang up on skin color then Batman might be Korean? we have fair skin too.

White kid: What?? how can he be Korean if he doesn’t have Asian eyes??

Korean kid: Ah, well not all of us have “Asian Eyes” and even if we do, Batman has his mask on him at all time, so how do you know he doesn’t have “asian eyes” under there?

White kid: Because I’m being logical and going by facts unlike you.

Arab kid: Well if you really wanna be “logical” wouldn’t it make the most sense if Batman was middle-eastern?

White kid: And how does THAT make any sense?!?

Arab kid: Well I mean the current Robin is obviously Arab and unlike all the other Robins he refer to Batman as “father” which would mean Batman is his father so it would make sense if Batman too was the same ethnicity as his son.

White kid: Okay all of you really need to stop attacking me right now because Batman is white just like Jesus is >:(

Arab kid: Oh boy if you think Jesus was white then I got some news for you…