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Do you think it's okay for a little to not want aftercare after sex, or be cuddly and lovey?

I mean…. thats your perogative, but I am not exactly sure that on the subconscious level its all that healthy.

I mean.. I know how it is… I can go for hours, and end up a sweaty hot heaping mess with the sheets soaked…. Not exactly the best for cuddling. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt still enjoy a hot cup of tea and some netflix on the tablet while wearing one of my t-shirts…. 

aftercare isnt all about cuddling and hair stroking, it can be many simple things… but I think its needed even in the slightest form.

I have finally accepted i’m an ace lesbian…i have had feelings of discomfort with sex all my life maybe it’s due to abuse, maybe i was just born to not feel a huge desire for sex,idk. but i love girls, girls are beautiful. i love kissing my girlfriend…i love touching her hair, i love holding her hand, i love listening to her, i love spending time with her. but sex has alway been an issue for me. i thought it was due to being gay. i never liked men. i love how girls look, they are stunning, they are hot. i can have sexual thoughts but i don’t want to act on them, that doesn’t mean i wont have sex/and have had sex for someone else, but it wouldn’t be for me/ it wasnt for me. i have romantic thoughts mostly and dream about girls, girls and soft and beautiful. i’m a lesbian, i wanna spend my life with a girl. i wanna fall in love with a girl, but sex is so hard for me. and it feel lost because i don’t feel like i fit in. 


Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments

  • 707: [screams]
  • Yoosung: … What was that?
  • 707: I just thought about my anxieties and it’s like my mind hand touched a hot memory stove.

okay but important question. does ignis know how hot he is? like in a low-key kinda way? or does he just ignore it because who needs looks when you have a prince to keep alive. or maybe he has absolutely no idea. maybe he even thinks he’s kinda average or below average?? like what if he didn’t realize he got hit with a serious fucking glo up and everyone sees it but him and he just. doesn’t. know.


guess who has no impulse control and watched the leaks it’s me!!!! I love the pearls so much I’m going to marry them ALL


#hello i’m having mulan feels bye

Dean finding a picture of old Castiel, fem!Castiel, not knowing that this is Cas. And going on and on about her beauty.

“Holy shit Cas, who is this hot chick? Damnn.”

and the thing is, Dean would only be talking about her eyes. How blue they are, how he’s a sucker for blue eyes in general, how that beige coat just emphasises the BLUE in her eyes even more.

Dean writing an ode to the woman’s beauty, before Cas quietly says, “that’s me. Was me. This is my old vessel.”

Dean pausing immediately, “this is…you?” Because he realises that he basically spent the last 10 minutes describing, in excruciating detail, how hot his best friend is to his best friend.

Dean wanting to act casual about it and saying “Oh, man, great job. That’s a good vessel you picked. That’s. Um. Yeah. Good…good choice.”

Dean hastily adding, “Not that you, you know, did a bad job with your current vessel or anything. Jimmy’s great, like, in terms of, as in, body-wise. I mean, same blue eyes, right? Uh. And well-built, too. Sturdy. He’s, I mean you, you’re, you’re good looking now too. Um.”

Dean finally just blurting out “basically what I wanna say is that you’ve always been hot, cas.” before bolting the fuck out

Cas, still not having said anything other than the original clarification, just staring after him with confused comprehension, furrowed brow, squinty eyes, and a cocked head.

Sam accidentally witnessing this exchange and laughing till his stomach hurts.