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What if Steven went through public schooling along side learning gem stuff?


- Showing off his gem in like kindergarten but not being able to use it
- Human History with Bird Mom
- REFUSING to comb his hair until he’s like..13, and then everyone being confused because his hair is just super curly but if he doesn’t comb it it becomes an afro
- Being super annoyed with English classes because he thought itd be writing stories but it’s just essays
- Every April fools day he does SOMETHING with shapeshifting
- In P.E. classes discovering his gem strength and making sure to be much more careful
- Quartz growth spurts where he gets like a foot taller in just a few months, then stops growing for long periods of time
- Eventually being at least a head taller than everyone he knows BC quartz build
- Hating desks as he gets taller because his legs get all cramped
- Discovering wrestling and joining school teams
- Shapeshifting to look like an adult to skip class with friends–then getting caught and chastised by Pearl and Garnet. But cheered on my amethyst
- Willing to fight anyone who is fatphobic anywhere anytime
- Enjoying history and math and constantly asking questions about them to his teachers, sometimes even annoying them with his enthusiasm
- Joining choirs and performing in musical dramas (shapeshifting makes for some WILD costume changes..)
- Bringing gem tech from Pearl into Show and Tells when he’s young
- One time Steven got really pissed off and a door handle bent to his hand after he used it. Nobody asked him why.
- Inexplicably being friends with EVERYONE
- Having to awkwardly explain his absences due to gem missions
- Coming to school running on coffee and 2 hours of sleep after a gem mission in high school
- MESSING UP bullies
- Being super annoyed in highschool because he’s that one student bending down to get through doorways and everyone always makes “how’s the weather up there” jokes
- People flirting with him and he just doesn’t know how to respond at ALL
- Riding lion to school
- That one time a gem corruption came on campus, and everyone saw Steven kick its butt and bubble it. Nobody asks how.
- Sneaking healing spit onto friends who got hurt
- Pearl crying on his first day of school
- Garnet walking in on mile time day, telling the P.E. Teacher every students mile time, then walking away
- Going all-out on artsy projects and stuff
- “Why do you smell like roses all the time?”
- Going into astronomy/architecture in college because “going into a medical field feels like cheating”
- The Gems telling Steven he should get 2nd place in nationals wrestling because getting 1st would be suspicious (imagine the scene from the Incredibles with dash in the race)
- People always get confused and slightly afraid during his quartz growth spurts because he’s always eating or looking to buy food during them. People swear he’s glowing sometimes.
- Food fights with a shield
- Garnet spending a solid 30 minutes talking a teacher into a corner in a debate on whether or not Steven’s hair is too long and needs to be cut. Steven gets to keep growing out his hair.
- This one time Steven only got like an hour of sleep in a week and someone pulled his hair as a joke, he threw them down a hallway (they weren’t hurt but were pretty shaken).
- Visiting Connies speech and debate tournaments and getting stares because everyone’s wearing suits and stuff and he’s there with a tank top and gym shorts
- In P.E. he almost got suspended in high school because he got into a sort of contest of who could lift more with someone he didn’t like and ended up breaking a bench press machine but adding too much weight
- Using his shield to ride down staircases like a slide
- Giving his biology teacher a hamster grape
- Cooking clubs!!
- Being a guide for freshman coming into high school when he’s a senior and immediately regretting the decision once he starts talking to them because none of them will stop making height jokes
- Pearl WEEPING because she’s proud of Steven for getting into Empire City University with a full scholarship from wrestling
- “Can you drive?” “No. I have a magic lion that can travel via portals.”
- The football coach trying to convince Steven to play football, and Steven is vaguely interested, but Pearl REFUSES to let him play
- Really intense truth or dare games. One time he snuck into a club with shapeshifting from one of them.
- Always having a pair of headphones. ALWAYS.
- Forgetting homework and getting it from home during passing periods because Lion can get him to school and back in like a minute
- Somehow managing to be late sometimes just because “oh, I have lion, I’ll be on time” so he sleeps in then realizes school starts in 2 minutes and he hasn’t even put a shirt on
- Figuring out how to fuse somewhat reliably, and fusing with friends at school
- Randomly disappearing from the campus for quick gem missions during lunch
- He’s bumped his head in doorways more times than he can count.
- Stevens 1-4 grade teachers low-key hating Garnet because every time she comes over at least one child gets into her hair and she almost walks out with them because she doesn’t realize
- One time Steven tried to go to a parent teacher conference by himself because “I’m my own mom”

Honestly I love the idea of Steven going through public schooling and college so much.

First Time Meeting Starter-Pack

Our Muses don’t know each other. In fact, they had no idea the other even existed. Send me an icon + a number to begin. (For reverse, send 🔄 with it and make do.)

🛩  - Our Muses have been paired together on their flight. Break the awkward ice!

  1. “Like the window seat, huh?”
  2. “Excited?”
  3. “I’m not one for flights, hah..”
  4. “You headed to the same place?”
  5. “Are you going on a trip or coming home from one?”

🔪 - My Muse got lost and had noticed a figure following them around. They then decide to approach your Muse to ask for possible assistance.

  1. “I’m sorry, but.. Could you help me?”
  2. “Hello!.. U-Um.. Could i hang out with you for a bit?”
  3. “Hey, I’ll explain everything in a bit, but right now i kind of need help.”
  4. “I think someone is following me..”
  5. “He-Hey, wait wait! I need to talk to you!..”

💢 - Our Muses found each other at the store heading for the same item they both needed/wanted desperately. ..There is only one left.

  1. “Move aside, buddy! This one’s mine!”
  2. So.. How do i charm you into giving me that?”
  3. “I’ll pay you for it!”
  4. “You can have it..”
  5. “…Let’s split it.”

🕹 - Our Muses are at a Comic-Con and accidentally get paired together to play a two player video game. Problem is, my Muse is terrible at video games, your Muse is amazing at video games.

  1. “This is so embarrassing, I’m just here for the show!”
  2. “I don’t even know how to hold this thing, how do you expect me to use it?”
  3. “I’m sorry. You’re about to be let down.”
  4. “..Could you teach me?..”
  5. “Do you even need me to beat this thing?”

Description: Reader is put in charge of the kitchen, and to get Bucky to help, they share something close to their heart

A/N: I hope you like it! Any feedback would be appreciated so much!

Warnings: Fluff, insecure Bucky

Tags: @bucky-plums-barnes This is the anon, please let me down gently if it’s awful

Words: 1299

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

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#8 Newlyweds Game

“Look, I don’t care what we do, but we’re NOT playing charades!” Angelina yelled over her friends.

“You’re never going to let that go are you?” George asked in disbelief.

“My hair George! My hair was on fire!” She shouted back.

“That wasn’t my fault!”

“Why can’t we just play twister like we planned?” Harry asked the group, coming back from the kitchen after fetching himself and Ginny a couple of drinks.

“Ron bailed, and he’s the one who was supposed to bring the game. Apparently Luna asked him out to dinner.” Hermione informed him.

“Apparently she’s more important then not letting his friends slip into the anarchy of having to choose what to play for game night.” Fred said in a jokingly bitter tone.

“How about the newlywed game?” Ginny offered. “We have an even number now.”

A long moment passed.

“Gin that game’s for couples.” Harry said, feeling the tension in the air.

“Well Hermione and Fred can pair up!” Ginny insisted to the still silent room. “C'mon they’re close enough friends to stand half a chance against us.”

“Whatever, if it’ll get everyone to stop arguing I’m in.” Fred declared.
“You ready to get fake married and put these guys in the ground ‘Mione?”

“Born ready.” Hermione giggled.

* *

The game was set up. On one couch sat Hermione, Ginny, and Angelina. On the other say Fred, Harry, and George. The twins leaned against Harry, squishing him between them as Ginny shuffled the cards.

“Okay, whiteboards ready boys?” Ginny asked. The boys picked up their boards and markers out of the games box and nodded, “Here we go, girls, name your partners favourite ice cream flavour.”

The boys quickly scribbled their answers on their whiteboards and set down their markers keeping the backs of their boards facing the girls.

“Angelina, you first.” Ginny told her.

“Well…” Angelina thought for a moment, “I guess I’ll say classic chocolate. Oh! With caramel sauce on top!”

Fred stopped on the floor marking a drumroll noise and flipped his board over with a flourish. Scrawled across it in messy writing was 'chocolate + caramel’. “And the lady gets it right!” He announced to his friends as Ginny gave them a tally on the points card.

“Yeah yeah, we haven’t even finished the first round Georgie calm down. Harry and I are taking you down.” Ginny told him confidently. “Harry’s favourite ice cream is crème brûlée.”

Harry flipped is whiteboard around showing that she was indeed correct.

“Crème brûlée? Manly.” George muttered, rolling his eyes dramatically.

“Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.” Harry defend himself.

Adding a point to hers and Harry’s column, Ginny gestured to the next pair. “Your turn Hermione.”

“Peanut butter cup.” She said causally, as if it was an obvious answer.

Fred whirled his white board around to show the group his answer, written in all capitals. “Obviously peanut butter cup! It’s the best flavour of everything!” He shouted and shimmied his shoulders in a small victory dance.

“Well I guess despite not being a couple, Fred and Hermione are in the races.” Ginny announced. “It’s a three way tie after round number one.”

* *

Round four was underway. So far the group had answered what their partners favourite ice cream was, what their parents names were, and what their childhood dream job was. Ginny had given each team a nickname on the new banner sized tally sheet. George and Angelina or 'Georgelina’ had 3 points, Fred and Hermione or 'Fremione’ had 3 points, and Harry and Ginny or 'Hinny’ had 2, despite Ginny’s insisting that the last question wasn’t fair given that she didn’t know what muggles called people who flew planes.

“What is your partners go to accessory?” Ginny asked, and set the card down to pick up her white board and marker. “Georgelina, whenever you’re ready.”

“Purses! Final answer.” George exclaimed with confidence.

An awkward silence filled the room as Angelina turned her board around to face her boyfriend, 'Earrings’ scrawled across the front. “Purses babe? Really?” She questioned George in a sharp voice.

“Ooo and Georgelina falls out of their tie for first.” Ginny said in her best announcer voice. Angelina narrowed her eyes and gave George a playful but pointed look, as if to say “And who’s fault is that?”

“Okay, well,” Harry began slowly, “you don’t really wear much jewelry, oh, those little leather bracelets?” He guessed.

“Dammit I forgot about those!” Ginny cursed, placing her whiteboard face up on the table. “I said sneakers. Ugh, it’s your turn now whatever.” She grumbled gesturing lamely to Fred.

“Easy. Scarves.” He said matter-of-factly and leaned back in his chair.

Hermione’s mouth fell open in an overly dramatic display of shock as she laughed. She turned her answer around to prove he was correct “Good job Fred. You’re turning out to be a very good fake husband.” She joked.

“Excuse you? I am far more then that!” Fred exclaimed, “I am a wonderful, brilliant, fantastic fake husband.”

“Of course dear, how could I forget?” Hermione chuckled.

* *

The game was over and the group was back spread out in the living room. The loosing teams sulked in silence as the winners chatted loudly about their victory.

“I honestly had no idea!” Hermione insisted, laughing.

“So you just guessed that I the last thing I ate was a long lasting peppermint?” Fred asked astonished.

“Well I just thought about it logically. You did just come from work, and you and George mentioned being in the test stage for those a few days ago.” She explained quickly.

“Brilliant Hermione!” Fred exclaimed.

Ginny eyed the two suspiciously as they joked together. She looked at Harry sitting beside her and tilted her head towards them rolling her eyes. Harry smiled at her and placed his hand on her knee. A simple but affectionate action.

Ginny looked back at Fred and Hermione, they were both laughing hard at something one of them had said. Fred beamed at Hermione as she tried to pull herself together unsuccessfully. Her shoulders shook with laughter and her head was tiled back with a large open smile plastered across her face. Fred’s hand rested on Hermione’s knee.

Suddenly, Ginny’s eyes widened in surprise. Quickly, she masked her expression but her mind was whirling. She now had realized three very exciting new things. One, Hermione liked Fred. Two, Fred liked Hermione. And three, Ginny smiled to herself, these two would need some help admitting to it.

She had work to do.

* *

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I enjoy your thought on charackters so what about aura so far? Hes scaring the crap out of me, and the fact that ishida always highlights him in violent moments. Theres not much on him and his relationship with mutsuki yet but its worrying.

The first introduction we have to Aura is that he’s timid and is easily pushed around. We see this by Urie, who has just been declared a dog by Matsuri still easily bullying Aura into submission and forcing him to walk home. If Urie is a dog, Aura is less than a dog right now. 

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hey!! I hope you've been doing okay!! Everything going well?? I've stuck to this blog since I began bnha and honestly its been pretty nice!! now if you're to do this, how about some hcs for shindou and a (future) s/o who knows he's flirting around with them but it's funny to them to deny him by acting oblivious. How would he react and what would he do to get their attention??


  • At first he doesn’t pick up on it. He doesn’t realise that you’re playing him. He’d really like to think that you were innocent enough to not understand his advances.
  • He is good at reading people though so after a month or so it finally clicks and it just makes him want you even more.
  • Really loves the idea of someone who can play just as dirty as he can.
  • The sexual/romantic tension is so high that people have to leave the room when you two are together.
  • Tries to feign that he isn’t trying hard to get your attention. 
  • The pair of you almost, almost kissing so many times but one of you always pulls away.
  • He’s the type of guy that likes contact so you can bet he’s going to have his hands on you whenever he possibly can.
  • He’s so jealous too. He hates seeing you flirting with other people, even if it is just to mess with his head. It normally ends up with him sneaking up behind you for a hug.
  • Risks kissing your neck when he does this and never regrets it.
  • “I know your game, _____. We both know how this ends though, you can’t get me out of your head can you?”
Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Ishikirimaru in the Musical Touken Ranbu: Home and Away

In “Atsukashiyama Ibun”, Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Ishikirimaru were the first pair to shoulder the Touken Danshi side of the story in the Musical Touken Ranbu franchise, and it’s interesting to see how their positions have both paralleled and diverged from each other since then.

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There are literally so many characters in 11 Little Roosters but it just so happens that Michael and Gavins characters are paired up the entire time?!?! Like RT wants me DEAD!?!? Also Gavin calling Michael “Mikey” gives me LIFE!!!!

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This isn't much of a question, but I just wanted to tell you that your art always brighten my bad days. I write a lot of Widowtracer fanfics and I've had some anxiety-related issues these past 6 months, but every time you tease a new WIP I suddenly get something to look forward to. I lack words for how much your art means and how great of an inspiration it is. Keep it up, and remember that what you do make a lot of people happy. Stay strong! /PartyCactus

Thank you for this message PartyCactus. :) I’m happy that these drawings & even the WIPs can help with the bad days! I have anxiety-related issues having this game, the characters/world & its fandom as a source of inspiration also helps me cope on days when I feel down. Thank you for your support and hope you can continue writing your fics for this pairing! Stay strong too! :D

  • Daud: I know your footsteps, Corvo.
  • Daud: They sound a bit heavy, have you been overdoing the carbs
  • Daud: I left some tinned hagfish out in the yard for you, did you see it?
  • Daud: In case you didn't, I'll get Thomas to find some Serkonan sausage, he hoards it, I pretend I don't know, he's cute that way
  • Daud: I know a great deal, bodyguard
  • Daud: But tell me how you found those pistol upgrades, I've been checking out the Black Market for weeks and they are always out of stock
  • Daud: I still know your footsteps, Corvo.
  • Daud: Did you get that boot stealth upgrade yet?
  • Daud: In case you didn't, there's a copy on the coffee table, feel free to grab it on your way out
  • Daud: And now we have the duel no other two could have
  • Daud: Basically cos I forgot to upgrade Arcane Bond to level II so none of my assassins here can actually use Bend Time, how's that for game mechanics
  • Daud: I have one more surprise.
  • Daud: I have Strong Arms in my pouch, you can have it if you like
  • Daud: I mean, I dunno why I even have it, I can kill a man without so much as disturbing a hair on his head
  • Daud: I'm swimming in noble blood, what use is a Bone Charm best suited for fast non-lethal takedowns
  • Daud: I ask for my life.
  • Daud: And a pair of swimming trunks, 34 in the waist, red if you got 'em, I'm off to the beach
Gabriel is after the hot lifeguard

  • Gabriel going along with his younger brother Castiel to the pool after seeing the hot lifeguard Sam. Cursing his brothers for not telling him about the hot piece of candy that was working there. Just staring at him from a distance and thinking that he wouldn’t mind being manhandled by Sam.

  • Gabriel always going with Cas to the pool and signing up for swimming lessons, despite being a pretty good swimmer, because he’d seen that Sam was the swimming instructor for the adult lessons . Wanting to take advantage of having Sams hands on him.

  • Gabriel wearing various different swim suits varying from modest and roomy swimming trunks to a brightly coloured pair of speedos that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Gauging Sams reaction to each of the swimsuits and pouting like a child when even his most revealing pair doesn’t elicit a single look of interest. Unbeknown to him, Sam was having a difficult time holding himself back from staring at Gabriel too much.

  • Gabriel  ramping up his game plan and deliberately bending over in front of Sam whenever he can, because he knows he has an ass that just won’t quit. Doing his warm up stretches right where Sam can see so he can show off how flexible he is. Licking over his lips teasingly and gazing at  Sam, inwardly cheering himself on when his display, coupled with his tight assed swimsuits, causes a very visible reaction in Sam. 

  • Gabriel aiming playful smirks at Sam all throughout the lesson after Sam had come back from his ‘break’. Knowing that he was definitely the cause of their instructors need to deal with something for over 10 minutes. Making sure to innocently brush up against Sam while they were in the pool. ‘Accidentally’ bumping his ass into Sam after he pretended to slip, doing it again as soon as he heard a moan slip past the mans lips. 

  • Gabriel returning home the next night; Cas had left on his own once the pool had closed. Happily ticking off something in his ‘How to snag a sexy moose’ notebook. All of his hard work and planning had finally paid off. Not only did he have a date with his Samwhich the next day, but he’d also spent the last few ours in absolute blissful pleasure. Sam had let loose all of his sexual frustration on Gabriel and he loved every single moment of it.

guys as much as i love zimbits and how totally whipped jack is for bitty, you gotta remember how important shitty is to jack, too

  • shitty has always been there. i see these posts all like “bitty is the only person jack can be himself around” and i just?? no?? 
  • jack and shitty met just a year after jack’s overdose. at that point in time, jack had no one. his parents loved him but there was still so much pressure. kent and him weren’t speaking. and now here he is, in this brand new place, knowing absolutely no one 
  • being mentally ill and alone is not a good combination, either. it’s easy to get lost in your head, to go right back to harmful behaviors or even to start new ones 
  • but then shitty came along. shitty, who was loud and funny and who everyone loved. who didn’t give two shits about what others had to say. who was as outwardly passionate as jack felt inside 
  • and i don’t know how they became friends exactly, but I bet they just gravitated towards each other naturally (or, more accurately, jack followed shitty around until he took pity on the guy and asked if he wanted to hang out sometime) 
  • jack isn’t good at making friends. he’s quiet and awkward and likes watching history documentaries more than going to parties. he’s got his moods, and he’s not exactly the friendliest person. 
  • but shitty doesn’t care. he sees jack for who he really is, sees how hard he’s trying to find his place again. he doesn’t care about his name, doesn’t care about his past or the scars it left.
  • and jack just. he can’t believe this. he can’t believe he’s found someone who is willing to love him, even though he thinks he’s too fucked up for anything like that again. 
  • they grow really, really close. shitty gets weirder, jack opens up more. jack learns to be more friendly with others, but even as he makes friends with the other boys on the team, it’s nothing like what he has with shitty. 
  • because shitty is his best friend. and jack is shitty’s. they’ve seen each other laugh and cry and stoned while being but-ass naked (well, that one is mainly shitty) 
  • they probably have like. so many inside jokes. there will be a pair of broken sunglasses on the counter and they’ll just look at each other and bust up laughing and everyone else is just like. u guys okay.
  • imagine how many bad nights shitty’s helped jack through. how many times he’s been the one to hold him after a game, after the media takes another hit at jack. how shitty will lay with him or offer him a joint or even just ramble on about who knows what until jack can think straight again 
  • and same with jack, too. jack’s probably indulged shitty and spooned with him when he cries about his family. told him it doesn’t matter, they’re obviously shit if they can’t treat shitty right. lets shitty yell and punch and just lose it when it gets to be too much. 
  • and oh god the platonic flirting!! jack probably has such bad body image from growing up as a not-very-pretty chubby kid with actual model parents
  • and shitty just totally annihilates any bad feelings, loudly claiming things like “jack zimmermann’s cheek bones could cut glass. seriously. i had to get 4 stitches last time i touched his face.” and jack never says it but he loves it so much okay 
  • and don’t even think for ONE second keeping his relationship with bitty from shitty isn’t killing jack inside. I bet he’s the first person they tell. Because Shitty is Jack’s better half, the person who’s been there for him through everything, and the fact that he can’t share this new wonderful thing with him is torture. 

tldr; platonic relationships are consistently overlooked and undervalued and shitty and jack have been in love long before bitty came along

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NamJin "You proposed me tonight and I said yes and everything was wonderful until I realized you bought me a ring too small and it got stuck on my finger" AU

Jin couldn’t stop laughing. He felt bad for seeing Namjoon so worked up over the entire thing, but really, it was fucking hilarious. 

“Namjoon, really, it’s OK”

“No it’s not!” the other whined for the tenth time in the past hour, aggressively rubbing soap over Jin’s ring finger “What if it doesn’t come off? Ever?? What if we’ll have to go find a locksmith to, to, I don’t know, to literally cut it open while still on your finger??? What if the blood circulation gets messed up and your finger slowly loses oxygen and- oh my god, what if it’ll just die and it’ll need to be cut off!?”

“Namjoon, please” he swatted away the younger’s hands and started gently spinning and tugging the ring off if himself” If worse gets to worse, we’ll just get Jungkook from Yoongi’s workshop to split it open or something.”

“You’re joking, I hope? Have you seen that kid? He may be the youngest, but he’s got more muscles than all of Yoongi’s employees combined. Have you seen him the other week? Hoseok gave him an apple and it took him under three seconds to split it open. With his bare hands! That’s not normal is it?”

“You’re the smart one, you tell me”

“Ok, then no. It’s not. You need to have knowledge of how to grab the apple, firstly and then you need to apply the perfect amount of force, which isn’t little, and you can manage it after a few failed attempts, maybe.”


“But that kid said he’d never tried it and yet!? He managed! That’s scary”

“Scary, Joonie, he’s not even twenty.”

“That’s just more of a reason as to why he’s scary.”

“You’re ridiculo- Oh…”


“It came off”

Send me a pairing and an AU and I’ll write you a small fic

In defense of Robin x Lucina

So recently have been noticing a lot of hate aimed towards this pairings, much of which I feel is undeserved. At the very least a lot have been calling it boring, which I feel like it is anything but. Sure, its kinda the predictable choice and can be argued is overused, but I feel like it is popular for a good reason… that the pairing is honestly a very good one. So for this aim I feel the need to talk about the reasons I and many others enjoy this pairing.

For obvious reasons, spoilers.

The first is that the two of them have such great chemistry with one-another, having the right combinations of similarities and differences to form a strong relationship. Both are very kind, caring, selfless people who always put the needs of others over top of their own. Both care deeply about those around them. Both have a bit of a socially awkward streak, especially when it comes to matters of romance. Both also have similar approaches to how they hold themselves when interacting with others: doing everything they can to appear confident and sure of themselves while deep down doubting themselves and questioning if what they are doing is right. From this the two of them share a deep understanding of one another, understanding the problems each other faces. So to you have their shared dorkyness, which is something else they can bond over, perhaps getting really into the same otherwise silly things or situations.

But you also have their differences. For one Robin’s awkwardness comes from a lack of self-esteem, while Lucina’s comes from lack of experience and obliviousness. Lucina is more headstrong while Robin is more cautious. Lucina is a bit of a pessimist while Robin is an optimist. They balance each other out, making each other stronger. There is room for them to grow as a couple, to learn from one another.

Next you have their relationship itself, which is in my opinions one of the most adorable parts of the game. You have their shared dorkyness and awkwardness, like when Lucina was oblivious as to what a “mixed bath” and Robin getting flustered and embarrassed at the idea of them bathing in public together. You have how sweet they are to one another, showing just how much they care. For Naga’s sake, Lucina even admits that Robin has become her biggest motivation for saving the world, beyond all her original reasons. 

But of course no relationship would be complete without drama, and boy does this have that. As much as Lucina cares for Robin she fears they won’t be able to stay together. She is from the future, and as a result she feels as though she cannot stick around in this time, that once this is done she has to leave. She see’s here existence here as not being right, that is complicated things too much. But Robin is her father’s tactician, meaning they must surely part one day. But here you see Robin putting her above everything else, promising that no matter what she chooses, he will be at her side. That if she chooses to leave, he will go with her. That even death won’t stop him: he’ll just find a way to come back. Which, depending on the ending you choose, he can end up doing just that. Its just heartwarming how much Robin cares for her, seen again in Lucina’s Judgement scene. Faced with Lucina having to kill him to save the world, Robin’s only concern of her. That he can die gladly as long as he can be sure that Lucina will be happy. That she can find someone else that makes her happy, which is the only thing he ever wanted. That my friends, is love right there.

For the next reason lets look at how it impacts the story.Simply put, it just adds so many layers and drama to it. You have Lucina arriving back in time, with one of her goals being to stop her father’s killer. All she knows is that the killer was Chrom’s best friend. This makes Robin the obvious choice, heck, she admits that she suspected Robin from the start. So she keeps an eye on him, making excuses to be near him as much as possible once she joins the Shepherds, all to keep watch on him. However, in doing so she gets to know Robin, sees the kind of person he really his. She see’s how selfless he is, always putting his own needs and wants aside to help everyone else, how he always has time to listen, to help everyone with their problems. It is here too that she would start developing feelings with Robin, to the point that she can’t believe that this is the person who killed her father in her own time. That there must be some mistake, as the man she has gotten to know would never do such a thing. 

However, the great irony is, Lucina did fall in love with the man who killed her father, the same man who, willing or not, is responsible for destroying her own world. Robin, or rather, her timeline’s Robin, is responsible for every hardship she had to suffer, ever death of a friend, every death of a loved one. He is Grima’s vessel, the being she hates above everything else. Discovering this, Lucina is torn. Torn between her love for Robin and what her duty says must be done. She can end all of this right here and now, save countless lives including her parents’ by killing him. So she confronts him, with Robin going so far as to even not fight her, to accept her choice. 

It is here that the pairing shows how much Lucina has grown since the start of the game. The Lucina we first met would have killed him without hesitation, but she is not that person anymore. She is the Lucina who opened up, who got to spend time with her family again, who made new friends, who fell in love. Lucina, for the first time since she can remember, has felt happy. Could look to the future beyond just a desperate struggle to survive but now with the real possibility of having a future. A chance to be happy in a peaceful world, to have a life after all this. She realized that for all the risks, for everything her duty says, she can’t go through with killing the man she loved, that she can’t give that all up,  not now or ever. 

Finally we have the thematic reasons, being that their relationship is proof that their fate is not set in stone. Their relationship itself is one that could never have happened in the original timeline, meaning Lucina has shown here and now that her future can change in a bit way. Then comes Morgan, the biggest proof at all of how their relationship pans out, of how it can change the world for the better. They are a love that crosses the boundaries of time and parallel worlds, proof that the future is not written.

And its perfect too, since if it wasn’t for Lucina, Robin would have just become Grima in this time. She is the reason he became who he is now, a better person than he could have been alone. It was the same events that changed the fate of a world that brought them together, and honestly I can’t think of a better story than that.

So yeah, that was my bit of rambling about one of my favorite pairings of all time. Let me you if you agree or disagree and why (but please keep things civil, I’d rather avoid a flame war). Oh before I go, I’d recommend seeing the romanced versions for Robin and Lucina’s Hotsprings Scramble Conversation and Lucina’s Judgement Scenes. Both are just so well written and really illustrate why I love this pairing.

ninety-nine-silver-souls replied to your postFafar halp I keep running out of orbs and still no…

Can we talk about how terrible it is to marry Cordelia to someone else knowing that they’re never gonna be loved? And the game won’t even let you marry her to Chrom so you’re just screwing someone’s life either way wtf

ACTUALLY there is implication that she fell in love with the spouse in the end. or else severa would be miserable or their paired end cards will be stated otherwise.

AND there is ONE person who cordelia showed n confessed to have fallen in love with in the end. and thats gregor c: gregor was implied to have fallen for in the A support (which was sorta a big deal since fea made most C-A supports super general n vague) and in their S support cordelia confessed first n said over time her heart fell for him!!! c: plus their end card is a huge YES AND severa was implied to follow gregors footsteps as stated in her future past convo with gregor :3c

so long story short everyone does end up happy in the end

how are we still having the “is hannigram canon?” discussion

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these two are blatantly, obviously, deeply, unhealthily emotionally entwined, if not outright in love. it doesn’t have to be sexual – emotionally (perhaps even romantically) – they are a pair. they are a duality, a “we” by their own admittance (“we are a zero-sum game”).

these gifs are not even the sum total of everything, either. it’s more a sampler of “greatest hits”. 

hannigram is canon. period, the end. 

can we move on now?

Unrequited Love

Anon Requested:  OOH!! For the Drabble game Can I please see 15-Jimin

And this is my first ever drabble so please be nice ♥

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 478

“You don’t know how it’s like to love someone who sees you as a friend…”

You did it again, you fell for the wrong guy. It’s not like he was a bad guy, he was actually one of the nicest guys you have ever met. The problem is that he loves you too, he even goes to the point in calling you his ‘best friend’ and it completely broke your heart. Just like that you were friend zoned and it completely crushed you.

You heaved a heavy sigh sitting up from your bed. Your eyes locked onto your cell phone which you had chucked down from your bed in frustration. You grabbed your phone to see you had missed text messages from Jimin. Unlocking your phone you quickly opened the text messages. 

You dropped your phone back on your bed and walked out to the front door seeing Jimin sitting on the ground.

“You know you can knock on the door right?” You laugh staring down at your friend. 

“You always have your phone in your hand I expected you to answer.” Jimin snapped. “We need to talk.” He simply said before coming into your apartment and going straight to your room. 

Your head quirked to the side and your hands soon felt clammy. Thoughts began running wide in your head. “Did I do something wrong?” You thought, thinking of all the bad things you could have recently done nothing came to mind. So why was Jimin so angry?

You quickly made your way back to your room and saw Jimin sprawled out on your bed phone in his hands. You took a closer look and saw it was your phone in his hands.

“Hey!” You snatched your phone from him and saw what he was looking at. “Why were you going through my phone.”

“Why’re you still so hung up on Tae? You know he has a girlfriend.” Shaking your head instantly you denied the words that had left his mouth.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” That received a scoff from Jimin. 

He sat up, eyes burning holes into you. You wanted to squirm and buckle under his intense gaze but you stood straight staring back at him making your words as believable as they could be. Jimin didn’t soften up, his eyes narrowed, analyzing you under his intense gaze. He didn’t believe you, he knew you too well but he continued to stare while neither of you spoke. You gulped down feeling your stomach tighten and you could feel the tears soon forming in your eyes. 

You blinked and that’s when you broke. Tears began falling down your cheeks and Jimin’s eyes mellowed, bringing you into his arms allowing you to break down.

“You don’t know how it’s like to love someone who sees you as a friend…” You muttered.

“Oh you have no idea..” He thought to himself never daring to say those words out loud to you.

Holy crap is there some crazy Taron speculating happening. I’ve read so much nonsense it’s insane. Taron’s mom hates his gf, his friends are defending her, Hugh and him had a falling out because Hugh saw all the nasty pictures, Hugh and Taron’s entire “relationship” during Eddie promos was scripted, All his movies are going to be complete shit, Ryan Rottman and the BBC cast got him into a terrible lifestyle and he’s basically the new Zac Efron, He’s a huge liar because he told us he didn’t have social media and mixed up stories about what he was doing when Colin called him or whether he broke bones or not, He’s doing coke….

What the actual fuck guys? I get that maybe his girlfriend is questionable but like… you can’t determine someone’s entire life because his mom didn’t “like” a picture he posted on facebook or because Hugh unfollowed him on Twitter or because some production assistant saw him hanging out with some party boys (who he happened to also be working with at the time) or because the stories he told in the MILLION interviews he’s done where he gets asked the same thing over and over and over and over and over had small variations. One minute he’s a liar because he didn’t say the exact same thing every time then the next minute his relationships are scripted because he DID say the same thing every time… People are way overthinking this. 

I’m going to say something that might be a bit surprising to you but it’s the truth and we just have to get used to it. 


He’s an actor. They get paid to portray an image. To pretend. To play parts. To be decent in interviews, To say nice things about people they hate. Some of them don’t give a fuck and let it all hang out from the beginning, some of them choose to try and play the game, to map things out. Hollywood is a game of strategy and I’m sorry, but you’re stupid if you don’t think Taron is playing at least a little. Of course he’s not completely sweet and innocent. Some things, like his anti-bullying stance paired with new girlfriend are not such great choices for him obviously, and I’d love to hear what he has to say about that but come on, he’s not a terrible person just because his girlfriend is possibly an idiot. Or because he told a few white lies about things. He may have regretted sharing and was trying to backtrack or something. He’s still learning how much he wants to share, how and with who. He’s still learning the game. 

I can hardly even read other blogs anymore let alone post stuff. I saw the implosion coming but boy was it bigger than I thought it was going to be. Everybody just needs to chill.  

I still believe Taron is a cool cat and an awesome actor whether his films bomb or not. He’s still young, new to Hollywood and probably going to do some stupid shit. He’s still got some growing up and maturing to do and will probably seem like a complete disaster while he’s doing it. It doesn’t mean he’s an asshole at heart. 

End rant.

Hope all who celebrate had a wonderful Holiday!

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Omo, Jungkook looks so meek and uncomfortable high fiving Taehyung after the secret garden moment. Do you think he was sulking or just getting ready for his Do Minjoon acting debut? Lol

His upcoming acting hasn’t anything to do with it imo but i would say he didn’t snap out of the previous acting that happend near him yet at this point…  Let’s first get into his shoes cause…i mean..when he’s being too obvious,i can’t pretend like nothing happend i guess!>_<  ..I know i said before that i don’t like to make gifs of VKook being jealous but since we get to see how they are with each other after in this..let’s go!!;p

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Baseball with Barakat

“I’m so excited for this babe” Jack exclaims as he hugs you from behind.

“Just remember, I know nothing about baseball so don’t expect me to cheer with you guys” you remind him with a bit of agitation considering you’re going to attend an Orioles games with five of their biggest fans.

“You’ll be fine. Just do what ever we do” he replies with a shrug.

“Okay I’ll do everything besides chest bumps” you say with a slight giggle.

“What do I even wear to a baseball game?” you wonder out loud as you browse through the clothes you brought to Baltimore.

“Why don’t you wear my Orioles sweatshirt? You basically live in my clothes” he offers, knowing how much you love sinking into his big sweatshirts.

“Aw thanks babe” you say as you take the shirt from him.

You pair it with your favorite black skinny jeans and nervously make your way to Jack who awaits you by the door.

“You look cute” he says with a wink.

“You’re only saying that because you can’t wait to take this off me” you say with a smirk, knowing exactly what your boyfriend has in mind.


It’s halfway through the game and you’re bored out of your mind. The man hits the ball and then runs around. Sometimes he even misses the freaking ball. How can the other boys find this entertaining?

“You look like you’re having so much fun!” Jack sarcastically yells as he puts his arm around you.

“I’m fine Jack. Go back to cheering with the boys” you tell him.

“Not when my girl’s not happy! Here, how about I stay with you and explain what’s going on?” He suggests.

“Fine but don’t complain about how boring this game was because you spent the whole time explaining it to your uninformed girlfriend” you warn, resting your head on Jack’s shoulder to hear him better.

Despite your lack of baseball knowledge, Jack made the game very enjoyable. He even cracked a few jokes here and there to make it more entertaining.

“So did you like it?” Jack asks as you both arrive back at his place.

“Yes, I surprisingly did.
But wasn’t it annoying having to explain everything to me?” You ask, feeling bad about taking away the complete baseball game experience from him.

“Of course not! I got to hold the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my arms the entire time. She knew nothing about what was going on but just seeing her try to enjoy herself because of me made me realize that I will do whatever it takes to keep her as my significant other” he says as he wraps his arms around you once again.

“Wow, she seems pretty special. But the guy she was with is even more special. She did all that stuff for him because she knows that he loves her just as much, if not more, than she loves him. She’s never opened up to anybody the same way she’s opened up to him and she will never let him slip out of her grip” you respond as you tilt up to place your lips upon his.

“I love you so much” he whispers against your lips.

“I love you more. Thank you for today” you tell him.

“Anything for you my dear.”

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