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Hello! May I request relationship headcannons with Jimin Jin and Suga from BTS and Jae from Day6? Thank you! uwu

Yeah sure! (i’m not accepting requests with day6 anymore sorry) I’m also really bad at these but here’s my attempt

A relationship with Jimin would include:

- him being really romantic

- i’m seriously not kidding jimin would love having you as his girlfriend

- when you come home after a hard day he’ll sit down and comfort you

- and when he feels stressed due to comebacks etc. you’re always there to comfort him too

- at first he might be kinda awkward when it comes to sharing his feelings but once you get him to open up he’ll be hugging you and pouring his heart out to you

- coming to every performance of his to be there and support him

- telling him that his dancing is amazing because he doubts himself sometimes

- but the reassurance is all he needs from you to make him feel better

- him sitting there playing with your hands because with you he’s not teased for his small hands

- like seriously whenever you guys are out or watching a movie or something he can’t stop touching your hands

- lowkey i feel like jimin would like when you called him by a pet name (like jagi or something)

- he wouldn’t be too keen on having couple items because i feel like he would be kinda embarrassed

- he would get jealous and insecure if he saw you having fun with another guy but afterwards you’d comfort him and he would feel better

- but when he got jealous he wouldn’t outwardly tell you but you could tell because of how he acts

- “Jimin are you jealous?”

- “No i’m fine.” he pouts

- then BAM you tell him there’s nothing to worry about and you say that the guy is just a friend

- “Okay fine but just let him touch you like that.” he smiles

- “Jimin he was just handing me my phone.”

- “Whatever you say.”

- waking up to his smile is the best thing ever

- it instantly makes your day better

- also when you wake up and see he’s still sleeping you kiss him on the lips because WHO CAN RESIST THOSE LIPS MAN

- then he wakes up and laughs out of embarrassment


- they’re so beautiful that sometimes you question how you started dating someone as perfect as jimin

- but its okay because jimin asks that same question about you too

- he fell helplessly for you

- and you fell helplessly for him

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(this is so cute help me how am i supposed to write the other ones now)

A relationship with Jin would include:

- him cooking for you obviously

- you trying to cook for him but then he takes over

-him teaching you how to cook

-which may result in food fights sometimes

- him being proud of you when you finally learn how to cook eggs

- then him being competitive because you’re starting to become better than him at cooking

- trying out new recipes with him

- joining him on eat jin

- him loving to show you off to the other single members just to shove it in their faces


- *jungkook and taehyung slide down in their seat*

- you helping jin take care of the boys

- jin watching from afar as you scold namjoon for breaking another remote

- jin admiring how well you can get along with the other members

- jin showing you the traffic dance bc why not

- complimenting him on his singing because sometimes he can feel a bit insecure

- whenever he sings awake you’re just gawking at his amazing voice

- which of course boosts his self esteem and makes him feel better

- i feel like he would get like matching cases or like a bracelet/ring/necklace to show that you guys are together

- he would walk around telling everyone how amazing he thinks you are

- when you’re upset he dances horribly on purpose to make you smile

- he loves it when you give him back hugs because seeing your figure wrapped around his broad shoulders makes him happy that you’re all his and no one else’s

- him being the big spoon and his body protecting you from the troubles of the world

- taking you out to exotic and fancy restaurants just to try new things with you

- taking you all over the world because new place new food and it gives him an opportunity to be 10000000x more romantic than he already is

- at the end of the day he’s happy to be anywhere with you

- when you feel insecure you better bet that jin will there to comfort you and tell you that you’re beautiful

- he’ll sing, dance, and attempt to rap in order to boost your spirit

- when you steal food from his plate he whines

- “Why did you take my chickennnnn”

- “I was hungry”

- sometimes you catch him just staring at you and he doesn’t stop

- at first you found it kind of creepy but as it occurred often you saw his mesmerized face and just started to blush

- he always found you cute while you were holding up a sign at one of their concerts

- he would blow a kiss towards your direction and fans would scream thinking it was for them but secretly you both know it was from him to you

- you’ll be looking at him and smile then he just smiles back

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A relationship with Suga (Yoongi) would include:

- him showing you all the music he produces whether he thinks they’re good or bad

- taking your opinion to heart and becoming the softest person ever when you enjoy his songs

- him composing a song just for you because you’ve changed his life so much

- him being a sucker for cuddling despite his “Agust D” persona

- shamelessly doing aegyo in front of you

- “Yoongi what are you doing?”

- “I’m trying to be cute.”

- you laughing at his failed attempts of being cute

- him trying to teach you his parts in their songs

- you failing but one day you come in and perfectly rap his part

- him being surprised because how tf does someone learn the lyrics to “Agust D” in one day

- i feel like he would buy couple rings so its like really subtle that you guys are together

- although he may not show you off to others, he’s proud that he found someone like you

- him rapping so you can fall asleep

- every time he’s away you play every song he wrote for you

- him holding your hands to “keep you warm” but in reality it’s just an excuse to hold your hand

- him being super cheesy

- whenever he’s asked about you in interviews he’s just like “yep” or he’d sarcastically remark “girlfriend? I don’t know what you mean.”

- he’d love to take pictures with you and i think he would have you as his lockscreen

- even though the other members tease him for it

- when you’re sick he tries his best to help you

- he attempts to make chicken noodle soup from scratch but it doesn’t work so he just buys a can and heats it up for you

- but its okay because it’s the thought that counts

- “how much medicine do i give you?”

- “yoongi it says on the bottle.”

- “oh.”

- him making video tape logs of him talking about what happens while he’s on tour when you don’t answer his calls

- at the end of a stressed day for him all he wants to do is cuddle

- him comforting you by ordering takeout and talking about your problems

- you being the inspiration for a new song

- helping him write lyrics

- him showing you how to play the piano

- his hands over yours as he leads you on which key is what note

-him getting shy whenever you say that you love him

- his gummy smile

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jake hc: he wasnt ever all that mean to michael of jeremy. jeremy got a tiny crush on him for like week bc jake smiled at him and his smile is just........... god thats a smile that lets you know someone cares about you

SHIT U RIGHT. everyone has had a crush on jake at some point. how can u resist his smile. jeremy and michael are DATING and jer’s like “dude jake is so fuckign pretty” and michaels like RIGHT!!!!!

some of you might have noticed i changed my tumblr name, and this is literally why in action. with a new fandom, i felt a new name was in order. cutting ties with the past and being reborn with a new alias my fandom bestowed upon me.

anyway, the full fic idea, in case it never sees the light of day:

“I want to see the Resistance congratulating Rey for killing Kylo Ren, but she knows the war hardened General Organa still sometimes cries behind closed doors, where no one can see. I want to see the conflict every time someone congratulates Rey and she’s thinking– “no, you don’t understand. killing him was the hardest thing i will ever have to do.” I want to see how Rey starts wearing a brittle smile because she knows it was wrong, but justified, and now she is haunted.

I want to see our good guys making Bad Decisions™, but being themselves at their core. Making impulsive (or not) decisions and having to live with the consequences. I want to see how they cope with a war that gives them no quarter, and that hindsight makes them regret certain decisions.

I want to see a Rey who is slowly slipping away from the people around her because they don’t understand, a Rey who is driven to talk to the ghost of Ben Solo because of her guilt. A Rey who realized she should have listened to Luke and not given in to impetuousness and anger, because Luke turns her away and doesn’t teach her after she kills Kylo.

I want to read a Rey who listens when Kylo says– “even in death I will have things to teach you”, as her and Ben end up on a planet like Dagobah sniping at each other while he instructs her through lightsaber forms, unable to touch her to correct her. I want a Rey who realizes she could have had an ally, a kindred, if things had been different and something burns in her where the hollowness of her victory is and it might be a mixture of compassion, longing and love. I want to read a Rey who gives into his demands now that he’s a prisoner and talks to Hux just because she’s curious about who Kylo Ren really was, not just Ben Solo, as told by one of his only peers in life after he went dark.

And I want to read about a Rey who we see come full circle, older, wiser, and more peaceful; wading through sand back at Jakku. And she’s laughing with the force ghost of Ben Solo, as the sun sets in front of them. “

I Died Just to Haunt You, a fic about making the wrong choices and how you live with them afterwards.

Guide to Astrology Males

Guide to Aries Males:

(21st March – 19th April)

Reasons Why You Love Him:

  • He’s your hero – Aries like to consider themselves as being a superhero, ready to swoop and save his damsel in distress.  Don’t be mistaken, he still loves a strong independent woman but at the same time adores the thought of being your knight in shining armour.
  • He loves a beautiful mind – Aries guys are big thinkers. He needs someone who can hold court in an intelligent conversation. As long as there is mental chemistry and passion between the two of you – you’re good to go!
  • Hot pursuit – When trying to capture your attention, Aries is full game. He attempts to melt your defences so that’s it’s impossible for you to resist him. With his never-ending charisma and sexy smile, you’ll wonder how you could ever stay away.

Reasons Why He’ll Drive You Mad:

  • He cannot multi-task – Your man pours all of his attention on one thing at one moment of time.  This is great when that attention is on but trying to pry him away from his latest obsession will drive you. It just means you need to make sure you have the patience.
  • You could say he’s a dreamer – Just like the knight he claims to be, the Aries man loves a good adventure, especially one that promises independence. You’ll want to support him but at times will wince at having to shatter his unrealistic dreams.
  • He’s got a massive ego – Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and takes that to think that he is ‘macho’ man. You have to be delicate here: you don’t want to pander to his inflated ego but you don’t want to crush his ego either. You need to preserve his sense of specialness and he’ll hold you close.

Famous Aries Men: Alec Baldwin Russell Crowe, Hugh Hefner, Heath Ledger, Pharrell Williams, Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd,  James Franco

'’just friends’’ don't look at eachother like that..

‘’ I want to think someone’s beautiful, that they’re so beautiful it’s a thrill to be near them, fill my stomach with butterflies, have me floating on air. ‘’ All I want is someone I can’t resist. ‘’

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Ahhhh!!! more eremika post-titans/canon discovering and exploring the world. So good!

I used to only write them not being in the military cause that’s kinda how I saw them leading the rest of their lives, then I tried keeping them in and I loved it so much. I love them getting to still be happy but spending their days exploring and training new explores. I love it. That being said this story has about zero plot but them being cute when they’re supposed to be working haha

Freedom came at a price. Eren always knew that and he always thought that price would be himself. Some days he thought he’d wake up and see the tops of the walls looking over him again, haunting him and reminding him of all the things he couldn’t do. While he still did see the walls on a regular basis, he also found himself staring up at the open sky, the horizon in the distance with no stop in sight.

The grass was a little damp underneath him as he laid in an open field, the sun still inching up in the sky. The bright blue of the sky seemed even brighter out here in the wilderness then it did within the walls. It was the same sky Eren knew, but it was different out here; it was free out here. He had his hands behind his head, waiting for the sun to rise higher before he headed back to base. His subordinates were used to him wandering out and away in the morning but if he stayed too long they’d coming looking for him.

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