how can someone be so stunning

But can we talk about those flashbacks Oliver has? 

that first meeting

(he’s been in the dark for so long it’s all he even knows anymore… he’s been living in this dull, focused work of black and white, knowing colors from afar but never really seeing them… and suddenly, there’s color everywhere, splashes, strokes, streaks of them… there’s something that just glows and he’s like a moth, stunned by the life in that flame… it’s the first time he remembers someone knowing he’s lying and calling him out on it in a manner that genuinely moves something inside him, makes his lips curve and before he knows it, he’s surprised himself by smiling back at this glowing life of color… the reason he’ll always remember it was red…)

that first date

(where he finally picked up the courage to ask her out. he’s never had trouble asking anyone for a date but with her it’s different, he’s different. and he remembers being such a nervous wreck, because he’s taking that first step towards happiness with the woman he knows he loves… and then he sees her and everything blanks for a moment. he’s never seen her look more beautiful than she does right in that moment, waiting for him with a nervous smile and soft eyes and just… waiting for him… and he just falls more in love with her, right there…)

that first kiss

(the first time he held her face in the palm of his hands, his lips against hers, breathing her in, knowing deep into his bones that there would never be another woman for him, not as long as he lived… he memorizes this moment, so completely that he can recall it as he feels himself dying on a cold mountain, or see it in a place of everything strange. this kiss became his homing beacon, in his own mind…)

that first time

(after he knew he had to stay behind and here was no changing anything, after she’d given him the greatest gift a woman could give a man - her heart, her body, her soul, after telling him he was beautiful and she was so proud of him in so many million ways, after months and months of loving her from afar, from knowing he would die and kill for her happiness, after months of being a man committed to a woman in his heart, his body, his soul, she opened her arms to him, she accepted him. he’ll never forget that night for as long as he’ll live, not only because they made love for hours, culminating the desire that had been simmering between them for years, but also because it had been a dying wish for him, a memory of beauty in a future of dark, a memory that would give him strength in the time to come, sustain him, inspire him, and make him go back to her…. for that night, he was just Oliver and she was just Felicity and they loved each other with everything inside them)

that first proposal to the woman he loved and almost truly losing her

(he’s held so many limp bodies in his life, more than any one man should, seen blood flow out of loved ones mouths as they’d taken that last breath in his embrace… he’s held her body so many times, in so many ways, in so many moments in his arms, with love and laughter and passion and intensity… he’s held her even when she’d been limp, when her head had lolled and he’d carried her to safety, feeling her breathe in his arms… but this was different… because they’d just been kissing, just been looking at the ring he’d finally placed on her finger after harboring it for months, just asked her for the commitment of a lifetime - body, heart, and soul - and she’d smiled and cried and clung to him and said yes… she’d just made him the happiest man on the face of the earth, the happiest he’d ever been in his life, the happiest he’d never thought he’d be… and it was gone… and he could feel it in his bones… this was bad… he was losing her, in perhaps more ways than one… she wasn’t waking up and she was hit and he knew what a straight bullet to the back could do and he was panicking because no, god no, not her… not like this… not with blood coating the ring on her finger…)

that first time he married her

(he’s married her in his heart a hundred times already - with his eyes, his hands, his mouth, every part of his flesh and every part of his being… he’s married her in every way a man can marry a woman in his heart, his everything hers, he hers, for better or worse, for life… he’s been working on his vows for months now, and the moment he has her here, he knows he screwed up, and he knows she still loves him, and he knows this won’t forgive or win her back but he needs her to know, he needs to do this for himself, because baring his soul to her had always been simple, baring his heart to her, telling her she’s his always and he just wishes to be hers, sliding that ring on her finger, even for a few moments, in his heart they’re married right then - even if she’s hurt, even if he’s messed up, even if it’s all fake… for him, it’s never been more real, in the same venue he couldn’t bring himself to cancel and the same dress she was going to wear… in this moment, he’s married her… for the first time…) 

Nothing screams ENDGAME like a man who’s forgotten everything, lost in his own mind, and finds himself guided back home by the sheer memories of the woman he loves. He leaves his perfect life behind to go back, in part, to be with her, where he knows he can speak her name the way he does and her eyes would soften in the way they do.

Felicity Smoak is Oliver Queen’s always. 

And this episode proved than a million times.

So I was in Florida last summer for two weeks visiting my friend, I’m originally from Jersey. This was my first time there so I wanted to see what kinds of people were around, hoping to maybe make some friends. Of course, I decided to hop on Tinder for that…lol

My last week there, I came across this gorgeous girl who I thought was fake because damn, how can someone be so stunning and be on here? Swiped right anyway just for the hell of it, also because I was intrigued since her description said she was allergic to cats and dogs. We matched, thankfully. It was about 3 in the morning and I messaged her anyway, not thinking I was going to get a reply. Surprisingly she did. She said yes she really is allergic to cats and dogs and that it was late, she was going to bed, and she’ll talk to me in the morning. I thought I was going to get blown off but she actually did message me in the morning, we talked, and finally decided to meet up a few days later with my friend (not a catfish, yay!). I didn’t know if she liked girls (yes I’m a girl) so it was quite interesting trying to figure her out. She never dated girls before so that put quite a bit of pressure on me if something were to happen between us.

My last day there, she brought me to Disney world. It was absolutely incredible and it took everything in me not to kiss her or even hold her hand because I still wasn’t sure yet, even though I should’ve known because who brings someone to Disney world randomly…AND on the car ride home, we were both soaked since we got on a water ride right beforehand, she stripped down to her bra and undies and drove back to “let her clothes dry”. Jesus christ… how I didn’t attack her I’ll never know.

The day I was about to leave, I finally got to hold her hand and at the airport, I asked if I could kiss her before I left. I was so nervous so I gave her the quickest peck ever and got on my plane….

But here we are, almost 6 months later, and we are now in an LDR. She is flying in to see me for Valentine’s day and I can’t be any more excited. We try to see each other once a month and so far it’s been great. Can’t believe I met the most amazing girl ever on Tinder.. Thank god I swiped right.

Young Justice headcanon that Flash was watching the really young superhero kids/sidekicks while at the cave and he was doing some work on Lex Luthor. Flash was trying to explain that Lex was an incredibly bad guy shouldn’t be trusted at all. The lil kids were innocently asking with wide eyes what Luthor did that was so bad. Now Barry, being Barry, is coughing and hiding his files about Lex’s illegal human experimentation and other ghastly things because he thinks it’s too much for the kiddos. He’s struggling for an explanation when…

“Forty cakes, Luthor was caught downtown with a large cart filled with forty cakes and he took them back to his secret lab and it’s just terrible. We need to catch him so we can return the cakes to their owner.” And the babies are just stunned at how evil Luthor is to steal someone’s cakes and they decide he’s the evilest of all the villains. Wally swears to save the world from Luthor’s evil even if it costs him his life. So the adults come to pick up the kids and hear about the 40 cakes, the reactions range from amused (Superman smirking into his hand) to royally pissed (Batman now has to explain to Robin the real reason they chase Luthor).

But it becomes a recurring joke, something the kids tease each other about even years later. They go on later to pass on the tale to all of new recruits of Young Justice, the infamous Tale of Forty Cakes gets all throughout the hero community. It becomes so prevalent it leaks into the supervillain community and every time the villains get together, someone will find the guts to ask Lex if he really did steal forty cakes. Lex will put his head into his hands. God, no, not the damn cake question again.

Pakistanis boys are pure trash. This one guy didn’t want to marry this one girl because she wasn’t pretty enough for his standards. Instead of thinking about a future with this girl he is worried about how he will look on stage with her. He is worried about that his friends would think that he downgraded. How shallow can you even be? If the girl knew how your mind worked she probably would instantly dump you. No wonder your ugly ass is still single. 

ok but like that outfit on hoseok,,,,, THAT OUTFIT, u know the one, I’m just literally blown away (as I always am) at how absolutely stunning he is like???? how can someone be this beautiful I’m literally going to just reblog pics of him in this outfit for the rest of my life someone hold me he looked so soft but also so sexy and his serious face when the camera was on him I’m going to cry he’s so handsome

They say

“You look tired” they say
“I am” I reply
“Then go to sleep” they say
“It’s not from sleep” I explain
“I don’t understand then” they say
“It’s like hearing people say it will get better and knowing it will but feeling like it won’t and hearing how ‘pretty’ you are but not understanding” I explain
“But your fucking gorgeous your stunning” they say
“You don’t see what I see” I reply
“I see a broken soul” some one says
“Imagine the pain and suffering you see in my eyes and put that on how I see myself” I say
“I think I understand now” they say
“But you don’t because if you did you would feel the same” I say
“Maybe some people aren’t meant to get depressed so they can help those who fall down” someone says

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Hey don't get me wrong, i agree with the answers you made to your last anon, but wow !! Isn't a little hypocritical from someone who was a larrie before 2016 !! During Elounor ! I'm sure you are going to say that you repented blah blah blah... but how can you be so harmfull agessive with people who are in the same situation you were before ? I'm an anti, never been a larrie and i'm always stunned by how previous larries behave ! lol you are the worst

Yeah I was.


Like, starting by how stunning she looked as the HBIC that she is (and at 65 btw)

(And those legs alkjskfhjkslad)

Then showing up with her husband, married since 1978 and still rocking the Oscars together

Then, what’s the first Meryl reference of the night? : “Magic Meryl effin’ Streep” (so yeah, a pretty good description for Meryl at the Oscars) and the fact that she still gets adorably embarrassed when they joke about all her nominations

She blew us a kiss and blessed us while doing so

Her epic reaction to feminism

Giving THE BEST introduction ever, so beautifully delivered it almost won an Oscar

Fangirling over Julie Andrews like us

And as if that wasn’t enough, she ruled the selfies of the night once more

being an adorable dork in the meantime 

So thank you Meryl Streep for always making the Oscars an event worth watching, this is why

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hello wow i didn't know i was following such a stunning and talented queen oh wowie how can someone be as pretty as you?? aside from being a goddess, what do you do for a living? ;)

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CAT PL EA SE IM SCREAMING im honored to be complimented by a goddess im cry thank you so much but wowowow look at that smooth and ur beauty tae would be so into that damn now we gotta fight 

James and Harry Reunion

I just want a fic when Harry finally gets reunited with everyone he lost in heaven, and they’re all hugging: him and Sirius, Fred, Remus, Tonks, DOBBY, and he gets to see his mother for the first time and she hugs him and kisses him and tells him how happy she is that he ended up getting to live such a life and that he’s finally here and then finally


at the back of the crowd, frozen speechless, to stunned and emotional to say much, is James. And they both are staring at one another from a few feet away. And they gulp identical nervous gulps, and identical happy tears fill their eyes and then at the exact same moment they’re just rushing at one another and holding on so, so tightly and crying and James can’t stop spluttering about how proud he is of Harry and Harry can’t stop saying “dad” because fuck he finally gets to call someone that.



the feeling when someone tells you you’re among their favourite authors and your heart just stops and you can’t think for a minute and don’t know what happened or how it happened, but you could explode because that is the nicest thing <3

if you are on tumblr and recoginze me failing to take the compliment because I’m so overwhelmed by it: thank you again! <3

I‘ll try to do this compliment justice (pun definitely intended) <3

okay everyone

please do yourself a favor and read this fic:
tell me about the big bang

I am in awe of how stunning this fic is. the characterization is spot on, the storyline is beautiful, literally everything about it is perfect. i cried so much (but in a good way!) it’s probably my new favorite fic ever. it’s just, wow is all I can say honestly. 

if anyone reads it PLEASE message me because I need to talk to someone. 

Singing Their Song

Group: GOT7

AN: I hope you enjoy~~


“Maybe I need some pointers from them.”

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“I’m stunned. How can someone be that talented?”

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“So talented!!!! Go Y/N!!! Yes rap my part better than me!!”

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“Where are you, GOT7? We need to talk about having Y/N on our new album!! They’re so talented!!!!”

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“I have to learn how to become better! Y/N really showed me up!!”

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“You’re skills oh my gosh. So great!! The way you rearranged the song into slower version is so so great!!! I’m so impressed! I’m blabbing I’m sorry I’m just such a big fan of yours and oh my gosh you covered our song!!”

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“This is so beautiful I’m going to cry.”

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In a webcomic I work on, a suit of power armor is equipped with studs on the knuckles that function as tasers. Assuming they can be turned on and off basically by thought, and they could be used as a standard taser and in a punch, would they be effective, or is this overkill?

It’s not so much overkill as a little odd.

Electrical stun weapons require ongoing contact to function properly. So, your character would need to punch someone, and then… just, keep, standing there holding their knuckles against the intended victim, to get the full effect. It’s not a deal breaker, but mounting them on the knuckles is less than ideal.

The second thing is that you need direct contact with the victim. Most stun guns can be subverted by wearing heavy clothing. If the prongs don’t fully penetrate, then you’re not shocking the victim, and the weapon isn’t doing anything. Because of how punches work, connecting with sharpened studs to produce general tissue damage would probably be more effective than electrifying them.

Also, it’s possible to incapacitate yourself with a stun gun, if you come into direct contact with the victim’s skin. Generally speaking, this isn’t much of an issue, but if you’re using your knuckles as the point of contact, there’s going to be more contact with the victim. Given the character’s in powered armor it would be reasonable to assume there’s some mechanics to protect against unwanted electrical conduction across the armor’s shell. But, if there isn’t, then the knuckle becomes a very poor point of contact.

Depending on the design, it would probably be smarter to mount a retractable stun prod into the armor’s wrist. Worst case, this could probably be affixed with nylon straps and Velcro or even just duct tape, depending on their level of technical sophistication.


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i’m still in shock over the passing of the lovely @dostmotherknowyou. they were one one of the most radiant most beautiful people i’ve ever encountered on here. i wish i could reflect the kindness with which they treated me in words, but all i can say right now is how devastated i am that someone so lovely had to leave this world so soon. thank you for everything, kip, for your friendship, smiles and support. i’ll never forget the day you made me this piece of stunning artwork which happens to be my favourite portrait of me of all time <3 i will always cherish it along with your memory. xo