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As a teacher, I get to see and hear a lot of horror stories, maybe not the kind that you are used to. Kids being abused by teachers or parents, students who get hooked on hard drugs and lose scholarships, even teenagers getting raped in the classroom. Bad things happen to good kids. It breaks my heart. All in all, it’s all pretty horrific, some of the things they warn you about in school when you’re getting your teaching credential.

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Tom gushing about you in an interview

“I don’t know what the future holds for [Y/N] and I but there’s no doubt in my mind, right now, that I’ll end up marrying her. I can feel it just about every time I look at her. It’s an incredible feeling to look at someone and feel the things I feel. And I know we’re still young and that a lot of things can happen from now and till then but these feelings are strong. I honestly can’t believe it some days. I’ll just look at [Y/N] and think to myself, ‘yeah, this is the life I want to live, with [Y/N] by my side every step of the way’. I want to believe that, this is not something a twenty year old thinks about but I really, truly do. I can’t really imagine her not being in my life, you know? It’s just not a possibility. I won’t stand for it. There’s no one in this world that will ever compare to her nor do I want to find out. I’m so fortunate to call her my girlfriend because I watched her for years be with someone who didn’t deserve her and now I can make up for the time she didn’t realize how incredibly special she is. [Y/N] also gets along with absolutely everyone in my life which is extremely important to me. I swear they even like her more than me some days. But, yeah, I can definitely see myself with her for the rest of my life. Ten or so years from now, living the married life with baby Tom’s running around. It’s the perfect end goal.” 

Sportacus: Hey Robbie, my husband’s better than yours!

Robbie grabbing his face, foreheads touching as he stares into his eyes: Now listen here Sportaflop, we’ve been married for three years, you are the sun that shines my life, you are my everything. Everyday I wonder how is it possible for someone like me to deserve someone as perfect as you. I love you so very much, even more than cake and I will give it up if it means I can spend even one more day with you. So if I have to hear you say anything deprecating about yourself in this household, I will need you to pick out the movie while I grab the special sweater and blanket for obligatory cheer up cuddles because you’re not staying sad on my hecking watch


Robbie: Did I stutter? 


What I love most about Harvey and Donna right now is that she is so freaking clueless as to what is actually happening. Harvey literally had a dream about them being domestic and kissing and her wearing his shirt THE NIGHT AFTER THEY HELD HANDS and HE HAS BEEN EVEN MORE TRASH FOR HER SINCE (please the way he talks to her and looks at her every time she talks to him, he is so freaking trash) but she is just being there for him, she didn’t say a single word about them or anything like that aftertwards and you can see it on her face when they held hands that it fucked her up too.

And she is just being his support system and trying to help him get over his demons and HER FACE WHEN HE TOLD HER IT WENT WELL AND WHEN THEY WERE PUTTING ON THAT PICTURE, she literally gets happiness out of just seeing him happy. And yes, of course, Harvey went to his mother for himself and because he saw that he couldn’t deal with people anymore like this (when he yelled at Louis and lacked understanding for Mike’s decision) BUT Donna literally told Louis that Harvey went to deal with his mom because of their fight when YOU CANNOT TELL ME that the dream he had didn’t motivate him at least a little, but Donna literally has no idea that everything he does rn, every look he gives her, every smile, word, is post dreaming about her LIKE THAT.  

And Patrick said in an interview that the fact that it was a dream doesn’t make it any less improtant because clearly he is thinking about it… and LOOK AT THE WAY HE IS ACTING AROUND HER, THE VOICE HE IS USING !!! (AND HE TOLD HIS MOTHER, H I S    M O  T H  E R, that someone very special to him convinced him that he needed to do this. “SOMEONE. VERY. SPECIAL. TO. ME” and she literally by his face and choice of words assumed that it was someone he is romantically involved with and he didn’t say anyhting. HE JUST SMILED. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOR LIKE THE NEXT YEAR OR TWO?)


She literally spent 12 years telling him she knows everything but SHE DOESN’T KNOW THIS. AND IT’S SO PERFECT.

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On Rachel Amber

It took me so long to figure out how to put it into words, but after a lot of thinking, I finally understand what I love most about Rachel Amber. Despite being the one character who is liberally labelled “fake,” by many of the characters in-game, she is the realest character of them all. 

In the minds of many of the students at Blackwell (and maybe even some of the teachers) she is perfect. They are able to have idealized perceptions of who Rachel Amber is because she is a genuinely good and accessible person. She is easy to feel comfortable around and easy to trust. She is intelligent and wise. She is well-loved for everything mentioned above, but she’s also chastised for it. 

She’s well-loved, but it must be because she can easily manipulate them. She’s friendly and charismatic, but sometimes she’s not and it’s obviously because she’s fake. She beautiful, but she definitely uses that to take advantage of people. She’s exceedingly smart and gets good grades for it, but it wouldn’t have happened without her ability to charm teachers. Many flip flop when it comes to their opinion of her because, at some point, she didn’t fit their image of her and they can’t handle that.

Being labelled “perfect” and being put on a pedestal is NOT easy, especially for someone who feels anything but perfect. Rachel is easily one of the most misunderstood characters in-game. One line that really struck a chord with me was when she was talking to Chloe about David. She said, “You’re not a problem, Chloe. You’re a person.” I’d be amazed if she wasn’t also talking about herself in some way because I think she sees a lot of herself within Chloe. People perceive Chloe a certain way, despite not really knowing her at all. Like Chloe, when Rachel doesn’t appeal to people’s idea of her, she’s a problem. 

Rachel is someone who is under tremendous pressure and is dealing with a difficult and complicated issue regarding her father. Her anger and grief is so intense that it manifests into physical outbursts. Like Chloe said, she gets smashy when she’s angry. That is such an important part of her character because it shatters all perception of the “perfect” Rachel Amber and allows us to see how fundamentally flawed she is. We can see that she’s a person.

When the viewfinder eats her quarter, she hits it in frustration because that’s just another thing gone wrong. When her worst fears are realized with her father, she lashes out because she’s devastated that the one person she trusted above all else would hurt her like this. When Chloe admits that what’s going on between them is special, she runs because it’s scary forming something so deep when it can end as quickly as it started. Someone who acts the way she acts is far from perfect, and that’s what makes her character so meaningful and so real.

Rachel is scared, angry, and heartbroken, just like any other teenager would be during one of the hardest parts of their lives. She doesn’t have things figured out, and she feels lost. She feels alone. She feels trapped. That’s why her feelings for Chloe are so intense so quickly. Like William said in Chloe’s dream, Rachel needs someone like her, someone who will accept her for who she really is. 

Rachel is the type of person to pull someone from school out of the blue, take them somewhere, and just listen, understand, empathize with anything spoken about. There is much discussion on whether or not Rachel has some sort of supernatural power like Max does, but honestly, her realest and most potent ability is the power of empathy. She has a deep understanding of people and how they work, but that does not make her a master manipulator. In fact, she is far from one. Rachel uses her understanding for good, to be there for people when they need her the most. But she’s hurting too, and what she needs the most is for someone to understand her. 

Honestly, this could tank like the ending of the first Life is Strange, but I deeply hope that Rachel will get the story she deserves. And tbh, I doubt I could play the first LiS again knowing what happens to her. She’s freed from Arcadia Bay, but in the cruelest way possible. She deserves a lot more than that, and for the final two episodes, I really, truly hope she gets the love and care she needs.

Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 3]

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Chapter 3 of Yours, Unfaithfully

Chapter 1  Chapter 2

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut/Fluff

Jaebum grabbed the keys from your trembling hand, letting go of you as he let the both of you into your apartment.

You followed closely behind, hand firmly grasping his as he led you.

“Arms out,” he requested, helping you out of your gown.

He let the gorgeous material pool at your feet, lifting out of it and into his arms. He carried you, as he had done many a time to your bedroom, cradling you against his chest.

As you crossed the threshold of your door, he gently set you down, still keeping you in his grasp.

You returned his gesture, helping him out of his jacket and tie before unbuttoning his shirt and discarding of it on the floor. Next came his pants, then your bra, his briefs, your panties.

With each item of clothing shed, a kiss was given, a touch was exchanged, all without a word. You both understood what the other wanted in that moment and that was to feel loved, to be desired by each other.

There had been many times you and Jaebum admired each other’s naked forms in this bedroom. He had thrown you up against almost every surface in here, made you cry from absolute pleasure, heard you scream his name as he did the most sinful things that made you crave more. But tonight was different. Tonight was slower, softer. Tonight, he wanted to make love.

You found yourself face up on your mattress, legs wrapped around your lover’s waist as he soft lips trailed across your jawline and down your neck.

You whimpered each time they found purchase on your skin, loving the feel of being his.

He groaned as he pushed into you with ease. Your wet walls around him felt like heaven and he never wanted to retreat.

Soft pants and heavy breathing filled the room as he continually thrust into you, kissing you deeper each time his name escaped your lips.

Your hands clung to his perfectly defined back, egging him on as your nails dug into it, begging for your climax.

“I love you,” he groaned. The feeling of your wetness pulsating drove him right to the brink.

“I love you!” you moaned, letting the sweet euphoria he always delivered take hold of you.

Your vision went blurry as he continued his movements until the both of you had endured every possible second of sweet release.

He breathed deeply, trying to pull himself towards recovery as he slid out of you.

Resting on his back, he brought you to him, kissing you over and over until he was satisfied you knew just how special you were to him.

You clung desperately to him, never wanting to be without this. You needed him. You loved him. And he felt the same.

Minutes passed as the silence remained between you. Nothing else needed to be said and honestly, neither of you wanted to ruin the serenity you had built in your own little hideaway.

In here, the outside didn’t exist. It was just you and him.

You stirred awake, restless from the nightmares that plagued you throughout the night. In each of them, Jaebum slipped away from you just as you were about to reach him. The thought alone shook you to your core.

You turned, needing him to hold you and tell you that would never happen, somehow you two would find a way to be together. But when you did, you found the space beside you void of the man you loved. Where had he gone?

His clothes were nowhere to be found and his phone wasn’t on the nightstand where he usually left it.

You rolled out of bed, searching the rest of your apartment for him. Still nothing.

Your heart sank. It wasn’t like him to leave, especially not without kissing you goodbye first.

Your focus was quickly diverted as your phone dinged. Maybe it was him telling you he grabbed coffee or breakfast.

Sadly, you were mistaken and it was just your mother telling you she was having a dress delivered for your engagement lunch. You had 3 hours to get ready.

Engagement. The word still made you sick even today. The only person you wanted to ever be engaged to fell asleep as he held you close to him last night. He was your one and only.

You sighed, typing back a quick text of understanding as your fingers moved to find his contact.

“Where did you go, my love? I hate waking up without you,” you typed.

Your driver dropped you off promptly just minutes before the party and still you hadn’t heard from Jaebum. This really was out of the ordinary. The two of you talked constantly when you were apart.

You could only think the worst as your nightmares came swimming back. Is this what they meant?

You entered your parents home, wide-eyed as you looked at how quickly they threw together such an elaborate gathering.

The decorations were stunning as to be expected and the countless pictures of you and Jackson throughout the years displayed all around only made your heart swell with an indescribable emotion.

Your life was splayed out for all to see and there he was, each step of the way. The two of you seemed like a perfect match.

“Hello, gorgeous” you heard.

You swiftly turned towards the sound, smiling for his sake as you saw your betrothed, adorned in a handsome suit that complimented your dress.

“Hi Jacks. You look nice”.

He moved towards you, linking your arms as he led you towards the party.

“I see our mothers coordinated our outfits,” he chuckled.

“Did you expect anything less from them?”

He smiled and pinched your cheek. Your sassy quips always made him light up.

“She’s here! Welcome future Mrs. Wang!” your mother squealed.

Although the gathering was intimate, the 20 pairs of eyes on you felt like a million. Future Mrs. Wang, you shuddered at the phrase.

You wanted to look away, feeling completely exposed, afraid your iron-clad resolve not to cry would evaporate if they looked at you much longer but something grabbed your attention immediately.

There he was, staring right back at you, looking just as solemn as you felt.

“I’d like to have everyone’s attention… That is if you can manage to tear your eyes away from my truly radiant bride to be,” Jackson said, garnishing ‘aww’s’ and chuckles from the room.

Everyone except Jaebum.

“I’d like to thank you all for putting this together so quickly. I hope I can speak for Y/N and I both when I say how thankful we are for your love and support. All my life, this woman has been there, growing and learning with me. My only hope is that we continue to do that for the rest of our time here on this earth. I feel very fortunate to get to stand beside someone so special”.

Your eyes watered as Jackson squeezed your hand. The fact that he was perfect in just about every way imaginable only made this living hell all the worse. He only lacked one crucial component. And that was, he wasn’t Jaebum.

“I know last night was kind of a blur for me with all the excitement and when I got home, I thought, I know there’s something missing from this scenario. Something just didn’t seem right”.

He paused, pulling something from his pocket.

“Y/N, this has been passed along through the women in my family for generations. As my wife, it would give me no greater pleasure than to see it on your finger”.

You immediately started crying the moment he slipped that engagement ring on your finger. You knew it well. Mrs. Wang had worn it for as long as you could remember and now it was yours.

“I promise to keep you safe and do my best to always make you feel loved,” he smiled.

He pulled you in for a tight hug as your tears flowed, heart beat sporadically as you tried to stop it all from hurting so bad. He kissed your cheek, wiping away the tears as he turned to show you off to the room.

An applause broke out, your mothers hugging you both as they too cried. They must have thought you were just as happy as them. For them, and for Jackson, you were going to keep it together today, even if it killed you.

You shifted your swelling face to search for him once more, needing to find some sort of solace in this emptiness you felt, but just like this morning, he had disappeared.


Boyfriend Series: Kageyama Tobio
  • He is the tsundere type ALL the way. Kageyama has a difficult time expressing his emotions, so reacting to an abundance of praise or affection from you is hard for him to do without blushing hard enough to become a little raspberry. He’ll put on a rougher facade because he hates the fact you can get him so riled up whenever you please, but deep down he really enjoys it.
  • He will just come over to your house and nap. That is a perfect date for him. He prefers dates where the two of you can be alone and unbothered. He’s also not very high maintenance, you can call anything you two do together a date and he will agree fully.
  • He is a cheek kisser! Kageyama gives you a little peck before school and practice, he’s a little too shy to initiate anything else in public. He will become a blushing, stuttering mess if you kiss him in front of people (much to Hinata’s amusement).
  • In private, he’s still not one to initiate affectionate unless he’s really craving for it. Other than that, he’s pretty neutral. He’ll let you just come to him when you want anything and he will gladly give it to you. Cuddling under a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer and watching YouTube videos is one of his favorite ways to spend time with you. He has a weird affinity for pet care and fashion/trendy videos. He learns so much that he can blow the “Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge” out of the water.
  • Kags, although he may not seem like it, really does love affection. He’s just shy at receiving and giving it. He is pretty inexperienced with relationships, so he’s unsure of what to do and very concerned about messing up. He’s very awkward in public, so you will have to initiate most PDA. Keep in mind, however, he’s just not entirely comfortable with full on PDA. He doesn’t mind holding your hand or kissing you on the cheek, but he prefers to keep other things more private.
  • He will say he doesn’t want you to come to his games because “you obviously have better things to do” but he would be so flattered if you came to watch him. His teammates would  tease him about it though, getting a pretty good reaction out of the poor blueberry. If you cheered for him he’d be so embarrassed, it’s like a proud parent and “I’m fucking done” kid relationship. Afterwards, he’d be pretty tired and fall asleep on your shoulder on the way home. His teammates are all at least a little jealous that Kageyama has such a cute s/o and they don’t.
  • Kageyama really does try his best when it comes to romantic things, yet he is still a little awkward. It’s still pretty darn cute though.  He’s better at showing it through other means than outward affection- like getting you something from the vending machine when he goes, giving you volleyball tips, or asking about your day.  He tries to compliment you…its so odd but it’s cute.
  • ”Your height….is good.” “Kags what??”
  • He is weak to your dumb jokes! He really tries his best to not laugh, but he can’t hold it in for long. He isn’t really good at jokes himself (he pronounces things wrong and his delivery is off) but he’s surprisingly good at insults. He can pick people apart easily-from strangers to friends-and you’ll be laughing your ass off very quickly.
  • Late at night when it’s just him and his thoughts, he thinks about you and how lucky he is to have you. Kageyama can’t get you out of his head and can’t believe someone so sweet and perfect is dating him? He’s just so smitten and he has no idea what to do with all these feelings. He often thinks about you two’s future as well.

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I’ve watched the documentary twice now. Last night I watched it on my TV and cried through the entire thing, half because of how proud I am of Gaga as a human being, and half because when she showed us her rawness, it made the rawest pieces of my soul come forward. It was an immediate connection to her emotion, passion and strength. That’s how it’s always been for me with Gaga though, I think a lot of Monsters can relate. There’s something about her soul that pulled mine in the very first day I ever heard her music. Since that moment it’s like she’s a friend or a sister or someone I feel deeply connected to and inspired by on every level.

The way the documentary showed Gaga as a “normal” woman meant something so deeply special to me. It reminded me that I don’t need to be everyone else’s idea of perfect in order to make something of myself, because perfection only exists as a subjective term, seen differently by every individual who seeks it. And the true beauty is in imperfections. When I say Gaga is imperfect, so many may think of that as an insult but to me it’s the most beautiful compliment I can give someone. Gaga isn’t afraid to be genuine, to fight hard for what she believes in and what she deserves. And it’s taken her years to reach the point that she did on Joanne. And we see it in this documentary. It’s mindblowing.

When I watched for the second time this morning, I had it playing on my laptop as I drank my coffee and got ready for my day. It was impossible to do my makeup because I kept crying it off, so I just sat there and watched again, in awe of this woman who has been a part of my life for nearly a decade. Seeing her still fighting so hard and working so hard for her fans is something I will never get over.

Gaga is a human being. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A lover. An artist. A woman. A beautiful, strong, passionate woman who deserves respect for everything she has done not only for people all over the world for the past decade, but for herself. For fighting for herself and pushing herself even when she felt like giving up. Because it’s a reminder to those of us who struggle every day that if Gaga can do it, so can we.

This documentary moved me to my absolute core, and I have no words to explain how thankful I am to have someone like Gaga in this world, reminding me every day that life, even though it can be a fucking mess sometimes, is beautiful and worth living. I admire her more each and every day. And as the years go by and we grow together, the one thing that will always remain is the love. The genuine love between Gaga and her fans. It’s eternal. 💗🐾

xoxo, geena

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Damijon Father's Day

Since it was Father’s Day some days ago, let’s picture how it was for the boys:

Jon is probably used to it, he asked Lois for money and went to buy a present with her while Clark was at work. They wrapped it with special paper and hid it so Clark wouldn’t find it, because it’s a tradition: Superman can’t wait until Sunday.

It’s normal for Jon, but Damian never had to do this and he doesn’t likes not knowing how to proceed on something, no matter it’s something as simple as buying Batman a present. Because it’s not easy for him, what can you give someone that has everything?

So he practically kidnaps Jon during all Saturday to find the perfect present, because come on, we’re talking about Damian, everything has to be perfect. And after a long day of Jon trying to convince Damian that no matter what he buys it will be special, they even get Alfred a present.

I LOVE THIS MOMENT, I mean, it’s hilarious, the way Ewan delivers it in the deleted scene is great, too, but also because it’s just so indicative of who Obi-Wan is–when he’s proven wrong about something, his response isn’t to get mad about it, he just shrugs and doesn’t care (so long as it’s not something getting fucked up, obv.), he’s fine with it, “All right, I still have much to learn.” and genuinely isn’t bothered by it.

This is someone who doesn’t have anything to prove, this is someone who still knows what he’s good at (as we see during so much of this entire sequence, Obi-Wan knows he’s good at fighting, we spring the trap, he says with a grin, Sith Lords are their speciality, etc.) but also is pretty settled in his own skin about how he’s not perfect, who doesn’t feel bad when he’s wrong, because we all have times we’re wrong and still have things left to learn.

Moments like this are why I love Obi-Wan Kenobi so much, because nobody’s ever perfect, but sometimes people can achieve a strong balance of peace with that imperfection, while still recognize the other skills they have.


The Boys Tell Him To Break Up With You

“Sorry guys, I can’t make it tonight. Tell management I’m sick” Harry giggled as Y/n slowly danced her fingers along his side.
He heard Liam let out a loud sigh from the other side of the line.
“You can’t keep canceling this stuff, man. This is important for our career, and besides, management is getting suspicious.”
“Ugh. Fine, fine. Okay. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”
With a frown, Harry hung up the phone. He sighed, looking down at his girlfriend, who had a playful frown on her lips.
“Don’t weave me, Hawwy” she said in a child voice, her arms wrapping around his masculine frame in attempts to keep him near her.
He giggled as he pressed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. Moment with her, like this, is what he lives for, and he hated leaving them.
“I’ll only be for a few hours. In the mean time, I want you to make your special home made pizza, and your amazing brownies. That way, when I get back, we can have our Saturday nights as always.”
Y/n smiled up at him, her eyes beaming at how she had ever been so lucky. She never knew she had deserved someone so perfect.
Perfection. It was a debatable topic, and always had been. She never believe perfection had existed, not anywhere but in books. But now, she’s in love with perfection. She has the man that defines perfection right in the palm of her hand, and she never plans on changing that.
“I love you so much, my baby” she whispered.
He smiled, leaning down to kiss her one more time before packing up his stuff.
“I’ll be back later. I love you, my angel.”
“I love you more!” He heard her say, before walking out and into his car.
The meeting was easy. Normal discussions about their amount of sales, amount of time before a new upcoming album. It was a shorter time than he had thought, and he was more than happy to pack up his bags and go home to Y/n.
“Harry, can we all talk to you?” Niall asked nervously, all of the boys having a trace of fear among their faces.
Harry instantly knew the topic was serious, and he was definitely in for helping and fixing whatever the problem was.
Setting down all the items he had just picked up, Harry quickly nodded in response.
“Yes, of course guys, what is it?”
All of the guys gave eachother a look, a look of pure confusion and guilt. Niall was the first to speak, stuttering out incoherant sentences, and no matter how hard Harry had tried to pick up a single word, it was nearly impossible.
“We just thought—we were thinking that—you see it’s like—”
“We want you to break up with Y/n” Louis jumped in.
Harry was shocked at the words being thrown at him, almost like he couldn’t believe it. How could his best friends, his brothers, want him to break up with the love of his life?
“No. No. You guys—you guys can’t be serious. Right?” Harry whispered.
“It’s just,” Liam began, his voice soft, as if he felt guilty for picking their side, “It’s just that she’s really getting in the way of things. She’s getting in the way of things that really matter. You don’t even want to come to meetings, recording sessions, writing sessions. It’s all her now, and it shouldn’t be. You worked so hard on this, we all did, as a band. We always put one another first. Then this girl—”
“Her name is Y/n” Harry growled
“And then Y/n” Liam fixed himself, “comes into the picture, and you’re throwing away all of these years of no sleep, no family, no break to get to number one, for a girl? One girl is changing everything, Harry. It’s not good. She’s not good news.”
Harry didn’t dare look at them. He couldn’t, because if he did, he would give in too easily.
So he just stood there, his flooded eyes staring into nothing, his body still despite the cries leaving his body.
He shook his head, quick to grab everything he had owned before stomping away from them. No way could he do that, no way. He couldn’t break up with Y/n. He couldn’t think of it. She ment more to him than anybody ever had. She ment more than he could ever understand. He couldn’t imagine a day without her. She had become so routine in his everyday life that picturing a future without her was something nearly impossible.
He couldn’t break up with her. He doesn’t have the guts. He won’t be able to look at Y/n straight in the eyes and say such words to her. He just couldn’t.
“But the band” he whispered to himself.
He couldn’t let them down. His best friends, his brothers, there was no way he could let them down. After years of every single thing imagineable, he really couldn’t let go of his career now.
He always had a fear of what his life would be like after One Direction. Where his life would lead him, and he’s too scared to find out. What is him and Y/n weren’t ment to be? What if this was just a phase, a phase of love for one another?
So much was confusing him. He didn’t know what to do or how to do it. And it wasn’t until he had arrived back to his home, where Y/n was sitting on the couch watching an episode of Bates Motel, when he had realized he couldn’t do it.
“Y/n” Harry whispered, his feet planted directily to the floor, as if it was the only spot within a safe distance of her.
“Harry? What’s wrong?” She panicked, her body flinging off of the couch so that she could make her way towards him.
His voice was no match against his cries as he tried repeatedly to say something to her. Anything to her.
“Th—the boys. Oh, God, Y/n, please don’t.”
“Baby, breathe.” She whispered, her thumb and pointer finger reaching up to his cheeks so she could rub them.
“What about the boys, Harry? Are they okay?”
He scrunched his face together, the thought so sickening to him he nearly couldn’t say it out loud.
“They told me that I can’t be with you anymore. Y/n, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose anybody, I really don’t.” Harry sobbed, his hands running along the sides of his head, in attempt to stop the voices that were eating him alive.
“Oh.” She whispered.
The fingers that were petting his cheek slowly detached, and for the first time it what felt like forever, there was a great part in both of them that knew it was the last time she would ever get to do that.
“Y/n please d—”
“It’s okay. It’s okay.”
But it wasn’t, because her backing away from him was like her backing away from their love, and the more steps taken were the more feeling that left both of their souls.
“I don’t know what to do, Y/n. Th—they said you distract us too much a—and that you’re bad news. B—but I c—cant lose you. I can’t lose you” he repeated.
Y/n shook her head, her tears consistant. Running fast and always large, as if she kept trying to hold them back.
“I’d rather you lose one person than lose 4 brothers. I can’t let you lose them, Harry.”
She didn’t know whether it was the pressure on her chest, or the pain of what was happening, but her heart was breaking. She could feel it. She could feel it everywhere.
Harry’s sobs were stronger than ever. His entire body moved with them, and he had never felt more powerless against his body than he had now.
“Y/n, pl—please.”
She shook her head, her cries now just as strong as his.
“I have to. I can’t have you throw away years of hard work and dedication just so you can love me. It’s okay. I—I’ll go. It’s okay.”
“Pl—please” Harry whimpered, drool running down his chin, face covered in his salty tears.
“Don’t leave me.”
She let out quiet screams that sounded more like whines, and as she grabbed her coat, ready to walk away from the one man who she had given everything to, she could have sworn she almost ran back to him.
“I love you so much, my baby” she forced herself to say.
“N—no. No!” Harry screamed, punching his forehead with the side of his hand repeatedly.
“I’ll wait for you, Harry. I’ll always wait.” She whispered before opening the front door and walking out of it.
It wasn’t until she had walked to the next block when she started running. Running away from the pain, running away from the hurt.
She didn’t know where to go, though. She knew nobody that lived around here. Only Zayn. He was the only one within walking distance from their house.
Even though running to Zayn was a bad idea, she had to. She couldn’t stay with Harry. She couldn’t stay in that house. It held too many memories. Everywhere she turned she had seen them—seen them from the past. Whether they were laughing, yelling, dancing, sleeping, she saw all of it. And to stay there after her losing him—after losing the better half of her, would be enough to kill her.
Minutes felt like hours when she started pounding on Zayn’s door. Her crying has been constant, and she was shocked that she hadn’t been hurt due to the fact she was unable to see.
Zayn opened the door within seconds, and the smile that was once present on his face had suddenly turned to guilt.
He had never seen a girl look so destroyed before. Everything about her was destroyed. Starting from the roots in her hair, that hadn’t stuck completely down to her skull anymore, to her face, that had been so full of pain and misery, all the way down to her broken body, that had seemed so fragil now.
“I know I’m not your favorite person right now, and you’re not my favorite person right now, either, but I really need to stay somewhere tonight. I’ll be gone by tomorrow morning I promise you won’t even know I’m here I just—I just have nowhere to go right now and I really need some place just to lay down and t—and to sleep. I really need to be somewhere other than my state of mind right now.”
Her voice trembled and hiccuped toward the end. Her body slowly drowning in her own tears. And for a moment, looking at Zayn, and knowing he was apart of the reason all of this happened, she forgot how to breathe underneath all of her tears.
“Come here” Zayn whispered, reaching out for her barely standing body.
He slowly picked her up from the ground, carrying her bridal style into his home.
He knew that if he hadn’t carried her she would have hurt herself. She was too weak to lift her body up anymore, he could tell.
On his shoulder, right upon the fabric of his t shirt, Zayn already felt tears soaking onto his skin. The more tears that fell from her eyes caused more guilt from him.
He hadn’t ment to hurt any of them. None of them had. They all thought it would be better for the band that they hadn’t even realized how selfish it was of them. Just because it was best for the band didn’t mean it was best for Harry. But they never even considered Y/n’s feelings. They never even though how this could effect her.
But seeing her like this, now, Zayn knew they should have.
Carrying her to his bedroom, Zayn was quick to place her on the bed before grabbing clean pajamas.
“You can wear these if you want to.” He mumbled, placing the clothing at the foot of the bed.
Y/n only nodded, not feeling comfortable enough to look at him yet, after what he’s done.
With her gaze kept strongly on the duvets, Y/n forgot where she was before a small book was placed in front of her.
“I know you like to read. If it helps you get your mind off of this, you can keep it. It’s just a book with poems, I guess. I was supposed to give it to you for your birthday in a couple of weeks, but I think it’s better given now.”
Grabbing the book, she studied it before mumbling a quiet “thank you” and placing it next to her delicately.
Zayn nodded slightly, a frown upon his face as he looked at how small she looked.
He could only imagine the pain she was feeling.
“Y/n, I just want to say that I am—”
“I’m going to go.” She quickly stated, not in the mood to be hearing excuses from him.
She stood up from the bed, grabbing her book tightly in her hands. She looked down at it, debating on whether or not she should take it with her or not.
“You can keep this. I really don’t want anything from you right now.”
“Wait, Y/n.” Zayn said, grabbing her arm before she can walk away any further. “You don’t have to leave.”
She let out a soft cry, ripping her hand away from his.
“Yeah? Well where were you to say that before?” She whispered, before ripping open the door and slamming it shut behind her.
Now, she really had nowhere to go.

EXO (OT12) react to love at first sight

Xuimin: You would run into him at his secret coffee shop. The place where he comes to relax from his stressful life.  You walked up to the countered and ordered the same coffee as him. You sat at the edge of the bar. “You have exquisite taste in coffee” he commented. You flashed a small smile and the rest was history as they say. 

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Luhan: Backstage is where he first catches your gaze. In the chaos, you stood calm and poised. You gracefully commanded his attention. His manager told him he had a brief interview before the show. However, he hadn’t expected you to be so captivating. It clouded his thoughts and made it difficult to focus. 

“You sold out this arena. As a fan, I am proud. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.” He paused before responding.

“No, thank you. It has been a delight. I would love to do this again.”

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Kris: It was an early morning film shoot for him. He walked up to the chair tired and fatigued from the night. There you were pleasant smile and aura. The care you placed while expertly placing makeup on his face. He couldn’t help but crack a smile. Once complete, You looked back and admired your work as he admired you. He was already thinking about how beautiful you look wrapped around his arms. 

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Suho: Another SM mandated event. Suho was beginning to grow tired of these forced networking events. People just sucking up just to get on top. When you introduced yourself, he felt something different. You spoke of your modeling experiences and how excited you were for this opportunity. He hadn’t met someone like you. Many gorgeous individuals come here every day but not many with an intellectual mind to match. He made sure vouch for you for the new video as the main female protagonist. Just to ensure he would see you again and gain more courage to ask you on a date 

“Y/N would be a great addition to our new music video. She fits the concept and has the talent needed to add that extra magic to the video.”

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Lay: If there was one thing everyone knew about Yixing, he was disorganized. SM made he get a personal assistant after being late to 3 events int he past week. He wasn’t exactly pleased with the idea. You quickly changed his mind with your introduction.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang, My name is Y/N. I will be your new assistant. I have gotten your coffee along wth a special homemade treat. You have approximately 30 minutes before we need to go to the radio station for a brief interview. The following events for the day have been shared to your email. The ride should be here in approximately 40 minutes.“

He had a second to realize how professional you carried yourself. He noticed how you spoke in a firm but gentle tone. He complained at first, but now he was going to thank Suho for finding a perfect match for him.

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BaekHyun: Laughter and smiles can only hide so much. Today he needed someone to pick him up. You were training as a new vocal coach. You accidentally walked in on him. He was sniffling. You didn’t want to overstep your boundaries. However, you couldn’t just leave him like this.

"You have a fantastic voice. Believe in your talent and you will hit that note.”

He smiled at your comment. After the session was over, he treated you to bubble tea. It was the start of the beautiful relationship.

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Chen: During his free time, Chen enjoyed dabbling as a radio personality. He arrived a little early today. You were interviewing a new rookie group. Your quick wit and humor impressed him. The jokes you had were hilarious. The rookie group became comfortable with you. He even chuckled a few times. During the break, He stopped in gave his compliments. 

“You are doing great. Stop by my interview at 1 PM. I’d love to have you join in today as a special co-host” He smoothly said sliding his number on a piece of paper. You grabbed it and smiled. He knew he needed someone with your wit around.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol is a musical genius, not a technological one. When his music engineering equipment broke, he nearly had a meltdown.You stood behind the counter and took the laptop. Distress was written across his face. You welcomed him with a bright smile. After about 40 minutes, You switch out one minor part. The laptop came back to life. He fell in love.

“You should be careful about overheating. Our system could potentially lose your work.  No need to worry.” You said with a warm smile.“ I suggest you invest in a laptop fan. Install the upgrade. It backs up everything to the cloud.” You calmed his worries. During a distressful time, you brought a smile to his face. He watched in awe thinking about matching couple outfits already.

“(Y/N), you were such a delight. If you aren’t busy, I’d love to hang out with you.” You flipped the receipt over and saw his number. You wrote your number on his copy. The rest was history as they say.

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Kyungsoo: As the cooking mastermind, He enjoyed trying new cuisine from all across Seoul. He had heard a lot of buzz about your pastry shop. He strolled up to the counter and asked you what you recommend. You gave him his signature treat. From his reaction, You could tell he loved it. What you could not see is that he loved you. Kyungsoo went back to that pastry shop every chance he could to see you. Every day he would practice how he would eventually ask you on a date. 

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Tao: You were an up and coming designer working in China. Your client today was Tao. You stressed every single detail. Tao had to maintain his look. The outfit was presented to him. He fell in love with it. It was his style. After the shoot, He had to meet you. You were working in the back. Your mind focused on the next outfit. 

“The clothes were amazing. You have a good eye for fashion. I will be reaching out to you again. We’re going for hotpot. Come it’s on me." 

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Kai: You were given a chance to pitch your choreography for the new EXO video to Kai. He watched as your body moved to the music. The way you flowed. The way you embodied the feel of the song. Kai was beyond impressed. You deathly glance made him fall in love.He gave a standing ovation at the end. 

“You were amazing. I’m going to vote for your choreography for the song. Let’s get ice cream. It’s my treat.”

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Sehun: Saturday evenings were always busy at the shop. It was never like this. The parade had increased the amount of foot traffic to the store creating long lines. Despite, the bad attitudes from the wait. You remained your composure. You put the same attention and detail to each drink. Sehun caught a glance at his bubble tea princess. The drink that the perfect balance of ingredients. The pearls weren’t too cold. The initial sip was the most satisfying. Sehun came back the next day to properly introduce himself to the person who stole his heart with one drink.

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ruby-the-wolf  asked:

Okay! UT Sans, US Pap, UF Sans, annnnd... SF Pap have an S/O with curly hair and freckles everywhere. How curious would they be about these features? (Your blog is awesome by the way)


I’m sorry I took so long to respond! 

Undertale Sans

Dude. DUDE! He didn’t know human skin could be so…..wonderful. He’s seen curly hair before, but holy crap, your freckles. It’s like you’re decorated with personal stars and he loves to count every single one of them with his kisses. 

Underfell Sans

Your hair!!! He loves your hair! It’s not like Red hasn’t seen curly hair before, but yours is so vibrant, so bouncy, it’s not like anything he’s ever seen.  When you two are snuggling, he loves you run his fingers through your hair, watching it disappear into your glossy waves. How did he ever end up with someone as beautiful and perfect as you?

Underswap Papyrus

Stretch is so fascinated by your skin, how it can darken and freckle like that, just be being under the sun. He’s mystified about how the sun can make you like that, and how other people don’t freckle as easy, so you must be really special. Every mark, every dark spot, everything you have on your skin is a story of how you lived and Stretch loves to read it over and over. You are his favorite story. 

Swapfell Papyrus

Do you believe in love at first sight? Rus might be a romantic, but he sure doesn’t, that is, until he soul stopped when your curls bounced in the sunlight, reflecting your wide smile, highlighted for your freckles painting your body. He loves every part of you, your hair, your freckles, the way the light doesn’t shine on you, but rather dance and court, giving you your radiance. You catch him staring at you sometimes with a big, dopey grin, counting your freckles or tracing your curls. You’re perfect, and Rus lets you know that every day.  

anonymous asked:

Just a question for interest's sake :) who (in BTS or in Kpop in general) has your favorite chart? Like disregarding or including who you know them to be? Who has a chart that when you look at it you're like, "this person sounds amazing"

Hey, anon! Hmm, to be honest I think all of them have really strong personalities in ways that constantly leave me in awe. Honestly, I don’t wanna sound biased, but they didn’t get to where they are only because of chance, you know? All of their charts have something that make me go “damnnn such talent much skills wow”.

But, if we’re to talk about personal taste… I’ve read many, many charts in my life - of all different kinds of people. So not only because I’m the kind of person that gets bored easily but also because I’ve seen many patterns of how people can grow to be it’s just impossible for me not to be the most interested in charts that show sutff that are… Out of the box, per say. Individuals that have different things combined. I’ll elaborate.

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Modern AU Holiday Headcanons

Even more headcanon thoughts with @freaky-trickster

Did American holidays, because I’m American and do not know much about others. ;w;

-Favorite is 4th of July.
-Perfect time to celebrate at the lake to get some fishing in.
-Loves firworks, doesn’t admit it, but watching them gives him life.
-Lots of grilled goodness, and it’s one of those days where he isn’t pestered about his pickiness.
-Doesn’t require him to get up too early.
-Tries to find the highest vantage point in order to watch the fireworks showing.
-Will sit long after the show is over after things have died down; daydreaming once the chaos is over.

-Thanksgiving, of course.
-Perfect opportunity to test out lots of new recipes.
-Finds lots of creative ways to sneak Noctis some needed veggies.
-Spends the whole day preparing the dishes.
-Doesn’t like others in the kitchen with him, they do nothing but stress each other out.
-Always feels a slight pang once people start digging in, all that hard work.
-But, can’t help the swell of pride seeing how much people enjoy is cooking, so it was worth it.

-Christmas, for obvious reasons.
-Mainly loves the chance to shower Iris with gifts.
-Won’t complain about the eggnog either.
-Goes the extra mile every year to make it special for her…no matter how old she is.
-Makes Ignis prepare desserts, because he can never get them just right.
-Even when she is older, still gives extra gifts from “Santa” and pretends he has no idea.
-Even the smallest gift he receives is the best.

-Who doesn’t love Halloween?
-The perfect opportunity to pretend to be someone else, even if just for a day.
-Isn’t a family holiday, so he gets to spend this one with the others.
-Will go out of his way on decorations.
-Buys candy, and makes sure to get a lot just to make sure there is enough leftover for himself.
-Likes to scare the other children, but instantly regrets it if they start crying.
-Those get extra candy.

Alone (part 3)

TRR /Liam x MC

Alone (part 1)

Alone (Part 2) 

Alone (part 4)

It was 3 weeks from the time Liam found out he was going to be a father to the time it took his finest security officers to nail down enough proof that Madeline and Regina were involved in a conspiracy against the thrown.  During that three weeks Liam had talked to Drake about his trip to America and about MC being pregnant with his child.  Drake was stunned but admitted that it all made sense now.  Drake told Liam of how she had acted like she wanted to tell him something but he couldn’t get it out of her.  Liam had increased security on her as a precaution but luckily it wasn’t needed and now that she wasn’t in danger, Liam immediately made the trip to New York.  Drake had given him her address and he showed up at her doorstep in the middle of the night. 

“Liam?” is all she can say. The look on her face is that of shock… and sadness, he notes.  Liam wants to grab her in his arms and hold her forever but he knows she has been hurt and does not know everything that has been going on.

“I know it’s late but can we talk?”

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jjkjm  asked:

what’s your fav canon and fanon thing about iwaoi? 💛

first, how do you always have the best questions? and second, why do you waste them on me? ;; i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, you spoil me!

1. canon thing: when i read your question, you know the first thing that immediately came to mind? iwaizumi’s partner quote. then i really thought on it, and as much as that scene was the epitome of perfection, kagehina also had a similar “partners” moment. so i was like what is something that is completely unique to iwaoi? and it hit me: the “linked mentally and physically” moment. they’re best friends, which is amazing on its own, but that doesn’t do justice to how truly special their relationship is. you could know someone your whole life, live with them, talk to them everyday, and still never have that kind of connection. it’s incredible. 

2. when you say fanon, can this be like a fave headcanon? because i absolutely adore the idea that iwaizumi calls oikawa babe/baby in private and intimate or affectionate moments. now, he’s absolutely not the type of guy that would use pet names regularly, but i can 100000% picture the moments when he is just so overwhelmed and in the moment and it slips out and oikawa dies right on the spot bc same.

Since it’s fanfic writer appreciation day I thought I’d actually make a short post and share some of my favs with you all. PLEASE feel free to add to this post some of your fav supernatural fanfics with trans/non binary/genderqueer Supernatural characters! Yes, this is a very destiel heavy list as I tend to lean more towards destiel in my fanfic preferences. I highly appreciate fanfic recs so please send them my way.

Orange You Glad by @shiphitsthefan
Rating: E
Ship: Dean/Castiel
Trans* Character: agender Castiel
Summary: Dean hates farmers markets and everything that they stand for.  However, following a conversation with a new friend, an aptly-timed epiphany, and some impromptu pie-sharing, Dean’s definitely rethinking that opinion.
My Comment: I live for agender!cas and boy does this deliver. It’s funny and cute and there’s sexual food sharing.

Hide Your Tender Hands by @almaasi
Rating: E
Ship: Dean/Castiel
trans* character: genderfluid Castiel
Summary: Human AU. Castiel is Dean’s new masseur. Their relationship is meant to be all business, but somehow their first session ends with a cuddle, and their second session leads Castiel to confess he enjoys watching Dean nap a little too much. Their third… well, their third session is especially intimate. After more than a year apart, Dean and Castiel meet on a train, having been invited to the same Independence Day gathering. Just like before, Castiel goes everywhere with his pet cat. But outside of work, he dresses and acts very differently to the polo-shirted smooth-talker of the massage room. Dean can only guess at how this snarky, tattooed, gender-bending sweetheart can render him such a wreck, all over again.
My Comment: This is one of the first fanfics I read that really portrayed Cas as non binary/genderqueer and OH BOY DID I LOVE IT. Well, I love all of almassi’s works but this one just holds a special place in my heart. This one I particularly love just because of how Dean and Cas come together. They’re so aware of their flaws and nearly self destruct everything so many times but eventually they get it all together and realise that someone imperfect is the perfect person to fit in their life.

A Princess By Any Other Name by @unforth-ninawaters
Rating: E
Ship: Dean/Castiel
Trans* Character: Dean (it’s complicated)
Additional Warnings: graphic depictions of violence. Seriously read the tags on this as there could be some triggering material.
Summary: Everything about this mission smacks of trouble. It’s not surprising that King John has set up an arranged marriage for Princess Deanna now that she has come of age, but why is he sending her to meet her betrothed with such a minimal escort? And why Castiel, who isn’t exactly known for his loyalty to the crown? And why are they stopping at the mage city of Ilchester on the way? Castiel doesn’t know and he doesn’t care, as long as the answers don’t get him killed.
My Comment: OH BOY. I sent so many messages to Unforth when I was reading this because IT IS SO GOOD. ALL THE DEAN WHUMP. I think i cried a stupid amount. Like she is so good at hitting me in every single one of my feels but this one just got me so much extra.

Made Manifest by @schmerzerling
Rating: M
Ship: Dean/Original Male Characters (pre Dean/Castiel)
Trans* Character: trans Dean
Summary: Wherein Castiel defied God for Dean before Dean even knew his name.
My Comment: I fucking cried ugly tears. So many ugly tears. This hit me in every one of my feels.

Youngjae Imagine - Toothbrush

A/N - Thanks to the lovely anon who requested this one, I hope you like it! It’s based on the song Toothbrush by DNCE (a band I’ve been meaning to listen to for so long!) Keep on sending in your requests~

You don’t have to rush
You could leave a toothbrush
At my place

“Hey, (Y/N)?”
“Y’know how you’re always staying over here? Well, why don’t you just move in? It’d make these mornings so much easier for the both of us.”
“I know it would, Youngjae but I don’t know..maybe.” Youngjae had been thinking about asking you to move in for a while since you had been together for almost two years and you were completely in love with each other. 

We don’t need to keep it hush 

One of your main reasons for saying no was that your relationship wasn’t public. Well, to your friends and family it was but not to Youngjae’s many adoring fans. There were some who suspected that he was in a relationship but considering you were just known as one of their stylists, they didn’t make the connection that it was you he was dating. Moving in together would mean that you’d definitely need to go public because it’d be impossible to sneak around when you lived in the same house. Part of you did want to tell the world about your relationship and you knew Youngjae was ready for it but something held you back from saying yes.

Each time I let you stay the night, stay the night
Up in the morning
Tangled in sheets 

Waking up next to Youngjae after a night of pure passion and lust was something you could never get used to. Every time felt special and it left you wanting more. Even when you’d wake up first and see him sleeping with his mouth open, small snores sounding from him. Your legs would be tangled together, clothes strewn across the room and a pleasing, dreamlike memory floating in your mind.

When you’re standing there in your underwear
And my t-shirt from the night before 

Those mornings you did wake up first, you’d find your underwear and pull on the shirt Youngjae had been wearing the night before. It was second nature to steal his clothes and wear them in the mornings. Particularly because he could never resist you when all you were wearing was one of his oversized shirts with those laced panties that made your curves look divine. Youngjae would wake up to see you standing in the room, and all of the feelings from the previous night would come rushing back and he’d need to pull you back into the bed with him.

I just, I just can’t let you go
Give me something I’ve never known 

You had been Youngjae’s first serious relationship. His first love. Sure, he’d had girlfriends in the past but none of them had made him feel the way you made him feel. Something about you was special and Youngjae was determined to keep you in his life. Moving in with you was a scary thought, because it really meant that the two of you were in it together but it was a good scary. This was something he’d never had but wanted more than anything else.

With your messed up hair
And your feet still bare
Would you mind closing the bedroom door? 

Another morning after the night before and Youngjae would wake up to see you in his bed, your hair a mess both from sleep and from the wildness of the previous night. It was a sight he’d never get sick of seeing. It was something that would always make his heart skip a beat.

Maybe you don’t have to rush
You could leave a toothbrush
At my place 

As he watched you get ready and put your essentials back into your bag, he’d make little comments hinting at what he wanted.
“You know, things would be so much easier if you just left your toothbrush here. And all of your clothes.”
“Youngjae,” you giggled in return, “I know what you’re suggesting and I said maybe.”
“Well why don’t you say yes?” He said teasingly as he walked closer to you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

Cause I don’t want this to end
And there’s no need to play pretend 

“You know how much I love you, (Y/N) and I want this every morning. I just want to have perfect mornings like this all the time. I want to know after a long day of working that I can come home and see you. I want to have the excitement of knowing that your home is also mine. I don’t want to have to pretend to my fans that I don’t have someone as special as you in my life.”

I just, I just can’t let you go 

Youngjae,” you breathed, “you are so goddamn persuasive and irresistible.”
“Is that a yes?”


I need to share something with you all.
I’m sorry it’s gonna be a bit long, but please , take some time to read it .
I just wanted to advise you.
Never trust anybody. Like , really.
Trust them if you want, but never completely.
You never know someone’s true intentions, and that is so scary.
Don’t ever believe what they say before seeing if their actions match with what they’re saying.
Please, don’t get attached too fast, don’t open up to people too fast.
You really never know what could happen.
Take your time to know the people you are meeting.
Don’t think that if they’re nice with you, it means that they like you.
People always will get bored.
Keep looking for that one friend , that true friend that will stay forever.
That friend won’t be perfect.
But will be perfect in your eyes.
Choose someone that will be ready to sacrifice time and anything possible to make YOU feel better.
Choose someone who will not make you walk alone, but who will walk with you on the same road.
Oh, yeah, you’ve been disappointed so many times by temporary friends, by people you thought considered you as special.
You can’t imagine how fast they can replace you.
So take your time, and choose wisely.
I don’t mean don’t talk to anybody…but
Don’t consider everyone nice as a friend.

Find someone , who will make you their world.