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So... my ex boyfriend is seeing someone new now and it just breaks my heart so much. He's doing all the cute nice things for her that he never did for me... and I'm like do I not deserve that was I not good enough for him.. I deleted all the social media apps so i can stop lurking on their accounts.. yeals how dumb am I. I've never loved someone that much even though his love for me wasn't the same... idk what to do

Sometimes we can’t help how much we love someone .. and that’s not our faults. That’s just something you have to be patient with. This won’t be the last time loving someone.
As for feeling not good enough to be treated like someone else.. DONT. You never know what a relationship is like unless you are directly involved. You may see happy pics but that’s all we post as humans. The good times.
Hearing that he’s treating someone else good means you had a good affect on him and you will with another soul that will appreciate and return the favor. You’re worthy

Everything About Scrappy-Doo is Horribly, Horribly Wrong

The voice, the role he fills, his big dumb face… everything.

He’s the physical embodiment of a producer saying “The ratings have dropped, what else can we cram in this show?” 

Look at him. Just look at him. Why is his head so big? He looks like someone grafted a giant dog’s smug, self-satisfied head on a tiny dog’s body.

I’m getting the jibblies just from from writing this post and accidentally looking at him occasionally.

Every part of him is wrong. How, and more importantly, why does his mouth shift from the side of his face to the front? 

I don’t want to know what biological processes make that possible.

The show knows he’s all wrong, and resents the viewer for not accepting him. 

Mere minutes in, it taunts us by making him almost die, via falling out of a still-moving truck. With a massive weight over his head. 

Over a bumpy road. 

In a rainstorm. 

In the dead of night.

He seems to be toast, and we all get teased with the mega ecstasy bliss that can only come from the prospect that Scrappy’s gone for good. 

Imagine it. The movie begins… he’s introduced… he falls out the back of a van… and the movie just moves on without him. Not only would it be infinitely better for the story, but it would also be hilariou–

…oh. Nevermind, I guess Scooby saved him, so we can all get to hear the loathsome little bugger quip incessantly for the rest of the movie.

Let’s face it, folks: Scrappy-Doo just might be the ultimate Scooby-Doo mistake.

Takeomi and Yoriko are seen in a park.

Yoriko: My mom and dad were really surprised, you know!
Bujin: Sorry for being so sudden.
Yoriko: …Kuroiwa-kun. I’m going to ask something dumb.
Yoriko: …But why someone like me?

Bujin: My father often says this.
Bujin: That food is important when training your body everyday.
Bujin: And what makes your body is the nutrition that you take in.
Bujin: So if I decide to get married, I should pick someone ‘who makes good food’.

Yoriko laughs.

Yoriko: A reason like that?
Yoriko: …That’s indeed very like you.

Bujin: It may be tactless of me to say this but I can tell with how you act and give attention to detail when you work that you’re a woman with a kind heart, Kosaka.

Bujin: Even if you say that you’re worried when it comes to Ghouls, you still have the strength to stand firm.

Bujin: So I decided to live my life with someone like you, Kosaka.

Bujin: Let me ask you again.
Bujin: Will you marry me?
Yoriko: …Yes.

Yoriko is crying while smiling.

Bujin: …Are you okay?
Yoriko: Yes, it’s just that I remembered something a friend told me in the past. A friend who I haven’t been able to contact since 'that day’ in the 20th Ward…
Yoriko: And how I wanted to tell her that this happened.
Bujin: …
Bujin: What’s her name?
Yoriko: !

Bujin: I’ll try looking up inside if there’s still any information left from that time.
Bujin: If I could be of any help to you… can you tell me her name?
Yoriko: …
Yoriko: …Kirishima… Touka…

Bujin writes down onto a memo.

Bujin: Kirishima Touka… Got it.
Bujin: However, my breakfasts will turn from Japanese food into bread won’t they?

Yoriko laughs.

Yoriko: I can make Japanese food too, you know!
Bujin: Is that so?
Yoriko: Yes, that is so. Haha~

Yoriko: Kuroiwa-kun…
Yoriko: Thank you.


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Newt: Are you sure you don’t need help with those Y/N?
Y/N: No, no, I got it Newt thanks.
Newt; Did you hear what happened to Zart?
Y/N: No. What happened?
Newt: Jeff is bandaging him up, apparently he got too distracted while working and the dumb shank hurt himself.
Y/N: How could he get distracted? There is nothing here worth staring at. No offence but it’s all just grass and the same walls.
Newt: I mean I get pretty distracted sometimes…
Y/N: By what?
Newt; Well in case you haven’t noticed Y/N, you’re the only girl in the glade. So for some people it can…distract them.
Y/N: *mumbles* Feelings mutual.
Newt: Wait what? Is there someone you like here?
Y/N: Maybe…
Newt: Do I know him?
Y/N: You know him very well. You could be the same person.
Newt: *leans in* Does he happen to have an accent?
Gally: Newt! *pulls him away* What the shuck are you doing?! 
Y/N: Gally let him go!
Gally: He was flirting with you! Newt you know I’ve told everyone to not even talk to Y/N, never mind flirt with her!
Y/N: You what?
Gally: I told all the boys to stop looking at you like you’re a piece of meat! You’re my sister and I’m not letting anyone, EVEN the second in command go near you!
Y/N: That isn’t your choice! Yes it annoys me how they look at me sometimes but telling them to not even talk to me is worse! Let Newt go!
Gally: You’re my sister, I have to protect you.
Y/N: *pulls Newt away* I flirted with him! I was the one who leaned in! Not him!
Newt: Y/N…
Gally: Stop protecting him.
Y/N: No. I can look after myself why can’t you trust me?
Gally: I’m only trying to look out for you.
Y/N: I know and I love you for that but you need to let me be me.
Gally: *sighs* Fine. But if any of the boys hurt you I get to make their lives hell.
Y/N: *laughs* Deal.

You know something else that rubs me the wrong way about The Flash? The way they treat intelligence. 

Look at who’s a genius in this cast: Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, Harry, Eobard, Jesse, Hartley, Snart, Ronnie, Stein. It goes on and on. I won’t even get into how the writing constantly dumbs down these geniuses in ridiculous ways so that other geniuses can explain things to the audience by proxy, or how ‘genius’ sometimes means that someone can instantly be good at everything, and sometimes means that a professional scientist doesn’t know what a singularity is. 

I mean it’s great that Jesse had five majors in college, but come on. She’s, what, 19 years old? Is it even logistically feasible that there were enough hours in the day to get all the credits she’d need for five presumably STEM majors? Also how does any of that translate into her being street-smart enough to vanish on a completely new earth with no money and no identity, and turn up a few weeks later in a nicer apartment than any 19 year old has ever lived in ever? This is a rich, sheltered girl who has a rabidly overprotective father and must have lived in a classroom her entire teenage life. But she’s a genius, so she can just figure it out.

The show dealt with the idea of intellectual snobbery in one episode - with Caitlin dismissing Jax as a Firestorm replacement because he was a mechanic - but it continually shows that same snobbery over and over again in how these people treat each other. 

I’ve seen people talk again and again about how Barry is dumbed down to give the STAR team a reason to be there, and that’s a glaring issue. Cisco is dumbed down for Hartley to seem necessary. Caitlin’s position is easily filled by someone with no practical experience, who’s fresh out of college. The same character who shows Cisco up for laughs more than once. 

Pro-tip for Flash writers: education =/= intelligence. Intelligence =/= experience. 

And it’s gross the way ‘intelligence’ in all its mutating forms constantly uses the lack of knowledge as a punchline. This is how Hartley and Harry were shown to be assholes, but almost every character does it. 

Remember when Eobard had them building a time machine, and Cisco joked with Ronnie that he shouldn’t get involved because this wasn’t building a bookshelf from IKEA or whatever? I hate that joke, not only because it makes no sense - Ronnie was the lead structural engineer on the entire particle accelerator project - but because Cisco is usually better than most of them about judging people around their intelligence level, but they still give him these occasional moments of intellectual snobbery. 

Joe is a device for the audience, constantly confused, and though his character is respected overall these little moments are played as jokes constantly. And now Iris, who has been repeatedly shown to be resourceful, quick-thinking, brave, strong, reliable, any number of amazing things this team needs, is being completely devalued by fandom because she hasn’t got any one particular form of super-intelligence like the others on the team. 

All in all I’m left with this feeling over and over again, like The Flash doesn’t really know what genius is but it’s gonna shit on anyone who doesn’t actually have it. And that’s really kind of gross. 

I get it. You don’t stop. You don’t surrender. You push. Well guess what? This is where the universe pushes back. And of all the stupid ways someone can gamble with their life, let me tell you, there is a special place in hell reserved for those dumb enough to die trying to out-stubborn Liutenant-Commander Renée Minkowski. So stop this, or you are going to die.

Douglas “To the Ends of the Universe” Eiffel

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Why is Oliver so dumb tho?

Susan literally 100% gave herself away in that convo…

Case in point:

Susan: How does someone even get a tattoo on an island?
Normal Human: What makes you think I got in on the island? I’ve literally been home for 5 fucking years. I could have gotten it then. Or maybe I got it before the island. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR GAME WOMAN??

Susan: How does someone even get a tattoo on an island?
Oliver: No one can know my secrets, okay? 

totally out of the blue but...

@ everyone who has a HUGE crush on someone: ASK THEM OUT / tell them u like them!!

worst thing that could happen //if they’re a good person?// they say no & THAT’S OK! I’m sure that u two can still be buds and/or you’ll get over them & find some1 even dreamier!!

& if they humiliate you 4 asking them out they’re obviously as dumb & useless as mosquitos so drop kick them out of ur life & all the way 2 Timbuctoo and try to move on!!


UR LOVELY & DESIRABLE!! have fun with this random advice buds

(there’s also like an entire paragraph of advice & reassurance in the tags… just sayin)

thank you sotus (part 2 of my feelings for ep 15)

what. a. great. actor.

fuck my life. i’ve never seen someone so GENUINELY happy on tv. like, he’s a combination of happiness, getting twitterpated, shy, proud, in love all at the same time. im literally crying just looking at him. AMAZING

what an amazing boyfriend. i love u i want someone like u in my life



the world is burning but i swear to god i am okay






an actual photo of me after watching. crazy crying. i’m dead inside, i’ve ascended to the heavens and will only come back to life when the bloopers are shown.

i just want to take this opportunity to thank the author, the staff and crew, krist and singto, the cast, Delightful the subber, and everyone in the fandom. what an amazing series. thank you for representation. thank you for showing how normal it is to love. thank you for such a light-hearted story. thank you for SOTUS.

Recap: Act 2, Episode 23

I’m bad at keeping to a schedule but life is busy and I’m looking for a new job.

Fight fight fight fight! Dang they’re just gonna snark at each other for a bit. However I DO love these two and I will happily accept Mattie back in the movie somehow. And man, the Dean is cranky. Someone woke up on the wrong side of hell today.

Misogyny? The patriarchy?

So missus up there is all pissed because the other gods were like “yo you gotta chill out a bit” so they bound her to a corpse and made her subject to fools. Well, ok yeah I can see how that’d piss someone off. The fools DID do some dumb stuff, like wars and murder but hey at least there’s good dessert and cat honey badger videos (can I just say again that it’s fucking hilarious this big evil god is like, “ok today i’m going to plan to unleash hell, sacrifice people to a demigod and then see what new cat videos I can find on YouTube”).

She’s holding a tiny bit of a grudge because the gods left her there to rot and listen to her “daughters crying out in pain and fear, able to do nothing”. I have met drag queens on a bender who were less dramatic than this lot.

Take the pity party elsewhere.

yeeeah i don’t think you’re gonna get a ton of sympathy here. The Dean argues that her family trapped her, history forgot her and became the province of men so she just said fuck it and took on that whole “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em” mentality. Ok most people have some sort of fucked up family dynamics, princess. Simmer down. I’d make a joke about her just maybe needing a hug, but, well.

I bet it’s hard to fit that on a business card.

How is it that “secret plan” is so hard for some of these guys to keep a secret. Also don’t bait the evil while she’s trapped, that’ll never end well.

That’s the best burn you could come up with?

Considering how many times you guys almost let the plans slip, yes please go get help.

Aight so Mattie poofs away and its time for some mommy/daughter quality time.

Too bad you don’t have any, they’d probably come in handy.

The Dean thinks the treatment and trapping isn’t entirely fair and wants to know what she did to deserve it. Uh. Well.

you mispronounced “abuse” there, Deano.

So..stubbornness == vampire? I must be one then. (Kinda wish we’d actually seen more of carmilla being a vampire in this season. Where was the speed, the strength, poofing around, setting things on fire, etc. Won’t be much of a change for the movie then I suppose).

That is a good question.

welp that’s fucked up and terrible and the Dean really thinks that she did Carmilla some good after she was killed at her birthday dance (worst birthday ever) and then raised to be evil. Carmilla was the favourite, The High Priestess but that’s no longer a title she wants.


I dunno, they kept going on about how important it was in Harry Potter and like, that had a good outcome for the most part.

That…that’s what she said. That’s what “I’m done” means.

that is just a totally ridiculous and hilarious thing to say.

The Dean says she doesn’t see them having much of a plan and Carmilla says maybe they don’t. And maybe it doesn’t matter ‘cause as long as she’s in the circle, the apocalypse is paused. So they have time to figure out what to do with the talismans the Dean knows are locked up in the special collections.

Well duh.

Clearly. And she almost caught on to it (it being that she allowed herself to be kidnapped).

Oh look who’s back. Gross. And of course they set her free and i’m not even going to get into the whole thing about old vampires being stronger than new ones except to say this is like bad retcon for Jordan’s OC that she can’t let go of.


“I knew I would be with Johnny long before we ever met. I believe in love at first sight, but my connection with Johnny was even stronger than that. I loved Johnny years before I met him. It might sound dumb, but that’s how it was. When we met each other, we just knew, “This is the one.” And we were right. I can’t believe any two people love the way that we love. People might think it’s easy to love someone like him because he’s so gorgeous-looking. But the thing about Johnny is that he’s even more gorgeous on the inside.” 

“Johnny is a wonderful father. He is very helpful. He likes to see Lily-Rose growing up as much as I do. He wouldn’t miss a minute.”

I want someone to be so fucking in love with me

I want someone who literally cannot keep their hands off of me, someone who can’t wait to smother me in kisses so they do it in public. I want someone that will take my hand and slow dance in the middle of a crowd not worrying about how dumb we look. I want a love that’s real, I want to lay there in our underwear and talk about the universe. Share your secrets and thoughts with me, and I’ll tell you mine. I want a love that connects on such a deeper level than just sex and the simple things. I want someone to want me so bad they don’t know what to do with themselves. Please, that’s all I want.

Can I thank the crewniverse enough for continuing the mental illness metaphor with corruption? This exchange is so very important.

Hey, corruptions aren’t dumb, they just think a little different, that’s all.

Let’s say I’m a monster. I spend all my time slamming my face into hard objects and throwing my tongues in the air for fun. How am I not… dumb? 

Well, she must be doing something right. She hasn’t fallen for any of your Peri Plans.

My mind went right to stimming with this. How many times does a neurotypical person watch someone who stimms a lot, and just thinks they’re dumb? Why are they hand flapping? Why are they petting their shirt? Why are they rocking? Why are they humming so loudly? Why are they playing with that dumb little thing over and over and over and over again? What idiots! Why do they do that All. The. Time???

Because it’s vital! And sure, it looks weird from the outside, but from the inside its crucial. It’s coping, it’s thinking, it’s buying time, it’s finding a safe place with the tips of your fingers when the world around you is just too much. 

So yeah, it looks strange from the outside, but you have no idea about the thought process going on inside. And it’s a part of who they are. Different? Yes. Dumb? Not at all. 

And those corrupted gems smashing into things, flicking their tongues in the air, jumping because they can… they’re not stupid either. Because they’re just trying to survive and cope the best way they know how. They need these things. It’s how they get by in a world that’s trying to kill them inside a body they no longer understand. It’s survival, plain and simple.

And I am so glad to see the direction this representation is continuing to follow.

i literally cannot comprehend how someone can be so ignorant and full of hate and negativity to actually follow the fuckhead that donald trump is?? how dumb do you have to be???? what dOES IT TAKE FOR PEOPLE TO REALIZE HE IS UP TO NO GOOD AND NOT EVERYTHING REVOLVES ABOUT TRADITION, RELIGION AND OLD ASS FUCKING MENTALITY I JUST CANNOT FKJDSFGDS

Boyfriend Hongbin

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(Admin: Babyboiii, honestly I love vixx and I was texting @hawasa one day and legit talked about wanting to just sit down and have coffee w/ Hongbin. These are probably 99% fluff and splits before the “smut” bit also other people have probably made these, but these are how I see VIXX so.)

  • Literally happiest person in the world.
  • Eye smiles n’ dimples.
  • He probably does really dumb and cute shit that makes you laugh it’s just really fluffy.
  • Give him attention plz.
  • He just wants ur love.
  • He’s constantly smiling.
  • Bad jokes.
  • Late night phone calls when he can’t see you.
  • “Sorry I can’t make it to our date,”
  • Voice messages back and forth when both of you are busy.
  • He sends you videos from practice when someone does something dumb.
  • Probably mostly videos of Ken or Hyuk.
  • He’ll fight you if you diet.
  • Really late night dates.
  • He’s probably the most understanding boyfriend.
  • He laughs really loud and almost gets you kicked out of places.
  • He probably shows up at your apartment at like 3 AM and he’s so tired he just falls asleep on your couch.
  • Whenever he does get to stay the night with you, it’s probably just laying facing each other, holding hands, and tired “I love yous”
  • He probably shows up at your door wearing facemasks and baseball caps, probably airport fashion.
  • The meme face.
  • If you do aegyo he probably judges you.
  • He lowkey loves it.

The “smut” part:

  • He’s probably gentle.
  • Slow thrusts.
  • Late night/early morning sex.
  • Probably a really big tease.
  • Shoulder and neck kisses.
  • Slow, deep, and passionate probably describes him.
  • He really likes touching your thighs probably.
  • His lips will be anywhere and everywhere.
  • He loves marking you.
  • He wants to show you how much he loves you.
  • Blowjobs are okay, but he’d rather have you writhing and moaning under him.
  • He probably really likes you kissing his collarbone, neck, and jawline.
  • His hands are everywhere.
  • Deep breathy moans/groans
  • Quiet growls and dark eyes when you pull his hair.
  • After he’s probably really cuddly. 
  • Probably brushes your hair from your face and kisses your nose.
  • He’s back to being real smiley.

Honestly, I just see Hongbin as a giant dorky fluff ball. I love him to death, I’d love to grab a cup of coffee w/ Hongbin. I want to make him laugh/smile, but I’d cry if he smiles near me.

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What is your grandma saying?

omfg there were so many topics they argued about in the past hour, but the biggest ones were immigration and abortion and my grandma is pro choice and hates the muslim ban/believes it’s unamerican while my mom is a tr*mp supporter so u know how she feels about most topics 

I'm really growing a baby

It’s kind of uncomfortable feeling him move around and try to stretch, because he’s pretty much almost completely out of room. But I actually prefer it to the earlier weeks, because I can put my hand on my stomach and feel actual knees, elbows, and feet. And I’m like, “Aight son, I see ya. Tryna grow into an actual person outchea.”

I don’t know why I’m amazed at the fact that his bones are hard and I can feel them and how they have no give. I grew an actual person with actual bones and I can feel his creepy lil fingers brush up against me from the inside. He stretches the same way I do. And hiccups ALL of the time.

His father and I really got into an argument one night. And I was too tired to fight, so I angrily went all the way to his house after work at like 2am just to get in his bed and say I wasn’t sleeping alone, because I didn’t have to. And that he could be mad at me in the morning, because I was exhausted. AND WE REALLY ACCIDENTALLY CREATED A WHOLE HUMAN BEING. Also we never finished the argument the next day.

Sorry, just every day he gets closer to being here and I’m more amazed. I loved someone enough to make a whole ass half me half him baby. And that baby kicks the shit out of me daily, but all I can think about is buying him gifts to welcome him and wondering what kinds of things he’ll like and touching his knees in my ribs. I’m insane.

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Hey! I really need to talk to someone about this and can't talk to my friends about it cause I'm embarrassed. So I have really small labia minora and I feel like during sex it's a turn off for my boyfriend and he's made comments about it before, cracking jokes, and I don't know how to feel about it, I'm really insecure about it and I know it's dumb, but I can't help but feel that way

OK first of all, fuck this guy. He should be over the moon that you’re even having sex with him. And maybe he really is joking, but that’s not cool. You should definitely talk to him about it and tell him you don’t like it. 

And like seriously, 99% of people who are into pussy do not care about how it looks (as long as it looks std-free). I’m sure your va-jay-jay is gorgeous. Your boyfriend should be singing it’s praises. He should be telling you how beautiful it is and how much he loves it and how all he wants to do it bury his face in it. 

I’m not even kidding. 

Just remember that you are the prize and he should be thankful and respectful and if he doesn’t shape up, there are plenty of people who would love to take his place.