how can somebody be so stunning


This whole scene was so amazing, and I don’t see it being addressed enough. Can we just. Can we just talk about it more. Can we talk about how DISTRAUGHT Yuri is at the news Yuuri is retiring? Can we talk about Viktor being supportive, about him giving Yuri the hug he sorely needed, even after their altercation at the beach? Can we talk about how any and all aggression fades away the moment Yuri gets pulled into a hug, he’s not even protesting the affection, just looks completely stunned

Can we talk about how much it must mean to hear those words from Viktor fucking Nikiforov, living legend, somebody who, in Yuri’s eyes, barely seemed to remember him, who prioritized his love life and dedication to Yuuri over fulfilling his promise to Yuri? Can we talk about how bitterly abandoned he must’ve felt, how much this means now, even if it’s so late?

Can we talk about Yuri being so upset about Yuuri actually potentially retiring?