how can she not like the hk video

I personally have so much respect for Hayley Kiyoko and her wlw aesthetic. Okay so first of all she wrote music that is clearly about wlw. Like actually says “girls like girls” with a music video about 2 girls together…. That in itself is a pretty major step.

But yknow it’s swell to write a song like that and point the camera at someone else when it’s time for that. In a way saying “this is their story. I wrote it about them.” Cliffs Edge is where I was really impressed by her

In the Cliffs Edge video she played the lead. The wlw character. Saying “yeah, this is who I am. You want to listen to my music? well you better accept me for who I am for that”. And the video not only had 2 girls together but also wasn’t solely focused on the fact that they were queer. 

And Gravel to Tempo?? Absolutely fucking perfect. The song itself, if you listen to the lyrics, is empowering in that really touches on what it’s like to be LGBT+ and always doubting yourself while still saying “I’m me. get over it.” And once again Hayley Kiyoko has cast herself as the queer lead. She shows the struggle and how hard it can be to stand up to people who aren’t supportive. This music video is like the Best of Girls Like Girls and Cliffs Edge but better.

Basically HK is an actual goddess and I’m convinced she can do no wrong.

stilinskihaleworld-deactivated2  asked:

I agree with what you said about Derek falling for Jennifer ridiculously to quickly but what do you mean by Jennifer "paralleling her actions with Stiles"?

Oh, paralleling his interactions with Stiles, as in Derek’s. There are some really great posts (and I think even a video) showing how many of Derek’s moments with Stiles in the early seasons are paralleled in the foundation of his relationship with Jennifer. Let me see if I can track some down…

THIS gives some good visual parallels.

And oh!! I tracked down the video :D

Basically, it looks like the writers were trying to make Dennifer appealing to the Sterek fans by forcing them into moments that are incredibly similar to moments Sterek had. But there’s a possible dual explanation for it, which assumes that Jennifer knew about Derek’s growing feelings for Stiles, or that the spell she used to draw Derek to her guided them into similar situations in order to confuse his feelings. Which is how I like to think of it.