how can she be that beautiful

terradawnhazelton: Making silly faces with the one and only @tatianamaslany. I can’t EVEN believe how amazing this woman is! Yes she is insanely talented and beautiful, but what blows me away the most is how thoughtful, down to earth and FUNNY she is. Someone pinch me! I’ve shared the screen with this dream, and have been lucky enough to share conversations and laughs with her as well.

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Some scenarios with a chubby mc?


♡   He thinks it’s literally the cutest thing
♡ MC is so darling to him that her weight doesn’t bother him even in the slightest
♡ In fact he loves kissing all over her and cuddling and telling her how beautiful she is
♡ Her weight never even crosses his mind
♡ Because she’s so beautiful to him no matter what
♡ Though he’d be lying if he said he didn’t think about her beautiful curves during specifically boring tests


♡  Strong boyfriend will literally pummel ANYONE who thinks they can make fun of HIS babe
♡ An angel? Beautiful? Perfect bod? Super cute?
♡ Could MC get any better?
♡ The answer was no.
♡ He loves to pick her up and twirl around with her in his arms and laugh and kiss all over her face.
♡ And he loves to squeeze her thighs when they’re cuddling.
♡ Nothing more pleasing than to feel her warmth under his fingers
♡ The guy adores showering her in never ending praise and never letting her for even a second think lower of herself


♡  Jumin Han? More like “Jumin get your Han(d) off my ass”
♡ He can’t help it, poor guy
♡ He’s so in love with everything about MC and he’s absolutely in love with the idea of being allowed to touch her everywhere and anywhere
♡ His favorite pastime is whispering sweet nothings into her ear
♡  And tracing thoughtless loops against her skin
♡ Just in general he loves to tell her how she’s so gorgeous and how lucky he is
♡ His only issue is that he loves her a bit too much
♡ And can’t keep his hands off of her


♡  Honestly….
♡  Jaehee loves to rest her head on MC’s chest
♡  While watching movies
♡  And just breathe in her soft scent and hold her hand
♡  Nothing intense, just watching Zen act with only the most beautiful woman ever
♡  Jaehee is always there when MC feels insecure
♡  Because she also gets the same way
♡  They can comfort each other when they’re feeling insecure
♡  And always resolve things with another movie marathon.


♡  He’s not exactly as thin as a rod either
♡ He’s got a bit of chub around his hips from all that godly HBC
♡ And you know who’s perfect for cuddling?
♡ MC!!!!!!
♡ Saeyoung loves to absolutely smother her in his arms and press overzealous kisses all over her face
♡ And just laugh with her and hold her flush against his body

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5 things u love abt Grell.


1) hair - how the fuck is it so shiny why is she one of the few characters with unnatural coloured hair why is it so flawless what shampoo does she use
2) when she’s saying something really sexual and her voice gets deeper or when her voice gets lower in general shit fuck beautiful wonderful truly blessed
3) fashion - one of the few ppl who can pull off all red how do you?!??????
4) she goes from smol and precious to LOVE OF MY LIFE QUEEN OF MY HEART GODDESS
5) when she gets murdery and she smiles but it’s an “i’ll fuck you up” smile

Other Honourable Mentions:
1) the laugh from BoC where she’s just shrieking laughing
2) the coat she was wearing in germany that was beautiful
3) legs momma’s all legs no dairy
5) she’s so extra im so blessed

I cannot wait to show her my favorite parts of life and my favorite places so far to travel. I cannot wait to go to the grocery store with her and buy normal stuff and her favorite cereal. I can’t wait to hold her her as we drive down a long, winding road in the fall time as the leaves change. Some almost matching the brown that is her eyes. I cannot wait to show her how good she should’ve always been treated. I can’t wait until I can feel her smile against my lips after I tell her she’s beautiful. I cannot wait to wake up to her every morning and sit on the back deck with her in the summer months, as we watch our kids play in the yard with our dogs. I can’t wait to go on trips with her and hold her hand as she sits in nervousness when the plane ascends. I can’t wait until I can call her my wife that I am so proud to call mine. I cannot wait to live life with her by my side every day for the rest of my life.

Via @walker130 I cannot wait to write about her for as long as I can move my fingers.

@joebrown7 ❤💚

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What about Mor and Rowan? I feel like this would be interesting....

Holy everloving crap. Here. For. This.

- Okay so how about this: seventeen year old Rowan (who canonically said he didn’t know how to talk to girls) face to face with MOR
- he can’t breathe. She is so beautiful and so light and feisty and stunning and charismatic and
- “what the hell are you staring at?”
- Rowan turns beet red. “I… I’m sorry, I just– you’re very… um…”
- Mor smirks, sauntering up to him slowly. They’re at a party and no one really notices.
- “I’m very what?” She asks seductively. Oh gosh Rowan can hardly breathe.
- “Beautiful,” he finally manages to say. She’s chest to chest with him now, looking up at his lips (HEIGHT! DIFFERENCE!)
- “mmhhmm, I know,” she murmurs. “You’re quite the looker too, Rowan Whitethorn.” She KNOWS HIS NAME HE IS GOING TO DIE. “But your voice is what’s really sexy.”
- Rowan cannot breathe. She looks down at the outline of his hardness in his tight pants and grins.
- “do you want me?” He nods. Nods A LOT. “Good. I want you, too. But you can only have me if you promise to talk to me with that sexy voice of yours all night.”
- he does. All night. And some of the morning too.

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I was wondering if you could try a prompt about having someone love/obsess over you in an unhealthy way ;that once you get out of the toxic relationship everything reminds you of that horrible situation-she had synesthesia, saw every thing in beautiful colours, including me, but now i can't see rainbows the same

She saw the world in me
I saw a reflection of her
Her smile
Like a vice
Caught my hands
Made my mind blur
Colours are drugs
I carefully dosed
On pink blue and yellow
Hoping to forget to know
What she did
How could I know
It hurts to be loved
That’s how love goes?
Of all the weeks
I’d spent with her
And all the days now
Pulling from her velcro
I still cant bring myself
To chase the end
Of the rainbow

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Okay on the topic of identifying with a SoC character. I never truly understood what representation could mean to someone. I always felt like people were exaggerating when they talked about identifying with a character. But then I read SoC and was able to physically identify myself with Nina. And I honestly cried when she was repeatedly described as round. The power of representation is incredible. I really hope that in the future more people will be able to relate to characters bc its amazing.


this is beautiful ah i’m happy you found someone to identify with ♡♡ and can we talk about how it’s obvious that she’s gorgeous and comfortable in her own skin. we were given a chubby girl in canon who was not defined by her weight at all, a girl who absolutely loved and embraced herself. being fat usually comes with such a negative connotation, but leigh was not having any of that. she molded these characters with so much care it’s incredible. it’s not often we’re presented with body positivity that’s actually inclusive of more than one type.

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"I’ve wanted this for so long" Oh please please please! I dont know how to make clapping emoticon but i would if i knew because, damn this prompt is beautiful.

She sits on his bed. Hair quickly tucked back behind ears, not lacking in evidence of sleep. Her knees loosely pulled to her chest, one hand draped lazily around them. The other reaches out, touches the shafts of light that pour in through the cracks in his roof. She breathes out contentedly at the warmth on her skin, turns her hand so she may cup the sun in her palm. A strand of hair falls free, brushes against her cheek. He can count the ridges of her spine from here, and his fingers follow a trail of freckles, a pattern whose mystery he has only begun to solve. She turns her head to look at him, smiles over her shoulder.

He’s been drowning for so long. A willing death – afraid to breach the surface, loath to breathe the air he believed poison. Everything reflected through a sheen of water, unable to touch the sun that flickered through blue. Now here he lies, hand upon a sun of a different sort. He sits up, leans against her, his head upon her shoulder. He breathes in the scent of lavender, the soft lingering smell of sex, of his body pressed against hers.

Her hand touches his hair, light against the tips of his ear. Her body twists and she stretches herself out above him, weight falling gently upon him, lips upon lips as his head leans back into the pillow. Her elbows sink into the mattress as she brushes away the strands of white which cross against his forehead. She kisses him thrice in the space she has cleared, one for each lyrium dot which crowns his brow. She breathes life into his lungs, lips against lips, his hands travelling the length of her back.

Black hair mixes with white, a dark shroud which veils around them. He cannot stop holding her, touching her, willing her body to meld into his. He wants her ever closer and closer still, melding skin against skin, bone shifting into bone, too close to ever be parted again. He thinks he can keep her safe inside his chest, beside lung and throat, nestled within the branches of his heart.

“Fenris.” She fills him with the sound of her, and he closes his eyes as he touches against her cheek. He holds her face in his hands, tilts his own upwards for another kiss. “Fenris,” she says again, low against his mouth, “I love you.” An arm slips around her waist, holds her tight as he turns them, so that it is he looking down at she, black crown replaced with white. He holds this wild thing in his arms, this bird of prey, made of fire and flesh and claims it his.

“Hawke,” he murmurs, “I am yours.” Arms around his neck, hands thread through his hair. Sunlight flickers against his back, a warmth that cannot match hers. He lingers in her ocean, by her side, and aches to tell her how long he’s wanted this. Instead he holds her closer and does not let go.


bellebeast_01: 2017 & 1991 | “You think you could be happy here. Can anybody be happy if they aren’t free.” / “Belle, are you happy here with me. Well yes.” | I’m glad for once Belle is being honest and gives Beast a straight up answer, she just simply says how it is😌 

I just got schooled on self confidence by a fucking 5 year old and it was glorious, she’s drawing and I said I was never good at drawing and she goes “maybe that’s what you thought but everyone else thought you were really awesome at drawing!” It was so beautiful pls protect this generation of kids and don’t let society teach them how to doubt themselves because it can monetize insecurity 😭😭😭

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I saw this on a different post but I really like the concept of it. Suga and his fiancé are planning a wedding together but she gets badly injured and it sort of changed the way she looks and she thinks she looks super ugly and she feels sad that Suga has to marry her because she wasn't as pretty as how she used to look like. But Suga still thinks she's beautiful ether way. Idk is this considered fluff? It was kinda angst...

it’s more fluff than angst in my opinion so I’m taking this down a darker path. hope you can still enjoy it though. also I’m using the fem pronouns bc idk I want to. I wasn’t sure how to end this but shrugs I hope it turned out ok?? lmk what ya’ll think and if my angst was angsty enough lol

  • Sugawara Koushi

There was no way he could see her like this.

No one had been allowed into the hospital room- Not after her family had arrived and alerted her to her… Off-setting appearance.

Seeing the looks on their faces had been more than enough to send another wave of grief through her body; She was already having to deal with the fact that she was badly injured and would have to spend weeks, possibly months in recovery… Dealing with the fact that she looked disfigured, different, disgusting was too much for her to bear.

He had come to see her every single day since she had been hospitalized. Lucky for her, he had been out of town when she’d gotten into the accident and when she’d gone to the hospital. Of course, he rushed back home as soon as he heard the news, but to his surprise and fear.. She refused to see him.

Even though he could, technically, enter the room given the circumstances and their relationship, he never did. Partly in fact that she didn’t want him to and he respected her wishes, but also because he’d overheard the nurses and doctors comment on how high her heart rate and blood pressure would get whenever he announced his presence. Sugawara didn’t want to cause any more hurt to his s/o than she was already experiencing, so he kept away, speaking to her through the closed door.

The nurses, after catching him sitting on the ground with his back against the door on more occasions than they could remember, had installed a chair outside the room for him to sit in.

No matter how much Sugawara begged to be let in, to see her, she refused.

“You can’t see me like this.” Her voice would travel through the door. “Not like… This.”

“Love, you know I don’t care about how your outer appearance looks. I just… I want to see you. Please.”

But still, she refused him entrance.

So, he made due with hearing her voice. She sounded healthy enough, if not depressed and in bad spirits. He wished he could help her to feel happy again, wished he had been with her during the accident so that he could have done something -anything- to keep this from happening, to keep her confidence from crashing and burning in the most horrifying way.

One particular day did not turn out as one would have expected it to.

It was a warm, sunny day; Rare for how early it was in Spring. Birds sang with the rising sun, the morning air shimmered in the sunlight, scattered by white, fluffy clouds. The breeze began towards the middle of the day, carrying scattered cherry blossoms through the air and sending ripples through the tall grass and rice plants in the fields.

Sugawara Koushi felt good about the day. It seemed to bring up hope, optimism, a new experience, love. Perhaps, this would be the day he got through to his s/o… Perhaps this would be the day he got to look upon her face and kiss her worries away and hold her in his arms.

He made his daily pilgrimage to the hospital, nodding toward the recognizable faces of the doctors and nurses on duty as he made his way to his fiancee’s room.

Knocking on the door, he noticed that his usual seat was gone.

And in its place: a ring.

Suga’s back hit the door as he slid to the ground, staring at the ring in a mix of sadness, shock, and confusion.

With trembling fingers he picked the small object up, holding it between his index and thumb, staring at it as the pull of tears behind his eyelids summoned them to the surface.

“…I would have found you beautiful.” He whispered. “I’ve always found you beautiful. I would have married you. I’ve always loved you.” He bowed his head, clutching the ring to his chest.

“I’m sorry I never showed you that enough.”

Little did he know that she sat with her back against the same door as him, her knees pulled to her chest, just like his, with her head bowed and silent tears rolling down her face.

Just like him.

“I’m sorry.”


An Evergrowing List of Bastard OCs I’ll Probably Never Legitimize:

Supervisory Special Agent Erin Shaw

Noun. “An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind…”

For Paul Spector, that thought was SSA Erin Shaw. It was just supposed to be a bit of stress relief. Just a one night stand. But a one night stand became an affair, which begot a new obsession for Paul Spector. He thinks he’s found his perfect match when he meets the beautiful woman at a bar. The hunter who wants to dominate his prey and a woman who just wants to surrender, to put aside the charade of authority and control. There’s just one problem: his prey is FBI agent Erin Shaw. After an American exchange student is murdered, she’s brought in for a joint taskforce investigating the “Music Man”. The hunter has become the hunted. Paul knows he should flee, but how can he resist the perfect victim? It’s a game of cat and mouse, one always closing in on the other. Meanwhile, Erin continues falling into old bad habits and half made beds with new comer DI Tom Anderson, furthering Paul’s violent tempers. Does the killer have genuine feelings? Or is the feeling of betrayal it incites just part of his mismanaged lust? To catch or be caught, that is the question…

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Hii! i'm so obsessed with your fics i re-read them all of the time. i was wondering if you could possibly do a bucky/reader fic were the reader is insecure about how pale her skin is because you can see her veins and he reassures her, maybe ending in smut? please and thank you!! :) :)

“Woah, look at how pale she is…I used to be pale, but I was never that pale.”

“Yeah, you can even see her veins, holy shit! That’s disgusting!” 

The whispers of a large group of college students filled your ears as you sat in the sand, watching the team horse around in the ocean. You bit your lip, hating yourself for coming along. You weren’t going to, but then Bucky had asked you and you gave in. You heard the whispers turn into light moans and even a few catcalls. 

“Don’t listen to them. You’re beautiful.” Bucky sat down next to you.

“No, I’m not.” You avoided eye contact, fixating your gaze on the waves crashing into the shore.

“Hi, uh, would you mind rubbing a little tanning oil on my back? My friends don’t want to get it all over their hands.” It was one of the whispering girls.

“Sorry, maybe someone else can help you, my girlfriend and I are trying to enjoy some quality time together.” Bucky draped his metal arm over your shoulder to make the lie look real. The chick took the hint and walked away, not before giving you an annoyed glance.

“You didn’t have to do that.” You could take care of yourself, well, that’s what you wanted him to think.

“Yeah, but I really didn’t want to rub lotion on her.” He kept his arm around you as he spoke. 

The whispers continued. They focused more on how you didn’t deserve a guy as beautiful as him, how any one of them would be better suited. The words hit home; you had a crush on Bucky and you knew you’d never be with him. Hearing other people say it just made it more of a reality. You pushed his arm off and stormed off, returning to the beach house Tony had purchased for vacations.

You kicked your door open and collapsed on your bed. Every word those women had said about you flashed through your mind and you started crying. You tried to will yourself to get up and give yourself a pep talk in the mirror, like you always did in these situations, but you couldn’t. They were right, you’d never be with Bucky, you’d never be beautiful.

“(Y/N)…?” Bucky peered into your room. “Shit, don’t cry!” He was by your side and pulling you into a hug before you could even tell him to get out. “What’s wrong? Is this about those girls on the beach?”

“Why can’t I just be beautiful?” You whispered into his chest, hiding your face from him.

“You are beautiful.” He started rubbing your back with his hands, trying to calm you down. 

“No I’m not, you’re my friend, you’re supposed to say that.” You pushed him away.

“(Y/N), you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I can’t be in the same room as you because I get distracted looking at you…the way you smile, the way you brush the hair out of your face, the way you snap at Tony when he’s being irrational, the way you bite your lip when you’re talking to me…” You unconsciously bit you lip and Bucky laughed. “I’ve thought about pushing you up against so many walls and pinning you down on so many pieces of furniture and taking that lip between my own more than I’d like to admit.” 

“W-What?” Your face turned the color of Nat’s hair as you looked at him. “W-why would you-”

“Because I like you, doll.” He smiled at you.

“Fuck it.” You launched yourself in his direction and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into a passionate kiss. 

Bucky laid you down on your back, moving his lips to your neck as you moaned. He kept his hands on your hips, not wanting to do anything without your permission. He left a handful of hickies down your throat as he kissed your collarbone.

“Fuck me, Bucky.” You moaned as he nibbled on the Bone tenderly. 

“As you wish, Buttercup.” You laughed, you were proud he was able to reference such a classic movie. 

He moved his hands up your body, untying the top of your bikini. You clawed at his chest when he removed it from your body, exposing your already hardened nipples to him. He licked his lips and placed them around your left nipple, circling and pinching your other with his hand. 

“You’re so stunning…” He kissed down your stomach, stopping at the top of your bottoms. He found your gaze before kissing your clit through the fabric. 

“Holy fuck…” You slammed your head into the mattress, bucking your hips against his mouth.

He untied the sides of your bottoms and tossed them across the room. He set your legs over his shoulders, kissing your inner thighs as he moved towards your core. He kissed your clit, massaging it with his lips, grazing the bundle of nerves with his teeth occasionally. 

The only thing you could do was toss and turn as moans escaped your lips. You were a moaning mess that was already nearing her orgasm. Bucky licked your entrance with the tip of his tongue before sliding it in gently and you groaned. 

The sounds his mouth made against your cunt drove the both of you crazy. He hummed against your cunt and you thrusted your hips upwards, feeling the bubble in your abdomen burst. 

“Oh my god!” You thrusted your hands in his hair attempting to ground yourself. 

You came into his mouth, jolting each time his tongue brushed up against your swollen clit as he lapped up your juices. He licked his lips as he crawled up your body, pupils blown with lust.

“You taste so fucking good…” He kissed your jawline before planting one on your lips. “We can stop now, if you want to. I won’t force you to go any further.”

“No, I want you, I want you inside of me.” You pawed at his swim trunks and he chuckled. 

“If I’m hurting you, let me know.” He undressed himself and returned to hovering over you. You nodded.

He lined himself up with your entrance, sliding himself in easily as your wetness coated his cock. He moaned loudly at your tightness, breathing heavily into the crook of your neck. He started out moving his hips gingerly, increasing his speed gradually.

By the time he was pounding into you at an animalistic rate, you were screaming his name as your orgasm washed over you. You slammed your eyes shut as you came around his still thrusting cock. You arched your back off the bed painfully before falling limp. You felt Bucky pull out and cum onto your stomach, dropping his head and moaning your name.

“Damn…” He smirked, enjoying the sight of your blissed out face.

“Bucky…(Y/N)….you guys in here?” The glass door slid closed behind Steve.

You were too tired to panic; Bucky, on the other hand, had enough strength to pull his shorts on and talk to Steve. Steve left shortly, leaving Bucky to clean you up.

Quick Epilogue: You walked hand in hand with Bucky as you walked back to the beach. The girls were still there and Bucky made it evident to show off your hickies, pulling your hair to the side. The girls shot you glares as you passed them and you snapped.

“You know what? Nobody’s perfect, you guys aren’t perfect so why the fuck are you acting like you are? Grow the fuck up and get over yourselves. Your opinions don’t matter to me, I’m a fucking Avenger you bitches, so why don’t you get up off your tan asses and go do something with your lives.”

 okay so i’m gonna be hella lame, and weep over one of the best people i’ve ever met on this website tbh. @zaldrizotala has been my friend for nearly a year now, and it’s amazing how much i’ve told her. not only is she amazingly talented at writing whatever character she puts her mind to, she’s also amazing at creating beautiful things, and is a total sweetheart. plus this is a friend i can talk to, and even if we have differences politically, socially, etc, at the end of the day we’re still friends, and that’s what friendship is all about. i adore sharona, and highly recommend you all follower her because she is such a kind human being. <33

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My crush is the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. Her golden hair gives you a good idea on how valuable she is to me and everyone. She has the calmest, kindest oceans of eyes, and a thousand choirs of angels can't compete with her voice. She's the most open and accepting person and she's smarter than any genius I could ever look up to. She's so quirky and expressive in the simplest of sentences and I would do anything to spend one second by her side. It's you. You're my crush.❤️️❤️️❤️️

damn it you’re so poetic and i’m blushing and i can’t wax poetry back at you

just know that the feeling is mutual

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Aaaaa, my gf makes me so happy!! I can't believe we're dating!! We've been together for 3 months and I love her so much!! She's so beautiful?? I'm 99% sure that she's a goddess that has decided to bless me with her presence (why? who knows?) and I feel so lucky that we love each other ❤️ Her eyes are beautiful, her freckles adorable, her arms are great, her laugh is like music, and her lips are so soft. How is she even real?? She's so kind and playful... I'm really gay for her 💖💖💖


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

can i just talk about chyler leigh for a second?

this is a woman who’s struggled through life to get where she is. she grew up in an broken household with an abusive family. she battled addiction and came out the other side. she’s fought to change her life and she’s made a beautiful family with an amazing husband. she’s a mother of three, with two of her children on the autism spectrum, she’s endlessly proud of her children and in her interviews you can see how much she truly loves them.

even though she’s busy, making this absolutely amazing career for herself- she’s got so much time for us. this woman reads our letters to her and responds with love and warmth and joy, she empathises with us and roots for us and loves her fans. she calls us her friends and makes sure that we feel important every single day. she’s so supportive of the LGBT community and acknowledges the importance of alex’s storyline, she takes this role and the real life implications of her character seriously and is so proud to be impacting on our lives so positively. this isn’t even mention her incredible talent- but you only need to watch her to see that.

she’s my inspiration every single day and i’m so glad i discovered her because she brings me (and so many others) so much joy.