how can she be that beautiful

the most upsetting thing about this whole situation is that by edward highlighting the fact that the kpop industry is full of skinny ppl, it made a lot of ppl look at kyla not only now as ‘fat’ but lazy, naive and stupid for choosing a career where she would stand out. ppl are talking about how she should ‘focus more on school’ and that she made ‘a child’s decision’ to become an idol when ‘she should have known’ she was going to be criticised 

its just rly upsetting that ppl are now not only criticising her for her body, but for choosing and working towards a career she’s passionate about and trying to make her seem foolish for it. she’s a 15 year old girl who’s achieved so much through her talent and hard work and ppl think they have the right to say she’s not entitled to being happy with her achievements bc of her weight. many other young idols are ‘allowed’ to be as happy and proud and successful as they should be, so why isn’t kyla?

the best thing about taylor is that she gives literally ALL her fans a chance to meet her because she constantly tries so hard and does everything she possibly can to notice as many fans as possible and make them feel individually loved. she’s the only person i have genuine faith that i’ll meet or be noticed by one day and i’m glad because i need this beautiful woman to know how much i’ve love and admired her for the past 8 years 💝 @taylorswift

me in my head: the touch of a girl is electrifying, when they look at me I turn into a puddle. their lips are so soft, their eyes so welcoming yet so scary. girls are magical, I would die just to be close with a pretty girl. the way a girls hand would fit in mine, how she would have a smile only for me, that’s beautiful. being with a girl is the best feeling, all I can think of is girls.

me out loud: wanna hold girl gentle like hamburger :)

Day by Day part 3

Namjoon x reader

Genre : Fluff,Angst

“I don’t deserve you” “I’m sorry” “I can’t promise if I can pick up your calls”

part 1, part 2, part 3

Lovebirds. You are thoughtless. 

“How many days until your wedding day? I checked online on latest design for wedding dress. They are all beautiful and they suit you well,” Mrs. Kim said happily to you. You’re feeling guilty to this lady. How can she has a golden heart while her son is stone cold? 

“What’s in your mind? You have no worries,right?” Mrs. Kim sighed when she sees your eyes almost tearing.

“Namjoon’s a good boy. He always listens to me. I think you’ve made the right decision for marrying him. I swear if he ever breaks your heart, I’m gonna hit his butt,” Mrs. Kim told you while holding your hands and looking into your eyes.

Good boy? Right decisions? Is it true?

Phone buzz interrupts you from your thoughts. A message from Namjoon it reads

Namjoon : How’s mother? 

You : Your mother or mine?

Namjoon : Mine of course! Why would I ask for your mother? 

You : I’ve sent your mother home. Safely.

Namjoon : You went my house by foot? My mother has a poor knee.

You : We took the taxi. Don’t worry. By the way, your mother said you should take a day off tomorrow. She wants to take us to the wedding hall.

Namjoon : Have you chosen your dress yet?

You : No,I don’t feel like it. 

Message delivered 

Namjoon doesn’t reply to your message. He must be busy. But it’s 7 o’clock. He must be driving.

“Y/n,dear! Let’s eat dinner. I don’t want you to starve,” your mother calls you from the kitchen. As soon as you and your mother are seated on the dining table, you ask her “Mom, are you okay with me marrying Namjoon? I’m afraid of leaving you alone,” your mother looks at you lovingly upon hearing your sudden question.

“Why did you ask me that?” She holds your hands. “I’m happy for you. And I’ll never regret this. Honey, you’re marrying my friend’s son, someone that I’ve known for a long time,” 

“But mom,he seems like he doesn’t like me. I don’t want to marry someone without love. And their family is rich,we’re not. I hate-”

“You’re talking so much. Just eat. Your fiancé’s nice and he’ll never hurts you. I promise,” 

But what if he hurts me?

“Hurry up and eat so that you can sleep early. You’re tired,right? Tomorrow will be a long day,” your mother tells you. 

Both your mother and yours dinner fills with old stories and laughter which make you almost forget what you’ll face tomorrow.

You’re met with Mrs. Kim in front of the hotel.

Their family must be rich. How can she rent such an expensive like this? 

You let your thoughts running through your mind until Mrs. Kim spoke, “Have you chosen the dress yet? Your wedding is in two weeks,“

"Oh! The wedding dress. I haven’t decided yet but I’ll try to ask Namjoon for his opinion,” 

A lie. He’ll never cares 

“Good. I think he must be here any seconds. He never late,” Mrs. Kim says. She doesn’t know that you’ve experienced how Namjoon was late on your first date. 

“There he is!” you turn your head to see Namjoon, who is in his work suit. He looks good, but he’s late. You throw him a small smile but he doesn’t respond. Instead,he just walks through the hall entrance,leaving you and his mother behind.

Mrs. Kim pats your shoulder asking you to follow her walking into the hall. You’re captivated by the luxurious design of the hall. Seeing the aisle and tables and chairs have been set for the guests and you know most of the guests must be Namjoon’s acquaintances. His important old men he calls for sure. Unfortunately, this is not what you want for your wedding. A wedding with no feeling,which is love.

“What do you think? Nice,huh? I chose this place and I don’t expect they will set all things up very fast,” your future mother-in-law jokes. 

“I think we’ve settled here. Let’s go to yesterday’s bridal boutique. Both of you have to try on your wedding outfit. I can’t wait to see my daughter-in-law in her wedding dress,” Mrs. Kim announces excitedly. Then it hit you, I need mom.

“Mrs.Kim, my mom’s not with us today. Can we just hold this until tomorrow? I can’t choose without my mom and it is a bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony ,” you tell Mrs. Kim. There’s a reason why you told her that. You want to go home and cry as loud as you can.  

“This kid, do you believe in myths? Namjoon surely doesn’t care seeing you in wedding dress and about your mother, she called me just now and told me she has arrived at the boutique. Don’t worry,honey. Now excuse me,I want to go to the loo. Namjoon,take care of her,” Mrs. Kim leaves both you and Namjoon outside the hall. Namjoon sighs and looks at you.

“Once our wedding reception has finished, don’t you ever tell me that you regret about our marriage,” when Namjoon told you that you almost burst into tears but you hold back.

“I’ll try my best not to. But, I can’t promise you. Your mother is at the parking lot. We should hurry,” you say,not to show much emotions.

At the boutique, you’ve tried so many dresses. Why’s so hard to choose one? This is not real,anyway. You forget that your in-law and mother are here.

“I’m tired,” you complain.

“It’s the fifth time. I feel dizzy looking at all of those sparkling dresses.” 

Your wedding planner smiles at you. You can see wrinkles under her eyes when she does so.

“Girl, this is once in your lifetime experience. Can you see the ladies out there are so excited when they’re trying their dresses? Why don’t you? I was married when I was your age and I wanted to ran away that time. I did not love my husband back then. But we’ve gone through ups and downs. Now,he’s gone and I have no shoulder to cry on. I know it’s the young blood or whatever it is but just continue this. If you still cannot do so, think about your in-laws and parents,” she pats your back as if you’re her daughter. You,who’ve been holding tears hug her and cry. 

“I’m finish!” you announce. You turn around to show Mrs. Kim and your mother the dress. They’re in awe. Your mother sees tears stain on your cheeks. She comes closer to you and wipes the stain while whispering “You’ve grown up. You remind me of my old days,” your mother’s tears fall down on her cheeks. Namjoon,on the other hand, was fascinated. Quite. But he immediately looks away when he realizes you’re looking at him. 

“I think this is the one,” you tell them. Your mother and Mrs. Kim nod in one time.

Namjoon drives your mother and Mrs. Kim home. During the drive, the mothers having fun teasing both you and Namjoon but only him to respond.

“Why don’t you join us for dinner? Y/n will cook,” your mother offers Mrs Kim.

“Mom! I’m-” “Really?! Oh~ I’m sure to taste my future daughter-in-law’s cookings,” 

“I’m not that gr-” your mother elbows you. “Ow! It hurts. Sure,let’s go inside”

When the four of you settle down in the house, your mother invites Mrs. Kim to her bedroom. Oldies thingy again. “I’ll call you when the dinner’s finished,” you tell them. Namjoon who is on his phone hang up his call with some unknown. Business matter,whatever. 

“Why did you cry?” he asks you out of sudden.

“Why do you ask?” you do not answer his question.

“Answer mine first,” he commands. “Look, I’m not the one who forced you into this. So,any regrets will not be entertained,” he says.


anonymous asked:

have you watched edward avila's clarification video? i think people were being too harsh with him nobody took the time to watch the entire video and misunderstood him

i’m about to go to sleep so i won’t bother with an eloquent response but know this

his “clarification” video has only confirmed my initial thoughts. there are so many things that are wrong about what he said that i don’t even know where to begin
for starters, i really don’t understand his “i know this is wrong, but this is how it is” mentality. maybe if he had just talked about how strenuous, unhealthy and psychologically damaging the kpop industry can be on an idol then okay ! i think we can all agree with that. but that’s not what he did !!

i really dont see how i misunderstood him !!! he shamed a 15yo for not adhering to these unrealistic beauty standards and suggested she lose weight ! how is that a solution ?? he can TRY to justify his gross way of thinking by veiling it with the excuse of “concern” but nope !!!!! what he did was fatshame her and i feel sad he doesn’t even realize it !

for someone who said he knew how “stressful” being judged based on appearance can be, im really disgusted.

what he’s doing is normalizing the problem instead of trying to change it. it’s alarming that he Knows that conforming to these beauty standards is unhealthy but still wants kyla to do so.

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People don’t get that Lauren’s fucked her vocal range for life, and the more she keeps smoking weed the worse it will get. She has been able to sound beautiful lately in terms of how clear she is but range? Almost guaranteed they mastered the Can You See Track and upped her vocals on it bc homegirl won’t be able to hit those notes live. Not a fucking chance. God she had so much potential on X Factor and now her voice is pretty much stuck in 1.5 octaves :/

this is so negative. a lot of artists smoke weed or sip alcohol with little to zero damage to their vocals. the truth is lauren had an unpolished technique for a while and sung through her throat, not her diaphragm. her voice didn’t change in 2015. it changed in 2013 after one year of improper technique and strain when pushed to use her voice professionally as a career for the first time. just say you hate lauren’s lifestyle and move on. lol. also the voice is a muscle, you can strengthen it again with training. and this is exactly what we’re hearing during the PSA tour.  her technique is improving dramatically. and she’s gaining range back. also lauren is a lyric contralto with 3 octaves and 1 note. 

- taylor

SVT Vocal Unit Drabble Mini Series : Pinwheel

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Title : Fences

Member : Dokyeom x Reader

Genre : Light angst

Word counts : 549 words

The recreation park are sure filled with people enjoying their short weekends. Among them are a group of young college students who are enjoying their picnic happily. And there is Seokmin, who only had his sight laid on her.

He want to captures all her smiles as the most precious memories in his mind. that small crease formed from her side eyes when she laughed is one of the little things he adored about her. the strands of her hair covering a bit of her face features while the wind blows softly still could not hide her beautiful attractions from him. How he wish to be the reason behind her joyous smile, but he was a step late to someone that can call her his lover now.



He nervously holding the bouquet of white lilacs in his hands while waiting for her to come. He had decided to tell her his true feelings after long thinking. It is indeed a cold autumn today as the winter will approach soon and that makes his body more numb even though he put on layers of clothing. The idea of just seeing her makes his heart flutter and his stomach is filled with butterflies. A light footsteps approaching him as he turn and saw her picture perfect figure. Accompanied by the falling leaves, those distractions did not waver her presence in his eyes. Waving happily to him, she finally gets closer to face him.


“So, what’s the occasion?” she tucked her hair behind her ear, ‘what a beautiful sight’ he thought


he clears his throat and preparing his speech, “Y/N, this flowers is especially for you…” he handed out the bouquet.


She exclaimed in excitement, “This is so pretty, that’s very sweet of you Seokmin” she closed her eyes and smelled the flowers.


“I…I just want to say…I lik-“


A pair of hands suddenly hugged her from behind, kissing her cheek spotaneously. “Hey love” he said to her. Love.


“You surprised me, Seungcheol! I thought some freak hugged me from behind…” she hugged him tight.


A lighting just struck through his heart; that is the kind of pain he is in now.


He just stood awkwardly while watching her affectionately cared by someone who is not him. She faced him once again with a warm smile, “I’m sorry, what did you want to say Seokmin? And sorry, I plan to tell you that we were dating but okay here we are now” she raised their entertwined hands. He would be cruel if he said he is not happy for them, more over Seungcheol  is one of his best friends.


“Woah, good for you both! You guys really look good together” he smiled, agonizing his misery. “You know what Y/N, umm I kinda forget what I want to tell you…ahh forgetful me” he laughed soullessly.


“Seriously, gosh, you can be a fool sometimes you know that?” said Seungcheol.


Fool. That is exactly what he is.





Her hands touches his head, ruffling it playfully, he pinches her soft cheeks, and then they hug each other lovingly. Seokmin could only watch, watching them and bear his tormented heart. The fences between them will be forever abstain him from reaching her. still feeling lost, he could only be a dreamer to be her lover in his heart.

It Happened Once

Ray was happy. For the few times it happened in the year, he was actually, genuinely happy; no doubts about it. How could he not? He happened to love the best woman to ever exist in the world and that woman loved him back.

Heโ€™d just escorted her back to her room after their second walk to the garden. She was ever so breathtaking.

A million thoughts ran through Rayโ€™s mind when he was with her.

My heartโ€™s beating too fast, I hope she canโ€™t hear it. Would it be fine if I tell her that she looks beautiful in that light? Would it seem creepy if I take a picture of her right now? I really love the way that her hair sways. Would she tell me that she likes me back if I tell her that I like her?

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Goodbye, dear friend.

So I just lost my beautiful baby girl today, who’s been with me for 17 years, to cancer. “Heartbroken” doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling. “Soulbroken” is more of a fitting word. May she rest in peace. I will always love you, my sweet princess. 😭💔

My fight with depression, anxiety, feeling suicidal and more has been going on for many years now and this is not going to help. The only people in the world that can get me through this, are Sean Mcloughlin, a.k.a. Jacksepticeye, Mark Fischbach, a.k.a. Markiplier, Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. Pewdiepie and Matt Bellamy, Dom Howard and Chris Wolstenholme.

I don’t know any of these people personally and yet they are a big part of my life and mean more to me than I can express in words. I love them all as if they were my family, as stupid as that may sound. But I don’t care. To them: thank you for always being here for me when it seems the world is falling apart. You all have no idea what you’ve done for me over the years, but if it weren’t for you, I would not be sitting here, writing this now. Thank you. A million times thank you. 💖

Prayer Request

I’m worried this sounds frivolous compared to all the people dying and in the hospital and everything, but will y'all pray for my first bridal fitting on Saturday? My mom can be such a bully and I know she’s going to turn it into yet another power game, and make me feel like crap about my weight. My best man, Adam, will be there to help mitigate the mom situation but I’m still anxious. I just want to be able to pick a dress I feel beautiful in, preferably with some iota of self-esteem still intact after having to deal with my mom all day and hear her uncontrollable stream of ugliness about my size and how I look. This is a really sensitive issue for me, and she knows that, which is why she does it. I really just want this to go smoothly without too much drama.

This is Penelope, the opossum at the zoo where I work l, sitting in her “weight bucket” so we can keep track of how much she weighs. She is a very good girl.

That is all. I hope this beautiful opossum made your day a little better.


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

right so i’m gonna give you a more detailed account of what went down :

so on sunday taylor liked a photo of me and i was S H O O K because she’d never noticed me before, and the next morning i woke up to a message from rn from the night before, asking me for some details (this was all completely confidential). they rung me back and said that they had a secret event they wanted to invite me to on friday. they were very vague about the details so i guessed it was pretty big. so i spent the whole week getting excited and then the friday came and i was dying inside from not telling you guys! but we went to the meeting place that we’d been told to go to (there was a terrible moment when i thought i wasn’t going to make it on time bc i’d gone to the wrong place that was an hour away but thank god we got there) and after queuing for a while we signed confidentiality agreements and gave up our bags and phones. after a lil while we got on a shuttle bus to another secret location and by this point i was like actually d y i n g. we got in, they did some security checks and we went up to the kitchen to get food (taylor’s spotify playlist was on in the background). there were rep m and m’s, rep iced biscuits, cheese and crackers and ofc my fave chicken nuggets (THEY WERE SO GOOD I ATE LIKE 10). i was talking to @auntbeckyisbae and @lovetaylorsmusic (who are so lovely btw) when i spotted scott swift handing out guitar picks and talking to fans. and then tree paine came thru and that was awesome bc it was like all the iconic people were there, and we also saw andrea coming down the stairs and waved. and then suddenly we all got moved through to the living room with candles burning everywhere and cushions on the floor around a chair and a speaker and that was when i let myself get my hopes up that this was a secret session. and then as i was looking at the door i saw a glimpse of red lipstick and shouted so loud and everyone started shouting and screaming support and my queen @taylorswift came in in the most beautiful camouflage patterned dress, with curly hair and these fucking snake boots that slayed me so hard. she introduced herself (ofc) and talked us through what was gonna happen and what we could and couldn’t say and she shouted out all 13 of the countries represented. and then the secret stuff happened that i can’t talk about but i can promise you reputation is a piece of art ; it’s dark, it’s sexy, it’s sharp, it’s emotional and it’s so her. there were songs that had us screaming bc of how witty they were and then THAT song that we all cried at. at one point during the one that made us all cry tay looked at me and smiled and mouthed some of the most emotional lyrics and i d i e d. then we got to read the rep magazines and they were passed around while tay got ready for photos, and then suddenly i was walking in to meet her and i was so nervous and she smiled really big and said ‘hey honey!’ in the brightest voice and i told her i loved her and she said i love you too! and we talked about the cats and she said mere still hates her but loves her bf and we just talked and it was incredible. we took a picture of me hugging her and then my brother got one too, and all too soon it was over and i was walking away and saying bye and thank you. and then we got our merch bags and got on the bus back.

it was the best night of my life.