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Fav Things About Booty and the Boot

• Pere Robert and the church library
• b l a c k r e p r e s e n t a t i o n t h a n k y o u
• “small town, small minded”
• “URGH”
• *angrily throws chicken seed*
Bonus: when Dan and Em were talking about it and he goes ‘my Belle’ ahhhhh
• Maurice singing/How Can Moment Last Forever
• Belles mom is addressed thank you
• Inventor!Belle
• Belle “I invented the washing machine” *insert last name*
• “it’s a small town…I’ve met them all”
• This family is savage
• um are we not gonna talk about how Philippe is basically the third family member like
• seriously, thank you filmmakers for keeping it so that they still treated good ol Philippe the way the did in the animated one
• emma watsons voice is amazing
• she is perf as belle
• fight me
• m8 come aT ME

~ la dee da might add more later ~

• “who r u?”
• “who r U?!”
• Lumiere you are so e x t r a
• ewan mcgregor as lumiere
• like
• who knew i needed that
• “or as i like to call it, the only wing!”
• belle escaping the dress madame garderobe threw on her like wow
• Belle “yeah ill just make a makeshift rope no problemo” *insert last name*

~ skip some stuff ~

- Beast dipping Belle
- Emma thompson singing

~ um ~


~ boopedy boop i skippidy skooped ~

• growl

~ some last words ~

• highlight of 2k17
• gonna watch it in gold class by myself because why not
• my grades have risen, my pores have cleared, this movie cured my cancer

~ some more words ~

• someone give me more human adam and belle scenes/interactions because
• like
• the thing i was looking for near the end of the film was exactly that
• i need to see that he’s still “Beast”
• do you feel me fam?

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Headcanons for Shiro, Lance and Keith falling in love with a musically talented girl? And how would they ask her out?

;;all 3 of the VAs can sing so im dead this is perf (sorry for the wait!! Ive been so busy lately hsknfsjf - mod danny

Shiro -

He’d start showing his interest by giving her little sweet compliments on her talent, giving her pointers as well coming from his own experience with vocals. He’d ask her out after taking her to look out at the stars for some special occasion, he’d be so nervous about it and it’d take the whole team to urge him to - and he’d stress over what kind of flowers she would like the best and rehearse what he’ll say about a billion times

Lance -

Lance would like listening to her music/singing all the time, it wouldn’t take long for him to actually come to terms that he’s fallen in love, but he’d be very serious about it because he hasn’t had such real feelings like this before. When it comes to finally asking her out, he’d try to serenade her with a guitar and some cheesy song to go with it. Like introducing me by nick jonas cheesy, but he’d still manage to make it unbearably cute

Keith -

Her talent would be the sweetest thing to him, and although he’d be shy about it he’ll still give her little compliments that’ll have him melting to his toes. He’d try to suppress his feelings for a pretty long time but soon it’d be too much inner turmoil to not tell her how he feels. He’ll ask her out with some kind of cookies that (probably Hunk) helped him bake, along with a song that Lance helped him pick out - he’s not much of a romantic so he’d be blushing madly the whole time


- the type to take you out for a fancy ass dinner to propose to you and then when he goes down on one knee, he takes a breadstick and uses it as a mic to say his lil speech to you

- bc mingyu

- on the day of your wedding, he’d wake up in the morning and kiss the life out of you like wAKE UP HONEY WE’RE GETTING MARRIED

- and jumps around and acts hyper the entire day

- best man wonwoo comes over like ok bro can u like sit the fuck down and change into your tux already

- the type to recruit the perf team to walk by your dressing room and see what you look like to report to him because he can’t stand not seeing how beautiful you’d look 

- “hoshi you hold the camera, chan, just casually moonwalk by and whistle so she doesn’t find anything suspicious, minghao just peep in and smile, leaving the door a little open so soonyoung can peek through with the camera, and jun, say something stupid and greasy to distract her so soonyoung can snap the picture!!”

- but mingyu spots groomsman seungcheol standing at the doorway with his arms crossed and head shaking and mingyu laughs nervously “aYE LEADER WHATSUP– guys, scram, HURRY”

- but he finally does see you walk down the aisle looking like a literal angel and his mouth is so wide open and his eyes are gonna fall out of their sockets and best man wonwoo has to reach into his breast pocket for a handkerchief bc poor mingyu has forgotten how to close his mouth

- you guys say your vows and they’re full of disgusting jokes no one gets cause lbr he’s cheesy af

- except for wonwoo he’s there everytime a joke is made like he practically lives with y’all

- leaves little sticky notes on your fridge every morning and makes sure they’re neon fucking orange so you don’t miss them

- bc he’s a clingy little baby and wants your attention 24/7

- and will attack you with tickles and kisses and bites until he gets it

- “omg mingyu WHAT”

- “hi”

- cooks breakfast for you 


- like you’d wake up one morning and think he’s out with the guys or smth and then u see a bare ass in the kitchen with just an apron and you’re like oH OKAY NOW I’M AWAKE thank u husband

- but then complains that his buttcheeks are cold so puts on boxers and that’s still virtually nothing so you just smh

- sometimes even brings you breakfast in bed, and you used to fall for it, but now everytime he does it, you’re just like “.. ok what did you and soonyoung break this time??”

- but rlly cooks for u all the time

- all the time

- it’s to the point where you dont even try to hide it like you love to brag that you don’t even have to touch the kitchen at home that’s like his area

- braids ur hair in the morning before the twoof you leave and you get so many compliments on it

- lots of muscle tees and grey sweatpants 

- always kisses you before he leaves and buries his nose in your neck

- ‘you know.. if you want, i could stay for a bitttttttt more’ 

- and you cave and he meets up with the guys much later than the allotted time in the practice with sex hair and an unevenly buttoned shirt

- and they all throw shit at him and punch him and ruffle his hair even more like aYE LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE GOT BONED

- and soonyoung turns and smacks chan for knowing the word boned

- the boys always come over like always come over

- bc mingyu is already a walking refrigerator on his own and you know how to cook so instead of takeout and restaurants, it’s your apartment they infiltrate

- and you can only deal with so much testosterone

- so you hear a doorbell and think it’s just wonwoo or scoups checking in and it’s like a single file line of twelve other booys walking in and giving you a sloppy kiss on the cheek or ruffling your hair and making a beeline straight for your kitchen

- and this is why you never let mingyu invite anyone over

- he claims it’s “practice” for when you actually have kids

- is probably only excited for the babymaking process tho rather than when ur actually holding a human being in ur stomach sack ja feel

- wiggles his eyebrows and suggest the idea and earns a smack from you (which he whines abt for the rest of the day)

- but when you do finally get pregnant, you tell him and his eyes have that signature sparkle and his mouth is covered by his hands and you swear you see tears

- he’d honestly lose all his cool and freak and squeal and swing his hands like a teenage girl winning concert tickets and throw you over his shoulders running around for like two seconds before realizing it’s not good for your future child so he sets your down quickly and kneels and kisses ur stomach and whispers ‘i’m sorry’ and ‘i love you’ over and over again

- he’s so excited he doesn’t even know what to do with himself 

- already has like two lists of names he wants for both genders (and then u ask him how to change a diaper and he’s like uhhh…….you…y-you..kinda…like y-you…. you know)

- when ur in the delivery room, he’d be the type to come in fully motivated to help ease your pain and be there for your child

- but poor ming doesn’t know what the female anatomy really looks like when it’s pushing out another specimen, so he probably lies on the verge of passing out and literally dying

- but then he hears the voice of the smallest yet most powerful being in his life ringing out for the first time

- and when ur kid is born he doesn’t know what to do with his hands so he cups both his arms like he’s about to receive a ton of bricks 

- but is instead replaced by a scrunchy, crying, soft, and tiny little angel that is a product of his love and from then on, he realizes that this is his reason to live


- and becomes a diaper-changing expert

- like scoups (aka the man that said he wanted a sackful of children), always brings his kids over to your place sometimes just for the sole purpose of having mingyu change the diapers for them

- and your heart warms when he’s in a puke-induced, grimey white shirt, old sweatpants and donning greasy hair bc regardless, he always has the most satisfied, content, comfortable, protective love in his eyes

- and he gets so good at this, like making the baby burp and making the baby giggle is also his forte

- the airplane is his favourite feeding method

- but then your kid hits the three year old stage and smacks the spoon out of his hand like bruh i dont fall for that anymore

- but u have more kids anyways bc who can say no to this beautiful manchild

- and he puts them on his shoulders to play basketball with them

- and is the type of dad to have his son’s entire soccer team over and then dress up with wacky sunglasses and put on a skit and dance to his old songs and ur son is just like mom kILL HIM

- and u swear you will but he is just the most loving man in the world and everyday you look at him and realize how disgustingly and beautifully and deeply in love with him you are

- he always sweeps you in a tango fashion and kisses you square on the lips in front of the kids and you don’t even get embarrassed anymore since he does it so much and esp as they hit the teenager stage, they sense it coming and blast out of the room before they witness it 

- so your kids all grow up and you’re forever stuck with a virtual baby stuck inside a man’s body sleeping next to you every night

- but you wouldn’t change it for anything else bc you remember all the little moments

- like whenever you would feel a tiny kick, or when he’d come home from work, or either one of you had a bad day, he would lean down and kiss your tummy and stroke the skin, whispering that everything was going to be okay, and he was going to promise to love the both of you with every beat of his heart, every passing day

- or when you’d wake up at 3am with an aching pain or a sudden, overwhelming craving for shit like pickles and ice creams and french fries or even his fucking kimchi fried rice bc god they’re amazing, he’d lie awake without without a single complaint and rub your soreness until it disappears and you fall back into his arms again, or he’d drive all the way to the supermarket or restaurant to get the food that you wanted

- or like his absolute composure and assurance when you were finally deciding to move into the suburbs when you were pregnant with your second child and hormonal and doubled with the stress of moving

- or like when you would wake up in the middle of the night to an empty bed to hear his voice down the hall in your daughter’s room, whispering his favourite ballad to her, coaxing her back to her dreams, still telling her the exact same words he had whispered to your stomach everyday

- you wouldn’t trade this man for anything in this entire world and seeing him everyday, embarrassing the shit out of your kids, but loving the shit out of your kids is all you could ever ask for


AND IT IS ONCE AGAIN TIME FOR THE RARE PAIRS, then again all my otps are kinda rare pairs :’(  Anyway Askin and Harribel here for @levaarik. Idk another (belated) bday gift for harri, where she has some fun. And whoever is confused, how Harri can come with a Quincy together, just imagine someone takes the time finally (like Askin) and visits her, bit difficult but shhh. 


Request:  Hello there cutie! Can you do one where anakin and the reader are on tattoine and they’re just walking and a guy starts to make rude comments at the reader and anakin gets overprotective? Please? Keep going your imagines are perfs! 👌👌

This was fun to write! My first Ani imagine.

Anakin was almost giddy to bring you back home to Tatooine so you could meet his mother. He would gush to you about how much you’d love her, and how much she’d love you. He would tell you about how wonderful she was as he grew up just him and her. You were really truly excited to meet the woman who raised a man as wonderful as Anakin, the man whom you love. There had to be something special about her- and there was. She was one of the kindest ladies that you had ever met, but not in a frail way. She had her kindness, but she definitely had her strength. Shmi Skywalker had the most beautiful eyes, a warm and inviting smile, strong hands from all the work she had done, and a wonderful spirit about her. By the time she wrapped you in a hug, you knew that Anakin looked up to his mother for very good reasons.

Hours late into the visit, Shmi mentioned to Anakin how he should take you around the planet where he lived for so long as a child. Tatooine was made up of a sandy landscape that wasn’t too desirable to the natives, but you loved it. You always had the ability to find beauty in what most found hideous. That was one of the things Anakin loved about you. Anakin wrapped his arm around you, bringing you closer to him as you two passed the mumbling gamblers and the droid parts. He was telling you all about how he managed to build C-3PO as a youngling, when you heard someone walking up behind you.

Anakin got caught up with an old friend, leaving you standing behind him gazing around the area. You were never really one to open up quickly to new people, so you found yourself grazing the tent of droid parts as Anakin went on talking to what seemed to be one of his old pod-racing buddies.

As you found yourself tinkering with some metal part that you didn’t recognize, a gruff older man walked up beside you.

“Hey cutie.” He had a rough voice, and there was an aura about him that just didn’t seem right. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but you always knew to trust your gut. As he reached out to hold your shoulder you pulled quickly back, making sure there was enough room between the two of you. He didn’t take that, and quickly broke the space. You froze as he came closer to you.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing in this sand-hell?” You can see the side of his mouth that was almost hidden in his dirty beard rise up in a slight grin.

Just as you grew the courage to talk back to this nasty man, he suddenly backed up and started choking. Swinging around, you saw Anakin with a look of fierce protection in his eyes.

You watched as Anakin stopped choking the man, and got right up in his face. He said nothing, just glared down at the man who was visibly scared of the Jedi in front of him. You didn’t stop Anakin. You knew that there was no stopping Anakin when he thought you were in trouble. Plus, that awful feeling that the man gave you made you uneasy.

A stare-down was all it took for the man to back away wordless from Ani.

You were the first one to speak up.

“Did you know him?” You stared at Anakin, who still had his back turned to you, watching the old man walk off.

“Yes.” Anakin swung around, facing you. His fierce demeanor melting as his eyes caught yours.  “He was involved with the pod-racing. He’s a creep.”

You looked down at the ground. “I should have pushed him away or something… I mean, well, he only said some words to me… I don’t know, am I overreacting? Are we overreacting?”

He walked up to you, swinging his arms to hold you tight. You had your face buried into his shoulder. “Did he make you feel uncomfortable?”

You thought for a moment. “Well, uhm, yeah?” You chirped, still your face was buried into his shoulder. “But I should have…” Ani cut you off.

“You did good, beautiful. You did good. Remember, no one has the right to make you uncomfortable. Nobody.” He ran his fingers through your hair. Then, pulling you back to face him, he spoke up once more.

“Want to go back and hang out with mom? She’s making this thing tonight for dinner that I used to absolutely obsess over when I was like… seven.”

You laughed. “Got any baby pictures?”

He rose his eyebrows at you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, heading back in the direction of Shmi’s home. “Quite possibly, my dear.”

“Can’t wait.” You rose up as tall as you could, so you could kiss his cheek. “Thank you, Ani.”

He leaned down and kissed your temple. “Thank you, my love.” He sighed. “God, I hate sand.”

Tips on writing Cassandra Cain

Since I’ve noticed some thoughts about how she’s hard to write, here are some tips from a former Cass Cain RPer, current Cass Cain writer, and forever Cass Cain fangirl. This is probably not 100% thorough, but I tried to get all the main points. 

A lil on her personality:

  • She cares about everyone! She has the largest warmest fuzziest heart, and is all about giving people second chances. She’s never vindictive, hateful, malevolent, etc etc. All life is precious, even a villain’s, so no killing. Ever. Once she tried to kill her abusive biological father, David Cain, but just couldn’t do it. 
  • She falls in love (or at least becomes physically and romantically attracted to another person) easily, but is just as happy to stay friends with them if things don’t work out. 
  • She has iron determination. When she sets a goal, nothing will stop her from reaching said goal. 
  • She’s motivated by justice and the bettering of humanity. Not by vengeance. Or penance for her past. She just honestly wants a happier, safer world. 
  • She’s naive only because she hasn’t been exposed to many things, like television shows and how to properly care for flowers. But she’s a quick learner with a very good memory.
  • Her sense of humor includes lightly teasing her friends and family members, and delighting in seeing others laugh and smile. She’s also been shown to use sarcasm when dealing with villains, but only minimally. 
  • I wouldn’t say she’s 100% introverted. She’s more of an ambivert. She likes hanging out with people, and making new friends, but she also enjoys her alone time where she can train and think. 
  • It’s all about following her gut instinct. She trusts it more than anyone else in the Batfam, I think. 

Writing dialogue/body language:

  • Depending on where in the timeline you’re writing her, she either communicates only through body language and hasn’t gained the ability to verbally communicate yet, or can communicate through both ways. 
  • When she does learn how to speak, her English is at first very limited. She oftentimes will get homonyms or words that sound similar (but aren’t exactly homonyms) confused. She needs to think a little bit before finding the correct word. For instance, she can say “No, I don’t know” without pausing, but would pause for the following sentence since the words are a little trickier: “He escaped…into the convention center.” And I wouldn’t be surprised if she accidentally said “convocation center” the first time.  
  • But after a while, her speech improves greatly. Though speaking is still kept to a minimum, she no longer needs pauses in the middle of the sentences. She can definitely vocalize intricate sentences, though probably not on the level of a novelist. “No, not sure where he went, but we saw his partner head towards the convention center." 
  • Even so, body language is still her preferred method of communication. In the above sentence, she’d probably shrug instead of saying "No, not sure where he went” before starting the rest of the sentence. 
  • Keep in mind though her vocalized language may be simple, her inner thoughts are not. She’s been shown to have very profound, very complicated, and very beautiful inner monologues. 
  • The top challenge for writers then, is to think about Cass’s body language before thinking about her dialogue. If she can say it with her body, she won’t say it with her mouth. But, what she doesn’t say through her movements or speech, she’s probably thinking deeply about it. 
  • However, she does realize not everyone has a PhD in Body Language, so she does try to talk more often when needed. It’s okay to write her having a long conversation with people. But it’s also okay to write her answering everything with one word. 

How’d she show the following emotions:

  • Anger: lots of yelling, angry glares, perhaps even a few physical fights (like that time both her and Bruce had just enough of their pent-up thoughts and kicked and punched it out).
  • Fear: she’d mainly keep this to herself. If it’s during a mission, she reasons it serves no purpose in sharing, and instead will direct her energy elsewhere. If it’s during scary movie night organized by Dick, she’ll probably hide behind a pillow but not make a peep. 
  • Happiness: through smiles and laughter! She won’t go hi-fiving everyone in the room, but she will smile brightly and laugh loudly. 
  • Boredom: stoic expression, deep sighs, may just leave the situation to do something more productive
  • Sorrow: she mainly keeps it to herself, but will shed some silent tears here and there. When Cass is sad, she does a lot of introspective thinking. 
  • Disappointment: again, she keeps it to herself, and just vows to try harder next time. She doesn’t like to give up, ever. 
  • Love towards family/friends: hugs! she doesn’t give them often, but when she does, they’re very meaningful. Kisses too, on the cheek. That was how she communicated her thanks to Bruce early on. Also she’s super protective over her loved ones… one time she beat up Dick when she thought he had hurt Barbara (well, she was accidentally on drugs.. but still)
  • Love towards romantic interest: she definitely doesn’t hide it, and may even be the first person to instigate the first kiss (exhibit 1: superboy). She’s a little unsure as to what to do, but she follows her instincts. 

Character flaws:

  • She’s too self-sacrificing. She’ll easily take a bullet or die for someone, even if that someone is a complete stranger. Some may argue this is actually a virtue though. 
  • Sometimes her emotions get in the way of logic. Just sometimes. 
  • And according to Bruce, Cass sometimes doesn’t follow orders.
  • Not the most tidiest or cleanest person. Alfred’s been shown cleaning her fridge and ridding them of “the next civilizations”. She lived on the streets for years, so she doesn’t really care about throwing away rotting food. 
  • May sometimes be too blunt in her speech if she’s distracted, or if she doesn’t know the right words she wants to use. 
  • i can’t think of anything else my bb girl is too perf


  • Her favorite ice-cream flavor is chocolate (although no one’s sure if she was being sarcastic or not)
  • Her birthday is January 26th
  • Her everyday clothes seem to be very pastel-heavy. It makes me wonder if her favorite color is blue or something. 
  • Her favorite tea is Assam tea
  • She’s a really good fighter so writing her is a super awesome exercise in writing fight scenes
  • Doesn’t like to use weapons other than batarangs and grappling hooks. She prefers hand-to-hand combat. 
  • Can freakin dodge bullets that’s how good her body-language-reading-skills are
  • She has no qualms about walking around naked. The end. 

Anyway, I hope that helps somewhat! If you have any questions, feel free to drop by! :]

Also, any other Cass lovers out there, feel free to add anything I forgot! I do realize some may be my own interpretation from her comics, so our opinions may differ a little, and that’s okay!

amazing blogs to follow!

this is a SHORT list and does not include all the blogs that i follow and enjoy. these are just a few of my favorites, but i love you all!!

astrology blogs:

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OMG THIS IS NOT MUCH OF AN ANNIVERSARY PIC BUT– the other day I stopped to think and realized that if it weren’t for RPing Aishi and Lyan in Paintchat as total strangers, we probably would have never became friends and get together. So I really owe these two babies a LOT! SO I DREW STH WITH THEM AND LIL PUPPET US TO KEEP JAS ENTERTAINED. I felt like if I didnt add her the pic would feel incomplete + she ADD EXTRA CUTE OK? OK.

I ACTUALLY… HAD A LOT OF SHT I WANTED TO SAY ABOUT MY PRESH AF GIRFRIEND IN THIS GREAT DAY but im way too hyper and off the walls rn so I’ll keep this short so I DONT DROWN U ALL IN CORN.

I honestly have no idea what I would do w/o her q _ q)////// She’s so perf all around and I have no idea how I ended up with such an amazing gf like WOW!!!! AN OCEAN MAY PART US AWAY, BUT WE’RE CLOSER THAN ANY OTHER ♥ Taking this moment to yet again, and always will, pimp out my wife! artxmits / xmits !! She’s super fun, so fCKIN fRIENDLY, AND A TALENTED PIECE OF POOP ♥ ♥ ♥ Please go check her stuff out! She deserves all the love she can get!!!! ♥ ♥



“I wish so much there had been a Rae when I was growing up. It would have made my life so much easier to have had someone real on TV that I could have looked at and gone: ‘I kind of look like her. I don’t look perfect, but she’s got friends. People love her so maybe people will like me for being me. I don’t have to change. I can just be myself…’ How can kids and teenagers feel comfortable when they can’t see anyone who looks like them anywhere?”


“To become someone who isn’t embarrassed when I go around and hear others say ‘I like IU’, I’ll have to be good at everything I do. I’ve taken up the challenge of acting and I won’t be too ambitious, but I’ll work hard whether as a radio DJ or broadcast MC, so that those who believe in me won’t be embarrassed by me. I think that’s how the 21-year-old me can repay them.”