how can she be so beautiful

some people here acting like Sasha didn’t fucking slay since day one like??? were you watching the same show?? Sasha might not have won a lot of challenges but she came out on the top every goddamn time even when she was on the bottom that one episode it was so random and it made no sense because she did nothing wrong??? she served you fashion, intellect, and humour <333333 i love Shea to death and i would have been just as happy if she won but to go around discrediting Sasha and pretending she isn’t a polished smart beautiful queen is fucking hilarious and also sad tbh because like how petty can yall be? sit your ass down and have some respect for your current fucking reigning  

BTS Reaction #31 - He finds out you wear glasses but you wear contacts to avoid getting bullied

@imstra08 asked: ΑLeo I have big imagination and i have  other request😂😊 so you (gf) and bts members are together and they saw you for first time with glasses because you wear eye contacts (in school they bullying you) so you didn’t tell them ….sorry if my English is so bad that you can’t understand 😑😧❤❤love you

Seokjin: “Ah~ my beautiful jagiya could never look bad no matter what she did!” Then he would continue jokingly, “Unless you were to wear that one dress that I told you to throw away but you didn’t…”

You’d end up hitting him playfully and laughing together. He’d then seriously tell you “Look, you know how honest I am when it comes to roasting people’s fashion sense. I would tell you if it looked bad and to me, you’re beautiful with or without them.”

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Namjoon: “They can screw off though? They were only threatened by you probably so they lashed out to bring down a high obstacle, such as yourself, to make themselves think that they were bigger than you.”

He’d kiss your forehead and squish himself against you in a bear hug. If you needed to talk more about it he would listen without hesitation or interruption, but if you didn’t want to dwell on it he would distract you. Anything you needed he would do it for you.

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Hoseok: He would get emotional when you told him you were bullied for it. You two end up having a long conversation about how you’re recovering from it and trying to accept yourself with glasses and he is 100% supportive and will do anything to help you feel comfortable wearing them.

“I’m not lying jagiya. You look so good in them.”

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rest of the members below the cut~

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Dancing with the Linebacker - Epilogue

Rated: M (NSFW: smut/swearing/less than brief mention of surgery)
Kristoff and Anna welcome their twins! Oh and a wedding or something…

*** I want to thank each and every one of you who’ve read and liked and commented on this story.  I appreciate it more than I can possibly say ***

Previous Chapters Here

Despite how sore and tired she was, Anna could not stop smiling.  They were finally brining their babies home.  Born on August 1st, at 36 weeks and five days, Wesley came in at 5 pounds 8 ounces and Olivia weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces.   They now occupied the two brand new car seats, as her and Kristoff drove with the excitement of taking their newest additions home for the first time.

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congrats on 500 (and almost 600)!! can i have 🌴 - headcanon for Tedromeda? Thank you!! <3

  • Ted thought Andromeda was the most beautiful woman he would ever see
  • Tall, dark, majestic, stunningly take-your-breath-away gorgeous
  • Of course, that also meant that she would never look at him twice
  • She was everything he was not
  • But Ted’s philosophy was that you had to try everything at least once
  • He was confident he had nothing to lose
  • Even if Andromeda was a pureblood from the House of Black
  • What was the worst thing that could happen? That she cursed him? He knew how to stand his ground
  • So he resolved to ask her out to Hogsmade during their seventh year
  • If she said no, then he would step back and move on
  • Only she didn’t say no
  • “Yes.”
  • Ted had never been so surprised, and he had to wonder just what would make her say yes
  • Was it possible that Andromeda was just trying to rebel?
  • After all, he had heard about her cousin Sirius Black, who was sorted into Gryffindor and basically did everything he could to annoy his parents
  • As a result he was basically shunned from the family
  • Would Andromeda date him, a muggleborn, just to anger her own parents?
  • “What are you doing?” he asked immediately after. “Do you know what could happen to you if you date me?”
  • Andromeda lifted a beautiful eyebrow. “Then why did you invite me?”
  • “I never thought you’d say yes.”
  • “Well, it’s too late now,” she said with a small smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow at six. Don’t be late.”
  • Ted was left looking after her, his brain reeling
  • He wasn’t entirely sure of what had just happened
  • All he knew was that Andromeda was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen
  • And he had a feeling he was going to like the rest of her even more.

Let’s celebrate Summer together!

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I feel like the discussion about yesterday's clip disappeared due to the Skam event (no very surprising). Anyways, I want to talk about it a bit. I'm thinking about the fact that Eskild got so emotional over Noora moving out. And I honestly think it's more about him caring about Linn than anything else. Maybe he is worried that she'll get worse again once Noora has moved out etc. I just love them. I also hc that Even and Linn support each other. Do you want those hcs?

you’re totally right angel, so much happened yesterday that we didn’t get a chance to cry over how beautiful and emotional that clip was. 

Eskild is an angel, he loves the kollektivet like his own siblings and the way he cares for Linn warms my heart so much. he will always be there for her and she will always be there for him forever. It will be years in the future and still Linn and Eskild will be together helping each other through life and making sure they can get through everything the world throws at them. I love this clip so much because it reminds us how important it is to be there for one another and to have your own person.

and that person for Linn is Eskild, and that person for Eskild is Linn <3

omg are you kidding of course i want those hc’s! give me angel <3 

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Seb comes home, seeing you dancing and singing while cooking, your dog following along and running in circles, occasionally howling to the song. Seb just laughs. He pats your dog before snaking his arms around you, whispering "how did i get so lucky to have you beautiful girls in my life?" before giving you a kiss~ your dog pushes her nose against both of your legs and she jumps up onto her back legs so she can be in the hug too.

Ah god this is so sweet

Fluffy Friday™


i wanted to post some pictures of my sweet girl from before she got sick so you all can see what a beautiful dog she really was (well, is, for the time being). she’s a brittany, a french breed that isn’t super popular in the states but my dad has always had since he was a kid. they’re a very gentle breed, and fantastic with children. her name is sadie, she likes to swim and her favorite food is scrambled eggs…i love her so much and i can’t fathom how much i’m going to miss her when she’s gone

Beauty and the Beast - Part Two


  1. (@aliaisreal​)  It is an older one, yeah. I spent two days reading every single one of your imagines. (Thanks for the list of your masterlist!) So for the part two, I think you stopped at the yellow dress bit. I don’t think waltzing is something Peter can do so… I think they should just have a walk down the beach of have him show her his favorite spot in neverland. Basically they are becoming closer and closer until she learnt about Peter’s hourglass or some sort. ©
  2. © she’d fall in love with him either way and that’s where she had this true love’s kiss stopping Peter’s curse…? 
  3. (@one-in-neverland) For the Beauty and the Beast request how about reader said something like “you remembered” cause he remembered it’s her favorite tale. Then they go dancing and he’s all like “why did you really help me that day?” And she’s all like “I didn’t realize it before but I have feelings for you. And I care and I get worried” or setting then they live happy ever after

Warnings: none

Notes: Final imagine for Pan. Also, you spent two days reading them? Wow, I’m flattered! Lol

Part One

“You remembered,” you breathed.

“Of course. How could I forget? You’re always talking about the tale,” Peter chuckled.

He grabbed your hand, you feeling a tingly sensation with his touch. Peter stared at you with a look he hadn’t really given you before. It made your heart beat faster.

“Sorry I can’t do the dancing part. I don’t like dancing, nor do I know how. So let us walk. I want to show you something.”

You nodded your head, smiling like a fool. Peter led you down the Neverland paths, taking you to a part of the island you had never seen before. You actually hadn’t explored much of Neverland to begin with. Seeing what beauties it held made the occasion more pleasant. 

“So… why did you really help me that day? You know, trade with Henry.”

“Oh…” You began thinking, still holding his hand and walking. “I couldn’t let Henry die. He’s a sweet kid who has such a life ahead of him. He’s so young, so innocent.”

Peter gave you a look. “I know that’s not entirely the truth.”

Blush appeared on your cheeks. You squeezed Peter’s hand, pressing into his side.

“I might have… feelings for you. I always denied them because… because…”

“I’m a villain? I’m evil and morbid?”

“Yeah…” You chuckled quietly. “But what can I say? The heart wants what it wants. And mine wants you. If you want mine to save this island and yourself, then by all means, do it.”

Peter gripped your hand tighter. He became tense. You didn’t know it, but goosebumps formed on his skin and he felt something weird in his chest. He’d never felt this before.

“You’re willing to do that for me? Just like that? Give up your life?”

You only nodded. 

“I don’t think… I could do that to you.”

You looked at Peter with concern. You knew time was running out. He didn’t have much time left before the magic would run out and he would die. But before you could protest, he stopped in his tracks.

“Here’s what I wanted to show you.”

Right before your eyes, you saw a lovely beach scenery. The water was a healthy blue. It was so clear you could see the colorful fish and coral. Not only that, but the sand was white and soft. Usually you hated sand. The texture made you uncomfortable. But this sand was soft and pretty. The entire scene was pretty.

“Peter, this is so beautiful.”

“It’s my favorite place in Neverland. It’s a little hard to find, but it’s here.”

You grabbed Peter’s other hand, smiling the entire time. You stood in front of him, looking in his eyes. You were going to get him to dance. 

“I’m going to teach you how to dance. Right here, right now.” Your voice was hushed. 

Peter grimaced a little but went with it. You started to slowly move, helping him. He was dancing though. It was nice and slow. A little rocky at first, but he got the hang of it. You two were ballroom dancing, and you felt real magic. 

You gazed into Peter’s green eyes. They were so light when the sun hit them. They looked marvelous. You couldn’t help but stare. And his lips were so full. You wanted to kiss him badly, but weren’t sure if you should. Though Peter must’ve read your mind because next thing you knew he was leaning in.

Your lips touched his, pressing against them. You both kissed, feeling strange feelings erupt in your stomachs and chests. Neither of you had truly been in love before, and these feelings were proving that this was real love. You both felt magic.

“You’re a good dancer for a beginner,” you giggled, pressing your forehead against his.

“And you’re a good kisser.”

You bit your bottom lip, once again smiling like an idiot. 

What happened next, however, took you both by surprise. Across the way you could see Skull Rock. It was glowing from the inside, and Peter perked up. He stared intently at it, eyes going wide. Before he could respond t what was happening, actual magic spewed out of every crack in Skull Rock. It engulfed the island, and Peter.

You became worried, not knowing what was happening. You held onto him, scared to let go.

“What’s happening?” You asked anxiously. 

“I don’t know,” Peter responded, which made you worry even more.

The magic soon disappeared, almost as quickly as it came. The island looked fuller, and Peter looked brighter in a sense. Everything looked healthier than before. You thought Neverland looked beautiful then, but now it was fantastic looking. It was greener and brighter and healthier. Same with Peter.

“The curse… It’s gone. I’m going to live!” Peter picked you up and swirled your around. 

“What? How! I didn’t… The heart?”

“I thought it was impossible… but I maybe your kiss was enough.”

You breathed, smiling. You kissed Peter again, holding him so closely to you. You never wanted to let him go. And you knew you would never do so. He was going to live, and you were going to be his partner in crime. His lover, his princess. Things were going to turn out finer than expected, and that made you the happiest girl alive.

Ok but srsly can we talk about how incredibly gorgeous Iman looked today? I mean she’s always a beautiful flawless girl but DAMN BOY SHE LOOKED LIKE AN ACTUAL PRINCESS, GODESS, QUEEN TONIGHT. I CAN’T EVEN PUT IT IN WORDS I’M JUST IN LOVE I’M GONNA MISS HER SO MUCH DON’T TOUCH ME.

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For DWC: Ridiculous conversations, your one word is "firefly." Any pairing. <3

Thank you for the prompt! For @dadrunkwriting. I need to create sweet Solavellan moments to deal with the hell that Bioware provided. Enjoy!

Title: Beautiful Purpose

Characters: Solas, Unspecific Female Lavellan.

“I don’t believe you!” she shouted into the cold air behind her.

“Where are you g—stop, wait!” Solas shouted after her, jogging down the path until he was in stride alongside her. “You are being ridiculous!”

“Oh, I’m being ridiculous, that’s all you see me as. A child! A child that you can stuff with your nonsense while you laugh later at how gullible I am.”

“You think I respect you so little that I make up stories to see how easily you believe them?” The question was ridiculous, Solas thought to himself, but there was a stinging truth to her disposition. He did not dare lie about things so trivial as she believed. He was indeed filling her head with a fairytale, making her believe the world was filled with more magic, and fewer monsters.

“There are not insects that just light up on their own. What would be the point of them? Next, you’ll tell me these ‘fireflies’ are mages wielding the power of fire,” she scoffed, kicking at a mound of dirt just in front of her feet.

Solas grabbed her arm roughly and spun her around to face him. She hit his chest due to the force and immediately worked to retreat. Solas brought his hand to her cheek, stroking over the smooth skin lovingly. “Follow me, and I can prove it.”

He led her down the path of the mountain on foot, watching her scowling face grow less distinct in the growing darkness. In a valley at the base of the Frostbacks, the chilled air was warm and comfortable, green foliage thriving with life. In a field overlooking a small farm, Solas stopped. “Sit,” he instructed gently.
She grumbled, thrusting herself to the ground, folding her legs in and crossing her arms in a huff across her chest. Solas watched her. For complaining so much about being treated as a child, she was behaving like one. He wondered if she was trying to prove a point, or if her anger and frustration regressed her behaviors.

Solas placed himself beside her gingerly, his knee just close enough to touch hers. “You spent most of your remembered life in a circle after running away from your clan. All you remembered of the world was in books, hypotheticals, theories, and fantasies. I see the way you look at the world since being in it. You look at it as though you have stepped through the pictures sketched and painted on parchments and canvases. Staring at the ground, gripping your feet into it as though the world would fall away from you if you did not.” He could see his words relaxing her shoulders down away from her ears, and her tense frame softening. Just then, she gasped.

A small light appeared before her, and as soon as it appeared, it was gone. Her eyes widened in disbelief frantically searching into the darkness for it to happen again, and it did. Solas’ slender hand came into view, catching something between his fingers. He laid his hand open, resting on her bent leg. In it, she saw a small insect, and within a moment, it was aglow with glorious soft light.  

“Sometimes, the purpose of something is to simply be beautiful and magnificent,” he whispered, looking not at his palm, but at the glow of the light on her face.

Solas watched her eyes twinkling as they focused on the spectacle on his palm. He leaned forward, brushing the side of her face with the tip of his nose. “Everything I tell you holds truth. I respect you more that you will ever truly know.” Pulling back away, his eyes caught hers, focused on him, glistening with fresh tears.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “it was a silly thing to fight about.”

“Do not ever apologize for questioning information. It is what keeps you smart, aware of your surroundings. You maneuver with a wisdom I have not seen since…” he allowed his voice to trail as the small creature lifted itself away from him and into the night. He looked down at his bare open palm and inhaled sharply as her delicate fingers settled between his own.


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

As she stared in awe at the sketch hanging on the wall of his room, he gazed, spellbound, at her face. He noticed how her eyes would turn into the shape of a cashew when she smiled, and somehow he was left breathless.

“Did you draw this?” She pointed to the sketch. It was a rough sketch of an empty street. One of his favorite.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“Wow,” she said, admiring his work,

“How did you even come up with this? It’s so simple yet so beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off it.”

“Well, that’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask the universe.”

“Hmm?” She blinked at him, not having a single clue on what he was saying.

“You,” he began, “how did the universe come up with someone like you?”

“With just a smile, you effortlessly drowned the weight of the world on my shoulders. With just a look, you simply take all of my breath away,”

“And I really, really can’t take my eyes off you.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #148 // Can’t take my eyes off you

sana, my beautiful darling. she’s making these walls she’s learned to build up around her over the years even thicker, because of how much she’s been hurt lately. it’s too much, what she’s been through, in such a short amount of time, and you can tell just how…emotionally exhausting this has been for her. you can see it in her eyes. and she’s at a point where she can’t risk getting hurt more, so she’s closing herself off. building that though exterior. making herself look and sound though. and the saddest thing about this is that you get the feeling that she’s…given up. but can you even blame her? you can’t, not after everything that happened on may 12th. she is just so tired. 

and now, she’s not letting herself feel, because not feeling at all is much better than risking getting her heart broken again, multiple times  


everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.