how can she be so beautiful

“I hear you caught yourself a siren.”

Victor groaned, dropping his head onto the bar with a heavy ‘thunk.’ He did not look up, dramatic in his exaggeration as he sighed into folded arms. His glass of beer rocked precariously, knocked by the sudden movement. “How does everyone know?”

“Sara said she saw you in the port market with one last time your crew came in,” Minako replied, saving the beer glass from toppling and spilling all over her floor.

“How did what a siren looks like suddenly become such common knowledge?” Victor muttered. He had never truly known until he had first seen Yuuri and understood what he was. Without his feathers and wings, Yuuri looked ordinary enough. Unfairly gorgeous, but Victor always wondered if his personal bias influenced that. Perhaps he would need to purchase Yuuri gloves to hide his arm markings, though they would appear simply as tattoos to anyone unaware.

“She said the whole market heard him speak. That it was like hearing all your desires promised to you in a single word,” Minako explained. When Victor glanced up, she smirked in accomplishment. “So it’s true?”

“We can neither confirm nor deny such allegations,” Chris chimed in, patting his companion on the back. “Safer that way. Victor has had enough excitement with his new… crew mate.”

Minako laughed, throwing her head back. “Wait, are you– Don’t tell me the great Victor Nikiforov has fallen for a siren?”

Chris pointedly arched an eyebrow, smiling into his drink.

“Really! A siren?!”

“How could I not?” Victor said, sighing like a lovesick fool. “He’s so beautiful… Hypothetically.”

“How do you even have sex, if he’s– you know?” Voice hushed, Minako leaned in, curious.

“If he’s what?” Victor asked, brows furrowed. “Male?”

“No, I’ve been around enough years to know how that goes. Hasn’t he got… fins?”

Victor sat up, mouth twisting into a frown. “What, no, he’s got wings– Why does everyone think he’s a mermaid? He’s not a mermaid.”

“Sorry, merman?” Minako corrected, shrugging her shoulders.

“No, it’s mermaid,” Chris cut in firmly. When both heads turned to him, he cleared his throat. “They prefer mermaid, for both sexes. Said merman sounds too butch and that some cultures consider mermen far more vicious and unattractive. Plus everyone already says mermaids, so it’s better.”

Minako blinked. Victor chuckled. “Been chatting with Phichit?”

“I’m allowed to live a life outside the kitchen,” Chris defended, smirking. “Unlike your murderbird, he makes for pleasant conversation.”

Victor glared. Chris laughed.

Minako simply took a step back. “I don’t think I need to know anymore about what’s going on with your crew, Nikiforov. Sirens, mermaids. What’s next, harpies?”

Both Chris and Victor bristled, hastily waving off her words.

Jon Studied Jorah to Learn How to Deal with Daenerys

Jon’s eyes were a grey so dark they seemed almost black, but there was little they did not see.

- Bran I, A Game of Thrones

Jon Snow went to Dragonstone to convince Daenerys Targaryen to join the North in fighting the Night King. That was his stated goal. Everything about Political Jon is built upon that one single purpose.

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Let me tell you this: if you love someone who’s mentally challenged and that person tries to push you away—never ever let them go until they completely allow themselves to completely vanish from your life. I know it’s hard because there are days with them that will remind you of how pretty the sky is whenever she dances with her clouds. And there are days with them that will remind you of how ugly the sky is whenever she gets dark and falls out of love with the sea. But it’s so worth it to fall in love with someone whom you can heal and share laughter and tears with. It’s so worth it to fall in love with someone whom you can experience darkness and despair with because you get to have the chance to be someone’s home whenever they feel that they’re alone. You get to have the chance to be someone’s hope, and that’s a beautiful thing indeed.
—  Juansen Dizon, If You Love Someone Who’s Mentally Challenged

Let’s do this AGAIN shall we, tumblr.

Who said “I love you” first 

Kaneki - he’s too much of a hopeless romantic not to, but I think it would happen late at night when kaneki and touka are just laying in bed, spooning with kaneki rubbing her stomach and his lips pressed against her bite mark until he turns to whisper softly that he loves her into her ear. He doesn’t need to see her face to know that she was blushing by the way her body tenses up and when she turns with this radiant smile on her face, she tells him the same.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background 

Kaneki - DEFINITELY. He loves seeing her face and whenever he does, it’s like all the weight has been taken off his shoulders and he just starts smiling all goofy, forgetting what he needed to do on his phone in the first place. Touka also has a picture of both of them and she blushes whenever she sees it.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror 

Both - they both ended up doing it so much, they’ve forgotten who was the one to start it all. There’s just endless messages of romantic love notes, snark remarks and cute drawings that covered every inch of the mirror until one day, nishiki rubs it all off because they haven’t cleaned the mirror in months. To say both were devasted would be an understatement.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts 

Kaneki - keychain galore. But the reasons he gets her so many gifts is because he loves seeing that beautiful smile of hers when she receives them. She also gets him gifts, but they’re a bit more…sexy hehe.

Who initiated the first kiss 

Touka - that’s canon

Who kisses the other awake in the morning 

Touka - she loves kissing those lips and his face, showering him with all these kisses down his neck, chest, stomach…naval…and so on.

Who starts tickle fights 

Touka - initially atleast. She knows all his weak points, relishing in the sweet music of his laugh but oh how the tables turn when she’s the one being tickled, her squeals being the light to kaneki’s life.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower 

Neither - because they both love taking showers together anyway, so they don’t bother asking.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch 

Touka - kaneki is always so tired and busy, so she tries her best to cheer him up with these carefully made lunches with a fresh batch of her delicious coffee to keep him going. He falls in love with her again every time she does it.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date 

Both - they’re both such dorks, I swear. Touka wouldn’t stop worrying about what clothes she should wear (even though kaneki tells her that she’s beautiful in whatever she wears) and kaneki can’t stop panicking about all the things that could go wrong. However, once they’re comfortable, it turns out to be an amazing date with a nice gift at the end hehe.

Who kills/takes out the spiders 

Touka - for obvious reasons

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk 

Kaneki - he tells her when he’s sober too, but he knows no limits to how loud his voice can get when he’s drunk and I’m telling you now, he’s a lightweight.

I’m sorry this took so long. Hope it was actually worth the wait.

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hc where el spends the night at mike’s house and he just keeps playing with her hair and telling her how beautiful she is and just being the sap he is and wow i’m already crying

The entire gang is over for a sleepover and everyone has fallen asleep and Mike is so tired but he makes himself stay awake because El can’t quite sleep. So he plays with a stray strand of her hair (while Dustin and Max snore in the background and Lucas tosses and turns on his other side) and they whisper to each other for what feels like hours until their eyes get heavy. And then El’s sleeping and Mike smiles at how beautiful she is before he completely passes out.



After my watering breaking in Aruba, a scary jet ride, 6 hours of labor and what ended in an emergency c-section, our baby girl is finally here. (Excuse my expose boob but she was hungry) lol. She’s so beautiful and I totally see what I had such terrible heartburn. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us! The prayers worked. She’s 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 17 inches. I’ve been thanking God all night for her. @draketee cries every time he looks at her. I can’t believe how happy I am. She looks like me, except she has her father eyes. ☺️ Everyone welcome our flower, Ryan Alexandra Tyler. ❤️🎀

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What made you decide to start showing your luscious body off? And how did it feel the first time somebody liked a nude pic of you on here?

I’m not posting them necessarily because I want people to see me naked and like them and get attention.
The first time I posted was because I followed someone who posted photos of themselves and they looked similar to my body type. And I thought she was so beautiful and confident and strong. So I tried it and eventually I got less nervous and less shy. I really am comfortable in my skin and I think that fat women are beautiful and can be photographed as such. I also love hearing other bloggers thanking me for posting because they got to see someone who looked like themselves in a picture. I’m not doing it because I want male attention or anything. I just like how I look and I like being proud of myself and my body and showing people how different bodies can look. ✌🏻


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

so like why is no one talking about how Lucas & Max were honestly one of the best parts of the season

  • A young interracial romance in the 80s???? hi??? it’s beautiful???
  • Lucas is genuinely interested in Max as a person. He thinks she’s cool, she plays the same video games he does, he genuinely likes talking with her
  • the scene on top of the bus while they’re on lookout, how Lucas instinctively knows how to comfort her and tells her about how she’s not like her brother at all
  • when the bus is under attack how they held hands alkdsfjlaksdjk it was so sweet and pure
  • how Lucas trusts her with the story of what happened with Will because he wants so badly to include her so she can have friends
  • and how protective Max is of him when Billy is being a bully about it, how Billy keeps threatening Max to stay away from him but she spends time with him + the boys anyway
  • and then when they were actually dancing how Max just gives him this sweet little peck like I love these kids so much they’re just. the sweetest in the world.

Jeremy’s massive thing of Aveeno and tissues. Same.

Will Connolly has nice legs.

Jeremy tucks in his shirt? What a nerd.

The choreography in More Than Survive is legendary.

Chloe is an asshole. Also, I’m pretty sure Jeremy was going to defend Jenna? Good boy.

Jeremy is so gleeful when he sees the sign up sheet? Fuck everyone who says he only signed up for Christine- this boy clearly wanted to do it, he was just too scared to go for it.

The sad look as he realizes that the signup is just going to end in humiliation.

CHRISTINE’S LIP BALM??? Get moisturized!


Brooke’s hair is gorgeous.

Jeremy bops along to Michael’s rap, which is adorable. It also shows that he’s only really comfortable around him- compare Jeremy in the chorus of More Than Survive, where he’s flailing and totally unable to keep with the choreography to Two Player Game, where he and Michael are completely in sync.

Handshake is repeated in Two Player Game! Motif confirmed!

Speaking of which, Michael himself is totally with the choreography. I think this can be taken as either him accepting his place in the hierarchy, or at least having the social skills to navigate it. Either way, it makes sense that he has trouble relating to Jeremy’s frustration with fitting in- in his own way, he already does.

Also, the prop and scene transitions are fantastic? The entire set is ridiculously versatile, and it’s incredible how seamless the transitions are and how they blend into the dancing. Also, the fucking sky bean bags. Who do you think had to stand up on the catwalks and drop those? I wanna know.

At 7:40 we have some quality hand flapping action? I mean, this entire scene is great- Jeremy stands up straighter and looks so genuinely excited, and he runs up to the poster, so ready to get genuinely into this play… and then Rich calls him gay and publically humiliates him.

Speaking of Rich, he’s kind of a dick in this, isn’t he? I mean, the whole bullying thing definitely is not a mild issue- Rich spends most of his time attacking Jeremy. At 2:40 he straight up punches Jeremy in the nuts, he actually lays hands on him during the “BOYF” scene, and when he’s singing to him, at one point he’s clearly about to punch him. Hard.

Speaking of that moment, I want to point out Jeremy’s instantaneous reaction to Rich raising his hand. That’s not a normal reaction. Normal people block their faces, obviously, but the way Jeremy automatically does it before Rich even finishes raising his hand, that’s not normal. That’s what people do when they’ve been hit. A lot.

Anyways, Michael is amazing? Such a supportive friend. So many good friendly touches. 9:45’s little face pat, and the entirety of Two Player Game stick out.


And lemme talk about I Love Play Rehearsal too. I love Christine, and she’s so amazingly extra in everything she does. I also love how happy Jeremy is listening to her, even if he’s too nervous to talk, and how Christine is totally cool with that! They have a lot of great chemistry in this!

I also love how it’s absolutely obvious that Christine is horrible at reading the room and is constantly unaware of the innuendos she’s making. My beautiful, oblivious daughter.

And, she’s so comfortable with him! You go girl! Shout at the sweaty man!

Jeremy is a ball of spastic energy. Constantly. I can relate.

Shout out to Jeremy putting his hands over his lap. It’s okay man. We all have boners for Christine.

Jeremy’s little smile during her song? It’s adorable. 100% wholesome. He’s so in love.

And Christine poking his… like, everywhere? Cute as hell.

And for that matter, Jeremy’s nervous tic of smoothing down his hair? Really cute. He does it a lot too!

Jake is apparently also on the Frisbee Golf Team. Make of that what you will.

Mr. Reyes hugging Christine. Quality comforting. My poor daughter, who then proceeds to harass him during the Hot Pocket Break. Perfect girl.

She also seems really hesitant initially with Jake. Her body language is very much “Leave me alone please.”

Jeremy has canonically had to go to the nurse over breakdowns.

Rich has seen Mr. Reyes urinate. This isn’t important, but like. It happened. Why.

Rich spends the entire discussion before his song urinating while rolling his hips. And doesn’t wash his hands. Then puts said hands all over Jeremy. Jeremy has indirectly touched Rich’s dick.

Rich’s lisp comes back when he shouts at Jeremy, then he slaps himself. Damn, that’s heartbreaking.

Also, irrelevant to Rich, but Jeremy’s hands are in his pockets 85% of the time. Like a bisexual penguin.

Rich at 20:33 keeps touching Jeremy’s face. He still has not washed his hands.


Please, someone make a tutorial for the SQUIP hand gestures. I love them.

Rich makes Jeremy stand straight. Foreshadowing much?

When Rich sings “Rule!” at 22:25, he does the rising fist motion from Pitiful Children.

Jeremy’s flailing at 23:09, beautiful anxious deer child. He’s beauty, he is grace, he’s gonna shove a SQUIP in his face.

“Aren’t you gonna wash your hands?”

Rich flashing Jeremy while he shouts about how the SQUIP makes it so he doesn’t get piss on his hands.

Rich is a nasty boy.

Jeremy’s reprise of the SQUIP Song is great.


Michael has reentered the narrative and they both sound so happy to see each other.

Beanbags, our twin heavenly Lords and Saviors, are made with space fabric.

Jeremy and Michael move in perfect tandem, like holy shit. They straight up swap controllers for a bit and keep playing as they talk and dance and annoy each other? Incredible.

This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. So full of holes.

Michael tickles Jeremy? GOOD SHIT.

Jeremy steals Michael’s controller and his face has such glee. So playful. So pure.

Friendly reminder that part of the reason Jeremy took the SQUIP and kept obeying it was fear of become his father- depressed and negligent.

The awkward hell of having to stare at Mr. Heere’s crotch. Every time he shows up. Jeremy, I feel your pain.

Mr. Heere goes in for the hair tussle and is brutally rejected by his son. In general, Jeremy is really upset by his parents, both his dad and his deadbeat mom.

Michael is super insecure.

Honestly, this whole thing is like watching the build up to a tragedy. It’s honestly unnerving to now Jeremy’s going to get the living shit kicked out of him.

Jeremy flipping Michael off at 29:07 is my aesthetic.

Rich and Jake helping with the scene transitions are amazing.

Michael’s constant glaring at Spooky Stock Boy is legendary. Quality moral support here.

Every Time Jeremy’s voice cracks, I triple in power.

The robotic backup singers and theremin during Stock Boy’s reprise are my sexuality.

Tag yourself, I’m massive hat lady.



More quality Jer-flaps at 34:23.


I mean, seriously, that’s an actual goddamn seizure. That’s horrifying.


Christine is so fucking worried, and she pushes Jake away for making fun of Jeremy. I love her.



everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.

right so i’m gonna give you a more detailed account of what went down :

so on sunday taylor liked a photo of me and i was S H O O K because she’d never noticed me before, and the next morning i woke up to a message from rn from the night before, asking me for some details (this was all completely confidential). they rung me back and said that they had a secret event they wanted to invite me to on friday. they were very vague about the details so i guessed it was pretty big. so i spent the whole week getting excited and then the friday came and i was dying inside from not telling you guys! but we went to the meeting place that we’d been told to go to (there was a terrible moment when i thought i wasn’t going to make it on time bc i’d gone to the wrong place that was an hour away but thank god we got there) and after queuing for a while we signed confidentiality agreements and gave up our bags and phones. after a lil while we got on a shuttle bus to another secret location and by this point i was like actually d y i n g. we got in, they did some security checks and we went up to the kitchen to get food (taylor’s spotify playlist was on in the background). there were rep m and m’s, rep iced biscuits, cheese and crackers and ofc my fave chicken nuggets (THEY WERE SO GOOD I ATE LIKE 10). i was talking to @auntbeckyisbae and @lovetaylorsmusic (who are so lovely btw) when i spotted scott swift handing out guitar picks and talking to fans. and then tree paine came thru and that was awesome bc it was like all the iconic people were there, and we also saw andrea coming down the stairs and waved. and then suddenly we all got moved through to the living room with candles burning everywhere and cushions on the floor around a chair and a speaker and that was when i let myself get my hopes up that this was a secret session. and then as i was looking at the door i saw a glimpse of red lipstick and shouted so loud and everyone started shouting and screaming support and my queen @taylorswift came in in the most beautiful camouflage patterned dress, with curly hair and these fucking snake boots that slayed me so hard. she introduced herself (ofc) and talked us through what was gonna happen and what we could and couldn’t say and she shouted out all 13 of the countries represented. and then the secret stuff happened that i can’t talk about but i can promise you reputation is a piece of art ; it’s dark, it’s sexy, it’s sharp, it’s emotional and it’s so her. there were songs that had us screaming bc of how witty they were and then THAT song that we all cried at. at one point during the one that made us all cry tay looked at me and smiled and mouthed some of the most emotional lyrics and i d i e d. then we got to read the rep magazines and they were passed around while tay got ready for photos, and then suddenly i was walking in to meet her and i was so nervous and she smiled really big and said ‘hey honey!’ in the brightest voice and i told her i loved her and she said i love you too! and we talked about the cats and she said mere still hates her but loves her bf and we just talked and it was incredible. we took a picture of me hugging her and then my brother got one too, and all too soon it was over and i was walking away and saying bye and thank you. and then we got our merch bags and got on the bus back.

it was the best night of my life.

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good