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How do you think Jon x Dany will be with each other in ep 7 after what happened in 6? We know what happens between them but will they still hide it before hand or will they show it? I see Dany trying to be control and hide her feelings and Jon not so much. I feel like now he will show more because of what happened in 6 between them. Especially in the Dragon Pit scene. What do you think?

My prediction is that you’re right. I think that Jon can probably tell how she actually feels even though she was kind of reluctant and straying from him at the end of the episode. 

Jon has died before. He’s not wasting time anymore. I know he told Davos there’s not time for his feelings for Dany but that was before she risked the lives of her dragons and herself to save him. My guess is he is ALL IN now. He wants her. He tried to physically hold her back from leaving him I mean that’s a pretty clear indication of feelings right there. 

Dany is grieving and her pride and self-esteem are shaken so for once she is not the aggressor but I think Jon knows that. He’s going to fix it :’) So while she will probably be all business, Jon’s going to make it clear how he feels. 


Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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If only I could create art
half as beautiful as you are,
I’d blow your fucking mind.
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kageyama bros fight!


Katie McGrath Appreciation Week

Day Seven: Free Choice - Filmography

I just want to do good work. If it’s shot in Hungary, if it’s shot in Russia, if it’s shot in America, if it’s shot in England, you just want to do something you can stand up and say “I’m proud of it”

honestly darcy totally tries to hit on elizabeth early on. like come on “and of course she must improve her mind by extensive reading” *POINTEDLY LOOKS AT ELIZABETH WHO IS HOLDING A BOOK IN HER VERY OWN HANDS* like try to tone it down man, we get it. you’re in love


Go on commission her guys~! I think she still got some slots there! *7* I mean JUST LOOK AT HOW ADORABLY BEAUTIFUL THESE XTALE KIDDOS ARE ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧

Art & Xtale by @jakei95
Palette Roller by @angexci
Goth by me