how can ppl call him ugly


I will never EVER understand vkook shippers audacity to blame jimin whenever vkook don’t have moments!!!
Jungkook hates jimin?
Jikook is one sided?
WHERE HOW AND WHEN? I can spend days and days talking about the amount of times jungkook choosed jimin over the other members i can post a whooole album of +700 pic of jungkook being the one who initial skinship with jimin.
From where does “jeon satellite ” nickname come from ? Isn’t it the nickname korean fans gave to jungkook because they noticed he follow jimin everywhere? And so on so on
I can think of nothing except how disappointed jungkook would be if he knows he has ugly fans like you.


I really really really REAL REALLY DO NOT and CAN NOT understand ppl who call him ugly


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I'm thankful for posts like yours that are honest about Namjoon's past mistakes while also pointing out his growth but I can't help but feel frustrated at times at the fact that he is forever the topic of discussion on matters like this while the problematic past mistakes of the other members stay forever ignored and in many cases even unknown by most fans. They don't have their past ignorance constantly held against them like Namjoon.

no absolutely for sure 100%

i feel like namjoon is the member the fandom can only focus on negatives with for some reason. 

“how can you call namjoon ugly-”

“he used to be problematic but,”

“omg i dont understand how ppl can hate him-”

“anyone who thinks namjoon is useless can fite me!”

it just seems like 90% of praise coming out of non-namjoon stans – and sometimes even namjoon stans – is all somehow negative, or refrencing something negative. i wish we could all treat him like normal. so i really do agree with you. 

the only reason i still bring up that post is because as we grow as a fandom, the only way to proactively fight off the namjoon antis who spread misinfo about him being a problematic ass is to confront the issue and educate. so while i want it to disappear, until everyones up to date on like dont tell lies! then i gotta keep reblogging it…. id rather we be on “he used to be” than on “he still is” because while the first is annoying, the second is a fucking lie. feel me?

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Ugh that girl calling other matt stans creepy (I don’t think you’re creepy at all btw what the fuck) keeps blaming them for matt not being active so much and now now they’re starting shit and calling him a coward for “cancelling his takeover” lmao how is that any better? Seems to me like they’re bitter as hell but don’t want to come off as ugly for hating on Javi so they over perform their anger toward matt and his stans 🤷‍♀️

thanks anon :))) but that’s ????? i’ve seen them say MANY creepy things so idek how she can blame others and not herself for matt not being active? in all honestly matt has just never rly been active, he’s online here and there but thats it, why do ppl act like he’s someone like harry who constantly posts on social media? bc when harry disappears it’s like death bc we’re so used to it. now onto the takeover bit i’m?? what does cowardness have to do with not doing a takeover? i mean matt doesn’t control the orders of takeovers, i’m pretty sure he knew javi’s would be this week so thats why he came online last week but ?????? my god anon i’m so tired