how can ppl call him ugly


I will never EVER understand vkook shippers audacity to blame jimin whenever vkook don’t have moments!!!
Jungkook hates jimin?
Jikook is one sided?
WHERE HOW AND WHEN? I can spend days and days talking about the amount of times jungkook choosed jimin over the other members i can post a whooole album of +700 pic of jungkook being the one who initial skinship with jimin.
From where does “jeon satellite ” nickname come from ? Isn’t it the nickname korean fans gave to jungkook because they noticed he follow jimin everywhere? And so on so on
I can think of nothing except how disappointed jungkook would be if he knows he has ugly fans like you.


I really really really REAL REALLY DO NOT and CAN NOT understand ppl who call him ugly


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43. Rant about what’s eating you up. 

You know what’s really grinding my gears rn?

That Namjoon Kim is on the same planet as me and I am constantly hyperventilating over this information do you see him how precious (also my hair is that pink now omg wow I completely forgot about pinkmon lol).

Also that he gets so much hate? Like ppl call him ugly? And a bad leader? Like???

Do you have eyes???? He’s??? So??? Pretty?? Look??? At the legs??? And the hair??? 

BBMAs Namjoon melanin had me shook??? His skin is so pretty???

Not to mention his smile look at that goof??? My boy??? The sweetest??? Can’t cook for shit but still smiled the whole way through???

Sometimes he takes really dumb, pleb selfies that have me shook bc his cheeks??? Remind me of a toddler’s and I want to pinch them so bad???

Collarbones for days??? I can’t believe Kim Namjoon invented the choker, I’m so proud of him?

Can you spell “sugar daddy?” Or even just “daddy?” Bc I can’t after looking at this photo bc I’m too busy dying.

And the fool has boyfriend looks?? Like can we not? My heart hurts???

My chest is imploding rn??? I want nap on his lips???

How is one man so aesthetically pleasing??? Esp bc sometimes his clothes are hella ugly??? But he looks so good??? Scientists are shook???

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Brb crying for 10000000 years.

And he’s worked so hard with the boys and BH to get to where he/they are? He’s such a good leader and he killed it at the BBMAs with all the English he had to handle? He’s such a good and smart boy and I’m so happy yet enraged yet blessed that we are living on the same timeline??? He’s tall and smart and loves philosophy yet makes the stupidest pervy jokes and laughs at Jin’s dad jokes (same tho - I tell them to other people, lmao). 

He’s such a great person - albeit not perfect - but he tries so hard to get better and educate himself and take care of his band members and I just??? Have never-ending respect and love for this man??? 

BUT ALSO??? Bc he’s a total dork that wrote “Trouble” and “Expensive Girl” and think girls want to hear “Imma beat that pussy?” He’s so stupid sometimes??? I love him???

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Can we just say god bless to this stupid and cute boy??? Tbh this shit keeps me up at night and I’m sorry bc I’m 100% sure this isn’t the kind of answer you wanted?? But it haunts me???

(If you wanted a more normal response, I’m pissed at my New Media professor rn bc he won’t respond to my DMs and he’s overall sort of a dick?? Plus his quizzes are hella vague?? But I digress.)

Thanks and sorry lmao xx