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I loved billdip for a long time but often other fans of gravity falls said mean and rude things about it and to those who ship it? As a fellow shipper, I ask for your wisdom to tell me why?

Hello sweetheart, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply you.

For your question, I pretty much don’t want to discuss about this publicly but I think it would be better if I say it out one more time. 

As much as I hate to admit this but BillDip is neither the most popular ship AND the most hated ship in this fandom, the reason can be summarized in one word: pedophilia - which stands for a relationship between an adult with a child. Others reasons is about abusive relationship or some sort.

If you ever want an advice from me, let me tell you one thing, that is certainly important to remember if you ever see someone harrassing the ship again: they are fictional characters. None of the thing we artists/authors draw/write are real, it’s just our own imaginations. 

Sure when I say this some of you might wonder: “Then it’s okay to ship pedophilia with fictional characters because it’s your imagination?”. If I answer this in my very opinion, I’m the kind who would like to build a proper relationship for the couple I like so I can avoid all the bad things happen to them, but if I answer this in the role of all BillDip shippers, I must say yes and no, cause we all people and we have weird tastes in something sometimes but that not mean we support/are that kind in real life, fiction and real life are really, really different, please remember. It’s like watching some Disney movie which make you wondering “How the heck can two characters fall in love in like one day?”, but yet you still ship them. Yeah, that’s pretty much it mate, fiction don’t happen in real life. 

So if someone don’t like the ship please just move on, this fandom is not about us shippers so don’t pull the rage to you by yourself just because you don’t like it or want people to stop shipping it, trust me, they won’t stop…

how do people just stop shipping larry ? im genuinely curious like how do you stop feeling so overwhelmed over them ? how do you stop looking at them fondly ? how do you just forget everything and move on ? honestly i can think about stuff that happened years ago and still be like, “wow they really … did that …”, i still cry over larry moment videos and songs related to them ??? still the one, home, i want to break free, etc. = automatically sobbing, the tattoos still fuck me up !!! these two have a part of my soul forever man im never going anywhere.

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can you tell me what are some of your favorite ym moments? i'm feeling kinda down because people are starting to say that ym is a dying ship. i really do not believe that but it still kinda makes me sad. your blog is great, thank you for blessing us with so much good ym content!!❤❤❤❤🌹🌹

i’ve answered this a few times so how about a compilation of different kinds of moments !!

Curiosities about my sketches
  • it’s like a fanfiction
  •  same characters, same personalities, same ships, lots of easter eggs, because it’s a series of sketches
  • inspired by the canon from the books of Harry Potter (not from Cursed Child).
  • It follows a line of my headcanons and headcanons that I see around tumblr
  • it doesn’t have a plot
  • it’s quite random if you ask me
  • it’s all digital art made with a charcoal textured brush
  • I’ve studied narrative concept art where one of the assignments was to create black and white compositions from movies screencraps
  • The black and white aesthetic has been developed because of this assignment.
  • I won’t ever draw Harry cheating on Ginny
  • So if you ask me to draw Drarry, Drinny, Harmione, I won’t
  • I started shipping Hinny this hard while drawing them because they are really really hot and fun to draw
  • Ginny got a pixie cut because I love Evan Rachel Wood & Ruby Rose’s short hairstyle and I thought it would be nice to see Ginny like this as an adult
  • But I was very insecure to introduce this headcanon here
  • Thank god more people enjoy it!
  • Ginny loves Harry - and she wouldn’t ever kiss another boy if they break up. Girls, on the other hand…
  • Harry doesn’t even have idea how hot he looks with a beard.
  • I feel like I can only draw sexual situation when it comes to Hinny
  • drawing these sketches help me with my anxiety and fear of failure and some sad thoughts
  • they make me positive :D
  • 4 months drawing the series helped reaching 29k followers on tumblr and 33k followers on instagram
  • I receive many messages of people saying they can ship Hinny because of the way I draw them and I am so happy because I can’t count how many times I’ve seen antiHinny posts around here
  • it’s nice to have some hinny love for a change
  • I don’t like when people say bad things about Harry’s manbun :(
  • it’s relaxing to draw his beard
  • speaking of which, his beard style is inspired by tony stark
  • also his sassy attitude
  • I can’t decide Hermione’s design so I’m still waiting for a huge inspiration to help me to draw more of her.
  • the sketches and comics take between 15 minutes to 4 hours to be done.
  • I draw them at night in my timezone. I post and then I go to sleep.
  • my favorite comic (if I am allowed to choose) is the one about Ginny growing up and being a fucking badass quidditch player
  • and it’s also the post with more notes that I have about this series
  • Harry and Ginny relationship is quite inspired by Monica and Chandler, from Friends, and Phil and Claire, from Modern Family.
  • if I remember something else, I will add here
  • thank you for reading you are brave
heather chandler and connor murphy are the same character
  • notorious school bully who dies
  • their death is used in the protagonist’s lie, where they paint them as a tragic figure who killed themself and use the lie to get a relationship
  • used as a model for suicide prevention by people tryin to boost their ego
  • haunt the protagonist for continuing this lie
  • the fandom often forgets how they treated other characters like shit and have few redeeming qualities outside of the fake version built up by the protagonist so they can use them for shipping

One of the most bizarre lines I see antis use is that if fans depict the characters being mad at each other, a ship must be bad. I’ve seen antis argue that if shippers depict two characters bickering a lot, it’s got to be unhealthy. If that’s true, then my two closest friends, both of whom I’ve known for 15 years now, are in an abusive friendship with me, because we bicker and snark like it’s our second language. And believe me, as someone who has been abused and has known abusive people, there is no comparison.

Like…kids. Listen. Fights and getting mad happens in all kinds of close relationships, even healthy ones, and it’s not always the ~quirky misunderstandings~ you see in sitcoms or manga. Disagreement happens. Getting annoyed happens. Getting pissed off happens. No, it’s not healthy to fight a lot, but arguments do happen, even to the best of us. This is especially true if both people are particularly strong-willed - and a lot of people love ships that have two very strong-willed personalities.

An old art teacher of mine once told me that his first screaming match with his wife as a married man was over the colour of a damn coffee cup. She thought it was blue. He thought it was green. They’ve been happily married for 30+ years now. They laugh about it now and tease each other about the cup occasionally. That’s okay, too. Sometimes even the worst arguments are truly ridiculous and you look back on them and laugh or find it endearing. Sometimes, the arguments are serious, but you can still look back on them and smile because you learned more about the other person and your relationship became deeper. 

There’s a serious misunderstanding of what abuse or abusive people look like on this site, and it seems especially rampant in anti circles, who take fairly simple ship tropes and conclude that they’re abusive. It really goes to show just how little they know about the variety and complexity of human relationships. If you look in a ship tag and see character A annoying character B, or both characters glaring or yelling at each other, that doesn’t mean the shippers are romanticising abuse - it means they’re exploring a natural part of any relationship which, when it occurs in that particular ship, happens to interest them. 

If you’ve been abused, it can be incredibly easy to see something negative or rough in a ship and have an immediate gut reaction to it because it reminds you of unhealthy behaviour. I still reflexively flinch if someone raises their voice with me. But it’s important to remember that not every raised voice is an abusive voice; more often than not, it’s just a raised voice, and that’s okay. Similarly, shippers depicting arguments doesn’t mean abuse is being glorified. 

tl;dr, stop reaching

You know what I need from Descendants 3…

I need a song called “What Love Is”

And I need it to appear like 5 times throughout the movie, but different people singing and different lyrics with different stories to tell.

Like it should start with the rotten four talking about their family-like relationship and how each of them individually learned “What Love Is” (“And now we know what love is.”)

Then we can have a Mal and Evie duet where they tell each other about their boyfriends and how each of them show their significant others “What Love Is” (“They helped us learn what love is.”)

Bonus points if Carlos sings about Jane, but that ship is still in development, so I wouldn’t push it (“She’s teaching me what love is.”)

How about a cute Bal moment where Ben is so happy that Mal has learned to love. It’s just like what Beast had to go through, and Mal has finally learned and taken ahold of “What Love Is” (“And now we have what love is.”)

Lastly, I need a darker, edgier duet of Harry Hook and Uma with Harry trying to confess feelings for her and she keeps pushing him back. I feel like an emotional duet, especially between China and Thomas because them voices will climb, would bring someone to tears. They keep singing over each other and arguing their point and it’s like a heated conversation but singing! She keeps saying she doesn’t know “What Love Is” (“I just don’t know what love is.“)

And even though no one taught him, Harry discovered through being around Uma "What Love Is.” (“I’ll help you see what love is.”)


No more V X Rika please

I’ve seen this more often in the fandom ever since the V Route was announced and I feel the need to speak about it now. Some people, heck a good number of people actually, think that V and Rika should still get together, especially in this route. Heck, even more known Otome Icons such as Otome-Obsessed have expressed that they dread the idea of a V route being V X MC because they believe V and Rika should still be together.

I said this before when I made my post about how I saw how people said there won’t be a V Route. That V’s and Rika’s relationship was toxic and unhealthy. Rika pushing the idea that V was the only one who could save her, to the point where she literally said that God can’t save her but maybe he can. But even then, V still should have told the others about what was happening to Rika.

I honestly can’t understand why people think this is a good shipping. If you like V or Rika or both, that’s fine. But you MUST recognize that there relationship was not a good one, no matter how you try and paint it. And I am tired of people saying they’ll leave the MM fandom if his route ends up being MC X V. I can understand that everyone wants a happy ending between V and Rika, but the happiest ending for them is for them to be apart, not be back in a toxic relationship.

  • Jin, gesturing with elegance out the window: One day, son, this will be all yours.
  • Jungkook: What, the curtains?


Marinette and adrien will never start dating until marinette sees chat noir in a different light ( like romantic way) or that adrien Starts liking marinette because that’s their true selfs

-chat noir is the real him if you don’t think that then are we even watching the same show?? Because he clearly says that he’s like a puppet to his father as adrien he does what his father wants him to, but as chat noir he has no one to tell him what to do he can be himself do what he Want without getting yelled at.

- all of us know why marinette is her true self (I hope)

This is the reason I ship marichat and not the other ships

- adrinette = yes she does like his personality BUT she did say he’s gorgeous ( like how he looks) so she did fall a bit for his looks but who can blame her. She also fell for the puppet his father is making him marinette also thinks he can do no wrong…

- ladrien = okay it’s pretty obvious… They fell for their perfect selves not the real them

-marichat = they fell in love with who they truly are and we love them for it ( still don’t understand why people hate this ship so much)

-ladynoir = same thing with chat he puts ladybug on a predistole and is blinded by her perfection

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Why is Two Bread Tom's statue on one of the islands?

This is where the humans from Stakes landed when they left on their ship. Two Bread Tom, the leader of those humans, seems like he could be among ~The Founders. But specifically why does he have a statue in Founders Park?

These humans as the descendants of the ones who departed in Stakes makes sense. A good number of them have carried over the animal hat tradition that stemmed from protecting themselves from vampires. Every Seeker has an animal hat, probably because they put themselves in the most dangerous situations, and the hats are safety hats. But other humans also wear similar hats stylistically, including people who wind up in re-education for trying to flee the islands.

And the humans on the islands became isolationist and built the Guardian because their top priority in leaving Ooo was to protect themselves. That’s what the Founders Song said. That’s what Two Bread Tom said in Stakes. That all adds up.

But there were other groups of humans who came to the islands apart from the ones from Stakes, right? I mean, I know that hundreds of years have passed between Stakes and Islands, but in Stakes these guys were sitting around campfires and fending for themselves, but in Islands… I mean, they’d built the Guardian. Their agrarian farm members - Alva speaks Swedish and NOT English, by the way. She’s pretty likely from a different group - have voice-activated tech and cyber weather barriers. That other island has little fairy airplane droids that sustain humans who are constantly connected to a VR MMO. The islands are SO high tech. 

And building the Guardian seems like it’d’ve been a priority for the guys that fled Ooo in Stakes, so how did they do it?

MoCo - yes, THAT MO Co. - was involved in the human resettlement, as shown in a short glimpse during the Founders Song. MO Co. was founded by Moe: builder of the MOs and the fire giants, and Adventure Time’s first example of a human supplementing their body with gadgets (shoutout to Dr. Gross). Either Moe, or perhaps more likely, employees from his corporation, lent MO Co. tech to the new development.

Either way, the ship the humans in Stakes took - I’m pretty sure it’s the same one Finn took back to Ooo. Nice touch - was NOT a MO Co. project. The Stakes humans all worked on it themselves. And then they left on this one ship, and the Founders Song makes perfectly clear that several different people arrived on this island in several different vessels. 

Ooo is just one island on the entirety of Earth, and still look how small Founders Island is relative to Ooo. I’m kinda interested who were the first people to make it there. Who contacted other groups of humans and told them this tiny island was the new meeting spot? Did the Stakes humans know that this is where they were heading when they left? How long were different groups of humans invited to the islands before the Guardian was instructed to wreck any ship headed in or out? 

This is not the kinda thing you can expect the show to answer at this point. Our best answer is that it just sorta happened this way. But it’s good, and the whole situation becomes richer the longer you think about it. I like that.

A wonderful peace done by the fantastic artist @kevanhom, who has given me permission to repost this here, with a little drabble I thought up! A link to the original post may be found here. 

Please do not remove the source!

*The following journal entries were found within the travel journal of what appears to be a trader or fishermen in the beginning of the Edo Period of Feudal Japan.*

*Edo, Entry #1 dated 1654, 25th of October-* "Today, the mountain moved, the earth itself shook, trees were felled, and the birds halted their songs as they fled. As we passed the landscape, we watched it lumber along the banks of the river opposite us. Every step it took shook the ground beneath us, the waters rippling in submission. My dearest friend seemed terrified beyond words. I have never seen another man, much less him, tremble so, not before today. It seemed as thought the mountain lumbered toward the sea…“

*Entry #2, dated 1654, 29th of October-* "On this evening, we heard the voice of the mountain. The call was loud, deafeningly so. It had to have been no less than five hundred meters away, yet it sounded much closer! The fog is dense and obscures all but the mountain’s shadow, but we could tell it was not alone today… It must be fighting with a rival… A shrine will be built in the coming days to appease and praise this mountain god.”

*Entry #3, dated 1654, 1st of November-* “The living mountain, again today, was obscured by the mist, but its shadow was clear. It slumbered peacefully near the shores of the vast ocean, waves gently crashing against it. It seems it is resting before its great journey back to the seas. A few children foolishly wandered too close, yet the mountain god seemed to be impartial, letting them do as they pleased. The children said it had been wounded, possibly in the clash a few days prior… We are praying for its well-being.“

*Entry #4, dated 1654, 3rd of November-* "The entire village saw it off. The mountain god gave one last great cry before wading into the waves and diving beneath them. Children cheered and waved, and the Elders prayed. The land has been blessed by the presence of this god, and we seek to live enlightened lives. Perhaps, one day, the mountain god will return, and once again grace us with its presence to remind us that the gods are watching…”

This small thing was brought on by my personal fascination with the concept of kaiju being present in ancient history and living along side of humans many centuries ago, who hailed them as gods. Gojira would be a great candidate for that, especially the 2014 rendition, with how passive it seemed to people. The above story is about as historically accurate as I can make it while still being vague and unique to its own lore. Were the onlookers locals? or travelers from a nearby country? The ships in the image seem to be Junk ships, mostly utilized by China, and given their history for travel and trade, it is not unlikely merchants and traders would stumble upon the local god himself. Extreme kudos to the artist for producing this wonderful masterpiece, and I hope my writing compliments your own talent!


Kolvina + Driving

Something That Needs to be Addressed

Look, I know people are going to ship what they want. I can’t do anything about that and neither can anyone else. I mean its an opinion and everyone has the right to have opinions on things. There is a problem with this in a lot of communities: Shipping real people. That’s fine, kind of. But you have to respect people’s boundaries as well.

Like I get it. You think people will be cute together. Here’s the thing though if you ship two real people DON’T ASK THEM ABOUT IT. DON’T HARASS THEM ABOUT IT! DON’T SHOVE IT IN THEIR FACES!!!!! This isn’t cool. Like you can ship it, but most people get uncomfortable when they are shipped with their friends. For example: Tonight Tyler did a livestream on his instagram and people were bringing up Tythan to him and I could see upon him reading it that he was uncomfortable. He shrugged it off pretty quickly, but still. He’s addressed multiple times that he doesn’t want to be asked about that or for it to be brought up to him by fans and stuff. 

I don’t want this to turn into Septiplier. Mark and Jack have both done videos a multiple points in time to be like “hey, can you please stop bringing this up? It makes me uncomfortable.” and people still brought it any time they could. Like make your art and make you fanfics and stuff, ship whatever you want, but don’t subject someone to something that they’ve stated makes them uncomfortable. Mark has made multiple videos about how Septiplier is dead, I don’t want to put Ethan or Tyler through this mess. I hate that Mark and Jack had to deal with that for so long. 

If you really do look up to someone you have to respect their boundaries. I mean think about it like this. You’re in high school (or back in high school if you’ve already graduated) and someone comes up to you and shows you a picture of you and one of your friends that you have no sexual or romantic interest in having sex… everyday… for the whole school year. That’s how I see it. I wouldn’t want anyone to do that me and you probably wouldn’t be comfortable with that either. You wouldn’t have known or even said anything if they hadn’t showed you this picture. Even after you’re like hey can you not show me that, they still show you. It gets annoying.

TL;DR: Don’t bring up real person ships to the people that you ship or their friends. It can make them very uncomfortable and I don’t want it to ruin people’s friendships. Don’t stop creating, but don’t cause harm to people while doing it.

@crankgameplays @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye If I left anything out please add to this, I’m sorry I have to bring this up but I got really angry seeing Tyler get uncomfortable like that.


Favorite Jigyu Moments 💚 No. 1…

This was so cute cus this svt tv episode was about parents but neither Jihoon or Mingyu parents show up, but they still cried with the other members 😢😢😢
And then all of suden it became their moment, just the two of them (like you can see Wonwoo father in the back but they didn’t noticed other people)😅
To me it’s so intimate, cus we’ll never know what are they were talking about but look how mingyu cares about Jihoon 😍

We are breaking apart.

Okay, I sort of started a fight with somebody, and in the wake of all of this, I feel like it’s my responsibility to take the time out of my day to make this post.

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging, condoning, or endorsing incest and/or pedophilia.


There’s no other way to put it. As of now it’s sort of divided between rickmorty shippers and the antis.

I think it comes down to beliefs. The whole reason why this whole war is getting so out of hand is that people from both sides are trying to change the other side’s beliefs, and I personally think it can’t be done. To EITHER side.

If us antis stop trying to belittle all of the r*ck*orty shippers because of what they ship, stop complaining about it, and just generally stop looking, while on the other hand, the shippers stop saying that we’re intolerant and calling us names while simultaneously calling us bullies, we would have a lot less problems.

Listen, I’m owning up to my side of this argument, and I’m sorry. Point is, the shippers are trying to change antis’ beliefs that incest and pedophilia isn’t okay, while the antis are trying to change the shippers’ beliefs by trying to get them to stop shipping something they’re passionate about. Which is getting us absolutely nowhere and will make neither side happy.

We need to form some kind of a truce or this whole thing will explode, creating a noticeable divide and making it a NECESSITY to ask whether or not somebody ships c137cest before having a conversation about the show, which I really don’t want to see happen to this fandom.

But that’s just my opinion. An opinion, from an anti. I had a conversation with a rickmorty shipper and asked what she thought about this whole situation, and she said:

“The thing about antis, in my experience, is that they’re kind of difficult for me to understand. I have tons, and I mean TONS of ships that I think are gross, but I never post hate in the ship tags, because I realize that people who ship that aren’t going to stop shipping it, and rather they’re just going to be less happy when they do it.

Most shippers tend to ignore the fact that most antis are good people, and I personally think that the movement is built upon good intentions. However, antis tend to turn a blind eye to when the people in their community use these good intentions to hurt others. It isn’t hard to find suicide baiting or graphic death threats posted by antis, but that isn’t even the main issue. The issue is that some antis who are a very prominent in the community use some less blatant but still harmful rhetoric, and they still remain popular in the community.

Another thing that bothers me is that antis have a tendency to move the goalposts. If there is a ship that they deem problematic, they will find a way to make sure they can still count it as problematic, no matter how it changes. As an example, they often pointed to a ship, referring to it as pedophilia. Later, it was revealed that both characters were in fact legal adults. This development caused antis to claim that it was still problematic due to a prominent age gap. While this doesn’t make them come off as bad people, if often makes them seem like hypocrites.

Now, because I’ve addressed my issues with antis, I have a few gripes with my own community as well. Many shippers assume that the majority of antis are malicious, which just isn’t true. While in my experience it isn’t as bad, shippers have said some pretty nasty things to antis as well.

Overall, while I am of the belief that fiction should be a thing in which you can observe things that it would be harmful to observe in real life, I honestly think both sides could stand to be more aware of their faults.

Antis need to understand that what a person ships is not necessarily indicative of what they support. People with gross or disturbing ships are oftentimes perfectly nice people in real life. Many people do just have an interest in things that are disturbing, so that’s what they ship. While it is completely okay to find a ship disturbing, that kind of talk should be kept to the anti-shipping tags.

Shippers need to understand that antis concerns about the content they consume don’t stem from malice, but oftentimes from good intentions. Some antis have been hurt in the past, or want to defend people that have been hurt in the past, and even when they do lash out, they’re not pure evil. (Shippers) should make a better effort to respect certain boundaries that antis have.

Bottom line: Just don’t be an asshole.”

- @divagirlmags






That just the “bottom line,” as she said.

I don’t like this. I’m not giving up on the fact that I don’t morally agree with the ship, but this is the last time I’ll mention it. The two sides should stay to their own side, but not be afraid to associate. We share the same fandom. This should not be a problem.

The shippers take it as a personal offense and call us “bullies” when we unfollow a blog because of rickmorty content. But the plain truth is, we don’t wanna see that, so we don’t follow. Simple as that. If you think I’m being deliberately mean, I’m sorry.

And us antis feel like we should constantly tell the shippers how wrong that ship is. I’ll admit it, that’s one of our faults. We feel very strongly about our beliefs and desperately want others to see our point of view the same way, but EVERYONE feels that way on some level. It’s human nature.

So please, please, PLEASE, stop fighting. I’m sorry. And reblog this. Get this into as many people’s dashes as possible.

Now that we have that out of the way…

Who’s pumped for the season finale?!

Mint talks: Sticker set!

Hi guys! So, after a loooooooooooooooooong time of thinking and tlaking with the wall– I mean, my family(?). I’ve decided that, I’ll sell Sticker sets!

I’ve been wanting to make this since a long time ago, ya know? but I was kinda nervous and I even am right now! I’ve asked for prizes with some friends and now I just need to ask about shipping, at the post office. After that, I’ll start making the stickers! They will be 10 stickers in one sticker set and will cost 8$ or less! I’m still thinking about it–


I also need to know

How many people would like to buy them

cus I need to know how many sticker stets I’m gonna make. This will be my first time doing it so, I wanna make the right amount of them! so, if you’re SURE you’re gonna buy it, you can just comment in this post/send me a PM/Reblog this/??? saying that you want to buy one and your country! I’ll take note of this and then start working on it.

And… I want you guys to do this also because…

I wanna make a giveaway!

Once I have the complete list of buyers, I’ll give everyone a number and then randomly select one winner. What will they get? Easy. They won’t have to pay for their sticker set AND they will get a few pins~ (I made a pin with one Massis pic and I love it so much–). EVERYTHING for free yay~

This is just a beta post so I can know how many people would like to buy them. I’ll make a more “professional” post one I have everything checked uvu) for now, I just wanna talk about this so you can conciderate buying them!

A nice person (wich username can’t seem to remember right now, sorry ;;) suggested me to open a store in storenvy and, I did! I’m trying to figure out how it works so, maybe the buy thing will be done there, idk–

Ahhh– I’m so excited. I mean, this is so important to me! I never thought someone would like to buy something like this from me! I know I still need to improve but it’s nice to now that, even with lots or mistakes, you’d want to buy them. Seriously, thank you ;v;) I don’t have anymore to say except– IF YOU WANT THE STICKER SET TELL ME PLEASE. ALONG WITH YOUR COUNTRY so I don’t have to go like 25 times to the post office to ask for JUST one country ahahaha–

AH and obviously, the stickers will be of Undertale– but I still don’t know If I should make it of every character of just Sanses from various AUs (this would be quite the problem since lots of AU creators doesn’t like when people use their AU to sell things ;v;)

Also have this Sansta that I made a few days ago– *runs away*

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You know, there are people who ship tails and Wave together. Mostly due to the fact that they are rival mechanics. I like it. How about you? :)

Anonymous also asked: Uhm… Tails x Wave, please?? Your art is so cute and amazing! :33 Oh, and do you ship them?        

joystick-arcadia asked: If you’re still doing the ship ask can I make a request   tails x rouge              

ok look I know Tails is pretty mature for his age but ummm this is a bit too much XD I like all of them but nnah,personally I don’t ship ‘em


I think I watch too much Gintama… this thing is a scene from the episode 8.

After “Alone at Sea” I guess…in which Jasper becomes a stalker, of course Peri worries about it but Lapis can handle it also i’m still trying to figure out how to bg, sorry.

Sorry if someone gets offended with this, I did it with comedy purposes!