how can people not ship them

When they said they were sending you back to your people, sending you home, you thought they meant Earth. But then you hear the Commander’s voice. You see the Hephaestus coming to fetch you. And you realise almost all of your people are on that ship. Maybe Minkowski and Hera and Lovelace are the closest thing you know to ‘home’ anyway.

You need to get back to them, to tell them what you’ve seen and heard. Your mind is buzzing with things you don’t understand. But soon you’ll see the smartest people you know again. Maybe they’ll be able to make sense of it.

You can’t wait to laugh with them about how absurd it all is, that you’re the first human ever to speak with these aliens. Somehow Douglas Eiffel, certified screw-up, became ambassador of mankind. Minkowski will love that.

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Hey, no offense, but that didn't sound so much like "it's not likely" but more like "how dare anyone hope for it" because a lot of the ppl who say they'd like to see it canon aren't rly expecting it to happen, but are hoping that maybe something can be hinted toward a possible onesided crush from Cass' side, even if Rapunzel doesn't like her back. That, and a lot of the ppl who ship it are gay themselves and just want to see people like them on TV. At least consider why ppl like it/want it canon

Okay, let me clarify:

I do not headcanon Cassandra as straight. I headcanon her as anything but straight. Gay, bi, ace, demi, pan, anywhere on the multiple spectrums. But I don’t see her as strictly straight. (Which does not mean I can’t conceive of her being with a guy, because there are multiple sexualities which allow for a person to be attracted to more than one gender..)

I am bi, myself. I understand perfectly well why people want representation. I would also like representation. But guess what. Cassandra can be not straight without having a crush on Rapunzel specifically. And guess what else. I’m still tired of and saddened by people thinking that all love that is displayed between two people has to be romantic love. I am still in favor of a healthy representation of strong, platonic love. On top of that, I’d like to know why people keep reducing Cassandra to what potential sexuality she is or isn’t. There is so much more to her than that.

My question to you is; what’s wrong with Cass being into chicks and not being into Rapunzel? Maybe Rapunzel just isn’t her type. Or maybe the flower she got at the end of “Under Raps” is from some woman. Why are people so keen to see there be some kind of wedge shoved between Rapunzel and Eugene in the form of Cassandra’s affections? Why is the only way Cassandra can be seen as truly sympathetic to them is if she’s lovelorn? Why does she have to have unrequited romantic affection for Rapunzel instead of a loving and healthy relationship with someone else entirely?

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So... do you have a side blog where you ship fontcest? They seem a little TOO close to be brothers on this blog. (I dunno. You probably just haven't admitted your enjoyment of fontcest to yourself yet.)

When you live your whole life with only your brother as a family, I don’t see how can you not be close.

I said it before - I draw them just as brothers, because I enjoy family content with them, I love when people can be close and affectionate with each other, without having a romantic/explict relationship.

And no, I don’t have a side blog, it’s my only one. As for fontcest question - the answer is in my FAQ

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Um, how do you feel about the Voltron ships with Shiro? (yaknow, Shance, sheith, etc) I saw one of you previous asks mention it, so I was just wondering.

i think people are too idk sometimes. let people ship whoever they want to ? you know? people attacking other people because of this is a thing i can’t really understand. so that’s how i feel about it: we must respect people. i see so many people being like really mean and awful to - especially - sheith shippers. dude ? and i’m not saying you should like it, but respect who does ? g o d 

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Still never understand why lot of BNHA-fans like to ship Kachako/Bakugo-Ochako so much ? Im neutral about Bakugou, but still never got why ppl like to ship him with Ochako. She canonically in love with Deku and Deku also shown have same feeling with her too

True, but sometimes canon… is worse. However, in this case, I think Izuocha do it well like my other OTP who is canon in every sense except the last chapter because the mangaka is an idiot.

Anyway, people also just think Bakugou is more interesting than Midoriya. In terms of characterization, they’re both pretty one note. I mean, it’s kinda the same story constantly with them both but Midoriya is still more likeable imo. I don’t get it but whatever.

I’m not one to strictly adhere to canon and I love a good canon non-compliant ship, but I usually pick people I can work with. With Bakugou being the way he is, idk how people work with it, but I guess, anon. I guess.

I don’t even get mad at Kacchako being a thing because of Izuocha. I just don’t like Bakugou. Izuocha could not even end up together and it’d be cool because it’s not like they have the sun, moon, and destiny hinging on them. They’ve just got a good, but normal romantic vibe. And they’re good on their own so I’m cool with them being happy no matter what. I feel like if Ochako ended up with Bakugou, she’d spend her days coddling a grown ass man and licking his wounds.

Unpopular Voltron opinion, with meta to back it up.

I don’t think the big Keith and Lance scene in episode 6 was meant to be seen as having gone well, or for things to be getting back on track in regards to Lance’s doubts. I’m actually pretty sure the conversation unintentionally made things with Lance even worse.

Just because Keith and Lance shared a scene alone together, without any fighting or outward disagreements, does NOT mean it went well. I know everyone who is a Klance shipper wants that to be the case, but the whole “5 feet apart” jokes and logic with their ship shouldn’t suddenly change the emotional tone that is ACTUALLY present here.

Do not get me wrong, it is clear that both of them wanted this talk to go well without any confrontation, and to talk with a level head and with honesty. They have both grown as people to realize this. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t a major miscommunication here. 

Lets go through this moment by moment, shall we?

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Someone else on tumblr pointed out that PASSENGERS might have been a more meaningful movie if it was about just THE ONE person dealing with being alone on the ship for the rest of their life.  And if, to cope, they go through and make it a point to learn everything they can about all of the other people on the ship.

And I just keep thinking about this idea.

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From what I've gathered in the last episodes we've had so far, and the lost lagoon, the writers are dropping hints that Cass and raps may happen/they ship them/imply that cass loves raps.They seem to focus more on the two girls relationship than that with eugene and raps

Anon, you have just hit a hornet’s nest.

You can’t make a blanket statement like “they ship them”. Do you have any idea how many crew members there are working on the series? Over one hundred and fifty.

Do some of them ship them? Yes. But it’s not canon and will not be. Do you know what I saw crew members say about the ornament that came out this year? “What AU is this?”

I’m disappointed that so many people completely ignore platonic love and insist (or at least act like) that the only way to love someone is romantically. Does Rapunzel love Cassandra? Yes. But not romantically. And while I can’t definitively say the same for Cassandra’s love for Rapunzel, I am relatively certain that the same can be said for her.

Rapunzel and Eugene’s relationship is known, established and solid, but Rapunzel is still new at making friends, and in my opinion, they’re choosing to spend some time focusing on Rapunzel making friends and building relationships outside of Eugene. There is nothing wrong with them focusing on platonic love! The same thing happened in “Pascal’s Story,” but you don’t see anyone saying Rapunzel and Pascal have romantic feelings for each other (thank god.) Love can exist in the absence of romance, and it’s very important to normalize that!

What if a lot of alien species didn’t actually evolve as pack species, and just adapted to living in communities out of necessity? So they can still work and live together, but they don’t have all the little instincts humans have that help them work in a group.

And they are freaked out by us.

We all wear the same clothes. It’s not a uniform— we just somehow all seem to like roughly the same outfits. We fit in so naturally with the people around us that you can use a human’s clothing to tell what country and what time period they are from. Aliens have no idea how we know what clothes are appropriate— they end up having to hire humans to act as fashion consultants after several incidents where diplomats showed up wearing mismatched clothes from various time periods and countries and looking totally ridiculous.

And what about yawning? Aliens who work on human ships say they never fully get used to hearing one human yawn and then having the whole room start yawning along with them. Or telling a joke to one human and seeing humans who say they don’t find the joke that funny cracking up anyway because “their laugh is so infectious!” It’s a common practical joke to tell new nonhuman crew members about this horrible disease humans get, where they feel tired and have an uncontrollable urge to open their mouths. It’s deadly, they say, and very contagious.

New safety procedures have to be worked out for the humans because, on the one hand, you don’t have to go around telling each individual to leave. Humans will just follow the mob. On the other hand, though, you have to be careful not to spread panic, because if one human runs, they all will, and they’ll trample anyone who isn’t fast enough to stay ahead.

Aliens hear humans tell their kids not to give into peer pressure and just get really confused. “Why would they do it if they don’t want to?”

“Because their friends are telling them to do it!”

“But why do it just because they’re telling them to do it?”

“Because they’re their friends!”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

When aliens see earth movies about people being indoctrinated or turned into zombies, it takes them a while to realise that these are horror movies because, from their perspective, that’s just what humans are like.

wlw deserve better than Supergirl

Honestly, I know you are all coming at Jeremy and rightfully so but screw Melissa in particular. Because she is the lead. She is the main character. She is the role model of the cast, above anyone else. She is the one who holds the most responsibility. Not only to be a good role model but to be a feminist because that is what the show and character is about. And not whatever she is because it certainly isn’t feminism. Like yeah, she went to a women’s march. Nice. Yet she openly mocks and ridicules wlw. When she is the star of the show and when taking in such an important role she signed up for all the extra responsibility. This is a show where she plays Supergirl, a female superhero. As a lead. And a show with wlw canon representation. She plays a character that is meant to be the embodiment of acceptance, open mindedness, female empowerment and feminism in general. Yet she was having fun being homophobic on camera, on purpose, at a convention about said show, for the fans to watch, knowing most of the audience is lgbt.

Like this isn’t even about ships. The actors were not simply mocking a ship when they did that. Or making a joke. They were mocking the concept behind it. They were mocking the fact so many wlw saw two women on tv and thought maybe they could be together, maybe they wouldn’t be straight. They were mocking these wlw viewing themselves as these characters or seeing them as characters validating their identity. They find that funny. Melissa, who is playing Supergirl and has become a role model to young girls everywhere, openly mocked women even daring to relate to those characters and hoping that they could end up together.

Young girls everywhere will see these actors they look up to that play characters they look up to mock wlw. These girls will feel like being attracted to girls is ridiculous and wrong. Because they saw these grown adults mock and invalidate it. This is a show for families and for young girls in particular. Having the cast do this is awful. It goes against everything the show should stand for. Everything Supergirl and Kara as a character should stand for.

Not to mention how it validates homophobia. It will validate homophobes everywhere. In fact, it already has. I’ve already seen so many homophobic posts because of this. Because the cast was homophobic so everyone thinks it is okay to be that way. Young people learn from media. Everyone knows that. Young people will watch this video and repeat such behavior. They will start to think being lgbt is bad. That shipping gay pairings is ridiculous. This validates all that negativity.

Basically, Melissa should get as much or even more backlash. Not because Jeremy isn’t to blame but because she supported such behavior. And not only that but she joined in. While not only being one of the characters in such ship, therefore someone these women admired, but also while being the lead character of the show

You know who was the only person there that showed any actual professionalism and female empowerment/feminism? Katie McGrath, who tried to give the lgbt fans watching, wlw in particular, validation despite the fact the rest of the cast were mocking them and her for doing so. She went against her cast to try and make sure these young girls knew it is okay and that they are valid. Bless her. Because she did not have to do that. In fact, if anyone should have done that it was Melissa, who again, is the lead and the biggest role model. Yet Katie went out of her way to be the only one to actually display a good set of morals and risk ridicule for the sake of being a good person. She was in a toxic and tbh weirdly aggressive homophobic environment with people she has to continue working with and still decided to speak up about it. That is being a good person.

And then we have Chris Wood mocking the situation again and interrupting Katie. Because of course, the guy that is playing the love interest of Supergirl would do something gross like that. Not only that, but it adds up with all the Mon-El issues that teach young girls that they should look for abusive disrespectful entitled lazy guys who do not listen to them and then they should spend their time babysitting the guys until they are sorta barely decent boyfriends. Oh, and that these guys should definitely be their whole world and priority. Very progressive. Not to mention this was the same guy that said he loved the negative things about this ship. Which really means he ships it because he enjoys the abuse.

The worst thing is they knew exactly what this would do. Jeremy was purposely insulting the fans as he looked straight at the camera and aggressively yelled it out. He was yelling out homophobic things not to joke around with the cast but directly at the lgbt audience. Melissa called mocking lgbt people “brave”. You know what is brave? To dare to identify as such. Or to dare to identify with a character on tv when you know they will never be written that way. Or to openly support a gay ship despite the fact they are either canon and treated horribly or they are never canon. That’s brave. Being openly homophobic? That has been standard behavior since forever. That’s bigoted and close minded. It’s cowardly, not brave.

And don’t get me started on how they wrote Sanvers into their show as an attempt to lure lgbt fans in and exploit them for views yet everyone in the crew/cast are clearly homophobic. The crew is included for the treatment of their canon lesbian ship. They know the lgbt fans are watching because there is a wlw ship yet they had no shame in being homophobic on camera for everyone to see. If anyone had any doubt about why they wrote Sanvers now they have confirmed it exists for ratings only. Because clearly, the concept of women loving women is not realistic enough for them. Melissa supporting Sanvers? A publicity stunt because she obviously loves mocking wlw and their ships.

Im not even going to get into Jeremy’s “apology” that was really him making himself sound like the victim and acting like lgbt fans were overreacting and dramatic about it. We apparently can’t take a joke. Okay, but maybe being homophobic isn’t a joke nor is it funny. We have to deal with homophobia every single day. It is something that oppresses us. It is something that is used against us in every way. Homophobia can literally threaten our lives yet somehow we are supposed to laugh about it like it’s hilarious? Oh yeah, how funny. Silly wlw thought for once two women could be in a relationship or that they could simply pretend they are in one. So funny. Hilarious.

Great role models. Amazing. The CW should be very proud. Somehow there’s only like 3 decent people in the cast now and only one of them is brave enough to speak up against homophobia. And it isn’t the lead actress that claims to be a feminist. No. She’s too busy being homophobic.

to all of my followers, and especially my younger ones, please don’t believe in all of the tumblr ideology without thinking about it critically. while tumblr can be right sometimes, a lot of it is just virtue signaling and mob mentality. if you don’t agree with something you see on tumblr please don’t think it just because that’s what everyone else is doing and you don’t want to feel ostracized 

Don’t Take Up Spaces that Aren’t Meant for You

I go to use the elevator in a high rise building only to find a sign that says “Please ask security for access to this elevator”. A week ago, that sign wasn’t there. When I ask the security guard why the sudden change in policy, they said that people from other floors in the building had been abusing their access to the elevator and that they needed to lock it down. 

Let me make this perfectly clear: I could no longer independently access the only elevator available to take me to this part of the building because other people decided to use / abuse a space that was not meant for them instead of taking the stairs right next to the fucking elevator.

Here’s another example: In order to have access to an accessible room on a cruise ship, I have to submit a form stating that I do in fact  have a physical disability that prevents me from using a normal state room on the ship. I have to do this because able-bodied people have, in the past, been dishonest about the level of accessibility they require in order to have access to a larger stateroom without having to pay a premium.

How about this one: I go into the restroom of a massive convention center. Every single stall  in this restroom is empty except for the one handicapped stall in the back, which is being occupied by someone who does not need to use a handicapped stall. I now have to wait for that one person to exit the stall before I can use the restroom. Remember: This bathroom has 7+ other stalls that are built specifically to work for them, but they chose  to use the one space that is available to people like me.

Dear able-bodied people: Handicapped bathroom stalls, seating areas, staterooms, and elevators are not meant for you and you should not use them.

I do not care how big of a hurry you were in and how that elevator got you to where you needed to go faster. Because of you, I have to go find someone every time I need to use this elevator and if I can’t find them I GET NOTHING. 

To you, that cruise ship can house 2000+ people and you have an opportunity to get a massive stateroom at no extra cost if you’re wiling to fib a little. To me, that cruise ship has a capacity of around 12 (the number of accessible rooms on the ship) and if they’re all full, I GET NOTHING.

To you, that movie theater has four really great seats right in the middle that just happen to have a handicapped accessible sign on them. To me, that theater has four seats and if they’re all full, I GET NOTHING.

And let me address the bathroom thing in particular. I don’t give a flying fuck if the handicapped stall was the only one available. You should pretend like it doesn’t fucking exist and wait in line like everyone else. *

Don’t take up spaces that were not meant for you. Because everything but those few precious spaces were not meant for us. 

* Unless it’s literally the only stall in the bathroom or you’re about to absolutely shit yourself. Then it’s fine. 

How to end the problems in the voltron fandom

Let people do what they like to do and if you don’t agree with them you can either politely state your own opinion or just move on.
-You don’t like shaladin? Don’t go after shaladin posts!
-You hate how some fanfics portray the team like assholes to Lance? Don’t read those fanfics!
- You hate /ship name/? Don’t go after /ship name/ posts!

Why is this so hard??

Laith vs Klance (aka I can’t stop laughing)

The whole Laith debacle from SDCC is honestly so HILARIOUS to me.

Because I have such vivid images of poor, poor poor Lauren silently fuming at the voltron fandom for over a year now.

Like I can just imagine her, sitting down 3 years ago or something to go over the scripts and storyboards. And she’s wondering how the show will be received when it finally premieres. Will people like it? Will they not? Who will be the fan favourite characters? What episodes will people quote the most?

But also…. ALSO… because she’s not an idiot… I imagine her knowing that Keith and Lance will be shipped together, and she’s cackling to herself as she’s writing these episodes with Dos Santos. She knows that these characters will be shipped together, and she’s been referring to them lovingly as “Laith”. FOR. YEARS.

Then season 1 premieres, and she releases her babies into the wild. This thing that she’s been working on and stressing over for years. Now she will finally be able to see how people enjoy it. What jokes are coming out of it, all the amazing fan art…

But creators don’t name ships. Fandoms do.

And I imagine her… seeing the first bit of fan art tagged as “Klance”… just stopping and going 

And basically she’s been in a silent rage for a year now. But then SDCC happened and she went “FUCK YOU SHITS, YOU HAD ONE JOB.”

Dear Fandoms

Doesnt matter how right you think you are about a ship or a character, that is no fucking excuse to harass other people.
Doesnt matter how much you dislike someone’s fanart or OCs, that is no fucking excuse to tell them to go kill themselves.
Doesnt matter if you are part of the majority or minority, that is no fucking excuse to torment someone.
Doesnt matter if they disagree with your opinion, thats no excuse to be a fucking douchebag.

You can dislike something and voice your opinion why. That however is not justification for you to attack others nor for others to attack you.

Fandom Fic Rec Days

The Fandom Fic Rec Days are back!

It is easy to make people look at art; all you need is a reblog. But when it comes to make people want to read fanfiction, it can get just a little more tricky.

To give writers more recognition, and to celebrate their stories, we’ve decided to organize the Fic Rec Days.

On February 10th, 11th, and 12th, you’re invited to rec your favourite fics, from the all time faves to the WIPs you’re currently enjoying.

How? In any way you want!

  • Create a post saying why people should read the fic!
  • Draw some fanart!
  • Create graphics/aesthetics!
  • Make a fic rec list!
  • Make a mix!
  • And so on.

Anything, really; there’s no way of rec’ing worth less than another.

This way, you will:

  1. Promote writers’ fics, and maybe get them new readers.
  2. Make their day, they will be super happy!
  3. Maybe encourage them to write more (win-win!)

Any rules/extra information?

  • Tag your posts with #ficrecdays
  • Tag your fandom/ship.
  • You can always queue if you’re not available!
  • Readers, please consider leaving a comment on the fics you liked!

Above all else, have fun, make people happy (writers and new readers alike!)

Reblog to spread the word, and see you then! :D


“No one knows what tomorrow will bring… But I know we will walk slowly together for our tomorrow..” - Guhai & Bai Luoyin / Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou

Fairy Tail Fans, don’t tweet mashima spoilers


If you have a twitter and want to tweet @ Hiro Mashima about the last chapter when it comes out. DO NOT TWEET HIM SPOILERS OR YOUR REACTIONS UNTIL WEDNESDAY 26th. 
That is the official date when it will be released in Japan and on Crunchyroll. 


If you read it on YonkouProd, Mangastream, Mangapanda. etc. YOU ARE READING IT ILLEGALLY. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT. The only official source to read it online that I know of is Crunchyroll.

I don’t care how you read it, not everyone can afford the membership and that is fine. But the least you can do is be respectful towards the author who created the series we all love.

If you do have a twitter and see anyone tweeting mashima spoilers please ask them nicely to take it down and let them know it’s disrespectful.

Lets have the final chapter end on a good note, one that is truly worth remembering for us fans as well as Hiro. 

Sorry in advance for tagging the big 4 ships. I just want to make sure alot of people can see this. 

Okay, but imagine Autistic Mermaids/Mermen/Merpeople

-Who stim by flapping their tails. 

-Who stim by singing. 

-Who can’t understand merpeople social skills, but know how to talk to humans. 

-Who hide inside of large oysters when they’re overwhelmed because the pressure calms them down.

-Who have special interests in coral or humans or fish or empathy.

-Who hate ships because the noises they make are too loud. 

-Who stim by sending waves and white horses towards the shore. 

-Who cut their hair because the feeling of it in their face is overwhelming. 

-Who stim by clicking shells together. 

-Who talk to little children who come by the docks because they can relate to them better. 

-Who get overwhelmed by singing in front of too many or too few people. 

-Who arrive very early or very late to concerts. 

-Who have a particular sea creature they hang out with almost constantly. 

-Who don’t know how to flirt with merpeople, but charm humans easily. 

-Who like particular types of sea flora in their hair, and abhor the feelings of any other sea flora because it feels terrible. 

That’s all I can think of right now.

puffyball13  asked:

I loved billdip for a long time but often other fans of gravity falls said mean and rude things about it and to those who ship it? As a fellow shipper, I ask for your wisdom to tell me why?

Hello sweetheart, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply you.

For your question, I pretty much don’t want to discuss about this publicly but I think it would be better if I say it out one more time. 

As much as I hate to admit this but BillDip is neither the most popular ship AND the most hated ship in this fandom, the reason can be summarized in one word: pedophilia - which stands for a relationship between an adult with a child. Others reasons is about abusive relationship or some sort.

If you ever want an advice from me, let me tell you one thing, that is certainly important to remember if you ever see someone harrassing the ship again: they are fictional characters. None of the thing we artists/authors draw/write are real, it’s just our own imaginations. 

Sure when I say this some of you might wonder: “Then it’s okay to ship pedophilia with fictional characters because it’s your imagination?”. If I answer this in my very opinion, I’m the kind who would like to build a proper relationship for the couple I like so I can avoid all the bad things happen to them, but if I answer this in the role of all BillDip shippers, I must say yes and no, cause we all people and we have weird tastes in something sometimes but that not mean we support/are that kind in real life, fiction and real life are really, really different, please remember. It’s like watching some Disney movie which make you wondering “How the heck can two characters fall in love in like one day?”, but yet you still ship them. Yeah, that’s pretty much it mate, fiction don’t happen in real life. 

So if someone don’t like the ship please just move on, this fandom is not about us shippers so don’t pull the rage to you by yourself just because you don’t like it or want people to stop shipping it, trust me, they won’t stop…