how can people hate this character after everything she's been through i cannot understand

Sansa Stark does not deserve your hatred

In my last year of school we had to write a character analysis and I decided to write about Sansa Stark. My teacher (who was only a couple of years older than me) was a huge asoiaf fan and he got really excited about it, but I remember him frowning and saying in a perplexed voice, “How can Sansa Stark be your favourite character?”

I looked at him with the same confusion mirrored in my own eyes and replied: “Because she is strong.” That was the first time I realised how hated Sansa was and it really infuriated me and so I decided to show him in my essay why she is my favourite character and honestly I think he got it because I did end up getting a good grade.

The analyse focused on book Sansa but this will focus on show Sansa,and it will probably be a bit of a read.

This here is the very moment I began to like Sansa. This is where she looses her innocence and where her character growth begins. This is when she goes from being a child to a young woman. This is where she wants to kill her Prince Charming and she would have if the Hound had not stopped her. This is also a part many viewers seem to overlook, deciding to still view Sansa as a stupid little girl and that is the problem with those who dislike Sansa, they refuse to acknowledge her growth.

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“Another Story” is not a romantic drama.

It is a story about self discovery, and the long road to recovering one’s own identity after years of abuse and self neglect. V’s story is one we can all learn from.

I’ve heard that there’s been a lot of V hatred, and uh… That’s not okay.

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that at the beginning of MysMe, I really disliked V. Not hate him, per se, but… Disliked him. And after the secret stories? I only pitied him. He was characterized originally as the “brooding artist” (and thanks, but I’ve had enough of that mess) who romanticized mental illness, mental pain, until it came back to bite him in the ass.

We can’t, no, we shouldn’t deny that in some way V is to blame for Rika’s breakdown, though I don’t doubt she would have eventually lost herself to her own delusions and machinations. Where V faltered, however, is in his lack of understanding. He didn’t understand himself, he didn’t understand other people, but most importantly? He didn’t understand that true love is something one must feel for one’s own self before feeling it for another person. He appeased the shit out of Rika, and he obsessed- YES RIKA, OBSESSED- over her until she snapped, and in turn, she obsessed and wounded him until he couldn’t see himself as anything other than “Rika’s Sun.” Until he lost himself. Until he defined himself by the actions and suffering she inflicted upon him, by only his past pain and failed attempt at renewal.

In a metaphorical sense? The neglect and carelessness he inflicted upon Rika was really in the end the abuse he inflicted upon himself. That’s not to say “he deserved it.” Far from that. He never deserved it, no one deserves that. No one deserves to be dammed with the incapability of loving themselves. Least of all those who were not taught selflove from the beginning.

V learns that you cannot define yourself by the love you give others, nor by the love you wish to receive from others. You must define yourself by the love you feel for your own, personal self.

After struggling through “Another Story,” fighting for this wonderful man’s freedom, from his abuser, from his own self hatred from his own self-abuse…?

How can you not love him?

No… How can you not respect him?

And I know that my poetry usually makes no sense, it’s a thing called love that compels us to keep reading. Would you care to know why my favorite color is red? I used to have a friend named Kevin and it was his favorite color. He was the flamboyant and most colorful of us in the group. Popular with the ladies and loyal to his friends. I was the one in the backseat laughing to their thoughts when I really had none of my own. Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing so much. Maybe that’s why I love the color red. He painted his room red once, I remember things changing right around then. The drugs were getting a little heavier even with his teenage youth, the drugs will rip right through you. Painkillers will kill your emotions, you don’t want to feel a thing. I can relate to Kevin, I fucking love painkillers too. I shut myself off from everyone, but occasionally I enjoy the company. I’m awkward and my thoughts are kinda dim, so I always liked being around him. Are you familiar with the literary term foil? A foil is a character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. I feel like he was like that for me. I always saw myself as a little too blue, I wanted to be something worth loving, I wanted to be a little more like him, I want to kiss life into everything, I wanted to live, I wanted to be more than a shadow of a group of peers that did drugs and listened to melancholy and nostalgic techno after school hours. I don’t know how he’s doing or what he’s up to. The last thing I heard was he’s into needles now. Rumors plague this tiny town, we were raised from imperfections and we grew up to taste cigarettes that numb our gums. He had the kind of laugh that made you want to be his friend. It’s funny though, none of my friends initially liked me. Until they got to know me, empty and hollow, a sponge– the one who listened to the problems, never really any of my own. I get lost in my thoughts, I know. My poetry is scattered, I know. I don’t convey structure or rhymes, I don’t hide in between the rules. My words are more scribbles than they are truly masterpieces. Would you like to know why I write? I used to know someone that said the shoreline was like a bed and naps were always possible– she waited there everyday for inspiration. She would tell me the tiny stories inside of her head that had nowhere to go, it’s funny. I never really listened to her, I just enjoyed the company of love and to be loved. Love, what is it? When I wrote my first poem for her, I didn’t know where it came from or why I wanted to write it. I just knew that I had to write it. It had to be done. I had to read it to her. Let me tell you, if your first poem was a love poem, it was probably the most cringe thing you’ve ever created. Ever. Period. But still, I loved it. It was bad, but it had feelings. You always miss the feeling more than you do the person and that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever had to realize. It really shouldn’t be, but it is. You never really understand your mistakes until it’s just you. You only want them back when you’re alone. It’s been so long, I don’t keep track of the days anymore. Hell, she’s married now. I shouldn’t be writing this. She’s going to read it anyway. It doesn’t matter at this point. I guess she left poetry inside of these palms for good measure, she loved attention. A lot of it. The more, the better. Maybe I stopped paying attention. Maybe I got too comfortable. Maybe that’s why I love writing poetry, in a way it just means that I still love her. Lost kids who didn’t know how to love, another foil. You know, I never really liked to read books until I met her. She had a smile made from your doggy eared books, you know, your favorite line you always had to reread or quote during a conversation. She had the kind of laugh that made you want to get in on the joke even though you were the one telling it. I loved that laugh almost as much as I loved Kevin’s. I don’t talk to these two anymore, I don’t remember much about the memories, only the feelings that they left. You can’t find loyalty amongst pill users, they always use. Trust me, I know. I’ve been swearing off painkillers for months. You won’t find a love like that again because every relationship is unique in its own way. You can’t recreate the old flames with your new ones. You need to move on. I haven’t really lived life. Maybe you’re just like me. Maybe you’re stuck at a job that you don’t like and maybe life just doesn’t make much sense. So you blackhole more drugs to ease the disaster that is you. Nothing hurts, you just don’t want to remember anything that might hurt– right? It really shouldn’t be, but it is. I listen to music more often than I converse with people. Music influences my soul in a way that people cannot. I just turned 24, but I’m still a little confused about who I am. Does any 24 year old have their shit figured out? Do you ever feel like your dreams and aspirations are slowly dying? I’ve always felt like an old man. I’m boring and I don’t dance too much, the only thing good about me is my writing. It’s the only thing I’m half decent at, but I hate that too. I don’t answer anonymous questions anymore because I feel like my thoughts aren’t good enough. How can I help you if I can’t even help myself? Red rose petal poetry pressed onto the stove kind of writing– it really shouldn’t hurt, but it does. I’ll always miss the days when things were simpler. I didn’t care as much. I didn’t smoke as much. I didn’t think as much. It was just simple. No hard facts, just some stupid kids getting high behind a dark house and running into ghosts in every room. No broken hearts, just some teenagers who wanted to figure love out with a knife in hand waiting to hug each other. I’ll pry the knife real slow and we’ll call it love kind of love, ain’t it love? I love you doesn’t even sound right anymore, so I’ll say nothing. I miss my old friends, but we’ve changed so much– I wonder if they’ll even recognize me. My life is insignificant and minuscule, but we must all seek to find our purpose, to bring meaning to the clutter, and to add more fire to the chaos that is life. I don’t want to die angry, I want to die with a smile. You don’t get to do anything twice, you don’t get to correct your mistakes– so make enough for your self-reflection drunk nights. You don’t get to unlove people, so pick the right ones to fall in love with– don’t worry, you won’t need to remember all of their names, just the feelings. You don’t get to unfriend people, they’ll always be a part of you. A part of who you are. A part of who you will come to be. I keep slipping into the darkest parts of my mind and call it a life. I’ve been reading this book and it told me to dig deep. Why do I write? Why do I enjoy the burn of love? Over a few thousand poems, but 99.9 percent are indeed about love. Why do you want this kind of life? Well, darling– These words are as much yours as they are mine.
—  zero point one

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I know you did an hc of MC having a panic attack but can you do one where MC has depression and anxiety and blames herself over little things and easily cries. All the characters please.

Hello darling, thank you for your request; I most certainly can write this. However, I am just putting this out here now that this was hard for me to write. I have suffered with depression for four years now, and yet writing about it has always been difficult for me. The reason so is that sometimes I don’t even understand it, even though I am diagnosed with it. I did this to the best of my ability. I realize that depression, panic attacks, mental illnesses are different for everyone. Really, I understand. I based a lot of these off of experience with my depression and in others.

For those who suffer with depression or panic attacks, please remember that there are always people who are here for you and are supporting you. You are never alone though it may seem like that sometimes.

My inbox is always open if you need to talk or just want to vent. <3

Link to MC having a panic attack; RFA + Minor Trio MC having a panic attack

RFA + Minor Trio MC w/ depression



  • Yoosung just wants you to be happy all the time, always smiling,
  • But he understands that sometimes you are just sad, and you may not know why.
  • Sometimes, you will just cry and Yoosung will honestly have no idea what to do. It could be over the smallest thing and you just couldn’t help yourself.
  • He found you once on the bathroom floor, curled into a ball as you cried softly. Yoosung was conflicted. He wanted to help and comfort you, but he also couldn’t tell if you just wanted to be alone. He was still trying to figure these things out for yours and his sake.
  • In the end, he sat next to you and was glad that he did because you wrapped your arms around him and pulled yourself to him. “MC? Would you like me to carry you to our room? It will be much more comfortable there and we can talk. Or if you want… we can just sit in silence.”
  • You nodded, so he heaved you up smol boy is strong and brought you to the bedroom. He tucked you in and crawled in beside you. He wrapped his arms around your smaller form and pulled you against him, your head just above his heart so you could hear its steady beat. He talked you through your small breakdown, helped you to figure out what was wrong if there were something wrong, and let his warmth and love be your comfort.
  • Yoosung does whatever he can to help you. He’s always asking you open ending questions, and makes sure that you don’t keep anything from him.
  • Though he understands there are times where you will not want to share things with him, he wants you to know how you feel, and he wants to be certain you are always feeling supported and loved.
  • “Thank you for telling me, MC. I hope you don’t think I am prying. I just want you to feel comfortable telling me your feelings. I care about how you feel, and I want to do what I can to support you. I love you, cutie.”


  • He figured out pretty soon after you having moved in with him that you had depression by your downcast mood and other symptoms he spotted.
  • For one, you never cared about how you looked; meaning you never showered, never took care of yourself. You never kept things clean, and you didn’t mind living in a dump.
  • As well as that, nothing ever interests you. Or things that once interested you, you now can’t be bothered with.
  • There is hardly any light in your eyes, and it devastates Zen. He wishes you could always smile, because you are so beautiful with your smile! But he understands it isn’t that easy. He remembers finding you in his dressing room at one of his rehearsals, balling your eyes out because you thought you held him back.
  • “Jagiya, why would you say such a thing? What makes you feel that way. Please tell me.”
  • “I’m not good enough, Zen! You deserve someone who is stable, who is capable, who can manage you better. You don’t deserve to be stuck with me.” Zen frowned, cupping your face in his hands. He gave you a soft smile as he wiped away one of your tears.
  • “Oh, my lovely MC… Don’t you see that you’re the only girl I want? Don’t you see that you are good enough?
  • Zen is very ominent that you get help. He knows that it cannot just be him that helps you, but a doctor too, so he suggest a therapist. He’ll offer to accompany you to your appointments. He reaches out to your friends and organizes days out for you guys. He does whatever he possibly can to make you smile, and remind you that you are not alone.
  • “One plus one is cutie pie! Two plus two is cutie pie! Hehe~ There’s that smile I love so much, Jagiya. I treasure it.”


  • Jaehee was well aware of your history with depression and anxiety. Before you two became a couple, you had mentioned it to her. You felt safe sharing that information with Jaehee; not only was she your best friend, who you felt should know, but she was also the woman you were falling in love with.
  • One thing Jaehee has noticed when your depression is particularly bad is that you can be incredibly forgetful, and have trouble concentrating.
  • That can be a problem some times at the cafe. And you realize that. And you hate it.
  • You had forgotten two orders one day and had to deal with the angry customers alone while Jaehee was in the back room. The shame ate you up as the customers yelled until finally you ran to the storage closet and broke down, letting everything out. Jaehee sat outside the closet for an hour trying to get you out.
  • Another time she found you crying because you were having suicidal thoughts, and you didn’t know what to do.
  • She took your hand and brought them to her lips, kissing it softly. “MC, I think it’s time we find you a therapist. You know I’ll always be here for you. It hurts me to see you in so much mental pain.”
  • Jaehee is great in providing you resources.
  • If you are up for it, she brings you to support groups where you are able to talk with others who have the same turmoils as you.
  • She helps you in finding a therapist, and if you ask her, she’ll always accompany you, if that is what you want.
  • “Hey, MC. I can see that the colour has come back to your face! How are you feeling? Would you like to have a cup of coffee and talk with me? If not, we can just cuddle for a bit if you want.”


  • Though Jumin knows what depression is, it is not something that he is familiar with, and he has no idea at first what to do when he discovers you are diagnosed with depression.
  • It pained him to see you never sleep. He used to not get a lot of sleep, but at least he got more than two hours a day. He’d be lucky if he got you to sleep for at least an hour and a half.
  • And you never take care of yourself, which can sometimes lead to Jumin being a little harsh on you, which he instantly regrets when he sees you beginning to get upset.
  • It tears him apart when he finds you in the bedroom crying because you are too afraid to go to a banquet with him or to go out in public. You express how you feel you’ll bring his reputation down, or you will mess something up for him.
  • These are the times that Jumin feels absolutely helpless. Comfort is not his strong suit. He has been able to help you through panic attacks, but when you express how utterly pathetic you feel, he feels paralyzed, and useless to you. But nevertheless, he tries to help you. He sits besides you and wraps his arm around your shoulder, caresses your cheek while he turns your head to face him. He gives you a soft smile and whispers, “I don’t think you realize just how much you mean to me. Do you really think I care about reputation? I’d give it all away to be with you.”
  • Gets you the best therapist money can get you. He literally holds interviews finding one. You deserve the best, and he refuses to settle for anything less.
  • He encourages you to exercise, and will go on little walks with you. He always makes sure that the bodyguards are close behind to make sure nothing happens. 
  • “I will do whatever I can to make sure you smile. When you are in pain, I am in pain. I wish I had a better understanding of what you were feeling, but please know I will try to my very best to understand.


  • Seven understands all too much about depression.
  • He can’t bare to see the one he loves, you, always in pain, mentally and physically. He’ll try to do what he can if he can get away form work, and rub your shoulders, massage your back, bring you heating pads. He’ll do whatever he can to alleviate as much pain as possible.
  • It utterly tears him apart to see you so numb sometimes. Some days, you just don’t feel anything, and he’ll find you just staring out a window with a lifeless expression. He will then try and get you moving, but it doesn’t always work.
  • Seven is past those days where he used to push you away and reject your affection. If anything he craves your tenderness now. But sometimes when he is so focused in work, you’ll take some of what he says the wrong way. For example, he may tell you to go back to bed if it’s early in the morning and you’ve come to check on him. You’ll get worried, and you begin to hyperventilate thinking he’s pushing you away.
  • And you can’t lose him. He’s what is keeping you going.
  • You’ll just break down in front of him, and all jokes aside, Seven will rush to your side to comfort you. There are some things that jokes just can’t fix. This being one of them.
  • He holds you against his chest and kisses the top of your head, rubbing your back gently and soothingly. “Listen to me, MC. I’m not going anywhere. Not now. Not ever. I made a promise to be by your side through sickness and health, didn’t I? You were there for me, and I will be there for you.
  • To help you, Seven will do anything. You helped him, and he will help you.
  • Seven is always ready to talk to you if you need someone to talk to. If you need advice, comfort, he is there. If you need someone to just listen to you, he has all ears open. Sure, some jokes may come out every once and awhile, but these are the times that he likes to be earnest. He wants you to see that he is taking you seriously.
  • When times are particularly bad, he will contact your family, asking for advice on what they would do to help you and asking if they would like to visit.
  • “This may sound really cheesy, but it’s a quote I really liked. ‘I lost the battle, but I’ll win the war.’ It goes a little something like that. This breakdown is just one battle that you may have lost. But this whole war; you are going to win. And I believe in you, and I will continue to believe in you.”


  • V was probably the best for this. 
  • After the whole ordeal with Rika, he knew how to help those with depression and/or facing anxiety. Thankfully, you were not like Rika who planned to create an entire religion and cult based around her, so helping you was a little bit easier.
  • He took a lot of notice to how numb you would get. You would aimlessly walk around the house sometimes, not feeling sad, but not feeling happy either.
  • You were always tired and always sleeping, which he wasn’t opposed to at first until he realized just how much it was affecting your daily schedule.
  • To help you, he’d encourage you to talk to him about how you were feeling. Of course, if you really did not want to talk, he wouldn’t force you, but he always lightly coaxed you into letting out your feelings.
  • He also provides many resources for you such as support groups and therapists. He makes sure you go to one of the best therapy groups, and that you get the best help possible.
  • “Hey, MC? Do you think you could stay awake so I can paint you? You see, there just isn’t anyone as beautiful as you for me to paint, and I am so desperate to paint something beautiful. Everything I find just doesn’t compare to you.”


  • Like Seven, Saeran knows about depression all too well. And having lived now with a numerous amount of mental disorders like depression and anxiety, it really bothers him to see you facing it too. He hates knowing that you feel the same pain as him.
  • He recognizes it immediately. You are always in pain. Whether it is your arms being sore, your feet hurting, your back aching or your shoulders are stiff.
  • You are never interested in anything besides him or maybe a few books. He isn’t the best at encouraging you to ‘do stuff’ like maybe riding a bike or going to a gym, but he’ll try to coax you into doing something productive. It just usually doesn’t work. And he doesn’t feel like he is one to talk.
  • You will cling to him, and not leave him alone. Which he can put up with since he is clingy towards you as well, for the same reasons that he is afraid of losing you.
  • But you cry a lot, and that can be really bothersome for him. However, he puts up with it and will comfort you to his best ability, considering you have endured all of his yelling fits and breakdowns, so the least he can do is put up with some crying.
  • That leads to another thing; whenever he raises his voice just the slightest, you start to cry. His loud voice terrifies you, even if it isn’t directed at you, but directed at Saeyoung. You will burst into tears and curl into a ball, cuddling yourself as you try to block out the sounds of his shouts.
  • I.. no, just please stop crying, please. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to shout. I’m trying, I really am. We are trying together… I’ll help you, MC, just like how you’ve helped me. I’m not going anywhere. We have each others backs…. I love you.
  • You also cry whenever you are in the shower. Saeran doesn’t understand why because aren’t showers supposed to make you feel better? They always helped him. So why were you crying?
  • Saeran determines if either of you are going to get better, you’re both going to have to put some effort in. So you two start going to therapy together, which is easiest for the both of you. You guys feel much more comfortable, safe, and open being at each others sides.
  • Saeran always listens to what you have to say, and you do the same for him for that matter. Any rant, cry, vent, and he is all ears. He isn’t the best at advice, but he’ll try.
  • You guys will also go on frequent walks, which has proven to be very therapeutic and helpful for you guys. You guys will walk silently holding each others hands, enjoying the soft breeze against your faces and the birds chirping in the distance. It’s very peaceful and relaxing.
  • “You know, MC. We may not be perfect in health, or perfect in general. But… I think that is ok. I don’t think there is anything wrong with us. I just think we need a little extra help from each other. And I’m so happy that you trust me with your problems and your pains. I hope you continue to come to me whenever you are in need so I can help you.


  • Vanderwood wished he understood what you were dealing with, because though he may hide it behind a stoic look, he is truly, truly concerned for you.
  • For one, you sleep way too much. He is always having to get you out of bed and keep you from going to sleep by giving you gallons of coffee.
  • You walk around in baggy clothes, barely showering, never brushing your hair; just not bothering to keep yourself clean or healthy.
  • You will over eat, shoving food down your throat and never seeming to gain a pound, which lead Vanderwood to become ever more concerned.
  • For the longest time, Vanderwood never knew about the small crying fits you would have in your closet of all places. You didn’t want him to see you crying, you didn’t want him to think you were weak.
  • So you hid in the closet,
  • And cried.
  • But Vanderwood came home early from work one day, and the first thing he heard was your sobs coming from the bedroom. He slowly entered the room and saw that the sobs were coming from the closet. His felt an odd tug in his heart when he saw you curled in a ball on the ground of the closet. He asked you what was wrong, and you poured your heart out to him. You told him you were afraid of what he would think of you.
  • Weak is the last thing he would ever use to describe you, and he wish you knew that. “MC. Take my hand. Don’t hide away from me, and let me help you.”
  • Vanderwood is in frequent contact with your family, keeping them updated on your well being and how therapy is going for you.
  • He makes sure that you are always at your appointments, and that you never miss one. If he has to drive you, he will. If he has to take a bus with you, he will. A train, so be it. You are going to your appointments. And if you need him there, he will stay, no matter how uncomfortable he may feel.
  • “Look. I’m not the best at expressing my emotions, or how I feel. But you know that I love you. I’m not going to leave you. I’m going to keep helping you, and keep supporting you. Don’t try to hide things from me because it doesn’t work. I know you better than anyone else… I’ve really missed your smile. Come here and give me a hug.”


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kylo killed his father in cold blood, how do you see him realistically making reparations for that in the film?

Well, I think you’re looking at a fictional story too literally if you believe these actions are one-to-one related to the real world. They are terrible - for SURE! Kylo Ren, as he is now, is a dumbass and a jerk. No arguments there. But those of us who like his character see a potential for masterful storytelling here. Obviously if this were the real world… I’d be terrified of someone like Kylo. But we are talking about a SPACE OPERA here… not your next-door neighbor.

I think one thing anti-Kylo people do is look at these stories through a real world lens… but that’ just bad story and character analysis. You’re not looking at his characterization as a DEVICE for the plot - and ultimately for the core morals and lessons involved in that overarching plot.

Fairy tales and particularly Star Wars are not tales about perfect people who make all the right choices. It’s about people making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes, to ultimately do the right thing IN THE END. It’s about the central messages and themes we take away from it all. Characters serve a specific purpose - to make us learn things and see things anew. You better bet Kylo has that purpose.

And of course, there is even precedent in the Star Wars universe teaches us that anyone can be saved. Just look at the actions of Darth Vader. His actions were at least - and not limited to -

-turning on the Jedi Order and becoming a literal Sith Lord

-killing dozens and dozens of children in cold blood (far more chilling than two old dudes if you ask me)

-accusing his pregnant wife of cheating with his best friend

-accusing his pregnant wife of being a traitor and committing treason

-Force choking his pregnant wife

-killing his pregnant wife

-trying to kill his best friend, who was his father figure

-mass genocide on a grand, galaxy-wide scale

-kidnapping and torturing his daughter

-killing his own father figure and former best friend - Obi-wan

-kidnapping and torturing his daughter’s boyfriend

-freezing his daughter’s boyfriend in carbonite

-kidnapping and cutting off his son’s hand

-trying to manipulate his son to join the Dark Side

-kidnapping his son and taking him to the most evil man to have ever lived in the galaxy - the Emperor

That’s not even everything but I’m tired already. Vader was busy y’all. Yet Vader was redeemed in the end - through the love of his son.

But beyond that, in the context of Star Wars, Kylo Ren’s actions are bad - but they’re not irredeemable bad. I’m not excusing anything he’s done, and I think his character HAS to suffer dearly for it. And I think he will, in many intimate and personal ways.

But, I gotta say, you’re looking at his action out of context. We have seen much more vicious, unrepenting characters in SW, and that Kylo is already showing guilt and shame is a pretty big tip off he’s headed for redemption. And, also, I think this action - being dramatic and horrific as it was - has to MEAN something, in the greater story. More than just, “KYLO IS EEEEEVIIIIL MWAHAHAHA!!!”

First, if you’re a Han Solo fan, you should want his death to mean something - and that’s was Harrison Ford wanted all along too.

But Han’s death is meaningless if he couldn’t actually save his son - like he went there to do. If Ben Solo doesn’t come back, Han died for nothing.

I think Ben Solo - for the sake of the story - had to kill his father to realize that Snoke is lying to him and manipulating him. JJ himself has confirmed that Kylo didn’t want to kill his father but thought he had to. We don’t know why that is yet… but, he thought it was the only way to further whatever cause (which we the audience have not entirely been made aware of yet - keep that in mind) he is trying to accomplish.

The thing is: JJ confirms it didn’t actually help him get further to the Dark Side. Can you imagine how that’s going to play out in his character?? How his trust with Snoke will be shaken? How his interactions with Rey will inform his character arc from here on out?

Why y’all think he failed his fight so poorly against Rey? You think he’s that bad of a Force user that he can lose to a total n00b?? Nah, he was grief-stricken and horrified at what he’d done - Adam’s excellent acting skills should tell that story, even without JJ’s commentary.

NOT SAYING that makes it ok - but in the CONTEXT of a fictional universe, showing your bad guy grief stricken over a terrible act he’s just committed is a huge sign he is not a big bad. It’s a huge sign he’s going to change.

Kylo realized he fucked up, and Snoke is a liar. Now, he will probably stay in denial for a little bit, but eventually he’ll have to come to terms with this. And I think he’s probably going to want to go after Snoke with a passionate vengence - and ultimately help Rey do that.

And that brings me to the next point. SPOILERS FOR AFTERMATH AND BLOODLINE BELOW.

We know from the Aftermath series that Ben Solo had been manipulated, groomed, and preyed upon by Snoke since he was a FETUS. Now, I want you to imagine that. A FETUS is being touched by the Dark Side IN THE WOMB from this terrible dark energy - which Leia confirms is Snoke in TFA. Again, Kylo is responsible for his decisions, but to say that he cannot learn and grow past a lifetime of abuse and manipulation, that he cannot escape that no matter what he tries to do if he learns his lesson… y’all that is some fucked up thinking, not gonna lie.

Finally, and this is the most important part:



We are led to believe he thinks what he is doing is ultimately RIGHT and GOOD.

Again - not excusing his behavior - but if we are to understand Ben Solo, I think we have to understand that he thinks his actions are necessary to save the galaxy. Something has happened to convince him that what he’s doing is the only way.

If you thought killing your father would save the galaxy… wouldn’t you do it? I’m sorry, but I probably would if I thought it would save BILLIONS OR TRILLIONS of people. I would hate myself - as Kylo Ren presumably does. But I would probably do it.

Remember, it’s a war, and even in the real world, family on opposite sides of war kill each other. It’s sad and tragic… but it is even a part of our world. There’s no excuse that can make up for what Kylo did… but I do hope it forces him to stop doing the wrong things and realize his way is NOT going to save people, like he may think he is doing.

And, not only that, but

Han himself knew the sacrifice he was potentially making.

As a father, he wanted to make that sacrifice, no matter the risks. I, for one, don’t want to see his sacrifice go in vain. I’d like to see it be Ben’s turning point back toward the light.

Also, we know from Bloodline that when the New Republic learned of  Leia and Luke being Vader’s children, they went after Leia. She even faced an assassination attempt and openly worries what could happen to Luke and Ben - that someone might go after them.

We don’t know what happened to turn Ben Solo to the Dark Side. We are all assuming he found out about Vader and went batshit crazy and killed a bunch of younglings a la Anakin 2.0.

But we don’t actually KNOW that. Wait for the story! Until we know everything, we are shooting in the dark to assassinate a character we know nothing about!

We also know Rian Johnson helped Claudia Gray write certain aspects of Bloodline - that he gave suggestions to plot points to help inform the audience in preparation for TLJ!

My speculation, based on what I read in Bloodline,  is that someone in the New Republic didn’t like that Vader’s son and grandson were playing around with the Force and targeted them - possibly trying to destroy anything and everything Jedi-related, including people.

A betrayal like this from the New Republic to Ben would be everything - it means his home, his family who lied to him for years, his justice system - ALL OF IT - cannot be trusted.

It would explain why Luke went into hiding, too. Luke is a pacifist who would rather walk away than confront an entire government. Even if the government as a whole didn’t do anything, it’s possible individuals in the New Republic would based on such shocking news. I imagine a significant amount of people would be terrified of Vader’s offspring and descendants furthering their legacy in the Force.

Regardless of speculation, we don’t know Ben Solo’s story yet. Wait for the story, see what happens. And, sure, if by the end of it, Kylo Ren is still running around with clenched fists and ramming his sword into every old man and console that comes along his path…

Sure, then we can say, “that guy is an irredeemable asshole!!!”

But, I for one, think they’re going to build a pretty epic story and the big “twist” for TLJ will be something that changes our opinion of Ben and his actions entirely - to the point that he will be redeemable and sympathetic.

The fact is, I think even most anti-Kylo people will be able to accept his character if he starts making good decisions and gets a well told back story. Let’s trust the almighty Lucasfilm gods to give us a great story that challenges our expectations and assumptions - which THEY ALWAYS do! And I also think Rey is going to be integral to that change and they will NEED each other to figure it all out.

Matching Marks Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 1985

Prompts: Soulmate AU, and  “I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married.”

This is my entry’s for @jared-padaloveme‘s Fluff Birthday Challenge!! :) This is only Part 1 of 2, so look for the next part soon! ;) Enjoy! 

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Another Prompt Fill

Since both came in together…  Great minds, apparently.


“Your great-aunt Eudora died,” Molly said, glancing over to Sherlock before going back to her slides.

“Oh good, when’s the funeral?”

“Day after tomorrow, reading of the will to follow. I didn’t know that was an actual thing people actually did. Like, do you lot just gather in mahogany-panelled libraries with your embroidered hankies and veils and mesh gloves and just faint dramatically when the surprise illegitimate child walks in?”

“I know they say television is a window to the world, but sometimes it would do you some good to actually go outside,” Sherlock said, shouldering her aside to see what she was looking at. “Ooh, is that brain?”

“Colon polyp, actually, though in this bloke I don’t think there was much difference. Real Darwin Award material, thought a curling iron was a vibrator with a warming feature.”

“And that killed him?”

“He tried to cool it off by running it under the tap. While it was still plugged in.”

“Which end?” Sherlock continued to look at the slide.


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Daisy Ridley on finding fame, Star Wars and her love for washing powder

Stylist discovers how Daisy Ridley, London-born star of the biggest movie franchise in the world, became a force to be reckoned with — Stylist Magazine

Daisy Ridley is talking about her favourite washing powder.

“It has got to be Fairy Non-Bio, for sensitive skin. A little touch of fabric conditioner,” she tells me, happily. “God, I love washing my clothes.” Not the conversation I imagined as I flew to LA to hang out with the protagonist of the biggest movie franchise in the galaxy ahead of the anticipated arrival of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But I’m happy to be immersed in it. The conversation sums up the actress: a normal 25-year-old woman thrust into an extraordinary world. A woman who’s a bit jittery from drinking strong coffee, she confesses.

The Last Jedi is steeped in secrecy. All Ridley can do is reassure me that “the question everyone is asking will be answered” (she is referring to the parentage of Rey, her Star Wars character). But what we do know is this: Ridley will be front and centre again.

The Force Awakens (2015) saw Rey, an orphan and scavenger on a desert planet, discover the Force and fight the First Order. The Last Jedi sees the young warrior develop her Jedi powers, with guidance from Luke Skywalker, and continue to seek her place in the world.

Rey was – is – important because she is not defined by the men around her. She is a talented pilot and combatant. She has been granted proper protagonist status; not just a cipher for plot development. Her costume is one she can move in. She is a survivor. There was an outcry – and a hashtag, #wheresrey – last year over the lack of female characters in the just-released Star Wars merchandise, which has since been addressed – but it is a sign that progress can be slow. Coincidentally, it’s the first time Ridley has seen the Rey mug we took to LA for our shoot.

In Princess Leia, played so powerfully by Carrie Fisher, Ridley had the ultimate beacon of how to be a woman in this world and the importance of inspiring a new generation. Fisher filmed The Last Jedi before her untimely passing in December 2016. Ridley says she offered her advice on dating (“You don’t want to give people the ability to say, ‘I had sex with Princess Leia’”) and fame, telling her to enjoy rather than shrink from success.

Whether Ridley has been able to take the latter on board… well, I can’t call it. “I found the hardest thing was everyone saying, ‘Your life’s going to change’,” says the actress, who grew up in London with two sisters and is still based in the capital. “So many people were telling me this thing was going to happen, then the thing happened and that didn’t happen. I go on the Tube, I’m not harassed all the time. People are super-cool.” But equally as we talk it becomes clear Ridley is in awe of the magnitude of the franchise, and is open about her fear of measuring up to the legacy.

Hardly surprising when you consider that The Force Awakens, the third-highest-grossing film of all time (after Avatar and Titanic), was Ridley’s second film role – the first was a student film – and before that she held bit parts in British TV dramas. This year also saw her join the all-star cast of Murder On The Orient Express, and next year will be equally dramatic with Ophelia – a retelling of Hamlet from the perspective of Polonius’s daughter. There’s more Star Wars to come, and Chaos Walking, a book adaptation about a dystopian world without women. Exciting, but perhaps not as much as putting a wash on.

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In Today’s Magic Story...

The Talented Captain Vraska

I’d like to begin by giving this a subtitle, “Because Angrath already took the title of Dread Pirate.”  Now onto the story.

House of the Ochran, Ravnica

  • First, let’s just appreciate that Bolas just slips her this invitation via a book.  He obviously knows his target, and knows that she’ll definitely see this.
    • Second, the gaudiness of the invitation.  Gold ink.  Sandalwood.  Magic.  By gods, this guy.
    • Third, all it says is “MEDITATION PLANE.”  In all caps.  No reason.  No directions.  No description.  Just “BE HERE”.  Bolas never fails to disappoint.
    • Fourth, telepathic ink.  Bolas truly spares no expense.
  • Also there’s not much on the Ochran, apart that Vraska is part of their organization.  This was all the way back with Mazirek’s story.
  • I don’t know what flats are.  I assumed flats were British apartments or something, but oh well.
  • We already touched on this, but Bolas really does go the extra mile in accommodating his pawns.  Mysterious note in a book?  Check.  Magical ink?  Check.  Hiring an assassin bored with assassinating to do something other than assassinate?  Check.
  • Nicol Bolas towered over her, a gold streak against the sky, posture as far from reptilian as his anatomy would allow.
    • Well yeah, he’s basically one giant angry noodle with wings.
  • You read my mind?
    I am currently reading your mind.
    • Oh how I missed reading Nicol Bolas!
  • You need to charge up petrification magic depending on the size of the foe.  So it’s a wind-up.
  • When we last saw Vraska, it seemed like she was setting up Mazirek to take command of the Golgari.  But as long as the injustice done to the downtrodden is removed, it’s all good.
  • Who is Bolas’ associate?  Surely not Tezzeret, he’s more of a lackey or servant.  Is Bolas just being polite, or is there someone whom he regards highly enough to call an associate?
  • I can double-cross him if this goes south.
    “No,” said Nicol Bolas. “You cannot.”
    • I said it before, but I’ll say it again.  I hate the attrocities this elder dragon perpetrates, but god do I love his character and writing!
  • Bolas doesn’t just give her the compass: no, he teleports it into her pocket.  Handing things to people is for peons.
  • Bolas – and now Vraska – know of a spell strong enough to travel through the Blind Eternities and reach someone else.  A specific someone else, I might add.
    • “You’d be surprised what one learns over millennia of boredom,” mused the dragon.
  • The end is worth the means, Vraska told herself…
    • Very important characterization.

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Missy/Master and the Doctor - The whole bloody mess

(spoilers for season 10 finale)

Many people have argued quite differently about the Master, Missy and the Doctor and their motives and relationships. I have discussed it with a tumblr user in two threads (x and x) so for convenience, I collected the arguments here in one thread because I do have a few things to add.

The Master is an awful person, to the point of almost being a one-dimensional caricature of evil.

This is your conclusion so let me start here. The Master, in all the years he has appeared on Doctor Who is a lot of things but never one-dimensional. I’m not sure how familiar you are with his background so let me fill you in quickly. Mind you, I will of course only canon:

1. During their childhood the Doctor and the Master were bullied by a boy named Torvic. To save his friend’s life the Doctor had to eventually kill that boy. Later a personification of death asked the Doctor to be her champion. He refuses and suggests she takes the Master instead as her disciple. She agrees and the Doctor forgets about the whole encounter. In canon it is the Doctor who becomes a killer first and then conveniently escapes responsibility for it by making the Master bear the consequences.

2. At the age of eight the drums were implanted into the Master’s head and always seen as a sign of madness. The drums worsened over time. It was only when the Master forced the Doctor to actually listen to them, that the Doctor believed. So we have a little boy thinking he is not worthy being a Timelord (because why else would he “turn mad” when he looked?) and not even his very best friend even so much as entertains the idea that it could be something else.

3. Koschei (as the Master preferred to be called for a while) was on an academic research mission when the Doctor was expelled from the academy, forcing him into a conflict of loyalty. Again, it is the Doctor who is kicked out first. The Master follows on his own accord because after all they made a pact to see all the stars together.

4. Koschei was obsessed with order to the point that the Timelords planted a spy to monitor him. That spy, a Timelady posing as a human, became his companion. When he eventually found out about her true identity he lost a good part of the ability to trust anyone. Isn’t it beautiful that the Master wanted companions, too? Companions, not servants, not “disposables”. And is it really so wrong that he would despise the Doctor’s companions and insist that they themselves are the only real companions for each other?

5. Later the Doctor made a deal with Death to grant the Master ten years of peace and sanity. At the end of those years the Doctor was supposed to kill him. During those ten years the Master forgot about his true identity, took the name of John Smith, became a doctor and even had a stable relationship. If this is the Doctor’s attempt to take responsibility, it really is rather poorly executed. He never asked the Master if he wanted that kind of “saving”. What are ten years in the life of a Timelord after all? Is the Doctor portrayed here as agreeing to a mercy killing? Possible. But completely without any consent from the Master. Also, isn’t it ironic that of all things the Master, free from the drums and his past, chooses to be a doctor? That “good” is obviously in him.

6. The Master met Sato Katsura, a samurai who was accidentally made immortal as a result of his involvement with the Doctor. It had left him so bitter, he began to follow the Master. This is probably the most obvious moment of the Master picking up after the Doctor. The Doctor has always liked to use people however he sees fit, often not caring much about the consequences. An example from New Who would be the 12th Doctor making Ashildr use a device that kills her instead of trying a little harder to eliminate that possibility.

7. The Master was continually used by the Timelords and other entities to fight for them. He was deliberately turned into a weapon. The latest example of that is his resurrection to fight in the Time War but what he saw scared him so much that he turned himself into Professor YANA and ran away to the end of the universe. The Doctor however stayed and fought. Sometimes I wonder if this is cowardly running away as opposed to courageously doing what is right. Sometimes I wonder if the Doctor’s tolerance for bloodshed, war and violence is higher than the Master’s.

8. At some point he posed as the Doctor and began to work for UNIT were he helped them to fight off several alien attacks on Earth. Does it really matter that he posed as the Doctor? Does doing good only count when it is done in the “right” way?

There are many more examples but these should make it very clear that the Master is anything but one-dimensionally evil.

Let’s look at some of your arguments about Simm!Master’s character:

He told Ten to “get out of the way” because Rassilon was right there, in front of him - the one responsible for his ‘condition’. The intended catharsis of that scene was about the Master getting revenge on Rassilon. (…) It was something that happened in the moment and the status quo of his existence was restored by the Time Lords. (…) People don’t just change in a moment.

So even although the Master had tried to kill the Doctor before time and time again he doesn’t do it when he can because shooting at the Doctor first and then at Rassilion is somehow not cathartic enough? Killing them both, the two people he considers responsible for all that went wrong in his life, wouldn’t be the ultimate revenge? No, the Doctor spared him and so the Master spares him in return because in that moment the Master understands that his friend still loves him, that there is still hope for a future for them together, seeing the stars.
Maybe it is not the huge change in character some people want to see. But it is a redeeming quality. The Master doing “what is right”. All by himself.

Likewise, time has passed since then. The Master went back through the gate with Rassilon to Gallifrey, the Time Lords made a mutual bargain to remove the drums from his head and fix his botched regeneration (…) He just continued with his old ways because that’s what the Time Lords enabled him to do, it was convenient for them to do that in order to get rid of him.

Sometimes I wonder what the other end of that bargain was. What did the Timelords do to him, or make him do for them to remove the drums? After all, they have used him all his life. Why change so suddenly. I think it is very plausible that the Master ran away again and hid on that spaceship (a “mutual kicking out” can mean many many things). Also, despite everything he has done, the Timelords still keep him around. Later, Missy isn’t executed as ordered by the Timelords. They still need the Master for whatever future war they need a monster for. I can’t even imagine what that does to a man. Going back to his “old ways” after once more being confirmed by the Timelords that that is all he is and all he can do is really not that surprising. After all, if they fixed the drums they could have fixed so much more. They could have helped him. Truly helped. With all their knowledge and wisdom. Instead they try to keep him as a convenient weapon.

The premise of the argument “the Master is not self-destructive” kinda falls apart because he literally chose to die at the end of The Last of the Time Lords instead of being at the Doctor’s side. The last two of their kind and he chose to die, not knowing that his ring would be picked up by Miss Trefusis and he’d later return.

Two things:
1. He chooses to die because the idea that the Doctor would imprison him and just “keep him” was so incredibly appalling to him that he couldn’t bear it. It’s not just for his own good or the good of the universe. The Doctor sees the Master as his responsibility, his burden. Considering that the Doctor played a considerable role in the Master becoming the Master, that is incredibly arrogant and self-righteous.
2. The Master has “died” so many times before seemingly without the ability to to come back. His mind has been in other people and objects before. Even if he wasn’t entirely sure about the ring, he must have known (and said so to the Doctor before) that he is pretty much indestructible.

He sees Missy as such a fundamental violation of who he is with regards to her perspective on the Doctor that he chooses to kill his future self. That is who he is in extremis.

Exactly. He simply cannot agree with the fact the Missy has been changed so much that she would forget who she is and how she came to be. He hates that she basically turned into one of the Doctor’s fangirls. He can’t understand why she would regress so much in her development that she is barely more than the child they used to be, looking up at the Doctor hoping for guidance. Let’s remember here that yes, the Doctor saved their life as a child by killing someone. And he put the blame on the Master. The Master simply cannot allow Missy to forget that the Doctor is not morally pure and superior. He cannot allow that standing with the Doctor on the Doctor’s terms leads to their death. He’d rather do it himself. If anything, this was a mercy killing, just like the Doctor agreed to do with the Master many years before. Considering that the Master has survived many of his “final deaths” we can be sure that they will return. When they do it will most likely not be pretty because right now, she thinks that the Doctor believes that she has betrayed him and that he lost his hope for her and does not come after her once more. She might also believe that he is dead and blame herself. The Master’s next regeneration could be the most messed up yet.

And there really was nothing at all self-righteous, self-victimising, or egotistic about the Doctor’s speech. It was about self-sacrifice, out of kindness. (…) the message was simply to just be kind.

The Doctor tries continuously to sacrifice himself. The 9th legion, the cybermen, … It’s a compulsion. Makes me wonder why? Is it because he is so incredibly good (then why does he never die, only regenerate, when he does? Why is his sacrifice never real?) or is it because he needs redemption and forgiveness just as much as the Master does? The Doctor is consumed by guilt and tries to get rid of it by offering himself up again and again. That is not without reward and therefore not entirely and purely good. There is always an agenda behind what the Doctor does, especially when it’s self-sacrifice or kindness. He always goes to extremes to prove that he truly is “good” even although it is only his definition of “good” that counts here. Good is only good in extremis. Only in self-denial and self-sacrifice.

I mean… the Master is a sadistic murderer. (…) The Doctor didn’t “force” anything on her, and, to be honest, what you want when you’re somebody who commits the kind of atrocities that the Master does on a regular basis really doesn’t matter all that much. (…) Your “leave their names out” argument doesn’t really work because that’s just removing the context from the situation. The Doctor has always been a flawed hero, but the whole thing with Missy’s arc is really not an instance of that.

It is exactly here that the greatest flaw of your perception of both Doctor and Master becomes obvious. We are talking about fiction so for a moment let’s talk about real life. Operation Neptune Spear as sanctioned by then-President of the USA Obama was a capture or kill mission directed at Osama bin Laden. US-offficals have also simply called it a kill mission. The mission was accomplished in May 2011 resulting in the death of Osama bin Laden. Criticized as a “revenge mission” by foreign governments and organizations like Amnesty International, this mission remains controversial until today. The reason is simply that a criminal, no matter how bad, does have rights, that human rights are non-negotiable, that the crimes of a person do not make them less human. At the same time, acting as if a criminal has lost his human rights because of (past or future) crimes is morally incredibly flawed and honestly, simply plain wrong. It’s not hard to see the parallels to the Doctor and Missy here. It does matter if there was consent or not and if there continued to be consent because Missy is still a sentient being with rights and the Doctor (with Gallifrey being back) has no authority whatsoever to decide otherwise. By locking Missy up and isolating her the way he did he violated her. He of all people who always thinks he is morally superior. He messed up epically here. Leaving the names out returns them to what they both are: sentient beings with rights.

She said to the Doctor that she’d be good, asking him to teach her how to be, and consented to being imprisoned for rehabilitation. Whether that was what she actually wanted at the start or if she was saying that to get out of being executed, that was something she made good on. She says as much that she could have escaped the Vault if she’d wanted to, but she’s chosen to stay and engage in the process.

Again, it is highly questionable if it was continued consent, or even just consent born out of an honest desire to change and not just desperate words uttered to save her life.  And yes, continued consent is a thing and it is necessary. Ask anybody who agreed to anything and then changed their mind mid-way through. It’s one of the very obvious symptoms of rape culture to think that continued consent is not a thing. Besides, the difference in power between them was so huge by then that in order to keep at least some kind of dignity Missy would have probably said anything, including suggesting that she could have escaped the vault, something the Doctor clearly disagreed with.

It’s not just that Missy decided to stand with the Doctor… It’s that the reason WHY she decided to do that was because her whole perspective and understanding of him has changed. (…) she says to her former self “he’s right”. It’s not just about standing with her friend because she wants to, it’s that she actually has come to understand and empathise with his philosophy.

I stand by what I said in the first place. Isolating a prisoner and depriving them of stimuli is torture. And no, a few books and a piano are not enough to keep someone like the Master sane. Time and time again it was shown in studies and experiments that sentient beings, from monkey to human to most likely Timelord are social animals and lose their minds if isolated for too long. That alone, that isolation over decades must have worn her out so much that the Doctor could have planted any kind of philosophy into her head. He chose the only one he knew of course. Self-denial through self-sacrifice. Let’s remember here that his self-sacrifice has always been fake. Doctors 10 and 11 regenerated after acts of self-sacrifice but it is just never real because he never dies. He always knows that he has a way out. Regeneration. And so his sacrifice doesn’t mean all that much. He of course cannot see that and so he believes his way to be the “most good”, the only right way. And that is the way he tries to make Missy understand.

And she kills her former self, not just to get him out of the way, but to ensure, in that moment, that he will regenerate into her so everything will come back around to this moment - to make it happen. Without hope. Without witness. Without reward.

There is literally no reason to get the Master out of the way at this point. She doesn’t know that he would shoot her should she try to go back to the Doctor. She could have literally shoved him into the elevator, sealed the door and send him back down. There was no reason whatsoever to kill him. Especially because she utters remorse about having lost herself, about not being how he is. She is not burning anymore and she knows it. Mind you, we do not know if she refers to her whole existence as Missy or just her time as the Doctor’s prisoner.
But even if she does kill him to ensure that she comes around to this point, isn’t that a reward all in itself?
Let’s also not forget that the Master concludes from Missy not being able to remember her “birth” that he will regenerate in the very near future. He knew it and simply wasn’t ready for it. Another reason why he wouldn’t stand with the Doctor.


1. The Master has never been one-dimensionally evil. If anything the Doctor and the Master are more ying and yang than black and white.

2. The Master and Missy never lost hope that they could be reunited with their childhood friend but they always wanted it to be a mutually benefiting reunion. A reunion that happened on both their terms. The Doctor continually insisting on it to be one-sided was too much for the Master.

3. The Doctor mistreated and violated Missy greatly and the Master could not accept that. And honestly, who would?

4. The Doctor doesn’t understand that his so-called self-denial that does work quite well for him, just isn’t the go-to-thing for everybody and so he screws Missy up and blows his reunion with the Master.

In the end Missy was right, she has always been on the Doctor’s side. All her faces, all her regenerations. They were always his friend. He just always insisted that they be that on his terms and his terms alone.

Why Kylo and Rey’s potential romance is not abusive (from a casual view)

The idea of Kylo and Rey having a complicated relationship just appeared to me after watching the movie. I used to think she’s a Skywalker after The Force Awakens. Now I am totally fine with Rey being a nobody. It makes sense and I like the idea that nobody can be somebody. 

Back to Reylo, I have read several posts saying Reylo ship as an abusive relationship and they hate people for shipping it. I would say I disagree strongly. Here’s why:

1) Their relationship (if it will turn out to be romance) will be abusive as he has deliberately physically harmed her… —-> You do know they’re at WAR right? Technically they’re ENEMIES. You think what enemies do to each other in war? Having some nice talks? Literally, from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi, I would say even before Kylo knows that Rey’s strong with the force, he was treating Rey with some certain gentleness given his standards (proof: compare Kylo’s interrogation with Rey and look at how he tortured Poe… poor guy).

I do not say this to justify Kylo’s bad actions, he is a villain and the movies do everything to portray him as a villain. But again, this is WAR. You don’t expect either side to do nice things to each other. In war, even good people do bad things, this is the truth. 

Anyway, it does not mean enemies cannot turn into friends. There have been many real stories in which ex-veterans come back to the war zone after years when peace is all around, former enemies even say Hi to each other or help each other out as… it is not always black and white.

 2) Kylo has taunted that Rey is weak. —-> Are we watching the same movies? Where did Kylo call Rey as weak? For a bad guy, I would say Kylo has been quite honest to the protagonist (Rey in this case). So your logic is Kylo saying Rey cannot open the force bond means taunting her to be weak? Saying “No, you cannot fly” means the same as “You are weak lol lol”????

You know Luke died as he drained his energy to do force projection. And Luke is so experienced, and powerful, the strongest Jedi ever. You think it’s not logical for Kylo to conclude that Rey cannot do the same? He was taught to use the force by both Luke and Snoke for long, how would he not know? It is logical for Kylo to assume: “Rey with ZERO experience in controlling the force cannot do a cross-galaxy projection on her own.” 

For the record, Kylo is intrigued by Rey’s power actually. I would say Kylo sees Rey as she is (a force user) and appreciates her power. He keeps trying to turn her to the dark side, who does not want a strong alliance after all?

3) Kylo deliberately exploited the darkness and doubt in Rey by saying “You already know everything about me?” —> Ehm… if he uses common sense he would have known Rey heard hell a lot about him from the people who she traveled with. 

Rey was with Han Solo, his own father for a while, how the hell she does not know, right? (son of Han Solo and Leia, nephew of Luke, a former Jedi student who turned to the dark side) If you were Kylo Ren, and you do not use this common sense, then there’s something wrong with your mind. It is technically 1+1.

4)  Kylo only killed Snoke after Snoke had tortured Rey to make Rey feel indebted to him…—> Eh… sorry I do not get this logic at all. Kylo DID NOT manipulate the force bond, and if we believe it’s Snoke who did that, he did not tell Kylo either (he said why does the force connect us etc or something like that, Kylo was shocked the same as Rey when the bond happened). 

You think Kylo knew Rey would be tortured by Snoke so he can kill Snoke before her eyes? Ehm…. NOPE. Technically, Kylo and Rey knew the same time that their bond was manipulated. Given that Kylo keeps trying to turn Rey to the dark side, I am sure Kylo did not expect Snoke to order him to kill her (as she has the spirit of a true Jedi).

If anything, Kylo simply followed Snoke’s order to bring Rey to him. The elevator talk says it all. Kylo and Rey saw a future in which both will stand side by side, Kylo interpreted it as Rey will turn dark, while Rey thought he would turn back to the light. By bringing Rey to Snoke, Kylo truly believes Rey will turn dark and Snoke will make her turn dark (maybe convert her or accept her as a new apprentice). 

A casual viewer would see it this way: This Snoke guy is too evil and abusive, that Kylo guy must be pissed, he has endured Snoke for too long, I get why he finally SNAPS and kills Snoke.

5) Kylo calling Rey nobody is a form of abusive, he manipulates her into thinking that she’s no one without him. —> Ehm… all I see is a LAME proposal. Rey always knew her parents. Kylo only reads her mind through the bond and forces her to say it herself. He is rude but honest to her at least. 

Kylo Ren is always hunger for power, and it’s not surprising for an entitled and privileged guy who believes in “lineage” to think that offering power is the best way to turn someone. 

I don’t think this is to sympathize or romanticize him but to understand Kylo’s mentality is NOT difficult (abandonment issues, being entitled to power and family status, being corrupted from young, feeling betrayed by the family)… it is possible to see why he does things he does, why he says things he says, and why he believes what he does is RIGHT (it’s Adam Driver’s words btw). Kylo has turned into an interesting villain (a better Anakin). 

6) I do not think Kylo Ren is a nice guy, and I do not find him handsome/hot (lol nope, not my taste at all)… my interest in Kylo Ren as a villain mainly stays with the excellent character building they have developed so far (too bad they did a bad job with the Resistance subplot though). 

Do I think Kylo Ren will get a redemption arc? I am not sure. I hope he will as it will be very interesting to see where he goes from here when he has all the power. It’s so amazing if, in the end, it’s Kylo Ren who contributes to the balance of the force. Vader did that, why not Kylo Ren?

Do I think Kylo Ren will have a happy ending? Realistically, nope. I think he will die at the end of episode 9 as the directors already said to end the Skywalker saga. And I do not think a guy who killed his own father will have a happy ending, it is still Disney btw. I blame that partly on Harrison Ford who wanted to say bye to the Star Wars franchise so desperately.

Do I think it will be acceptable if Kylo Ren turns back and gets into a romantic relationship with Rey? WHY NOT? It will be 100000% more interesting and intriguing than the typical Disney ending when good/handsome/nice heroes ending up with each other (booooh). 

7) Am I scared that a romantic relationship between Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Rey will spread bad messages to young girls? LOL NOPE. CUT THE CRAPS WITH THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. THIS IS FANTASY, THIS IS FICTION, THIS IS FAIRY TALE, THIS IS NOT REAL WORLD. 

The last time I remember, Kylo Ren and Rey ARE NOT IN A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP YET. How the hell you call them an abusive relationship? They’re still technically enemies at this point.

For the record, the only significant character sharing the same screen with Kylo Ren and yet has not been killed/ sliced open/ tortured /force choked… (by Kylo Ren himself) is… Rey.    

I’m not a Monster (Peter Pan OUAT x Reader)

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(Gif not mine)

Pairing: Peter Pan OUAT x reader

Word count: 1666

Prompt: You always thought that Peter Pan was terrifying, and that he hated you to the largest extent of his frostbitten heart, yet you were curious about him. You wanted to know if there was a humane boy underneath all that power. Trouble is, you’re too scared to pursue that quest.

A/N: I wrote this one a while back, so it’s not my best, but I need to fill up my feed with things. It’s kinda cute and fluffy, so I thought, why not? Peter Pan was a phase I had in the beginning of 8th grade, but I still think he’s a great character to write about. I hope you guys like it!

Warnings: None :)

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Perceptive Functions

Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

Ne is about seeing all the possibilities, all the possible endings and directions of a situation. It synthesizes abstract ideas and easily understands connections between everything. People using Ne are able to connect up things, people, cases etc, that you would never imagine they would fit together. What is more, Ne takes one thing and it analyzes into many different things. Extroverted intuition is capable of entertaining multiple contradictory ideas simultaneously as it sees almost every side to every situation. It is predominantly a future-oriented function that examines all the possibilities of what could happen next. Those people are usually excitable (especially by the unknown or the totaly new) and highly creative. Ne people, can change the subject of a conversation so easily that you won’t even notice. They intrinsically enjoy debating ideas, exploring various interests and they view almost everything in life as challenging or fun. They also have vivid imaginations. They are constantly thinking about what to do or experience next, but have a difficult time sticking with just one idea or plan long-term. They get bored easily and they always need something different and new in order to keep up with.

Example: Someone gives to a Ne the word “Life”. Ne will act like: Life. Life is colour. Flowers have many colours so life is flowers. Flowers mean spring. My grandma loves spring. In spring I have my birthday. Spring is my friend’s Zoe (Zoe means Life in Greek) worst season. Birthday? Birthday is the best day in the world for each person. Did you know the world’s population is 6,5.000.000 +…. etc. That’s because Ne loves analyzing things in all possible ways and then connecting those things together.

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

Ni forms a framework of how the world works based on thorough, abstract analysis of past and current events. It aims to identify the “essence” of ideas, theories, people and situations in order to fit them into a larger schema. Introverted intuition is a forward thinking function that seeks to identify the optimal or most likely outcome of future events. People who lead with introverted intuition always try to find the most possible end in situations etc. They are usually intense people, focused and highly perceptive of inconsistencies that arise in their external environment. They enjoy riddles, puzzles and wordplay. When they end up in a conclusion, it’s really hard to make them change their minds because they think that what they guessed it’s the only right thing. They often experience “hunches” or “aha” moments that they may identify as epiphanies. They are excited by the unknown. They usually need time when forming an answer and often, they will return days after your last conversation in order to tell you something they thought or they learned during this period. While Ne is all about seeing all future possibilities (even the wrong ones), Ni is about seeing the one most sure/obvious possibility. Their intense foresight is a product of their future-oriented introverted intuition subtly pairing with their low extroverted sensing.

Example: A Ni is watching a complex movie with friends. One of the characters keeps saying that they feel alone, they don’t know or care about the future, they never smile etc. The Ni user will automatically conclude that this character will die or commit sucide eventually and they will probably be right. That’s because Ni knows to take in information from patterns, symbols, behaviour, unnoticed things etc and then to sum all those things up and find the final result.

Extroverted Sensing (Se):

Se is focused on taking in the world as it exists in the present moment. It is highly in tune with the sights, smells, sounds and general physical stimulus that surrounds it. Extroverted Sensing lives and thrives in the moment, more so than any other function. People who lead with Se are often naturally athletic, highly impulsive, observing and enjoy ever-changing stimuli. They place a high value on aesthetics and lust after the “finer things in life”. Extroverted sensors usually aren’t interested in over-analyzing a situation. They simply see what they want and they go for it. These types tend to exude a natural sense of confidence, as they are usually quite sure of who they are and what they want. If they want to say something, they say it. If they want to hear something in a noisy room, they will tell others to stop talking. They like doing sensory activities (or sports).

Example: When you try to read a book or do your homework or a project and you automatically turn your head and look at a butterfly out of the window, it’s your Se function noticing an external sound, figure etc and it wants you to stop doing what you’re doing and just keep looking at that butterfly. Se users would also want to go outside and touch the butterfly.

Introverted Sensing (Si):

Si is a detail-oriented, information storage function. It takes note of facts, events and occurrences exactly as they happen and categorizes them, somewhat like an internal filing system. This is a past-oriented function that dwells predominantly on what has been and it often gives way to nostalgia. People who lead with Si are organized and structured, as they believe in being prepared for any potential problem. They hold tradition in high esteem and believe that the tried and true method is always the best way of getting things done. Introverted sensors believe that the future will repeat the past, more so than any other type. They hate the unexpected and they always want to feel secure about anything. They hardly ever try new things or different methods of doing something because they see the good - old method as the best one. They also connect things that are happening now, with similar things that happend in the past. They are really good at remembering details such as names, numbers, dates, street names, adresses etc.

Example: A Si person looks at a red dress. The way they react will be like: Wow look at that dress. It reminds me of a longer, red dress my second cousin, Mary, was wearing four years ago in a school party next to that street at 8:30 PM, and she was so beautiful with that dress and I remember a tall, thin boy called Bob telling her… etc.

Decision - Making Functions

Introverted Feeling (Fi):

Fi is about deep analysis of personal emotional processes and morality. It seeks to break down emotions to their core and understand them as wholly as possible. It also develops a strong internal value system of right and wrong, which the Fi user employs to make decisions. Fi searches for the deeper meaning behind everything. Introverted feelers are highly aware of their own emotions, and when they put themselves in the shoes of others, they can often feel their pain or joy on a personal level. That means they cannot feel in the same way what others feel. They are sympathetic (understand the pain/joy), but not empathetic (feel the pain/joy of others). People who lead with Fi are compassionate, analytical and often highly concerned with moral issues. It is very common for them to be self-conscious because they find it hard to understand how others may react to something they do or say. They are usually highly creative or artistic, and may feel as though nobody else truly understands who they are deep down because their feelings are introverted, so they aren’t comfortable expressing how they feel outwardly. They express their passion through art, music, poetry etc. They have a rich inner world that they want to guard. They mainly advocate for staying true to yourself and do what makes you happy.

Example: In a survivor game, there is a Fi user that has to do something they don’t like/want to. Fi users would never do something they’d feel it’s wrong. Let’s suppose that someone tells them to kill an animal (a turtle, a fish etc). The Fi person will probably not do it because this is what their moral/ethic code of right-wrong tell them to do, even if that means they will not eat.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

Fe is highly concerned with maintaining social norms and keeping the peace. It is a decision-making function that strives to do what is best for the group and picks up naturally on the emotions of others. It is a mirroring function that may cause the user to have trouble deciphering and understanding their own feelings without the input of others. Extroverted feeling requires social interaction to stay fulfilled, more so than any other function. People who lead with Fe are highly reactive and sensitive to the feelings of others. They seek out social interaction relentlessly, as they feel the happiest and most alive when they are in the company of loved ones. They seek to maintain harmony and keep the peace at all costs – they cannot fully enjoy themselves unless the people around them are healthy, happy and comfortable. Although they do have personal moral standards, they usually try to create harmony and peace, even if that means sacrificing a part of their individuality. Warning! People who use Fe, will not feel healthy and happy, until everyone they care about is happy. If you see someone feeling sad by keeping harmony, it means they are not Fe. Maybe they are Fi. Fe is happy when everyone is happy. Fi wants everyone to be happy, but only if it is happy first.

Example: Five friends plan to go out for food and everyone wants to eat pizza except from a Fe user who wants Italian. The Fe user probably won’t tell what they really want to eat and they will agree with others on pizza, since they don’t want to ruin the atmosphere. This is what makes them happy, so they won’t feel sad for not eating pizza.

Extroverted Thinking (Te):

Te seeks to impose order on the external environment as efficiently and logically as possible. It’s about doing what you know and using your knowledge and information. It values productivity above all else and is a results-based, action-oriented function. Te wants to see results, it doesn’t care about the process or the system behind it. It naturally implements concrete plans for accomplishing goals and is quick to make decisions. People who lead with extroverted thinking are frank, decisive, calm, ambitious and highly productive in every capacity. They are natural leaders, goal-oriented in the workplace as they are quick to take charge and give orders. Extroverted thinkers may come across as bossy, hard, or opinionated to those who lack the function, but in reality they are simply pointing out what they believe to be the most efficient course of action for everyone involved. Te will ask “how the system works and what else can be done?” while Ti will ask “why the system works that way and what else is happening behind it?”. Te will not learn something they think it’s not useful or something that will not help them achieve.

Example: Te is given a program about a project that must be done. The schedule is like: First, we need to do x. After, we should tell y to do z so after these and these courses of action, the result should be like this. Te will probably not care about the process. They will overlook it and they will keep in mind just the result of the project. They will work the way they want in order to logically achieve their final goal, without showing importance on the process and the schedule.

Introverted Thinking (Ti):

Ti is an information-gathering function that seeks to form a framework for how and why the world works on a concrete, tangible level. It is adept at understanding systems and naturally notices inconsistencies within them. Ti seeks a thorough understanding of how things work as a whole. It wants to deconstruct things to look at the individual parts and see how things function together. Ti will also ask why, when etc. It cares about the process of things and not so much about the result. They cannot be satisfied with just a small answer or just what the goal is. They want to know everything about the process, about the idea behind it. They are logical, systematic and objective to a fault. Introverted thinkers will learn something for knowledge’s sake. It doesn’t matter if they will never use the information. They just want to know. Even if it’s useless. They ask a lot of questions about everything they think it’s questionable. They enjoy finding “short-cuts” that increase efficiency within a given system. Ti users are often heavily introverted, as they take a great deal of time to understand how things work before they feel comfortable sharing or acting on their knowledge. They prefer not talking about what they have in mind and they hate it when others think out loud.

Example: Ti is given a mathematical exercise which goes like: A=E. Ti will be annoyed by the exercise and the person that created it. That’s because Ti wants to see all the process. It doesn’t care that A equals E. They want to know the whole action. So they correct the exercise and they make it look like: A=B, B=C, C=D, D=E, so A=E.

Hope this helps ☺

USUM Did Bad - Lillie’s Family

Ooooh god.  Okay.  I wasn’t originally going to bother.  I feel like other people have said it better, and I got my complaining out.  But I’ve apparently made this into a series of articles and I’ve referenced this in every single one, so fine, let’s talk about the biggest blunder in Pokemon game history: Lillie’s family, and the absolute removal of their characters from USUM.

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Spoilers for Harlots Ep 6

My stray thoughts on this episode:

  • We see Lucy continuing to grapple with all of her deeply negative and traumatic experiences with sex this episode (she’s had only one positive experience with it and seems to have had a number of the worst sort of experiences early on - would she think she was “no good at this” if her entry into this world hadn’t been so rough? probably not, but she thinks her reaction is unnatural and her fault) - it makes her supremely uncomfortable to even hear all the groans and grunts of pleasure in the house of Wells. this of course all comes to a head when she stabs the horrid sir george in self-defense, and it’s far from an act of vengeance or something meant to signify her “descent into darkness” (she even goes back to apologize to him!) or whatever people are saying about the direction of her storyline. it’s a thing that happens that Margaret takes upon herself so that sweet Lucy won’t be damned, in one of the most powerful moments of the episode. more than ever, this episode shows us how even when Margaret does the wrong thing, it’s always out of love. that’s something of a theme in the parent/child relationships this episode including the abusive relationship of lydia/margaret (which I’ll discuss later) as Florence points out, and Florence’s own relationship with her daughter Amelia - and Fanny’s relationship with her unborn child is also explored as another example of the exigencies exacted by motherhood. Despite the hand her mother has had in her situation, Lucy continues to be loyal to her and lashes out at the other girls when she suspects them of speaking ill about her. All the scenes of her and Margaret holding each other - in the wake of Lucy finding out what her mother did for her - caught at my heart and made me cry.
  • Scenes like the one we got between Will and Harriet are so important. Seeing Harriet happy that she finally has some power over her life and the future of her children is a beautiful thing, and seeing Will reach out to her with kindness and empathy from a place of shared understanding was cathartic for her to be sure - and I’ve little doubt he has now somehow gone after her children and will bring them back to her. Then we see Will crack under Benjamin Lennox’s constant racist attacks on him, and Margaret’s interesting response - she is proud of Will for defending himself but as he says, still upset about the practical side of things. Margaret has a clear moral compass but business pretty much always comes first in matters of pride.
  • The irony of Emily’s situation and of Margaret saying to Nancy that “that girl’s not worthy of your care” is that she is a lot like Margaret was once in terms of her circumstances (and I suspect, her personality), as Nancy pointed out last episode and yet Margaret turned her away. She did not “sustain and defend” as Nancy said she ought. This is an indictment of Margaret’s occasional ruthless pragmatism (possibly even an unconscious occasional emulation of Lydia as I’ll discuss later) - it is not a reason to blame Emily for her own situation (and it’s not something the other girls have seen Margaret do before as they’re shocked and it leads Fanny to keep her pregnancy secret). She felt under-appreciated so she left for work elsewhere. She in no way brought her horrible situation upon herself. 
  • oh my god the scene between Florence and Amelia had me in tears. And it really seems to have enabled Florence to look on others in similar situations who haven’t given up the trade more charitably. Amelia is the only source of good in her life, but her goodness is so pervasive and determined and comforting that her mother cannot help but be swayed by it and decides to extend that understanding to others. she sees the hand of God in her child’s understanding, and takes it as a sign that her perspective is the right one. can Amelia just become a midwife or something to help out the other girls? that would be ideal. she’s been a nurse for her mother for years now!
  • Haxby is absolutely DESPERATE to get his job back (and looks like he’s been crying?), as it’s always been obvious it’s his whole life, and clearly believes his own delusions about the sway Charlotte had over him (notwithstanding his parting shot later about how she gave him pleasure - that was clearly a bit of unwitting jealousy) - that the fault lies with her. I’ve seen the next episode and he’s not in it much either and all I can say without spoilers is that I don’t like the direction it takes - it’s not so much character assassination as character oversimplification. It’s possible that more will be done with it in ep 8, but I’m pessimistic about it being resolved to my liking. This is one of only two things about this show that bother me - they just stick out a lot bc everything else is so well done (and I’m talking about episode 7 specifically and not what happens in this episode). Cmon guys you hired Ed Hogg - give him good material like you did in the first half of the season!
  • oh betsey having trouble with drink and Prince trying to help her :( he wants to be friends with the girls but his own survival instincts make it hard for them to trust him.
  • It was great to see more of Kitty this episode - she’s a good leader able to hold down the fort when Margaret’s needed elsewhere, and to manage conflicts and issues among the girls.
  • Nancy served SO MANY LOOKS this episode; I was LIVING. also Lydia’s black lace hat thing was my favorite thing ever - need one of those for myself
  • “How can it be hate that drives you? It is love.” And we see that love, such as it is, come into play in the final devastating scene of this episode. When Lydia comes to the door once more as Nancy is trying to transport Howard from the premisses, Margaret looks absolutely spent. Out of a combination of desperation to distract Lydia, emotional exhaustion, and through the learned behavior of an abused child, she tells Lydia where Emily is. “That’s my good girl,” Lydia says to her, and touches her chin in a way eerily reminiscent of how we’ve sometimes seen Margaret touch Lucy’s. That wraps up an episode on the perils of motherhood for both parties involved, and the lengths to which mothers will go when it’s not hate that drives them, but love.
Goodbye Petyr Baelish. Thank you Aidan Gillen.

I have to admit, this is a very difficult post for me to write. It took me almost 4 days to get my shit together and be able to turn my thoughts into words. Four days of mourning and healing my broken heart a little bit. But here it is. Think of this what you want. It is not a summary. It is not a judgement post. Just my emotions thrown down in front of you all here on Tumblr, because I just need to get it out of my system to be able to move on. 

My adventure with Game of Thrones begun with the start of the first season, years ago. It was something totally new and surprising. I have been a huge LOST fan before, and The Walking Dead as well so I thought not much on tv could surprise me. I was so wrong. GoT turned out to be captivating, intriguing and addictive series and before season 1 was over, I was done with the books. All of what was written so far. I fell in love with some characters immediately (Tyrion), some had to grow on me and prove themselves with their actions (Jaime), some I had a love/hate relationship with (Cercei), but one character always stood out. Always was different from others. Too original, too special and too exceptional for all this bunch of personalities, protagonists and villains. He got my attention from the very first episode he appeared in. He intrigued me. He was kind, nice and funny, but behind that smirk and blue eyes there was hidden darkness. His smart one-liners, his good (or bad) advices, his intelligent and captivating dialogues with other characters..I got to love his character immediately. First in the show. He had a handsome face of Aidan Gillen, an actor I knew nothing about at that time, not built for a knight but slender and elegant way about himself, very much suited for the court and the position Petyr Baelish was in. He was very intriguing. Not clearly a good, “white” character because it was obvious he was hiding something, but not also a bad guy. So after I read the books, got to know his story better, especially the story that happened before the show, before Sansa, before the war and everything…That is when it hit me. I knew he will always be my favourite, that I will always root for him, that he will for me always be the only person worthy of this stupid Iron Throne because he was the only one who fought for it so hard and worked for it. I know Jon/Aegon or whatever deserves it by blood. I know Cersei is the Queen and for some people, she is the rightful Queen. Petyr is a tragic character. A boy who had nothing but through his hard work, not always fair, not always good, sometimes ruthless and cruel..but he did get power that he wanted. It was love that ended him. We all knew that it will. From the moment he took Sansa from Kings Landing we all knew where it was heading. There could never be a Petyr and Sansa on the Iron Throne. Even though so many people wanted it. There was always death’s breath on Petyr’s back but truth is, he always provoked it. He teased it, but some things cannot be manipulated. 

At some point, I always knew it was going to be Sansa to kill him. And I was even ok with it. I thought I was. But when I heard her speaking in the Great Hall of Winterfell, when she said his name…I left the room. I couldn’t watch this. I came back a few minutes later and asked my husband if it’s done. He said yes but I could see he was really upset and annoyed aswell and he is not a fan. Littlefinger’s death should have been done better. And I don’t mean his begging for his life because seriously, who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you cry and go on your knees and beg for your life it it was in the hands of the person you love? But the whole Winterfell plot was very poor in my opinion. Arya has become some crazy zombie psycho killer, btw I couldnt stand the triumph on her face when LF was being accused by Sansa, it was disgusting. Sansa struggles to maintain her postion, everyone knows that. But seriously, if she wanted justice, she should have ordered a fair trial for Baelish. Even Tyrion had it. Twice even. Or a trial of combat. Instead she just murdered him. She didn’t give him any chance to defend himself. And she may cry all the tears in the world but thats something I will never forgive her. 

So it is over now. Littlefinger’s story. At some point also Sansa’s because their stories connected and became one. I think I am relieved. Because with all the stupid, idiotic and pathetic things that DDs gave us this season, I won’t have to worry they will ruin my beloved character even worse. And people love to ruin. To be mean and cruel. I read some of the reactions of GoT fans from my country on FB. The last episode was streaming here in the major cinemas and ppl could go and watch it there. Their reactions frightened me. Especially this one: “the best moment was when Arya killed LF and everyone started applause”. Shit. What kind of world do we live in? What kind of people watch the show and how much of it can they really understand?

One last word about Aidan Gillen’s performance. I really have no words for it. This guy deserves all the Emmys, Globes and Oscars, seriously. In 2 minutes he went from self righteous, through defensive, disbeliving to complete mess and a child that had always been within him. I love him and always will for giving this character such depth and all the emotions we could experience. Best actor on the show, no doubt. 

Well, that’s it. Sorry for long post. I am heartbroken but in time it will heal. There is no justice for our loved ones i think, not even in fictional worlds. But we know these characters for years, we bind to them. And 7 years is a lot. It feels like loosing a true friend, someone important. But some day it will get better, let’s us all remember it. 

“ There is a sadness in this world, for we are ignorant of many things. Yes, we are ignorant of many beautiful things - things like the truth. So sadness, in our ignorance, is very real. The tears are real.  Then the day when the sadness comes - then we ask: “Will this sadness which makes me cry - will this sadness that makes me cry my heart out - will it ever end?” The answer, of course, is yes. One day the sadness will end”. The Log Lady, Twin Peaks.

Goodbye Petyr Baelish.

Thank you Aidan Gillen. 


So Shinra talks in volume 13 about how Izaya’s heart is more fragile than anybody else’s and how he is actually more human than anybody else. By the anime appearance, I could say, “he is just a cold-hearted manipulative monster”, and that that is all there is to it. But, in volume 9, he actually punches a telephone pole to the point of it swelling up at thought of his “only ‘friend’ by normal human standards(Shinra)” being mad at him.

Which means it’s probably subconscious, what Izaya does and the way he lives.

Furthermore, Izaya actually isn’t a sadist. He just thoroughly enjoys being a part of both the good and bad actions of humanity.

By definition, he is an anti-hero and just happens to support all humans in their (with reason) decisions. My therapist says that Izaya could be diagnosed as having Schizoid Personality disorder after I explained his character.

The fact is, unlike the anime, the novel’ narrator(AKA the creater himself) confirms that Shinra is Izaya’s only friend and also the first one to see through him to his true nature(just as he saw through Celty, Aoba, Shizuo, and many others, (and Izaya even says himself, “Damn him” when Manami tells him that she had talked to Shinra instead of teasing her or averting the conversation as you would expect him to do)).

People say that there is nothing to like about Izaya, but the fact is… If you truly go to him as a friend with no other alternative manipulative motives, and you accept him, not to change him, you’ll be surprised by the length he’ll actually go. Two quotes about Izaya that are proven to be a fact in the novels are by Shinra and Kadota.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: Part Two -- 25/05/17

Note: In case anyone’s interested, just this part alone is my longest ever recap. In total, both parts of this recap reach almost 21,000 words. I hope this is enough detail for you all! 

I’m not going to lie. After Wednesday night I felt really weird. Not unhappy, just odd. On Wednesday it felt like I was going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but then it was just so different on Wednesday night, and there were so many things that I was apprehensive about for Part Two, that I simply didn’t know what to expect yesterday.

It’s weird sitting in a familiar theatre, about to watch a play with a script you know back to front, and characters you know inside out, and feel that you have no idea what is about to happen, or what to expect. I was nervous, a little apprehensive, and desperately in need of a hug, which @aberorca kindly provided.

But then it began, and all my fears and worries were allayed. I feel so full of joy and excitement right now. That was really great, and some of the scenes are already my favourite versions of those scenes.

If this is what an ass kicking from John Tiffany does for people, then maybe we all need one of those in our lives. It seems to inspire great things.

I’m going to start by reassessing some of the characters, and giving some impression of the characters we only saw in Part Two. Then we’ll get down to the detail (of which I’m not sure how much there’ll be, because my brain spent most of the show screaming with euphoric relief).


David is quite literally everything you want in a Snape. He was quiet in a menacing way, full of suppressed emotion, with just the right touch of humour. I enjoyed everything about his performance.


James Phoon’s Craig might be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. He sounds terrifyingly similar to Jeremy in some scenes (which I don’t think is deliberate), and he was just pretty great.


Rupert looks so young as Cedric, but he still exudes the same heroic goodness that Milligan always did. He really blew me away in the few seconds he had. It was such a touching scene.


You think you’ve seen all there is to Annabel’s Delphi, but then she captures the boys and attains her full power, and she reaches maximum creep mode. This Delphi is Bellatrix all over: laughing hysterically at the boys’ pain, revelling in mayhem, actually licking her lips when she sees she’s causing fear, like she loves the taste of it. She’s brutal and awful and gross.


This Draco is impressive and powerful, but so broken and afraid. He does things and hates himself for them. He’s terrified of the possibility of sending himself, and more importantly his son, back to Voldemort’s world. His grief seems to ache. He’s become such a good man. And as well as the weight of the serious moments, he’s incredibly funny too.


Sweet, funny, full of pain just like his father, but somehow still in love the world around him. He absolutely adores his dad, and he loves his best friend. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and he’s disgusted by the idea that any version of himself could cause pain.


Harry is so open to Albus, so warm towards him, so intent to listen. When he’s told to ‘be honest to those you love, show them your pain’ he really takes it to heart. He’s heartbroken with guilt over the people who’ve died on his behalf. I loved the tone that Jamie brought to him in this act.


I’m going to be honest, I’m still not entirely sure who Albus is, but in a really exciting way. In Part Two there were flashes of a genuinely funny, awkward, ridiculous Albus. An Albus who desperately cares about the people around him. An Albus who adores his best friend and his father. An Albus who could be so many things. Losing the establishing half of Albus’s character makes it difficult to assess, but I’m so excited by the possibility of Theo’s Albus, and I’m jealous of anyone who gets to see him do a really good Part One in the next month, cause I think that’s where you’ll find the heart of him.

And now to the detail.

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Pitch Perfect 3 my take *SPOILERS*


Okay, so I have written and re-written this because quite frankly, I have no idea where to begin. I have slept since watching this film to see whether it would give me a clearer view, and admittedly it has, but it unfortunately has not changed my outlook on the film.
I will not list the entire plot or everything that happens in said plot so I will just say that it starts with a lot of action, it continues with a lot of action, and ends with a lot of action.

My problem that I have with this, is that the reason why I fell in love with these films from the word go was because they were so simple. It was such a unique and simple idea and they made it work. As a musician myself, acapella fascinated me with how it worked without using instruments. The techniques behind it and the talent of each individual part had me astounded. 1 and 2 had this impact. The 3rd did not. It was dare I say it, an action movie. 

Now we take it back to the first movie where we had a distinctive storyline. The Bellas who are the underdogs go onto win the ICCAs through a series of struggles. They find their sound and friendship along the way. Same with the second and Worlds. For the life of me, I cannot understand what the storyline of the 3rd was. There were so many subplots (some unnecessary which had no need to be in the story at all, yes I am looking at you Chicago) And do not get me wrong, I love Fat Amy and her one liners were on point, but her subplot was just like what? I am here to watch a group of people sing, not watch a boat get blown up and you act like GI Joe?

Following on from these subplots, I am so thankful Anna Kendrick pushed back with the whole “love interest” thing because it would have been problematic. Her character getting with a work colleague the signals and intentions would be mixed, it would have just been a big mess. Chloe’s love interest was more tolerable as It made sense, but was completely unnecessary. Acting all stupid and flirty around an army guy she has just made my blood boil. This is one thing I never really understood, she took RUSSIAN LITERATURE. Granted, she failed it multiple times, but that was on purpose. Beale is a smart cookie. Yet she is portrayed to fall for someone instantly, swoon completely and act dumb? I do not understand it. If I was any of these actresses I would be really let down by the creative arc and the closing of these character’s stories.

I went into this film wanting to enjoy it, and I came out massively disappointed. I really hope for anyone reading this that you go in and enjoy it because I was really really let down after following this movie franchise for almost 6 years. From the choppiness of the scene changes (I actually got a headache in the first half an hour trying to focus on what was going on) to the weird Fat Amy CGI, to the amount that was crammed into an hour and a half, it just didn’t do it for me at all. I was hoping for the quirky and nerdy take that made the first two so popular. This did nothing. I can understand why critics have written what they have. They turned something so simple into something overdramatic and complicated for the sake of making money. And it stinks.

I will always support that cast because they made the best out of a bad situation. And again, this is just an opinion that I needed to get off of my chest, so don’t hate on me. Go and watch the movie and tell me what you think afterwards but coming from someone who has been here from the beginning and this is one for the fans, no it really isn’t.

We’ve lost more than just the plot: my thoughts on the season 4 finale

I have a lot of problems with this season. I have problems with characterisation. I have problems with storylines. I have problems with the way things were shown (I’m looking at you, informed consent).

But last episode was so good! The Luca/Alfie scene was one of the best pieces of television I’ve had the pleasure of consuming. So, there were problems, but I went in with high hopes because, you know, it’s Peaky Blinders, and I love it, so I ignored stuff. But how am I supposed to ignore that raging inferno of a dumpster fire that was the finale. Look. I’m so mad I’m using Americanisms. On that note, give me a Changretta spin off because we deserve it.

A lot of the arguments I make here are going to circle back to a few main points which can be covered by various subtitles such as: ‘Holy Fuck, is someone going to jump a shark in the cut at some point?’, ‘Tommy Shelby is a 4D chess master, except he hasn’t told anyone else where the board is kept’, and ‘Why?’.

This is rambing and probably at times confusing but bleh. Let’s begin.

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