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Hello darling!! I saw people talking about the Sope broadcast on your dash (we're ever blessed are we not??) and noticed some skirmishin' about people interpreting things. When Yoongi was talking about Jin's broadcast and how he stopped watching, he immediately transitioned into talking about his intermittent fasting and losing weight - I just assumed he turned off Jin's broadcast because Yoongs didn't want to tempt himself to eat after his 9 pm cutoff. Hope you're having a lovely day~

yes that makes sense! for real tho, watching eatjin makes you hungry. no one can resist how tempting it is to eat when watching jin enjoying his food. he has that magic on people.

希望のヒーロカラ松 :*☆

I was in the mood to doodle mouse-

And then it spiraled into this.. thing- WELL WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN YOUR HAND SLIPPED

I think I remember somewhere in the fic that he mentioned he like Neapolitan ice cream or something? And how Rick also comment about Mouse not being “no chocolate or bust”- idek my memory fails me-

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i want to see/know more about your OCs!! if you have time, could i request #28 for Venn? i love his hair & grouchy expression 😍😍😍


Primaris Space Marines. Aka Guilimarines

The Primaris Space Marines or I like to call the Guilimarines, are the newest addition to 8th edition. With new armor and equipment they, are meant t help rejoin the Great Rift that has slipt the Imperium in half. They are bigger, better, faster, and stronger, and can come in any color and Chapter - as long they are Ultramarines. All joking aside, here are the Good, the Bad, and the Meh of the Guilimarines.

The Good

  • The MK II Crawl-Pattern Bolt Rifle - So nice that Crawl named it after himself.
  • The Mark X Armor - Glad to see that the Mechaniucus had put some innovation into the Power Armor, by combines the most effective elements of ancestral Horus Heresey patterns of Marks with more recent developments in power armor technology. Though nothing has been released on how this is better.
    • Also what happened to Mark IX?
      • Salvia: It was Heretical!!
  • They look pretty cool.
  • Gulimarines - they were over commissioned by the Primarch Guilliman and were revealed as Ultramarines. Put them together and what do you get? Guilimarines. Or Cooler Marines, if you ask @crysdrawsthings. (Seriously, check out her stuff. It is cooler than the Cooler Marines.)

The Bad

  • Their Reason for Existing - They feel too much as a byproduct of the Gathering Storm material, and, just like the Storm, there was no build up for them. Crawl said he had been working on them for the last ten-thousand years, but we as the readers never got that. Maybe some novels in-between Gathering Storm books  
  • Too many unanswered questions - Why was Crawl working on them? Why does he have this technology and knowhow when so many previous Mechanicus attempts at improving the gene-seed resulted in the 21st Founding? Why did they have to make new Space Marines when they could’ve outfitted the already existing ones? Will, and how, they be resistant to Chaos? Can they use heavy weapons? How will the other Astartes take to them?
  • Lack of Chapter Options - Though GW has stated any Astartes Chapter can receive Pirmaris reinforcements (tell that to the Soul Drinkers), including non-Codex Astartes Chapters. However, upon their release, they only came out as… Ultramarines. It would be nice to see so special made armor for Astartes outside of the Ultramarines, Space Wolves (less said about the Wulfen the better), and to a lesser extent the Dark Angels. Time to give the other Legions a time to shine, without having to pay a rediculous amount for delivery. 
  • Makes the “regular” Astartes seem redundant - GW has also stated that Primaris Space Marines do not replace “regular” Space Marines. This is good if they didn’t also say you can also field an entire army of the Primaris, which does make the older guys feel redundant. From a fluff point of view, different Chapter, meaning ones outside the Ultramarines, are going to be hesitant around these “big, better, faster, stronger” marines. 
  • Chapters are meant to just accept them? - Um, no. Some might just straight up refuse them because they don’t have the same shared culture, traditions, or training as ones that are normally indoctrinated. The Wolves are a Legion with a strong pack mentality and refused to break those ties by creating Chapters. The Dark Angels are suspicious of everyone - though this might get the Lion out of bed. These Guilimarines do not come from the same home planets as these Chapters, they come from Mars.
  • Crawl and Guiliman insulted the Emperor and other Primarchs - When you think about it, Crawl has been collecting gene-seed, from all the Chapters and their Founding Legions, for ten-thousand years to make the Guilimarines. He and Guiliman have done the impossible of replicating and tweaking the gene-seed that only the Emperor of Mankind could do. Somewhere in the Warp, Fabius Bile is throwing in the towel. And if individuals like Dante hears that a Mechanicus jumpstart and his Primarch uncle has perverted the gene-seed of Sanguinius, then there will be hell to pay.
    • So does this mean that Crawl also has gene-seed from the Legions that fell to Chaos?
      • Raphael Carion: I hope not. We’re just transitioning to a Chapter, we don’t need any more at the time being.
  • Robbing the Sororitas… Again - Gender representation in the 40K fandom is a touchy subject. I am mixed. Though I understand that women cannot be full Space Marine because of fluff reasons, I still want the Adepta Sororitas to be their own thing and not a diet-Astartes clone, or forced to blend because the Adeptus Astartes was forced to do the same. I was hoping that the Pirmaris’ could have been that bridge and advancement for the Sisters of Battle, but alas it was simply not to be. 
    • Arphus Ziemras: Dammit!!

The Meh

  • The Mark X’s design - The armor’s design looks a bit too streamlined. Just with the Ultramarines colors make the Guilimarines look like roll-on decorated. I am hoping that GW artists make a few that have the cool designs and patterns on them in the future.

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[Omegaverse AU] Alphas Following an Attractive Scent and They Find You (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 (Marked = mated/taken)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON 남준: Once he caught a whiff of that scent, he’d go absolutely nuts trying to find where it was coming from. He would be running down streets, barging into shops, not resting until it was found (because, he wanted whatever it was, badly). When he found you leaning against a coffee shop counter, laughing, no mating mark apparent on you, he’d walk up as smoothly as he could and introduce himself 

YOONGI 윤기: He’d have a silent freak out within himself. He’d never been taken away by a scent like this and an urgency inside him wouldn’t let him leave it be, not until he found out where it was coming from. He’d walk around the whole day, playing a game of hot-and-cold with the scent, going wherever it seemed strongest, until he saw you sitting on your low roof, drawing with a cup of tea next to you. He couldn’t see a mark on you from where he stood, but he planned on investigating that further

HOSEOK 호석: People around him would be very unprepared for his reaction to the scent. It wouldn’t matter if he was doing something or talking to someone, he would drop that shit so fast and just walk off. He’d actually catch you walking down the street, headphones in your ears, in your own world, unaware of his presence behind you. He’d follow at a distance for a while, desperately trying to detect a mark and hype himself up to talk to you

SEOKJIN 석진:  Out of the group, I imagine his smelling senses to be the strongest, so he’d find the source of the scent in no time, finding you sitting peacefully on a park bench reading a book. He would be a bit hesitant to approach you, since he didn’t want you to think he only wanted to mate (since he followed your scent) but I think he’d find a way to take a seat next to you, subtly looking to see if you were marked or not

JIMIN 지민:  I think he’d have a nervous excitement about it. He’d heard of time when alphas would be so overcome with a scent and ending up finding their mate, and he’d figure that this was his time. When he finally found you after hours of searching, he’d know it for sure. The lack of a mark on your neck and how much he just wanted to walk up, snatch you up in his arms and kiss you, told him he was right

TAEHYUNG 태형: He’d be blown over by the immense amount of excitement and curiosity. To suppress his growing unease at the scent fading away when it started raining, he would hum to himself as his need to find the scent became more and more urgent. He’d actually run into you literally, knocking you both to the ground, your wet hair sticking to your face slightly. He’d stare at you for a good minute or two, sitting there on the sidewalk in the pouring rain, your shirt slightly open to reveal a lack of mark. Snapping out of it, he’d smile and help you up

JUNGKOOK 정국: He’d actually be the one to resist following it, knowing how often alpahs can become obsessed with scents and its owners. he didn’t wanna go down that road, not wanting people to see his personality change, but others would encourage him to follow it, since it could lead to positive things too. When he finally gave in, he’d start walking around, trying to ignore everything and keep himself closed. The scent was getting stronger and stronger and he paused outside of a shop door, suddenly afraid to go inside and face the source of the scent. He wouldn’t have to go in though, you’d go to him. He’d be so distracted, he wouldn’t notice the door opening and smacking him in the face. The blood coming out of his nose couldn’t mask the heavenly scent that rolled off you as you tried to help stop the bleeding

I feel like that once you read one of the following:

  • The foxhole court
  • the raven cycle
  • captive prince
  • artistotle and dante discover the secrets of the univers
  • the song of achilles

You end up reading all of the listed series/books above because you cannot read one and not the other. They all come as a package. A blessing and a curse. And of course, they all have gay. How can one resist?

No one tells you when you start brushing bees how hard it can bee to resist their cute little dancing. One minute you’re trying to convince them to hold still so you can do your job and the next minute you’re vibrating your body, hopping in beeutiful circles. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it.

Making Memories- A Doctor Strange FanFic (Intro)

Imagine being in the midst of your training at Kamar-Taj when Doctor Stephen Strange shows up. The Ancient One asks you to take him under your wing. You know you shouldn’t be attracted to someone as tragically flawed and arrogant as him, and yet by some sick twist of fate, you seem to be perfect for one another. How long can you really resist the attention he gives you?

Doctor Strange X Reader Romance


“We have a new student joining us today,” The Ancient One announces calmly at the end of meditation. “Everyone, this is Mister Stephen Strange,” she introduces.

A tall, slightly unkempt man steps forward and gives an awkward wave. “It’s Doctor Stephen Strange, actually,” he corrects. You can’t help but roll your eyes from the back row. Greeeat, you think to yourself. Another broken, pretentious jerk to avoid.

“Y/N,” The Ancient One calls, startling you. “A word please. The rest of you are free to go.”

With wide eyes, you obey, quickly scrambling to your feet from your cross-legged position on the floor. “Yes Master?” you step forward and inquire with respect.

“I’d like for Mister Strange to shadow you while he gets his bearings,” she explains. “Show him around. Answer any questions he might have to the best of your ability.”

You sneak a glance at the gentleman standing to your left. This should be fun, you think sarcastically, eyeing him up and down. The last thing you needed was some fragile skeptic looking to you for answers.

“I’ll do my best,” you say in the most convincing voice you can manage.

“Thank you, Y/N,” The Ancient One replies. “Oh, and- don’t let him give you too much trouble,” she adds discreetly with a hint of amusement in her expression.

You force a smile and nod. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

[A/N: Sorry it’s so short, but it is just an intro. The coming chapters will be much longer. More soon, I promise!]


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  • A total romantic
  • Show up to every date with flowers for you
  • Find any excuse to cuddle up beside you
  • That’s why he likes winter the best
  • And uses his frost power
  • Hot chocolate dates
  • Coffee dates
  • Movie dates
  • Cafe dates
  • Concert dates
  • Date dates
  • This boy will find any excuse to have a date with you
  • Spoil you soooo much
  • Buy you a whole bunch of things
  • Wanting all the couple/matching things
  • Getting you matching necklaces, bracelets, clothes, stuffed animals…you name it
  • Wouldn’t be able to resist aegyo
  • So if you want something… just pull out the aegyo
  • You’d be each other’s photographers
  • He’d want a random photoshoot just anywhere
  • Like you could be walking down the street and he’d randomly turn to you and say
  • “Jagi the lighting is perfect right now! Take my picture?”
  • Getting kind of annoyed but how can you resist this little baozi?
  • Being that one boyfriend would clean the house for you just so that you don’t have to stress
  • If you’re stressed, doing anything to make you unstressed.
  • Probably own some pets together
  • The first pet would be named Marshmallow
  • Eating fried chicken together
  • Gummy smiles
  • Hair ruffling
  • Using cute pet names
  • Sharing blankets and hot drinks
  • Innocent random pecks whenever one of you feels like it
  • “You’re so cute~”
  • Honestly a relationship just full of fluffiness

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Any hcs for Feral?

I have a few! 


  • He’s more mischievous than people give him credit for. Oh, he’s a good egg, don’t get me wrong, but one time the whole village woke up with a single sock missing from their collection
    • Feral is not one to draw attention to himself. Savage was the only one who figured out who it was.
  • One time he pinned his tunic to look like a dress and he was surprisingly okay with how feminine he looked. 
    • The Nightsisters might accept a Nightbrother who identifies as trans (perhaps transforming them into a Nightsister), but it’s unclear how they’d feel about a genderfluid individual. Unfortunately, their views on male vs. female are very strict.
    • Feral knows this. Any exploration with his gender is done in secret.
  • Several Nightbrothers have had feelings for him. He’s so kind and playful, and his eyes are beautiful. How can one resist?
  • Feral has a way with animals. They just…trust him. Instantly. 
  • He doesn’t know how to mend clothes. He sucks at it. That’s why his clothes are a little more tattered than Savage’s pristine tunic. 
  • Drinks a lot of milk because goddamn it why are his horns so tiny?? Grow!! Grow!!

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HCs of Ace figuring out he loves someone and confession to them?

Portgas D. Ace: Crush/Confession

  • It will be easy for him to know. Because he is familiar with the  feeling of love so he will know what that butterflies in his stomach mean. And he will show his feelings towards his crush.
  • He won’t do it so obviously, but slowly and carefully. He wants to show you that he likes you, and see if you share that feeling. He would only confess if he is sure.

  • He will give you sweet nicknames. Thats the first sign that he likes someone. Maybe he got that from his little brother but it is a way to show you, that your and he are pretty close. Thats a good start.

  • After he sees that your are okay with that, he will start to get more touchy and flirty with you. His grins and winks are his special. No one can resist that, and he knows how to use it right.

  • In that time, the others will notice that he tries to confess slowly. His crew mates won’t do anything since Ace knows what he is doing. They will watch with a smirk.

  • If he is sure after all that, we will make it romantic in his way. Hugging you from behind while watching the starts. Whispering a soft “Hey. Love you.” in your ear and kissing your check with a sweet touch.