how can one person be so cute always

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i have this headcanon that cordelia doesn't cry when she's sad?? idk why but like, she'll cry if she sees a really cute puppy or when she reunites with an old friend but even when whizzer dies she doesn't shed a single tear, just feels /empty/

Cordelia is such an always bubbly and happy person even at the worst of times, she doesn’t know how to react. She was so positive and so confident that “everything would be alright” that Whizzer would get better. She wasn’t ready to deal with the loss.

Cordelia is the one that keeps on the game face for everyone. She doesn’t cry because she really can’t. She just loses a little bit of who she was. 

The happy-go-lucky girl everyone looked to for cheering up.

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psssst can I ask for jaehyun as a flower shop owner but the flowers are all enchanted to cause good things for each person who buys them!! and one day you come in trying to buy flowers for a friend who's been having a really bad month and he thinks you're so cute and you can finish the rest :))))))

i LOVE this idea!!! i just had to write it omg

  • jaehyun inherited the flowershop from an old family member of his 
  • and she’d always joke about how it was magical,,,,and jaehyun didn’t believe it until he showed up to work the first day and noticed small insects fluttering around all the flowers???
  • but the closer he got he realized they weren’t insects - they were fairies!
  • fairies of all different colors and shapes 
  • and one of them, the color of sunflowers, flew over to him to explain that every morning the fairies would come and spread magical dust on each flower in order to grant it power
  • and jaehyun didn’t really understand until one of the fairies instructed him to pick a rose and then see how well the rest of his day would be 
  • jaehyun did just that, plucking the flower and putting it behind his ear,,,,and like magic the entire day,,,,,,had just felt lighter
  • the headache he was so used to getting mid-day was gone, the cracks in his bathroom mirror had seemed to fix themselves, and best of all the book he’d lost months ago turned up on the counter of the flowershop
  • jaehyun had always been kind of a skeptic,,,but the flowershop had changed his perspective,,,,and every day he’d gotten into the groove of learning what each flower meant and what they could do to help people
  • like if someone came in to get flowers for someone sick, jaehyun would recommend chrysanthemums  - people trying to get flowers for graduations or promotions, he’d recommend lilies - and for those trying to find love, he’d give carnations 
  • one afternoon, as jaehyun was fixing one of the arrangements in the window he notices you looking curiously at some of the potted plants
  • something tickles his ear and he turns to see a fairy perched on his shoulder leaning in to whisper “i think they’re looking for something to cheer their friend up - how about d-” jaehyun smiles “daffodils. i know!”
  • the fairy laughs, disappearing in a cloud of glitter and jaehyun approaches you
  • “i see you’re interested in something for your friend?”
  • you straighten up, slightly shocked and stutter out a “how c-can you tell?” 
  • jaehyun shrugs, smoothing out his apron and motioning into his shop
  • “daffodils are great for get-well flowers, they’re bright and not too fragrant, i think your friend will really appreciate them.”
  • you follow jaehyun inside, not realizing that no matter how small the shop is - the inside is beautiful with hanging plants and soft lighting
  • for a moment you swear you see something pink moving across the room - a fairy -no way, this isn’t a story book,,,,,,,
  • you look over to see jaehyun holding an assortment of daffodils - “do you like them?” 
  • nodding he takes them to the back to wrap them up and you lean over some of the carnations, breathing in the smell and leaning down to touch one
  • as you do, you notice a tingling feeling in your heart - like something is making it beat a little faster, from the  corner of your eye you see jaehyun and then shake your head a bit
  • ,,,,,,,,you don’t even know him,,,,,,,,,,,,why do you feel nervous seeing him????
  • you don’t hear it but a couple of the fairies giggle behind you, one of them picks up a carnation as you’re turned the other way and drops it beside jaehyun
  • he reaches out, touching it, mumbling that he hadn’t put it here- 
  • but the same tingling feeling appears in his chest too
  • finishing up the bouquet he ties the ribbon and brings it back to the counter
  • you turn to step toward him but as your eyes lock, the tingling sensation floods through both of you
  • and staring at each other speechlessly,,,your hearts beat
  • from the shelves and pots the fairies watch as jaehyun tries to gather his words and you shuffle on your spot until you go 
  • “h-how much?”
  • silently jaehyun looks down, then hands them to you with a small, shy smile
  • “nothing, i-if you agree to stop by again tomorrow?”
  • your heart pounds, and so does jaehyuns, but you take them and nod slowly
  • “i- i will definitely stop by.”
  • jaehyun rubs his neck and tries to hide the obvious blush on his face, “ill be waiting,,,,,,,,,”
  • you turn to head out, seeing the carnations you’d touched earlier before
  • you swear that you see a petal move, a small figure behind the stem but you hurry out because you’re late to see your friend
  • neither of you see it but you’re both shrouded in red mist,,,,the power of the carnations binding your hearts together and the fairies giggling as jaehyun stands at the counter and mumbles to himself that you’re the cutest person he’s ever seen,,,,,,,,,,
BTS Reacts to: small S/O


Seokjin would treat you the same whether you were tall or small (as I’ve said in another reaction). But he’ll likely tease you about your height and make jokes without offending you.

“You’re even smaller than Jimin!”

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I doubt Yoongi really cares about your height, however he will make jokes about your height compared to the other members. If you get upset because of his jokes he’ll quickly cheer you up by hugging you and telling you he think your height is cute.

“I’m only kidding jagi, you’re way cuter than them anyway.”

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He’ll find you fucking adorable, no matter what mood you’re in. He would die over how cute you look when you’re pouty because of his teasing. Hoseok will constantly fan girl over you.

“How can one person be soooo cute?!”

once again you’re jimin

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Rap Monster

He would try to keep his thoughts, about how stunning you are, to himself. However, he can’t hide his constant in awe stares aimed at you, which are of course noticed by everyone around the two of you. The other members would ALWAYS tease him because of this.

“I wasn’t staring! There was food on Y/N’s face!”

stressed af namjoon again

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He said he would prefer a shorter girl so I see him looking proud af whenever he looks at the two of you in the mirror or something and notices the height difference. He’d probably have his arms wrapped around you 24/7, loving how smol you are.

“Woah, I’m so tall Y/N!”

he lied

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Whenever he looks down at you and sees your eyes staring back up at him he can’t help but squeal. You know when he grabs and kisses the camera? Imagine that you’re the camera, because he couldn’t help but kiss you all the time as he’s overwhelmed by your cuteness.

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This little shit will not only tease you all day everyday, he’ll always put things on high shelves so you couldn’t reach and would have to ask him for help; he’d also make you beg for him to get it for you, he’ll have a smug grin on his face the whole time. However, he only does this to feel like a manly boyfriend, of course he wouldn’t let you know that though.

“Eh ask me in 10 minutes, I might be bothered to get it then.”

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Looking at you (Part Eleven)

Lots of healing in this Chapter. Tony is finally on the upswing of things, and the team is pulling back together.

This is the second to last update, so catch up on Chapters 1-10 HERE so you don’t miss anything before chapter twelve!

Enjoy :)
It seemed like forever, but things slid back into a semblance of normal at the compound.

The once a week nights at the hotel helped a lot.

Sometimes Tony held tight to the cool metal arm, shaking, screaming his pleasure into the dark as Bucky took him apart slowly, carefully, expertly. Other times the soldier was the one shuddering, groaning, crying out as he came with Tony thrusting deep inside him. And then some nights they would just lay together and talk about their days, with the lights off and the covers pulled tight around their shoulders and their foreheads touching, their hands roaming gently all over each other.

But no matter what they did, it all helped.

Tony still jumped if someone startled him, was still much quieter than he used to be, but he wasn’t running from the room every time the team argued. He didn’t flinch away when Steve spoke to him. The lab had music playing again, even if it was much softer than it had ever been before.

When Natasha sat next to him on the couch now, Tony didn’t automatically get up and leave. He could sit with her to close to half an hour as long she didn’t expect too much conversation.

Sam made a point to come and eat breakfast with Tony every morning, even if Tony was only having juice, and they could talk over breakfast for several minutes before Tony started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

Wanda had started doing things like levitating items over to him, and flicking a door open any time Tony needed it, He’d nearly fallen over in fright the first time his office door shot open and banged against the wall to let him out, but he had managed to smile at her anyway, and she had absolutely lit up, thrilled to be doing something for him.

Vision flitted in and out, as he usually did, ending his day with a visit to Tony’s lab to wish him goodnight, and to reassure Tony that he was there if he ever wanted to talk. Tony had stopped grimacing every time Vision spoke, and the (being?) man took that as a personal victory.

Eventually, even movie nights started again. The team certainly didn’t dogpile on the couch like they used to, and Tony still sat closest to the door, but he smiled along with the comedies, and discussed plot points during the dramas, and didn’t leave before the movie ended, content to stay with the team until everyone was heading to bed.

It wasn’t perfect.
But it was better.
And he hadn’t had a panic attack in weeks.

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nct mtl to prefer a chubby s/o

request: anon: Nct and sf9 mtl to date a chubbier/bigger girl

author’s note: (I changed it from “chubby girl” to “chubby s/o” so it can apply to non-female fans, as well!) and if I’m being completely honest, I genuinely think any of them would date a “bigger” person. the size of your body doesn’t compare to the size of your heart I sound so cheesy wtf… but you get what I’m saying.


johnny seo


mark lee

nakamoto yuta

kim doyoung

lee donghyuck

jung yoonoh

zhong chenle

na jaemin

lee taeyong

moon taeil

lee jeno

dong sicheng

hwang renjun

park jisung


johnny, ten & mark: I can’t be the only one who see’s these three with a thicker S/O. Johnny, oh man. I don’t know if it’s because he’s more westernized, (so he’s used to curvy people still being portrayed as beautiful), or what, but something in my gut correlates Johnny with a fuller S/O. Ten, too! I can’t explain it… I just have this imagine in my head of Ten lying in bed with said S/O and randomly placing soft pecks on their thighs omg kill me. Also, he is dating the thickest baddy of all, Johnny, so I mean… And Mark, like Johnny, grew up in a place that characterized fuller people as beautiful. Tbh I feel like he’s very open minded when it comes to this kind of thing. He is the one member who focuses the most on personality, rather than appearance.

yuta, doyoung & donghyuck: These three are seriously identical to the previous three, but I mean not everyone can be on top so… All of these guys would use the cliché, “It’s just more of you to love !!1!!¡1″ Lil shit Yuta is just as greasy as Ten. He’d be the type to praise/kiss the parts of them that are a little chubby, and constantly gush over how cute they are. Doyoung bless his soul is so underrated in this matter (and overall, but that’s beside the point…) Have you ever noticed how he’s always the one to point out a members perfections when everyone else is pointing out their flaws? And how he’s always the one to make sure the teasing/joking around isn’t taken too far? He genuinely looks out for the other members feelings - even if they are just joking around. He seems like such an accepting person, and I can definitely see him with a curvier S/O. Donghyuck has fuller, more muscular thighs compared to most of the other members. He’s also admitted that, to him, his thighs/legs are his best feature. I can without a doubt see Donghyuck going for more of a thicker person. He doesn’t see their fuller figure as unappealing, he see’s it as just another small part of them that he loves along with all the rest.

jaehyun, chenle & jaemin: Again, I seriously see these guys with a thicker S/O! Jaehyun is such a sweet person, and honestly, just a lover. I can definitely see him being attracted to curves. He honestly just loves to hold onto said person, and run his hands up and down their sides, appreciating their curvy physique. Chenle, omg. I can’t even explain this one. I know he’s a tiny little baby, but can’t you just picture him holding hands with an equally tiny, fuller looking S/O? My heart !!! And finally, Jaemin, like Jaehyun, really just likes to hold his S/O. They’ll be laying in bed, and he’s lightly tracing his S/O’s side with his finger, mentally gushing over their adorable frame.

taeyong, taeil & jeno  These three are all equally hard to explain… I can honestly see them all with a chubbier S/O, too - just not as much as the previous members. Taeyong also seems like the kind of guy who would lay next to his S/O and hold them close to his body. He constantly has a hand on their thigh or stomach, rubbing gentle circles into their skin with his thumb. Taeil seems like one hell of a laid back dude lmao. Because of this I don’t see him as being very picky in regard to appearance. He just wants someone that’s there for him! Jeno, like Taeil, doesn’t seem very picky. But rather than preferring a thicker S/O like some of the other members, I think he kinda leaves it to fate to bring him someone who cares about him.

winwin, renjun & jisung: These guys aren’t at all against dating a curvier S/O, but it’s just not their “ideal type.” Winwin is honestly hella difficult to read… He has absolutely nothing against dating a thicker person! But I feel like if his S/O was stronger than him (since he’s honestly pretty smol), it might cause a little lack of confidence. They can pick him up like it’s nothing, but he struggles to just barely lift their feet off the ground. He’s supposed to be the one carrying you around, not the other way around. I feel like Renjun would be very similar to Winwin. By no means would he turn someone down because they looked a little thicker, but I don’t think he would be searching for someone of that kind. He wants to be manly in his S/O’s eyes, so if they’re continuously beating him in arm wrestling and fake fighting, his self-confidence might be shredded. And finally, Jisung is such a smol baby. He’s very young, and still growing and maturing. Because of this, his brain and other things alike haven’t fully developed. It’s only natural that a boy that young isn’t completely accepting of a lovely, full figure that he’ll probably grow up to appreciate later in life. Boys his age typically create an unrealistic, perfect S/O in their mind, not paying much attention to people that don’t fit that exact ideal selection. That doesn’t mean he’d shut down every person with curves that showed the slightest interest in him. It just means he’d have to get to know them and their personality to realize that they’re more than just a fuller figure.

Reminder: These are all mere speculations. They are in no way accurate to how the boys themselves think. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, no matter your shape or size!

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Do have any hc on short readerxcredence??


  • can we just say protective!credence
  • he is obsessed with how much smaller you are than him but will never say so out loud
  • he worries that you are in Constant Danger because you are too small and also Too Positive
  • part of him realizes that you are totally capable of defending yourself, but he also knows how unkind the world is
  • so he vows to protect you anyway
  • part of this is through positive touches, ones he is learning to accept and give
  • so when he starts becoming more receptive to hugs and less starved for them, he likes to tuck you under his chin
  • it feels like  he gets to hold the sun for a brief period of time
  • it also feels like no one can get to you when you’re in his arms like this, so he likes to keep you here
  • you never tell him that the hugs last way longer than “normal” ones would because you know he needs these
  • eventually you realize that he also feels protective over you because his hold tightens on you when other people get too close
  • he also loves that he needs to help you sometimes when you need to get something off of a high shelf
  • you always ask him to get whatever it is for you instead of just using magic to get it down because he always looks so happy to help you
  • he also really loves that you have to look up so far at him–he thinks you look like an angel with your head angled like that and with your eyes turning into little crescents from your smile–well, you always look like an angel
  • he also likes how small you can tuck yourself up to be on the couch, especially when you’re next to him
  • you just kind of slot right against his side because you’re so small and credence thinks he will always find this to be absolutely adorable
  • he loves when you cradle his face in your hands, either to comfort him or just because, because he can feel your whole hand there
  • it’s so small and just fits against his cheek and he becomes acutely aware of how tiny your hands are
  • he likes to cover your hand with his own scarred one because his literally envelops it
  • overall he just thinks you’re a cute person and wants to protect you always, and you want to let him
Reasons I Ship Percico

It’s a common question in the fandom “why do people ship Percico?” So, here is half my list:

1. I like the idea of their relationship slowly evolving into a cloud of playful pushes, friendly jokes and random kisses.

2. The friendship they have (you know, the one they had before it mysteriously disappeared) was amazingly cute and could have made Nico happier if he wasn’t dealing with a lot of stuff on his own.

3. The thought of Nico slowly, but surely, over time, start opening up to Percy is just…. Wow.

4. What about Percy opening up to Nico about a personal problem to show he can be trusted? 

5. That time when Percy ran through the dangerous Labyrinth to find Nico at the thought of him being in danger clearly shows he cares about Nico.

6. I love the cheesy ending of Nico finally getting the one he always loved.

7. Nico loved but resented Percy, so think if they were together, that Percy would have the perfect comeback to Nico’s little snaps.

8. How about Percy sitting there, looking at Nico and regretting thinking he was ever annoying when they first met? 

9. It would be so cute if Percy and Nico’s relationship slowly grown over several months as they got comfortable together.

10. I’m sorry, but the thought of Nico getting irritated with the camp life and visiting Percy in his apartment for a few weeks is just adorable.

11. What about Percy’s sexuality you ask? It makes it 10 times better if Percy falls for Nico’s personality, not the fact that he’s a gay guy. So not exactly bi, but a straight guy who simply fell in love with Nico di Angelo.

12. Nico was always the one to think of ways to keep Percy safe. Ex. the curse of Achilles, going in the Labyrinth, going into Tartarus to find the Doors of Death etc.

Most importantly, I ship percico because both the characters were cheated out of their friendship by their own author. It’s NOT in character for Percy to just sit there while Jason is just talking about not saving Nico from the Giants because he might be a traitor. That scene gets me so angry I see red. Nico deserves a slow build up with someone he knows and cares about so he can actually get over his self-hatred. Nico is such an amazing character and the way he was written in The Hidden Oracle was insulting.

I ship Percico because they both deserve better.

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Can I please request some saeran relationship headcanons please thankyou keep up the great work with the blog

you’re always here to help me with my saeran hc needs aahHhh -Green

💔 s w e e t  t r e a t s

💔 you’re both as bad as Saeyoung honestly, you have junkfood everywhere 

💔 you’re favorite pet name for him is sweety, sweet, or sweet treat

💔 he’ll never admit it because it is embarrassing but he Loves It… 

💔 Saeran isn’t the most physically affectionate person, and you’re totally okay with this but a small part of him still feels bad

💔 so when he can he’ll just hold one of your fingers or have your shoulders touch

💔 IT MAkES YOU DIE,,, it’s so CUTe???

💔 you two have a little whiteboard that only you’re allowed to see and Saeran will write how he’s feeling on it 

💔 this works out because he will always go to bed after you and when it’s night is when he’s most suffocated with depression and anxiety

💔 so the whiteboard helps him write down and vent his feelings, which ergo helps him calm down, while also communicating with you how he is and what you need to do the next day for him 

💔 if the whiteboard is empty, you’ll leave little cute messages for him to find that you hope make him feel better

💔 sometimes you’ll do little doodles that are honestly crap but he loves them 

💔 you two don’t go on outside dates much, they’re usually inside with the two of you either watching something or playing a game, even just eating icecream and talking all night is considered a date for you two 

💔 when you do go on outside dates, it’s late night drives and park dates. you love bringing him to toy and comic stores because he’s really intrigued by them since he didn’t have those as a kid

💔 you also like recommending him new songs to listen to and see his opinion on them

💔 out of all people, Saeran trusts you the most so when he’s feeling horrible, he’ll go to you and just slump against you 

💔 if he wants to rant, you’ll let him, but if not you’ll just hold his hand and stay as long as he needs you

💔 when he has PTSD episodes, you’re always the one who is called to come over and calm him down, and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself or others 

For those who anti-/rivamika...

Hi. (Because, I like procrastinating.) 

I. My shipping history!
When I was in college, I never would have dreamed shipping or even myself liking a guy 5 years older or younger than me. Yuck. Gross I thought it. Which is why the first time I encountered the ship (Community, Jeff x Annie), I cringed at myself because I thought it was weird for shipping a pair at least 10 years apart in age. 

When I was 14, I shipped Sakura and Sasuke because they were perfect together. Cool guy. Sweet (albeit annoying) girl. Plus, they were in the same age group! And they’re so damn cute together. And Sasuke’s so hawt. 

When I was 12, I shipped Sakuno and Ryoma because Sakuno was so sweet and docile. She is so perfect for the cool Ryoma. 

Looking back, my biases really affected my choice of ships. I thought the cool guy should end up with the cute girl who is so obviously in love with him. Pretty telling of how I saw my gender, isn’t it? (Always protected by the strong guy. Always so in love and sacrificial. No own motivations, no own battles.) But damn, I was a starry-eyed girl. Sue me. 

Then, as does everyone, we grow up. Saw the world. Met loads of people. (Both online and in person.) No one can really tell what makes a relationship. So, regardless of what you ship, it all boils down to personal preference. There is no need to beat the other down. I ship RivaMika because of the potential. (Like all my other ships and my non-existent love life… TMI!!!) hahaha! 

II. How I started.
a. EreMika
Like mostly everyone else, I sailed the EreMika ship. (See my bias towards straight pairings!) It was the cutest thing seeing these kiddies together in the first episodes. Also, I shipped them because I wanted the girl to get what she wanted - the affection of Eren. 

But gradually, as the story progressed - you have to ask, is that really what’s beneath Mikasa’s overprotective attitude over Eren? You know, amid Mikasa’s great strength, she’s still a kid. Immature and rash. It’s not obvious because as a soldier; she follows direct commands. So, these faults of her character are not that obvious. (It became blatantly evident when she had to act on her own in retrieving Eren from the Female Titan.) 

b. Female Titan - Rivamika Entry. HOOKED.
I only came to ship Levi and Mikasa following the events of the Female Titan encounter. Of all the rescue operations I’ve watched, this was the most incredible and badass. I instantly had to ship them because of how awesome they were together. (That was my initial thought. After re-watching/re-reading, I realize that Levi did most of the work…) 

III. My misunderstandings.
a. Levi and Mikasa’s characters.

i. How Levi really is.
Levi is not an abusive maniac. He does not like beating up children. (He does have a hard hand - but that’s a crutch he got for living most of his life in the depths of the underground hell which threatened to kill every ounce of humanity in him.) 

This character has an incredible backstory. (Just like everyone in this remarkably created universe.) But, his is sadder. He never had a moment of happiness. And that instant, that second he did, it was snatched away from him so easily, so quickly. All his life he’s been surrounded by people who couldn’t care any less about those around them. So, don’t you think it’s remarkable that this man who exudes the overused stereotype of “I don’t give a rat’s ass.”, keeps the patches of his fallen comrades? Helped Mikasa save Eren. (Other than helping Mikasa, he did it so willingly because Eren was a part of his squad. He wouldn’t hold back to rescue whatever tinge was left of them.)

It’s incredible that, with what little this man has, with all that he’s lost (and I’m crying just thinking about how a man who never had anything could lose so much), he continues to fight for humanity. 

So, that’s how Levi really is. He’s a tough guy, no doubt. But those that matter - the traits that count, they’re in him a hundredfold. And this is why I admire his character so much. All the humanity that Erwin and the other’s have lost. Levi gained. It’s a remarkable contrast, isn’t it? I will cry an ocean’s fill the day they kill off Levi. (I say when because I believe they really will.) 

ii. How Mikasa really is.
Regardless of how much we admire this child, she is what she is - a kid. “Gaki.” as Levi so lovingly puts it. 

She is strong, filled with incomprehensible potential. But, she is immature and rash. She lets her emotions get in the way of her duties. (But as you continue into the plot, you see how she’s developed. She’s more toned down. She is able to distance herself from Eren.) 

But, if you were to rate Mikasa to Levi. Mikasa does not even compare. Mikasa is heartless when it comes to those who are not Eren and Armin. Especially in the first season/first arc of the manga. Remember - she had the gall to blame Levi for Eren’s taking during their chase for the Female Titan. 

“If you did your job, Eren would be safe.” She says something like this with so much spite and loathing - to a man who just fucking lost his entire squad in the most horrendous of ways. This is a man who immediately locked up his own remorse, his own feelings of guilt, to get on with the next goal: Save Eren. 

SO. IDK WHAT THE FUCK YOU SHITS ARE SAYING. I’ve tried locking up feelings before. And trust me, that is not a good practice. SO. Who the hell could fucking understand what’s going through Levi’s head? He doesn’t seem to have a confidant. Nor does he seem to be looking for one. 

Mikasa has Eren and Armin. The 104th. She practically had and has a family. She’s been surrounded by love her entire life. So, to blame Levi. To injure him. 

I gravely think we fans aren’t giving Mikasa the shitloads worth of how horrible she’s been to Levi. From promising to beat him up after what he’s done to Eren during the latter’s trial. To blaming the bereaved man for losing Eren. Those may be two incidents. But, both were crucial to Eren’s well-being. Plus, taking into account that in the first parts of the anime/manga - Levi and Mikasa had little to no interactions to begin with. 

I love Mikasa’s development in the manga. But, considering the fact that Levi saved her ass from getting killed by the Female Titan. That he saved her fricking boyfriend/brother loads of times. That he continues to respect her and mentor her. LEVI is obviously the better character. So, no, in the Rivamika ship, you are not allowed to say Levi is the lucky one. Mikasa is the fortunate one; that Levi understands where her anger/rage came from and is able to move past it. 

b. Rivamika.
When you have a wrong understanding of the characters, you tend to have a wrong understanding of the ship as well. Initially, I thought Levi was uncaring. I thought Mikasa was cool and just incredible. I thought Levi would beat Mikasa up - hence my previous fanfics. But damn was I mistaken. 

In the anime, there seems to be zero Rivamika. That’s because it’ll happen in the later arcs. But its there more or less. 

Also. The damn art in the anime (first season) is incomparable to the manga. In the 1st season anime, Levi has a baby-bod. Which is… effin not his dang body. In the manga (as seen above), he’s basically a muscular man. They fixed this in season 2. (Yes!) And in the manga, Mikasa looks younger, less mature than her anime version. — So if there needs to be a Rivamika image that pops into mind, keep in mind the one on top of this post. 

IV. Rivamika (see: appreciation post)

V. Conclusion: Why I Rivamika.
a. Potential
i. Caring Levi and a maturing Mikasa
I just adore Levi. And I love Mikasa. 

Since I adore Levi - I want him to be happy. I want him to lead a life that has been contrary to what he’s been through his entire life. I want him to gain rather than lose. I want him to live for someone, to fight for someone special to him. I want him to stop seeing himself as an instrument for humanity’s survival. After all, if you’re not fighting for something concrete - then why the hell are you fighting? (Right, Jean? LOL.) I have a penchant for sad characters, for the ‘bad’ characters. I believe they are misunderstood; that they aren’t given the development they need. 

But Levi has everything good in him. So, why shouldn’t he be happy? (This is why I ship him with everyone. LOL.) 

Mikasa, I love. She is just incredible. And, most compatible to Levi. She’s uber powerful. She is most likely to understand Levi. (Remember - Levi has no confidant. I doubt Levi/Erwin/Hange talk about their feelings…. They’re people who get the job done after all. So, no need for the mushy stuff.) But as she is, I think the best bet for her to shed off her feelings for Eren and have her affections swayed by someone else is - maturity and distance. 

In the manga, we already see her development. She’s become Levi’s right hand. She back-ups the man. And she understands him. 

I don’t like thinking my ship as “here’s a Levi.” and “here’s a Mikasa.” now fall in love sort. The way I think Levi will fall in love with Mikasa is companionship and understanding. Tea time talks maybe. Being there when he needs a helping hand. Levi as he is, is and has never been in search of romance. Levi is a simple man with zero input on the topic. He only has this vague idea of love and family in the corner of his mind. Something he doesn’t think about because for him, it isn’t necessary. It isn’t what’s in front of him. That being said, I think he’s one that could grow affection quietly and be satisfied with this alone. He yearns for nothing, he wants for nothing after all. Heck, the man isn’t in search of a friend even. He’ll grow the affection for certain. But, Rivamika sailing will all be in Mikasa’s wheelhouse. 

And, I think Mikasa will fall for Levi once she freaking matures. I say mature because we can hold it as a fact that she already understands Levi in the manga. So, she needs to mature to shed her old feelings. We slowly see this in Eren and Jean’s brawl, where she just lets them fight. (Good times, good times.) Mikasa will fall for Levi only when she realizes how much he’s done for her, for everyone. She’ll fall in love with him after she realizes how much there is to admire in him, after she reassesses what it means to fall in love with another. 

I don’t understand how this will work in canon. But just imagine the possibilities. One headcanon is - they embark to unknown territory. The protagonists are in separate teams. I see Armin in HQ, dealing with military strategy. I see Mikasa training her own squad. I see Levi and Eren joining the frontlines. (This is where the distance I mentioned could develop. - Mikasa can grow, reassess her feelings.) (But crap, I think she’ll only end up missing Eren… :( ) 

(Speaking about Eren. I don’t think he’ll fall in love with Mikasa. From his character - he obviously isn’t looking for one. And second, he never seemed to be attracted to Mikasa at any point of their relationship. He always saw her as a friend, an unwanted nuisance at times. Annie, I’m pretty sure he fancied at one point or the other. - This works with Rivamika because it gives me room to believe that Mikasa will have to move on.)  (But then again, you can never be certain. He could come out one day saying, “Of course I love you. I always have.” I think his relationship with Mikasa opens this door to a frank and casual confession. :O )

ii. The Indefeasible Ackermans
The Ackerman line will certainly continue. It’s impossible to think those genes will be lost to humanity forever. One of the two (assuming there are no others) will procreate with someone. So, why not just put them together? 

(Kidding aside.)

I say potential because of the inherent capabilities of these characters. The trajectory of their stories will reach heights unknown. They’ll be doing remarkable feats, journeys, battles. They will save humanity. The thought of their finding love through all it is so damn romantic, I can’t even begin to describe it. It will just be so incredible and heart-wrenching. (To find love in a hopeless place. HA……… ha. Sorry.)

b. Biases
i. How I appreciate my gender.
It’s easy to pinpoint flaws in depictions of your gender. So in my ships, I quickly take note of this. I love how in obvious ships (EreAnnie, RivaMika), the women are equally or even stronger. 

I love how confident the men are in their own abilities. That Levi doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his height. That the men’s frustration with getting stronger doesn’t stem from jealousy towards their female counterparts, but the struggle to win a life-long battle. 

When I was younger, it’s so obvious that I liked the girls in my ships to be the under in more ways than one. Although I wanted them to develop, they were never allowed to grow more than their male counterpart. In Rivamika, Mikasa could so easily surpass Levi any day now. I also like the fact that Levi is shorter than Mikasa. That’s how you know a man is confident - that he doesn’t mind living up to such an incredible partner. 

(Oh yea, look! For the first time, it’s the man who sacrifices his time and effort for the woman’s sake.) Love RivaMika so gosh darn much.

ii. What I look for in a relationship.
EQUALITY AND RESPECT. (including attraction, love, admiration, trust… all that jazz of course.) You get this in Rivamika if appreciated properly. 

All points taken, Rivamika is awesome. If you don’t think so, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure to ship and let ship. If a ship doesn’t suit your taste, look the other way. Don’t be immature and show us how much time you can afford to waste by ranting about a pairing you hate. (And like that, I just wasted a butt load of time… oh no.) 


loudandweird  asked:

Hi hiiii, you did the Jungkook dating someone shy righttt? Can you do one for like Jungkook dating someone hyper, cheerful, loud and cuddly? Thank youuu

well hello there request i was afraid of because i’m not hyper nor cheerful fml ok here it goes


Originally posted by yourpinkpill

  • ahem
  • right
  • he’d be taken aback by your cheerful personality at first
  • so on this post we only have shy!kook, not cocky!nochu hah finally i can write something about him without prematurely aging
  • you’d probably be the one confessing idk i don’t see him confessing to someone loud and bubbly but whatever floats your boat i guess
  • alright, so jungkook would be extra shy and flustered because
  • wow how can you be so cheerful and happy and cute
  • he isn’t used to someone being this cute (well, hoseok is always loud, but he isn’t as cute as you)
  • will probably call you puppy multiple times a day
  • you’d probably jump on him when you’re excited and he’d be so heart eyes bc whoa i’ve never been in love like i am now
  • he honestly finds you the cutest i cannot put more accent on this
  • in public he gets all flustered because you aren’t shy with pda but he kind of explodes when you hold his hand or hug him or kiss him
  • he tried to hide it behind a smirk but that smirk is weak af and he’s all red from the tip of his ears to his collarbones, god, please have mercy on him
  • he literally cannot tease you without blushing. he just can’t
  • loves it when you are playing around with him though
  • he loves being a dork and a meme and when you join too he’s all happy and stuff and wow it’s one of the few times you both are cheerful and hyper and energetic
  • also, you drag him outside and he drags you outside, haf of your time spent together is outside
  • or even more idk
  • loves cuddles but is very shy when initiating one so when you tackle him on the couch he gets all bunny smiles and shit
  • oh wow i begin being aggressive sorry
  • loves you a lot, he really does, but he can and will take down all of your posters and hide your albums and other bands’ merch because ‘no, you can’t be excited because of another idol. only me and bts.’
  • sometimes he’s tired or stressed or very cold or has mood swings (bc he a lil bitch) so he might snap at you a few times because he just doesn’t feel well and he feels pressed and he doesn’t know what to do or he just needs his space but later he feels very bad for it
  • like
  • very bad
  • so he goes and finds you and hugs you real tight and if you cry it’s even worse, he might cry too because ‘jesus, how could i make an angel cry’
  • he’ll put himself down for a few days
  • but it’s okay, he has you and you are almost always happy so you make him happy too because your cheerfulness is contagious.
  • btw he can never, ever initiate skinship. he just can’t
  • also, gets pout when you play around with hoseok or taehyung because he’s scared of you finding them more interesting than him
  • so you have to reassure him that he’s perfect k
  • gets very jealous if you’re cuddly with other people bc “i’m your boyfriend. only i deserve your cuddles”
  • wanders around the house shirtless trying to make you flustered but when you blush he blushes too iT JUST HAPPENS AND HE HATES IT
  • prepare for many many many bunny smiles and doe, sparkly eyes and sweet whispers when you get a lil bit too excited or loud and shy af hugs and trembling kisses and sweaty hands because this is what you’ll get

this is a lil bit shorter oops i just didn’t really know what to write because i’m not energetic so yeh e_e

i hope you still like it though~ ^-^

~admin alexa

Preschool Teacher!Jungkook

And last but not least is the final member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, our golden maknae who !!!! was !!!! so !!!! cute !!!! in the Run episode oh my god, the Ringa Linga part where he just falls onto his knee and starts laughing and how cocky he got when he got a strike I love it all so much, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • As I mentioned in Jin’s post, Tae’s post is already done (here) so we’ll be moving onto kookie!
  • A giant kid teaching teeny tiny kids what a concept I am here for it 110%
  • First days are always the most nerve wracking to him like the very first day he’s ever teaching by himself, he is so incredibly nervous he can barely make eye contact with any of the kids
  • Even though he still has TAs who have been helping for a while and promise to help him out, this is the first time he’s the actual teacher, like it’s up to him to lead the class and make sure everything is going well and that everyone is having fun
  • He’s so surprised how easily the kids accept him?? like he was expecting them to hate him or to want nothing to do with him but they’re actually super down to do what he has planned for the day and they’re giggling and so so smiley and he’s literally just sitting there looking at one of the TAs in disbelief bc is it always like this??
  • It doesn’t take him long to get comfortable, by the end of the day he’s right at home and so are the kids and he’s so relieved
  • At first he tries to get them to call him Mr. Jeon so there are a couple kids that call him that but that just feels so weird to hear them say like they’re so lil so they always end up calling him Jungkook or kookie or some form of his name
  • Probably one of the loudest classes tbh
  • Everyone’s always giggling whenever they walk by the classroom and just hear the kids yelling and hearing their tiny feet running around the class and you can hear Jungkook just laughing really loudly and it sounds like such a happy class bc it is
  • He gets the kids so hyped up 25/8 and they hype him up just as much
  • But he’s also a very caring teacher
  • There’s this one kid who falls during class and kook is over there right away making sure they’re okay and he carries them for the rest of the class bc “no getting hurt that’s not allowed here”
  • Bunny smile is always always always on his face bc they just don’t care, they’re making weird noises, weird faces, climbing on things if they can, running around, they’re just having fun and that’s really hard to not smile at
  • They’re always wanting to see how strong he is 
  • This one lil kid challenges him to a pushup contest and kook’s of course holding back a shit ton and is pretending that after a couple pushups he’s too tired to keep going bc he always loves seeing how proud the kids get when they beat him in a strength contest
  • King of the rocket ship or the superman or anything of that variety, he has a line of kids with their arms in the air waiting to be picked up and “flown” all around the room
  • He loves when he has a chance to take the kids out on a field trip of some sort like he has a party at the end of the year where they get to go to a beach or a park together and some of the parents (the ones that have that day available) are there and it’s like one giant family
  • There’s always singing, all of the bbys love his voice and he has no issue singing for them 
  • Tries to rap Mary Had a Little Lamp and actually kinda succeeds
  • Same thing goes for dancing, there’s always always always a dance party and kook is laughing so hard his cheeks start hurting and his eyes are watering up and his stomach is lowkey starting to cramp bc they’re so cute and have zero care about looking cool which he lo v es
  • Okay so remember the dance practice video they did for 21st Century Girl where kook was in the giant rabbit costume, that’s him on Halloween in the classroom
  • He’s the funniest person in the entire world in their eyes
  • Kook does these voices sometimes and he’s just so extra he would be such a good teacher tbh
  • They go home with so many stories of what kookie did that day and how it was so much fun and they’re genuinely excited to go back to school the next day
  • They all love him so so so so much, their lil faces light up when they see him and they always get their hello hugs
  • There’s always a kid latched onto his leg, another on his shoulders, a couple in his arms, probably one on his back
  • There’s this one lil girl that kinda just hangs around kookie the entire class bc she’s not as adventurous as the other kids and she’s just genuinely more laid back and doesn’t wanna run around most of the time so she just turns into his buddy
  • She helps him set the lunches up, she sits on his lap during said lunch, she makes sure he’s near her when she takes her nap
  • She’s always holding his hand or being carried by him and she doesn’t really say much unless he talks to her first bc tbh she’s content just hanging around him
  • His reactions to some of the things they say or do crack the TAs up bc Jungshook makes an appearance
  • You volunteer at his class when you have time to do it
  • You gotta admit you do have a crush on kook bc how can you not, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he’s beautiful inside and out, he’s great with kids, he’s just an overall gem
  • It’s just so cute and endearing to see him get so :D and be so sweet and playful with the kids and he knows each of them so well, he knows one of the lil boys hates crust on his bread, another prefers the crust on, one of the kids prefers grape jam to strawberry, he has everything personalized
  • You’ve been working together on and off for a couple years and he always makes you really happy bc after every class, he thanks all of the TAs/volunteers one by one and he always stops to talk to you and see how you’ve been since the last time you volunteered
  • “Maybe we could catch up over dinner after we finish cleaning up?? I still wanna know more about what’s been going on with you since we last saw each other”
  • “I’d love to…are you gonna wear the bunny costume to our date?”
  • “I can if you want me to”
BTS Reaction #6 - You dress up in a cute onsie and cuddle them to death

monsta x / black pink/ bts how would they react if you would dress up in a cute onesi and cuddle them to deathxD

And the final part is here! I’m a little sad since this is so cute!! ^.^ Thank you again anon!

Seokjin (Jin): *practically has a heartattack from how hard he’s fanboying over you* “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! How can one person be this cute??”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Hoseok (Jungkook): *this is his favorite moment of his entire life and he acts cute with you* “You are the most perfect human being I have ever met~”

Originally posted by orchid-bud

Namjoon (Rap Monster): *blushes and smiles super widely* “What got into you, you little cutie?”

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jungkook: *malfunctions from adorableness but is also still a dweeb* “BABE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? MY HEARTS GONNA EXPLODE, IT’S SO FULL OF RAINBOWS”

Originally posted by jinkooks

Taehyung (V): *happiest alien ever* “Yah, how did you know just what I needed tonight? You know me so well sweetie. I love you.”

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Jimin: *always up for a cuddle session* “Aww, babe! You’re so warm and cuddly~ Want to watch some movies and just chill tonight?”

Originally posted by booptae

Yoongi (Suga): *usually initiates the cuddles so he’s happy for the switch* *lughs* “Yah, why are you so weird?” *gives you a gummy smile and laughs more at your pout* “I love your weirdness though!! I swear!”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

NCT Chenle and Jisung’s ideal type (personality)


Anon: pls do chenle and jisung ideal type :) thanks xx

Anon: Can you please do the next 2 members for the ideal type post ☺️

Apologies for the wait! Haven’t had the time to write this, but it’s out now hahah. I’m probably going to come back and edit this in the next year or something because they’re still smol and the things they’ll like will change too.

posting both of these tonight bc ppl keep asking and it’s annoying as hell :))) also bc i wanna focus more on other requests so i might start posting twice a day now

Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)


Originally posted by nctaezen

Chenle would really need someone whose more immature than mature; he’d drain someone whose mature, and that’s not really ideal in a relationship. He’d also really need someone more extroverted and outgoing than someone introverted and calm. Someone spontaneous and unpredictable, so would surprise him and keep him on his toes. I think he’d like someone who prefers the outdoors t the indoors; adventure trails and theme parks rather than the cinema and bowling alley. If they could cook, that’d be a bonus. It wouldn’t have t be anything fancy or difficult; if you could cook only scrambled eggs or boil pasta, he’d love it. This sounds weird but he’d absolutely love someone who could do magic or pranks or make jokes, that no one would ever understand how to do. He’d look so cute trying to figure out how you do it, head tilted at an angle and eyebrows knitted in confusion. If you could do that, it’d just be amusing to see his reaction, nevertheless actually impress people with it. He also needs someone who can bounce off of him and have the same sense of humour. That’d be super important to him since he laughs all the bloody time and is always trying to joke around with people.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I see Jisung with someone with a personality like that of Taeyong’s. I think Tae has really left an impression on him and would’ve subconsciously influence his preferences too. He’d want someone who would smother him slightly, but not to the extent of babying him. He’d still want that bit of freedom and independence, but someone who could support him in his choices and help him see the benefits and weaknesses in things would help him mature better. Someone whose on the quiet side but not overly-awkward. I think a bit of awkwardness in a relationship, especially the start, is fairly normal and bearable. But if they were the type of person to just clam up every time he looks at them, he’d find it hard. Maybe when he’s older he wouldn’t mind so heavily, but because he’s young, he kinda needs someone whose a bit more comfortable to be around and open, and doesn’t leave him guesses through signs and hints. Definitely someone who can dance - just so you have a shared interest/hobby! Or at least, dances. You don’t need to be dancing 24/7 to get his attention; if you were the type to just dance in the kitchen or bedroom to your favourite song, he’d like that! Even if you didn’t do that, as long as you supported him and encouraged him in his own dancing, he wouldn’t really have a problem.

anonymous asked:

I need a full essay double spaced times new roman on why you love jimin and his flaws bcus I've never been able to put it in words 💓

what flaws 🤐🤔

lmao, gosh… an essay, huh, i’m not sure i can do that… but to start, let me list some of them.. i mean the ones we know of by watching his behaviour or from stories by others…

  • a really short temper, he’s impatient
  • can be petty, sore loser
  • likes to expose other people just because he can
  • gets defensive
  • tardy, always late, makes people wait on him
  • picky!! vain!
  • way too self-critical
  • dependant on other people’s approval / validation
  • needs attention! always
  • bad at explaining things to other people and putting his feelings into words even though he’s a deep thinker
  • has that usual tinge of internalized sexism
  • holds grudges, when someone slights him or does something wrong, he remembers it and then uses it against them in an argument months later lmao
  • takes advantage of his cuteness/good looks to get what he wants
  • teases, lies/exaggerates
  • doesn’t always think things through
  • doesn’t like showing that he’s actually a nerd and a weeb lmao

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Haechan having a short s/o

Originally posted by peperodays

Request: Can you please do a like a donghyuck version of the dating a short s/o CAUSE THE OTHERS WERE SO CUTE AND I LOVE THIS BLOG AND ALL ITS ADMINS XXX

A/N: i hope u enjoy this<333

  • haha
  • good luck
  • no rlly good luck w being short while dating hae
  • he’s gonna use your shortness against u
  • forever
  • trying to reach something from the highest shelf??
  • rip he’s going to put it a shelve higher
  • and he’d just laugh as your eyes widen when u see what he just did
  • “i h8″
  • and he’s only gonna give the thing he wants if u give him a kiss
  • when u kiss him he’s gonna be all like
  • “oh wow didn’t kno u love me that much”
  • and he’s gonna give u the thing u wanted
  • not before stealing a quick kiss tho
  • “what no i didn’t kiss u lol wys”-hae
  • back hugs
  • he loves giving you back hugs
  • especially when he’s tired!!
  • he’d nuzzle his face into your neck
  • and your hair would cover his face
  • ur like a teddy bear to him tbh
  • he also loves it when u give him backhugs tho!!!
  • he loves how your arms are so smol that u can barely wrap them around him
  • ok but
  • sometimes he’d suddenly give u piggy back rides when u give him back hugs
  • and you’d fucking scream bcs
  • and he’d just laugh and continue running around
  • the fact that he has to lean down to kiss u
  • is so funny to him???
  • like??
  • ‘how can a person be so smol’
  • which is why he always laughs before he kisses you
  • cutie
  • he’d have you saved as ‘smol idiot’ in his contacts
  • don’t forget the hearts
  • in other words!!!
  • he’d be a cute but sometimes !!! bf about your height
  • it’s another part of u that he loves w his whole heart
  • but shhh don’t tell him u know now
  • <3

*Admin One*

student!park jihoon
  • gets along with everyone
  • has a new catch phrase every week
  • and they get really popular
  • probably the type to wear a travel pillow around his neck a lot
  • just so he can nap in between classes
  • wears really funky socks to school
  • and he’s known for it
  • eats bread for lunch every day
  • sometimes oversleeps and has to rush to school with tousled hair
  • and he aint even know bc he tried covering it up with a beanie
  • but it didnt work
  • the type to sit on his desk while eating his food
  • steals food from your lunch when you’re not looking
  • also a victim of dance circles that break out during lunch breaks
  • everyone literally will push him in just to get him to dance
  • and he’s good yo
  • really good in gym class
  • literally will excel in every sport unit for that class
  • also oddly good in history
  • daydreams a lot in class
  • gets called on bc he obviously isnt listening
  • but he actually gets decent grades in school
  • he’s not in the top 30 of his class but he’s not doing bad either
  • just average you feel?
  • sometimes he’ll feel really confident in answering a question but he’ll get it wrong
  • but that aint ever stopped him from trying
  • a lot of underclassmen have a crush on him
  • and he gets really shy when they confess
  • his friends tease him a lot bc of the people that confess to him
  • “just take the chocolate and give it to us”
  • but the poor boy is too kind to do that
  • so he’ll reject the confession and chocolate
  • and if someone leaves him chocolate, he won’t be mean and give it to his friends, he will eat it or take it home
  • such a kind boy this boy is
  • does his homework diligently
  • like right when he gets home
  • the type to walk with one hand carrying his bag over his shoulder and his other hand in his pocket
  • the type of person to wait outside your classroom when school ends so you can walk out together
  • is always hungry after school so he drags you to 7/11 for some ramen
  • the type to send random text messages with jokes on what ur learning that day
  • “what did silver say to gold when they saw each other?”
  • “please pay attention to class jihoon”
  • “Au~ ^^ LOL”
  • *read 12:34pm*
Don't Take It So Personally

Originally posted by dailystrangerthings

Jonathan Byers x Reader

Words; 817

Warnings; cutsie Jonathan Byers, mentions of Will’s disappearance and murder, slightly fem!reader but can be seen as either gender.

Hawkins was a small town. Not many people came or went, many just staying put. Me included.

School was stressful, as usual, but one thing was always on my mind. Well, two things. One; how weird this town was. And two; Jonathan Byers.

Jonathan Byers was an introvert that nobody really noticed, besides me of course. He was a quiet boy, who sat two tables across from me in English. The boy was very cute and fidgety, always nervous around others and in social situations. Which also happened to be what I liked best about him.

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appreciation post

my best friend heimo made an and accurate and high quality ‘100 reasons to appreciate jaehyun from nct’ post :].

Originally posted by neotechs

1) He always seems to have a smile on his face.
2) That boi loves his pda
3) Look how talented he is, which is very
4) I love how he loves all his members
5) He looks so cute and smol and soft
6) He is actually not cute and smol and soft but is
7) That kinky lil’ shit👀 i see u whiplash​​​
8) i like how hes always somewhere in the back, so awkward
9) “I lived in America for four years, that’s why I’m here, man”
10) Look how tall that cutie is
11) His laugh is so cute and precious
12) i wanna hug him, look at how huggable
13) His modeling skils make me squeal
14) His dancing is amazing
16) His personality shines bright like a dimen
17) He’s also vv weird i love it
19) his eyesmile omg
22) His hair is just perfect, like him, always
23) one word okok F I R E T R U C K
25) Looks good in abt 107% of things he wears
26) He’s a man who can do both
27) His english is so cute
28) Always tries his best, which i love
30) Is a respectful lil nutter butter
31) aa that bb boys aegyo game
32) Shows his love for his fans
33) Isn’t a troublemaker okok hes a good kid
35) Also in love w taeyong and doyoung
36) Knows how to Aesthetic™
38) Likes smol fluffy things, me too bb me too
39) Just looking at him comforts me thats weird ik but it happens
40) Is probably the type to be disgusted @ ppl for pouring milk first
41) Loves to hang out with pals
42) Doesn’t hate on younger members
43) He invented beauty
44) Can go from precious to sexy in 0.00002 seconds
45) Good Bodied Baby™
46) He can rap, sing, nd dance
47) He will always try to cheer people up
48) His arms are gr8 and amazing and make me question lyfe
49) His beautiful and intense stare
50) Even does aegyo to random fans and loves making them smile
51) Would sell his own soul for someone else’s happiness
52) Is so soft yet masculine
53) Tries, but not to hard to where it’s annoying or unappealing
54) Is the type to hand you the tissue box and hug you while watching a sad movie
55) Very much shows his expression
56) He has many many talents
57) He is bilingual, which impresses me
58) He loves the Dreamies
59) That boi can cook
60) He has a playful sort of aura to him​​​
61) I love those creases by his nose when he smiles
62) He is a sly bb which i find adorable idky
63) He has always stood out to me
64) Is a loyal lil pal
65) Believes that loving fans is important, they are family
66) Every video of him just seems to make me smile
67) Amazing on Night Night
68) He can selca a selca like no other selca
69) He’s perfect for low quality icons
70) Is the type that considers suicide after they hit an animal with their car
71) Can make any picture seem happy w his face
72) Is pretty extra, but it’s cute
73) Would respond with how talented someone is based off their distracK,, and it was abt him
74) Would help someone short with short people problems
75) Everything abt him is pretty to me wOw
76) Also total boyfriend material
78) HuGs & HuGs & HuGs & he loves hugs i mean
79) Would be a great father one day
80) He never gives up on trying to make others happy
81) Is the type to apologize at least 7 times and then ask if you’re okay again
82) Did I mention Aegyo King???
83) He can make many people question their gender and sexuality
84) Would be the type to say “Well, it’s the thought that counts”
86) Competes for Mom of the Group™
87) He’s really just a bean
88) His dark hair makes me cry at night w its beauty
89) I love his name does this count ? its truthful
90) You can make so many puns w his name, and puns are great
91) His whole existence is brighter than the sun
92) His whole existence is also hotter than the sun
93) okaybutlike,,lowkeyalwaysgettinthosedaddyvibesooPs
94) His teeth are so perfect and white and amazing
95) Has anyone else noticed how pretty his hands are or is that weird
96) Gets flustered with love confessions
97) Cute when he gets up in the morning, lets be honest
98) He’s probably playing w a puppy rn
99) He gives me this warm tingly feeling inside my heart when i ses him
100) He’s our amazing, one and only, Jung Yoon-Oh, aka Jaehyun from NCT, so ofc I love him, he deserves the world and so much more.

Couple nicknames with NCT

Request: Couple nicknames with NCT?

A/N: I always use the same cheesy nicknames for them so I had to search for new ones for fifteen different persons. (((:


He would actually prefer calling you for your name. He’s a simple guy and I don’t think he would be into this kind of cheesy nicknames thing. Also, he just loves your name and just with pronouncing it or hearing it makes him smile.


He would try his best to come with really cute and cheesy ones but would fail horribly. “Hey sexy, how are you?” “Did you have fun, cuddle bug?”


He would have the cheesiest ones. He would probably call you cute normal things like “princess, baby, babygirl, honey” but also would come with really random ones like, “I love you a lot, gummy bear.” “Aw, my precious muffin, you’re adorable.”


The one he likes and uses the most are probably really simple ones like “jagi” and “jagiya.” And once in a blue moon he may tell you a different one, probably when he’s feeling extra cuddly.


Yuta is like an actual price, right? I think all of us can agree with that. So I think that of all the nicknames, “princess” would be his favourite one. Of course sometimes he would say other cute nicknames, but always coming back to that one.


This cutie would always find the most romantic ones. He wants you to always remember how deeply his love for you is. “Did my precious soulmate have fun?” “Wow, my queen looks so beautiful today.”


All his nicknames would be really creative puns with your name or just normal stuff like “jagi” or “jagiya.” I don’t feel like he’s the kind of person that likes this kind of stuff, tbh.


Like Kun, he wants you to remember how much he is in love with you, so he would come with really sweet nicknames like “gorgeous” and “beautiful”. But he probably would also call you with silly names like “my boo” and “fatass”, lmao.


He would normally call you for your actual nickname or, like Doyoung, with cute puns he or the other members created with your name. But if he feels extra cuddly he would call you “darling” or “sweetheart”.


Probably something sweet and simple. “Hehe, honey, you look really pretty today!” But would blush like crazy afterwards.


Another shy baby who’s not used to this nicknames thingy. He would a mix of Jaehyun and Hansol, he would try to come with really cute ones but after failing horribly he would have up and call you for your name, lmao.


After the five hours Moomin marathon you had in your second date he would never want to change it. “My little Moomin, I love you.” Sometimes he may like calling you other cute things like “darling” or “sweetie”.

It would be something short, but cute. “Hun, have your seen my phone?” “Mornin’, my love!”


Like Johnny, he would come with really weird ones some times. “Hey, Walnuts can you pass me the salt?” “Aw, look at my marshmallow being all cute.” I’m really hungry rn, lmao can y’all tell.


He never loses creativity when it comes to cute nicknames for you. “Did you sleep well, angel?” “Aw, look at my precious girl.” “You’re so adorable, you cactus.”


Probably would call you something adorable but yet really sweet, the one that he likes the most is something like “cutie” or “sweetie”.


Just like Taeil, I don’t think that he feels comfortable calling you with cheesy nicknames, so he would just call you for your name in the cutest aegyo voice.