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note: a little surprise I decided to make a new (short) series because I hit 600 followers and I wanted to thank you all for that, so tysm for supporting my work it means a lot to me 💕💕💕, this was actually one of my upcoming imagines and I changed it up a bit so the summary is a little different. 

anyway enjoy the story ! 

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summary: You have been talking to someone named Ji-sung for the past couple of months. Or so you thought.

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Molded for each other.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, violence, more violence, smut (NSFW).

P.S: Thoughts are in italic.

Word Count: 5952

Gifs by @grungedaddykinks and @mypapawinchester

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

It’s been about 2 hours that you’re on top of Sanctuary looking around, people working, walkers on the gates… normal life on theses days. Suddenly you can hear the door open and closing and when you look behind you see Negan, he put Lucille aside the door and came close and hug you.

“Why I always get a feeling that you come here to run out of me?” He says while kisses your neck. “Or just want to commit suicide and abandon me?”

“Yes, cause the less painful way to die is cracking all my bones,” you say sarcastically as always looking him on the corner of yours eyes.

He laughs, that maniacal/sexy laugh that’s an essence of him. 3 minutes passed while the two of you look around. Just breathing a little and enjoying the sun getting ready to dusk.

“Would you call me crazy if I tell you that I prefer the world in that way?” You say cracking the silence.

“Yeah, I fucking would” He looks at you with frowned brows.

“Is just… I mean of course have a lot of issues and at the start was a complete hell. But "normal life” was cliche, going to school, working, finding someone, marrying, having kids and blah blah. And I always thought that 95% of the people were never happy, like they just existed, not lived. And now we fight but at least people don’t act like they want to win a trophy for ‘The Best Friend’, is just more natural now. The planet isn’t dying like before, without wars or discrimination. And fewer buildings, less pollution. The planet is breathing again, after a long time. Actually, I think all the walkers will serve as a good fertilizer one day.“ You say so deep in your thoughts.

"Wow, I forget how freaky-deaky that pretty little head of yours can be,” He says moving his hand to put a bit of hair behind your ear.

“Come on, think about it before was boring, now we feel the adrenaline all the time,” you say looking around, sort relieved.

“Y/N Y/L/N you’re something else,” He says while inclining his back.

“Says the man who maniacally kills people with a bat”  you tease him, giving a wink, Damn is nice to play with danger.

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"bap sleeps on zelo". I don't wanna cause discourse but...I kinda agree, oops.

Good, I’m glad and thank you.

It’s not so much how bap sleeps on him as how TS actually fucking sleeps on him. Look, the kid debuted at the tender age of 15 with so much hype around him – and us, the fans from the beginnings should remember how he was up there and living up to every expectations—, so I imagine it has been especially hard on him particularly after the lawsuit. A lot of things he has done goes terribly unmentioned; from his beautiful solo choreographies, painfully personal, self written lyrics to an extremely sweet song in english, and I sympathize greatly as we share the same years lived (but can never empathize, I think we all can’t). He’s just—well, to put it in somewhat better words, put to the side after the lawsuit, and left there for only god knows why. Goddamnit

It’s just that, I’m so mad that lot of things he wants to say go unheard, and I think we all can see through the memes all the insecurities he bravely bares in front of us. He fucking confessed in his painful writings of why he’s unhappy and how he wants to let go of his own fucking life, and I don’t know, I don’t think we’ll ever know who’s the actual, real you he’s referring to there but he just wants someone to stay by his side and I hope to God he does have someone despite all the laughing emojis he stuck out there in his virtual space.

Also, we need to remember, the Zelo, yes Zelo, not Junhong, we have now is an outcome of all the shit TS put him through and the goddamn suffering he has gone through growing up in the god awful industry. Those washboard abs can be gone for all I care because that’s not fully what he is, I was never really fond of him stripping on instagram, I’m just awfully surprised how he stripped himself bare with tender, aching truths every chance he gets on the god forsaken internet (I’m not sorry for the pun). It’s almost like a cry for help and support though that’s just me assuming. But it takes courage, or just too much things that hurt for someone to be able to do it, I’m hoping it’s the former.

Cause he doesn’t put his stage name to shame either. I love how he’s powering through. Oh my dear god, he goes out for waffles by himself in slippers despite feeling lonely, sneers at his hyungs, has wild fun with his friends, does his own photoshoots when he’s denied one, and just GOSH, HE’S LIVING HIS LIFE AND I LOVE IT. This brings us to him creating his own space, his social medias and instalives (notice how he doesn’t use vlive because he’s always told to get off the fucking screen. FUCK, MAN). I think he loves the support he can personally get from that though. I see lots of hearts and loves from all of you and that’s great. I’m a happy mom.

Behind the scenes, we don’t know, but Yongguk, the one he looks up to, has hope for this young matsu tree so that’s something I’m happy about. And honorable (lol) mention to Daehyun who listens to what he’s trying to say most of the time (despite him being told he’s boring/to shut up or just rudely cut off), encouraging him in the smallest of many things and sometimes, literally a shoulder for Junhong to lean on. Though, personally speaking, it still doesn’t change the fact that people (around him, even some babyz) are sleeping on him. Just give Junhong more love, come on. Acknowledge this boy. If anything, he deserves it.


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How did/are you you deal with your players commiting a crime of that level without​killing them? Because I currently have a similar issue with my party commiting about 20 high level crimes in 1 session (up to this point they had been 99% law abiding but a new character was introduced who somehow got the party to go mad. And I'm not sure how I want to play this

Ooof, tough situation! For me, I make sure that my players know that there will 100% be consequences to their actions - and those consequences are never death. For a lot of D&D players, they expect death, meat-grinder style dungeon crawls exist for throw-away characters, and that’s a genre that a lot of people associate with D&D in the first place. Death just means they can roll a new character and “get away” with the crime, basically just picking up from where they left off.

With my group, the royal queen paid a personal visit to them, and told them all they were to come to the castle for “training”. She felt they were all just… too bored, needed something constructive to do so they would stop being pieces of shit all the time. That led to what will be multiple sessions of trials and challenges, pulling and tugging at their weak points to see how long it takes them to snap in one direction or the other. Their punishment was having to expose their characters to each other, and have their emotions dissected in the most intense way possible.

If I were in your shoes, I would totally have them all be arrested. 3x the guards, armored and weapons much better than theirs, obvious that fighting their way out won’t be a great option. Still an option they can choose, but an extremely dangerous one that maybe they shouldn’t try. From that point, you could have them stand trial, have to defend each of their actions. Have there be an accuser - a family member of someone they’ve harmed, or the owner of a place they did something seriously wrong. 

The easy way to ultimately deal with it is to have them put in a dungeon, then need to break out of it. The harder way, but the far more interesting way, is having the law of the land be “challenges”. Royal or high courts are weird and crazy things, you can make up just about any form of “customs” they’ll follow. The accuser vs the accused, and whoever wins gets their way (freedom for your players, payment/character imprisonment/etc for the accuser). You can make this straight up skill checks, or you can make it something obscure - performing an actual poem the player will have to create, baking the best cake, potion roulette, hunting for a particular creature against another team, entertaining a group of rowdy children, or even just standing in a room full of immense treasure and not touching anything for a certain amount of time. It can be different for every character, based on their personalities and what you’d think would challenge them the most.

The punishment should be as grand as the level of the crime committed.

Wrong Number


Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

Fluffy oneshot Tom and OC

I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have to change your bloody mobile phone number. All the texting people with 

“Hi it’s Megan, this is my new number” and the texts back

 “Who?” All the explaining and shit, as to the why, you did it.
Anyway it’s done now and the reason I had to do it, may just have fallen off a cliff!
What I wasn’t prepared for was weird texts from unknown person, which started the day after I got it.
“Hi so bloody bored can I come home now?”
I ignored the first one and let it pass; some poor sod texting away had hit a wrong number. Two hours later the next one came in,
“Shit, if I’m asked one more time how a guy from England can play a guy from  America, I will have to kill someone, somebody please ask me something new”
Again I ignored it, strange person would work it out when they had no reply. Five hours later and late at night
“Hey you ignoring me, have I upset you?”
This time I felt I should answer it seemed mean not to,
“Hi you are texting the wrong number, I have no idea who you are” send
“OK what did I do this time” came the reply

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Patrick Stump x Reader : Insomnia

A/N: you guys are the best, honestly. school is shit, home is hell, but i come here and it always brings a smile on my face. as always, requests are open, usually it takes me a day or two to get to them, SORRY!!! I always try my best to get ‘em out as fast as possible, not only cause it’s so much fun for me, but also for you. you guys are amazing. okay i’ll shut up now haha. here’s a fluffy cute one with patrick cause i couldn’t sleep last night so i wrote this…

You stared at the ceiling, the same ceiling you’ve been staring at ever since you were a kid. No matter where you went, where you were, how much you’ve grown, it was always the same thing. Same ceiling, same restless night, same you laying down in your bed stuck with the thoughts in your head and unable to fall asleep. Insomnia is a bitch. That’s for sure. Ever since you could remember, falling asleep was always something hard for you. You could crawl under the covers exhausted, sleepy, and yawning, but as soon as you closed your eyes it was as if you mind was flooded with thoughts, unable to stop bugging you, your own brain attacking itself. Because what’s a better time to reassess your entire life choices than the middle of the night? That’s how your brain worked anyway. From the embarrassing moment you had in kindergarten to the stupid crush in third grade or your first break up or the last time you got grounded by your parents, it seemed like almost anything and everything just came rushing back to you, as if your memories decided to come pester you from the past. Sometimes it was nostalgia, other times nightmares. It would also be reminiscing either fond memories and knowing that maybe things would never go back to the way they were. A lot of the time it was crying over frivolous things, your mind going on overload, your body self destructing like it does every single fucking day of the year, and the whole weight of the world on your shoulders, crushing you until you just weren’t strong enough.

That’s how it went every night. You should be used to it by now, is what you had always told yourself, but no matter how many times it happened, you would never feel accustomed to this feeling. Yes, you found it normal now, and it was something you knew happened on almost a daily basis, but you were still never prepared. It’s sort of like those movies where they have a reoccurring problem, and they should know how to fix it by now, but every time they face it, they freeze up and don’t know how to fight it. You had tried almost every trick in the book. Whether it was counting sheep, staying motionless, listening to music, turning all the lights off, taking pills, or simply just exhausting yourself before going to bed, nothing helped. You sometimes found yourself getting no sleep at all, slowly watching as the darkness in your room brightened through the sunlight leaking in from the window blinds. Nothing helped.

Lately though, you had been talking to your friend Patrick, a boy who had moved to your school the past year. He was sweet, kind, and pretty cute. He was short, had blonde hair that hung over his forehead, glasses, and liked to wear fedoras and sweaters. You guys became good friends quickly, and began to text each other late at night. Patrick didn’t quite suffer from insomnia as much as you did, rather, he was just a night person, and hated waking up early in the mornings for school. Since he was usually up late, he was dependable and able to text when you needed someone to talk to, just to pour your thoughts out, somebody to vent to. He didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he actually preferred you tell him your thoughts. He had said something about if you kept them all bottled up inside you, it would probably be too much for you to handle. And he was true. Ever since you started talking to Patrick, you found yourself crying less, being a little more lax, and even getting some sleep. Some sleep meaning about three or four hours, but it was sleep nonetheless. That’s the thing about insomniacs, any amount of sleep is a blessing. Especially when it goes undisturbed. Nightmares were a whole other problem, something once you started actually sleeping, you couldn’t find away to escape them. They just came and went as they pleased, haunting you and chilling you to the bone. How do you explain to someone that the reason you had a bad morning is because you had just witnessed the person you loved most killed in your dream last night? How do you describe to somebody the feeling of experiencing your worst fears all at the same time, simply in one dream? It’s impossible. They don’t understand. They never will.

You’ve stopped trying to get people to try to understand you. Your parents assume you’re asleep, they don’t know. In fact, you’ve never told anyone, not even your closest friends, until Patrick came around. Patrick Stump wasn’t your average teenage boy. He wasn’t shoving you in the hallway or slamming your locker shut or flicking your ear or saying dirty jokes. He was different. He would save you a spot during lunch or help open your locker when you had trouble, he would listen to the things you had to say, and he would text or call you if he suspected something was wrong, and when it wasn’t such a serious time, he would have witty remarks or silly things to say to lighten up the mood. And his smile always brightened up the room. And his hugs- oh my goodness gracious, his hugs. They were like warm blankets fresh from the dryer and homemade cookies made at grandmother’s house and snow angels on the twelfth day of Christmas and every time you’ve ever smiled all wrapped into one. If anyone on earth had the best hugs, it was Patrick Martin Stump.

So here you were, middle of the night, and texting Patrick once again. Staring at the ceiling did get boring after about four hours, and although you hated to bug him with your problems, you couldn’t help it. How do you turn down an opportunity to talk to your favorite person in the world just so you can stay awake all night staring at a ceiling? You pulled out your phone and sighed, scrolling through your contacts until your thumb rested above his name. It was late, way too late to be contacting him. You shook your head and slipped your phone back underneath your pillowcase, staring at the ceiling once again. That’s when you felt a buzz and you reached for your phone again. It was Patrick. Except instead of a text, it was a call. Strange, he called you during the day, but not usually in the night time. You thought it all out, knowing your parents were probably asleep downstairs, and they wouldn’t be able to hear you if you kept it quiet. You answered the call and pressed the phone up to your ear, resting your head on the pillow and pulling your sheets up and hearing his voice. “Everything okay?” he wondered.

“How can you read my mind?” you stifled a laugh.

“I take that as a no?” he asked.

“What do you think?” you sighed. “It’s like two a.m.”

“Yeah…” his voice drifted off.

“How’d band practice go tonight? Sorry, I couldn’t make it,” you apologized. “Pete said you guys were working on a new song.”

“Eh, we kind of got into a fight,” Patrick mumbled. “It’s nothing big though.”

“Okay,” you responded.

“So how about you? What’s up? Can’t sleep? What’s on your mind?” Patrick inquired. “You can tell me anything, I’m here to listen.”

“I don’t know,” you murmured. “I guess it’s mainly just my own anxiety and self doubt haunting me again.”

“Your own mind is your worst enemy,” he reminded you. “I wish sometimes I could have a remote to your brain, and just press the mute button for you, so maybe, just maybe, you can let my words get to you one day.”

“That’d be nice,” you smiled.

“So what else? I mean, anxiety wise, is this self image or something at school or home?” Patrick questioned. “Anything I can help you with? I’ll try my best, as always.”

“Just my insecurities,” you whispered. “Stupid stuff.”

“Stupid stuff?” he repeated, frowning.

“Yeah,” you took a deep breath. “The usual. My appearance mostly. My brain’s trying to convince myself I’m worthless again. And I’m sort of starting to believe it.”

“Well tell it to shut the fuck up,” Patrick laughed. “Because you’re one of the most amazing people in my entire life, and there’s no value to that.”

“Thanks,” you smiled half heartedly. “It means a lot.”

“Look, it’s just your brain playing games with you again,” he explained. “You just need to fight it. Take it one battle at a time. Don’t over obsess over the tiny things. All the stuff you think are flaws are actually just the best qualities of you. And if you don’t believe me, then take a look in the mirror and you’ll see just what I’m talking about. Okay?”

“Okay,” you replied, glancing up at your ceiling again. A pause settled between you for a moment. “What are you doing, Patrick?”

“I’m sitting in bed playing a video game,” he responded.

“In the middle of the night?” you verified.

“Yeah, I’m not all that tired,” he reassured. “How about you?”

“Staring at the goddamn ceiling again,” you mumbled.

“Ah, you’re good old friend,” Patrick joked.

“More like the annoying cousin you never want to see on the holidays but always shows up anyways,” you corrected. “I don’t know about good old friend.”

“It’s okay,” he laughed. “I’ll come over to your house and I’ll take off your roof so you don’t have a ceiling. Then I’m going to replace it with glass, and I’m going to make a nice dome. So whenever you can’t sleep, you can stare up at the stars instead of your ceiling, and that way you might have something better to look at when you’re talking to me late at night. We can have a nice little conversation like this, and you can stare up at the stars, and I can stare at my video game screen, and we can both me happy.” He stopped. “You do like stars, right?”

“I love the stars,” you chuckled. “You know that.”

“Then I’ll be over tomorrow with the tools,” he decided. You both laughed and you shook your head, rearranging yourself in your bed, looking up at the ceiling and imagining what it would be like looking up at all the stars instead.

“Thanks Patrick,” you grinned. “That cheered me up.”

“I thought it would,” he replied. “However, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it happen anytime soon.”

“It’s okay,” you reassured. “It’s the thought that counts.”

“Hopefully we’ll have it in our house one day,” he sighed.

“Yeah,” you replied. Wait. Did he just say our house?

“Holy smokes!” he exclaimed.

“What?” you wondered.

“I just passed the level!” he reported. “After seventeen attempts…”

“Congrats,” you giggled, your mind still lingering on what he had said earlier. He had never told you he liked you in that way. You guys were just friends. Much less, did he mean living with you one day? Surely it was just a mistake. Did he think he was going to marry you? What? You dwelled on the idea for a moment, almost forgetting that Patrick was still talking about you on the other end of the line, rambling on about how hard it was to beat the level.

“I can’t believe I finally passed it,” he was saying as you remembered to start listening again.

“I’m happy for you,” you smiled.

“Anyways,” Patrick took a deep breath. “It’s getting late. You’ve got to be up early tomorrow, you should go sleep.”

“I can’t sleep,” you argued. “You know that. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to.”

“Well maybe I can make you sleep,” he suggested.

“How the hell are you going to do that?” you laughed.

“I honestly don’t know,” Patrick replied. “I could bore you to death maybe.”

“You couldn’t bore me to death if your life depended on it,” you joked. “You’re my favorite person Patrick. Everything you say is interesting.”

“I’m flattered,” he gasped mockingly and you just smirked.

“How about I uh, I sing you a song?” he asked.

“What?” you wondered, surprised. You had only seen Patrick sing at band practices. He never sang in public, he was usually shy, he didn’t like to brag about it, and he didn’t even think he was a good singer.

“I mean, if you wanted me to,” he murmured. “I don’t have to. I just thought maybe it could work.”

“I’d love to hear you sing a song,” you responded.

“But it’s going to be a slow one,” he reminded. “Because it’s supposed to make you fall asleep.”

“I don’t know,” you added. “It might just make me want to stay awake, listen to another one.”

“Just let’s try,” he pleaded. “Because I really want to find something to cure your insomnia.”

“Why?” you inquired. “If you don’t want to be up, you don’t have to. Don’t feel obliged to stay up and talk to be about my problems. It’s okay. Really, I’ve dealt with this all my life.”

“That’s the thing,” Patrick explained. “You’ve dealt with it all your life. And it’s killing you inside. You have a million problems and insecurities and this isn’t helping. It’s only making it worse.”

“I know how to handle it,” you lied.

“No, y/n, you don’t,” he argued. “Just please, let me try to figure this out. Try to figure you out. Because it breaks my heart to see you have to put up with these things. I’m only trying to make things better for you, okay? So can we please try?”

“Sure,” you responded, a small smile curling on your lips. “Thank you.”

“Anytime,” he promised. “I just want you to feel better.”

“You’re the best Patrick,” you whispered.

“Nah, you are,” he replied. “Now, this is one that Pete wrote a little while ago. I found a melody to it, on my guitar, but I don’t think it’s ready for the album. It’s kind of different.”

“Different?” you wondered. “Like from the stuff you guys usually play?”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “It’s just not the usual. It’s slower. It’s just… Different.”

“Okay,” you laid down comfortably in your bed, resting your head on your pillow, you phone tucked underneath your ear. “I’m ready to hear it.”

“It’s called Lullaby,” Patrick informed. “I thought about you when I first read the lyrics.”

“Why?” you asked.

“This is why…” he whispered. He cleared his throat and hummed a soft melody before singing. “Honey is for bees, silly bear. Besides, there’s jellybeans everywhere. It’s not what it seems in the land of dreams. Don’t worry your head, just go to sleep. It doesn’t matter how you feel. Life is just a ferris wheel. It’s always up and down, don’t make a sound. When you wake up the world will come around. When you wake up the world will come around. It’s just the sweet weather and the peacock feathers. In the morning it will all be better. It’s not what it seems in the land of dreams, don’t worry your head just go to sleep…”

“Patrick,” you breathed softly, your eyelids closing slowly and your mind drifting off into slumber. You loved his voice, but all you knew was it being powerful, belting out the lyrics, singing at the top of his lungs. You had never heard him sing like this. It was so soft and sweet and beautiful, absolutely just his raw voice, every shout and yell and scream of the lyric stripped away, leaving the pure angelic sound. For the first time in what felt like forever, you fell asleep.

“Y/n?” Patrick asked through the phone hesitantly after he was done. “You there?” He waited several minutes before he finally heard soft snoring from the other end of the line and chuckled. “Now there’s a sound I don’t think anyone has ever heard.” He smiled and began to close his eyes. “I love you. Sweet dreams. And goodnight.”

*also another A/N sorry
for those going through tough times,
just your daily reminder to stay alive |-/
it’s gonna get better :)

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hi! do you have any advice for sticking with one family (not getting bored of them) and not rushing your gameplay? thanks :)

Hello :) That’s actually a pretty good question I hope I can answer. I’m the kind of person who does get bored easily while playing the sims. I think I’ve never seen a gen 4 born in my game. But with the Woods, I hope to change that and I’ll give you the advices I gave myself. 

Disclaimer: I always find it difficult to write exactly what I mean because English is not my mother tongue and some things are not that easy to translate. ahah I hope it’ll be clear enough though and sorry for making it that long. I think I lost myself a little and I diverged from the initial subject but oh well, maybe it’ll help someone! 

Don’t compare your family to other simblrs’ family. I think this is very important because I know I did & it always made me dislike my sims and want to restart everything. It’s never a good thing to compare yourself or your creations to others and your simblr is no different. Be proud of what you do because no one can do it just like you and that’s why it’s so special.

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Who is Gossip Kunoichi?
  • Sakura: Guys, I am so fed up with this bitch Gossip Kunoichi! How could someone write something like that about me and Sasuke? What’s wrong with our night routine? Although we have yet to marry, everyone knows we are just waiting for the justice to come joining our celebration, much like BP and AJ.
  • Ino: Calm down, forehead, we already know you have warned her. She wrote it.
  • Sakura: Now, I am pretty sure that she is you! Ino-pig, she wrote so much about you and we all know you love attention!
  • Shiho: But do we know for sure it’s a girl?
  • Naruto: Girl, you are genius! I’ve always found that talking style very familiar! That’s Teme’s talking. Sasuke, it’s you!
  • Sasuke: Dobe, you want a fight?
  • Shino: You guys are being childish for someone wanting the new world to come. Why? Because you are suggesting some fight after we finally reach peace.
  • Hinata: Yes, Shino is right. Naruto-kun, I think you should apologize for being rude without evidence.
  • Naruto: What? He suggested a fight! Always he! Remember the last time—
  • Sakura: Naruto, you are not accusing Sasuke of anything!
  • Tenten: Does anyone else feel that we should keep our speculation on without them? It just has to take place every day.
  • Neji: While I agree with you, I have to make sure Naruto is not getting Hinata into trouble.
  • Lee: Come on, people, that’s youth. You should let them experience it. Even though I found it super no good to leave Sakura with those psychos.
  • Naruto+Sasuke: Who are you referring to as psycho?
  • Naruto+Sasuke: Don’t say what I say!
  • Kiba: I think this means they are fine. What’s a shame, I was about to take them shortly after. I vote Sasuke as Gossip Kunoichi, too. Lonely as he is, he has the most time doing that.
  • Akamaru: *bark in agreement*
  • Kiba: Hear, I got a point.
  • *Everyone watches Sasuke.*
  • Ino: I, on the other hand think you could be it. So little were said about you and all of us here know you are anything but innocent, Mr. Womanizer.
  • Kiba: It was too occupied with you. So they have to leave my glory out.
  • Karui: Which we all know shim can’t find any to write even if shim wants.
  • Kiba: Now who’s being not so innocent? Karui, I think you should check your profile—
  • Chouji: Her profile is more than honorable, Kiba.
  • Ino: Chouji! Who knows you can be a protective husband-to-be? Now I think you can be a good GK, too.
  • Temari: It couldn’t be him. The last update popped up when he was onstage saying his touching proposal. That also means Karui, Shikamaru, and I, who were the main focus, couldn’t be it. I would vote you, too, Ino. You keep switching your suspects.
  • Karui: Nice shot, Temari. *high five*
  • Ino: Hey, maybe it has helpers. When did you two get so close? Partners in crime? Shika, do you have any idea?
  • Shikamaru: Troublesome. Why do I have to care who is GK? Maybe it’s not someone in Konahagakure, though. Some nice jutsu can be useful.
  • Neji: You had a point but are you suggesting my clan could also suit the guess?
  • Shikamaru: Don’t be a drag, Neji. I was just pointing out.
  • Tenten: It couldn’t be Neji or Hinata. Too many shits were posted about them.
  • Kiba: Then I’d have to say it’s you. You are portrayed as a Mother Teresa by it.
  • Tenten: I would never call myself Hyuuga Tenten! Not in a million year!
  • Neji: Why not? I honestly think it sounds good.
  • Tenten: Then maybe, I will consider it. Just maybe. And just consider.
  • Naruto: Get a room and consider that you two. I am still suspicious of Sasuke.
  • Sasuke: I swear I would not waste my time like that. As far as I’m concerned, I would guess Shiho. You are the first one to say it may not be a girl. What did you try to dodge?
  • Shiho: I am not…
  • Shino: She can’t be. She got some very embarrassing spills. Would you do that to yourself?
  • Kiba: Mr. Justice-is-my-new-name, I think you of all people have the eyes and the time and the motive. And Shino can be your helper. So are his bugs.
  • Shino: Then Akamaru can do some dirty work for you as well.
  • Kiba: Now it’s your turn for a fight?
  • Hinata: Kiba, Shino…
  • Sakura: No need to care about the fools, Hinata. GK is quite sly, so it can’t be them.
  • Shikamaru: I agree with you.
  • Sakura: Yeah, it just hit on me. How could it not be noticed for so long? When Sasuke and I threatened it, we still didn’t find its identity.
  • Shikamaru: Then how about Naruto and Hinata, it said they had hit it too?
  • Ino: Wait for a moment. You two are the smartest people in this world. Are you trying to say otherwise?
  • Lee: Ino, that makes sense. Smart people like them would know to keep making fun of themselves, which was actually making their images better. Remember the whole serial specials about Shikamaru and His Power over—
  • *Temari, Ino, and Shiho punched Lee*
  • Tenten: Did you really read all those BS?
  • Neji: Probably because he doesn’t have a life.
  • Sai: Or because he wrote those. Being an outsider, I can see there’s more under those bushy brows.
  • Sakura: How long have you been here?
  • Sai: Since you yelled you are fed up, Miss Ugly. And I wasn’t the only one keeping silent from the beginning. I was watching and I think they are also suspicious. Like Kazekage-sama and Mr. Kankuro.
  • Gaara: Did you forget I have a country to run?
  • Matsuri: Gaara-sensei—
  • Gaara: I told you to drop sensei.
  • Matsuri: He would never do something like that!
  • Sai: But it looks as if he had never slept.
  • Kankuro: Haha, I like your guess.
  • Temari: Kankuro, you are also on his list.
  • Kankuro: Well, I can tell you I am not GK. I would have come up with better names. And kunai and shuriken are not my thing.
  • Sari: Yes, and I think it has to be someone from Konoha. Most jokes were inner jokes.
  • Temari: Sari, did you read them?
  • Sari: Well, just some. To catch up with Temari-sama and Nara-sama’s stories. Those are so beautiful and romantic.
  • Shikamaru: Seriously, if we want to make this right, we should stop being off-topic? It’s so troublesome with all you people.
  • Sasuke: Good point. We need to figure it out as soon as possible and I will take care of it on my own. Now, we all know I can’t be the one. Neither could Sakura because her free times are occupied.
  • Sakura: Sasuke, did I hear some evil pride? You are playing cute again.
  • Naruto: Yikes! I hate my gross teammates. Go get a room! Next to Neji and Tenten! BTW, my Hinata and I had kicked its ass. So cross us off. Neither could Sai. He makes the most terrible jokes. He just isn’t humorous enough.
  • Sakura: And you baka didn’t know who it is?
  • Hinata: It hid itself well. We were lucky enough to have some detecting and fighting skills to stop it just in time.
  • Sasuke: Cross them off, too. Too clueless and too kind.
  • Shino: Also cross me and Shiho off. We were highlighted too conveniently every week. We didn’t find any pleasure.
  • Shiho: Yes.
  • Ino: Really? You guys benefit the most!
  • Kiba: Can’t agree more with that!
  • Karui: Then pay extra attention to Kiba—
  • Temari: And Ino! These two are the only ones comfortable with that.
  • Ino: Are you saying I am comfortable with being trashed? Temari, or may I say Miss Gossip Kunoichi, you are dead!
  • Shikamaru: Stop. No more fight today. Shino and Shiho are not attention seeker. Karui and Temari wouldn’t have known so many Konaha humor—
  • Ino: How can we be sure? Who knows how do you spend your date time? We all know you are boring. Right, Chouji? Or are you also corrupted?
  • Chouji: Ino, you and Shika are my best friends. I would never write your stories like that. And I trust Karui. She is an honest person.
  • Kiba: Maybe too honest.
  • Chouji: Kiba, remember accusing Karui like that is like calling me fat!
  • Shikamaru: Forget it. I would just say to cross me off that trouble-maker’s list now.
  • Kiba: So let’s just say Ino and I are too persistent with finding the truth to be GK. Temari and maybe Karui don’t have the knowledge. Chouji and Shikamaru don’t look like gossiper type. Then we are left with the Sunas?
  • Temari: Idiot, how could they know any of you Leaf’s lame jokes and naughty secrets?
  • Tenten: Hey, you are insulting a lot of people here.
  • Neji: Let it go, Tenten. Kiba sure was idiotic. And I think we all know who could be the infamous Gossip Kunoichi and that’s very much your and my duty because shim’s our embarrassing teammate.
  • All except Neji and Lee: Neji, that sounds reasonable! You really are genius. Lee Rock, you are going to hell!
  • Lee: Wait, it’s not me.
  • Sakura: Then what’s about that fat shoutout for your blog?
  • Ino: Then what’s about all the compliments on Sakura?
  • Hinata: Yes. And you talk too much about Neji-nii-san showing you were really familiar with him.
  • Tenten: Yes. And the whole youthful thing?
  • Temari: Makes so much sense because you are the only single one here. Sai doesn’t count. He can’t feel anything anyway. No offence.
  • Sai: Anyone mind telling me if this is the time you say “none taken?”
  • Ino: Yes, and it’s cute to ask. You are like a baby. You can’t be a sinner.
  • Sai: Thanks, gorgeous.
  • Kiba: Wait, Ino. You like babies? You really want some?
  • Karui: Ignore the babies. The thing is, Lee Rock, you could have wanted to be Sasuke so you copied his talking style like babies do.
  • Sasuke: That is not my talking style but you have always been a sick stalker since you were a baby!
  • Naruto: Very well. Also only you would do manis. Oh, and you are always jealous of my hair color!
  • Shikamaru: Naruto, I think you read too many of Lee’s articles. Why haven't you already pointed out that to save us all these tedious dramas?
  • Chouji: So you are calling me fat in public?
  • Kiba: End him, Big Cho, Akamaru will be with you!
  • Shino: So will all kinds of bugs because Aburame clan is not to be messed with.
  • Gaara: Sands are here to help, too. And every Suna residents if you need.
  • Matsuri: Although that would be too tough, you deserve it.
  • Kankuro: Which one of my puppets collection do you prefer? I can also make new ones.
  • Sari: Well done. Go get it!
  • Shiho: Maybe we should report this pervert instead.
  • Sai: No need to do that. As a root member, I can finish everything right now. And I am sure some of us here are part of ANBU and other high positions as well.
  • Tenten: Back off, bureaucracy. This is team 3 crisis.
  • Neji: And should be tackled in our way.
  • Lee: But, but, but, I am not Gossip Kunoichi-sama. I am just its fan!
Bitch (felix x Reader)

Felix x Reader

Reader gender: female (I’m sorry :( )

I’m thinking of making more stories based on this one, what do you guys think?


It’s hard to be a woman.

You must think like a man,

Act like a lady,

Look like a young girl,

And work like a horse.


He remembered his first days of training to be a mercenary; it’s not what everyone thinks it is. They think you just walk in and BOOM they give you a title, gun and armor then suddenly, you’re one of them. No. it was never going to be like that. He had to train. Hard. And of course, there were always teams. You had to have a teammate on every mission until you were qualified to be on your own. When he was going to do his first mission, the commander said that they were going to pair him up with one of the very best mercs they had. Felix had spent the following weeks imagining what his partner would be like. He imagined that he was be tall, strong, buff, probably some kind of ultimate badass who had a huge ass gun.

That wasn’t what he got.

Instead, he got you.

He was almost about to ask the commander if his teammate was late or if he called in sick until you spoke, “You Felix?” your voice was blunt and very to the point. You seemed bored to be in his presence.

“Uh, yeah?” he said unsure, “Wh-”

She sighed, “Hurry up, we have a mission.”

He hesitantly followed her, still confused. Why would they pair him with a woman? They said that he was being paired with one of the best, so why is she here?

“Um, so you’re the person they chose?”

She ignored his question, choosing to let his ignorance slide, “Look. There are rules you must follow while we work together – one. Don’t get in my way,” she interrupted before he could even say anything, “Two. I have the experience, not you, you prove to be a nuisance and I will get rid of you, they wont even know it was me. Three-”

“Are you fucking serious right now? Rules? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Her eyes darkened and she got out her knife and stabbed his shirt to the wall, pushing him against it.

“Listen here, pretty boy. You know how hard it is for a woman to get in here? I’m the only one. You know why? Because I don’t fuck around. You think that because you’re you that you can walk all over me? I do everything all these men here do and more, so they would actually glance at me, and you know what? I still have to train, and train, and train, more than you ever will, so in the end, I can do everything everyone in here can do, in heels, backwards. This is my arena, bitch.”

He glanced down for a moment and saw that indeed, you were wearing heels. Though he didn’t actually see how hard it would be to walk with them on, they’re just shoes, but only make you taller.

It was simple and easy to say that when he first met you, and for the next few days of it he didn’t like you, he was bitter to you and hated your constant “bitchiness”. The way you would call him out for failing and in training sessions, you would never go soft on him, which at times, led to him getting serious injuries, and how you would always greet him as “bitch”.

But over time, he grew to fall for each and every one of those things you did. How you were a complete badass and after you giving him a lesson on how to walk in heels, you noticed yourself having a soft spot for the newbie. After that lesson he never said anything about if you (rarely) made a mistake while wearing heals. The two of you were soon the top two mercenary’s (bit obvious who was at the top), and were always paired together, per each other’s request and the commander believing you were a perfect team. The two of you had promised that no matter what you would always stick together, you would always be a team.

However, not all promises can be kept. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just a fact in life. A day came when a new trainee made it in and needed a partner, his name was Locus. The commander assigned Felix to work with him, even though, Felix was now fit to leave the training system and start taking up real jobs for money. Anyone would think that Felix being his selfish self then would’ve declined, the thing was, he never turned into an 100% asshole until he was split up from you, you had rubbed off on him. He had promised that he would find you as soon as possible and that the each of you would wait and reunite.

He gave up on that after five years.

And now, he was still partnered with Locus, on a stupid case involving the Reds and Blues. He had never seen you since the day he went with Locus. You had both went your separate ways. Felix had told Locus stories of you, on how you were the best agent they would ever ask for and how no one, no matter what would ever be able to reach your level. Never.

“Yeah so boss, when’s this other merc guy coming? I can’t wait around all day, either they’re here in two minutes, or we leave,” Felix said.

“I can see their trackers, they’ll be with you soon enough.”

“Do we even need him? I doubt they’ll compare to myself or Locus.” The ego never really leaves a person.

“Trust me. You’ll be impressed.”

“Fine,” He said flatly, hanging up and crossed his arms, leaning on a nearby tree, bored out of his mind from waiting, “He sure is taking his sweet precious time.”

He was tempted to leave then and there but was stopped when he heard footsteps behind him.

“About fucking time,” he rolled his eyes, “Hurry up, you’ve kept us wai-”

“Miss me, Bitch?”

He stopped. Frozen. That voice, the way he could practically hear the smirk in the words. It couldn’t be… could it?

He turned around and sure enough, he recognized that (armor colour) armor. You hadn’t changed a bit.

“(your name)?” he said, fearing that it wasn’t actually you.

You took your helmet off and sure enough, that little smirk was there, “Reporting for Duty.”

He ripped off his helmet and walked straight towards you and pulled you into a kiss, you kissed him back eagerly, wrapping your arms around his neck. He had been missing this for over five years. Five years without your voice, sarcastic remarks, your touch, your smell, your taste, and finally, he had you back.

You both kept your promise.


“Now it doesn’t matter that we’re behind schedule?” Locus rolled his eyes.

anonymous asked:

So, what's your thoughts on the mysterious "boss" of the Clowns alluded to by Uta?

Hi Anon, sorry for the slightly late answer and thank you for asking me about that, I wanted to write about it months ago but I never did. Long post ahead, sorry about that (exams are near, seriously I should have refrained myself but that question is just so interesting).

((Also tagging @sans-san in case you want to add a few things because we talked about this last week, and @drowning-in-theories because I seem to recall you once asked me if I had written a detailed post on the question. Feel free to tell me to untag you))

So, ‘who is the “boss” mentioned by Uta in ch31.5′? Well, many readers believe it’s Uta himself because, let’s face it, the guy is cool, strong and he used to lead the 4th ward.

  • Except he told Yomo and Kaneki that he wasn’t actually fond of it and quoting ch111: “They didn’t voluntarily submit to me, but there were no other strong people there” & “Just around the time I had gotten bored with the troublesome peacemakers, Renji-kun appeared”.
  • Even if there is a boss anyway, the hierarchy within the Clown gang might be particular when compared to what we’ve seen in Aogiri or the CCG for example, because all the members introduced so far all seem to get along with each other.

Uta does mention a boss though, so if it’s not him, it’s either someone we don’t know or one of the other Clowns we’ve already met. And since I don’t plan on theorizing about someone I don’t even know, I’m going to stay on the theory that the boss of the Clowns is Itori

Why? Because of many reasons.

1) Her attitude

  • Demanding (ch33)
  • Doing as she wants (ch34)

If you also take in consideration that so far in the ghoul world we also often had female ghouls as leaders for the different organizations…

  • Eto for Aogiri
  • The female ghoul antagonist in TG Jack
  • The female ghoul leading the “Skull Masks” in TG Joker
  • The group of the Madams

Itori would also fit this pattern as the Boss of the Clowns. Who knows, maybe Ishida-sensei likes the dominatrix trope? :) After all between these ghouls, Rize and Nutcracker, it’s not hard to see similarities with Itori’s character: she’s pretty, mysterious, mocking and powerful because of her position as an info broker. 

Also not so many suspect her which is generally how Ishida tricks readers lol.

2) Kaneki

This might not appear obvious at first, but she has a real importance when it comes to Kaneki’s character because…

  • She’s the first one ever who mentioned the existence of “another one eyed ghoul” (= Eto) to him (ch34). 

(Well, technically the first character to mention Eto is Mado Kureo but it’s to Touka, not to Kaneki)  

  • She’s the first one who told him that what happened with Rize wasn’t an accident. (ch34)
  • She’s also the first character to speak about a “hidden truth” to Kaneki (V, “the liars”?)…

… Knowing that I only found out recently that this scene above (ch47) seemingly foreshadows another one between Kanou and Kaneki in ch99…

  • And finally, she’s also the one who sent him to the ghoul restaurant and who told him to maybe visit the 11th ward in order to find more clues on Rize, knowing very well that this was where Aogiri had their main HQ at the time (in the end Yamori and Nico found him before his next day off but he would have gone to Aogiri even without Nico).

I could go on, after all Shironeki also used her information countless times and even though the Clowns are apparently responsible for Rize’s accident, she’s still the one who allowed him to know more about Rize and Kanou. 

You can call that symbolism if you want, but she still remains the Clown who pushed him the most into the several paths he took (ghoul restaurant, the 11th ward, Kanou, Rize), followed by Uta (Yomo and Yoshimura), Nico (Aogiri and Yamori) and then Souta (Rize).

3) Her job as an informant 

First, her bar: “Helter Skelter”, it has different meanings and interpretations that you can look up on google here but it’s also a place linked to “discoveries” for Kaneki as I was explaining just above. It’s there that he found out about:

  • Rize (ch34+47)
  • Kanou (ch86)
  • the existence of another OEG (ch34)
  • a “hidden truth”, which could relate to V (ch47)
  • Eto as the One-Eyed King (by Nico in ch87)

As for her job, it’s basically what allows the Clowns to be seen as such a threat by the CCG. Remember the sentence “if they were to work together, they can show unparalleled power”? The Clowns plan every move of theirs in advance because they have accurate information through Itori that they know how to use. 

That’s why the Clowns who only were 3 during the Auction arc suffered less losses than Aogiri and the CCG. 

Itori’s info are a bait that she uses to get what she wants out of others (Kaneki and the info on Rize for example) but since her system is based on a trade, she always wins no matter who the customer is because she only speaks if the customer has a way to tell her something she doesn’t know. And as a result…

…She knows a lot, as she proved when she explained about Kanou or Rize’s past or also when she’s able to speak about Nishiki’s life easily.

I mean, not that I don’t find Nishiki’s life interesting, but back in TG he wasn’t particularly threatening or such a big fish since both Rize and Touka were stronger than him, so why would she need to know about that? 

Well, only because info is very valuable since it can translate into power fairly easily. For example, if somehow Kaneki wanted to trade info on Nishiki to gain revenge on what he did to Hide back then, he would have had all the info necessary for that from her.

Once again, her job as an info broker is how Roma and Uta managed to basically walk through the whole mess of the auction arc unscathed since they already knew of the CCG raid (of course their respective strength were also useful that’s not what I’m saying), so that’s up to you to wonder how much power Itori has when you consider the different kinds of info that she can trade.

So far in TG, we were used to leaders being physically stronger than the rest of the gang (Aogiri for example, or even Uta as the 4th ward’s leader), but the Clowns are different. Their boss is the one who can coordinate their actions as a group and seeing all their different achievements so far, it’s obvious that it’s someone who would be able to use a mole within the CCG (Furuta) to gain info on their raid plans.  

Besides, when you look at the Clowns, how do they work? Generally, one member goes spying on something specific…

  • Souta at the ghoul restaurant
  • Nico at Aogiri
  • Roma at Anteiku
  • (Furuta at the CCG)

… and brings back information afterwards that Itori can use. It’s what they do, spying.
And what’s spying good for, if not to bring back tons of interesting information? ;)

4) Her absence in :Re and her mask

Basically the panel above of :Re ch26 sums up what the CCG knows about the Clowns for the moment (minus Juuzou and Mutsuki realizing the existence of a mole) but tell me, where is Itori?

Souta technically didn’t reappear either yet (unless he’s Furuta of course) but he’s present on the panel, so why isn’t she there as well?

Because the CCG doesn’t know about her. But why?
Because she never goes on spying or fighting, she always stays back inside her bar. And why? Because she’s the boss

It could also be interesting to take a look at her mask (ch143):

No red nose symbolizing the Clowns’ gang (like Uta’s masks) however there are the card symbols of Spade, Heart, Club and I’m guessing Diamond must also be on the left side. There again, different interpretations are possible:

  • Is it in reference to the TG trump cards and the minor arcana of Tarot?
  • Or, forgetting anything related to the TG card games, is it to symbolize that the Clowns’ boss is “The Joker” of the story?

I’m open to any other interpretations people could have on the subject because that’s all I can think of when it comes to her mask. I like the second interpretation though, because her network of info is really something to be impressed of and it gives her and the other Clowns the possibility to be a step ahead from every other organizations.

So there you go, the Clowns are different from Aogiri because the hierarchy inside the gang isn’t the same in the first place: the pillar of the organization isn’t strength, it’s information (look at Uta in the auction arc, it’s not like he killed anyone even though I’m very sure he could have, even without his kagune). Me thinks it’s probably because their goal isn’t nearly as political and spiritual as Aogiri’s or the CCG’s.

Also, seeing how they seem to all get along, I think the term “boss” that Uta used probably doesn’t describe how the gang actually works: Itori might be more like “the brain” of the gang with all her info, since ch143 showed that they prefer discussing what to do together instead of having only one person giving orders (and Nico also kind of went to Aogiri because of Yamori, they probably weren’t following specific orders at that time).  

Still even if the gang is friendly, I think they do see her as their boss somehow…

Because as you can see, after the Aogiri Arc, Nico was so bored that they came to see Itori. However, if she wasn’t the boss, why would Nico come to her at all, now that they’re “a free agent”?
I’m thinking that at that time they were probably hoping Itori would give them possibly a new place to go spy at. Since that’s basically what the Clowns do.

That’s all I have on the subject, Anon, sorry it had to be so long but as you can see there were things to say (I always have things to say about the Clowns anyway, my bad…).

I hope it satisfies your curiosity, thanks again for asking. :)

Texting Draco would Include:

-Getting him a muggle phone, showing him how to work it and teaching him basic texting lingo.
-“‘U?’ Why are muggles so lazy? Can’t they just spell out the whole word?”
-“Lol? Brb? Smh? Again, why can’t muggles just spell it out????”
-Him being so confused.
-“An emoji? That sounds like a mid-evil torture device.”
-His favorite emoji is secretly the pink bow.
-Him often being a victim of autocorrect.
-“Woah, you can send pictures too?”
-‘Good morning, beautiful.’
-‘Good nite, lovely.’
-Random 'I love you’ texts ALL. THE. TIME.
-Exchanging witty, sarcastic remarks ending with the smirk emoji.
-You both have intellectually stimulating conversations through text/phone calls/video chats, which keeps him sane while he has to live all summer with only Crabbe and Goyle to hang out with.
-“Why are we still sending letters if we can do this at the touch of a button?”
-He soon gets bored of only having one person (you) to text and call, so he starts getting all of his friends phones for their birthdays and shows them how to use this new technology.
-Crabbe: 'Thinbs r 2 big 2 work tjis tjing.’
-Goyle: 'WheresTheSpacebarAgain?’
-Pansy always bragging about how many Instagram followers she has. She also Tweets 25/8.
-Blaise still doesn’t see the point of it and doesn’t use his phone for weeks until you force him to, at which point he gets addicted to Angry Birds and Subway Surfers.
-Phones become common in the wizarding world.
-Students go to Hogwarts and start turning in essays with misspelled words (Ex: u) and Snape can’t figure out FOR THE LIFE OF HIM why everyone got stupid over the summer. (“When I said, 'Can you be any dumber,’ you took that as a challenge, didn’t you?”)

Originally posted by snivelingbabe

Hi there. I know you’re a big Sam fan, so I was wondering if you might have any advice along the lines of what fic writers tend to miss when writing him or stuff that makes his voice seem off in fic. I don’t read a lot of fic that has his perspective extensively so I haven’t picked up on anything yet myself, but I’m sure there are things. Thanks!

First of all, thanks for asking this. The only way to prevent the spread of the plague of Sam Abuse is to talk about it like it actually is a fucking communicable disease because that’s really how badly it can take over.

Second, I’m going to direct you to a tag on my blog, #Sam Winchester is BEST Winchester.

Now, this isn’t just so you can reblog literally everything there because I know you want to (he’s so perfect????). Rather, in answer to your question, I think it might be easier to use the posts in that tag as a reference than to say “WELP maybe watch each of the episodes 26 times like I have and you’ll get a better idea.”

(I haven’t watched every episode 26 times.)

And I’m sure I write Sam badly sometimes, so, just, bottom line? I’m not an authority but if you’re gonna give me the opportunity to gently guide you to good Sam writing, I’mma do my best to gently guide the fuck out of you.


Sam Winchester Died For Us.

First and foremost every. single. fucking. time. I will scream about it until I’m dead and gone. Sam chose to throw himself in a hole with the one creature we’re all supposed to fear and as if it weren’t enough to save us from the Devil himself, he also grabbed the second angriest archangel and dragged him with so these two pricks could pick on each other for the rest of time, knowing full well he’d likely be their greatest fucking chew toy in that cage.

And Sam did these things to keep his brother safe, yes. But he also did these things to save all the lives on. the. planet.

One of the main reasons that Sam does things is

Sam Winchester Loves His Brother and Wants Him to Be Happy.

And a lot of what you need to know about Sam comes from the way he was raised – thus a lot of what you need to know about Sam is what kind of man raised him. And we ain’t talkin about John.

The man who raised Sam didn’t know how to raise a kid because he was a kid himself. So he just clung on and did his best and that means he loved too much and too close and so Sam’s formative idea of love is intense. Too much. Too close.

A sad fact is that

Sam Winchester Thinks He is a Dirty Infection.

Even before he knew he was fed demon blood, he suspected something was wrong. And we learn toward the end of Season Gr8 that he actually boxed away and hid a lot of serious sadness and self-loathing and held deep a very toxic belief that he was unclean and impure.

Now as far as writing Sam goes, these are the three blocks of foundation that I find most contribute to standing him on his own and telling a story about him.

If fics don’t remember these things, I usually put the fic down.

Sam feels dirty, Sam loves his brother, and he wants humanity to be free of infections like himself and he wants his brother not to have to deal with his bullshit.

So he saved all. of. us.


Sam is also heavily susceptible to being the absolute King of Best Intentions.

In order to shove monsters and mean freaks off the planet, in order to save people and preserve human life and keep his brother safe, he has done bad things with the best of intentions. That doesn’t mean that his intentions have never gone sour.

Because he’s a fucking human being.

So what I really need from writers is to allow Sam Winchester to be complex and flawed. The way he really is.

He is drawn to power and he has noticed this about himself and tried to check his behavior. He is quick to anger and he has noticed this about himself and tried to check his behavior. He is naturally big and intimidating and so he slouches in his clothes and hangs off his pockets and smiles like a big, cute dope when he looms accepts hugs from short people. Being tall isn’t something he can help, but he knows how to use it by now. He has learned how to make it mean safety and make it mean murder.

So now go back through some eps or through that tag with me.

Watch gifs or watch Sam on mute sometimes. Notice the way he moves.

He can’t help but be sure of where his feet go, and he doesn’t always restrain his physical movements, but he is dorky and hesitant sometimes, the way people are when they’re overjoyed to meet a new dog or something. Like, “I’m bigger than you, so let’s not make this scary, let’s find out how kind we can be to each other.”

Sam bites back words. He stops himself from going in certain directions sometimes and others he just kind of rattles stuff off because he just didn’t engage his filter.

Sam isn’t a people person!!

Sam doesn’t actually play well with others. He was raised to fit in with the normies – he was raised to act. But he’s not wild about hanging out with them. He sits hunched into himself or makes goofy, stilted, comedic movements.

Sam doesn’t understand family dynamics!! It’s something he’s read about in novels and watched on TV and something he thinks he gets and he’s just kind of annoyed by it? Sam is the kind of person who would choose who to love. If he had graduated with his people at Stanford, they probably all would have backpacked Europe together, after, and moved into the same apartment complex and tried to make every week of their lives a Friends rerun. He would want to choose his family.

That’s not to say that the family he has – Dean – is someone he would not choose.

At this point, however, his family relationship with his brother is a pretty unhealthy attachment that he can no longer function without.

This is something that the show doesn’t seem to want to fix, so, frankly, the more fanfic tackles the issue, the better. Because LAWD knows that Sam likes to keep his body healthy. If he could only care that he wasn’t keeping his mind healthy, he’d be in superb shape.

Sam encourages children!!

Sam Winchester grew up raised by another kid. They had tantrum hissy fits when dad wanted them to practice their shotguns and hand-to-hand combat. Guaran-fucking-teed. So Sam doesn’t get the whole innocent children thing. From afar? Maybe yeah. Protecting innocents? Yes, okay.

But when kids are all set to do evil, anyway, he’s like, could you at least grow up doing evil correctly??? Please.

I know I’m skipping around a bit.

But there’s just so much to cover.


You need to remember that this nerd is FUKKEN’ RIPPED. Sam exercises on top of running around and ganking things for a living. He pushes his body to the limit but it’s also likely that he gets up and jogs real early like some absolute fucking fruitbat. STOP SAM WE WANT YOU TO GET MORE SLEEP.

On that note: SAM DOES NOT GET ENOUGH SLEEP. I can basically guarantee that. And it feels too normal to him so someone really ought to shake him out of the habit of only sleeping two hours in a 72-hour period.

Sam eats well. He probably doesn’t keep snacks around to mindlessly eat or pick up candy whenever it’s offered. He probably has two reasonable meals and one Really Good Super Healthy Meal every day. He doesn’t consider hamburgers toxic, but he’s not gonna have a soda if he also eats his fries. That kind of thing. Then, one meal per day? QUINOA WITH GOAT CHEESE ON SPINACH AND KALE WITH A LEMON VINAIGRETTE. Bam. Somewhere Dean is shifting uncomfortably just knowing that sentence exists in the world.

Sam sprawls.

Please make sure that when you apply your Sam Winchester to your scenery, you hit italics on that motherfucker and let him sprawl. He is too long for conventional chairs and I imagine his knees are continually bruised. His back is probably achy.

Sam sprawls on furniture and leans back in chairs and he looks weird and squished when he’s on couches. Please remember this just for my enjoyment, thanks. Please remember, also, that his toesies hang off his bed and that’s really sad and he needs proper accommodations. (I love him so much, I’m heartbroken.)


You guys. I have had Sam-length hair for most my life. Mine is agonizingly curly, though, not a silken wave of bliss.

But I need you to remember that, when he settles down, he tosses his head a little to get it off his neck or away from his face. He pushes it behind his ears and there is ABSOLUTELY a secret length at which it drives him nuts and he has to get it cut. He’s got great boring white boy hair, though, so probably anyone can do it (probably he doesn’t have to rely on one person WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO IT RIGHT AND PAY HER A LOT OF MONEY I JUST DID THIS IT’S VERY IMPORTANT).

Please remember the heaving-bosom thing he does for maximum Samness.

Please remember that Sam is full of cringe-worthy moments of hilarity. He goofs up all the time just like that one time you fell down the entire second half of the Hall 100 stairwell on your ass and literally everyone who has ever hated your guts was watching and got the opportunity to laugh heartily.

He tries to laugh it off but he could proBABLY USE A DAMN HUG AFTERWARD I’M JUST SAYING.

Sam is very, very, intimately familiar with pain, ache, anguish, agony, failure, and desperation. He is suicidal. He is depressed. He does a very good job being functional and trying his best to be happy and there for the people who need him. He does an incredibly good job staying alive under those circumstances. But, again, we circle back around to the fact that Sam blames himself for the evil that was fed into him as a child. Blames himself for the predestined, cattle-prodded, bullshit fate he fulfilled in letting Lucifer out of the cage. And he blames himself every subsequent time there’s been an opportunity to save the world that didn’t quite pan out.

Sam didn’t finish school. If you think this doesn’t bug him, this is understandable because the show kicks this fact around maybe once a year like a deflated soccer ball. If you think this wouldn’t bug someone, then that might mean you haven’t had to pause school for any reason and you don’t know what an absolute joke that can make you feel like. When you’ve proven you’re smart but life doesn’t let you have the stupid fucking paper. So people look at you a certain way and tell you for the rest of time that “employers will think this way about you” and then list the 92 ways in which you are, I GUESSED IT, I WIN, a total failure.

Sam is smart. But he didn’t get the stupid paper. Didn’t get to go be a lawyer. Probably worries that he’s actually just a meathead hunter. He has a passion for being the first to LEARN why some phenomenon is going on. But we don’t reward a passion for learning in this country unless that’s a fakeass line you shove on your scholarship application.

Now, here are some things from fics that need to stop:

  • STOP calling Sam selfish
  • STOP sending Sam to the library
  • STOP making Sam and Cas out to be in opposition (they are LITERALLY friends and PROBABLY brothers-in-law so STOP)
  • STOP calling Sam moose non-fucking-stop
  • STOP writing him as if he looks down on Dean and thinks of him as lesser
  • STOP assuming he wants to make babies unless you write a good fucking reason for a change of attitude because the show as a whole ACTUALLY does not support the six seconds in S08 when he thought he wanted to maybe, possibly, some day reproduce
  • STOP making him super-serious 100% of the time, hello, he is a fucking goofball, it’s adorable

And finally, fanfic is largely about FIXING the inane crap that the show has been pounding down our throats, so feel free to explore the ways that Sam can find what he does not have in canon and what has not been offered to him. I will repeat myself from here:

  • a best friend
  • a life
  • meaningful relationships outside his brother
  • relationships without mourning at their center
  • relationships based on health and happiness
  • romantic attraction and some dates at least ffs
  • a texting buddy
  • a hobby or something i mean goddamn
  • i don’t even care about dogs and i recognize that Sam needs a dog
  • a fucking vacation

One final point:

Sam is powerful, he is so so pretty when he smiles, and, bottom line, he puts other people before himself.

Sam loves us and wants us to be happy.


You know why people are giving up on me? Because i am so stubborn. My mood swings are really worse that you wouldn’t like to talk to me again. I don’t know how to listen to other people’s advise. I act so weird and crazy all the time. I am so hard to understand. No one can stand my stupidity. You’ll hate my corny jokes and i might irritate you because of my voice. I am annoying that i will do everything for you to notice me. No one can stand me because i am such a burden. You’ll get tired listening with my dramas and lonely stuff i always say. I am a walking disaster and clumsy as hell. I am such a boring person, i am pretty  sure you can’t stand being with me or talk to me for an hour. You’ll get tired with me, because i am not deserving to anyone. If i were at your position i will give up on me too. Now, do you still want to become a part of my life?

Everlark Fanfiction - Demona424

Demona424 is the author name I go by at AO3. Why I didn’t use it for my tumblr, I have no clue. But I felt it was about time to list my fanfiction on here so I can create a link on my main page. 

Multi-Chapter Stories:

  • The Other Side of the Glass - Having finally ended a disastrous relationship, Katniss reunites with her friends after a long absence from their lives. They decide to take a trip to her father’s cabin to catch up and things get awkward for her when the best friend she’s always been in love with catches her in a compromising position.
  • Snowstorm for a Broken Heart - Peeta didn’t want to be on the road with her let alone weathering a snow storm during the Christmas break, yet here he is, with Katniss Everdeen, the girl who broke his heart. How the hell is he going to deal with so much time alone with her?
  • Some Kind of Wonderful - She was a girl who tried not to be envious of the other prettier feminine girls in class, there was no point. She’d always be plain old Katniss Everdeen tom-boy extraordinaire who was an expert archer, worked on cars, and wore overalls at least 3 times out of the week. But oh how she was jealous of pretty sweet Madge Undersee who seemed to have it all. And usually she could keep her envious green monster under wraps, but when her best friend Peeta falls for her, Katniss doesn’t know how she’ll heal a broken heart.
  • The Surrogate - In the Capitol it’s all the rage, your own personal sex surrogate. When you’re rich, why not get one or two to fit all your marriage needs. Sometimes having sex with your spouse can be just so boring, but you can bring the spice back into your lives with someone who will do whatever you please. And with a surrogates from every district to choose from, you can have whomever you choose.
  • What Lies in Between - Katniss has always found happiness in the quiet little life. She had her sister, her good friend Cinna, and a wonderful job as a director at the Conservatory of Flowers so she never really searched for more. At the Conservatory’s Anniversary Gala, along comes Peeta to shake things up. He’s cocky, charming, and determined to get what he wants causing the walls around her to crumble leaving her more vulnerable than she ever wanted to feel. But will it be the same for him or is it just a game?

Short Stories & Drabbles:

  • Good Times at the Cartwright Wedding - When Katniss best friend asks her to be his best gal she didn’t expect that he would actually go through with the Old West themed wedding that his bride wanted and she definitely didn’t expect that the oldest hotel in California would bring such good times with the best man. But she’s not complaining.
  • Hardly Strictly - None of Katniss’ friends could join her for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival so she decided to go ahead and do it alone. I mean how could you pass up a free 3 day festival? But life isn’t what you expect it to be, especially when her dog steals some food from the handsome man sitting next to her.
  • I Can’t Resist -  Inspired by an image from the set of In Dubious Battle
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin Rye Mellark - Little brothers sure can cause a lot of trouble but you just never know when it can be the good kind. Peeta loses his little brother in a Pumpkin patch but luckily Katniss is there to help him out.
  • A Little Piece of Heaven - Peeta and Katniss have been very patiently waiting for the 2 months to pass to share enjoyment in each other again. They may not have a lot of time but they’re going to make the post of it. (Daddy Peeta & Momma Katniss)
  • Love to Love You Baby (AKA Panic at the Disco) - Peeta is having a bad day, a bad, week, hell a bad year. In the days of Disco not only has he lost his girl, his apartment, but he has to work his crappy job in a gold underwear. And god how he hates Gale Hawthorne.
  • Of Course - An Elevator Tale - Katniss Everdeen dislikes Peeta Mellark with a burning intensity. But it’s not her fault! Ever since she started working at Panem Advertising Agency he’s treated her like some sort of leper. And of course on one of her worst days ever she gets trapped with him in an elevator. She can’t help but think somebody up there hates her.
  • The Pearl Ring - When Peeta’s daughter Violet is feeling lost and in need of advice, he shares the story of how he came home to Katniss.
  • Pity Party - Katniss never expected to be in a bar on Christmas Eve drowning her sorrows surrounded by people dressed in Santa outfits but she also never expected her ex-husband to cheat on her with her best friend. She also won’t ever expect what the night will bring when Peeta Mellark sits next to her with his own sorrows to drown. Pity parties are the best with some company.
  • The Shackle Unbroken - The Harvest Festival was supposed to be a time to celebrate the rebirth of their district and a time of remembrance for those they had lost. For Peeta, most days are fine, somedays can even be really good, including today, but somehow he can never seem to truly escape from that prison he left behind so long ago. Luckily he has people who love him enough to do whatever it takes to help him escape the prison of his mind.

anonymous asked:

How did you and your boyfriend decide to move in together? How long did you wait? What was that experience like as far as losing your independence? (It's something I'm thinking about doing, but I'm clearly wary of the idea)

We moved in together about 8 months into our relationship. This was an enormous step for me because I’d lived alone without roommates for years. I’ve also been in several long term relationships and had never considered moving in with anyone in the past. 

I was nervous, but Ben was spending most of his time here anyway, and when he wasn’t here, I wanted him to be. Also, rent is high as fuck in Brooklyn, so there was a practical aspect, too.

I don’t feel that I lost my independence, but I do occasionally mourn my solitary past life. I like a lot of alone time and it can be difficult adjusting to allow another person to see you at all times - frustrated, sick, lazy, late for work. I miss long weekends stretched out with lots of time to myself and no one wondering what I was up to or worrying about how productive I’m being.

But it’s wonderful, too. It’s been almost 2 years since Ben moved in and we still shower together even when we don’t need to. Not even necessarily in a sexy way, but just because we enjoy each other’s company so much that it’s fun to do boring things like that together. We make each other laugh and we kiss and we complain about the constantly changing water temperature. We help each other with housework and we read quietly together and we cuddle up on the couch and take pride in our clean kitchen together. We’re partners and he loves this place as much as I do.

I wish we had a bit more space because I have a lot of books and clothes and shoes, and Ben would commit murder for a dishwasher, but I’m happy here with him. I’m really really happy.


Can we talk about this though ? 

Sherlock can’t remember Greg’s name no matter how hard he tries, He didn’t used to take an interest in people’s relationships , He couldn’t remember which one of John’s girlfriend’s he was talking to (“Sarah was the doctor and then there was the one with the spots and then the one with the nose and then who was after the boring teacher?” “Nobody”) . 

But it’s Molly, “the person who mattered the most” and he does care about her relationships because above all he wants her to be happy , so much that he takes the time to learn Tom’s name , he has only met Tom once, but he recognises that he is important to Molly and he takes the time to ask about him and learn his name. 

And that is beautiful character development