how can one not love rita

seek only those who are worthy. find only those who are strong.

here’s the thing, here’s the really, really important thing, here’s what keeps jason scott up at nights when he’s imagining all the things he could do wrong: none of them are worthy and none of them are strong.

how can they be? they’re kids. they’re teenagers, second only in weakness to babies. children, at least, survive bruised skin and broken bones. teenagers can barely survive broken hearts.

kimberly hart cuts out old pictures of her ex-boyfriend from her high school scrapbook and thinks, it was a fluke, it was a mistake, we all just happened to be there, surely nobody in their right mind would pick a dethroned cheerleader to save the world?

surely nobody would actually think five teenagers from angel grove could be superheroes?

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Aaaayyyy so I found a post where someone shared their top 20 favorites and I decided I wanted to make my own to xD I made this template myself and I have a blank one (tho without text at all, I can input the “Top 20 Favorite Shows” if anyone wants me to). If you wanna do your own with my template, just shoot me an ask or PM!

Hit the read more if you really want to know my opinions on each. I suck at summarizing so it is a bit of a read, sorry about that heh

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toxic relationships | you never really see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air

i. poison / rita ora. ii. love the way you lie / eminem feat. rihanna. iii. the heart wants what it wants / selena gomez. iv. why try / ariana grande v. chains / nick jonas. vi. hate sleeping alone / drake. vii. drunk texting / chris brown feat. jhené aiko. viii. only love can hurt like this / paloma faith. ix. bad romance / frank ocean. x. one more night / maroon 5. xi. break your heart right back / ariana grande feat. childish gambino. xii. stay / rihanna feat. mikky ekko. xiii. ordinary people / john legend. xiv. mine / beyoncé feat. drake. xv. trouble / halsey. 


I think what really gets me about Rita is how One Day touches a topic that is very important to me: how harmful gendered and heteronormative girlhood can be. How beauty standards are inflicted on us from the moment we’re little girls and the idea of a prince charming is imprinted into us. I love how she is aware that this is the system she was brought in, but at the same time, she’s not able/willing to completely let it go. She’s just trying to have her place and find her own happiness in a system that doesn’t reward her for her kindness and open heart. 

dandelionnwine  asked:

GHD prompt! on their one-year anniversary, phil and rita return to punx for g-hog day and this time rita starts looping. she tells phil and he is super cute and understanding about it and basically tries to make it the best experience for her, day after day, bc he never wants her to feel the darkness he did.

a/n: this has actually been finished for a couple days but i’ve been busy or distracted and therefore kept putting off the publishing of this. sorry!

who is that? (who is that?) emerging from his burrow? who can see today what we won’t see until tomorrow… ”

rita groans, turning over on the mattress, back to the alarm clock. wasn’t that yesterday’s intro?

next to her, phil chuckles softly, saying, “no matter how many times i hear it, it doesn’t get any less annoying.” just like yesterday…

suddenly, rita bolts upright.

“phil?” she asks. “what day is it?”

“as if you don’t already know from that ,” phil says, sitting up with her. when she doesn’t respond, he grows concerned. “you’re serious. babe, what’s wrong?”

“what day is it?” rita asks again.

“it’s groundhog day.”

and rita’s heart rate spikes, as does her breathing, which she struggles to keep relatively slow.

“either i’ve had the strangest dream,” rita says. “or i’m stuck in a time loop like you were last year.” phil’s expression relaxes.

“come here,” he says, pulling her into a hug, rubbing her back. “you’ll get out of this, i promise. just have to figure out why you got here in the first place.” rita snorts.

“and how do i do that?” she asks, voice muffled by the fabric of phil’s shirt. phil sighs.

“it’ll come to you,” he says. “with time.” rita pulls back, sniffling, and that’s when phil realizes she’d been crying into his shoulder.

“that’s all i have now, i guess,” she says, wiping away a tear as it falls down her cheek. “an infinite amount of time.”

“then we’ll make the most of it,” phil says. “i can take you all over the town until you come to learn everything about it. maybe that’s why you’re here - to appreciate the small town more.” rita shakes her head.

“that’s why you were in the loop, phil,” she says.

“it was actually more than that,” phil says sheepishly. “anyway, i plan to make this loop as enjoyable for you as possible.”

“but you won’t remember this tomorrow,” rita says. “i’ll have to explain this to you all over again.”

“then do that,” phil says, before taking rita’s face in his hands, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. “but there is no timeline out there where i won’t be 100% willing to help you get out of this.” rita smiles softly.

“thank you,” she says. phil kisses her on the forehead, and she can’t help but let out a soft giggle, even as he puts his hands down. “now what?”

“now,” phil says, standing from the bed. “we have a broadcast to do.”


to her surprise, phil keeps his word, making the most of the day with her. when she felt the urge to head to the bar for a drink, he pulled her along, over to the park, where they had a snowball fight. (which, in itself, gave her an odd sense of deja vu that she just couldn’t place.) the fight ended in them rolling around in the snow, only until she pinned him to the ground, giggling and kissing his frosty lips before climbing off of him.

now, they’re right where they ended up the previous day (that rita remembers) - the groundhog day festival. unlike the previous year, though, a date with phil connors is something not up for auction, a fact that has everyone sending knowing smiles rita’s way, ones that just leave her to blush.

tired from the hectic day, rita settles into a seat at the table, watching as phil steps off the stage after his performance, gaze immediately falling onto her.

“may i have this dance, my lady?” he asks with a teasing smile, offering a hand. rita laughs.

“of course you may,” she says, taking his hand and allowing herself to be pulled up and onto the dance floor. once there, his other hand falls to her waist, her own settling on his shoulder. together, they sway to the music, fond smiles on their faces. feeling relaxed, rita lets her head fall against phil’s shoulder, and he lets go of her hand to settle both of his at the base of her back, lightly rubbing it like he had that morning. her smile grows.

it’s then that her thoughts begin to wander, thinking about how oddly perfect the day has been despite its obvious flaw, and how adorably sweet phil has been the entire time, making sure that the repeated day was as enjoyable for her as possible.

the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks she loves him.

she lifts her head, opening her mouth to say just that.

“phil!” fred calls out before rita can speak. “can we bother you for a selfie? it’s to send to debbie’s mom - she’s a huge fan.” phil laughs softly.

“yeah, okay,” he says, turning back to rita. “do you mind?”

“no, not at all,” rita says, letting phil go. she watches him cross the room, and sighs. one day, she’ll tell him how she feels.


to no one’s surprise, the day repeats. again, she wakes up to the annoying radio jingle. again, she explains her situation to phil, and again, he promises to make her day as enjoyable as possible.

and again, she lets him go at the exact moment she wants to tell him she loves him.

it takes her yet another day in the loop for her to realize that maybe this is why she’s stuck where she is.

and it takes her a couple more before she figures out how to fix things.

“where are you going?” phil asks on the eighth day of the loop (not that rita’s counting) when she starts running back into town as soon as the broadcast is finished.

“just have some errands to run!” she calls back. phil’s eyebrows furrow.

“errands?” he says under his breath, wondering just what, exactly, his girlfriend is up to.


this time, when phil walks over to where rita is, asking her to dance, she’s already on her feet, wearing her coat.

“actually,” she says. “mind if we head up to the roof?” phil blinks.

“i’d love to,” he says, starting to smile. rita grins back, grabbing his hand and pulling him along.

“any particular reason why you wanted to come up here?” phil asks once they’re outside. rita shrugs.

“no,” she says casually. phil smiles, gaze falling on the view of the town.

“it’s funny,” he says. “i’ve spent so much time in this town, but i never realized how beautiful it is - or how actually quite large it is, for that matter. an infinite amount of time spent here, and i still keep missing so many things–” he glances over at rita, and suddenly grows speechless. in front of him, she’s down on one knee, small black velvet box open to reveal a simple silver band. phil glances up at rita’s face, only to find her smiling, tears in her eyes.

“all these days spent in the loop, and i finally realized why i became stuck here,” she says. “because i was too chicken to tell you how i feel… i love you, and i can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. you understand me like no one else has before and i–” she stops, a couple more tears slipping down her face. “i’m really grateful for that. so, phillip andrew connors,” phil laughs softly at the use of his full name. “would you do me the honor of being my husband?” phil grins, tears in his own eyes.

“of course,” he says. “how could i ever say no to a proposal like that ?” rita giggles, taking phil’s hand and slipping the ring onto his finger, before standing and throwing her arms around him, kissing him on the lips.

“you know,” phil says when they pull apart a few moments later. “it takes a lot of balls to get down on one knee and propose. that’s why the man usually does it.” rita rolls her eyes.

“shut up,” she says. phil just laughs, kissing her again.


“we have an announcement,” phil says when the two re-enter the room, standing hand-in-hand. he takes a deep breath before saying, “we’re engaged!” the room falls into chatter, everyone asking question after question and making comments, but one stands out to the couple.

“can we see the ring?” nancy asks. rita and phil share a glance, smiling knowingly.

“well,” phil says. “i could never say no to a fan.” he sticks his hand out, showing off his ring, and the room gasps, confused murmurs heard in the back.

you proposed?” debbie asks rita. rita smiles.

“yup,” she says simply.

“that’s so cool!” debbie says. “why didn’t i think of that?”

“it’s a lovely ring,” fred comments, glancing up at the two. “you picked a good one.” rita blushes.

“oh, it’s nothing special,” she says.

“i wasn’t talking about the ring,” fred says, and rita’s blush deepens, which she tries to hide behind phil’s shoulder. phil just laughs.


the following morning, rita wakes up to no alarm, a fact which surprises her at first. she initially thinks she just woke up before the alarm, but then she glances at her clock, and finds that it just never went off. the realization leaves her smiling.

phil rolls over, an arm thrown over her waist, and she feels his rough stubble as he presses a kiss to her bare shoulder, exposed due to the thin straps of her camisole.

“morning,” he says, and she turns, smiling when her gaze falls on him, his green eyes softer with sleep, hair mussed up from his pillow, a fond smile on his face.

“good morning,” she says. “what day is it?” phil laughs softly.

“february 3rd,” he says. “not groundhog day.” rita smiles again.

“good,” she says, before kissing him.

waj13  asked:

Hi. I just saw your Harry Potter art on my blog and OMG! ITS WONDERFUL!!!! I really love how you did his lighting scar, like it goes good ways down his face and not just the neat lighting scar of the original. Keep up the good work!<3

Thank you so much! I’ve received similar comments about the way I paint his scar, so I will use this ask to say that the one of his cheek is inspired by a short story wrote by Rowling in 2014 (I think). (you can read here since I can’t find it on Pottermore anymore :() 

In the article of Rita Skeeter, we discovered that, around his 34, Harry had a nasty cut over his right cheekbones, but they never revealed why - it was a secret matter of the Auror Department (so exciting!!)

That’s why I paint that scar on his cheek - whenever I think of Auror Potter, I think of this new scar! It leads us to a whole new story. I paint the same way as the scar of his forehead, so it looks like it’s a growing lightning scar. So in my interpretation maybe it is a growing lightining scar - another fresh new unknown cursed against him?? We’ll never know and that’s why I love it!

It’s my interpretion, of course! I don’t even know if it’s considered a canon thing now, since I can’t find this short story on pottermore anymore :( But that scar is what gives me ideas about Harry as an auror, so I’m glad you like it!

anonymous asked:

If you had control what would you do for movie #2? Would it start right where it left off? What would you do with Tommy? Would Tommy be a guy or gal? Who would be the bad guy? How many times would Kim chase her girl? I would love to see a twist that tommy is a girl and its Trini who is taken over not Tommy. I just want to see that rita attacking Trini was more then meets the eye.

I’d definitely love me some more Trini angst too. If I had complete control Id:

1) Cast a Native American actress for Tommy.

2) Definitely give Trini a girlfriend. Maybe someone who isn’t even a Ranger at first and then maybe someone from the team *cough* Kim *cough* (or Tommy). 

3) Give Zack and Trini more of a spotlight in the sequel. The first one was more focused on Jason, Kimberly and Billy and even though Zack and Trini weren’t sidelined, they weren’t given as much of a focus like the other three.

4) Explore the Ranger’s families more. Trini with her parents, Zack with his mom and his dad (we don’t know where he is and it’d be interesting to see how Zack feels about his dad not being with him and his mom) and maybe more of Kimberly and her parents.

5) Rita with her moon palace, Lord Zedd showing up, Tommy being controlled by Rita and how that betrayal affects the Rangers.

6) More exploration of the Ranger’s personal stuff. That was one of my favorite things in the first one.

7) Some more scenes with the Rangers at school.

8) Some more action in the suits. The Rangers can morph now and they probably love to morph into their suits all the time now when they fight.

Lucius Malfoy and Arthur Weasley have hated one another for a long time, but it’s the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office finally getting permission to conduct raids in search of illegal magical artefacts that drives Lucius to maliciously plant a powerful Dark Arts object previously belonging to Lord Voldemort on one of Arthur’s children.

There’s no reason it had to be Ginny who got it. And no reason that it had to be 1992 when Arthur’s department began conducting raids.

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theweefreewomen  asked:

Headcanon: one day rita finds a stray cat and brings it into the office, insisting that it's now their mascot/pet. (she can't bring it home because she already has like twenty other pets she's adopted/found.) juno annoyed at first because he doesn't really know how to look after animals, but the cat just follows him around and climbs into his lap at every opportunity, and juno loves it after a day, even if he won't admit it

i am such a sucker for the idea of juno getting adopted by a cat that is as petulant and ornery as he is except the two of them have a ridiculous soft spot for one another and no one else.

Yesterday I went to the local comic store and bought two first-issues of two comics I’d never read before, and they’re both kind of new, and I think I’m gonna collect them. First up:

Saban’s Go⚡Go Power Rangers.

It has all the story beats you’d expect out of MMPR, but even though the story is pretty familiar, the art is genuinely lovely to look at, and a whole lot of love has been put into the characterization of these kids. They’re all fun and they stand out as individuals better than they ever did on the show. My new icon comes from the last page of this one, because they made Rita Repulsa so pretty. I mean, she’s always been pretty, but I really like how smug they made her.

I can’t do out of five ratings because I just love too much. So I’ll give this one an A.

Next up,

Mech Cadet Yu. The first issue is heartbreakingly short, but in that tiny span of time you get notes of The Iron Giant, Transformers, Voltron, and even Megas XLR. It’s a very emotional comic in a way that I adore, but there just isn’t enough content yet for me to deliver any nuanced detail about it. I just fell in love with it right away. I give it an A as well, but it’ll get the A+ when there’s more to read, I can guarantee it.

New issues of either of these come in around the first Wednesday of every month, but my comic place starts their subscription deals when you have five to subscribe to, so I’m gonna be on the lookout for three more comics as great as these to get the ball rolling. I’m really excited to start collecting comics again, and really really excited to start my collection with new comics that aren’t about capes. I’m really over capes.

Part 6 - Find Me

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.041


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

PART 1 ●○ PART 2 ○● PART 3 ●○ PART 4 ○● PART 5

I watch. I see everything and notice everyone but no one sees me. Not now anyway. With Jake everything was different. Everyone saw me, everyone wanted to be me. Just one blink of an eye and I was invisible. I didn’t care about popularity, I cared about him. How people can be so discussing that one day they love me and the other they act like I don’t exist, I didn’t care.

I think a lot, I should stop this, this is the reason I have so many panic attacks. Its ok, I’ll never say a word and no one will know, just… him.

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just want to point this out :

 I hear larry shippers say,they ship larry because,the way harry stares at louis ..I have never deny that he actually,stares at him as he, his whole entire universe …but

but here the way he looks at his mum,as she is his whole entire universe

same goes,with other boys(liam,zayn,niall) you can see the love in his eyes!

lets, not forget his other friends

and here,they way he looks at some interviewer.

so, that harry styles looks at everyone like they are his whole entire universe!!

p.s. I’m not hater, I love larry,they are my fav.bromance and i love the way how special their friendship is,,but it is only friendship..

How cute are these Valentines from ABDO? See them all here. H/t libraryjournal.

So. Let’s talk about love poems.

They’re hard! They’re HARD. Forget about how hard they are to write – it’s practically impossible just to PICK one.

Consider the idiosyncrasy of both love and poetry. One person’s deep sigh is another’s suppressed giggle. One person’s romance is another person’s nightmare.

On the one hand, there’s the risk of treacly, trite cheesiness. Even stellar poets can write cheesy love poems. I mean, no less than Rita Dove – RITA DOVE!  – wrote a poem called “Heart to Heart” that ends:

I can’t wear it
on my sleeve,
or tell you from
the bottom of it
how I feel. Here,
it’s all yours, now—
but you’ll have
to take me,

External image

(I can’t call her out like that without also mentioning that she’s got some fabulous love poems, too. Don’t be mad, Rita Dove, don’t be mad.).

But that’s arguably better than the flip side – the poem that’s 0% treacly but also misses the mark on “romantic.” There are so many deeply felt, stunningly beautiful poems that  should never, ever be read in a tender whisper over wine. Here’s my policy: If a poem might inspire your listener to say, stricken, “I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to make you feel that way,” IXNAY on that oem-pay. 

A lot of Neruda falls under this category. I know! The man’s a master. But in the course of one poem he can veer from hearts, freedom and heaven to … “you are sad, all at once, like a voyage. // You gather things to you like an old road.” Being compared to an old road can put a damper on an evening, just sayin’.

Then there are the classics. How do I love thee? Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? If ever two were one, then surely we …  I could not possibly object to the virtues of these poems. They are shining examples of romantic verse. But they’re so famous that, alas, they’re a cliche.

Where does this leave us? Well, I have some utterly unsolicited advice.

1. Go straight for the sex poem. Obviously use this advice with discretion, friends, but the fact of the matter is that sexy poems are more reliable than lovey poems. Cheese-free and rarely cliched, they might raise an eyebrow but they’re less likely to inspire derision.

They can be on the clean side, like Carol Ann Duffy’s “You”:

I open the bedroom door. The curtains stir. There you are
on the bed, like a gift, like a touchable dream.

or, you know, not(That’s Cummings, of course. And if you’re looking to avoid the obvious, head for his dirty poems way before “i carry your heart”)

And, because nothing inspires great erotic poetry like unconsummated energy, there are tons of sex poems that are perfect for long-distance relationships, whether from Emily Dickinson:

Wild nights – Wild nights!
Were I with thee
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

or Muriel Rukeyser

Lie there, in sweat and dream, I do, and “there” 
Is here, my bed, on which I dream 
You, lying there, on yours, locked, pouring love

2. Go for a slightly less overused classic. Try John Donne’s “Good-Morrow”: 

If ever any beauty I did see,
Which I desired, and got, ’twas but a dream of thee.

And now good-morrow to our waking souls,
Which watch not one another out of fear;
For love, all love of other sights controls,
And makes one little room an everywhere.

Christina Rossetti’s “A Birthday”: 

My heart is like a singing bird
                  Whose nest is in a water’d shoot;
My heart is like an apple-tree
                  Whose boughs are bent with thickset fruit;
My heart is like a rainbow shell
                  That paddles in a halcyon sea;
My heart is gladder than all these
                  Because my love is come to me.

Or Walt Whitman’s lovely “Live Oak With Moss”:

And that night O you happy waters, I heard you beating the shores—But my heart beat happier than you—for he I love is returned and sleeping by my side, 

And that night in the stillness his face was inclined toward me while the moon’s clear beams shone, 

And his arm lay lightly over my breast—And that night I was happy.

Beloved poems, great poets, but not quite as stereotypical as your Bradstreet, Barrett Browning or Shakespeare. 

3. Go with a contemporary choice that’s self-aware but still sincere. Love poems these days tend to be less exuberant and hyperbolic than their 17th-century equivalents, filled with more mundanity, hesitancy and doubt. But some of them definitely still fit the bill for a romance-soaked holiday. Margaret Atwood does a lovely job of it, despairing at the inadequacy of all the words we wrap around romance:

This word
is far too short for us, it has only
four letters, too sparse
to fill those deep bare
vacuums between the stars
that press on us with their deafness.
It’s not love we don’t wish
to fall into, but that fear.
this word is not enough but it will
have to do.

And then there’s my current favorite love poem, by Matthew Dickman. It’s both a parody of the “list-of-reasons-why-you’re-pretty” poem, and a delightful example of one. It’s erotic and silly in equal parts, as messy and awkward and extraordinary as real love, with a healthy dose of pure joy. “Getting It Right" features these fabulous lines: "Your ankles are two monster-truck engines / but smaller and lighter and sexier / than a saucer with warm milk licking the outside edge; / they make me want to sing, make me / want to take them home and feed them pasta” – and it ends like this:

… Your neck
is a skyscraper of erotic adult videos, a swan and a ballet
and a throaty elevator
made of light. Your neck
is a scrim of wet silk that guides the dead into the hours of Heaven.
It makes me want to die, your mouth, which is the mouth of everything
worth saying. It’s abalone and coral reef. Your mouth,
which opens like the legs of astronauts
who disconnect their safety lines and ride their stars into the billion and     one
voting districts of the Milky Way.
Darling, you’re my President; I want to get this right!

P.S: And if you’re single, there’s Rumi. (There’s always Rumi).

Tonight I will make a tun of wine,
Set myself up with two bowls of it;
First I will divorce absolutely reason and religion.
Then take to wife the daughter of the wine.*

Happy Valentine’s Day!

- Camila

*Drink responsibly.

Rita Volk's parents risked it all to give her a better life:


“I honsetly don’t know what would have happened if we stayed in Uzbekistan.” - Rita

The Faking It star immigrated to the U.S. at age 6, but her struggles weren’t over.

Rita Volk can still remember the pit she felt in her stomach when she heard her parents utter the words, “We’re moving to America.” It’s not that Rita didn’t understand why - even at 6, she knw that her hometown of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, was undergoing a major change that made it difficult to thrive - but the thought of leaving everything behind to start all over on the other side of the world seemed too much to her. How would she learn the language? Would she make new friends? “I was 6 years old when my family came to the U.S. from Uzbekistan.” She opens up only to J-14, “The Soviet Union had opposed and then were all these little parts that were part of Russian that became unstable, some we had to get out! At that time, everyone moved. She went to Israel and others went to the United States, "I’ve had relatives in California, so we moved to San Francisco.”

“MTV is such a huge cultural world, so to be a part of it now is not normal,” Rita says. “It’s just incredible!”

“We had to start over.”

The move posed so many questions, among them, how would Rita’s parents find work and pay the bills? “I remember that the jobs that they had [in Uzbekistan] before we first came here didn’t really count, so they basically had to start over,” Rita recalls. In those early years, money was hard to come by for the Volk family. “Growing up, my family was on walfare for a while and my parents where never able to have the careers that they wanted,” Rita says “Instead, they kind of went from job to job to support us.”

(“My parents had no idea about American culture so they would dress me up for school in little boys’ clothes and hand-me-downs,” Rita tell J-14)

“People made fun of me”

Once school started up, things only got worse for Rita. “I was just looked at as a weird kid,” she confesses. “I used to fake English when I was younger and because it took me a while to [learn], people made fun of me. I remember being in the 4th grade and having temper tantrums because I felt like people weren’t able to understand me. I was like this little tomboy who couldn’t speak English.” There were moments when Rita felt helpless, but she had her family to comfort her - and a family tradition actually helped her learn the language. “We’d have movie nights and watch big blockbusters,” Rita reveals. “Watching movies is how I picked up English.” In addition in improving her speech, the glamour of Hollywood also healed Rita’s bruised spirit. “[I learned] that we can be anything we want to be,” she opens up.

As her confidence gradually started to increase, school became easier to navigate, and it wasn’t long before Rita was coming home with straight As. In fact, she even attented one of America’s most prestigious colleges, Duke University! There, Rita studied hard and also explored her love for performing by joining Jake, Duke’s sketch comedy trupe. That led to small roles on TV and eventually her big audition for Faking It, and the rest is history. “I’m forver in debt to my parents and I’m so grateful that they got us out of Uzbekistan,” she tells only J-14. “I feel very lucky to be here, in the U.S., and doing what I love. I mean, it’s a totally differnt life that I’m able to live now. Everything turned out the way it was supposed to!”

Oh boy, I don’t know where to start.

2016 was such a weird year for me (which seems to be the general consensus for everyone, really).

Personally, I went through some major stuff, including a massive career change, the loss of multiple grandparents, a best friend moving over 3,000 miles away. It’s been challenging, it’s been a struggle, but here we are, just weeks from 2017, and at this time last year, I didn’t have this blog. I wasn’t writing. I had never even attempted it. And through all the utter crap I’ve dealt with over the past 365 days, cherrystreet has been the high point, something I will continue to look at with nothing but gratitude.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could write a combined 400,000+ words in 12 months. That’s about an average of 1,140 words per day (yikes, remember when I had a life?). I didn’t know any of this was possible; I still feel like this is someone else’s blog, someone else’s ao3 account. Together, we’ve made so many thoughts and ideas come to life, and if I could describe this past year in one word, it would be disbelief.

I have met so many people from around the world, so many kind, motivating (sometimes challenging) people that I would have never known were out there had I not taken the plunge and created this blog on a whim. It’s introduced me to new languages, cultures, and brought me impossibly closer to one of my best friends (hi, Rita, I love you, thank you for not leaving me and for proofreading my mess of words and thoughts). You’ve all pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I’m not sure I can adequately articulate how important that is to me, or what you’ve done for me.

December 17, 2015, cherrystreet was “born,” as was my first story Clean. I had no real intention to ever keep going, but the ideas wouldn’t stop and I fell in love with the universes we all created together. Fast forward to this past October, I published Never Be, my 11th story, and in order to be the giant sappy cheese head I am, I knew I had to write one more before the year ended, just had to squeeze in one more. I needed to have 12 stories published in 12 months; a story a month! So, I spent the past six weeks writing, and last night, I typed End.

December 17, 2016, “Roots” will be posted. It’s completed, in the final stages of editing now, just over 42k, but I’m waiting to publish until then because I have to wait for the “anniversary.” (You know, giant sappy cheese head.) It’s a famous/non-famous AU, featuring the infamous 500 Days of Summer Ikea scene, a corgi named Stacy, and Liam Payne as a a Christmas elf. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

2016 was hard for a number of people, myself included, but it brought me this, and for that, I am grateful. Here’s to 2017; a new age, a new start, and more writing.

Thank you all so much, for reading, for listening, for encouraging.
And thank you, Yellowcard, for the name.
Shelly xx

Faking It Season 2b Predictions/Spoilers/Speculation Part II - Karmy Edition

Part I

I’ve made a couple of predictions regarding 2b a while back, some of which have turned out to be true, based on the new trailer, apparently (yay). As such, with the surprising amount of new promos coming up lately, I decided to focus a little on my favourite pairing and what I think this season has in store for them.

It is pretty obvious that there will be some tension between them after the secret got out, namely during the first few episodes. It is also pretty obvious that, knowing Karma, she will not address the dream in 2x10 or what it meant AT ALL, denying the existence of it even to herself. Denial is her defense, to put is simply, and this will show even more than before as the season progresses.

Which is why she will be seen acting out - we already know this (drunk Karma, pining after Liam, hooking up with other guys and so on and so forth).  At first I thought the writers were taking it a bit too far, but her acting that way is justifiable after all. Let’s cut her some slack because, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is not a slut - she’s confused as hell, still hurt, still feeling betrayed, and most importantly - lacking a sense of identity. She lost her prince charming fantasy which she’s been dreaming of since she was 6. Of course she feels like she doesn’t know who she is anymore and in some twisted way, she is discovering that.

Moving on - it’s apparent that along the way, they will get their friendship back. That’s a given. That was never out of the question - the showrunner confirmed it, so we’re in the clear. It’s romantic Karmy we want to know more about, specifically these two moments:

1) Karma and Amy faking it again. 

2) The party at Amy’s house.

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Fairy tail ch.450 spoilers

Chapter 450 Being Alone in the World

x696, Yury’s child born.

Rita, the child’s mother, wish her son can grow up under guild members’ love.

Therefore, Mavis named the child Makarov. Rita died afterwards.
Becoming a “person who bring death” like Zeref, Mavis avoid meeting anyone by hiding in a forest for one year.

Then, she met Zeref for the third time.

Seeing how he broken down, Mavis accepted Zeref, asking him to find a way break the curse together. Then, she kissed Zeref.

In the abyss of Magic, the begin of everything, is the One Magic—-“Love”

Love can bring miracle, but also can bring sadness.

The love between two people with “Curse of Contradiction”, has to face their last contradiction.

Deeper the love, more likely to take one’s life.

And it killed/will kill me (Mavis), who supposed to be immortal.

“The story of cursed boy (Zeref) and cursed girl (Mavis). Zeref’s love, or depression, is the begin of world’s darkness.”

To be continue in…
Chapter 451 Fairy Heart

*Translate from Chinese-translated spoiler, may not accurate due to double translating.
The translation isn’t mine, credit goes to the original translator

On The Horizon - Part 4

So my tag test earlier today went terribly terribly poorly. I still added the tags at the end though on the off chance that they work :(  I don’t know, some of them still aren’t underlined so… whatever. Thanks everyone for sticking with it and reading my stuff even if your tags aren’t working. 

You guys are awesome :D Thanks for reading!!

Part 4: 

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