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What did you like about it?

I loved the teens. I loved Billy especially because NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT HIM! Because he found the crystals! And Zach! Who doesn’t question, just acts! and ALL OF THEM making TERRIBLE TEENAGE DECISIONS! REALLY WELL SHOT CAR SCENES AND CAR ACCIDENTS! Kimberly being introduced as the chick who KNOCKED HER BOYFRIENDS TOOTH OUT! Trini needing to be encouraged to join the group SEVENTEEN SEPARATE TIMES and everyone loving each other and everyone working so hard! To learn to morph! the training montage!!! THE TRAINING MONTAGE!!! Billy and Kim and Jason being the MAIN THREE and the fastest friends! Zach’s mom!!! how fuCkING gROSS Rita is! She’s like a goddamn HORROR MOVIE I loved that! BILLY BEING A GODDAMN GENIUS! Kimberly and Trini being girlfriends no one can tell me otherwise I will FIGHT YOU

toxic relationships | you never really see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air

i. poison / rita ora. ii. love the way you lie / eminem feat. rihanna. iii. the heart wants what it wants / selena gomez. iv. why try / ariana grande v. chains / nick jonas. vi. hate sleeping alone / drake. vii. drunk texting / chris brown feat. jhené aiko. viii. only love can hurt like this / paloma faith. ix. bad romance / frank ocean. x. one more night / maroon 5. xi. break your heart right back / ariana grande feat. childish gambino. xii. stay / rihanna feat. mikky ekko. xiii. ordinary people / john legend. xiv. mine / beyoncé feat. drake. xv. trouble / halsey. 


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Can you be much older than 10 and still mock a person's name? It's so incredibly childish, stupid and ignorant. I love how random!anon couldn't resist bashing M in some way. What a silly child! In Spanish, the lovely wild flower known as "daisy" is known as "margarita". Margarita Cansino, aka. Rita Hayworth, is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Margarita". I wouldn't mind being named after one of the most beautiful and talented women's in show business.

I always think of Rita Hayworth, too! What a fucking spectacular woman. I love Margarita’s name, tbh. I think it suits her. idk why randoms find it necessary to plead their case and try to say that they’re “not here to go after you” but then proceed to belittle Margo and/or Seb. It’s counterproductive? Like, you want me to hear you out but you can’t resist bashing her anyway? bullshit

All we know about Seb and Margo is what we know. aka what they tell us via SM or some other form of media. We are not privy to their fucking lives or their relationship. So sue me, but I will continue to view them as happy until proven otherwise (and NO, them not being seen in pictures at every god damned holiday is not “proof”)

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Part 6 - Find Me

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.041


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

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I watch. I see everything and notice everyone but no one sees me. Not now anyway. With Jake everything was different. Everyone saw me, everyone wanted to be me. Just one blink of an eye and I was invisible. I didn’t care about popularity, I cared about him. How people can be so discussing that one day they love me and the other they act like I don’t exist, I didn’t care.

I think a lot, I should stop this, this is the reason I have so many panic attacks. Its ok, I’ll never say a word and no one will know, just… him.

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Fairy tail ch.450 spoilers

Chapter 450 Being Alone in the World

x696, Yury’s child born.

Rita, the child’s mother, wish her son can grow up under guild members’ love.

Therefore, Mavis named the child Makarov. Rita died afterwards.
Becoming a “person who bring death” like Zeref, Mavis avoid meeting anyone by hiding in a forest for one year.

Then, she met Zeref for the third time.

Seeing how he broken down, Mavis accepted Zeref, asking him to find a way break the curse together. Then, she kissed Zeref.

In the abyss of Magic, the begin of everything, is the One Magic—-“Love”

Love can bring miracle, but also can bring sadness.

The love between two people with “Curse of Contradiction”, has to face their last contradiction.

Deeper the love, more likely to take one’s life.

And it killed/will kill me (Mavis), who supposed to be immortal.

“The story of cursed boy (Zeref) and cursed girl (Mavis). Zeref’s love, or depression, is the begin of world’s darkness.”

To be continue in…
Chapter 451 Fairy Heart

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