how can not ship i mean cmon

i get that there’s hella racist/ messy reylo shippers but like i watched the movie and

there’s no way relyo isn’t gonna be a significant driving force in the narrative. the visual choices the narrative choices EVERYTHING pits rey and kylo against each other in a light vs dark/ good vs.evil/ dark side vs. light side kinda way. i mean the scene at the end of their fight where a chasm literally opened on the ground between them? kylo is off to finish his training with Snoke while Rey is beginning hers with Luke? cmon. if this were a musical their training scenes would be set to a montage. not saying finn/rey isn’t cute and won’t happen but like

there’s a reason people are shipping reylo beyond just the usual fandom fuckery. “i can take whatever I want” CMON like how do we not ship this messy hella wild ship. the narrative is basically setting reylo up as the zuko/katara of this verse like they aren’t subtle at all