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Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

my mutuals - bolded
♡ - personal message under the cut

# - F

@97x95  | @acaracahehe ♡ | @aishjimin | @apgujeon | @artofennun | @ask-bts-stuff | @ask-joonie | @bangtannoonas@bang-tan | @baobwi@beui | @beuits@bloominflowers@booptae | @bwibelle | @bwink ♡@bwipsul | @bwiyomi | @chimcheroo | @chimchams | @chimchins | @chimilkeu | @comeherejimin | @cowjimin | @cyyphr | @deartaetae | @exolutelyx​ ♡ | @fhawn | @forjimin

G - L 

@gotjhope​ | @hobuing​ | @hohbi​ | @hoseokxx| @inkcassette​ | @jeongguk​ | @jeonheart @jeonify​ | @jeonity ♡​ | @jeonsshi@jiminrolls@jimiyoong​ ♡ | @jinthebunny | @jjilljj​​ | @jjks​​ | @jpgtae​ | @junghope​ |  | @j-helpless​ | @j-cypher​ ♡ |  @kimdaily​ ♡ | @ktaebwi​ ♡ | @kthish​ ♡ | @kths​ | @kkumri​ | @kookiebuff

M - R

@nerdjoonie​ | @nikkmonoxyls​ | @noranb​ | @maengion​ | @mangaetteok​ | @maja-sinika​ | @meitiandokaixin​ ♡ | @mewchim​ ♡ | @minblush​ ♡​ | @minpuffs​ | @mintsugakookies| @mintear​ | @park-jimizzle​ ♡​ | @pawjimin​​

S - Z 

@seonmuriya | @sosjimin ♡ | @sunbaejin | @sunshine-hobi | @sevenkookiejars |  @sweaterpawsjimin | @taeguk | @taebokkii | @taenekiii | @taevisual | @thumino | @tttaehyung | @wonkkyun | @yeoongi | @yoohnseok | @yoonem | @yoongles | @yoonseok | @yoongsins ♡ | @yoonmin@war-of-hormoan@wonpei | @vmiin

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Guess who has two thumbs and recently reached 200 followers? THIS GAL. and by 200 I mean 216 anyways, um, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH? every single one of you guys are absolOUTLY AMAZING. I can not even begin to describe how incredibly grateful I am, you guys are seriously the best™. 

Moving on, for my 200 i decided to do blogrates + make me choose edits! i just really wanna give back because I love all of you guys like my family its a done deal you cant get out ily forever now deal with it also hint hint i might do a fanfam for mr my next milestone if i ever get there. 


  1.  must be following pansy’s wife (aka me)
  2. reblog this post, (likes only count as bookmarks)
  3. check out the net i made w my queen @padfootd aka the @lightningeranet
  4. optional: check out MY FAMILY AKA MY JOY IN LIFE AKA MY EVERYTHING @ravenclw @fienfyre @zeuxs @lunalobgood @lunalovey @softpatil @remusrjlupin @padfootd, @tonqs, @potterheadferret 

then, send me an ask telling me about your day, or your life (if you wanna) with one of these bad boys below;

  • ✨  for a detailed blograte
  • ⚡ for a simple blograte
  • 💖  and 2 character names (i.e 💖  ginny | luna)        

and thats it! keep in mind that i dont have a life therefore ill probably will get around to it pretty quickly! and feel free to blacklist #reycelebs200 if you dont wan to see these. the format is under the cut.

(also thanks to @padfootd for helping me w the banner, and @softpatil for the formats <3)

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So, I managed to reach 1k followers earlier this week which is crazy. I feel overwhelmed, incredibly thankful and grateful to all of you. It’s incredible and I love you all so much even if we might not talk. Since I’ve never celebrated any followers goal, I’d thought I’d go big and do a bunch of things because why not. Also, big thanks to Ty @softpatil for the blograte template. 



  • 🔥 for a make me choose edit of anything (character/ship/house/etc)
  • 🌙 for a moodboard (character/ship/house/etc)
  • if you would like to get a promo + compliment
  • ♥ for a detailed blograte
  • ✨ for blog advice 

more info under the cut

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