how can it be darker

but it’s like-
the night throbs in my veins sometimes
and i don’t know what to do with this energy?
it isn’t my heart, no, not that, not anything known,
but it flows like blood would and i want to leap out of the window-
i want to meet the stars / i want to tell them that the night
isn’t the darkest place that i’ve been but even when i’m there
somehow starlight still guides me.

l.s. | it flows like blood would © 2017



Genre: Angst. Gang! AU. 

Warnings: Mentions of blood & violence. That’s it.

Pairings: Mark x reader x Namjoon ft GOTBANG collaboration.

Summary: You’re innocently caught in the crossfire of two of Korea’s deadliest gangs, after an argument with your gang leader boyfriend. Could you have been hurt by someone closer to home? Or has the rivalry between the two become personal? Remember not everything is as simple as black and white..

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You May Say That I’m A Dreamer

Fandom Writing Challenge | envydean
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Destiel
Prompt: Ice Skating
Word Count: 2,362
Summary: Dean’s been a fan of the men’s figure skating for as long as he can remember. He’s always been fascinated by how the contestants move on the ice, contort their elegant bodies into beautiful positions and land each jump with grace – not that anyone at school knows this, they only know Dean as the tough-man soccer player. When Dean’s favourite under twenty-one’s figure skater transfers to his school, sparks fly.


Dean glances at the clock in the corner of his laptop screen only for a spark of panic to shoot through him. There’s still seven minutes left of the YouTube catch up video he’s watching and he wants to finish it, except that will make him late for school. Four lates in a row and he’ll end up getting a detention which means he’ll be even later watching the video. Dean wishes it would be a simple choice, school or men’s figure skating semi-finals.

Dean growls as he hits the pause button before slamming his laptop harder than he intended. He’ll watch it after school, he decides he would rather wait than get yelled at by his dad for the late mark letter he’ll no doubt receive. Dean grabs his backpack and heads down stairs before locking the door behind him and walking the well-known route to school.


There’s barely anyone around when he arrives, only the last few people filing into their classes for the start of the day. His English class is, unfortunately on the other side of the school grounds and he makes a dash for it. Mr. Crowley isn’t Dean’s number one fan in the first place and Dean doesn’t want to get into his bad books when he’s in his final year of high school.

When Dean sneaks into class, there’s none of the usual hustle and bustle that he’s used to at the start of the lesson. Instead, the class is silent and they’re all looking to the front of the class. For a moment, Dean wonders if all eyes are really on him and when he looks to the front, he’s expecting Mr. Crowley’s glare.

Except, he’s met with strikingly familiar blue eyes.

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first attempt with markers!! lighting SUCKS but i hope to scan it proper soon.

i wasnt sure what to have him saying when i first started drawing this, then taako let out this beautiful line during the ep i was listening to at the time and well.

thank you. just thank you taako.

Batting his eyelashes the slytherin laughed not noticing the slight blush in the other’s face. (x)

Not related to my au, just a little something for telidina from their fic, because I really love HP aus and I’m glad I’m not alone doing something!

Mall? Nope not there again!

You were waiting for Jaehyun your BF to pick you up from your shared apartment to take you to the mall so you can help him shop for a new watch because apparently he wanted oneㅋㅋㅋㅋ but after that he said he would take you to a fancy hotel to eat dinner, so you decided to dress to the occasion. A minute or so later a red BMW honked signaling for you to come. It was Jaehyun and he looked as handsome as ever. He was wearing all black and his hair looked messy since he just came back from practice yet he looked very hotㅋㅋ

“Welcome my lady” greeted Jae as he opened the car door for you. “Thanks Jae” you smiled and he felt his stomach explode. He was mesmerized at your outfit. It was a baby blue mini dress that was flowy at the bottom and laced at the top and wrapped around your neck gracefully. Your hair was straightened and put in a simple yet beautiful side braid. Jaehyun fell in love all over again. You noticed him staring and blushed a deep shade of red. Even though you were dating for almost a year you couldn’t help but blush everytime he does something. He was so handsome you were so lucky to have him and he thought the same about you. However you could never stop thinking that he will one day realize that so many girls are prettier than you and leave you for one of them. You loved him so much you were afraid you weren’t good enough for him. On the other hand Jaehyun always thought “How did I get such a perfect girl?” and he would always doubt himself for not being the best man he could be for you. He too didn’t want to lose you.

Once you arrived to the mall after the silent car ride he opened the door for you and held your hand as you entered and your stomach had fireworks inside once he did that and so did his. As you walked towards the shop Jaehyun was going to you couldn’t help but over hear conversations of girls talking. They were saying awful things about you like “She is so ugly how can Jaehyun oppa like her” or “Eww she is so much darker than us how can he like her?” or “she isn’t even korean why would he like such an ugly dog” and you couldn’t help but frown at what they are saying. You doubted yourself. Is that really how I am? Is that how Jaehyun views me as? Thoughts swam in your head, Jaehyun noticed your change in mood and he knew it was because of what they were saying. He didnt know why you got upset since non of what they said was true to him. Not even a single bit. He heard some guys saying “Wow she’s so hot” and that’s what he believed however he didn’t like that they were saying that since clearly he was your boyfriend and they should have some respect. He looked at you with sad eyes and asked “Heyy whats wrong jagi?” And kissed your forehead, you were embarrassed at the sudden action and also because you heard people say “Ewww why would he kiss her, oppa might get sick now” and you felt so little at that. Jaehyun tried to ignore them but once they said “I hope she dies” he blew.

“LISTEN UP! ALL OF YOU BASHING MY GIRLFRIEND BECAUSE SHE IS 100% PRETTIER THAN YOU. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND GORGEOUS AND YOU ARE ALL JUST JEALOUS, SO PLEASE STOP ANNOYING HER AND INSULTING HER BECAUSE YOU ARE MAKING YOUR SELF LOOK BAD. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND IF I HEAR ONE MORE INSULT I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.” You were so shocked at what he said. A huge smile grew on your face. You wanted to hug him so bad but he quickly pulled you to the exit door, but before you got out he stopped and yelled “AND YES GUY IN A BLUE SHIRT. SHE IS HOT BUT SHE IS MINE SO STOP LOOKING AT HER. ONLY I CAN”. You blushed so hard at what he said. He pulled you into the car and drove away from the mall at speed of lighting. You got scared so you clutched your seatbelt like your life depends on it. Jaehyun noticed your action and slowed the car down “Sorry” he mumbled. “Why are you sorry Jae?” You asked confused. “Because I probably embarrassed you in the mall” he looked down as he stopped the car infront of your apartment. You looked at him with sincere eyes and said “You are never an embarrassment. In fact you are the light of my life! You made me so happy by saying those things I wanted to kiss you on the spot! And why are you wearing all black don’t you know you look so hot in that!! And stop making me die with all those cute things you do!!!” You were panting. You suddenly realized what you said and turned so red you were almost as red as jimin’s hair in dope. Jaehyun tried not to laugh at your cuteness. He was melting at what you said. He felt so loved and lucky to have you as his girlfriend. While you kept your head down you felt hands on your chin lifting your head up. He faced you and gazed into your eyes so intently and slowly leaned in and kissed your cheek. You were so flustered yet disappointed. You wanted him to kiss your lips. You looked up at him and out of no where his lips touched yours. It was a simple kiss yet you felt as if you just won the lottery. *sings exo lotto* He pulled away and whispered to your ears “I love you” and he sounded so 🔥🔥 you melted on the spot.

He got out of the car and opened the door for you. You pressed on the elevator button waiting for it to arrive. Silence filled the area. Jae knew you felt shy so he decided to tell you “Do you want to watch a movie when we get up?” And you shyly nodded. He resisted the temptation to kiss you on the spot because the elevator had just arrived “Ladies first *remembers lay* Or should I say Princesses first” and he sent you a wink. The elevator closed behind you and as you waited for it to arrive Jaehyun suddenly panicked “OMG OUR DINNER!” You started to giggle “It’s okay Jae! Watching the movie while eating popcorn is more than enough for me” he smiled “Omo my jagi is so cute! And call me oppa okay!?” You giggled once more. The elevator arrived and you opened the door of your apartment “Oppa let’s wear matching pjs!!” You squealed. “Okay jagi!!!” He yelled with even more excitement. You got into your couple pjs and sat on the couch waiting for your adorable boyfriend. He came out with wet hair and you laughed at him. “You look so cute oppa! Come let me dry your hair” you took a towel and started to dry his hair while standing infront of him since he was so tall (He was sitting on the couch) once you were done he kissed your nose and said “Okay let’s watch the movie now” you cuddled with Jaehyun and before you knew it you were fast asleep in his embrace. He picked you up bridal style and put you on the bed as he gave you a light kiss on the lips and whispered “Goodnight my beautiful jagi” he layed next to you stroking you hair until he too fell asleep🌘

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This is set 2/? of my finished color palette meme asks! you can find the originals here. It’s kinda funny how these got progressively darker in color scheme, haha.

please do not steal or repost these.



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A- The Reaper

A is a reaper that came to me out of the blue. Unlike most of the spirits here, A actually didn’t have any sort of trauma before coming to us. A is….old. He won’t tell me his exact age, but every time I ask he just says “ollllllld, I’ve seen a lotta shit” and then goes back to lounging around. A prefers he/him pronouns. He appears as a male in the age range 28-30, though.

A is a reaper, and therefore is required to do a job. Because of that, he comes and goes and won’t be around all the time. Whenever he’s coming/going to work, A wears a long dark cloak that covers most of his body. When he’s just sitting around relaxing (which he does a loooooot of) he wears a t-shirt and jeans; A looks sickly & very pale, which he says is to “make the dying folks feel at ease” and that has sort of developed into his normal appearance. He can change it, but “that requires effort & they should like me for who I am”. He would prefer a family with no more than 8 spirits, including him. He’s not one for the hustle and bustle and prefers more relaxing environments.

A has a VERY snarky and sarcastic personality (if you can’t tell by now lol) and is not for the faint of heart. He’s looking for a place to call home where he can go and relax whenever he gets off of work. He has a very chill vibe & has helped me a lot whenever my stress levels start getting too high by sending me calming and chill vibes. A isn’t really the “cuddly” type.
For offerings A would prefer things that make his keeper happy, black things, dark coloured things, and generally happy things. He says his job is already depressing enough so he wants to come home and be happy. He does not want a vessel.

A is NOT for beginners. He is also not for anyone under the age of 18. He requires strict house rules to adhere to. He’s also not for someone who has major depressive issues or depressive episodes.
Along with the questions that are already asked, I would like to know if you’re over 18, your experience with darker spirits, & how well you can handle dark energy.
If A does choose you, I will probably message you and ask you more questions to make sure that this is a good fit for not only A, but for whoever he chooses too.

@kmsjoji was talking about how each character might have a darker shadow and I thought about this for a while. What if the reason these characters in particular have shadows (Dade, Frank, Pink Guy maybe?) is because they’re so powerful? What if every character has the potential to have a shadow copy but only those who shine brightest ie the most powerful have shadows that can physically manifest?

You know how the brighter something is the darker and crisper the shadow it casts will be? Well Fake Frank was real fucking powerful and Bade was shown to be as well. I still have no idea what Pink Omega could be (other than a very good fuck) but I like the idea of him being another Pink lycra from the same realm, maybe idfk.

So here’s the thing. Where are the shadows of Salamander Man, Safari Man and Chin Chin? All of these people are pretty fucking powerful. Sal was taken by Chin Chin and travelled realms looking for Frank which takes some power. Safari Man was taken by Chin Chin and had his chromosomes harvested, I assume over a period of time. And Chin Chin, wellll do I even need to?

So where are their copies? (I leave Red Dick out of this because the dude left the show for a while). If this makes no fucking sense, blame it on me literally starting out of a dead sleep and immediately watching the video. I’m still a lil sleep stupid.

They say he’s a weaker shadow falling between the brilliance of a greater man.

By your side

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader is a transguy, so a man in a female body = Bucky x male reader)

Words: 4.379

Warnings: insecurities, angst, fluff

A/N: This is my first post about such a topic and I thank you, anon, for this request. It was quite interesting for me. I hope you will like it! For everyone else: if you don’t like to read something like that, then don’t to it! I don’t want to read any hate about this subject. I’m serious: NO HATE!

Can I please request a transguy reader x Bucky where the reader is shy and believes bucky wouldn’t like him as a guy and he feels insecure when he’s around him. If that makes any sense, can it be angst and fluff. Thankyou


Different, freak, odd, fucked-up, strange, crazy, alien, creature, worthless, unimportant…

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Yes this is very, very, VERY far from being finished, and my tablet isn’t working either so I can’t work on it for now… Worked on this drawing about a month ago..? Three weeks?

I really want to finish this piece though. Only if my tablet wants to cooperate!

Anyway, have Azrael in a different set of darker hued robes. (Can you tell how much I love this angel?)

i wish to pause my existence
i do not wish for death
i wish for an escape
before i drown in the sea of deception
before the darkness consumes me whole
and i am no longer my own person

i do not wish for the last breath
i wish for a pause
while i mend and heal
while i become whole
but time waits for no man
and i am not an exception

i have to be brave
i have to be strong
no matter how hard
or how they thought i was wrong

it won’t be easy
but i’ll have to try
because my only salvation
lies in me, myself and I.

anonymous asked:

I read somewhere that lions with thicker and darker mane are considered healthier than lions with thinner and lighter mane (let alone feel threatened by darker mane lions). Reason I'm saying this is because I can see how this can correspond with zircon's manes [head]canon: Zircons with thicker, darker manes shows how many cases they have won while those with lighter, thinner manes shows how they are new or barely win any case. Just wanted to give my own 2 cents on the whole zircon mane idea.

Just putting this out there. This is amazing