how can i recover from this

How did Sara recovered from her bloodlust? It’s not something that goes away that easily. Her bloodlust I believe is not something that she can control mentally. It took lots of strength and she overcome it because she wants to be better. Ultimately it is up to oneself if they want to be better and change.

I think my biggest issue is I still love you. Even though I’ve sworn to myself a thousand times you can’t love someone you never even knew in the first place. I go back to 6th grade a lot, it was the year we’d met, you had braces and a buzz cut. I had bangs and depression. Recovering from an abuse I’d yet to share with anyone. And then I fast forward to the sex, how your hands gripped my hips, and you moaned my name. Isn’t it awful how different those two versions of you are? Those two versions of me aren’t quite similar either. Maybe we were never meant to be in the first place.

leppardbowie  asked:

6. What’s your lucky number?10. What shoe size are you?24. Baths or showers?32. How big is your house?78. Have you ever done drugs?82. How fast can you type?86. What are you allergic to?100. Make up your own question

For 6: 25
For 10: Size 6
For 24: Showers bc they’re less cold when you finish X)
For 32: Not that big actually -_-
For 78: Yes. When I was suffering from a bad appendix in college, a couple of friends helped me cope with both the pain and stress from studies with pot so I guess as Duke Bowie would say “Bloody potheads” XD I stopped shortly after I recovered.
For 82: Quite fast. Not the fastest but fast enough I believe.
For 86: A cat scratch bc when Artesia scratches me I itch XD also some soaps irritate my skin so I have to be careful bc I have extra sensitive skin.
For 100: What are you thinking? My answer: None of my business! That’s for me to know and me to find out! XD

Thanx for the ask! ^_^

Somebody said Humans would be the Mad Scientist species to aliens- like, aliens watch Back To The Future, and they see Doc Brown, and they think yes this is a human scientist, they’re all that crazy, these humans do such insane things with science.

I would like to offer an alternative.

Humans are tough. We can shrug off plenty of injuries, and we recover pretty fast from most others. Hell, we find minor injuries amusing (Don’t tell me you’ve never laughed at someone getting hit in the balls).

Humans have a skewed sense of danger. We think baby anything is cute- tigers, lions, alligators, whatever, no matter how scary they grow up to be- and even then there’s people that would happily cuddle up to a grizzly. Even less adventurous humans keep vermin as pets, or snakes, or dogs, that apex predator sub-species we made.

We are fascinated by morbid and scary stuff. We have a whole genre designed to terrify people. Tons of fantasy revolves around deadly monsters, plenty of which involve romance with said monsters. Lots of grim dystopias in sci-fi. Even children’s stories involve grandmothers getting eaten or witches getting cooked in their own oven.

And if you’re on this site, you know all the jokes we make about depression or social anxiety, or joking about wanting to die.

We aren’t the Doc Brown species.

We’re the Addams Family Species.

I’m sorry that you hurt and I’m sorry that no one can really tell how bad it is some days. You make mistakes and while it seems like you can never recover from it right now just know that it will turn out alright. In ten years you’ll be 29 and you will look back and realize how strong you were to keep going, to keep living this life. I’m sorry your heart is broken. I love you.

You gave me pain. You gave me sorrow. You gave me tears. All of this hurt all at one time. I didn’t know how I could ever recover from that. But, the only good thing is that you were honest to me. I couldn’t be mad at you. I could only be aggravated at myself. I learned from this heartache, now I’m ready to implement my feelings in my art and show you how you helped me find out who I am. I learned that other people can make me just as happy as you use to make me. I don’t feel any negative feeling against you. Only gratitude. Some people let emotional despair be their undoing. For me, it made me stronger.
—  kajewrotethat 

Why don’t we ever see Steve struggling to come to terms with his new body? (I know why but just listen ok I need this)

As someone who also had a list of problems with my body I know that physical pain and discomfort easily trigger dissociation, so I think it’s likely that Steve would already be familiar with dissociation when his body changes.

And yeah, his new body is great – no aches and pains, no labored breaths – but it is RADICALLY different than the body he’s had his entire life. I mean he’s like 4 times as massive literally. How can ANYONE go through that without feeling a massive disconnect from their body, let alone someone who already has a history of dissociation.

To top it all off, instead of having time to recover and come to terms with his new form, he goes right into the action of getting turned into an icon rather than a person, then goes to war.

All I’m saying is that Steve Rogers must still be experiencing a deep disconnect from his body, he likely still acts like a small, sickly kid, constantly forgetting that he’ll never be again what was once so familiar.

The One With Prom Night

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Summary: When Stiles offhandedly rejects your offer to go to prom with him you find yourself feeling hurt and try to avoid him, leaving Stiles confused as he tries to figure out what’s bothering you and how to fix it.

A/N: i know it’s been a while since i updated, i’m sorry! xx

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“What’s going on?” you ask, nudging Stiles slightly as you walk into the senior assembly. Stiles pulls you towards the back of the crowd until your backs are pressed against the wall, “They’re looking for volunteers.”


“Prom committee. Apparently no one really volunteered this year. I suppose they’re all still recovering from when the Beast attacked.”

“Can you blame them?” you sigh, slumping slightly, “Maybe we should volunteer – half the weird supernatural crap in this town happens on our watch.”

Stiles tilts his head with a frown, “I’m not even planning on going to senior prom let alone organizing it.”

“Wha- why not?!”

“Shhh,” he hisses as a few people turn around in annoyance, “Lydia is clearly interested in Parrish and I’m not going without a date!”

“I’ll be your date,” you shrug with a crooked smile, “Just don’t plan on getting lucky afterwards.”

“No way,” he scoffs, chuckling.

“Why not?” you cock a brow up, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Because it’s you!”

“Ahem,” the vice principal clears her throat and you realize most of the senior class is watching the two of you, “Since you two are obviously quite excited and chatty about the prom committee, I’ll put your names down,” she says with narrowed eyes.

“Well, I guess we’re volunteering,” Stiles grumbles under his breath.

The school had cut it a little close with planning – two weeks was barely enough to plan a senior prom that would get everyone’s minds off the horrors they had witnessed less than a month ago.

What was worse was that one week had already passed and you had barely made any progress, especially since you were avoiding Stiles.

‘Because it’s you’

What did that even mean?

Sure, you were only offering to go with him as a friend, and kind of just to tease him, but the way he reacted – like it was the most ridiculous suggestion in the world – it really struck a chord with you. You wanted to grab his shoulders and shake him every time you saw him.

What? Like you weren’t good enough for him?

“Y/N.” Scott snaps his fingers in front of your face, “You roped me into this stupid thing at least tell me what to do instead of frowning at the wall,” he pokes a finger into your forehead until it relaxes, “What are you so tense about anyway? Your chemo signals are all over the place.”

“I’m-“ you inhale sharply, “Just annoyed – I can’t believe I got stuck with this.”

“Stiles said you were talking about volunteering before the vice principal made you.”

“Yeah well,” you grumble, putting your paint brush down.

“Well, Stiles will be here soon to help,” Scott says enthusiastically.

“I thought he was taking care of the tickets? He’s not supposed to come here.”

“Yeah he finished early so he said he’d come help – he felt bad you’ve been doing most of this by yourself.”

Before you can argue, Stiles walks in with a duffel bag slung over his shoulder, “I come bearing decorations,” he announces. He drops the bag, wrapping his arms around you and swinging you around as he picks you up off the floor, “I feel like I haven’t seen you for years,” he mumbles into your shoulder, his face buried in it.

You struggle against him slightly until he lets you down. You tug at your t-shirt, “It’s been a week, Stiles.”

“That’s like a million years for us. I’ve seen you every day since we were five years old.”

You couldn’t argue.

“Well, I was just leaving,” you mumble, picking up your bag.

“What? I just got here,” he frowns, standing in your way, “Stay for a little while longer. Help me put the decorations up!”

“I’m sure you and Scott can handle it. I have to go meet with the DJ. I’ll come back in a few hours.” You rush out the door before he can get in another word, slightly flushed from him hugging you and slightly annoyed that he was completely oblivious he had hurt your feelings.

“What’s up with her?” Stiles frowns, watching you disappear down the hallway, “She’s been like that all week.”

Scott shifts uncomfortably.

“What?” Stiles presses him.

“I picked up on her scent – what she was feeling.”

“Okay? And?”

“Well, when it was just us, she was annoyed, confused, maybe? When you walked in her heart was racing and for a second I thought I caught-“ he pauses and bites his lip, “Well, whatever it was, a second later it was replaced by anger.”

“Anger? You don’t think I accidentally grabbed her boob or something, do you?”

Scott rolls his eyes, “I think she’s mad at you.”

“For what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she think you’re slacking off on helping with the Prom.”

Stiles groans and let’s his head hang back, “I knew I’d be crap at this.”

“Well, fix it. She’s your best friend. Finish the decorations before she gets back,” Scott suggests. Stiles nods firmly, unzipping the bag, “Where do we start?”

You walk into the auditorium, surprised by the dim glow of fairy lights, covering the walls and netted across the ceiling. The candles on the bleachers filled the room with the soft scent of vanilla.

“Like it?”

Stiles was bouncing on his heels, impressed with his handiwork.

“It’s beautiful - it’s got nothing to do with the Monte Carlo theme but it’s beautiful,” you laugh, looking up at the ceiling.

“Screw Monte Carlo,” he scoffs.

“It’s like seeing the stars,” you marvel.

“I know how you love the stars,” he says, resting a hand on the small of your back, “I’m glad you like it. I hated you being mad at me.”

“You did this for me?” you turn to face him. He nods with a small smile.


“I know why you were mad,” he says.

“You do?”

“Yeah,” he smiles, “I’m sorry if I made you think I didn’t care. I do – I really do.”

“You do?” you furrow your brows together and before you can stop yourself, you’re standing on your tip toes and kissing him. For a split second, you feel like he’s kissing you back but then he pulls away, his hands resting on your shoulder.

“What… just… happened?” he stares at you with wide eyes.

“Y-you – I just –“ you inhale sharply, smiling crookedly as you try to hide your nerves, “You did all this – you said you were sorry for making me think you didn’t care about me because you do.”

“Not you…”


“I was sorry for making you think I didn’t care about Prom when it was so important to you,” he furrows his brows together, “I thought you were mad because I wasn’t helping out enough that’s why I finished all this tonight. I – I don’t understand – you were mad about something else? And you just kissed me, I-“ he shakes his head in confusion.

You shake your head, staring at the floor as tears spill out of your eyes – out of your control. Why were you crying? Kissing him was just a knee jerk reaction to the vibe around you – romantic, soft – the candles, the lights, the music. Right?

But as you looked up at Stiles, you realized that wasn’t the case at all, because nothing hurt more than you kissing him and him pulling away.

“Y/N?” he stares at you, “A-are you crying?” he stammers. He reaches out a hand but you step backwards, using your sleeve to wipe at your eyes.

“Whoa, hey. Tell me what’s going on,” he says softly, “Did I say something?”

“No, it was me,” you choke, “It’s my bad.”

“Y/N,” he frowns, reaching out for you again.

“Don’t,” you blurt out, “Please just leave.” Stiles parts his lips to argue but then just sighs, watching silent tears roll down your cheeks, “Fine.”

“- and then she started crying!” Stiles huffs, pacing in Scott’s bedroom, “She was like shaking and she wouldn’t let me touch her! Scott, I’ve never seen her like that!”

“I have,” Scott mumbles, pinching the bridge of his nose in realization, “Remember in freshman year when she was friends with Jackson and he was dating Lydia secretly and y/n had that huge crush on him and told him and he turned her down? She cried for the whole of lunch.”

“Okay, so?”

“So she kissed you Stiles because she thought you were agreeing you felt what she did – that you understood. And then you all but said you didn’t feel the same way.”

“I did not!” he exclaims.

“You pulled away, Stiles. And even after she kissed you, you didn’t understand and kept asking her what was wrong!” Scott rolls his eyes, “To a girl, that’s like a slap in the face.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t feel the same way!” Stiles argues.

“Well, do you?”

“I – I don’t know?! It’s y/n! It’s-“ he pauses, his eyes widening, “Shit, that’s why she was mad. She offered to go the prom with me and I turned her down, I said I wouldn’t because ‘it was her’.”

“God, you’re such a dick,” Scott flops onto his bed as Stiles continues to pace, “How could you say that to her when she has feelings for you?”

“Well, she didn’t know about her own feelings, how was I supposed to?! You didn’t, Mr. Big Alpha Werewolf.”

Scott frowns, “Whatever man, you can’t get out of this one by blaming me for not being able to sniff her feelings out,” he chuckles, “She’s been your best friend your whole life.”

“Right,” Stiles nods, “I can make it right. Right?

“Maybe you should give her some space,” Scott says.

“Why? She cried over Jackson for a half hour at lunch and then ate her spaghetti and got over it. I’m her best friend-“

“Why is why it’ll take her longer,” Scott stands up and places a hand on Stiles’ shoulder, “I’m sorry man. I’m sure it’ll work itself out with time,” he reassures him.

Prom night came around in a blink. Despite the year’s events, the school halls were filled with an excited chatter – hope, happiness. You felt the complete opposite.

On the one hand you were confused about your feelings for Stiles. Had the always been there or were they just the result of him rejecting you and you trying to prove yourself?

On the other hand you were mad at yourself for handling things so immaturely. Why had you cried? Every time you thought about it you buried your head in a pillow. How could you ever face him again?

You had no right to be mad at him, especially when he had no idea what was going on. He had stayed away from you for the rest of the week, though still doing his part of organizing prom, but you still needed tonight away – watching couples all night long wouldn’t do you any good. You had a few missed calls from Scott and Kira and even Lydia but none from Stiles – he was probably relieved he wouldn’t have to spend prom walking on eggshells around you.

There’s a low tap at your window and then a loud one before it slides up.

“HOLY SHIT STILES!” you scream, clutching a pillow to your chest, “Have you ever heard of a freaking front door?”

“I’ve been coming into your house this way since I was tall enough to climb through your window,” he shrugs, pulling it down behind him.

“What are you doing here?” you frown, studying his attire. He wore a suit, his tie hanging loosely around his collar. He tugs at it nervously, “My prom is wherever you are,” he chuckles, “Too corny?”

“Really?” you frown, “That’s the joke you’re going with it in this situation?”

“I’m not the one who made this situation uncomfortable,” he crosses his arms over his chest, “You got mad at me and stormed off without explaining, I mean, I’m not god! I can’t read your mind and-“

“I know, I’m sorry,” you interject, placing a hand on his arms, “It was childish. I was just trying to make sense of it myself and I was embarrassed too, okay?”

“No,” he shakes his head, “It’s not okay. It’s totally unfair, you didn’t even give me a chance to- to-“

“To what?” you sigh, “I didn’t really feel like getting rejected a week before prom, Stiles.”

“A chance to consider it – us, I mean.”

“Us?” you mumble.

“I mean – well, yeah. I mean on one hand you’re my best friend and it’d be weird, I mean like – and – and then on the other hand you’re all hot and funny and shit and like-“ he places a hand over his chest, “My heart is going crazy right now.”

“You’re not making any sense,” you mumble, studying his zoned out face.

“What happens if we try this and it doesn’t work out?” he asks, his face suddenly pained, “Then do we just go our separate ways? You ignore me like you did all week?”

“Wha- Stiles, no. I would never. Look, if we did try and it didn’t work out then – then we’ll get past it, like we’re getting past this right now. And if it’s not what you want – if I’m not what you want – then we’ll just stay friends. We can just pretend none of this ever happened.”

“Of course you’re what I want,” he steps closer to you, “I’m just not sure what it is I want with you.”

“Well, do you want to kiss me?”

He nods slowly, leaning in. Just the feeling of his lips pressed against yours made the tight feeling in your chest melt away. Suddenly he’s laughing against your lips – you could feel his smile.

“What?” you raise a brow, resting your forehead against his.

“Nothing it’s just – you told me I shouldn’t expect to get lucky prom night. Does that still stand?” he smirks.

“Guess not,” you mumble against his lips.

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The Hair Poke

Victor’s Reaction to said Hair Poke

It was probably one of the very few times in the last few months that Yuuri touched him first. And he did it in such a cute way. That’s why Victor collapsed and said “how can I ever recover from this”. Cuteness overload.

At that point maybe he was trying to set aside his feelings or smthng with the generally cold way Yuuri reacts to him after everything that happened at the banquet but bam, one hair poke and his feelings are back full force.

Things I can't stop thinking about after episode 10 (spoilers)

-Ren teaching Nora how to read and write and all of the things she missed out in growing up without a family
-Nora showing Ren how to survive and helping him recover from losing his family because she’s been there; she knows what it’s like
-The two of them learning how to fight because neither of them want to feel helpless anymore
-The day they get accepted to Beacon they both hug each other and cry because just look at how far they’ve both come

Basically these two precious children who must be protected at all costs.


Take your time on recovering. We babyz will stay and wait for your return because you’re health is our number one priority. You’ve done so, so much for us, and is such a wonderful leader to B.A.P. We can’t thank you enough for how much we’re thankful to you. Now it’s your turn to rest and recover so you can stand on stage again. ♡ Bang Yongguk, we love you from the moon and back. ♡  #getwellsoon

I STILL have not gotten over tonight’s episode of Lucifer

Like I am at a loss for words. My brain has temporarily stopped working here so I won’t be writing as long as I’d usually do. BUT. BUT.


As you know from last week’s episode, the poor devil boy has clearly not recovered from Uriel’s death not to mention him revealing himself to Linda who is at first terrified of Maze because she now knows Maze is a demon. 

AND that hurt. My poor demon was just hurt okay. I was like, “Linda please no. Please accept Maze. Can’t you see how much she wants her best friend?” And the first visit broke me. 

There were great hilarious scenes like Lucifer dressing up as Dan. I swear that man is so good-looking no matter what clothes he wears or hairstyle he has (and even out of clothes. Like dayum that scene with both him and Dan shirtless and a towel wrapped around their waist. My brain stopped working for a bit from that). 

But back onto the serious stuff. Lucifer blames himself thinking that he is the reason why everyone gets hurt. Uriel, Linda, and so on (he even mentions it to Chloe) to the point he wants to follow Dan like a shadow even dress up as him.

And then that scene in the sauna where he tries to make that deal with the Russian dude. His face (and Dan caught this too) the entire time he told the Russian dude that Lucifer, he himself, is a terrible person who hurts people and I’m like, “No Luci. Luci no don’t put yourself through this.”

Which leads to the confrontation between Dan and Lucifer and they even had a good conversation between them, sharing and laughing like normal dudes. It’s a great step in their relationship from antagonistic to probably even friends or associates. 


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Chloe being the badass that she is and making the right decision was just great. 

AND THEN MAZE GOING OVER TO LINDA’S OFFICE TRYING TO SHOW OFF HER PAYCHECK LIKE AN EXCITED LITTLE GIRL. And then those two finally mending their friendship! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Now all I need is Linda and Lucifer mending their friendship. 

BUT THE BEST PART IS WHEN WE CAME UPON THAT LITTLE CUTE SCENE WITH CHLOE, LUCIFER, AND TRIXIE AT THE COUNTER HAVING LUNCH AND JUST BEING LIKE A LITTLE FAMILY. Lucifer snatching Trixie’s sandwich (looks real good by the way) and complimenting Chloe about how delicious it is and then Trixie trying to hug Lucifer but he was like on his guard and Trixie just high-fiving him. 


Okay like Lucifer, he acknowledges the piss poor relationship with his Dad, but even he could acknowledge that Chloe’s relationship with her Dad was great. He never mocked about it, never made jokes about it. None. Zero. But instead he told her that her father would be proud of her making her tear up and Lucifer was so scared that he had ‘hurt’ her again, he tried to apologize because he couldn’t understand human emotions and the thought of crying tears of joy. 

And then him getting a bit flustered at first when Chloe just hugged him. HUGGED HIM. I’m still not over from the fact Chloe told him that she NEEDED her partner. NEEDED HIM. JUST HIMSELF. And then Lucifer just accepts the hug, even wraps his arms around her, comforting and I just.



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TJLC in the Doctor Who Christmas special

Um. Well. I’m still recovering from how unbelievably trmojas that was. If you haven’t watched it, and you can, do so at the first available opportunity – it’s… quite remarkable.

Anyway, on to the meta.


Grant = Sherlock

  • Brunet
  • A man with special, unique powers
  • Hopelessly in love with his long-time friend
  • …whom he shares a house with
  • Has to hide his true self from everyone but them
  • Looks after the “friend”’s baby

Lucy = John

  • Blonde
  • Secretly in love with long-term friend
  • …whom she shares a house with
  • Loves him for himself, not for his super-powered public persona
  • Ex-spouse ran off
  • Has a baby

Nameless ex-spouse = Mary
Ex-spouse who parented a baby and then “ran off”. While it clearly won’t be as simple as that in Sherlock, the blatant similarities here can hardly be overlooked.

Nardole = Molly
Nardole says that the Doctor reassembled his body (he lost his head in the last episode, long story) because he was worried that he (the Doctor) would be lonely, “and we both know why, don’t we?” (because he loved River Song and he lost her). “But oh, look at you avoiding the subject!” continues Nardole. “I’m not avoiding anything,” argues the Doctor, “I’m just trying to save the planet!” But Nardole is having none of it, telling him, “Which is what you always do when the conversation turns serious.”  

So, heartbroken man brings in a new, temporary companion after losing his beloved, to try to stop himself from feeling so lonely…

Said companion also has the ability to see straight through the man’s emotionless facade, and know that really, he’s heartbroken, and tries to gently call him out on it…



I’m still kinda reeling from the fact that Moffat did that. Like, he went there. He went there

But yeah, there was a literal elephant [plush toy] in the room when it was becoming obvious to the audience that Lucy and Grant were in love but neither of them knew. It was even drawn attention to in the dialogue. 

Harmony Shoal = Sharks?
Possibly a somewhat tenuous link here, but I couldn’t help but notice that Harmony Shoal (the name of the evil organisation) links to fish, and sharks are fish. I mean, we know how key sharks are going to be as a symbol in s4; it does seem a little fishy… (I’m sorry I cannot help myself, I’ll show myself out)

Another one I can hardly believe Moffat did. The name of Grant’s superhero alter-ego? The Ghost. Yeah. He did that, too. 

“We all have a past, Watson. Ghosts. They are the shadows that define our every sunny day.” 

It was an event in Grant’s past which caused him to have this superhero alter-ego – his ghost – and it brought him power and prestige and an ability to help people, but also made his life very difficult in many ways – it’s made his social life hard to manage, and put both himself and those he loves in danger. (I’d like to discuss this further if anyone has any ideas because I’m kind of up in the air about the exact meaning of it, and what it might mean for Sherlock).

The mask/superhero costume = the deerstalker
This made the whole deerstalker=‘socially acceptable’ public persona metaphor clear as day in the most accessible way possible. Grant has to wear his mask when he’s in public, and most people admire him when he’s wearing the mask and being a superhero. But when the mask is gone, he is unpopular and lonely.

Lucy, however, admires his mask-wearing alter-ego, but loves the person behind the mask. The parallels here make me so happy it actually hurts. Thank you, Steven.

Before he is unmasked, Lucy asks Grant if he has a boyfriend, and says that “there has been speculation [that you might be gay]. You do fly around New York dressed in rubber with a big G on your chest.” Grant accuses her of stereotyping, to which she replies “I get it, there’s some stuff you’d like to keep private.” Crucially, though, Grant responds, “Was it the mask that tipped you off?” 
Right. We see. The mask hides his true sexuality – just as the deerstalker hides Sherlock’s.

Lights code/candles
There’s a candle on the table between Grant and Lucy on their date, continuing the candle code (candle=romance) into Dr Who. It’s even drawn attention to when Grant uses his superpowers to make it burn brighter…

Water = suppressed emotions

When Lucy is getting close to finding out The Ghost’s true identity (and thus closer to the love confessions), Grant comes into the room and she asks “Are you alright? You’re kinda wet.” Water=suppressed emotions, anyone?

Phone=heart, food=intimacy
Phone = heart metaphor is positively rampant in this episode. (Bear in mind that it was Steven who wrote ASiB, where the phone=heart metaphor was first revealed). This bit is particularly telling:

Then there’s food=intimacy here:

^^^^^^ This is so much right here. This is John asking Sherlock if he ‘does romantic intimacy’. John thinks he’s addressing the cold, emotionless detective, but really it’s the emotional, compassionate, lonely man inside. And this is a heart-to-heart. There’s more that can be taken from this bit, but I think you can all work out other nuances of this lovely scene.

Oh, and Grant/Sherlock replies with:

Then they tell each other they both have a date that night. Lucy is shocked and disappointed that Grant would be going on a date – yeah, she’s jealous of herself and she doesn’t even realise it… does that remind you of the Battersea scene between John and Irene in ASiB? And of John’s reaction to Sherlock having a “girlfriend” in HLV? Also, of Sherlock’s reaction to John saying he has a date in TBB?

Grant, on the other hand, is shocked that Lucy sees the meeting they are soon to have as a date… Just as John is, here (although John concludes that Sherlock must just not know what a date is. JOHN FOR GOD’S SAKE!)

Just in case we didn’t already realise it, Steven kindly told us exactly how John and Sherlock feel whenever they think the other one is dating someone else:

Thanks, Steven!


  • Creepy nurses Yeah. He put creepy nurses in Dr Who, just like we know they’re going to be in TLD.
  • Scotland Yard was mentioned by the Doctor very early on, and frankly I challenge anyone, obsessive Holmes fan or not, to hear “Scotland Yard” and not instantly think of Sherlock Holmes. Fairly certain that was intentional.
  • Listen closely to the background music from about 36:00 here. Does that musical motif seem somehow familiar? Yeah, it’s extremely reminiscent of the main motif in Prepared To Do Anything, a.k.a. the soundtrack from the fall in TRF (and other places in the show, obviously). I’m not particularly musical myself, but I think the similarities are definitely there. Was it intentional? Not sure.
  • Lucy’s red date dress = John’s date shoes –when Lucy is preparing to go on the date with Grant, he mentions that she usually wears her red dress when she’s going on a date. She later wears that red dress on the date which turns out to be with Grant.  Sherlock also knows what shoes John wears when he’s going on a date, observing them in Irene’s house and concluding that he has a date that night. In fact, he spends the night with Sherlock, still wearing those shoes…
    People have made the Sherlock observation many times, but this is further confirmation that that was the correct conclusion to draw. Them staying home together that evening was essentially a date. So, kudos to those of you that spotted that!
  • Grant brings a picnic basket to the date, which kinda reminds me of the picnic scene from TPLoSH.
  • It’s also implied earlier that Grant is bi, in a flashback to his schooldays when his x-ray vision wouldn’t stop and he could see everyone naked – “I have x-ray vision,” he says, “I like everyone”. I’m not saying that Sherlock is anything other than gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide (to quote my favourite book, Good Omens), but it’s worth noting. 
  • The comic strips at the start are… wow…  First screenshot on the left talks all about water; [2] on the first screenshot says “if you’re still looking for someone to play your games with… I suggest you try Cat Grant!” (first note the reference to games, a phrase used throughout Sherlock. Also Lois Lane’s jealousy of Cat Grant, whom Clark Kent doesn’t actually love. I’m thinking this is similar to the idea some people have been suggesting, that John will think Sherlock is in love with Mary in s4?); [3] says “would be to reveal just what we were trying to hide”… as in, Mofftiss telling us about Johnlock now would be to reveal just what they were trying to hide?
    On the second screenshot, the whole left page is talking about poisonings… TLD, anyone? The page on the right briefly mentions eyes, if anyone’s into the whole eye hell thing.
  • Final crack point: the baby’s name is Jennifer Lombard, making her initials JL, ergo the baby is Johnlock. Thank you very much *bows*

There’s so much more I could say, but I’ll leave it there for now.

I feel like the first time we hear Even say Isak’s name, it would be some emotionally charged romance scene of epic proportions where we’re all going to be left dead, and I can only imagine how fucking epic and crazy that would be because we’ve already had the epic reunion last weekend and like I’m still recovering from that to be honest. Or it could be a quiet scene where they’re in bed cuddling and then he would just whisper it in Isak’s ear and then we’d all die Basically whatever the scenario , expect me to be dead.


miss nekophy suggested that i draw them as stickmans and i thought “eh why not?” its also something that can repay those previous days hehe

“ 20 - REVIVED GENO - What if Geno recovered from his state? How would he look? “

no more blood and no more glitch,his clothes would probably regain its original color too

“   22 - CHASING CROSS - What did Cross do to piss off Geno? “

what else but to scare gothy?

geno belongs to CQ

cross belongs to jakei

and goth belongs to nekophy

I’m so happy and proud to be a fan of Caitriona Balfe 😻
This huge star-studded and important theater event featuring our queen on the red carpet and wearing a beautiful silk gown from Burberry, one of the award sponsors.
Meanwhile her everyday partner Sam Heughan spent a sports weekend with his gym crew and cheered on one of their own.
Love them both and their zest for life and how they support friends and the arts.
(I hope they don’t have an early call time tomorrow so they can get a good snuggle in tonight and recover from their colds.)

The Ackermans=The 9th Titan?

Regarding the Ackerhealing power, how can Mikasa recover from this

to this


And don’t forget about the injuries of her arms. And how can she recovered from rib fractures within 1 week. Okay *sighed* it is the 1000th times I repeated it.

Armin said Mikasa is not a “WILD ANIMAL”.

Annie said Mikasa is a “BEAST”.

And the others said the Ackermans are “MONSTERS”.

I used to think the Ackermans have power similar to the Beast Titan, yet when I look at these:

I spotted the rock-throwing titan (Zeke the Beast Titan) and the Cargo Titan, but wait…let me look closer…

There’s a Horse Titan? What!?

And in another drawing, there’s a titan blocked by the dialog bubble that we can only see one of its feet. 

What if it looks like a wild animal—and its power had went to the descendants of the Ackermans?

catchthespade  asked:

your drunk bidders post got me laffin lmaooo though it made me wonder: from best to worst, how would you rank the bidders(+mc) in terms of how good they are at fighting?

Thank you lmao :’) and yES this is the shit I live for!!

@maidofstars you should see this too lmao


  • Holy shit dude
  • She’s hung out with the Bidders long enough to learn techniques from each of them
  • Her pent-up rage from dealing with these dumbasses is just adding fuel to the fire tbh
  • Don’t let her size fool you; MC can put anyone in a headlock
  • She’s fast, so she can dodge attacks and recover really quickly
  • Could probably knock anyone tf out in like 2 seconds

Soryu: 10/10 Get Rekt

  • There’s a reason why Soryu is a mobster
  • Aside from experience with weapons, he can fist fight really well and is professionally trained in martial arts
  • He can kick so high what the f u c k
  • He’s able to predict what his enemy will do next and counterattack
  • Soryu is hella strong, so he could wrestle someone to the ground before they even knew what was happening
  • He’s able to stay calm and focused in any fight, which scares the shit out of his enemies 

Hikaru: 8.5/10 Killin’ Machine

  • Probably knows 100 different ways to kill someone with his bare hands
  • More used to using weapons, but don’t sleep on his hand-to-hand combat skills
  • S O   M U C H   E N E R G Y
  • Hikaru is used to long, drawn-out fights so he knows how to pace himself
  • He may have a baby face, but he’s scary af when provoked
  • Can dodge attacks really, really well. Rarely ever gets hurt in a fight

Mamoru: 8/10 Don’t Poke the Bear

  • He can be super intimidating when he needs to be
  • Trained in martial arts and firearms, and is used to taking down rowdy criminals 
  • Probably the best improviser out of all the Bidders; can turn almost anything into a weapon
  • Suprisingly fast and strong. It’s like flipping a switch on inside Mamoru 
  • Can easily think like the enemy and predict what they’ll do next

Luke: 7/10 Weirdly Nimble

  • Probably most surprising of all, this walking zombie can focus and be quick on his feet during a fight
  • Since he has such long limbs, he can grab his enemies and trip them easily
  • Catch these surgeon hands 
  • Just wants the fight to be over tbh, so he’ll try to subdue his enemies more than anything
  • Can get really fierce when someone he cares about or an innocent person is being targeted 

Shuichi 6.5/10 Learned From the Best

  • You bet this man was taught how to fight from his assassian best friend
  • (Politicians are often in danger, you know)
  • Knows how to throw a few swings if necessary 
  • Can take down an enemy surprisingly quickly
  • Is really out of practice, though
  • His calm personality makes him really calculated and focused during an altercation 

Baba 5/10 Lover, Not a Fighter

  • He can hold his own in a fight for a while, but he’s not used to being involved in physical attacks
  • More focused on ending the conflict vs. duking it out
  • Baba’s fast from constantly running in his line of work
  • Not the face, man
  • Really prefers to talk things out

Eisuke: 3/10 What a Baby

  • He has no reason to fight anyone, so he has very little experience with it
  • Probably worried that he’ll break a nail or something
  • Could maybe get like, one punch in
  • Bitch hands 
  • Would likely end up hurting himself if he tried to get into a fight tbh

Ota: 2/10 Why 

  • You think these hands have ever dealt with anything but paint?
  • Ota is too worried that he’ll mess up his face 
  • 110% would rather run from a fight than try to hold his own
  • Tries to act tough, but would probably cry if someone threatened him
  • ??? how do I make a fist ???

Rhion 0/10 How Dare You?

  • Do not touch my small son
  • Why would someone fight him? Why is he in danger? Why
  • Would try to hug it out
  • In tears at the mere idea of someone wanting to fight him
  • What did he do wrong???
  • L E A V E   H I M   A L O N E