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Living in a share house with the boys from 5sos would include –

- Late night chats in the living room

- “I’m cuddling on the couch with Y/N!”

“But she’s my girlfriend.”


- Dancing in your underwear with Michael

- “Y/N, can you guys not make out in every room in the house?”

- Movie nights

- Washing their socks and underwear


- Losing your bras

- Finding them hung up in the living room


- Play wrestling with Ashton

- “Loser of Guitar Hero has to clean the bathroom!”

- “Fucking hell Y/N how do you always win?”

- Stealing Calum’s shirts to workout in

- “Has anyone seen my…nevermind.”

- Making up songs with stupid lyrics

- Humming their songs under your breath

- Them thinking it’s the cutest thing ever

- Protecting the penguin from destruction

- Jump scaring Luke

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In animation you can do practically anything you can do in live action, but you have to find ways to cheat it because you’re dealing with flat objects. Now mind you if it’s 3D animation, it’s almost anything you can do with live action, but for 2D you have to find a way to combine elements. You go full frame and go away from camera – little tricks that you do that I learned just from watching a lot of Anime. American animation wouldn’t even attempt it, but when I approach my movies, I try to find the little tricks that I’ve done to give it that live action feel, but still rely on things I’ve learned in Anime in terms of timing and how the camera moves. So with Man of Steel, it’s exactly the same, but now it’s the amount of detail I can get into it. There’s actually a shot where Superman gets thrown through a building, a business building, and he crashes through a window and slides through all this office furniture.  As cool as it would be to do in animation, it would be very difficult because I would have had to have animated the background and then done cheats just to emulate the live action. But in the film it worked out pretty well. Also, did you notice my homage to Star Wars in that sequence? When Superman flies through that hole that Zod had flown through to escape the collapsing building, he does this rotation; he’s upside down and blasts through the hole. That’s my little homage to Return of the Jedi when they get out of the Death Star and are rotating around. I thought that would be a cool moment.

Jay Oliva - Storyboard artist for Man of Steel (2013)

How I feel when:

  • Someone says “Stay Golden”
  • Someone asks me why I’m reading The Outsiders
  • When my friend said One-Bit instead of Two-Bit
  • Someone asks me what’s The Outsiders
  • Someone says “Who’s S.E. Hinton?”
  • Someone somebody says “Ponyboy and Sodapop are stupid names”
  • When someone says the movie was way better (I love the movie, not being hypocritical)
  • When someone says “Matt Dillon ruined the part of Dally”

Feel free to add to the list, I don’t mine

~Stay Gold~
staygold-fandom (Malory)

I’m a hardcore shipper for this!
Luffy x Nami
People argue about it all the time, but this ship makes a lot of sense, these two have a bond that is different.
Some may say it is a “brother and sister” relationship, I see a lot more to be honest, these two have many moments together throughout the series. MANY. They still have movies and specials with many moments

(EX: Adventure of Nebulandia, Strong World, and My God what to talk about the Film: Gold that if that scene was not propositional pro ship, I do not know what that was for).

“ These are just some of the many times in the series that these two have moments. Anyone can say LuHan and SaNa can happen, but seeing how Oda works, I do not think it would rush into a two person relationship. He would build it. And that’s what he’s doing exactly. All in all, these two just add up, I’m excited to see them together because all those moments between these two can not be for nothing. Honestly, someone who used to use the Shipp LuHan and SaNa (until I could not ignore LuNa in the series. I just had to change.) ’

That was discussed in the One Piece shipps community, simply amazing

I know you do not agree with the shipp will appeal to ” There will be no relationship between the band “ partner, sit and wait in 15 years we talk
But I prefer that he be alone, I prefer that they conquer their dreams and end
Anyway I would like to see them together at the end

it was a light hit, Izzy hadent even meant to actually hurt you but sometimes accidents happened while sparring. you finished up, forgetting all about it, then went to the kitchen for some water.

Jace was there, turning around to look at you. he looked shocked for a second, “what happened to you?!” his fingers came up to brush your cheek and you moved away from his hand, wincing.

“oh, that.” you laughed, “it was an accident, i’ll be fine.”

Jace smiled at you, “how about you go sit down and i’ll get some snacks then we can watch some dumb movies?”

“sounds perfect.”

Imagine you and Joker having a day off

Request: Can you do a cuddly heath ledger imagine please?

Joker: Y/NNNN come back to bed with me.

Y/N: Haha, I thought you had some band to rob or blow up.

Joker: Eh, bombs will always be ticking, but you and I have a day off….that only happens once in a blue moon.

Y/N: Do you even know how many blue moons there are?

Joker: I know that we should have a day off and cuddle.

Y/N: Ah, yes! Yes, I’ll go get the movies, you get the popcorn.

Joker: You complete me.

Y/N: Same goes to you. I love you.

Joker: I love you too.

Y/N: Even more than blowing things up?

Joker: A thousand times more.

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“I don’t know how to be myself. It’s like I’m permanently outside myself. Like, like you could push your hands straight through me if you wanted to. And I can see the type of man I want to be versus the type of man I actually am and I know that I’m doing it but I’m incapable of what needs to be done. I’m like Pinocchio, a wooden boy. Not a real boy. And it kills me.”

The Double (2013) Richard Ayoade

Okay, so I may or may not have watched Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 when I was at the shore with my friends, which might have also reawakened my past feelings for Jack Wilder/Dave Franco, even if he is under appreciated in both movies, in my opinion.

My friends and I literally spent one morning/part of the afternoon learning how to throw cards like he does and lost so many cards in the room as a result of it. Can’t slice through paintings like Dave Franco yet, but we got one stuck in a moving ceiling fan, TV frame, and on the top of a window sill.

Now I also may or may not have a partially written Jack Wilder imagine that I might post if people want me to. Just saying.

Chato Santana aka El Diablo. He is my favorite character in the movie. He has something really badass with his tattoos and the fire but you can also see the pain in his eyes and how he sometimes is scared about his abilities. I hope he is not dead because i really love this character.

i got bored so i made an animated gif based off of the last few seconds or so of the opening to Kaiba (you can watch it here: i love Kaiba and i love Undertale and i had an itch to “animate” of sorts so this happened
i’ll admit, i kind of cheated, as in i abused medibang paint’s symmetry tool fml
it would be neat to animate a whole Undertale video, but i havent 2D animated in forever and all i have is windows movie maker. well thats not true, i have AviUtl but idk how to use it. i guess its time to learn

I think this is the single cutest thing Aro has ever done in the movies. Like just that slight head tilt??? That tiny smile??? He looks so frickin’ sweet and adorable in this one moment I can almost forget he’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of humans and would probably kill me. Talk about catching flies with honey.