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wait a fucking SECOND. YOU did that art of Remus and Fenrir?? Wtf. WHAT the ACTUAL FUCK. The perfect cosplays and now this??? How dare. How can one person be so talented and manage to attain perfection in everything they do. I'm shook. Like, my heart actually started beating faster when I saw that art. Just. Wow.

(( OOC: 😭🙌 Bless you!!! ))

One of the things I love so much about this fandom is that we genuinely care more about Taylor as a human being than as an artist, and I don’t think that that can be said about a lot of other fandoms. All we want is to see her happy and flourishing and successful. We went three years without new music, a year without really much content, and we were all still here, making sure she knew how much we love and appreciate her, and that we would still be here when she was ready to come back. Then, the second she did, we made sure we broke all the records for her, just because we knew it would make her smile. The love and respect we all have for Taylor is unlike anything else. 

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Can I ask for some art advice? I'm a super beginner and proportions are the bane of me, in both realistic and cartoon attempts. How do / did you practice proportions? Did you have to work at it a long time until you were happy with it?

this dude does a good demonstration, and covers more than just faces:

he explains it in a way that makes you realize everything is relative to everything else. something he doesn’t really cover however, is using a grid to help you better grasp how things are proportioned to help you better understand how to change them to fit what you’re doing.

things is, i still struggle with proportions, and it’s largely due to old habits that i had. i would always elongate and make things heavily lop-sided, which is still something i struggle with when free-handing. i keep a straight edge or some sort of ruler in all of my sketchbooks now, just in case i feel something isn’t quite right.

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First off, I love love love your stuff. Always makes me giggle. So thanks! :) I really like to draw stuff, and some days I do crazy stuff way out of my league and other days I can’t draw a square - the latter is really frustrating and makes it hard to keep drawing - if today happens to be a bad art day I’m afraid gonna hate what I draw. Do you experience this and how do you get through it?



something a lot of people don’t know is that i’m currently a chronic pain sufferer. it largely impacts my mood and ability to draw. i firmly believe that a happy artist is a good artist, and when pain gets too much, i go into Rage Mode and everything i make looks, to me, like garbage.

what i do to overcome it is just……enjoy the pocket. that time where you feel good, and you’re really into what you’re doing, find that pocket and live in it for a minute. you can’t always be on top of it at all times. some people take years-long breaks just to find the pocket again.

but you say you do “crazy stuff way out of your league”–realize that the crazy stuff you’re doing, that is your league. that’s what you do. what you made didn’t just happen on pure chance. that’s your art.

it’s ok to realize that not every piece is a masterpiece. i can’t begin to tell you the thousands of pieces that have been deleted, thrown out, and never shown the light of day.

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Hey, Scout! Do you usually know what size canvas you want to draw/paint on or do you keep adjusting the size as you go along? Do you have any favorite sets of dimensions, or standards you like to work with? (I just keep adjusting mine as I go because I don’t know what I’m doing I guess?)

heya! i do normally know the size of canvas i’m going to work with. thing is, once you start creating pieces for print, your idea of concrete dimensions becomes a little more strict. you never know when something might take off, so you have to be ready to have it in a size suitable for printing.

comics are the only things i don’t really care what dimensions i have, but i work really tiny with them. especially post-episode comics! i always have a 500x900 72dpi canvas open in case i wanna whip up a quick strip

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can you make a secret admirer changkyun where he sends notes to the reader happy ending please ? thanks !

• this sounds cute let’s goooooo
• he didn’t tell anyone abt his idea bc he KNEW it was CHEESY but he’s rlly shy when it comes to you and he has no idea how to talk to you?
• so he writes lil notes
• mostly they’re random things
• i don’t see changkyun as being the type to complement someone a lot but i see him showing affection in other ways
• for instance,,, you’re the first to know about his new lyrics bc he always give you lil papers w them written in the margins
• or sometimes he tells you abt his dog at home
• like yes “hello i have a dog! she’s rlly cute and fluffy. maybe you could meet her one day!”
• and tbh you think all the notes are rlly cute
• they weren’t exactly romantic but they were soft and friendly and it lowkey made you crush on whoever’s writing to you
• you want to find out who it is
• but you don’t know how
• you’ve already stayed late to peak and you’ve arrived early but?? you never seem to catch him??
• tbh changkyun is just super good at avoiding you like he’s practically a ninja at this point
• but one day you and jooheon are partners for a history project,,, and so you’re sitting w him and his friends
• aka changkyun basically everyone else has different lunch periods
• and you explain your situation to the both of them,,, completely oblivious to the fact that changkyun is sweating in fear of you finding out
• but then you go,,,, “whoever is sending them is rlly sweet. i kind of want to ask them out.”
• changkyun chokes on his grilled cheese and jooheon has to slap his back a few times before the cheddar gets unstuck
• a few days later you get a note in your locker
meet me on the roof? i have orange soda :)
• you’re so excited like you can’t wait to meet your secret admirer or whatever you should call them
• and when you get up to the roof, changkyun is sitting there, scrolling through his food, two cans of orange soda beside him
• “changkyun?”
• he jumps like lol you scared me i forgot why i was up here
• but you sit beside him like “it was you?”
• nd he’s like “yeah i sort of rlly like you but i didn’t know how to talk to you”
• and up there on the roof the two of you have your first date
• with songs playing from his ipod and orange soda flavoring your tastebuds
• you ask him if he’d like to go out again
• and of course he says yes :)
we could go see my dog!

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Could you do HC's for a very tall+curvy mc? I'm 6'2" with DD's so I don't see my body type often, haha. For Saeran and Vanderwood too, please! Have a nice day/evening!

Sorry because it took me so long to respond to your request :( 


  • Loves it 
  • he’s really happy
  • feels like your hugs are protecting him 
  • and who doesn’t love curvy girls? 
  • most of the time trying to make you feel beautiful no matter how you are 
  • he’s your cute little puppy 


  • at the start he’s a bit intimidated 
  • he wants to be the one who can protect you 
  • but your heigh is making it hard for him
  • but realizes its better 
  • you don’t need that much protection as a small girl 
  • he’s a lover for big chest 
  • gets super jealous when you go out with a revealing top 
  • because doesn’t like how others see your body 
  • loves every inch of you


  • totally fine with her 
  • because she likes you for the way you are 
  • and of course loves your curves 
  • and the way you fit in your clothes makes her admire how beautiful you are 
  • always stepping on her toes to kiss you 
  • she wears tons of heels so she can be closer to you 
  • but is fine because her legs look amazing with heels 


  • loves it 
  • I mean he loves you so damn much 
  • how could he not love your body 
  • gets a professional designer to made tons of nice clothes specially for you 
  • get involved in fashion just to put models of your size in fashion shows
  • you get to have million of cute bras because he loves to see them on you


  • is a bit surprised 
  • he knew you were tall 
  • but wow 
  • anyway it doesn’t matter 
  • he likes you like that 
  • and is a really nice way of sleeping 
  • he’s the little spoon 
  • DD?? 
  • oh hell yeah! 
  • he’s really happy (hehe) 


  • the first time he saw you he thought he could made some good use of you 
  • wanted you as his assistant 
  • but slowly fell in love 
  • and your heigh was nothing to him 
  • no matter that he looked small
  • he was used to be small since a child 
  • loved your body 
  • and made sure to tell you every single day 


  • doesn’t say nothing about it 
  • is not important to him
  • loves you 
  • so he doesn’t actually see it as an uncommon thing 
  • and he’s crazy for curvy girls 
  • but doesn’t like to say it to you 
  • but when someone says something about it 
  • oh he goes crazy 
  • and I mean crazy 
  • probable ends up in a fight over how beautiful you are 
  • and that your heigh just made you more perfect 


super short hc bc I don’t know what is like to be tall :( sorry 

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Hiii Michelle!! How can I get a signed copy of The Becoming of Noah Shaw living in another country?? I'm from Brazil. Ps: I really love your books and I can't wait for November.

Thank you so much, this makes me so happy! Books & Books is shipping personalised copies internationally-just let them know who you’d like it made out to in the comments!

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My dad keeps trying to convince me that it would be easier for me to “just be” a straight cis girl instead of a gay trans man and I’m so tired of explaining that that’s not how it works, and that yeah being gay and trans won’t make my life any easier but I can still have a good, happy future.

Exactly! At least you’ll be happy! Stay strong -Matt

Hoseok: His Lover Starts As his Enemy

  • At first, you HATED him
  • He was too happy for you
  • Like, how?? Can someone??? Be that cheerful???
  • You just didn’t like the fact that he was always happy even through the worst of times
  • Failed an exam?
  • “Haha! Don’t worry! As long as I did my best, I passed!”
  • Broke an ancient artifact?
  • “It’s ok! We’ll make history!”
  • Murdered someone?
  • “Hey! They’re in a better place! :)”
  • It was HORRIBLE to you
  • Hoseok on the other hand
  • He usually tried not to use mean words but
  • He HATED you just as much
  • You were too gloomy for him
  • He tried to cheer you up sometimes
  • But just made himself look stupid to you
  • One day you and the Bangtan boys were just chilling
  • And namjoon, being the clumsy doofus he is, stretched, and ended up knocking over your favorite vase, the one with the blue and grey stripes
  • Everyone stared
  • “y/n calm down it’s just a va-“
  • you were starting to get teary eyed
  • “Y/n it’s ok! We’ll-“
  • “Shut up hoseok! You’re always so fucking chipper about shit. Stop acting like you know how I feel!”
  • He had enough
  • He finally snapped
  • The boys were silent
  • You were silent
  • “You’re right.”
  • He softened his face
  • “I’m so fucking annoying, I never show my happiness, it makes everyone unhappy… I’m sorry..”
  • You were crying now
  • Hoseok sighed, grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a hug
  • You shoved your face into his shirt while he gently massaged your head
  • “I-I’m sorry that I yelled”
  • “It’s ok….Hobi”
  • He smiled, leaning his head into yours
  • You both learned that it’s ok to sometimes be sad, and that you can’t always be happy
  • “Guys?? We’re still here”
  • Namjoon pushes everyone out of the room
  • “You’re still buying me a vase, bitch”
  • Namjoon runs straight out of the house

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hi.I was depressed for a while in my life and now i'm a sophmore in high school with currently bad grades (making things worse) and my relationship with my boyfriend can sometimes bring me down. I'm too scared to talk to anyone about how i feel in fear of looking like a attention seeker but i don't know how to make myself feel better. I keep getting involved in drama; I'm known a lot in school but a lot of people dislike me, I don't feel happy in my body or with my hair or in my skin. Help me ):

Sweetie, your life is in your hands. If you don’t like something about your life, or if you don’t feel good about yourself, you are the best person to make those changes. Everything is right in your hands.

School: Focus your efforts on raising your grades. Ask questions in class, go to a tutor if you struggle, use online sources like Khan Academy and Quizlet to help you study. Write out your notes neatly into two separate notebooks, type your notes up, make flashcards. Find a study group, or talk your notes aloud to yourself. Do lots of practice problems, quiz yourself, make flowcharts and diagrams. Stay ahead on your readings and notes, and make sure to have all of your assignment due dates in a calendar so you don’t miss anything.

Boyfriend: Ask yourself why your relationship puts you down. Is he unfaithful or abusive? Is there no chemistry, or no affection? Whatever the reasons are, communicate why you’re unhappy to him and mutually try to work on it. If you still aren’t happy despite trying to work it out, end the relationship. Life is too short to be in a relationship you arent happy in, and leaving such a relationship will give you time to focus on loving yourself instead.

Drama: High school drama ain’t shit. Don’t talk shit about anyone, don’t steal anyone’s man, and stay unbothered. Whenever you get caught up in some drama, ask yourself: will this matter in 5 years? If no, let it the fuck go. In 5 years, you won’t even remember the names of half the people you went to high school with. Keep your head low, keep your friends close, and don’t get involved with anyone’s shit.

Appearance: Drink lots of water for healthier hair, skin, and body. Limit complex carbs and junk food; snack on proteins like cold cuts and peanut butter, fruits, or veggies instead. Develop an exercise regimen to keep your overall health maintained. A mix of cardio exercises (running, jogging, walking, jumping, skipping, dancing) and weight exercises (planks, sit ups, pull ups, push ups, squats, lunges) should keep your overall body healthy. For your hair, get a different or color if ypu wanna change things up, and keep it healthy by massaging coconut oil through your hair, letting it sit for 20 mins, and washing it out as usual every once in a while. Keep your dead ends trimmed, and have some go to hair styles that you can defer to (ponytail, braids, messy bun, etc). Be sure to moisturize your skin, and never sleep with makeup on to keep skin healthy.

Mental Health: For this, you genuinely need to seek professional help. It does not make you look like you’re seeking attention, it makes you look like you’re doing something to take care of yourself. Don’t let peoples opinions of you get in the way of helping yourself. Put your health before everything.

Hope this helps. Good luck❤

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Can you make a headcanon of the RFA reacting to a Mexican MC because I am Mexican


  • he doesn’t know much about Mexican culture 
  • I mean just typical things like 5 de mayo 
  • or some foods 
  • but besides that he’s totally lost 
  • so you have to teach him a lot of things 
  • but he really enjoys it 
  • like he wants more 
  • ends up being as mexican as you, at least in his heart 


  • he likes a lot of your culture 
  • and how happy your country is 
  • I mean they always have a reason to party 
  • and that is so nice 
  • he WANTS to go to a mexican party one day 
  • and mostly loves the way you talk about your country 
  • he’s really happy to see how proud you’re about your roots
  • ask a lot about movies and productions in there 
  • so when he goes with you he has something to do 


  • loves the idea of a mexican beach 
  • and relaxing there 
  • and having all that nice food 
  • she just loves it 
  • wants to meet your family because she wants to go serious with you 
  • learns to cook your favorite dish for you 
  • and gets tons of mexican things for your house 


  • plans a holiday in the moment 
  • like srsly you are going there for months 
  • wants to make sure you don’t feel like forgetting your country 
  • and he goes all the way 
  • like is a really mexican trip 
  • with only mexican food and drinks 
  • but is nice 
  • of course he knows a bit of Spanish 
  • and just for fun you teach him other words
  • and now you get to hear Jumin Han saying “pinche penedejo”


  • he knows Spanish a bit 
  • but doesn’t get much of mexican Spanish 
  • ask you to teach him how to insult 
  • and sadly for you you do it 
  • now he’s saying “vete a la chingada pendejo” to Yoosung all day 
  • and he gets a mariachi hat to wear 24/7
  • like is literally obsessed 
  • mostly because it makes you laugh to see him 

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Would it be alright if I requested a scenario/headcaons (whichever is easier for you) of Joseph and his s/o raising Josuke? Joseph and Josuke deserve to be a healthy family together, and I don't trust anybody else but you to write that.

[for this ask’s purposes, i’m going to assume s/o is josuke’s mother and suzi probably died before joseph and s/o got together]

- Holly’s delighted to have a younger brother, even if by ‘younger brother’, she means a lot younger. She spoils him in the way that only an older sister can, excited by his tiny face and his tiny fingers and how happy her father looks beside his new, extended family. She’ll make sure to tell her little brother about Suzi, to make sure he speaks a little Italian - it’s the least she can do. 
- She brings Jotaro along, too. Jotaro’s older than Josuke, but not by as large a margin as Holly is. It might be strange that the little baby is Jotaro’s uncle, but stranger things have happened in the Joestar family tree. It’s not worth thinking about it. Jotaro, for his part as a delinquent, resents this but has too much affection for his mother to make it known just how much.
- Joseph doesn’t let up on his Hamon training. He was going to, so Suzi and he could grow old together - but now, he has a young son and a younger s/o and he wants to be around for Josuke’s life. Hamon will help, and maybe one day he’ll get to teach Josuke hamon. It would be nice if it didn’t die out. 
- Joseph’s a doting father. He spends entirely too much money on Josuke, just like he did on Holly - he buys him all of the latest toys and gadgets, makes sure that he’s dressed in the finest clothes, and over-indulges him just a little bit. He doesn’t mean to, it’s just in his nature. 
- When his daughter and his son both fall ill with Stand Sickness, he’s even more determined during the Egypt trip. He can’t lose Holly. He can’t lose Josuke. He can’t hide what he’s doing from his s/o, either, but they stay behind to look after them. The Speedwagon Foundation are there, but both Jotaro and Joseph are glad someone else is too. 
- He’s rather an embarrassing father for Josuke to have, actually. He goes to every school function and cheers loudly, as his s/o tries to tell him to calm down a little - he wants to get over-involved in the school and planning and the PTA, and proposes crazy schemes and ideas.
- But. Josuke gets to grow up with a father, who loves him - he’s a little spoilt, but it doesn’t change the fact that at heart Joseph is a good man. Josuke’s a good man too. They have that in common. 


Jack! (even though it’s very unlikely that you will get the chance to read this) you said “make you guys proud again” on one of your latest videos, what are you talking about?! We are and will always be VERY proud of you!! Just look at you and how much you have accomplished!! I mean, you just came back from a tour! See you happy means a lot, more than you can imagine, because you work so hard to make us smile and have a great time, to make us happy everyday and you deserve to do all those things you want and enjoy, to do what make you happy as much as you can!


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*while always acknowledging 2x7 was a misstep* While I still hate that episode with passion, I actually love the omamori part. It was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. And thanks to 2.18 now I can also enjoy the kiss (the second one). Now I feel like it's eager and cute, all thanks to 2.18.

Honestly the worst part about 2x7 is how it went from something as sweet and perfect and adorable as Alec and Magnus stepping out of that portal like they’re actual kings and Alec giving Magnus the omomari… to… that where they literally fade to black/cut to next scene and never show us malec again. Like. Why. Why. Omg. It actually makes it so much worse.

But honestly, I’m with you. 2x18 makes 2x7 much easier to watch. I can now love and appreciate eager-af!Alec just grabbing Magnus’ face and making his move. And tbh that makes me happy because it was super cute- up until they decided that cutting that scene with Alec pushing Magnus back into the bedroom without addressing Magnus’ concerns and asserting only his own wants was the way to go.

I think they listened to our complaints. I think the first time flashback wasn’t planned but was added after. I think it’s important to appreciate that they listen to the fans and that they acknowledge the importance of Magnus and Alec and their relationship. Like, they aren’t perfect, but you can see an obvious willingness and hope to improve.

Tayler: Is it any good? or is it to salty? I’m not really that good at cooking.

Ben: It’s delicious!

Tayler: Really? That makes me really happy..

Ben: If only i could cook like you! The only thing i can make is grilled cheese and i often burn it.

Tayler:  Then how about i bring lunch to the gym when i’m there? I always make to much anyways!

Ben: Wow really? That would be awesome!


Inktober day 21: Ghiblitale

I would apologise?? but we all know I wouldn’t mean it. I had so much fun making this shitpost. But I decided to put them all together to spare you the misery of having to look at one each day.

SO! First we have kaonashi!sans, and his form after getting corrupted by the bathhouse.

Instead of susuwataris, an army of small, round temmies. 

The annoying dog as the smallest Tororo.

TOTORIEL (i AM sorry for this)

Spirit of the forest Asgore, I’m not very happy with it but I had spent so much time in it already.

I was gonna make a scarecrow Mettaton Ex, but like… this way it’s funnier.

Can you imagine. Smol Undyne. As Ponyo. Boy would that have been a different movie.

Papyrus is my favourite ever of everything!!!!! And I’m really happy with how this looks. Also yes, I made this and then I was like “shit this should have been Mettaton, the actual robot” but it was too late.

Calcifer Flowey. I tried to make an Ohmu Flowey but it was…….a complete disaster. I am not a creative person. Personality-wise, tho, it fits. I also thought about making Calcifer Grillby, but I don’t really care all that much about him.

An amalgadama in the shape of the creepy man that Reaper Bird attacks you with. But, with the face of a Kodama.

Anyway! The tag Ghiblitale already has some content, so this is not original, it was just funny as hell to draw.

lol i know people are unfollowing me and are Unhappy with me posting about that idiot but idgaf because i’m trying to stand up for the people who were affected. i was / am trying to make him see how wrong he is, because i spent a long time trying to achieve that in private but it didn’t work. so sorry if you’re not happy with my posts but y’know i tagged it all, and i can add more if needed. but yeah —— i couldn’t keep quiet on this one. 

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what's something you wish you knew when you were younger?

That I don’t need need to always get along with others, that I don’t always need to explain or justify my actions, that I don’t need to feel guilty anymore even after I acknowledged my mistakes and learned from them, that no matter how much I want to make other people to be happy and save all of the ones who are suffering only they who can decide whether they want to be happy and be saved or not, that people aren’t a constant thing and that they can be easily replaced but we choose who to stay with and who to leave.

Dear Followers

I would like to ask a small favour from you. I would really appreciate it if you would participate in it, but if you don’t want to that’s fine aswell.

@cucumber-withanxiety ’s sister is turning 18 in two weeks and their idea is to gather ‘Happy Birthdays’ from all over the world.

How to participate? Simply write “Happy Birthday, Laura!” on a piece of paper in your own language and add a hashtag with the country or city where you’re from. Then take a picture of the message. It can be either with you in it, or with the view from your window, whatever you like! Then all you have to do is send the picture to @cucumber-withanxiety and you’re done. Should there be some reason that doesn’t work, you are also welcome to send the pictures to me and I will make sure @cucumber-withanxiety get’s them!

I would be really grateful if you can help them out as it sounds like such a wonderful idea to me! And feel free to share it ans spread the word! Thank you in advance!! 💕

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What do you think about moon-jupiter hard aspects (especially the square)?

I think that Moon-Jupiter aspects in general make for someone who has highly animated and dramatic emotions.

When in a difficult aspect (square or opposition), it creates a bit of friction with how exaggerated the emotions can become. Theatrical shows of emotions are often seen here. The face is expressive and happy tears fill the eyes.

The emotions are uncontrollable and overwhelming, the heart and emotions are under a magnifying glass, everything is felt, and it’s felt to its optimum and more.

People speak of natives with Moon-Jupiter aspects to often be happy, I would agree to a certain extent. They often reject negative feelings, they’re the type of people to believe that happiness is a choice.

When they don’t feel happy, they are out of their element, remember that the emotions are still exaggerated, so sadness is felt to its utmost extent, heart break, anger, anxiety and more are felt and amplified to the highest possible levels.

They may feel a lot, but they can move on quickly, grief and sadness are heavy but if carefully watched, they can move on back to their happier state.

The mother figure here is dramatic, out of control, and wild. Often one to abandon and leave for travels and voyages to relieve her worries.

The home life was inconsistent, they probably moved a lot as a child. They are children of the world, not really knowing a certain place to call home because they feel home everywhere they reside.

Fond of travel, foreign getaways, and adventures, as they give them peace of mind. Exploring and fulfilling their never ending curiosity is good to them, they have many questions about the soul.

They ultimately want happiness, simple as it can be for them. If you tell them you’re not happy, they ask: Why aren’t you? What’s stopping you? Can you do something about it? Why aren’t you doing something about it? Can you cross that barrier?

With these people, they see that nothing is impossible. They care a lot, and they have big hearts, but sometimes they can let their faulty optimism get in the way of certain life realities.