how can i make you happy

You know what? No..

Strap yourselves in kiddos cause we’re about to go on a field trip on my magic “Oh hell no” bus.. it’s like the magic school bus but it has a giant middle finger on the side. Don’t feel like reading my snark and pissed off attitude?
Oh you’re going to love this… Then keep scrolling

What the hell is wrong with some of you? Yeah I get it, the ooc stuff can get kinda heavy in the community sometimes, specially with the memes… but you know what? So what?

How dare some of you go and try and make people feel bad for wanting to interact with their friends and followers ON THEIR OWN DAMN BLOG. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. You have no right at all to tell people what to do with their content, and you have no right to take away things that make them happy.

People work hard on their content… if they want to do something fun in between serious posts then you can just shut your damn pie holes. You don’t get to dictate where or when they do.

You really don’t like it that much then block/ blacklist the damn ooc tag

But the fact that some of you have the nerve to talk about people behind their backs and bully others into feeling like they can’t enjoy the fun little things between posts really pisses me the hell off. 

How dare you make anyone associate having fun with guilt.

Oh no

You have to scroll a little bit more, how dare you be a bit inconvenienced.

Your poor finger… did someone send their condolences to your mousewheel’s family?

Poor little mouswheel jr. is gonna have to wait another fifteen minutes before he gets to play catch with pops.

Yeah if you can’t tell I’m done feeling bad now I’m just pissed.

You are literally getting pissy over memes


Come the ever-loving fuck on

So yeah…

You think that it’s ok to bitch moan and groan about what people do with their own blogs

And if you think it’s ok to shit talk people behind their backs about it and shit

Then go ahead and unfollow me

Cause I don’t want people like you following me anyway.

I’ll just be here with ya know… the people who actually know how to have fun.

And all the fun people… pizza at my place, we can look at some dank ass memes

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I live in Nashville and all my ice puck friends are so happy about the preds. It makes me happy to see you echoing this, even though I don't do the sportsball. Did you know they were named as such due to finding a sabertooth kitty skeleton when excavating for the arena?

I did not know that! How cool!!

I’m hopeful that we get a final with the Senators, because I think it’ll be a close and exciting series. Nothing against the Preds (who are my choice this year), but I don’t think the squad can keep up with the Penguins this year.

My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x23 "Lian Yu"

Last thoughts of the season, dearies. Can’t believe it, but here we are. I liked this season finale. At lot. It’s not better than season 2 finale, like someone said, but pretty good. Even with that cliffhanger, for me it didn’t take points of it, not really. Much better than season 3 and 4 finales, that’s for sure.

Now my thoughts of it in detail. Let’s do this…

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Author Spotlight: lilyvandersteen day 4

This is honestly one of the finest rec lists because it’s thematic. I couldn’t make all of the authors tag so have tried to list them in the tags too

Day 4: Recs!

Ooooh… I LOVE reccing fics! Only five, though? All right, then… 

I’ll try and stay off the beaten path for this. It would be easy enough to mention one of the classics by @anxioussquirrel, @chazzam​ , @mrscriss2012, @zavocado​, @missbeizy , @nadiacreek​, @heartsmadeofbooks​ or Rainjoy, but you already know and love those stories, so what’s the point?

1.      One of our fandom’s most original and imaginative writers is @sunshineoptimismandangels​. I love her stories. She can take an age-old trope and completely turn it upside down and inside out. I love her take on Kurt and Blaine, and she writes Cooper so well, too. The fic of hers I’m going to rec is Missing Pieces. I’m not going to spoil the plot for you. All I’ll say is that I’ve read and re-read this story countless times, and it never fails to move me. Absolute must-read!


“Why did those men think we were gross?” he asked. “What did we do wrong?”

“Nothing,” Kurt said, turning in his seat to face B. “We didn’t do anything wrong. Some people just don’t like to see two men together.”

“But… They were all men and together.”

“Yes, but they thought we were on a date, and they don’t like gay people.”

“They don’t like people just because they are gay?”

Kurt sighed. He hated that this was something B had to learn about the world. “Yes.”

“People are scared of things they don’t understand,” B said, remembering the words Kurt had told him before.

“Yeah, and sometimes people don’t want to understand.”

B was quiet for a moment and Kurt watched him closely, trying to determine what he was thinking. Slowly, a smile grew on B’s lips.

“They thought we were on a date?”

Kurt rolled his eyes and laughed. “That’s what you got from what just happened?”

B shrugged and smiled. “I don’t mind people thinking we were on a date.”

2.      I’m a fluff writer, and I also love to read fluff. Nothing brings me more joy than waking up to a new story by @hazelandglasz​, @whatstheproblembaby​, @a-simple-rainbow, @chatterboxrose​, @sir-pyllero​, @notthetoothfairy​, @skivvysupreme or @fablewriter . They never fail to make me smile and they improve my mood a thousand-fold. If you’re fever feeling blue, I encourage you to look up these authors on AO3 and read some of their offerings – it will make you feel happier in no time.

The piece of fluff I’m going to rec here, though, is a wonderful cross-over between Glee and Enchanted called That’s How You Know, and written by the lovely @afterthenovels . It’s still a WIP, but there’s more than enough of it to capture your attention, and there’s no cliffhanger that will make you count the days until we get the next chapter. And oh, I love this story SO much. Kurt and Blaine are so sweet and shy and oblivious, and they complement each other so well. *Happy sigh* Read it, you’ll LOVE it, that’s a guarantee.


Blaine steps closer as quietly as he can, but Kurt doesn’t even stir, his eyelashes fanned out over his cheeks as he sleeps. He looks… younger. Less like a prince and more like a regular man.

“I guess you really were tired,” Blaine says quietly.

He unfolds the blanket in his arms and spreads it carefully over Kurt’s body, making sure it covers him from neck to toe. Kurt shifts in his sleep, huddling closer to the warmth and letting out a pleased hum, his lips curling into a small smile, and Blaine can’t help the smile that spreads over his own face.

His hair is a mess, he has no idea where his boyfriend is or why he missed their date tonight, his best friend is worried about his love life, and there’s a strange man sleeping on his couch, looking surprisingly at home for someone who’s clearly very far away from home.

Yeah. Maybe he can deal with all of this tomorrow.

3.      Much as I hate scary movies, I love to read scary stories once in a while. Ghosts and vampires and djinns and the like stirring up no end of trouble. I’m reading a delightfully eerie nail-biter right now called Callaway Place (also by @sunshineoptimismandangels), but the story I’m going to recommend here is All the Beautiful Pieces by @lady-divine-writes​. Once again, it’s a WIP, but I hope you won’t let that scare you off, because this story has everything to keep you spell-bound: a house with a dark past, voodoo magic, a protagonist with second sight, and a sweet love story between Kurt and Blaine, because of course they find each other and fall in love in spite of all the craziness surrounding them.


Blaine slips a hand beneath the puppet’s shoulder and another behind his head, lifting him ever so gently and relocating him the final distance.

“Just a few more inches,” Blaine says in a soothing voice, “and we’ll wrap you up and put you in the box.” Blaine gazes at the puppet’s face, into his single good eye. He smiles wider as he lays the puppet on the blanket, but his hand beneath the puppet’s head starts to feel warm. It begins at a spot in the center of Blaine’s palm and radiates like a single ray of golden sunshine. It’s liquid heat, pouring into his veins, shooting out to his fingers, filling his body up like a cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s day.

His eyes are open, his mind awake, but the haze returns. It obscures his vision in a veil of white mist. It drifts in front of his eyes. He can only peek through in random spots where it thins, revealing shimmering images that disappear like the dreams you hold on to in those seconds right before you wake.

Can you feel that? Blaine hears his own voice whispering inside his head.

I do, another voice replies. It’s high and lilting, pure as silk and singing in his ears.

What does it feel like? 

It feels like…like summer all over my body…

Blaine laughs, pressing his lips to cool skin. “And what else?

A giggle answers him in that same musical voice. “It feels like…

The voice gasps, and Blaine feels his body tighten.

It feels like you, the voice whimpers breathlessly. “Everything is you…all around me…it’s you…

Blaine closes his eyes as the world collapses in on him. Behind his eyelids he can see another set of eyes gazing back at him – perfect blue eyes, patient blue eyes, loving blue eyes that shift to grey and glimmer like rare jewels. Quivering pink lips smile at him, part, and then whisper a single, blissfully choked-off word.


4.      I much admire writers who can make their readers laugh their heads off. So the fourth fic I’m going to recommend is a very funny one. In this category, honourable mentions go to @skivvysupreme’s Drunk Kurt fics, Sexy101 by Sweet Emii, Seduction & Straight For A Week by @Crazy4Klaine and When you read my mind by @alexwishington​. But the story I’m choosing to spotlight is called Teenage dreams and movie scenes, and it’s written by @saraklaine100​. Both Kurt and Blaine are famous in this fic, and Kurt has a huge crush on Blaine, so his best friends corner Blaine until he agrees to meet Kurt. Cue a very embarrassed Kurt, and an instantly smitten Blaine. This story is amazing. Guaranteed to cheer you up however blue you’re feeling.


Kurt was working on autopilot. He had no conscious decision to outstretch his hand or the time to process it. He just stared at those hazel eyes he found so fascinating one moment and the next he could feel Blaine’s warm hand squeezing his own. He felt prickles all over his skin. Well, up until the moment James and Oliver clasped their hands and all but yelled “We now pronounce you Kurt Hummel and his teenage dream” and Kurt facepalmed at this, ripping his hand away from Blaine’s hold.


“Get the fuck out” Kurt hissed at his friends and they knew better than to stay. They patted Blaine’s shoulder like he’s an old friend, still smiling and he could swear he heard Sean say “Condoms are under the sink” before they left.


Kurt was still craning his face in his hands. “Please just leave” he said. “Just…Look, I’m gonna keep my face covered and you can just run away and you can pretend this never happened. Send me the bill from therapy. ”

5.      And of course my fic rec list wouldn’t be complete without a smutty fic rec. It’s so difficult to narrow this down to just one fic. Some authors you should definitely check out in this category are @dualwielding, @stellata, icedwhitemochas, flyblckbirdfly and rayychel infinity, but the fic I’m going to recommend is by @caramelcoffeeaddict. It’s called Desperate Times… and it’s absolutely smut-a-licious, but definitely more than just PWP. It’s a wonderful story, and I promise you that you will love it.


Devon takes a few steps back, so he’s now standing in front of Angel, and starts teasing the removal of his pants; all while dancing seductively to the music. His fingers twist in the waistband of his pants and then he yanks hard, pulling the breakaway pants off, and throwing them at the wall behind Angel. He’s left in just a tight red thong that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Once again, Devon straddles Angel, hovering just above his lap. He stretches his arms above his head, crossing them at the wrists, and rolls his hips down, teasing Angel. Devon turns himself around, bending at the waist, showing off his ass. He cranes his head around to see Angel licking and biting his lips as he stares at Devon’s ass. Devon smirks, and then smacks his own ass once, before righting himself and winking at Angel.

Turning around to face Angel, Devon starts to play with the straps of his thong, giving Angel tiny glimpses of his cock. He straddles him once again, gyrating to the music. “Would you like to touch me, Angel?” Devon asks in a low, sultry voice.

Angel visibly gulps, lets out a shaky breath, and slowly nods his head.

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even tho they’re jewish i can totally see them making (increasingly ridiculous) christmas cards for a laugh.

“come on it’s cold!” jon complained.

“why are we doing this anyway?” bran asked

“this is how goyim show they’re a happy family,” arya said.  she tucked a set of antlers she’d bought at target onto bran’s head and chucked the santa hat into jon’s face.  then she handed the rudolph nose to sansa before donning her own.

“they’re going to think we’re making fun of them,” sansa said wryly, putting the nose on her face.  “does this clash with my hair?”

“you look lovely,” beamed bran.

“we’re not making fun of them.  we’re having fun,” arya said cheerfully.

“can we hurry up?  it’s cold,” jon complained again.  

arya jumped up and jon caught her and she grinned at the camera.  “on the count of three say happy hannukah!”

When I see you so happy with her it’s salt in the wound
You twist the knife in my soul when you tell me how she is the one for you,
That she is all you’ve been waiting for.
You are unnecessarily cruel.
It dehidrates my soul and exacerbates the hurt when I hear every little detail about your joy.
I wish I didn’t feel this way.
I wish I could just be happy for you,
But I can’t help if life aggravates things and makes them worse.
Why do I have to be only your best friend when I am in love?
—  e.v.e.

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When you get this tell me 5 things that make you happy then send this to the first 10 people in your notifications. I just wanted to see what everyone else thinks! ^^

Oya?! <3 I was tagged in something again! Here are 5 things that make me happy!

  1. Shipping. I honestly just think it’s so fun and cute, and I also love how happy it makes other people, too.
  2. Pixiv. It is heaven if you like Matoba Seiji. If you can’t read/type Japanese but you want to search pixiv, use wiki to find your favorite characters’ names. Ship names are harder to find, so here are some common ones you can copy and paste if you are interested: 的夏 (MatoNatsu, Matoba x Natsume, my drug of choice), 名的 (NaMato, Natori x Matoba), 田夏 (TaNatsu, Tanuma x Natsume), 名夏 (NaNatsu, Natori x Natsume). Oh, and this one isn’t a ship, but I am in love with 式夏目 (Shiki Natsume)!
  3. The fact that every time Matoba Seiji is drawn facing forward, it just so happens to be windy so that we can see his ponytail blowing in the breeze, but when he’s drawn facing the back, there’s never any wind, because we can already see his ponytail. (If you haven’t noticed this, you’re going to notice it now, and you can’t un-see it.)
  4. Natsume Takashi’s eyelashes. Why don’t more people talk about Natsume Takashi’s eyelashes?
  5. Every time I manage to finish a drawing without starting 10 other drawings in the mean time. (This has actually never happened unfortunately)…

That was fun! But I’m too shy to send this to 10 people, so how about this? If you wish the tsundere shiki Natsume below was YOUR shiki, consider yourself tagged by me. XD

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I'm glad you can stan Hillary without being all negative about Bill because some blogs are really nasty towards their relationship and say it's fake an all. What do you think about that? Why do they deny the evidence that she truly loves him?

I guess people feel defensive of Hillary with the way Bill has treated her in the past and there’s the whole notion that she “deserves better” and I do kinda get where are people are coming from with that because of course, I think she deserves the world. But I think it’s not really up to anyone else to decide that for her, and you only have to take one look at how they are around each other to see the way they light each other up and clearly found the world in each other. He makes her so happy and that makes me happy, and if she as his wife can forgive him and move on from the past then I think the rest of us should definitely be able to as well.

And yeah I think some people will always be determined to believe their relationship is fake no matter what, either because they’d rather she was with someone else or because admitting their love is real doesn’t fit in with their preconceived ideas and judgements that they’ve already boxed them into I guess. I don’t really understand how anyone can really convince themselves it’s completely fake though. It’s definitely an incredibly complicated relationship but that’s what makes it so fascinating, and it’s definitely rooted in a huge amount of love and I think anyone whether they admit it or not can see that

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I don't know about you, but Michael meeting his son in the last episode just made me hate Jacob even more than before. Just because he deprived Michael of everything- seeing his wife pregnant, the birth of his child, first steps and first words, the first day of school... I can imagine how devastated my fiancé would be, so it just broke my heart, as much as making me feel happy?

i agree. it was definitely very bittersweet. like i loved so much that he was finally getting to meet his son, but it also broke my heart that, there’s this boy that michael loves so much, that he has loved for seven years, his son, and he’s finally in front of him, and yes, mike knows who he is, but he’s still essentially a stranger to him. 

and he shouldn’t be. it shattered my heart that michael had to ask if his son knew who he was. it never should have been like that. michael should have been there for him, for sara, and he would have been, if it weren’t for that fuckface jacob wanting to steal michael away from them. and then when you combine this with the knowledge that michael himself had been abandoned by his father at a young age… it’s just heartbreaking on so many levels. jacob is truly, truly evil to have done what he did, to separate a father from his son. but now i imagine michael will never let them go, not for anything. he’s got his family back, and he’s never leaving again.

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How does one bond with a betta? Are the really capable of recognition? I'd love to be better friends with my fshh but I don't know how to.

I’m not sure if bettas can exactly bond with someone in the way that some other pets, such as dogs, can, but my bettas seem to like me a lot because I give them food. Here are some things that make bettas happy and can add enrichment and entertainment to their lives! :D

  • Spend more time in front of their tank so they can see you.
  • Give them treats such as frozen bloodworms. 
  • Get a cat laser pointer and point it at surfaces in the tank, and they’ll chase it and try to eat it. (Give them a treat afterwards so it’s fair.)
  • Add new decorations and plants and switch them around occasionally.
  • Put “static window clings” (the stickery things that go on windows) on the outside of the tank to decorate it. You can use different decorations for different seasons and holidays! :D
  • Take good care of him and make sure the water quality is good. :D
  • Get him a leaf hammock to sleep on. (Link)

Hope this helps! 

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I had a dream once where I tried to talk you into following Standard more closely, but in terms of interactions that actually happened, thanks for answering my random questions about Mountain Goat and Might of Oaks. The opportunity to talk to you on Tumblr is one I don't take for granted, and it makes me feel like a bigger part of Magic than I really am. Happy Birthday, Mark. All the best to you today.

The cool thing about Magic is that anyone can get involved. You make a good point on Blogatog and it can affect how we make the game.

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Sai, you give me hope. Not only in art... but as a person. You've showed me how to be strong. You've showed me how to keep moving forward no matter what life throws at me. Not only your work does that, you've showed me that too. You've made me laugh and smile and cry... I'm so happy when you come back. Each time. Because I know you're okay, even if its just a little bit. Sai, I know you can make it. I believe in you, and I always will.

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i check your blog everyday and everyday it brings me smiles and im just so thankful that youre here and that you write such amazing stuff for us thank u for everything <3

Your “that was supposed to be anon” ask after this one killed me. xD  
You’re also so, so very sweet to me, and I love you for it.  <3  You always make me smile, so I’m glad I can return the favor!  

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I really hope all the amazing fanfiction writers keep writing wonderful stuff, that the DCBB continues even after the show ends. If i have fanfiction I might be able to be okay with the show ending, but otherwise? Shit, it'll be hard. Also, I think I saw on your blog several posts that mentioned you should comment on fanfics and I've been doing that for quite a while and I literally saw how happy the authors were. It's an awesome feeling to 'give back' in a way, so thanks for making me aware. ♥

Yes, it’s always great to leave comments!

And also YES! fandom can thrive years after a show is over - and look at movie fandoms - they do great with a few hours of content. Nothing is ever over in fandom as long as we keep going.

Have a migraine today but I forgot to show the formal velvet jacket I also bought yesterday. Suppose you can only see a bit of it but hey. I didn’t really realise just how happy pretty clothes make me. I’d almost start a fashion blog, except I’d have no money to show you actual new things. I buy fancy clothes maybe once every 5 years, and in general only buy clothes once a year. I just keep everything forever.

Still, would being in a wheelchair make a fashion blog interesting? Don’t know.

If someone ever wonder why I love robron todays is your answer!! I love all the happy romantic moments that they spend together! But they also love each other through the angst!! You can see how much they want to make it work, days like today, where they are fighting against every demon to stay together, because the fucking love each other!! That’s why I love them so much

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Seeing a blog about disabled character makes me smile. I'm disabled with flat feet and scoliosis and bad joints and suffer from chronic back and joint point. So seeing this makes me happy knowing I can relate!

Oh man, that sounds awful. *hugs you* I, personally, find Ivar’s tenacity despite his disability to be incredibly inspiring. Imho, Alex has an amazing gift and I feel that he portrays Ivar well despite that he, himself, does not share the disease that debilitates Ivar. I’m not sure how familiar you are with Ivar The Boneless’ irl history but: historians have several theories of why Ivar was called “The Boneless” though many seem to agree that he likely suffered from Osteogenesis imperfecta more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease; and though Ivar is historically known for being extremely sadistic (oops) I still think given his era, culture and condition he did astounding things (and lived to be 80+ years old to boot!) especially considering the life expectancy for him could not have been that high. I am happy to know that Alex (and Ivar) can inspire, aid by being relatable and bring awareness (and I know from a reblog I found a few months ago that Alex is too!), and I’m happy to do my (teeny, tiny) part in it even if it is just by running this little fanblog. YOU ARE ALL SO LOVELY. IVAR’S HEATHEN ARMY IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT. ♥ 

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Speaking of Chen's week, how was it?

it makes me so happy when u check on me… LMAO… thank you so much aaaa it’s been ok! it’s been warming up a LOT and i’m really happy about that! i soak up heat i’m like a lizard ;~; LOL but yeah no i can’t complain overall it’s been really… ok! better than usual even! i hope yours has been absolutely fantastic though! ♥ you deserve nothing but that

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How do you make clouds so nice?

I use this one super fluffy photoshop brush (I couldn’t find the pack I got it from again but I think it’s pretty similar to Cloud Brush 1 from this pack

Otherwise I usually just dab it a bit, put the same brush as my eraser and erase a bit again and paint a bit over and so on until I’m happy with the shape ^^

If you want me to recreate the brush in sai, just send me another ask and I’ll see what I can do on sunday ;D (I’m not home til then so there’s not much I can do…)

really whats so hard about bypassing a positive post you disagree with like why do you have to scream into the void about how much you hate summer/flowers/taking naps and then accuse me of being naive or having an easy life?? how do you make that leap?

 i’m not some trust fund kid laying around an apartment my parents paid for, leisurely typing tumblr posts all day. i’ve had a career since i turned 22… i work 50-60 hours a week and i bring my work home with me. i make happy posts on the internet because it helps me remember that there are things to look forward to in life, or there are memories of childhood that bring me joy. i can find that happiness even though my life hasn’t been easy or perfect.